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Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the two-week conference in Paris, France, also known as the 21st Conference of the Parties to the ed Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.中国国家主席习近平于周一在为期两周的法国巴黎大会上发表开幕讲话。此次会议全称为1届联合国气候变化框架条约会议。The highly-anticipated meeting, opened by leaders from over 150 countries, aims to yield a new international agreement to reduce greenhouse gases beyond 2020 when the 1997 Kyoto Protocol expires.这次会议参与者众多,包括150多个国家领导人。其目的在于协商997年京都议定书失效后,2020年以后的温室气体减排的新国际条约。President Xi Jinping first expressed his sincere sympathy to French people on the recent Paris terrorism attack, which killed 130 innocent people at night of November 13, 2015. ;Terrorism cannot hold back efforts to address climate change,; said Xi.习近平主席首先向法国人民表达了对巴黎恐怖袭击的深切同情。这01513日的袭击事件中,30位无辜群众死亡;恐怖主义并不会阻挠我们解决气候变化问题;习近平说。When speaking about climate change issues, Xi said developed countries should honor commitment of 0 billion climate fund annually by 2020, and provide stronger financial support to developing countries afterwards.当谈到气候变化问题时,习近平表示发达国家应该落实020年每年动000亿美元的承诺,向发展中国家提供更加强有力的资金持。The Paris agreement should reject narrow-minded zero-sum game. ;We should create a future of the rule of law, fairness, and justice,; added Xi.巴黎协议应该拒绝狭隘的思想;我们应该创造一个法治、公平和正义的未;习近平说。Countries, at the same time, should be allowed to seek solutions that best suit their respective economic conditions, Xi said.习近平主席也表示,国家应该在符合其经济条件下寻找最佳的解决办法。China has been actively engaged in a global campaign on climate change. China now tops the world in terms of energy conservation and utilization of new and renewable energies, and ecological development will feature prominently in Chinas Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, according to the President.中国一直以来就积极参与在全球范围内对抗气候变暖。中国现在在能源节约和使用、新能源和可再生能源上都排世界前列。中国将把生态发展列入第13个五年计划之中。The country is to raise share of none-fossil fuel to primary energy consumption by about 20 percent, and increase forest stock by around 4.5 billion cubic meters over 2005, Xi said.中国非化石能源占一次能源消费的20%左右,森林蓄积量005年增5亿立方米左右。This September, China announced the establishment of RMB 20 billion South-South Climate Fund. Next year, China will launch cooperation projects to set up 10 pilot low-carbon industrial parks, and start 100 mitigation and adaptation projects in developing countries, Xi announced.习近平主席表示,今年9月中国宣布设00亿元人民币的中国气候变化南南合作基金。明年将启动在发展中国家开0个低碳示范区00个减缓和适应气候变化项目。China is to provide these developing countries with 1000 training opportunities for tackling climate change, Xi Jinping said. ;Tackling climate change is a shared mission of all mankind.;中国将对发展中国家提000个应对气候变化的培训名额。习近平主席说;解决气候变化问题需要我们携手努力; /201512/413282Germany and Austria are working on a proposal for a common European asylum law, Germanys refugee crisis coordinator said in an interview with German magazine Focus.德国难民协调人员在接受德国杂志《Focus》采访时透露,德国和奥地利正着手于一项共同欧洲难民法的提案。Hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing war and poverty in Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere have arrived in Germany this year, with many entering from neighboring Austria.今年,来自叙利亚、阿富汗还有其他地方的成百上千名难民,因战争和穷困逃往德国。其中许多人是从邻国奥地利进入的德国境内。Peter Altmaier, who Chancellor Angela Merkel tasked with overseeing the governments handling of the refugee crisis, said in an interview published on Saturday that he was working closely with Josef Ostermayer, an Austrian minister involved in policy on the migration crisis. ;Were talking about what such a system could look like,; said Altmaier, who is also Merkels chief of staff.Peter Altmaier受默克尔任命负责监督政府的难民危机事务运作。周六,他在一次采访中表示,他和奥地利处理移民危机的大臣Josef Ostermayer有密切的合作。这位默克尔的首席参谋说:“我们在讨论这样的系统会是什么样的。”He said they would soon approach other countries such as France and the Netherlands, adding that there was more willingness to talk about the issue now than there had been for years.他还表示,他们会和如法国和荷兰等其他国家进行接洽,并补充说明,现在各国比之前几年有更大的意愿来讨论相关事宜。Austrian daily Kurier reported earlier this month that Austrian Justice Minister Wolfgang Brandstetter had submitted a plan to Brussels suggesting common rules for processing asylum applications made at EU missions abroad or at hotspots set up by the EU or the ;international community;.奥地利日报《Kurier》报道称,本月初,奥地利司法部长Wolfgang Brandstetter向欧盟提交了一份计划,建议制定共同规则来处理在欧盟国家内、欧盟设置的热点地区内或者是“国际社区”内的移民申请。That plan also calls for common criteria by which to judge applications, a common procedure for allowing people to enter the bloc, and a sharing of the financial burden among all member states, the newspaper said.报道还提到,这项计划同时还呼吁建立申请的共同审核标准,还有通用的准入程序,并呼吁欧盟成员国间应互相分担经济压力。来 /201512/417251

The US has for the first time publicly called for the Doha Round of global trade negotiations to be abandoned, arguing that after almost a decade and a half of fruitless discussions, developing and developed nations alike needed to recognise they were going nowhere and that it was time to try new approaches.美国首次公开呼吁放弃多哈回合(Doha Round)全球贸易谈判,称4年谈判未果后,发展中国家和发达国家都需要认识到它们一筹莫展,现在该尝试新的方法了。Writing in the Financial Times ahead of the World Trade Organisation’s biennial ministerial meeting in Nairobi this week, Mike Froman, the US trade representative, said that 14 years after it was launched the Doha Round “simply has not delivered在本周世界贸易组WTO)在内罗毕召开两年一次的部长级会议之前,美国贸易代表迈克弗罗Mike Froman,上在英囀?金融时报》撰文称,在多哈回合建立后的14年“根本没有达成任何结果”。“We need to write a new chapter for the [WTO] that reflects today’s economic realities,Mr Froman said. “It is time for the world to free itself of the strictures of Doha.”“我们需要为(WTO)谱写新的篇章,反映当今的经济现实,”弗罗曼表示,“世界该挣脱多哈的束缚了。”The US call sets the stage for an acrimonious showdown in Nairobi this week over the future of the Doha Round and the WTO itself that is likely to overshadow a push for a smaller agreement on a narrow range of agriculture and development issues.美国的呼声为本周各国在内罗毕就多哈回合乃至WTO自身未来展开激烈辩论奠定了基础,这可能会盖过就少数农业和发展问题达成范围较小协议的努力。It also highlights what has become an uncomfortable paradox in the world of trade negotiations. While negotiators at the WTO have in recent years stepped up their efforts to revive the Doha Round, the belief of most people in the global business community is that it died a painful and final death in 2008 amid a stalemate over agriculture between developed and developing nations.这还突显出全球贸易谈判领域一个令人不悦的悖论。尽管近几年WTO谈判代表加大了重启多哈回合的努力,但全球商界多数人的看法是,由于发达国家和发展中国家在农业问题上陷入僵局,多哈回合已008年最终痛苦消亡。The US and others have also turned their focus in recent years to new regional negotiations such as the recently concluded Trans-Pacific Partnership, which included the US, Japan and 10 other economies.此外,最近几年,美国和其他国家将它们的注意力转向新的贸易谈判,例如最近达成的《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定Trans-Pacific Partnership),其包括美国、日本和其他10个经济体。Still, many in the developing world continue to cling to the Doha negotiations.然而,很多发展中国家不愿放弃多哈回合谈判。Countries such as Brazil, China and India and many of the WTO’s African members insist the round needs to continue, because the Doha Development Agenda, as it is formally known, includes issues of vital importance to poorer countries, such as efforts to rein in agricultural subsidies in rich economies like the US and EU.巴西、中国和印度等国以及WTO的很多非洲成员国坚称多哈回合应继续,因为正式名称为多哈发展议Doha Development Agenda)的多哈谈判包括一些对较贫穷国家至关重要的问题,例如限制美国和欧盟(EU)等富裕经济体农业补贴的努力。来 /201512/416230

Wife of Uber taxidriver and accused rapist Shiv Kumar Yadav,(C/L) walks with her lawyer outsidea court in New Delhi on January 2, 2015. The number of rapes reported in NewDelhi increased by nearly a third in the last year, police said, highlightingthe alarming levels of sexual violence against women in the Indiancapital. 2015日,新德里,被指控强奸的Uber出租车司机的妻子和她的律师走出法院。警方表示,去年新德里被曝光的强奸案数量上升了近三分之一,这一数字为印度首都针对女性的性犯罪程度敲响了警钟。PATNA, India --Police arrested three Indians for allegedly gang raping a 22-year-old Japaneseresearch scholar near a Buddhist pilgrimage center in eastern India, policesaid Friday.Police were lookingfor two more suspects who also allegedly kept the Japanese woman as a hostagefor nearly three weeks in a village near Bodh Gaya, a town nearly 130kilometers (80 miles) south of Patna, the capital of Bihar state, policeofficer Akhilesh Singh said.巴特那,印度——印度警方日前逮捕名印度人,警方周五称,此3人在印度东部一个佛教圣地附近轮奸了一2岁的印度研究员。警方现在正在搜查另外两名据说也参与了轮奸的印度男性。而据警官艾克雷士·辛格所说,那位日本女性此前被囚禁在巴特那以南130千米外的菩提伽耶将近三个星期之久。(译注:菩提伽耶,又称菩提道场、佛陀伽耶、诃菩提、菩提场,为佛陀成正觉之地,是佛教的诞生地。据经典记载,佛陀经历六年苦行之后,行至此地,于毕钵罗树下之金刚座上结跏趺坐,悟十二因缘、四谛法等,而得正觉,故毕钵罗树又称菩提树,即‘觉之意。)She managed to escapefrom their captivity on Dec. 26 and reached Kolkata, once known as Calcutta,where she was based and filed a police complaint. She has studying life inrural India for some time, Singh said.A Kolkata-based touristguide had taken the Japanese woman to Bodh Gaya to show her the Buddhistpilgrimage center where Gautam Buddha is said to have obtained enlightenmentunder a tree. He was joined by four others in keeping her in captivity andraping her, police officer Singh said.Two of the arrestswere made from the area on Friday and one earlier this week in Kolkata, policesaid.126日,这名女性终于设法逃脱了他们的魔爪,一路逃到了加尔各答,并向警方报案。辛格警官说,她此前一直在研究印度的乡村生活。后来加尔各答的一位导游带领这名日本女性前往菩提伽耶,也就是佛祖在树下悟道的地方。随后他连同另外4人一起将她囚禁并轮奸了她。警方称,其中两人已经于周五被捕,一位在本周更早些时候也于加尔各答被捕。India has a longhistory of tolerance of sexual violence. But a series of high-profile rapecases have triggered a strong public outrage in recent years, leading to toughanti-rape laws.Meanwhile on Friday,Reuters reported that the driver of the U.S.-based ride-sharing service, Uber,appeared in a New Dehli courtroom after a woman accused him of raping her.印度性暴力性虐待之历史源远流长,但近年来如此引人注目的强奸案件引发了公众强烈的愤怒,人们要求出台更严厉的反强奸法律。与此同时,据路透社报道,本周五Uber出租车强奸案的嫌犯也出现在了新德里的法院上。India has doubledprison terms for rapists to 20 years and criminalized voyeurism, stalking andthe trafficking of women. The law also makes it a crime for officers to refuseto open cases when complaints are made.A 16-year-old girl,who preferred not to use her name, told CBS News how she was gang raped in 2012by eight of her neighbors, who filmed the attack on a cell phone. Her fatherwas so ashamed he committed suicide.印度已经将对强奸犯的徒刑加倍到0年,并将窥阴、跟踪和买卖妇女都列为非法。印度法律同时也将警方接到报案而不立案定位非法。一位不愿透露姓名6岁少女告诉哥伦比亚广播公司,她在2012年被8名邻居轮奸了,他们还用手机拍下了轮奸的过程。她的父亲受不了如此奇耻大辱,于是自杀了。How did she find thecourage to speak out?;I come from aneducated family and I understand these things,; she said. ;Many othergirls are too frightened, but I went to the police.;但她将这些说出来了,她的勇气从何而来呢?“我来自一个受过良好教育的家庭,所以我能理解这些事,”她说道,“许多女孩太过害怕,但是我报案了。”来 /201501/352043

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