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东台市流产打胎多少钱盐城/治包皮过长男科医院亭湖区做无痛人流多少钱 Microsoft to cut 18,000 jobs Microsoft CEO tells employees there will be up to 18,000 job cuts within the next year.Microsoft said it prepared to lay off as many as eighteen thousand workers. This would be the largest layoff in Microsofts history. This is the company that had twenty billion dollars in sales in the first three months of this year .Microsoft is apparently trying to be a leaner tech giant. Its CEO Staya Nadella laid out what his vision is going to be in a memo this morning where he announced this cut and he said the first step to building the right organization for our ambitions is to realign our workforce. The overall result of these changes will be more productive, impactful teams across Microsoft.At the moment the company has a hundred and twenty-seven thousand employees. This amounts to forty percent of its workforce . Here is the thing. They have got twenty-five thousand of those employees after it bought Nokia back in September and the biggest trunk of the cut actually comes from Nokia, amounts to about twelve thousand and five hundred workers. Some of those positions are professionals, the other are factory workers. Now just keep this in mind. It sounds shocking to be eighteen thousand but its very common for companies to cut jobs when they acquire another company, but the thing is Microsoft specific job cuts are rare. The last time a Microsoft had a major cut, it happened in during a recession when it laid off more than five thousand employees.Do you know that some current and former employees do say that Microsoft has actually grown too large and too complex to compete with some nimble companies? Is that a valid criticism?Well, I mean if you look at what Microsoft has sort of been through, as it changes to mobile, whats happening now is Microsoft has been struggling be relevant as mobile has really become huge. You look at what happened when it introduced its tablet Surface, it was a huge failure. So what Microsoft is trying to do is branch out, be more than a software companyfor personal computers, trying to be a stronger competitor to Google and Apple. And the change has been slow for Microsoft, so it s trimming its workforce to try to make itself stronger . But no doubt about it, Microsoft is still a money maker. It made a healthy seventy billion dollars in profit in the first quarter. So many really look at this as a necessary reorganization , not a necessarily desperate move though by a failing company. /201407/314283The markets bring the mountain tribes together. To continue his expeditions, Rock had to get his entire entourage across the giant Yunnan rivers.不同族群的山民们在集市上相聚。为了继续他的征途,Rock与他的探险队必须设法越过云南的激流。He commissioned especially thick ropes made from forest rattan and filmed the entire event.他定制了用森林藤蔓特制的结实绳索来完成运载并记录下了整个全程。With yak butter to smooth the ride, 40 men and 15 mules made the journey.他们用牦牛油润滑了吊索 40个人和15头骡子开始渡河。Not all made it across. On the far side of the great Nujiang gorge, the Plant Hunters made a remarkable discovery.但并非每次都成功抵达了彼岸。在怒江河谷遥远的彼岸,植物猎人们有了惊人的发现。Far from the tropics, they seemed to be entering a steamy, vibrant tropical jungle, the forest of Gaoligongshan. The flora here is unlike anywhere else in the world.尽管远离热带,他们却似乎进入了一片热气腾腾的热带丛林,这就是高黎贡山的森林这里的植物群落与众不同。Next to subtropical species, alpine plants grow in giant form. Crowning the canopy, rhododendrons, up to 30 metres high.类似亚热带高山植物物种的巨大外形。高达30多米的杜鹃花向着苍穹昂首怒放。In April and May, their flowers turn the forests ruby red, attracting bird species found only here.四五月间 它们将苍翠的山林染成一片嫣红,吸引了唯此独有的鸟类。 /201404/287896盐城/勃起不硬很快就软

盐城/割包皮医院哪最好盐城人工流产最佳时间 Dating can be a blast, but all those dinners, drinks, and late nights can also be hard on your health. With a few tips, you can keep unhealthy habits in check without losing any of the heat.约会或许非常精,但是那些晚餐,饮料和熬夜对你的健康不利。遵守下面的建议,可以在不影响气氛的情况下避免不健康的习惯。You Will Need你需要Workout routine锻炼的习惯Red wine红酒Small plates小盘子Physical activities体育活动PassionDark chocolate (optional)黑巧克力(可选)Steps步骤While this is awesome, it didnt go to medical school. Always consult your doctor for actual medical advice.尽管这段视频很精,却不是医学院出品。一定要向医生咨询医疗建议。STEP 1 Work it out1.锻炼Get thee to a gym! Theres no better workout motivator than a date -- aside from the physical and emotional health benefits, regular exercise can also enhance arousal in women and decrease sexual dysfunction in men.一起去健身馆!没有什么比约会对象更能激励人去锻炼了——除了常规的身体和情绪健康益处之外,经常运动还能增强女性的生理反应,缓解男性的性功能失调。STEP 2 Win with wine2.饮用红酒Forget the beer and fruity umbrella drinks and have a glass of red wine -- its loaded with antioxidants. Plus, youll look much classier holding a wine glass than sipping from a giant frozen margarita.抛开啤酒和果汁饮品,喝一杯红酒——红酒中含有丰富的抗氧化剂。此外,手持一杯红酒看上去比抱着一大杯冰啤更有品位。STEP 3 Diversify at dinner3.晚餐多样化At dinner, offer to share a few small plates with your date. Youll practice portion control and get your veggies -- without the stigma of ordering a salad.晚餐时,与约会对象分享一些小盘子的食品。既可以控制份量,又可以享受到蔬菜,而不需预订沙拉。If you cant resist dessert, split a little dark chocolate with your date -- experts believe it may help prevent heart disease.如果你难以抗拒甜点,与约会对象一起分享一点黑巧克力——专家相信,黑巧克力可以帮助预防心脏病。STEP 4 Hit the town4.逛街Suggest activities that get you up and moving. Youll get your blood pumping and enjoy a much more intimate experience than sitting with 50 other people, staring at a movie screen.建议可以让你运动的活动。可以让血液加速流动,比和很多人坐在一起盯着电影屏幕更加亲密。STEP 5 Unlock the passion5.释放When you make your move, kiss your date deeply -- researchers have found that locking lips with passion can increase your metabolic rate significantly. Plus, steamy smooching lets your date know just how much you want to see them again.当你采取行动的时候,深情地亲吻你的恋人——研究人员发现,深情的亲吻可以大幅促进新陈代谢水平。此外,湿吻会让你的约会对象了解你多么渴望再次见到他们。A neuroscience researcher found that social isolation and loneliness predispose people to premature aging.一位神经科学研究人员发现,社交孤立或孤独的人更容易衰老。视频听力译文由。201409/326528射阳县包皮手术哪家医院最好的

盐城割包皮哪家医院最好的We came over to Hong Kong and that was when they showed the premiere of The Big Boss.The theatre was packed.我们去了香港,那时《唐山大兄》首映,影院人满为患。Bruce and I sat there towards the back.我和布鲁斯坐在最后排When Bruce Lees first movie showed in Hollywood I was so elated I was so emotional seeing my friend, my teacher, on the screen.当李小龙的第一部电影在好莱坞上映的时候,我因能在荧幕上看到我的朋友兼老师而欣喜若狂,不能自已。When the movie finishes, it is so quiet...You could hear a pin drop.And Bruce is like, ;Oh no. They hate it. You know.;电影结束时一片寂静,掉根针都能听见。布鲁斯说,糟糕,他们不喜欢这电影。And all of a sudden...A huge roar goes up.And theyre cheering and laughing and clapping.It was wonderful.Every time he came on and did his fight scene, everybody applauded.突然,欢呼声起,观众欢呼狂笑,鼓掌不止。太棒了。他每次出现在动作场面中都会赢得一片欢呼Thats when we knew he was a movie star now.And then they started to spot Bruce in the audience.They carried him out on their shoulders.那时我们意识到他是个电影明星了,然后人们在观众席中认出了布鲁斯。他们把他架在肩膀上。Oh, it was thrilling. It was thrilling to him.;Finally I have been appreciated in my work.;It was wonderfu, a very high moment in his life.令人激动,他十分激动。最终我在自己的作品中获得认可。太棒了,那是他人生的至高点。Its The Pierre Berton Show the programme that comes to you from the major capitals of the world.欢迎收看皮埃尔·波顿访谈,我们从世界各地的大都市为您播放该节目。This edition comes to you from Hong Kong.And Pierres guest, the newest Mandarin superstar.His name is Bruce Lee and he doesnt even speak Mandarin.Heres Pierre.本期城市是香港,本期嘉宾,新兴国语巨星,名叫李小龙 但他甚至不说国语。我是皮埃尔。201312/268062 Lets Cafe is a coffee chain in Taiwan with over two thousand stores. The problem is: its not really a store, more like a kiosk in the Family Mart convenience store, providing fast but good coffee to consumers.Lets Cafe是在台湾拥有超过两千间店面的咖啡连锁店。问题是:它其实不是一间店,比较像是在全家便利商店里的咖啡亭,提供消费者快速却好喝的咖啡。The Challenge: How can Lets Cafe offer a better cafe experience against bigger, more established chains with proper stores?挑战:Lets Cafe能够如何提供更好的咖啡体验,以抗衡较大型、更具规模、有体面店铺的连锁店?The Solution: Offer our consumers something extra that even big coffee chains cant—a latte art customization thats ridiculously unique and fun.解决方法:提供我们的消费者一些甚至连大型咖啡连锁店都无法提供的特别玩意──特殊又好玩到不行的拉花艺术客制化。We kicked it off in our most popular stores. All consumers have to do is upload an image from their mobile to this machine. And, voila!我们从最热闹的店家开始。顾客要做的一切只有从手机上传照片到这台机器。然后,你看!The image gets sprinkled onto their latte forming the ultimate latte art. Our consumers shared their various creations with their friends, and it became the talk of the town in social media and in the press.图像喷在拿铁上,形成了终极的拉花艺术。我们的顾客们与朋友分享他们不同的创作,而它成了社交媒体和新闻的热门话题。By owning latte art, the perceptions of Lets Cafe coffee credibility and its sales went up. And that was how Lets Cafe gained ground against the traditional coffee chains, and won over the hearts of Taiwanese coffee drinkers.因为拥有这样的拉花艺术,对Lets Cafe咖啡可信度的认知以及其销量都上升了。那就是Lets Cafe如何迎头赶上传统的咖啡连锁店,并虏获了台湾咖啡饮用者的心。201410/333896盐城/妇科炎症怎么治疗亭湖区无痛人流医院排名



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