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With U.S. e-commerce activity approaching 10% of all retail sales, more merchants are shopping around for easy-to-use platforms that get them selling online quickly.随着美国电子商务交易接近零售总额的10%,越来越多的商家开始寻找既好用又能帮他们快速卖出商品的电商平台。Plenty of technology companies are angling for a piece of the action, from established players such eBay’s Magento , IBM , and NetSuite to smaller developers including Shopify and Volusion. But relative underdog Bigcommerce is stealing mindshare and market share, fueled by more than million in venture capital, including million from entrepreneur Steve Case’s Revolution Growth firm.从eBay的Magento电子商务系统、IBM和NetSuite等知名企业到规模较小的Shopify和Volusion等,很多科技公司都希望从中分一杯羹。但相对冷门的Bigcommerce正在悄悄引发关注并窃取市场份额。它吸引了超过7,500万美元的风投资本,其中4,000万美元来自企业家史蒂夫o凯斯的Revolution Growth公司。In the past six months alone, the Australian-born company fortified its senior executive ranks with high-profile hires from Amazon, PayPal, Google, and Twitter. It brokered a high-profile deal with Magento, the market leader, that promises to bring thousands of new customers to it. And it broke the lease on its new San Francisco office because it is hiring so quickly that it now needs triple the space it originally anticipated.仅过去6个月,这家诞生于澳大利亚的公司不断从亚马逊(Amazon)、贝宝(PayPal)、谷歌(Google)和Twitter挖角,其高管团队的实力由此大大增强。同时,它还与行业领导者Magento公司签署了一项备受关注的协议,后者承诺将为该公司引入数以千计的新客户。它最近撤销了旧金山新办公室的租约,由于人员扩张非常快,如今公司需要的办公空间已是当初预期的3倍。“It’s eerie how similar this space is to CRM when Marc Benioff launched Salesforce.com,” said Mitch Harper, who co-founded the company in 2009 with co-CEO Eddie Machaalani. “The parallels are uncanny.”“有些诡异的是,这跟马克o贝尼奥夫创立Salesforce.com时的情形非常相似,这点地方根本不够从事客户关系管理(CRM)使用,”米奇o哈珀表示。他与联席CEO艾迪o马查拉尼在2009年创立了这家公司。This year, online storefronts will generate an estimated 4 billion, or approximately 9% of all U.S. retail sales, according to forecasts by Forrester Research. By 2018, e-commerce will account for more than 11% of the total, or approximately 4 billion, with transactions made with tablets and smartphones accounting for about 20% of the online total, Forrester projects.根据弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research)的预测,今年美国网络商店的销售额将达到2,940亿美元,约为全国零售总额的9%。据弗雷斯特预计,到2018年,电子商务将占到全美零售总额的11%,约4,140亿美元,其中通过平板电脑和智能手机进行的交易约占线上销售额的20%。Until now, the appeal of Bigcommerce’s eponymous technology has been simplicity and its ability to scale along with merchants as they grow. “To some, this will mean the difference between success and failure,” said Steve Case, who as a board member advises Bigcommerce on U.S. entrepreneurial trends. “Even just five years ago, if you wanted to create a compelling offering, it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, you can get up and running in hours for less than 0 per month.”迄今为止,Bigcommerce同名技术的吸引力就在于其简单性,以及与商户同步成长的能力。史蒂夫o凯斯说,“对于一些人来说,成败即系于此。”凯斯以公司董事的身份为Bigcommerce提供美国创业趋势方面的建议。“就在五年前,如果要打造一家有吸引力的网店,你需要花费几十万美元。如今,几个小时就可以搞定,每月成本还不到100美元。”Bigcommerce does particularly well among small retailers generating million to million in annual revenue, although its following with those in the million to million range is growing quickly. Roughly 70% of its existing customer base also runs a bricks-and-mortar store. For the past year, the developer has worked hard on responsive storefront templates that work equally well on mobile platforms and desktops—design is the number-one consideration for small e-commerce merchants, it says—and on relationships with partners of “adjacent” cloud services from the accounting, payments, customer relationship management, and payroll management worlds.Bigcommerce在年销售额100万到200万美元的小零售商中大受欢迎。如今年销售额2,000万到3,000万美元的零售商群体也在迅速加入Bigcommerce。它大约70%的现有客户同时拥有线下实体店。过去一年,Bigcommerce大力开发可同时应用于移动平台和桌面电脑的自适应店铺模板(Bigcommerce认为,设计是小型电子商户的头等考量),并积极拓展“相邻”云务的合作伙伴关系,比如会计、付、客户关系管理和薪酬管理领域。“It comes down to answering these questions: how do you continue to iterate the platform, how do you continue to augment the team, and how do you build a tapestry of alliances with partners that will accelerate your growth?” Case said.“这可以归结为3个问题:怎样推动平台不断升级,怎样继续强化团队,怎样打造与合作伙伴的一系列联盟,以加速自身成长?”凯斯表示。As of mid-July, there were about 50,000 stores running on Bigcommerce, which have collectively sold close to billon using the platform. The developer has typically added new customers one-by-one. However, a deal it struck in early July with eBay positions its service as the preferred migration path for two Magento products that will be discontinued in February 2015, Go and ProStores. Bigcommerce previously migrated more than 5,000 merchants off ProStores, and the deal could potentially bring up to 10,000 more.截至7月中旬,约有50,000家商店在Bigcommerce上运营,平台累计销售额近40亿美元。Bigcommerce的客户通常是一个一个累积起来的。但7月初,它与eBay签署了一项协议,eBay从2015年2月将停用的两款Magento产品Go和ProStores优先迁移至Bigcommerce。在此之前,ProStores已有5,000多家商户迁移至Bigcommerce。此项协议可能再带来多达10,000家商户。Although the timing is purely a coincidence, it can’t hurt that Magento’s first product manager, Tim Schulz, just joined Bigcommerce as senior vice president of product management. Most recently a strategic partnership and business development executive for Google for services such as Shopping Express and Wallet, Schulz will be sharply focused on ensuring Bigcommerce offers an integrated experience that better straddles the e-commerce and physical retail worlds. “Consumers just want a seamless experience,” he said.或许纯粹是巧合,但Magento首位产品经理蒂姆o舒尔茨也刚刚加入Bigcommerce,出任产品管理高级副总裁。舒尔茨近年来担任谷歌Shopping Express、Wallet等务的战略合伙和商业发展高管,未来将专注于Bigcommerce的一站式体验,将电子商务和实体零售更好地结合起来。“消费者想要无缝化体验,”他说。For co-founder Harper, a top priority for the next 12 months is shoring up Bigcommerce’s internal technical talent and creating services that help merchants build closer customer relationships. One example is offering data that helps store managers track “abandoned carts” and offer deals that help turn browsers into buyers. This can help merchants quickly add 15% to their monthly sales, he said.对于共同创始人哈勃,未来12个月的第一要务是强化Bigcommerce的内部科技人才队伍,提供能够帮助商户构建更紧密客户关系的务。一个例子是提供数据,帮助店铺经理追踪“被丢弃的购物篮”,以及提供能够将浏览者转变为买家的交易。这能推动商户的月销售额迅速增加15%,他说。“If we can identify someone who buys in both places, there is huge value there. You know who they are, what they bought, what they spent,” Harper added. “You can give them a more personalized experience.”“如果我们能找到在两个地方都购物的人,那就非常有价值。你知道他们是谁,他们买什么,他们哪些方面花钱,”哈勃补充说。“你可以给他们更加个人化的体验。”Entrepreneur Pat Crowley, the hydrologist who invented the Chapul cricket protein bar, used Bigcommerce to validate early interest in his products and build the momentum to negotiate deals with health food stores and supermarkets. The team recently recommitted toBigcommerce, despite a compelling opportunity to switch to the Shopify platform for far less money. “We don’t think we will outgrow them anytime soon,” he said.曾发明Chapul蟋蟀蛋白棒的创业家帕特o克劳雷通过Bigcommerce来验产品的早期市场兴趣,积攒市场人气,并且与健康食品商店和超市协商达成交易。虽然该团队有机会能以低得多的价格转至Shopify平台,但最近选择又一次与Bigcommerce续签。“我们认为,短期内我们的增长速度不会超过Bigcommerce,”他说。 /201408/323628安吉县中医医院抽脂多少钱As General Motors’ CEO Mary Barra offered up more details about her company’s switch issues before lawmakers on Wednesday, U.S. safety regulators have started investigating a second Detroit auto company, Chrysler.周三,就在通用汽车(General Motors)CEO玛丽o巴拉就公司的点火开关问题向美国国会提供更多细节之际,美国安全监管机构已经开始对底特律另外一家汽车公司展开调查,它就是克莱斯勒(Chrysler)。The two probes are examining air bag issues in which a defective switch may prevent the safety device from properly deploying in over 1 million Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler models, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).Administration, NHTSA)称,这两项调查针对的是汽车安全气囊问题。装配在100万多辆Jeep、道奇(Dodge)和克莱斯勒车型汽车上的一种存在缺陷的开关可能妨碍安全气囊正确弹出。There are no deaths or injuries associated with the safety issues, the NHSTA said.NHSTA称,目前尚未发现与此安全问题相关的伤亡。The NHSTA also said that the investigations “are an outcome of communication with automotive manufacturers and suppliers regarding airbag design and performance related to the position of the vehicle ignition switch.” The agency added, “As part of NHTSA’s broader efforts to evaluate this issue, the agency examined all major manufacturers’ airbag deployment strategies as they relate to switch position.”NHSTA还表示,这些调查是“与汽车制造商和供应商就气囊设计和汽车点火开关位置相关性能进行沟通后的结果。”这个政府机构还补充说,作为NHTSA更深入评估这一问题的一部分内容,它检测了所有主要制造商的气囊与开关位置相关的弹开部署。Chrysler also released a statement saying that it is “awaiting additional information from (NHTSA). The company is prepared to cooperate fully with the investigation.” It is currently unknown whether or not the investigations will lead to recalls of the Chrysler models.克莱斯勒还发布了一份声明称,该公司“正等待从(NHTSA)获得更多信息。它准备全力配合此项调查。”目前还不清楚调查是否将导致克莱斯勒车型汽车的召回。The General Motors GM -0.17% recalls, meanwhile, now include over 20 million vehicles worldwide. They started in February, and have been linked to the deaths of 13 individuals and 54 crashes.与此同时,通用汽车已在进行产品召回,如今全球已召回超过2,000万辆汽车。通用汽车从今年2月开始产品召回,而且已经涉及13名个人的死亡和54起撞车事故。 /201406/307067湖州第三医院割双眼皮多少钱Last week, engineers sniffing around the programming code for Google Glass found hidden examples of ways that people might interact with the wearable computers without having to say a word. Among them, a user could nod to turn the glasses on or off. A single wink might tell the glasses to take a picture.上周,探查谷歌眼镜程序源码的工程师们发现了一些隐藏的功能,人们或许不用吭一声,就能操作可穿戴式计算机。比如,用户可以用点头的方式开启或关闭眼镜。用眨眼示意的方式也许能给眼镜下令,让其拍照。But don#39;t expect these gestures to be necessary for long. Soon, we might interact with our smartphones and computers simply by using our minds. In a couple of years, we could be turning on the lights at home just by thinking about it, or sending an e-mail from our smartphone without even pulling the device from our pocket. Farther into the future, your robot assistant will appear by your side with a glass of lemonade simply because it knows you are thirsty.但是,不要以为这些示意动作的必要性会长久。很快,我们就可能用思维来操作智能手机和计算机。再过两三年,我们可能只要一想开灯,家里的灯就开了,或者不用从口袋里掏出智能手机,就把电子邮件发出去了。再以后,你的机器人助手会把一杯柠檬水端到你身边,因为它知道你渴了。Researchers in Samsung#39;s Emerging Technology Lab are testing tablets that can be controlled by your brain, using a cap that resembles a ski hat studded with monitoring electrodes, the MIT Technology Review, the science and technology journal of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, reported this month.麻省理工学院(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)的科技杂志《MIT技术》(MIT Technology Review)本月报道称,三星新兴技术实验室(Samsung#39;s Emerging Technology Lab)的研究人员正在测试能用人脑控制的平板计算机,实现的方法是让人带上一顶像滑雪帽那样的、布满了监控电极的帽子。The technology, often called a brain computer interface, was conceived to enable people with paralysis and other disabilities to interact with computers or control robotic arms, all by simply thinking about such actions. Before long, these technologies could well be in consumer electronics, too.这种通常被称为脑机接口的技术,原来的构想是为了让瘫痪或有其他残疾的人,只需要用脑子想一些动作,就能操作计算机、或控制机械臂。过不了多久,这类技术也可能会被用到大众化的电子产品上。Some crude brain-ing products aly exist, letting people play easy games or move a mouse around a screen. NeuroSky, a company based in San Jose, Calif., recently released a Bluetooth-enabled headset that can monitor slight changes in brain waves and allow people to play concentration-based games on computers and smartphones. These include a zombie-chasing game, archery and a game where you dodge bullets — all these apps use your mind as the joystick. Another company, Emotiv, sells a headset that looks like a large alien hand and can brain waves associated with thoughts, feelings and expressions. The device can be used to play Tetris-like games or search through Flickr photos by thinking about an emotion the person is feeling — like happy, or excited — rather than searching by keywords. Muse, a lightweight, wireless headband, can engage with an app that ;exercises the brain; by forcing people to concentrate on aspects of a screen, almost like taking your mind to the gym.市场上已经有一些简单的读取脑信号的产品,人们能用它们来玩简单游戏、或者移动屏幕上的鼠标。最近,总部在加利福尼亚州圣何塞的神念科技(NeuroSky)推出了一款具有蓝牙通讯能力的耳机,该耳机能通过监测脑电波的细微变化,让人们在计算机和智能手机上玩基于注意力的游戏,包括追僵尸的游戏、射箭,以及躲子弹的游戏,这些游戏软件都用你的大脑作为操纵杆。另一家公司Emotiv正在上市一款看上去像一只巨大的外星人手的耳机,它能读取与思维、感觉和表情相关的脑电波。该设备能被用来玩像俄罗斯方块这样的游戏,或者通过想一个自己正在感受的情感——比如开心或兴奋——而不是通过关键词,在Flickr照片里搜索有关图片。而名为Muse的轻便无线头箍,能与一个“锻炼大脑”的应用软件互动,它会强迫人们将注意力集中于屏幕上的某些方面,就像是带你的大脑去健身房。Car manufacturers are exploring technologies packed into the back of the seat that detect when people fall asleep while driving and rattle the steering wheel to awaken them.汽车制造商正在研发能够装入座位靠背的技术,这种技术能监测到人在开车时睡着,并通过震动方向盘来叫醒他们。But the products commercially available today will soon look archaic. ;The current brain technologies are like trying to listen to a conversation in a football stadium from a blimp,; said John Donoghue, a neuroscientist and director of the Brown Institute for Brain Science. ;To really be able to understand what is going on with the brain today you need to surgically implant an array of sensors into the brain.; In other words, to gain access to the brain, for now you still need a chip in your head.然而,现在市场上已有的这类产品很快将会过时。布朗大学脑科学研究所(Brown Institute for Brain Science)所长、神经科学家约翰·多诺霍(John Donoghue)说,“如今的脑技术,就像试图从一架软式飞艇上听下面足球场中的谈话。用如今的技术,要想真正了解大脑里的活动,你需要用手术在大脑中植入一个传感器阵列。”换句话说,至少在现在,想获得大脑信息,你仍需在大脑中装个芯片。Last year, a project called BrainGate pioneered by Dr. Donoghue, enabled two people with full paralysis to use a robotic arm with a computer responding to their brain activity. One woman, who had not used her arms in 15 years, could grasp a bottle of coffee, serve herself a drink and then return the bottle to a table. All done by imagining the robotic arm#39;s movements.去年,由多诺霍牵头的一个名为“大脑之门”(BrainGate)的项目,让两位完全瘫痪的患者,通过能响应其大脑活动的计算机,来使用机械臂。其中一位15年来都不能用自己手臂的妇女,能端起装有咖啡的瓶子,让自己喝上一口,然后把瓶子放回桌上,这些都是通过想象机械臂如何动作来实现的。But that chip inside the head could soon vanish as scientists say we are poised to gain a much greater understanding of the brain, and, in turn, technologies that empower brain computer interfaces. An initiative by the Obama administration this year called the Brain Activity Map project, a decade-long research project, aims to build a comprehensive map of the brain.但是,那个装入大脑的芯片可能很快就不需要了,因为科学家称,我们正在能够更深入地了解大脑,这转而将会提高脑机接口技术的能力。奥巴马政府今年启动了一项名为“人脑活动图”(Brain Activity Map)的计划,这项为期十年的计划旨在绘制全面的脑活动图。Miyoung Chun, a molecular biologist and vice president for science programs at the Kavli Foundation, is working on the project and although she said it would take a decade to completely map the brain, companies would be able to build new kinds of brain computer interface products within two years.卡弗里基金会(Kavli Foundation)科学项目副总裁、分子生物学家全美永(Miyoung Chun)正在参与这一计划。她表示,完成大脑活动图的绘制虽然需要十年时间,但公司可以在两年内制造出新型的脑机接口产品。;The Brain Activity Map will give hardware companies a lot of new tools that will change how we use smartphones and tablets,; Dr. Chun said. ;It will revolutionize everything from robotic implants and neural prosthetics, to remote controls, which could be history in the foreseeable future when you can change your television channel by thinking about it.;全美永说,“人脑活动图将给硬件公司提供大量新工具,这会改变我们使用智能手机和平板计算机的方式。这将带来彻底的改变,从植入式机器肢到人工神经功能器官。还有遥控器,在可预见的将来遥控器会成为历史,到那时,只要你想换到哪个频道,电视机就会换到那个频道。”There are some fears to be addressed. On the Muse Web site, an F.A.Q. is devoted to convincing customers that the device cannot siphon thoughts from people#39;s minds.我们现在还需缓解一些人们的担忧。在Muse网站上有专门的问答页,竭力让顾客相信,其设备不会吸走人的思想。These brain-ing technologies have been the stuff of science fiction for decades.这类读脑技术几十年来一直都是科幻小说的内容。In the 1982 movie ;Firefox,; Clint Eastwood plays a fighter pilot on a mission to the Soviet Union to steal a prototype fighter jet that can be controlled by a brain neurolink. But Mr. Eastwood has to think in Russian for the plane to work, and he almost dies when he cannot get the missiles to fire during a dogfight. (Don#39;t worry, he survives.)在1982年的电影《火狐》(Firefox)中,克林特·伊斯特伍德(Clint Eastwood)扮演的战斗机飞行员被派往俄罗斯,他的任务是偷取一架可以用大脑神经连接控制的战斗机原型。但伊斯特伍只能用俄语思考才能启动战斗机,而他差点因为不能在空战中指挥飞机发射导弹而命丧黄泉。(别担心,他活下来了。)Although we won#39;t be flying planes with our minds anytime soon, surfing the Web on our smartphones might be closer.尽管我们不会很快就能靠思维来驾驶飞机,但靠思维用智能手机上网可能已为时不远。Dr. Donoghue of Brown said one of the current techniques used to people#39;s brains is called P300, in which a computer can determine which letter of the alphabet someone is thinking about based on the area of the brain that is activated when she sees a screen full of letters. But even when advances in brain-ing technologies speed up, there will be new challenges, as scientists will have to determine if the person wants to search the Web for something in particular, or if he is just thinking about a random topic.布朗大学的多诺霍称,目前用来读人脑的技术之一,是被称为P300的方法,当一个人看到满屏幕的字母时,计算机可根据被激活的脑部区域来识别这个人在想哪个字母。但是,就算读脑技术发展的速度加快了,科学家仍会面临新的挑战,比如他们需确定人们是在想上网络搜索某个特定的东西呢,还是在想着某个随意的话题。;Just because I#39;m thinking about a steak medium-rare at a restaurant doesn#39;t mean I actually want that for dinner,; Dr. Donoghue said. ;Just like Google glasses, which will have to know if you#39;re blinking because there is something in your eye or if you actually want to take a picture,; brain computer interfaces will need to know if you#39;re just thinking about that steak or really want to order it.多诺霍说,“仅仅因为我在想餐馆里的一份三分熟的牛排,并不意味着我真想把牛排当晚餐。就像谷歌眼镜需要知道,你是因为眼睛里有东西而眨眼呢,还是因为你确实想拍张照片。”脑机接口需要知道,你只是在想牛排呢,还是确实想点一份。 /201410/339018湖州安吉县活细胞丰胸价格

湖州曙光整形美容医院做处女膜修复怎么样安吉县人民医院治疗痘痘多少钱Facebook doesn#39;t hold many press conferences. But when the world#39;s biggest social network does talk to journalists, the briefings are always best when founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg goes off script.Facebook没有召开很多新闻发布会。但当这个世界上最大的社交网络确实与记者交谈时,简报总是最佳的当创始人兼首席执行官马克#8226;扎克伯格即兴演讲时。The 28-year-old man did so on Tuesday, at the launch of Graph Search, when he openly described a ;wider strategic rift; with Google and revealed for the first time why negotiations between Facebook and the search giant broke down over privacy.这位28岁的男人是周二在图像搜索发布会上这么做的,当他公开描述了与谷歌的一种“更广泛的战略分歧”,并首次透露为什么Facebook与该搜索巨头在隐私方面的谈判破裂。According to Zuckerberg, Google was less willing (or able?) to change its search algorithm so that once a wall post or photograph was deleted from Facebook it vanished from the rival company#39;s search results. Microsoft was able to do this and has partnered with Facebook since 2010.据扎克伯格说,谷歌不愿(还是不能?)改变其搜索算法,这样一旦一张海报或照片在Facebook被删除后它就从竞争对手公司的搜索结果中消失了。微软能够做到这一点,自2010年以来就与Facebook合作了。;Trying to think whether it#39;s reasonable to get into this,; said Zuckerberg in a Qamp;A session, prompting a flurry of sudden interest from the assembled journalists. ;I think the main thing is about when people share something on Facebook, we want to give them not only the ability to broadcast something out but also change their privacy settings later and take the content down.“试想进入这是否合理,”扎克伯格在一个问答环节说,激起与会记者的一时兴趣。“我认为最主要的事情是当人们在Facebook上分享东西时,我们想给他们的不仅是能传播一些东西,而且也在改变了他们的隐私设置后把内容记录下来。;That requires incredibly quick updating ... We need that content to be gone immediately ... You need infrastructure that can support that and that takes a lot of commitment from the partner.”“这需要难以置信的快速更新…我们需要这些内容立即消失……你需要基础设施可以持,这需要从合作伙伴那获得很大的承诺。”;Microsoft was more willing to do things that were specific to Facebook. Google has a system that works really well for them about how they treat information across their company, and I think that our system was different in ways that people share information and want to give them flexibility after the fact – that was the biggest stumbling block.“微软更情愿做的事情都是针对Facebook的。谷歌有一个系统真的非常有效,关于他们怎样对待经过他们公司的信息,我认为在人们分享信息的方式上我们的系统是不同的,并想要在事实之后给予他们灵活性,那是最大的绊脚石。;That may have just been the specific thing in the negotiation, it may have been a symptom of a bigger strategic rift, but that is at least where the discussion fell apart the last time we spoke about it.;“那可能只是在谈判中特定的东西,它可能是一个更大的战略分歧的症状,但那至少是上次我们谈到它时讨论土崩瓦解的地方。”Zuckerberg was responding to a question by Search Engine Land#39;s Danny Sullivan, who covered the launch of Graph Search in depth on his site.扎克伯格是在回应搜索引擎专家丹尼#8226;苏利文提出的问题,报道了他网站上深度图谱搜索的发布。According to Facebook insiders, Zuckerberg was not referring to fresh discussions with Google ahead of the launch of Graph Search. The dispute goes back to the ;cold war; days when Google and Facebook fell out over the ownership of personal data and, latterly, Google#39;s move into social with Google+.根据Facebook的内部人士,扎克伯格指的并不是在图谱搜索发布前与谷歌的新讨论。争议回到了“冷战”那些日子当谷歌和Facebook在个人数据的所有权之争的争吵,最近,谷歌以谷歌+进军社交领域。It is significant because, if correct (and Google refuses to comment), it adds to the emerging theory that Google#39;s highly complex search algorithms are increasingly at odds with the social web. Put simply: how would you feel if a photograph you removed from Facebook could still be found by people searching Google? Or an embarrassing Facebook that appeared in Google searches for your name even though you had been deleted on the social network?它是重要的,因为如果正确的(谷歌拒绝),它增加了谷歌高度复杂的搜索算法越来越不符合社交网络的新理论。简单地说:如果你在Facebook上删除的照片仍然可以在人们搜索谷歌时被发现你会有什么感受?或者一个令人尴尬的Facebook视频以你的名字出现在谷歌搜索上,即使你已经在社交网络上删除了?The worry for Google is that it will come to be seen as the reason why nothing can ever be fully removed from the internet. That is a problem for Google#39;s brightest brains to address as Facebook and Twitter expand the social web into more areas of our lives.谷歌担忧的是它将被视为任何东西都不能从互联网上完全删除的原因。这是一个需要谷歌最聪明的大脑来解决的问题当Facebook和Twitter将社交网络更多的地扩大到我们的生活中。 /201301/220953Katy Huberty is back from a trip abroad with fresh intelligence from the world#39;s most important smartphone market: China.根士丹利的分析师凯蒂o休伯蒂刚从中国转了一圈,她带来了来自全球最重要的智能手机市场的新鲜情报。In a series of three ;takeaway; notes to clients, she reports:在给客户的一系列三份报告中,休伯蒂称目前中国市场:Inventory pile-up: The Chinese government is saying demand for new smartphones fell 9% year-over-year last quarter even as IDC reports shipments of phones into the region rising 37%. Huberty says the Chinese carriers are spending less on marketing and subsidies as they wait for the government to issue 4G licenses.库存堆积:中国政府称上季度国内新智能手机的需求同比下降了9%,而IDC报告称,中国地区的手机出货量上升了37%。休伯蒂表示,中国运营商正削减市场营销费用和手机补贴,等待政府发放4G牌照。iPhone 6 build-up: Most of the Apple subcontractors she spoke to expect demand for the new iPhone 6 by December will be 20% better than demand was for last year#39;s big Christmas seller, the iPhone 5S. Huberty was only expecting 12% growth.iPhone 6蓄势待发:休伯蒂接触到的大部分苹果分包商,都预期到12月,iPhone 6的需求将比去年圣诞期间的热卖机型iPhone 5S高出20%。休伯蒂个人预计需求涨幅为12%。Big-screen boost: Meanwhile, an April survey for Morgan Stanley by AlphaWise suggests that a larger-screen iPhone -- as the iPhone 6 is rumored to be -- could buy Apple 11 points of market share in the U.S.大屏效应:同时,AlphaWise四月为根士丹利进行的一项调查表明,大屏iPhone——传闻iPhone 6将是一款大屏手机——将帮助苹果在美国多获得11%的市场份额。Buyer beware: This Morgan Stanley prediction from last summer didn#39;t quite pan out:买家请注意了:去年夏天根士丹利进行的预测不太准:Below: How Huberty#39;s findings have changed her smartphone model.下图:休伯蒂根据上述发现调整了其智能手机模型。 /201405/299856湖州有名美容医院An unmanned probe touched down on a comet for the first time on Wednesday, as the European Space Agency’s Philae lander successfully negotiated a perilous seven-hour descent from its Rosetta mother ship on to the irregular nucleus of Comet 67P.一个无人驾驶的探测器周三首次在一颗彗星表面着陆,欧洲航天局(European Space Agency)的飞来号(Philae)着陆器成功与母船罗塞塔号(Rosetta)分离,在危险中下降了7个小时,最终在彗星67P的不规则中心着陆。Scientists at ESA mission headquarters erupted in applause shortly after 4pm GMT as a radio signal from Philae 511m km away confirmed that the washing-machine-sized probe had reached the surface.在格林威治时间周三下午4点后不久,欧洲航天局任务总部的科学家们爆发出热烈掌声,“飞来号”从距离地球5.11亿公里的地方发来的一个无线信号实,这个洗衣机大小的探测器已在彗星表面着陆。“The lander is talking to us,” said an emotional Stephan Ulamec, Philae manager, after the first signal came through. “We are extremely relieved to be safely on the surface of the comet, especially given the extra challenge of the comet’s unusual shape and unexpectedly hazardous surface,” he added. “In the next hours we’ll learn exactly where and how we’ve landed, and we’ll start getting as much science as we can from the surface of this fascinating world.”“着陆器在跟我们说话,”“飞来号”主管史蒂芬#8226;乌拉美克(Stephan Ulamec)在第一个信号传来后激动的表示,“得知着陆器已安全抵达彗星表面,我们彻底松了一口气,特别是在这颗彗星的形状不同寻常且表面意外危险的情况下,”他补充称:“未来几个小时,我们将搞清楚它是在哪里着陆以及如何着陆的,我们将开始从这个迷人世界的表面获得尽可能多的科学数据。”Philae separated from Rosetta at 9am on Wednesday morning. ESA scientists had dubbed Philae’s descent to the comet “seven hours of terror” – an echo of the “seven minutes of terror” endured by their Nasa counterparts before the successful landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars in 2012.“飞来号”是在周三早晨9点与罗塞塔号分离的。欧洲航天局的科学家们将“飞来号”下降抵达彗星的过程称为“恐怖7小时”,这与美国国家航空航天局(Nasa)在2012年“好奇号”(Curiosity)探测器在火星成功着陆之前经历的“恐怖7分钟”形成呼应。If anything, the Philae landing was even more perilous. While Curiosity dropped on to a relatively smooth Martian surface, Philae landed on a duck-shaped lump of ice, dust and rock just 4km wide, strewn with boulders and shooting out unpredictable jets of gas.“飞来号”的着陆更加危险。“好奇号”是在相对平滑的火星表面着陆的,而“飞来号”则是降落在一块鸭子形状、由冰、尘埃和岩石组成的块状物上,只有4公里宽,周围散布着巨石,而且喷射出无法预测的气流。Before the landing, mission managers said anchoring would be needed because 67P’s gravitational pull is too weak to hold Philae firmly in place. After touchdown they discovered that Philae had landed without its harpoons firing successfully.在着陆前,此次飞行任务的主管们表示,着陆器需要固定,因为彗星67P的引力太小,无法让“飞来号”紧紧固定。在着陆后,他们发现,“飞来号”是在没有成功发射鱼叉的情况下着陆的。Philae will start scientific investigations of the comet immediately. Various instruments will look at the physics and chemistry of the surface, while drills extract subsurface samples and deliver them to the probe’s onboard laboratory for further analysis.“飞来号”将立即展开科学调查。各种工具将考察彗星表面的物理和化学结构,同时钻头将提取地表下样本,并将它们送至探测器的机载实验室,进行进一步分析。Scientists are looking forward eagerly to the results because cometary material is believed to have changed little since the formation of the solar system 4.5bn years ago.科学家们正热情期待着这些结果,因为据信,自太阳系于4亿年前形成以来,彗星物质几乎没有发生变化。Although the initial science phase will last for just three days – the lifetime of Philae’s primary batteries – mission scientists hope its solar panels will enable it to study the change in conditions for a few months as it approaches the sun, heating up and becoming ever more active.尽管最初的科学考察期仅会持续3天(“飞来号”主电池的寿命),但此次任务的科学家们希望探测器上的太阳能电池板能够让探测器在未来几个月,在彗星接近太阳、燃烧以及变得更为活跃时考察其状态的变化。“Rosetta is trying to answer the very big questions about the history of our Solar System,” said Matt Taylor, Rosetta project scientist. “What were the conditions like at its infancy and how did it evolve? What role did comets play in this evolution? How do comets work?”“罗塞塔号正试图解答有关我们太阳系的一些非常重要的问题,”罗塞塔号项目科学家马特#8226;泰勒(Matt Taylor)表示,“在太阳系形成初期它是什么状态?它是如何进化的?彗星在这种进化中起到了什么作用?彗星如何运转?” /201411/342282湖州曙光整形美容医院驼峰鼻矫正怎么样

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