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How To Play Office Politics on HowcastJust staying out of it could stunt your career. Here’s how to jump in and get ahead – without getting burned.You Will NeedObservation skills Goals Allies Social skills Tact Step 1: Observe how things work(找出办公室最有影响力的那个人)Observe how your workplace functions. Pay attention to the company’s core values and how they most effectively get put into action. Also find out who is influential and take note of what they respond to.Step 2: Set clear goals(知道公司的目标,并为之做计划)Set objectives with your boss that contribute to the company’s goals and develop your value as an employee. Inform your boss when you meet certain benchmarks to create a track record of goal-oriented success.Step 3: Gain allies(得到其他同事的喜欢)Get the support of coworkers by reciprocating favors and offering your expertise on projects.Only accept a manageable workload. In the long run, coworkers will respect you more if they know you have the power to say “no.”Step 4: Branch out(扩大自己的朋友圈,认识不同部门的人)Build a network that incorporates several different groups and departments. Aligning yourself too strongly with one could leave you out in the cold if they fall out of favor.Step 5: Sidestep gossip(避免办公室八卦,小心自己成为被八卦的对象)Sidestep gossip. The target of gossip one day could be a decision-maker the next. If you find yourself in the middle of a nasty exchange, excuse yourself, or focus the conversation on the people talking, not the person being talked about.Step 6: Brag tactfully(有技巧地自吹自擂)Brag. Just make sure to do it tactfully, and always give your coworkers credit for shared accomplishments. Telling people about your accomplishments increases the chances your boss will learn of your successes from someone other than you, which works in your favor when they’re deciding who gets a promotion, and who get the ax.201007/108260The natural environment of Inner Mongolia is chiefly composed of the forests of the Greater Khingan Mountains and the grasslands in Hulunbuir. Taken together, they make up an ocean of natural forests and grasslands.While the region has a four-season monsoon-influenced climate, the most impressive season is its long, cold, and very dry winters. So, for many tourists, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is a favorite winter wonderland.Located in the northeastern part of Inner Mongolia, the Hulunbuir is snowing more than five months each year. Due to three big snows aly this year, the average thickness of the snow is over 10 centimeters, and four times that at the ski resorts.Every winter, hundreds of tourists enjoy their vacation at the ski resort of Yakeshi city within the Hulunbuir. It features top-class ski runs that provide a variety of choices for skiers. While some green hands are struggling to stay upright... the veterans are indulging themselves on the speed run.A tourist said, ;The design of the ski run is really fantastic. Its a thrill to ski here and I like it so much. ;If youre not so familiar with skiing, a professional trainer is available to help you as well.The trainer said, ;While walking on skis, we should walk towards two sides of our body, and stretch fast. ;In the area, many minorities such as Mongolians, Daurs, Owenks and Oroqens are concentrated, each group with its strong ethnic customs. Besides skiing in the resort, travellers could also take in some ethnic activities such as a horse race or taking a reindeer sleigh, the daily transportation for natives during the 5-month-long winter.There are also some activities for kids, like sledding on the slope by the snow house.The variety of activities attract more and more visitors every year. From 2010 to 2011, the Hulunbuir tourism industry welcomed 870-thousand visitors who contributed greatly to the local economy.内蒙古的自然环境主要由森林及草原组成。而呼伦贝尔则是久负盛名的滑雪胜地,每年冬天,不计其数的游客都要到这里享受滑雪带来的乐趣。如果你是初学者,还会有专业的教练陪伴。而这里丰富多的其他活动也让游客大呼过瘾。201201/167126

随着人们生活水平的提高,新人们对婚礼的期待也越来越奢华,从豪华礼到婚礼设计,如今的新郎新娘们有了更多更好的选择... Luxury wedding boom in ChinaChina's wedding industry is booming thanks to higher standards of living and new fashion trends that appeal to young couples. From luxurious gowns to wedding planners, Chinese lovers have never had so much choice. Choosing the right wedding dress is never easy, no matter where you live. This young bride - Sally Jing - is shopping in one of Beijing's more up-scale bridal shops, and is literally spoiled with options. She has invited around 200 people to her wedding reception in Beijing, and is also planning a second reception in her boyfriend's home-town in south China. For many of China's upwardly mobile young people, a wedding is an opportunity to show-off their wealth and status, while conforming to traditions. Only a few years ago, many Chinese brides would rent wedding dresses. Now, one popular choice is to make a splash in one-of-a-kind hand-made gowns. Li Fei, a bridal ware designer, says today many couples shun cheap materials in favor of more luxurious fabrics. Li Fei said, "In the past, people used to rent their wedding dress, or buy a cheap ones because they would wear it only once. Nowadays, young couples have a very different attitude. Because it is a once in a lifetime chance to show off, they pay much more attention on the quality and character of the wedding dress." One of the people commenting on the spending habits of Chinese couples is Zhang Li, editor of Public Marriage Information, a monthly magazine specializing in bridal ware. She says, on average, Beijingers spend around 50-thousand yuan, or some 7,300 US Dollars for their wedding. Because of this lucrative market, a whole range of businesses have sprung up to cater to the wedding industry. In traditional Chinese culture, marriage is highly valued as an institution - this is reflected by the millions of weddings that are tracked every year by the state-run Wedding Industry Committee. And according to the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs, 11,458,000 couples were married in , a nine percent increase compared to the previous year.201003/100265

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? Originally, the U.S. vice president was the runner-up in the presidential election.这合理吗?最初的时候,美国副总统是总统选举中的第二名。Totally true! It wasnt until later that candidates specifically ran for the office of vice president.完全正确!到后来候选人才专门为副总统一职进行选举。AZUZ: Well, vice president may be the under card on the presidential ticket.那么,副总统是总统门票的铺垫。But this week, the two candidates are the main event, as they step into the ring for their one and only debate.但在这周,这两位候选人是主角,当他们开始了他们唯一的一场辩论。So lets breakdown these two contenders in our vice presidential tale of the tape.让我们在今天的节目中详细地介绍这两位参加我们副总统选举的竞选者。In the blue corner, originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, checking in at 69 years old, Vice President Joseph Biden.在民主党方,来自宾夕法尼亚洲,现年69岁的副总统乔#8226;拜登。And in the red corner, from Janesville, Wisconsin, at 42 years old, Congressman Paul Ryan.共和党方是来自威斯康辛州的现年42岁的国会议员保罗#8226;瑞安。There are some interesting similarities between these two family men.这两个有家室的男人有很多有趣的共同点。Vice President Biden was first elected to Congress when he was 29, Congressman Ryan was first elected to Congress when he was 28.副总统拜登在29岁时首次竞选进入国会,国会议员瑞安是在28岁。And each man was elected seven times.他们俩都选上了七次。Biden to the Senate, and Ryan to the House of Representatives.拜登成为参议员,瑞安成为众议员。Both hold powerful positions in Congress, too.他们在都国会中有举足轻重的地位。Biden served as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.拜登曾是参议院司法委员会的主席,现在是参议院外交委员会的主席。Ryan is chairman of the House Budget Committee and a senior member on the House Ways and Means Committee.瑞安是国会众议院预算委员会主席和众议院筹款委员会的首席成员。The similarities even go back to college where both men were double majors.他们的共同点甚至可以追溯到大学时期,他们都修双学位。At the University of Delaware, Joe Biden got his degree in history and political science.在特拉华州大学,乔#8226;拜登取得历史和政治学学位。And at Miami University in Ohio, Paul Ryan got a degree in economics and political science.保罗#8226;瑞安在迈阿密大学俄亥俄分校获得经济学和政治学学位。A lot of similarities on paper, but in Thursday nights debate we are likely to hear more about their differences.他们有这么多的共同点,但在周四晚上的辩论中,我们可能会更多地看到他们的不同点。Vice President Joe Biden, Congressman Paul Ryan, lets get y to debate.副总统乔#8226;拜登,国会议员保罗#8226;瑞安,让我们准备好辩论吧。 /201210/203973

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