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Syria A step too far 叙利亚 偏离正轨If Bashar Assad really has used chemical weapons on his own people in a big way, America must intervene如果巴沙尔阿萨德真的对其子民大规模使用了化学武器,美国必须干涉了。Aug 24th 2013 |From the print edition“WE HAVE been very clear to the Assad regime…that a red line for us is [if] we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilised,” said Barack Obama a year ago this week. “That would change my calculus.” If reports from the Syrian opposition that hundreds of people have been killed by rocket-launched chemical weapons turn out to be true, then Mr Obama should keep his promise.一年前的这个星期,奥巴马表示,阿萨德政权要很清楚自己的警戒线,如果我们看到大规模的化学武器运送或者是使用的话,这会改变我的计划。如果反对党所说的数百人被火箭发射的化学武器谋杀属实,奥巴马应该遵守自己的诺言。In recent months, those who previously argued for intervention in Syria have gone quiet. That’s not because the Syrian people are suffering any less—far from it. The death toll is now reckoned to be more than 100,000, 2m people have fled the country and a quarter of the population of 23m is reckoned to be displaced within it. But failure to intervene early has had consequences which strengthen the arguments against intervention. Sectarian chaos in the country has grown, undermining hopes that toppling Mr Assad would bring peace. The more fighting there is between rebel groups, the more damage giving them weapons would do. And al-Qaeda-linked rebel groups have gained strength at the expense of the more moderate ones the West would be happy to see take power. The stronger the radicals become, the weaker the case for arming the rebels.最近几个月,之前争论干涉叙利亚的人安静了。不是因为叙利亚人民的苦难有所减少,而是更多了。死亡人数现在被认为超过了10万,200万人离开这个国家,2300万人中的四分之一被迫在国内转移。但是之前没有干涉导致的结果增强了反对干涉的声音。叙利亚教派纷争增加,破坏者希望阿萨德的下台会带了和平。反对派之间纷争越多,给他们武器带来的破坏就越大。与基地组织有关的反对派在牺牲西方乐意看到的温和派的情况下实力有所增强。激进分子越强大,武装反对派的理由就越弱。But the use of chemical weapons would tip the argument back in favour of intervention, for three reasons. First, they are banned by international agreement, and if the rules of war are to have any force, then the world must do its best to ensure that they are respected. Second, however unwilling outside powers are to intervene, the world accepts that there are limits to the atrocities that governments may perpetrate on their people: it was the massacre of 8,000 Bosnians by Serbs at Srebrenica in 1995 that provoked outside powers to intervene decisively in Yugoslavia’s civil war. Third, America’s credibility depends on intervening. Mr Obama made no response to a previous claim of chemical-weapons use. It seems likely that Mr Assad was testing the water to see if he could get away with a bigger one. If he is allowed to, nobody will take American threats seriously, at least while Mr Obama is president. Why should Iran or North Korea, for instance, listen to him hector them about their nuclear weapons programmes?但是化学武器的使用会使得争论再次回到是否应该干涉的问题上。原因有三。第一,化学武器是国际协议禁止的,如果战胜的规则有效力,世界必须尽最大努力确保规则得以遵守。第二,无论外界力量如何不想干涉,国际社会要承认国家对自己子民的暴行是有限度的。1995年在斯瑞不里尼卡,塞维利亚人杀害了8000名波斯尼亚人,此事件导致外界力量直接干预南斯拉夫的内战。第三,美国的信誉来源于对国际事务的干预。奥巴马对此前关于化学武器使用的声明没有作出回应。看起开阿萨德正在试水,看他能不能发起更大的袭击。如果被允许了,没有国家把美国的警告当回事儿,至少奥巴马任职期间。比如说,为什么伊朗或者朝鲜听从美国对他们核项目的威吓呢?T carefully but firmly一步一个脚印Nobody should act rashly in the wake of this report. The opposition’s claims need to be verified. A ed Nations inspection team, aly in the country to investigate the earlier allegations, needs to do its utmost to get to the site where the latest attacks are said to have taken place.看完这份报告,大家都不应贸然行动。反对派的发言需要实。联合国观察团已经进入叙利亚调查早期的指控,需要尽力到达最近袭击发生的现场。If the reports turn out to be correct—or the inspectors are not given a chance of verifying them—then the world needs to take action. America should not shoulder the burden alone. China and Russia, who have supported Mr Assad’s regime, must also accept their responsibility to uphold a standard of behaviour to which even they have signed up. But if they are not persuadable, then America and its allies should consider the full range of hard options, from strikes to limit Mr Assad’s fighting capacity, to destroying his air force, to imposing no-fly zones in the country.如果报告属实,或者观察员没机会实这些报告,国际社会就需要采取行动了。美国不应该自己承担这个责任,持阿萨德政府的中国和俄罗斯也应该承担起维护行为规范的责任。因为他们已经在行为规范上签上了自己的名字。但是如果他们执意不配合,美国及其盟国就只能选择限制阿萨德的战斗力,破坏其空军,在叙利亚设立禁飞区。This paper believes that America is generally a force for good in the world. If Mr Obama does not keep his promises, it will no longer be much of a force at all.这份报告相信美国一向是为世界造福的力量。如果奥巴马总统不遵守自己的诺言,那美国就称不上是一力量了。201308/254606芜湖治疗早泄最好的男科医院Finance and Economics;Investing in Ethiopia; Frontier mentality;财经;投资埃塞俄比亚; 前沿思维;A new fund attests to the countrys allure—and to the value of connections;新投资,国家吸引力与关系网价值的有力明;Long benighted, Ethiopia is attracting attention for a better reason. It has become Africas fastest-growing non-energy economy (see chart). Investors have noticed. South Africas largest consumer-foods firm, Tiger Brands, expanded into Ethiopia last year with a big acquisition. Diageo and Heineken recently paid nearly 0m combined to acquire state breweries in the country.埃塞俄比亚已经成为非洲经济增长最快的无能源国家(见图表)。这一点,投资者早就知道。西非最大的消费食品公司,Tiger Brands,在去年进行了一次大规模并购,进军到埃塞俄比亚。Diageo和Heineken最近联合花费4亿美金收购了该国一个国营啤酒厂。The latest proof came on May 9th, when Schulze Global Investments, an American investment firm and family office, announced that it had launched a 0m Ethiopia fund, the first private-equity fund focused exclusively on the country. Anchored by at least m from Britains CDC, a government-owned provider of development finance, and m of the familys own money, the fund will invest in sectors from agribusiness and cement to health care and natural resources.最新事件发生在5月9日,美国一家投资投资与家族财务管理公司,Schulze全球投资公司,宣布在埃塞俄比亚投资1亿美金,这是第一笔专门针对埃塞俄比亚的私募基金。加上之前英国CDC公司,一家政府所有的发展财务公司的至少1500万美元投资,还有家族所有的1000万美元,这些资金将用于农业企业、水泥、卫生保健和自然资源。Investing in Ethiopia is not for the faint-hearted, however. With a projected national income of .5 billion this year, its population of 85m still ranks among the worlds poorest. The governments big spending carries risks, including high inflation (32.5% in March was near a nine-month low) and heavy state borrowing that has shrunk the credit available to private firms. Much more borrowing and spending is planned, and needed. The heart of the Ethiopian capital may be traversed by new concrete arteries and bridges, built by Italian and Chinese contractors with Chinese loans. But the rest of Addis Ababa is a patchwork of dirt paths lined by corrugated-tin dwellings that are the capitals shantytowns and slums.然而,投资埃塞俄比亚可不是为了慈善。虽然埃塞俄比亚今年国民收入为385亿美元,但按该国8500万人口计算,它仍然位居世界最贫困国家之列。政府大幅消费带来了危机,包括高通胀(三月份的32.5%通胀率已是九个月以来的最低值)。巨额的国家借债已让国家信誉对私人企业缩水。更多的借债和花费都在必要的计划之中。从中国借钱、由意大利和中国建筑商建造的交通动脉和大桥,可能已经改变了首都的中心。除此之外,亚的斯亚贝巴城全是一片片由杂乱肮脏的小道连接的棚户贫民窟。Poverty is pervasive, raising questions over how fast a consumer class will emerge. Agriculture is still a big source of national income, accounting for more than 40% of GDP and more than 80% of employment. Almost all private businesses are small: family-owned vendors and repair shops, the kind whose customers cannot suffer inflation for long. Credit is hard to come by for the unconnected. Only licensed exporters consistently benefit from repeated devaluations of the currency. To invest in Ethiopia is to invest in the frontier.贫穷无处不在,到底有消费者能力的阶层能多快增长,这是个问题。农业仍然是国家收入的一大来源,占据GDP的40%,并促进了80%的就业人口。几乎所有的私人企业都是小企业:家族小贩和维修店,这些人不可能在那么长的通胀经济中坚持住。而没有关系网的商家,也很难有信誉。只有拥有经营执照的出口商才能从不断贬值的货币中稳定获利。投资埃塞俄比亚如同在投资在前线阵地。That suits Gabriel Schulze, who runs SGI (as the firm is known in Addis Ababa). He is the scion of an American frontier family. His great-great-grandfather, William Boyce Thompson, flirted with bankruptcy in the Old West and founded Newmont Mining, now a billion company. Mr Schulze operates smoothly in Ethiopia because of connections built through his family (three of his younger siblings are adopted Ethiopians). In 2008 he established a permanent office in the capital, staffed by members of Ethiopias class of returning exiles, including two daughters of former officials under the late emperor, Haile Selassie.这种状况正像经营SGI(在亚的斯亚贝巴众所周知)的Gabriel Schulze。他是美国前线家族后裔。他的曾曾祖父,William Boyce Thompson,在老西部破产,后来成立了Newmont Mining,现在是一个资产230亿的公司。Schulze先生在埃塞俄比亚经营的很顺利,因为他的家族的关系网(他的三个年轻的同辈都是收养的埃塞俄比亚的孩子)。2008年,他在埃塞俄比亚首都成立了一个永久的办公室,员工都是逃亡归来的埃塞俄比亚人,包括末代皇帝Haile Selassie时期的前长官的女儿。Connections are crucial. Ethiopias doors are not all swung wide open to foreign investment, but rather opened selectively. The regime of Meles Zanawi, the prime minister, is ideological and authoritarian: the ruling party and its allies won 99.6% of seats in parliament in the 2010 elections. Its labyrinthine bureaucracy is the bane of the smallest of private businesses. Mr Meles is working from a neo-Chinese blueprint, long on public investment and state enterprise (banking, telecoms and retailing are off-limits to foreign investors). Outsiders wanting to do business in Addis Ababa must forge good relations with Mr Meles and his ministers.这种关系网至关重要。埃塞俄比亚的大门向外国投资商敞开,但也是有选择地敞开。总理 Meles Zanawi是个独裁主义者:统治党和其联盟党在2010年大选中赢得99.6%的席位。它复杂的官僚机构是小企业经济的致命毒药。Meles先生很长时间都在公共投资与国营公司工作,是新中国人的代表。外界想在亚的斯亚贝巴做生意的人就必须与Meles先生和他的内阁大臣们建立好关系。Similarly, the larger, existing SGI investments in Ethiopia—in a coffee-export business, a cement plant and an oil firm—are investments in the elite families who run them, with family and personal networks that extend back generations. The Bagersh brothers, owners of the coffee business in SGIs portfolio, represent a third generation of coffee exporters. Tewodros Ashenafi, the founder of SouthWest Energy, an oil firm, is the great-grandson of a former minister of war. Shonaid Jemmett-Page, chief operating officer of CDC, says that this is the nature of investible companies in places like Addis Ababa. “One of the problems in most frontier markets is theres generally a pretty small entrepreneurial class,” she says.同样,更大的SGI投资项目,包括咖啡出口、水泥厂和石油公司,都是精英家族在经营,拥有几代的家族及个人关系网。拥有SGI咖啡贸易Bagersh兄弟已是咖啡出口商的第三代接班人。西南能源石油公司创始人Tewodros Ashenafi是一位战时部长的曾孙。CDC首席运营官Shonaid Jemmett-Page说这是诸如亚的斯亚贝巴这样投资地的特色,他说:“大部分前沿市场都存在一个问题,就是一般创业阶层非常小。”Some critics of Mr Meles nonetheless worry that he will give away the store to foreigners—including bits of the country itself, they grumble, in the form of land farmed for export, which has become a fast-growing business. At the Sheraton Addis (a luxury hotel owned by Mohammed al-Amoudi, a Saudi-Ethiopian sheikh), a returned exile who makes introductions and brokers deals dismisses this notion with a story. A 19th-century emperor once saw off foreign visitors who had perhaps overstayed their welcome. The emperor was said to have ordered the bottoms of their shoes to be checked carefully on the way out. Not a crumb of Ethiopias soil was to go with them.尽管如此,有些家也担心Meles会把生意都卖给外国人,包括这个国家本身,以土地收成形式的出口已成为一个快速增长的企业。而在Sheraton Addis(沙特-埃塞俄比亚酋长Mohammed al-Amoudi拥有的豪华酒店)的一个回国的逃亡者和经纪人讲了一个故事,否认了这样的看法。19世纪的国王在一次送别一队外国游客时,让他们仔细检查鞋底,不允许他们带走埃塞俄比亚一丁点的尘土。 /201304/236260芜湖最好的治疗淋病医院芜湖附属医院泌尿系统在线咨询

芜湖治疗男科芜湖东方医院泌尿外科怎样Many people know that marine mammals, like whales, porpoises and dolphins, breathe air, like wedo.大多数人都知道些海洋哺乳动物,比如鲸鱼,鼠海豚和海豚。它们和我们一样都要呼吸空气。But, many people dont know that marine mammals have developed some interesting sleepinghabits in order to accommodate their regular trips up to the surface for air.但是大多数人都不知道这些哺乳动物已经养成了一些有趣的睡眠习惯,以配合来回水面呼吸空气。Today, A Moment ofScience looks at what its like to sleep with the fishes.今天,科学一刻将探究一下,这些哺乳动物是如何像鱼类一样睡觉的。Unlike our own breathing, which does not require conscious effort, marine mammals mustconsciously go to the surface of the water to breathe through a blowhole on top of their heads.与人类“无意识”呼吸不同,这些动物必须到水面,通过头顶的气孔,进行“有意识”的呼吸。Because of this, marine mammals dont sleep for a solid 8 hours a night, the way we do.因此,它们不像我们,每晚能够稳定的睡上八小时。Some marine mammals sleep while swimming.有些海洋哺乳动物边睡觉边游动。Whales nap for brief periods while swimmingalongside an alert friend who guides them.对于鲸鱼,只要有同伴放风,并引导着,他们就会边游边打会个盹。In fact, young whales must sleep alongside their motherbecause the mothers slipstream actually pulls the calf along: it will sink if the mother stops.实际上,幼鲸必须在母鲸身边睡觉,因为母鲸游动时产生的水流可以推动幼崽向前:如果母鲸停止游动,幼崽就会沉下去。Other marine mammals, like dolphins, sleep while floating on the surface of the water or take shortcatnaps while floating below the surface.而其它海洋哺乳动物,像海豚,睡觉的时候是浮在水面上,打盹的时候就浮在水面下。Researchers claim that while marine mammals sleep theirbrain is always partially alert.研究表明,海洋哺乳动物睡觉时,他们部分大脑依然保持警觉。Aside from these brief naps, dolphins are active most of the night.海豚在晚上,除了打盹,其余时间都处于活跃状态。Of course, marine mammals are equipped to handle underwater sleeping.当然,也有些海洋哺乳动物具备水下睡觉的能力。They haveproportionately larger lungs, exchange air more fully at each breath, and carry more oxygen intheir blood than we do, so they can hold their breath long enough to sleep with the fishes.相应地,他们的肺都很大,每次呼吸都能换进更多的空气。他们的血液中的含氧量就比我们的高,这样他们就能长时间屏息,像鱼类一样睡觉。201401/273516芜湖男科好医院Science and technology科学技术Scientific publishing科技出版业Brought to book好书来了Academic journals face a radical shake-up学术期刊面临彻底改变IF THERE is any endeavour whose fruits should be freely available, that endeavour is surely publicly financed science.如果有人试图把成果免费公开的话,那他一定是科学资助者,Morally, taxpayers who wish to should be able to about it without further expense.确实,纳税人都希望不再花额外的钱来阅读科学著作,And science advances through cross-fertilisation between projects.并且科学的进步也是通过各个学科之间的相互促进吸收,Barriers to that exchange slow it down.而其间的交流障碍使这种进步慢了下来。There is a widesp feeling that the journal publishers who have mediated this exchange for the past century or more are becoming an impediment to it.在过去一个世纪,期刊出版商给人广泛的感觉就是他们调停了这种交流,甚至阻碍了这种交流。One of the latest converts is the British government.而最新的改变发生在英国政府身上,On July 16th it announced that, from 2013, the results of taxpayer-financed research would be available, free and online,它在7月16宣布,从2013年开始,由纳税人资助的科研成果都会在网上免费公开,for anyone to and redistribute.并且任何人都可以阅读和转发。Britains government is not alone.并不是只有英国政府这么做,On July 17th the European Union followed suit.17日欧盟也紧随其后,It proposes making research paid for by its next scientific-spending round—which runs from 2014 to 2020, and will hand out about 80 billion, or 100 billion, in grants—similarly easy to get hold of.建议下一个科研经费周期拿出800亿欧元来补贴类似易于获取资料的方法。In America, the National Institutes of Health has required open-access publishing since 2008.在美国,国家卫生研究所从2008年开始就要求开放出版业。And the Wellcome Trust, a British foundation that is the worlds second-biggest charitable source of scientific money, after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, also insists that those who take its shilling make their work available free.仅次于比尔和梅林达·盖茨基金会的英国维康信托基金是世界上第二大科研资金获取来源,也坚持—要用我的钱就必须免费公开成果。Criticism of journal publishers usually boils down to two things.而期刊出版商对此的批判常常归结为两件事,One is that their processes take months, when the internet could allow them to take days.一是他们对资料的处理要花费数月,实际上有互联网他们只需要花费数天;The other is that because each paper is like a mini-monopoly, which workers in the field have to if they are to advance their own research,另一个原因就是由于每篇论文就像一个小型垄断,相关领域的工作者想要提升研究水平就必须得阅读那些论文,there is no incentive to keep the price down.这样根本没有动机把价格降下来,The publishers thus have scientists—or, more accurately, their universities, which pay the subscriptions—in an armlock.因此出版商就把那些科学家—准确来说是那些付钱订阅期刊的大学牢牢限制住了,That, combined with the fact that the raw material is free, leads to generous returns.再加上原始材料免费这一事实,这些常常为出版商带来了巨额回报。In 2011 Elsevier, a large Dutch publisher, made a profit of 768m on revenues of 2.06 billion—a margin of 37%.在2011年,荷兰出版商爱思唯尔从20.6亿欧元的投资中获取了7.68亿欧元的回报—利润达到了37%,如此高的收益被认为太过分,Indeed, Elseviers profits are thought so egregious by many people that 12,000 researchers have signed up to a boycott of the companys journals.因此爱思唯尔遭到了12000名研究人员的联名抵制。A golden future?未来一片光明?Publishers do provide a service.出版商也确实做了一些工作,They organise peer review, in which papers are criticised anonymously by experts.他们要对论文经行同业互查,And they sort the scientific sheep from the goats, by deciding what gets published, and where.并且还要对论文进行分类和挑选,决定是否出版和在哪里出版。That gives the publishers huge power.这就给了出版商很大的权利,Since researchers, administrators and grant-awarding bodies all take note of which work has got through this filtering mechanism,因为研究者、管理员和拨款奖励机构都在注意谁的论文通过了这个过滤机制,the competition to publish in the best journals is intense, and the system becomes self-reinforcing,在最好的期刊上发表论文的竞争非常激烈,出版系统就变得更加自我强化,increasing the value of those journals still further.也推高了那些期刊的价值。But not, perhaps, for much longer.或许以后不会再这样了,Support has been swelling for open-access scientific publishing:持开放科学出版业的呼声越来越强烈:doing it online, in a way that allows anyone to papers free of charge.把研究成果放到网上,让任何人都可以免费查阅。The movement started among scientists themselves,这个运动开始由科学家发起,but governments are now,但是现在政府也站了出来,as Britains announcement makes clear, paying attention and asking whether they, too, might benefit from the change.比如英国政府的通告就很清楚,它不仅在关注此事,还询问科学家们是否可以从这个变化中受益。The British announcement followed the publication of a report by Dame Janet Finch, a sociologist at the University of Manchester,Dame Janet Finch的报告发表之后英国政府才发出通告,which recommends encouraging a business model adopted by one of the pioneers of open-access publishing, the Public Library of Science.这位曼彻斯特大学的社会学家建议鼓励一种商业模式,这个方法被一家开放出版业的先锋—公共科学图书馆所采纳。This organisation, a charity based in San Francisco, charges authors a fee and then makes their papers available over the internet for nothing.公共科学图书馆是一家位于旧金山的慈善组织,它会付给作者一笔费用,然后再把他们的论文在网上免费公开。For PLoS, as the charity is widely known, this works well.对于公共科学图书馆来说,它的慈善事业广为人知,并且做得很好,It has launched seven widely respected electronic journals since its foundation in 2000.并且从2000成立开始,已经出版了7大类备受推崇的电子期刊,For reasons lost in history, this is known as the gold model.虽然由于各种各样的原因,它们都淹没在历史的尘埃中,这种方式被称为 “黄金模式”。The NIHs approach is different.国家卫生研究所的方法不一样,It lets researchers publish in traditional journals, but on condition that, within a year, they post their papers on a free “repository” website called PubMed.它允许传统学术期刊发表研究人员的论文,但是有一个条件,就是在一年之内他的论文会在一家名为PubMed网站的免费“知识库”中公布,Journals have to agree to this, or be excluded from the process.期刊出版商必须同意这么做,要么就会被排除在该程序之外,This is known as the green model.这就被称为“绿色模式”。Both gold and green models involve prepublication peer review.不管是黄金模式还是绿色模式都涉及到正式出版前的同业互查问题,But a third does away with even that.但第三种就不需要这样了,Many scientists, physicists in particular, now upload drafts of their papers into public archives paid for by networks of universities for the general good.现在很多科学家都为共同利益而把他们的草稿上传到由大学运营的网络公共档案馆中,Here, manuscripts are subject to a ruthless process of open peer review, rather than the secret sort traditional publishers employ.在这里,手稿都暴露在严格的同业互查之下,而不是被传统出版商私下分类。An arXived paper may end up in a traditional journal, but that is merely to provide an imprimatur for the research team who wrote it.一份被arXiv化论文可能会以传统期刊的出版而结束,但这仅仅只是为研究小组提供出版许可,Its actual publication, and its value to other scientists, dates from its original arrival online.它的实际出版物,还有对其他科学家的价值和原始数据都可以在网上找到。The success of PLoS, and the political shift towards open access, is encouraging other new ventures, too.科学公共图书馆的成功让其把政策转向开放阅览,这也鼓励了其他新的投资者。Seeing the writing on the wall, several commercial publishers are experimenting with gold-model publishing.在看到这些“不祥之兆”后,一些商业出版商开始尝试以“黄金模式”出版,Meanwhile, later this year, a coalition of the Wellcome Trust, the Max Planck Institute and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute will publish the first edition of eLife, an open-access journal with ambitions to rival the most famous journal of the lot, Nature.与此同时,在今年晚些时候,马普研究院和霍华休斯医学研究中心将与维康信托基金会合作,出版首期eLife电子期刊,这份开放阅览的期刊有信心与它们之中最著名的《自然》竞争,The deep pockets of these organisations mean that, for the first few years at least, this journal will not even require a publication fee.那些财大气粗的组织甚至想至少在头几年不对期刊收取出版费。Much remains to be worked out.仍然还有许多要解决的东西,Some fear the loss of the traditional journalscuration and verification of research.一些人担心会失去传统期刊的内容治理和调查核实,Even Sir Mark Walport, the director of the Wellcome Trust and a fierce advocate of open-access publication, worries that a system based on the green model could become fragmented.甚至维康信托基金会的主管和开放出版的坚定持者Mark Walport先生也担心基于绿色模式的系统会分崩离析,That might happen if the newly liberated papers ended up in different places rather than being consolidated in the way the NIH insists on.如果新式宽松论文政策被某些原因终结而不是如NIH所坚持走统一合并的路子,这一切就有可能发生。But research just published in BMC Medicine suggests papers in open-access journals are as widely cited as those in traditional publications.但是根据《BMC医学》最近公布的调查显示,开放阅览期刊被引用的广泛程度和传统期刊一样多。A revolution, then, has begun.所以一场革命已经开始了,Technology permits it; researchers and politicians want it.不仅技术上可行,研究人员和政客也需要。If scientific publishers are not trembling in their boots, they should be.如果传统科技图书出版商没有觉得胆战心惊的话,那现在就是时候了。 /201307/249938芜湖市弋矶山医院看前列腺炎好吗

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