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2019年09月22日 11:47:20 | 作者:ask助手 | 来源:新华社
Jack Ma, the billionaire founder of Chinese ecommerce group Alibaba, is poised to expand his media holdings as his online finance company eyes a stake in Caixin, the business magazine. 中国电子商务集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的亿万富翁创始人马云(Jack Ma)正准备扩大他的媒体版图,他旗下的在线金融公司正考虑入股财经杂志——财新传媒。 Two people close to Caixin said discussions were under way for Ant Financial, the payments, banking and asset management affiliate of US-listed Alibaba, to buy an undisclosed holding. 据两名接近财新的人士透露,蚂蚁金(Ant Financial)——在美国上市的阿里巴巴的付、业务和资产管理附属公司——正在谈判入股事宜,具体股份比例不详。 If successful it would be the second recent media investment by Mr Ma’s companies, following Alibaba’s December purchase of South China Morning Post for 6m. 如果成功的话,这将是马云旗下的公司近期第二笔媒体投资,此前阿里巴巴在去年12月斥资2.66亿美元收购了《南华早报》(SCMP)。 Caixin said yesterday it was poised to complete talks with a group of unnamed investors. The stake sale would not interfere with its independence, it added. 财新传媒昨日表示,即将与一群名称不详的投资者完成谈判。它补充说,出售股权不会影响它的独立性。 “The new stakeholders will respect Caixin’s editorial independence, as our past stakeholders have done, and accept our internal firewall and compliance management arrangements, which will safeguard our credibility.” “新的投资者与原有股东一样,尊重财新传媒不受股东商业利益左右的编辑独立原则,也认可内部防火墙、合规管理等制度安排,以保障财新传媒的公信力。” Caixin said a funding round in 2012 — when Tencent, a rival of Alibaba’s, and China Media Capital, a Shanghai-based fund, took stakes — had not affected its commitment to objectivity. 财新传媒指出,2012年进行的一轮融资——当时阿里巴巴的竞争对手腾讯(Tencent)和总部位于上海的华人文化产业投资基金(China Media Capital)购得股份——并没有影响其对客观性的承诺。 According to a person close to the talks, Alibaba has been given a seat on Caixin’s board. Ant Financial declined to comment. 接近谈判的一名人士透露,阿里巴巴已获得财新传媒董事会的一个席位。蚂蚁金不予置评。 The investment is likely to be scrutinised for any hint that Mr Ma, who has majority control of Ant Financial, is trying to buy influence or offer political favours for the Chinese government. 这笔投资很可能会受到密切关注,看有没有任何迹象表明:拥有蚂蚁金多数控制权的马云,正试图为中国政府购买影响力或者在政治上出力。 In last year’s purchase of South China Morning Post, Alibaba was accused of seeking to interfere editorially after Joe Tsai, its executive vice-chairman, said the newspaper could be an alternative to western coverage of China, which he described as negative and biased. 在去年收购《南华早报》时,阿里巴巴被指试图干涉编审独立,原因是其执行副主席蔡崇信(Joe Tsai)表示,该报可能成为他所称的西方媒体对中国负面和偏见报道的替代品。 Caixin’s fierce independence is attributed to Hu Shuli, its chief editor and one of China’s most respected journalists, who founded the magazine in 1998. In 2011 she had an online argument with Mr Ma after he was accused of breaching corporate governance rules. 财新传媒对独立性的坚决维护归功于其总编辑胡舒立,她是中国最受尊敬的新闻工作者之一,在1998年创办《财经》杂志。2011年,她曾在网上与马云展开争论,此前马云被指违反公司治理规则。 Alibaba and its affiliates have moved aggressively into the media sector. Alibaba is also an investor in Watching, a news website launched last March, and Seec Media . It co-owns iTianxia Web-Commerce, a trade publication focused on online retail. 阿里巴巴及其附属公司近来大举进军媒体行业。阿里巴巴还是去年3月开通的新闻网站“无界新闻”(Watching)、以及财讯传媒(Seec Media)的投资者。该集团还部分拥有聚焦网上零售的行业刊物《iTianxia WebCommerce》。 Ant Financial is being prepared for an initial public offering in China, though the company refuses to say when. 蚂蚁金正准备在中国进行首次公开发行(IPO),但该公司拒绝透露具体日程。 /201603/430125New Delhi — The last time Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the ed States, he stood with Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman and declared, for some reason, “May the force be with you.” This month, when he meets the Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in Menlo Park, Calif., Indians hope their leader won’t yell, “Don’t be evil.”新德里——印度总理纳伦德拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)上一次访问美国时曾和“金刚狼”休·杰克曼(Hugh Jackman)同台,出于某种原因,他说了一句“愿原力与你同在”。本月,当他和Facebook创始人马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)在加州的门洛帕克市见面时,印度民众希望自己的领导人别喊出“不作恶”来。But if he does end up shouting Google’s motto in Facebook’s headquarters, some Indians would be pleased. For that is what they wish to tell Facebook.但如果他最后真的在Facebook总部说出这句谷歌(Google)格言,有一部分印度人会比较高兴。因为这正是他们想对Facebook说的。Mr. Modi wants every Indian to get online, and Mr. Zuckerberg has figured out a way to do this. But the Modi government has been under pressure from the minority of Indians who consume most of the nation’s bandwidth to pass legislation that would deny free Internet access to the poor.莫迪想让所有印度人都用上网络,扎克伯格想到了一个实现的方法。但莫迪政府受到来自少数印度民众的压力,这些人享用着印度大部分带宽,却想要通过一项不给穷人提供上网途径的法案。In February, Facebook and its partners introduced Internet.org in India, a diminished but free Internet for the more than 100 million mobile subscribers of Reliance Communications. More than 75 percent of Indians do not use or have access to the Internet, but almost every Indian has a mobile phone. So, millions of Indians now have access, in seven languages, to dozens of websites and applications, including B News, Wikipedia and, of course, Facebook.今年2月,Facebook及其合作伙伴将Internet.org引入了印度,它可以让印度信实通信公司(Reliance Communications)的1亿手机用户享受到不完整但却完全免费的网络。超过75%印度人不上网或没有上网途径,但他们几乎人手一部手机。所以,现在有数百万印度人可以浏览几十种网站和应用,包括B新闻、Wikipedia,当然还有Facebook,这些务有七种语言可以选择。Internet.org would not have drawn much rage if not for something else that was going on. Weeks after the initiative emerged, an Indian telecom operator tried to introduce a service that would make it free or cheap or faster for people to gain access to some applications that have a commercial agreement with the operator.如果不是因为还有一些其他的事,Internet.org不会引起太多怨愤。这一计划推出几周后,一家印度通信运营商试图引入一项务,可以让人们免费或以更低的价格或更快的速度下载一些与该运营商有商业协议的应用。There is a global movement against strategies that corrupt the open nature of the Internet, and Indians joined the lament. The movement ended up including Internet for the poor among the offending telecom strategies. This was a flawed, principled stand. And it fit well in the history of the Indian elite deploying ideology to the detriment of the poor — central planning instead of a market economy, a focus on higher education over primary education and rocket science over virology.目前全球在进行一场运动,反对破坏互联网开放属性的策略,印度也加入了控诉的一方。这场运动最终把为穷人提供网络列为不合理的电信策略。这是一个有缺陷的、坚持原则的立场。它与印度精英阶层宣传对穷人不利的意识形态的历史一脉相承,这些人强调中央计划,而非市场经济;重视高等教育大过基础教育;重视火箭科学大过病毒研究。Mr. Zuckerberg has been at pains to tell Indians that his offer of free Internet to the poor does not violate any ethics. Facebook does not charge for any application that wishes to be on Internet.org, and it does not post ads on the Facebook pages of the users. Also, the company does not pay Reliance to provide the free service. Mr. Zuckerberg has said that any telecom operator would be allowed to carry Internet.org. A Facebook spokesman told me, “We are actively in discussions with other mobile phone operators in India.”扎克伯格一直在竭力让印度人明白,他给贫穷阶层提供的免费网络务并不违反任何道德准则。Facebook不向任何希望出现在Internet.org上的应用收费,不在用户的Facebook页面上发广告。而且,Facebook也不为信实通信公司提供的免费网络务买单。扎克伯格已经表示,任何通信运营商都可以为其用户提供Internet.org的免费应用。一位Facebook发言人告诉我,“我正在积极地和印度的其他手机运营商进行商谈。”He said that “more than 40 percent of those coming online via” Internet.org are so intoxicated by the idea of connectivity that they soon pay the telecom operator for data and enjoy the full expanse of online life. So, the telecom operator has commercial rewards in offering an exceptional social service. It is an idea that can transform India.他表示,通过Internet.org免费应用接触到网络后,有“超过40%的人都非常沉醉于联网的感觉,会很快给通信运营商付费购买流量,以享受完整的网络乐趣。所以,通信运营商在提供一项杰出的社会务的同时,也可以获得商业回报。这是一个可以改变印度面貌的观念。The elite Indian condemnation of Internet for the poor is cloaked in righteous objections. For instance, that it is “restrictive,” thereby violating the fundamental spirit of the web. But Internet.org is limited because data is expensive, not because it promotes some websites over others. In fact, it is paid Internet that is restrictive because it denies the web to those who cannot pay.印度精英阶层反对为贫穷阶层提供网络,有一些表面看似正当的理由。比如,他们指责它是“限制性的”,因此违反互联网的基本精神。但Internet.org之所以有所限制,是因为数据太昂贵,而不是为优先推广某些网站。事实上,真正有限制的是付费互联网,因为它们把不能付费的人挡在了门外。Another objection is that the poor would think Facebook is the Internet as many in other nations do. But then in India “xerox” is a verb that means photocopying, and many think the Internet is an American company. If the whole world were surveyed, it would come across as generally ill informed. Many are ignorant because they never had the opportunities, like being connected, to be informed.他们反对的另一个理由是,印度贫穷阶层会和其他国家的许多人一样,认为Facebook就代表互联网。但在印度,“xerox”只是意为“复印”的动词,不代表施乐公司,还有很多人认为“互联网”就是一个美国公司。如果在全球进行问卷调查,印度人会给人以孤陋寡闻的印象。很多人那么无知,是因为他们没有机会接触网络等获取新知的途径。Also, there is a view that free Internet is just a ploy by Facebook to capture new markets. The history of modern India is proof that corporate self-interest is often more useful to society than altruism.还有一种观点认为,网络只是Facebook为了占领新市场而策划的阴谋。现代印度发展的历史明,企业的自利往往比利他主义对社会更有益。Mr. Modi, instead of banishing Internet.org, may consider uploading government websites on it. Facebook is discussing that possibility with his team.莫迪可能会把印度政府网站放在Internet.org上,而不是驱逐它。Facebook正和他的团队就这一可能进行讨论。 /201509/400006Shares in China’s second and third-largest state-owned telecom companies jumped yesterday on news of an alliance between them to take on market leader China Mobile.中国第二和第三大国有电信运营商的股价昨日大涨,原因是它们宣布将结成联盟与市场领先者中国移动(China Mobile)展开竞争。China Unicom and China Telecom outlined a wide-ranging agreement to fight their dominant competitor with areas of strategic co-operation including sharing capital expenditure and promoting smartphone standardisation, in addition to joint negotiation of international roaming rates and working together to promote their products.为了挑战目前占霸主地位的竞争对手,中国联通(China Unicom)和中国电信(China Telecom)公布了一份广泛的协议,拟在多个领域开展战略合作,包括共享资本出、推动智能手机标准化、联合谈判国际漫游资费,以及合作推广它们的产品。Third-ranked China Telecom and number two China Unicom each rallied more than 7 per cent in Hong Kong before ending the day up 4.8 per cent and 3.8 per cent, respectively.排名第三的中国电信和排名第二的中国联通在香港上市的股票一度均上涨7%以上,最后分别收涨4.8%和3.8%。Chris Lane, telecoms analyst at Sanford Bernstein, said that the key components for both companies were an agreement to share a new rural 4G network and a proposal for a national smartphone standard.盛(Sanford Bernstein)电信分析师克里斯莱恩(Chris Lane)表示,对两家公司来说,关键内容是同意共享一个新的农村4G网络,以及一项国家智能手机标准的提议。“They’ve in essence decided to build a third network, a 4G network that will serve both the Unicom and the Telecom subscribers in the rural areas,” said Mr Lane, which would save them capital expenditure of 30-40 per cent and operational spending of 50 per cent.“他们实质上已决定建设第三个网络,这将是一个4G网络,在农村地区为联通和电信两家的用户务,”莱恩表示。此举将让两家公司节省30%至40%的资本出,以及50%的运营出。Mr Lane said any financial benefits from the deal were at least 18 months away. Bernstein forecasts upside of 11-12 per cent for each company’s stock price over the long term.莱恩表示,这笔交易的财务效益至少也要到18个月后才能显现。盛预测,远期而言联通和电信两家的股价各有11%至12%的上涨空间。Analysts said that another aspect of the deal — promoting a new smartphone standard based on supporting six common technologies — would probably appeal to the Chinese government, and appeared to be an effort to enlist ministry officials to pressure China Mobile into signing on too.分析师们表示,该协议的另一个方面——推动六模“全网通”成为智能手机的国家标准——很可能对中国政府具有吸引力,而且似乎意在促使工信部官员对中国移动施压,要求该公司也持这种标准。The new standard would make things easier for handset manufacturers because they would only have to make one version for all three carriers. China Telecom would stand to benefit the most as it currently uses the most limited standard.新标准将让手机制造商的日子好过一些,因为它们将只需要为三家运营商生产一款手机。中国电信从中将受益最大,因为它目前采用局限性最大的技术标准。China Mobile dominates the market with a 63 per cent share, far outweighing China Unicom’s 22 per cent and China Telecom’s 15 per cent.中国移动目前主导着市场,占据63%的份额,远远超出中国联通的22%和中国电信的15%。The alliance follows a shuffle in August when Chang Xiaobing, former chairman of China Unicom, took the same role at China Telecom while Wang Xiaochu, departing chairman of China Telecom, took the same post at China Unicom. According to one former telecom official, the alliance was directed by Mr Wang. In contrast, Mr Chang resigned from China Telecom in December as a result of anti-corruption probe.这一联盟出炉之前,中国电信业在去年8月进行了高层人事洗牌,当时中国联通前董事长常小兵出任中国电信董事长,同时中国电信即将离任的董事长王晓初担任中国联通董事长。据一名前任电信官员透露,这个联盟是王晓初推动的。相比之下,常小兵在去年12月因成为反腐败调查对象而从中国电信辞职。While executives at both telecom groups insisted that the alliance was not a precursor to a full merger, analysts said it could be the first step in a broad restructuring of the industry and that a merger should not be ruled out.尽管两家电信集团的高管都坚称这个联盟不是全面合并的前奏曲,但分析师们表示,此举可能是电信业广泛重组的第一步,合并的可能性不应该被排除。Restructuring the industry appeared to have begun in October with the merging of cell tower assets into a single company, designed to reduce duplication and foster efficient capital spending.中国电信业的重组似乎已在去年10月起步,首先是把手机信号塔资产合并成一家公司,以求减少重复和促进高效率资本出。The moves to pool tower assets, swap chairmen, and now to join up in a strategic alliance underlines just how clubby the world of the Chinese telecommunications industry can be, with the state encouraging just enough competition between companies to keep them from becoming complacent. The government believes too much competition could create waste and duplication.共享信号塔资产、董事长对调,现在又加上战略联盟——这些举措突显中国电信业多么像一个小圈子,政府鼓励各公司之间存在恰到好处的竞争,以防它们变得自满。政府相信,过于激烈的竞争可能造成浪费和重复。 /201601/423182

On the sidelines of CES in Las Vegas, Ceasars Entertainment partnered up with WeChat to give tours of new smart hotel rooms at The LINQ, a local hotel and casino. Visitors could use an app inside WeChat to control lighting, thermostats, and curtains.在举行的CES消费电子展上,凯撒公司与中国腾讯通过合作,在当地的酒店The LINQ打造了多间全智能客房。顾客可以使用微信来控制房间的灯光、恒温器和窗帘等。The connected suites will be the first of many such hotel rooms from Ceasars catering to overseas Chinese. After arriving at the room, they just need to scan a QR code to get the app. The app, which operates as a WeChat official account, was developed by Silicon Valley-based Ayla Networks.智能客房是凯撒集团为了迎合中国游客做出的举动之一。到店之后,顾客只需扫描酒店的二维码便可以添加凯撒集团的公众号,从而进行各种操作。这个公众号由硅谷的Ayla网络公司开发。In 2013, 300,000 visitors from Hong Kong and China travelled to Las Vegas, nearly doubling in the last two years. Ceasars said in a statement:2013年,有超过30万名来自于香港和中国大陆的游客前去旅行,这一数据在过去的两年里翻了一番。凯撒集团在一份声明中表示:“Collaborating with leading companies like Ayla and WeChat helps make our customers feel even more at home when they can interact in our resorts using technology and apps like WeChat that they use daily.”“通过与业界顶级公司如Ayla和微信合作,可以让我们的客户通过他们每天使用的微信更好地与酒店互动,从而获得宾至如归的感受。”Ceasars operates 50 casinos across the US and four other countries.凯撒集团在美国和另外四个国家运营着50家。The collaboration with Ceasars is one of many projects WeChat is using to study foreign markets outside of China for new opportunities. “We aim to build up an ecosystem for merchants to leverage on WeChat to implement O2O strategies and projects. The Casears hotel project is one of partners we are working with,” Tencent spokesperson Limin Chen said. “Other projects that connect WeChat to the offline world include Easy Taxi official account implementation in Asia, Zalora project in Asia, and YOOX shopping accounts in the US, Italy, and China.”与凯撒集团合作是微信开发海外市场的众多项目之一。腾讯发言人表示:“我们将打造一个生态系统,让商家提高微信在O2O战略中的地位。其他项目还包括在亚洲与Easy Taxi打车务以及Zalora网购务合作,以及在美国、意大利和中国与YOOX购物账号合作等。” /201501/356295

Apple is pushing for the legal dispute over unblocking the San Bernardino gunman’s iPhone to be taken up by a Washington DC committee instead of being handled through the courts.苹果(Apple)正在争取由华盛顿哥伦比亚特区的一个委员会(而不是法院)审理围绕解锁圣贝纳迪诺案凶手的iPhone的法律纠纷。Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, wrote in an email to employees yesterday that the “best way forward” would be for the US government to withdraw its judicial order, issued last week.苹果首席执行官蒂姆錠克(Tim Cook)昨日在一封写给员工的电子邮件中写道,“最佳出路”将是美国政府撤销上周发布的司法命令。Instead, he suggested Apple would “gladly participate” in a “commission or other panel of experts on intelligence, technology and civil liberties to discuss the implications for law enforcement, national security, privacy and personal freedoms”.他提出,苹果将“很高兴参加”一个“涵盖情报、技术和公民自由的委员会或者其他专家小组,讨论这件事对执法、国家安全、隐私和个人自由的潜在影响”。The plan echoes a similar proposal for talks last month, before the latest row began, from Michael McCaul, chairman of the House homeland security committee, and Mark Warner, a member of the Senate intelligence committee.该计划呼应上月(最近的争吵爆发之前)美国众议院国土安全委员会(House homeland security committee)主席迈克尔麦克考尔(Michael McCaul)和参议院情报委员会(Senate intelligence committee)成员马克茠纳(Mark Warner)提出的类似商谈建议。Last week, the House energy and commerce committee invited Mr Cook and James Comey, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to testify over the “ongoing debate related to encryption technologies”.上周,众议院能源和商务委员会(House energy and commerce committee)邀请库克和联邦调查局(FBI)局长詹姆斯科米(James Comey)就“正在展开的关于加密技术的辩论”作。“Apple is a uniquely American company,” Mr Cook said. “It does not feel right to be on the opposite side of the government in a case centring on the freedoms and liberties that government is meant to protect.”“苹果是一家纯正的美国公司,”库克表示。“在一起围绕政府理应保护的自由的案件中站在政府的对立面,让人感觉不对劲。”Mr Comey made an emotional appeal to Apple and the US public on Sunday in a blog post on legal site Lawfare, saying the case was “quite narrow” and not intended to set a precedent.周日,科米在法律网站Lawfare的一篇客文章中向苹果和美国公众发出情感诉求,称此案“意义相当狭窄”,并非意在设立一个先例。“We can’t look the survivors in the eye, or ourselves in the mirror, if we don’t follow this lead,” he said. “We don’t want to break anyone’s encryption or set a master key loose on the land.”“如果我们不追查这条线索,我们就无法正眼注视幸存者或镜子中的自己,”他说。“我们不希望打破任何人的加密,或者是释放一把万能钥匙。”He wrote the tension between privacy and safety “should not be resolved by corporations that sell stuff for a living. It also should not be resolved by the FBI, which investigates for a living.”他写道,隐私和安全之间的紧张“不应该由以销售产品为生计的企业来解决。它也不应该由以调查为生计的FBI来解决。”Instead, he said it should be settled “by the American people” and called for a “long conversation” on the matter.他表示,相反,这应该“由美国人民”解决,并呼吁在这个问题上开展“长时间对话”。Apple’s legal response is due this week in a case that began last Tuesday when a judge in California ordered it to create tools that would help the FBI unlock a device used by Syed Rizwan Farook before he killed 14 people in December.苹果应于本周作出法律回应,本案始于上周二,加州的一名法官命令该公司创建工具,帮助FBI解锁去年12月杀害14人的赛义德里兹万法鲁克(Syed Rizwan Farook)在作案前使用的iPhone。Mr Cook has refused to comply with the order, calling the demand for a “back door” into the iPhone an “over-reach” by the authorities that has “chilling implications” for its customers’ privacy. Several other Silicon Valley companies, including Google and Facebook, have supported Apple’s position.库克拒绝遵守这一法庭命令,称要求开辟进入iPhone的“后门”是当局“伸手过长”,对苹果顾客的隐私具有“可怕影响”。谷歌(Google)和Facebook等多家硅谷公司已表态持苹果的立场。 /201602/428203

LONDON — Gemalto, a French-Dutch digital security company, said on Wednesday that it believed that American and British intelligence agencies had most likely hacked into the company’s networks in an attempt to gain access to worldwide mobile phone communications. But it said that the intrusions had only limited effect.伦敦——法国荷兰合资的数字安全公司金雅拓(Gemalto)周三表示,美国和英国情报机构很有可能入侵了该公司的网络,以便监听全球移动电话通信。但它说,这些入侵活动的影响有限。Gemalto said that the attacks had occurred over two years, starting in 2010, but that the National Security Agency of the ed States and its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, had failed to gain wholesale access to the company’s SIM card encryption codes.金雅拓说,攻击活动从2010年开始,持续了两年多时间,但美国国家安全局(NAS)和英国的对应机构政府通讯总部(GCHQ)未能大规模窃取该公司SIM卡密钥。The company is the world’s largest producer of cellphone SIM cards — the small chips that hold an individual’s personal security and identity information — and its networks could have given American and British intelligence agencies the ability to collect mobile voice and data communications without the permission of governments or telecommunications providers.SIM卡是存储个人安全身份信息的小芯片,而金雅拓是全球最大的手机SIM卡生产商,英美情报机构如果成功侵入了该公司的网络,就可以在没有政府或电信运营商许可的情况下,搜集移动语音和数据通信信息。This hacking was first reported last week by the website The Intercept based on documents from 2010 provided by Edward J. Snowden, the former N.S.A. contractor whose leak of agency documents has set off a national debate over the proper limits of government surveillance.上周,截击(The Intercept)网站依据前NSA承包商雇员爱德华·J·斯诺登(Edward J. Snowden)提供的2010年的一些文件,率先报道了这一攻击活动。斯诺登之前曝光的情报文件已经在美国掀起了全国性的辩论,一些人要求对政府监控加以适当限制。“At the time, we were not able to identify the perpetrators of the attacks,” Patrick Lacruche, Gemalto’s head of security, said at a news conference in Paris on Wednesday. “We now think that they could have been linked to the GCHQ. and N.S.A. operation.”“当时,我们无法确定是谁发起了攻击,”本周三,金雅拓安全主管帕特里克·拉克鲁切(Patrick Lacruche)在巴黎的新闻发布会上说。“我们现在认为,这些攻击可能与GCHQ和NSA有关。”The leaked documents from Mr. Snowden suggested that millions of SIM cards could have been affected. Olivier Piou, Gemalto’s chief executive, disputed that claim, but he declined to provide an exact figure.从斯诺登泄露的文件来看,数以百万计的SIM卡可能都遭受了影响。金雅拓首席执行官奥利维耶·皮乌(Olivier Piou)否认了这种说法,但他拒绝提供确切数字。“At the very most, very little,” said Mr. Piou when questioned by reporters about how many SIM cards were potentially infiltrated.当记者问及有多少SIM卡可能遭到渗透时,“往最糟的情况估计,也非常少,”皮乌说。The company’s share price rose about 3 percent in afternoon trading in Amsterdam. Last week, analysts had warned that the suspected government hacking could affect Gemalto’s operations, though the company’s stock has fallen only about 2 percent since The Intercept published its article late Thursday.该公司的股价在阿姆斯特丹股市下午的交易中上涨了约3%。虽然自从截击网站上周四晚进行报道后,该公司的股价跌幅仅为大约2%,但上周曾有分析师警告说,金雅拓的业务可能会受政府入侵消息的影响。A GCHQ spokesman declined to comment on the intelligence matters, and the N.S.A. did not respond to requests for comment.GCHQ发言人拒绝就相关情报问题发表,NSA则没有回应记者的置评请求。Gemalto, whose customers include some of the world’s largest carriers, including Verizon Wireless and China Mobile, started its investigation into the possible hacking by the intelligence agencies after the company’s share price fell on Friday in the wake of the revelations. It was impossible to independently verify the company’s internal investigation into the hacking.金雅拓公司的客户中包括威瑞森无线(Verizon Wireless)和中国移动这样的全球顶级运营商,入侵事件曝光后,该公司股价在上周五出现下跌,金雅拓也开始调查情报机构可能对该公司展开的入侵行动。独立核实该公司对入侵事件的内部调查是不可能的。The revelations are the latest in a series of suspected hacking activities by American and British intelligence agencies that were made public by Mr. Snowden.斯诺登公开了英美情报机构涉嫌开展的一系列黑客活动,金雅拓遭受的攻击则是最新曝光的一起。Targets of the surveillance programs have included high-profile figures like Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, whose cellphone conversations American intelligence agencies are suspected of monitoring. The services of a number of the world’s largest tech companies, including Google and Facebook, were also infiltrated, according to the Snowden leaks.这些监听计划的目标包括德国总理安吉拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)这样的显要人士,她的手机通话有可能遭受了美国情报机构的窃听。从斯诺登曝光的文件来看,谷歌和Facebook等全球顶级高科技公司的务也遭到了渗透。The tapping of people’s online communications has led to widesp criticism of what is perceived as overreaching by American and British intelligence agencies.窃听人们在线通信信息的做法遭到了广泛批评,一些人认为英美情报机构过度行使了职权。“Trust in the security of our communications systems are essential for our society and for businesses to operate with confidence,” Eric King, deputy director of Privacy International, an advocacy group based in London, said in a statement on Wednesday. “The impact of these latest revelations will have ripples all over the world.”“对于我们的社会,以及对于企业经营的信心来说,人们对通信系统安全的信任是至关重要的,”总部设在伦敦的隐私国际(Privacy International)组织的宣传部副主任埃里克·金(Eric King)在周三的声明中说。“这些最新曝光信息的影响将波及世界各地。”Gemalto said in a news release that it had experienced many attacks in 2010 and 2011 and that it detected “two particularly sophisticated intrusions which could be related to the operation.” But it said that the attacks “only breached its office networks and could not have resulted in a massive theft of SIM encryption keys.”金雅拓在一份新闻稿中表示,它在2010年和2011年间经历了大量攻击,发现“两次特别复杂的入侵可能与情报机构有关”。但该公司说,攻击“仅仅侵入了办公网络,不会导致SIM密钥的大规模失窃”。In June 2010, an unknown third party, which Gemalto said it now believed was either an American or British intelligence agency, had tried to spy on its communications network. A month later, Gemalto said, emails containing malware were sent to some of its customers, many of which are the world’s largest cellphone carriers. The emails had pretended to come from Gemalto’s employees.2010年6月,曾有人试图入侵金雅拓的通信网络,现在该公司认为,攻击者可能就是美国或者英国情报机构。该公司还表示,一个月后,含有恶意软件的邮件被发送到它的一些客户那里,其中很多客户都是世界上最大的手机运营商。这些电邮被伪装成来自金雅拓员工的邮件。“We immediately informed the customer, and also notified the relevant authorities both of the incident itself and the type of malware used,” Gemalto said, adding that it had detected several attempts to gain access to its employees’ computers during that time.“我们立即通知了客户,同时也向有关部门通报了攻击事件本身以及这些恶意软件的类型,”金雅拓说,在那段时间,它发现好几次有人试图入侵公司员工的计算机。The company said that its SIM encryption codes and other customer data had not been stored on the networks that were targets of the attack, and that it had upgraded its internal security software beginning in 2010 to limit the impact of future hacking.该公司表示,其SIM卡密钥和其它客户数据并没有存储在那些遭受攻击的网络上,而且它从2010年开始就升级其内部安全软件,以便抵御未来的黑客攻击。Gemalto did admit, however, that the hacking attempts in 2010 may have given some access to SIM cards based on outdated telecom technology, known as 2G.然而,金雅拓也承认,该公司2010年遭受的攻击可能给会让某些SIM卡蒙受损失,这些SIM卡采用的是过时的2G电信技术。American and British intelligence agencies are suspected of targeting SIM cards used by carriers in hot spots like Afghanistan, Iran and Yemen, which still mainly used 2G SIM cards in 2010, according to the leaked documents. This technology did not offer the same security protection as the SIM cards that are typically used in Western countries, Gemalto warned.泄露的文件显示,英美情报机构针对的目标可能是阿富汗、伊朗和也门等地区运营商使用的SIM卡,这些局势紧张地区在2010年时主要使用的仍然是2G SIM卡。金雅拓警告说,2G技术的安全性不如西方国家通常使用的SIM卡强。“If the 2G SIM card encryption keys were to be intercepted by the intelligence services,” Gemalto said, “it would be technically possible for them to spy on communications when the SIM card was in use in a mobile phone.”“如果情报部门截获了2G SIM卡密钥,”金雅拓说,“从技术上说,当一部手机在使用这种SIM卡的时候,他们是可以监听通信的。” /201502/361070

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