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Anchor: Lots of Americans, you know, you are one of them, dream about owning a shiny new car. But before you spend your hard-earned cash on some hot wheels, you definitely want to hear what personal finance guru Dave Ramsey has to say. As you know, he is a syndicated radio talk show host and the author of the best selling book "The Total Money Makeover"Hey, there, good to see you, DaveDave Ramsey: Good to see you.Anchor: So, we never ever buy a new car?Dave Ramsey: Well, I am like everybody else, I am a boy, I like new cars, but they go down in value like a rock. I mean, Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine says you lose 60% of the value in the first 4 years, the worst car accicdents happen on the show room floor. Anchor: Oh, and the minute you drive it off the show room floor, of course the value plummets right away, right?Dave Ramsey: All right. Sure it's the wheels break the curb, you know, you really have to change, you know.Anchor: Oh my god, so maybe not a wise use of your money. What about employee discount for the cars? Dave Ramsey: Well,certainly it's pulled people back into that and 0% interest before that, but even then, you got to consider by the time you get it home, you've still lost money. So, a wise use of your dollars, unless you've got just piles of cash, is to really pay cash for a high-quality 1 or 2 or 3 year- old used car, let someone else take the butt-kicking on depreciation. Anchor: Oh, you have done it then break it down with a lease payment, it sounds / reasonable, what about leasing a car? Come on! Dave Ramsey: We call it a fleecing. You know, Consumer Reports says it is the most expensive way to operate a vehicle, (OK.)because in fleecing, what you've done is to quit asking "how much", (ok), now, you just asking "how much down, how much a month" (mm, right)and when you start asking that, you are gonna live in endless payments the rest of your life , and again, like I always say, you tie up your most, your most powerful wealth building to ,which is your income, with no car payments , you can have some money.Anchor: Alright, now, tell us about how to buy a used car then, you say that's a way we go, right? how, how used is used?Dave Ramsey: Well, it depends on how much money you have. (Ok). And, you should pay cash. Again, grandmother's rule: If you can pay cash.I can't believe this guy's said I pay cash for a car. Look, just for a short period of time, drive like no one else, so later you can drive like no one else. The average Car Payment in America is 378 dollars over 84 months right now. Wow. If you took that and invest it from age 25 to age 65 in a mutual fund, you'll have 4.4 million dollars.(Holy pal! All right.)Hope you like the car.(All right.) so, let's take that money, set them in a cookie jar, pay cash for a little used car, and then move up, and then do it again, and then move up and work your way out. Anchor: Ok, And how do we, how do we move up? So we are saving money, ok so we are buying our niceresolvable car right, for cash, then we are putting away money each month for a nicer car? (Pay yourself a car payment.)Dave Ramsey: Pay yourself a car payment, (all right) and then you've got 4000 dollars every 11 months or so.Anchor: How do we know how much we can afford?Dave Ramsey: You should never have vehicles, cars, boats, trucks, sedan and their sisters that add up to more than half your annual income. Cause then you got too much tied up and things are going down in value. It's the most expensive thing we buy, but it's all about prestige. I mean, we spent a minimum amount of money to impress somebody at the stoplight we'll never meet. Anchor: I Know, it is a big ego buy, isn't it? It really is. (It really is.) All, right, what about people who are afraid of getting stuck with problems if you buy a used car, you know, it is a lemon.Dave Ramsey: Well, that's an old car dealer's myth. I mean, really, if you buy a car from 50s to 60s, that might be true, but the cars that we build today, are fabulous cars. And they've got a lot of life in them, used to if you had one at 60000 miles , it is about to fall apart. Now it's got 260 thousand miles if it is about to fall apart, they got a lot life in them. And you can get services like car factory, you can check the history of the car, make sure you're getting a good car, have your mechanic check it, there are good cars out there. Anchor: All right, let's take a look at your tips here, just by way of your views, so, you said, don't buy a new car, unless you are rich.What, what's rich? Dave Ramsey: Well, usually you need at least a million bucks,(ok)I mean the bottom line is can you lose 20,000 dollars and not miss it? Anchor: Wow, I don't think anybody can say that. All right, you say, don't lease a car ever ever ever? Never. Nerver? It's never a good deal. Ok, buy a car that is 2 years old or more. Why is it 2 years? Dave Ramsey: Again, becasue that is where the most of that appreciation, most of that value lost in the first two years.Anchor: Ok, pay cash. Dave Ramsey: Absolustely, always. Because, then you have that control of your earned money. We get in the thing of all the money goes out and all the money comes in, all the money goes out, only the names that changed your protecting in this otherwise.Anchor: Save up for that better car, all right, great advice as always, thanks a lot.Dave Ramsey: Thanks. Don't forget we are gonna be on 60 Minutes Sunday night.Anchor: I hey, man. I was just get y to say that. Oh, dear, I am sorry , ( you're always doing my job)I am sorry, Don't forget you can see more of Dave Ramsey on 60 minutes this weekend, good to see you.Dave Ramsey: Thank you. 200807/439646第六单元 复印Conversation 1会话 1A:Could you copy this document for me?A:你能帮我复印这份报告吗?B:Its my pleasure. How many copies would you want?B:当然。你要几份?A:A hundred and fifty. No,wait,make that a hundred and sixty.A:—百五十份,不,等等,印一百六十份好了。B:Yes,sir. Will there be anything else?B:好的,先生。还有其他的事吗?A:No,thank you. That will be all for now.A:没有了,谢谢。目前没有别的事。B:Your document will be y in about ten minutes.B:这份报告大约十分钟就可以印好。Conversation 2会话 2A:Miss Liu,please come in.A:刘,请进来一下。B:What can I do for you,sir?B:我能为你做点什么,先生?A:Copy this report for me.A:帮我把这份报告复印了。B:OK. But which size should I use?B:但我应该用哪种尺寸的纸张?A:You should use the A4 paper is all right.A:你用A4的就可以了。B:l see. Should I have it bound?B:明白了,我需要把它装订好吗?A:It is unnecessary.A:没必要。B:That is all right.B:那好吧。 /201604/436537Swimming Records Annihilated at Beijing's Water Cube美四乘百米自由泳接力赛惊险夺金  American swimming great Michael Phelps remains on track to win an unprecedented eight gold medals at a single Olympics. Phelps relied on three other teammates Monday to win a thrilling relay event.  美国游泳健将菲尔普斯要史无前例地在一次奥运会上拿下8块金牌,目前正在为这个目标而奋斗。星期一,菲尔普斯依靠其他3名队友的努力赢得第2块金牌。The American quartet clocked a world record time of 3:08.42 to win the men's 4 x 100 meter freestyle race. But obliterating the previous record by nearly four seconds was not the story, as five of the eight teams were below the previous mark (3:12.23). 美国4名4X100米自由泳接力选手缔造了3分8点24秒的世界纪录。但是以将近4秒的成绩打破原来的纪录并不是报道的重点,因为参赛的8个队当中有5个游出了低于原先纪录3分12秒23的速度。The U.S. men found themselves trailing perhaps the strongest French team ever. Jason Lezak was the final American in the pool, and he was about a full body length behind former 100-meter freestyle world record holder Alain Bernard at the final turn. 美国队在比赛当中发现他们落后于可能是有史以来最强的法国队。杰森.莱扎克是美国队的最后一棒。他在最后一个转身时落后百米自由泳前世界纪录保持者伯纳德大约一个身长。Realizing he might not catch up, Lezak rose to the challenge. 莱扎克意识到可能追不上了,但是他决定拼了。"The thought really crossed my mind for a split second - 'there is no way' [I am going to catch up]. And then I changed," he said. "I said 'you know what, it is really ridiculous [to think that]. I am at the Olympics and I am here for the ed States of America. I do not care how bad it hurts, I am going just to go out there and put it.' And honestly, in like five seconds I was thinking all these things. I just got a super charge, and just took it from there." 他说:“当时有一瞬间我确实想,不可能追上了。但我立刻就改变了想法。告诉自己,这样想太可笑了。我是在奥运会上,我是代表美国来参赛的。我顾不上伤痛有多厉害了。我只是拼命游。大概有5秒钟吧,我脑子里想的就是这些。我来了一个超级冲刺,结果拿下来了。”Touching the wall by a fingertip or less, Lezak and his teammates edged the French by .008 of a second to regain the Olympic title they owned from 1964 to 1996. The win gave Phelps his second gold medal in as many days. 以一个指头长短的差距触到池壁,莱扎克和队友们以0.08秒险胜法国队,并且夺回了他们从1964年到1996年一直保持的奥运会冠军称号。这个胜利使菲尔普斯在两天内获得了第2块金牌。Another world record fell in the men's 100-meter breaststroke when Kosuke Kitajima touched the wall in 58.91. Through an interpreter, the Japanese champion says he was thrilled to achieve in Beijing what he could not four years ago in Athens. 另一项世界纪录由日本选手北岛康介在男子百米蛙泳项目中创造,成绩是58秒91。这位来自日本的冠军通过翻译说,他对在北京打破4年前在雅典没能打破的世界记录感到振奋。"It was a higher level fight for me. And in that sense I was able to break my record," he said. "I was able to race fast. And I am full of emotion compared to last time [in Athens]." 他说:“这对我是一场更高层次的拼搏,我能打破自己保持的记录,我能游得更快。跟上次在雅典相比,我现在充满。”Rebecca Adlington became the first British woman in 48 years to win an Olympic swimming gold. American Katie Hoff was the favorite in the 400-meter freestyle race. But Adlington was inspired by a mental image.  英国选手瑞贝卡.阿德灵顿是48年来赢得奥运游泳金牌的第一名英国女运动员。美国选手凯蒂.霍夫曾经在4百米自由泳比赛中被看好夺冠,但是阿德灵顿脑海中的一个画面鼓舞了她。"The medal around my neck. That really was my motivation," she said. "And I could not see anyone past Katie [Hoff]. I did not what was going over on that side of the pool. So I saw Katie, and I said let's just try and just catch her and keep with her." 她说:“那就是挂在我脖子上的奖牌。那就是我的动力。我看到谁也无法超过凯蒂,在游泳池边,我看到凯蒂。我对自己说,试一试,追上她,不落后。”Adlington's time of 4:03.22 edged Hoff by .007 of one second. Another British swimmer, Joanne Jackson, placed third (4:03.52). 阿德灵顿以4分3秒22的成绩击败凯蒂.霍夫,仅比霍夫快0点07秒。另一名英国游泳选手乔安娜.杰克逊获第3名。Australian Lisbeth Trickett emerged the winner of the women's 100-meter butterfly final. 澳大利亚选手莉比.特里克特夺得女子100米蝶泳金牌。"To come in here and swim and personal best time at an Olympic final is more than I could have hoped," she said. "The best thing for me is that I have equaled what I have done at Athens." 她说:“来到这里比赛,在奥运决赛中展现自己最佳状态,这比我希望得还要好。对我来说,最好的事情是,我取得了在雅典曾经取得过的成绩。”Another world record was set in the pool during a preliminary heat. Kirsty Coventry of Zimbabwe set the 100-meter backstroke standard in 58.77, one-tenth of a second faster than the previous best.  津巴布韦选手克里斯蒂.考文垂创下游泳项目的另一个世界记录,她在100米仰泳预赛中游出58秒77,比原世界记录快了0.1秒。200808/45785文本:On a rocky beach in Iceland, two youngsters are on a mission of mercy. Inside their cardboard box, they have two orphans, fledglings plucked from the streets of town, baby puffins. The children of Heimaey have been saving young puffins called pufflings for generations. In fact, at the end of the summer, releasing them by the hundreds to the safety of the sea has become a local tradition."They have to save the birds, well, if they don't do it, they'll die. They find it very exciting."Exciting obviously for the kids who get to throw live birds into the air and watch them fly away. But no doubt it's a little nerve-racking for the recently born pufflings. The problem for the pufflings is that when they are old enough, they leave their burrows in the cliffs and head out to sea. But the lights of the town confuse them. Instead of flying out to sea, they fly into town where they crash land and end up on the streets. That's where the puffling patrols come in. Each night, during the month of August, Moms and Dads lead troops of kids through town looking for wayward pufflings. They use flashlights to search the ground near buildings and street lights. The piers are particularly popular place."Oh hey guys, look it's there, it's there!"When a bird is spotted, the kids rush to scoop it up, and bring it in off the mean streets of Heimaey for the night. It's hard work. The following day all the birds that landed in friendly hands are transported to the seashore, pointed in the right direction, and given their flying orders. The kids seem to be having a great time. Apparently there is a proper way to release the pufflings. First, the proper grip, then, the right technique. With its wings free and flapping, the idea is to cock your arm like a quarterback, and throw a short path. Whether they swim to safety or fly off over the North Atlantic, one wonders what kind of impact all this has on this species as a whole. The world's largest Atlantic puffin colonies are found in Iceland, containing some 8 to 10 million birds. They are still flourishing with a little help from some strong arms and big hearts.200810/51923

White House Renews Appeal for End to Georgia-Russia Conflict布什呼吁结束南奥塞梯流血冲突 The White House is making a renewed appeal for an end to the bloody conflict between Georgia and Russia over the Georgian breakaway province of South Ossetia, and accusing Russia of 'disproportionate' action. U.S. President George Bush is pushing for a cease-fire. 白宫再次呼吁结束格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯就格鲁吉亚主张分裂的南奥塞梯地区发生的流血冲突,并谴责俄罗斯采取过分的行动。布什总统正在北京促成双方停战。President Bush is engaging in some personal diplomacy in an effort to halt the bloodshed and bring all parties to the negotiating table. 布什总统正在进行私下的外交活动,争取停止流血冲突,促使有关各方坐下来谈判。The latest move: a call to French President Nicholas Sarkozy, who holds the six-month rotating presidency of the European Union. 布什最近采取的行动是和法国总统萨尔科齐通话。法国总统现在担任为期六个月的欧盟轮值主席。A White House spokesman says the U.S. and French presidents share the same position on the escalating conflict between Georgia and Russia over South Ossetia. He says both want to see a cease-fire, disengagement and respect for Georgia's territorial integrity. 白宫一位发言人说,格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯就南奥塞梯地区问题而发生不断升级的冲突,美国和法国总统在这个问题上的立场一致。他说,美国和法国都希望看到停火,撤军,并尊重格鲁吉亚的领土完整。Their conversation follows calls Saturday by Mr. Bush to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. Mr. Bush also discussed the matter in person Friday with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, when both attended a reception in Beijing. 在两位总统对话之前,布什总统星期六和俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫和格鲁吉亚总统萨卡什维利通了话。布什总统还在星期五亲自和俄罗斯总理普京讨论了这一问题。布什和普京在北京参加了一个招待会。White House officials will not provide details of the Bush-Putin conversation. But they leave no doubt they are extremely concerned about Russia's actions, and are waiting to see what Moscow will do next. 白宫官员拒绝提供布什和普京对话的具体内容。但是他们毫无疑问对俄罗斯的行动极为关注,正在注视俄罗斯下一步的行动。A senior member of President Bush's National Security Council says the administration does not want to jump to conclusions. But Jim Jeffrey leaves no doubt the White House is concerned that Russia wants to expand the conflict even further.  布什总统“国家安全委员会”资深成员吉姆.杰弗里表示,布什政府不想急于得出结论。不过,杰弗里的话让人们相信,白宫担心俄罗斯有意要进一步扩大冲突。Georgia sent troops into South Ossetia on Friday to try to bring the breakaway province back under its control. Russia supports the separatists and has peacekeepers in the region. And when Georgia made its move, it sent in more troops and eventually launched bombing runs outside the borders of South Ossetia. On Sunday, Georgia said it had withdrawn its troops from South Ossetia's capital as a goodwill gesture. 格鲁吉亚星期五向南奥塞梯派去军队,试图让这个闹独立的省份回到格鲁吉亚的控制之下。俄罗斯持南奥塞梯独立,并在该地区派有维和人员。格鲁吉亚采取了进一步的行动,向南奥塞梯增派军队,并最终对南奥塞梯边界地区发动一连串的轰炸。格鲁吉亚星期天表示,格鲁吉亚军队已经从南奥塞梯首府撤出,以表善意。Jeffry told reporters traveling with President Bush in Beijing that the Russian response has been disproportionate. He said if it continues, there is the potential for a significant long-term impact on U.S.-Russia relations. 杰弗里对随同布什总统访问北京的记者说,俄罗斯对格鲁吉亚冲突的反应是过分的。他说,如果俄罗斯继续这样作,这有可能对美国和俄罗斯的关系产生长期的重要影响。White House press secretary Dana Perino makes clear the Bush administration is doing all it can to prevent that scenario. She says the White House is trying to get all the parties back to the negotiating table and end the bloodshed. 白宫新闻秘书佩里诺明确表示,布什政府正在尽其所能避免出现这一局面。她说,白宫正在争取让所有各方重回谈判桌,结束流血冲突。"I think what we need to do right now is continue to work to solve this peacefully, and if it is true the Georgians have started pulling out, that might get us to where we need to be to start the cease-fire," said Perino. 佩里诺说:“我认为,此刻我们需要继续努力用和平的方式解决问题,如果格鲁吉亚真的开始撤军,这就使我们到了可以开始停火的时机。”Perino says the main U.S. objective is to prevent further loss of life. She says too many people have aly died because of the dispute - both troops and civilians. 佩里诺说,美国的主要目的是防止进一步造成人员伤亡。她说,这场争端已经导致太多军人和平民的死亡。200808/45714

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