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重庆市爱德华医院割包皮重庆爱德华综合医院上环多少钱 After a years-long court battle, Apple finally got what it wanted: A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that Samsung smartphones can no longer copy certain iPhone features.在三星和苹果长达几年的法庭弈中,苹果最终赢得了胜利:周四某联邦法院判决三星智能手机禁止模仿苹果手机的特点。In a 2-1 decision, a federal appeals court in Washington ruled that Samsung has to update its smartphones#39; software to remove slide-to-unlock, autocorrect and quick link software that directly mimic Apple#39;s similar features on the iPhone.在华盛顿的一个联邦法庭上,该案以两票赞成、一票反对的投票结果通过裁决:三星手机必须对其智能手机进行升级,移除直接模仿苹果手机的滑动解锁、自动更正和快速链接的功能。But the ruling comes long after Samsung has changed the way those features work on its smartphones. For example, you no longer need to slide a button to unlock Galaxy phones -- you can just swipe your finger anywhere on the screen.但是早在此禁令下发以前,三星就已经更改了手机上类似苹果的特点。比如,要解锁Galaxy手机,你不需要滑动解锁按钮,只要在屏幕上任何部位滑动手指即可。Samsung said in a statement that its Galaxy smartphones will continue to be sold and supported by the company. It also said it is looking for further review of Thursday#39;s decision.三星在一份声明中表示公司仍会销售Galaxy系列手机,并为客户提供持务。并且,他们要求对周四的决议进行复议。The court said it had granted Apple a ;narrow; ruling, saying it did not want to take Samsung#39;s devices off the shelves. Rather, it instructed Samsung to remove the infringing features -- if there are any remaining on customers#39; devices -- without recalling its smartphones.法院表示,他们给苹果公司的惩罚权利非常小,三星的手机不会下架,并且,他们要求三星移除手机上模仿苹果的特点,而对于已销售出去的手机则不用召回。Apple (AAPL, Tech30) first filed its lawsuit in February 2012 -- ages ago in technology terms. (The Galaxy S II was the newest Samsung smartphone to be listed in the lawsuit when the case was filed -- Samsung released the Galaxy S6 earlier this year).苹果最早发起诉讼是在2012年2月,在科技领域这根本就是几百年前的事。(当时三星公司早新的手机是Galaxy S II,而今年年初三星已经发布了Galaxy S6)So Apple won -- but not much more than a Pyrrhic victory.所以即使苹果公司赢了这场官司,但也是得不偿失。In the initial district court decision, Samsung was ordered to pay Apple 0 million for violating its patents -- less than a tenth of what Apple had initially asked for.根据最初地方法院的裁决,三星被要求赔偿苹果公司1.2亿美金侵权费,这个数字不到苹果公司要求的10分之一。It#39;s just one of several patent cases currently being fought in courts between the two smartphone giants. In a separate case, Apple was granted 0 million in damages after a court ruled that Samsung copied the iPhone. But an appeals court ruled that Apple could not patent the basic design of the iPhone, putting some of that award in jeopardy. The companies said last year that they will call off their patent disputes going forward -- outside the ed States.而这只是两大智能手机巨头法庭专利之战的其中一个。在另一个案件中,法庭判决三星向苹果公司付9.8亿美金作为侵权赔偿。但上诉法院判决苹果公司不能为其手机的基本设计申请专利,这样一部分赔偿金就可能要泡汤了。去年两个公司表示他们会叫停在美国之外地区的专利之战。 /201509/399924长寿江津区看妇科多少钱

秀山土家族苗族自治县做产检价格I hate the new Apple Watch. Hate what it will do to conversation, to the pace of the day, to my friends, to myself. I hate that it will enable the things that aly make life so incremental, now-based and hyper-connected. That, and make things far worse.我讨厌新上市的苹果手表。讨厌它将会对交谈、生活的节奏、我的朋友以及我自己产生的影响。我讨厌它会提升那些已经让生活变得如此繁琐、急功近利和超级互联的东西的效用。除此之外,除了以上这些,它还会让情况变得糟糕许多。This has nothing to do with Apple. We can still be friends. I’m writing on a MacBook Air, my constant companion since I kissed off my hometown Microsoft-programmed clunker for the sleek and far less needy Mac some time ago. I’m closer to my iPhone 6 than to some of my siblings — you never call, you never text, you never share, not a selfie in six months.这与苹果公司无关。我们还是可以做朋友的。我正在一台MacBook Air上写下这些文字。自从一段时间以前我淘汰了家乡生产的那台微软系统的旧电脑,换成这台漂亮且远不会那么需要照顾的Mac之后,它一直是我的好伙伴。我与iPhone 6的关系比我与一些兄弟的关系还亲密——从来不给他们打电话、发短信,或是分享东西,六个月里连张自拍都没有。No, my animus for Apple’s smartwatch — excuse me, wearable technology — is for what it will do to us. Things are too complicated as it is. At dinner with friends, or in a meeting that I’m supposed to care about, when can I look at my phone? Who’s phone-ignore worthy, and who’s not? At what point is looking down rude? And how long into a conversation till all sides get to call a truce and take a screen dive?不,我对苹果智能手表的厌恶——不好意思,应该是可穿戴设备——在于它会对我们产生何种影响。生活已经够复杂的了。在与朋友吃饭时,或是在我应该重视的一个会议上,我什么时候可以看手机?谁重要到让我不看手机,谁没那么重要?什么时候看手机是不礼貌的?交谈进行了多长时间之后,各方才可以休息一下,看一眼手机屏幕?I say this as an information obsessive. I wish I could say recovering information obsessive. Like most of us, I’m in need of digital detox, not a fresh hit. Those restroom breaks at restaurants were not about bladder relief. God knows how many times I’ve sneaked away from the table just to peek at a football score, a “Daily Show” clip, a text, a photo or email, my Amazon book number. What a miserable wretch. But it could be worse: I have a friend who texts while skiing.我认为这是一种信息强迫症。我希望我能说这种信息强迫症可以恢复。就像我们中多数人一样,我需要戒除网瘾,不是来一剂让我更上瘾的东西。我们在吃饭时去洗手间根本不是因为人有三急。天知道我有多少次从餐桌上偷偷溜出来只是去为了看一眼球赛的比分、《每日秀》(Daily Show)的片段、一条短信、一张照片或电子邮件,还有我的亚马逊图书订单。多可悲啊。但情况还可以更糟:我有一个朋友一边滑雪一边发短信。Apple says its smartwatch, which it rolled out at one of its Dear Leader-like events in San Francisco this week, will make interactions between human and screen less complicated, and less rude. Instead of reaching into pocket or purse in front of someone, the user will just glance at the wrist. In fact, Apple calls the new feature in which the watch is touched to access the Internet a “glance.”苹果本周在旧金山一场致敬伟大领袖似的活动中发布了这款手表。苹果说,它的智能手表将让人与屏幕的互动不那么复杂,不那么不礼貌。用户不需要在他人面前把手伸进口袋或包包,只需扫一眼手腕就行了。实际上,苹果把碰一下手表就接入互联网的新功能就叫做“Glance”(瞥一眼)。Just a glance, nothing rude there. Oh, really? Remember how off-putting it was when George Bush the elder checked his watch during a question period from the audience in a presidential debate? It may have cost him the election in 1992.只是扫一眼,这可没有什么不礼貌的。噢,是吗?还记得乔治·布什(George Bush)在总统辩论中接受观众提问时看手表的动作是多么让人恼火吗?这可能就是他输掉1992年大选的原因。People check their phones about 150 times a day. Now, imagine how many glances they’ll take with all the information in the world on their wrists. Imagine how many people will attempt to drive while glancing, to walk while glancing, to talk while glancing, to make love while glancing.人们一天看手机约150次。现在,想象一下,当全世界的信息都在手腕上展示的时候,人们会扫上多少眼。想象有多少人会试图在开车时扫一眼,在走路时扫一眼,在聊天时扫一眼,在做爱时扫一眼。To the complaints that our smartphone addiction has produced a world where nobody talks much anymore, nobody listens and nobody s, you can add a new one with the smartwatch: nobody makes eye contact.一些人抱怨,手机引发的上瘾让这个世界变成了没人长时间讲话、没人倾听,没人阅读的地方。有了智能手表之后,这些抱怨中可以加上一条:没人进行目光接触。Tim Cook, the Apple C.E.O., seems like a decent and likable guy — no tech overlord in a Darth Vader suit. But his presentation of the new watch on Monday creeped me out, and offered a road map to a world I’m not sure I want to join.苹果CEO蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)似乎是一个讨人喜欢的正派人——不是一个穿着达斯·维达(Darth Vader)式装的科技魔头。但他周一展示的新手表把我吓坏了,而它给世界提供的方向,我也不确定是否想要加入。“The Apple Watch is the most personal device we have ever created,” he said. “It’s not just with you, it’s on you.” Ewwww. It sounds like a digital dog collar, complete with an anti-flea component. From here on out, there is no down time, and no excuses for reality escapes. You are connected, 24/7.“苹果手表是我们推出的最私密的设备,”他说。“你不只是带着它,而且是戴着它。”咦哟。这听起来就像是一个数码项圈,加上一个防跳蚤的零部件。从此以后,再没有放松的时间,再没有逃离现实的借口。你永远都在线,一周七天,一天24小时。Cook tried to humanize Apple’s latest culture-disrupter. You can talk to your wrist — it’s a phone! You can check your heartbeat — it’s a doctor! And if you don’t adequately exercise during the week, your watch will remind you of your failure — it’s a nag!库克试图让苹果颠覆文化的最新产品人性化。你可以对着手腕说话——它是电话!你可以检查心跳——它是医生!而且如果你在一周当中没有进行足够的锻炼,你的表会提醒你——它还唠唠叨叨的。He seemed most rapt in describing how much closer together the Apple Watch will bring us all. “You can tap your watch and get your friends’ attention,” he said. Ah, there’s a rich relationship. I can think of a number of places once considered off-limits for cellphone intrusions — the classroom, the dinner table, the bathtub — where the watch can interrupt. And who’s to know: it’s only a glance.他似乎尤其注重描述Apple Watch能在多大程度上让我们所有人变得更亲密。“轻轻敲一下手表,就能引起朋友的注意,”他说。啊,这联系可真密切。我能想到很多曾经被认为不受手机干扰的地方:教室、餐桌和浴缸。但现在,在这些地方进行的活动手表都可以打断。毕竟谁知道呢:只用瞥一眼。There is some evidence that heavy smartphone use makes you dumber. The theory is that a having the world at the other end of a mobile search makes for lazy minds, while people who depend less on their devices develop more analytical skills.一些据表明,大量使用智能手机会让人变得更笨。相关理论认为,用移动搜索了解世界会使大脑变得懒惰,而不那么依赖设备的人,会形成更多分析技能。Add to this concerns about privacy: that the watch is a tracking device, which sends all your personal information to a central database — a corporate control center that aly knows far too much about the preferences and habits of smartphone users.除此之外,还有对隐私的担忧:这款手表是一台追踪设备,会将你所有的个人信息发送给一个中央数据库。那是一个商用控制中心,已经掌握了太多有关智能手机用户的偏好和习惯的信息。It’s encouraging that smartwatches, thus far, have not sold very well. This could be because many of them look like those fluorescent wrist bands that people have to wear at all-inclusive resorts in order to line up at the buffet table. Or perhaps people are repulsed, as I am, by this most intimate of invasions.鼓舞人心的是,迄今为止智能手表卖得并不是非常好。这可能是因为,许多智能手表看上去像那种发亮的腕带。在全包式度假胜地,人们为了等自助餐的位子,不得不戴那些腕带。也或许人们和我一样,厌恶这种最亲密的入侵。Backlash is inevitable. A few days ago, Patrick Pichette, Google’s chief financial officer, announced that he was retiring because he wanted to spend more time offline. He had this epiphany, he wrote, while watching the sunrise from Mount Kilimanjaro with his wife — an experience Apple has yet to be able to meld to a wristwatch.遭到强烈反对是不可避免的。几年前,谷歌(Google)首席财务官帕特里克·皮切特(Patrick Pichette)宣布他将退休,因为他希望有更多的线下时间。他写道,他是和妻子在乞力马扎罗山看日出时产生这一顿悟的。目前,苹果还无法把这种经历融入手表中。 /201503/364787 Anirudh Sharma doesn#39;t just want to pull harmful carbon from the air. He wants to offer a cheaper alternative to the exorbitant costs of ordinary printer ink.阿尼鲁德·夏尔马不仅想除掉空气中的有害炭物质,还希望创造一种更便宜的普通打印机油墨,解决墨水价格高昂的问题。Sharma recently invented ;Kaala,; a device that can gobble up harmful pollutants and instantly repurpose them, with a little help from alcohol and oil, into black printer ink.夏尔马最近发明了一种名叫“Kaala”的装置,它能吞掉有害污染物并迅速将其变成有用物质,只需加点酒精和油,就能生成黑色打印机墨水。One day, Sharma hopes to commercialize the device so it can live in every home around the world.将来,夏尔马希望能将这个设置商业化,希望世界上的每家每户都能使用它。The idea came to him after one-too-many smog-filled trips to his home country of India.他经常去烟雾严重的祖国印度,如此往返,就有了灵感。;On a hot summer day, if you take a handkerchief and rub it on your skin, the handkerchief actually turns a little brownish-blackish in color,; says Sharma, a scientist at MIT#39;s Media Lab. ;So we thought, #39;How do we repurpose something we complain about on an everyday basis into something that is a utility?#39;;“在酷热的夏日,如果你拿手帕擦皮肤,手帕就会变得乌黑,”麻省理工学院(MIT)媒体实验室的科学家夏尔马说,“所以我们就想‘能不能把这种我们天天抱怨的东西变成日常用品呢?’”For the device to work, it first needs to be exposed to exhaust. In his demo, Sharma uses the flame of a candle.要让这个设置运行,得先把它放在废气中。做实验时,夏尔马用的是蜡烛燃烧产生的废气。While the candle burns, a suction pump pulls in the surrounding air to a simple mechanism that separates the carbon black — a byproduct of combustion — from the rest of the air. It then traps the soot in a small chamber to be mixed with alcohol — in this case, vodka — and a drop of olive oil.蜡烛燃烧时,用真空泵吸走周围的空气,令黑色的炭物质——即燃烧产物——与其余空气分开。接下来,黑灰聚焦到一个小隔间,加入酒精——此例中用伏特加——和一滴橄榄油。Lastly, the newly formed liquid can be injected into an ordinary ink cartridge for everyday use.最后,混合而成的液体就能放到普通墨盒中每日使用了。Sharma admits the black could still be blacker. Since it was designed as a research project, Kaala would also need to hold up against formal toxicity standards before it can hit the market.夏尔马承认墨水还可以更黑。但这只是个研究项目,投入市场前,Kaala也得满足正式的无毒标准。;With a little bit of research,; he says, ;it can become as good as the printing ink HP sells to you.;他说:“只需再研究研究,它就能跟惠普(HP)卖的打印墨一样好了。”Sharma estimates a 4-year-old diesel engine could produce enough carbon to fill an HP cartridge within 60 minutes. A chimney would take only 10 minutes approximately.夏尔马估计一个使用了四年的柴油内燃机60分钟内产生的炭能填满一个惠普墨盒。一个烟囱大约只需要10分钟。Recreating that ink wouldn#39;t take much effort.制造这种墨并不费事。;Usually, people don#39;t know about this, but the ink you#39;re buying is nothing,; he says. ;It#39;s just carbon black mixed with a few chemicals, and that#39;s all. If you#39;re making your own ink, the cost would definitely be much, much lower.;“一般来说,人们不了解这点,不过大家买的墨真没什么特殊的,”他说,“炭黑掺些化学品就制出来了,就这些。如果自己制墨,成本绝对非常非常低。”Sharma hopes that his handheld device could scale to a size that sits on par with leading carbon-capture systems: huge walls of fans that trap carbon lurking in the air.夏尔马希望他的手持装置再大点,能用到主流炭捕集系统上:比如捕集空气中隐藏的炭的巨型风扇墙。 /201510/404398重庆市爱德华医院妇科咨询荣昌万州区治疗宫颈炎多少钱



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