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美国花比赛减肥 3年瘦成60斤“白骨精” --30 19::7 来源: 美国加利福尼亚州一对因为童年的玩笑开始了长达多年的减肥比赛更是节食暴瘦成6斤的“白骨精”,还差点因神经性厌食而丧命 Two sisters have revealed how teenage teasing led to them competing to lose weight, with the youngest sister almost losing her life to anorexia.一对透露,二人因为童年的玩笑开始了长达多年的减肥比赛更是节食暴瘦差点因神经性厌食而丧命Courtney Grimshaw, now , was just when she started to restrict her eating to be thinner than her ’popular’ older sister, Rebecca - then .岁的康特尼格雷姆肖从岁开始就严格控制自己的饮食,只为了想比大她两岁的、“更受欢迎”的瑞贝卡瘦一点Sibling teasing saw Rebecca often tease Courtney about her weight - calling her names including ’fat ass’ and a ’fat pig’ - but the consequences were devastating.当时康特尼比较胖,因而常常被开玩笑地称为“肥猪”“大屁股”——然而后果却是毁灭性的Courtney lost 56lbs in the space of a year and by the age of she was skeletal.一年的功夫康特尼就瘦了56磅,岁时她就变得很骨感The sisters initially competed to be the slimmest - eating just 350 calories each a day and exercising compulsively hours.们最初只是想比赛谁会最苗条——每天控制自己吃350卡路里的食物,同时做好几个小时的运动But it wasn’t long bee Courtney was pushing her body to its limits.但是很快康特尼就发现她的身体到了极限We were both competing to be the skinnier sister. Becky realised that what we were doing was dangerous but I was too far gone - all I could think about was losing more weight.’“我们都想成为中更瘦的那个意识到了我们在做很危险的事但我依然做得很过头,我只想着减肥”Bee dieting, -year-old Courtney weighed 9 stone lbs (8lbs) - a healthy weight her 8cm.在节食之前,岁的康特尼体重为9英石磅(8磅)——这对于一个8cm左右的女孩来说是个相对健康的体重But cruel remarks from her -year-old sister Becky led to a self-loathing that almost cost Courtney her life.但是来自于岁的残酷的玩笑导致了她的自卑,几乎赔上了她的一生作为代价Courtney, now , said: ’Becky would tease me being chubby and call me a fat pig. She made me feel really horrible about myself.现年岁的康特尼说,“嘲笑我胖,并称呼我为肥猪,令我对自己感到可怕”I always wanted to be like her. She was really pretty, she always had boys all over her, all of my guy friends liked her - they thought she was cool.’“我一直很想成为我她很美丽,总有男生在追她我的朋友们也都很喜欢她,都觉得她很酷”Courtney and Becky would play tennis six hours solid, leaving them weak and exhausted.二人会打上六小时网球,使得她们筋疲力尽Their diets consisted of dry cereal and b, and the weight quickly began to drop off them both. In less than a year, Courtney had lost three and a half stone.她们的减肥餐只有干麦片和面包二人的体重开始迅速下降不到一年的时间,康特尼就减掉了3.5英石By the time she was , Courtney’s hair had begun to fall out and her skin became sallow - but she was determined to keep losing weight.岁时,康特尼的头发开始脱落,皮肤也变黄了——但是她决心要减肥Courtney said: ’She saw me go into a downward spiral knowing it was her fault.康特尼说,“看到我情况变得糟糕,知道一切都是她的错”She would lie in my bed at night making sure I was still breathing, I really was just skin and bone.“会整夜睡在我的床上,确认我仍然在呼吸我真的瘦的只有皮包骨了”It was hard me to accept her help because I did blame her what had happened to me.’“我真的很难接受她的帮助,因为我现在所发生的一切确实都怪她”By the time she was in Courtney was dangerously ill weighing just 70lbs.年,岁的康特尼只有70磅了,病的很严重School officials contacted her parents and child protection services threatened to take her into hospital if she refused to eat.学校领导联系了她的父母,儿童保护务威胁称要带她到医院,如果她拒绝进食Courtney was put under the care of a doctor and a dietician and with Becky’s support she gradually began to gain weight.在一个医生和一个营养师的照料和的持下,康特尼的体重开始逐渐上升But she still suffered from low self-esteem and turned to alcohol a confidence boost.但她仍然感到非常自卑,为了建立自信她学会了喝酒Courtney started drinking heavily, and after a heavy vodka binge, she crashed the family van.康特尼开始酗酒,在一次伏特加酒狂欢之后,她将家庭货车撞了Her parents sent to her to rehab when she was , and after being given the professional help she required, she gradually began to get her life back on track.岁时,父母把她送到康复中心,在接受专业的治疗之后,她康复了,生活慢慢走上了正轨Now Courtney is a healthy weight - fluctuating between 1 and 0lbs.现在康特尼的体重已恢复正常——在1到0磅之间浮动She hopes to go back to school and wants to help other teenagers struggling with body image by sharing her story.她希望能重回学校,并分享她的故事以帮助其他对自己的体型自卑的青少年们And after all they have been through, Courtney and Becky are closer than ever.在经历了这些事之后,俩的关系更加亲密了澳洲年度人物呼吁工作场所不说guys -- :36:6 来源:chinadaily Australian of the Year David Morrison is leading a drive against the use of the term "guys" in the workplace.澳洲年度人物大卫bull;莫里森发起了一项运动,反对人们在工作场所使用guys(意思是家伙,男人)的称谓The #WordsAtWork campaign by the country's Diversity Council asks people to avoid expressions they say exclude minority groups.由澳洲多元化协会发起的“工作用语”运动旨在呼吁人们避免使用这类把少数群体排除在外的词语Using "girls" women, and "walk the talk" to people in wheelchairs, are among terms they say are offensive.称女性为girls,把坐轮椅的人称作walk the talk,多元化协会成员认为这两个称谓都具有冒犯之意Mr Morrison was awarded the role of Australian of the Year partly his equality campaigning.莫里森先生当选澳大利亚年度人物,部分原因在于他一直致力于追求平等的斗争The mer military man - once chief of the Australian Army - admitted he had used some of the terms himself.这名退役军人曾是澳大利亚陆军司令,他承认他过去也说过类似的不礼貌的言辞But of "guys" Mr Morrison said "I have now removed that from my lexicon as best I can. I think it's important."但提到guys时,莫里森先生表示:“现在,我已经尽可能地不再使用这个词语,因为我认为将它从我的个人语库中移除非常重要”Insisting the campaign was not intended to create a "language police", he said: "People use language to denigrate others and to take away their self-respect. Sometimes it happens unconsciously, but the effect is the same."莫里森表示,该活动的初衷并非是塑造一个“语言警察”,他说:“人们用语言诋毁他人,伤害他人的自尊尽管有时是无意之举,可造成的后果是一样的”While some praised the inclusive language drive, not everyone agreed that "guys" was offensive, or that it was the most urgent problem that the Australian of the Year could be tackling.虽然有人持这场运动,提倡中性语言,但也并非所有人都觉得guys是一种冒犯,或者认为这场运动是“澳洲年度人物”的当务之急Some wondered if the thoroughly Australian greeting "mate" - often used by and men - would be next.有人提出,澳洲男性常用的对其他男性的称呼mate是不是会成为下一个争议对象Australian National University language expert Catherine Travis also questioned whether "guys" was still a gender-specific term, telling Australia's A that "you guys" was now widely used of all genders.澳大利亚国立大学语言专家凯瑟琳·特拉维斯也对guys是否具有性别针对性提出了质疑,她告诉澳大利亚广播公司,you guys这一说法现在被各种性别的人所广泛使用There was broader agreement on some other terms though, including against using "gay" in a negative fashion.不过,针对其他某些词语的使用,人们达成了更广泛的共识,比如反对在表示负面含义时使用gay英文来源:B译者:杜馨乐(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮

78岁老父为8岁儿登征婚启事:给希拉里投票的别来 --6 ::38 来源: 美国犹他州盐湖城一名男子近日发现,他的父亲悄悄为他在报纸上刊登了一整页个人广告,为他征婚而这一广告已经红遍大江南北 Dads are famous the adorably embarrassing things they do to their children.父亲们常常以他们为子女做的令人尴尬的事而闻名However, this Utah father’s act might have gone a bit too far his 8-year-old son.不过,这位美国犹他州的父亲为8岁儿子所做的事,可是更让人哭笑不得Salt Lake City businessman Baron Brooks said he was mortified when he saw his own smiling face on a full-page newspaper ad in a North Idaho paper, the Coeur d’Alene Press.犹他州盐湖城的商人巴伦.布鲁克斯说,当他看到自己的那张笑脸被刊登在科达伦出版社北爱达荷报整页的广告版面时,感到非常囧“I am looking a wife who is y, willing and able to have children as soon as possible," the ad in the Coeur d’Alene Press .广告是这样写的,“我正在找寻一个准备、愿意、能尽快生孩子的妻子”The notice listed an age range — to 38 — and assorted other demands, including that the woman agree to be a stay-at-home mom and that she be conservative.广告上还写着女性的年龄范围——最好在到38岁之间,还有一些其他的要求,比如愿意当家庭主妇,以及得是保守派“If you voted Obama or plan to vote Hillary you are not me.”“如果你曾为奥巴马投票,或者计划投票给希拉里,那么你和我不合适”He said his 78-year-old father, Arthur Brooks, placed the ad looking a wife his son.巴伦说,他78岁的父亲亚瑟布鲁克斯刊登的这则广告"If I die now, I want it to be known by medical science, that one can die from embarrassment," he told Q News.他告诉Q新闻记者,“如果我现在死了,我想要医学家们知道,一个人是有可能尴尬死的”Baron said his father didn’t ask his permission to place the 0 ad and he had no idea until he started getting tons of phone calls.巴伦说,父亲未经过他的允许就花900美元登了这则广告,直到他不停的接到电话,才发现此事It includes a brief description of Baron with a photo and the ideal attributes of his suitable mate.广告上还有对巴伦的简介,附有一张照片,以及对他的理想伴侣的一些要求Baron said he doesn’t want to hurt his father’s feelings so he is allowing his dad to go ahead and interview candidates to be his future wife.虽然Baron并不乐意,但他表示为了不伤父亲的心,他愿意与符合条件并联系他的女士见面The deadline applicants is June 5.广告表示,征婚的最后期限是6月5日

李云迪在巴黎举办音乐会 -- :6:57 来源:chinadaily 中国钢琴家李云迪在巴黎,肖邦的第二故乡,再次举办音乐会 Chinese pianist Li Yundi has staged a concert at an art center in Paris. This is not the first time he has played in the second hometown of Chopin. 在音乐会期间,岁的李云迪演奏了首曲目,其中包括传统粤音民歌《云追月表演吸引了众多观众,全场座无虚席法国著名商人伯纳德;阿诺特也携妻子出席 During the concert, the -year-old pianist played pieces, including traditional Cantonese folk song ;Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon.; The permance attracted a full house. Renowned French businessman Bernard Arnault was also present with his wife. 李云迪18岁获得了肖邦国际钢琴比赛的冠军,从此成名此后,他一直投身于国际演出中法国当地时间年月日晚,李云迪曾在巴黎Salle Pleyel音乐厅举办过钢琴独奏音乐会 Li rose to fame at 18 years old, when he won the Chopin Piano Competition. He has since been engaging in international permances.

  红色和黄色的墙纸跟学习更配哦 -- :5:8 来源:chinadaily Struggling with that last minute exam prep? Paint your walls yellow and red.还在为迎战考试而作最后奋斗吗?把墙刷成黄色和红色吧Brightly coloured rooms can boost your concentration levels, scientists have discovered.科学家发现,色鲜艳的房间能提升你的注意力集中水平Students say they prefer to study in environments with pale colours which they feel are most relaxing, but researchers have found the opposite works better.学生们说他们更喜欢在浅色环境里学习,这让他们感到最为放松但研究者发现,相反条件下的学习效果更好Levels of focus in students are higher when they are surrounded by vivid colours, a study from Curtin University, Australia found.澳大利亚科廷大学的一项研究发现,当学生处在色鲜艳的环境中时,注意力更集中Student participants were asked to a passage and answer multiple-choice questions adopted from a university entrance test in rooms with six different colour schemes.参与研究的学生被安排在六种不同色的房间里阅读一段文章并回答多项选择题,题目选自大学入学考试The rooms were pale and vivid shades of blue, red and yellow.房间的颜色分别是浅淡的蓝、红、黄和鲜艳的蓝、红、黄Their ing comprehension scores were significantly higher in the vivid red and yellow rooms.在鲜艳的红色和黄色房间里,他们的阅读理解分数明显更高Lead author Aseel Al-Ayash said: 'Bright colours can support students' learning permance by positively affecting psychological and physiological states.该研究的第一作者阿西尔?阿娅施表示:“鲜亮的色能对人的心理和生理产生积极影响,从而有助于学生的学习表现”'If the ing tasks are difficult, the vivid colour conditions may increase arousal to optimal levels.'“如果阅读任务很困难,鲜艳的色可能将兴奋度提升到最佳水平”Several past studies have indicated the colours red and yellow are more stimulating than blue and green.过去的一些研究已经表明,比起蓝色和绿色,红色和黄色更具有刺激作用 example, student pulse rates increased in red and yellow conditions, but decreased in blue.比如,在红色和黄色环境下,学生的心跳速度会加快,但在蓝色环境下会降低This is consistent with the Yerkes-Dodson Law, which proposes that arousal improves permance up to an optimal level, with additional arousal causing a drop off in permance.这符合耶克斯-多德森定律——适度兴奋可以提升工作效率至最佳水平,过度兴奋则会导致效率降低Ironically, two-thirds of participants believed vivid red wasn't a suitable colour a study room, associating the colour with depression, discomt, annoyance and elements such as danger.而讽刺的是,三分之二的参与者认为,学习的房间不适合采用鲜艳的红色他们将红色与沮丧、不适、恼怒和危险联系起来But given their improved learning outcomes, perhaps a bit of discomt, aside from last minute cramming, is what they need.但考虑到学习效果的提高,或许除了最后关头的恶补,些许不适感正是他们所需要的It seems red and yellow may be the future of study areas, with Curtin and other Western Australia universities expressing a keenness the work.鉴于科廷大学和其他西澳洲大学对此研究的热情,红色和黄色或许会成为未来学习室的主色调英文来源:每日邮报译者:实习生徐晓彤审校#38;编辑:丹妮

  不落韩剧窠臼的《奶酪陷阱 -- :6:59 来源:i1st 导读:俊男、美女、撩、血、万年备胎……说到韩剧,你脑海里会出现什么?如果有一部韩剧,它不走寻常路,还有一个腹黑的男主,你能接受吗?这是一段发生在校园的爱情故事,但是让人看得揪心,欲罢不能注意了,这部韩剧真的有毒!How many times have you wished you could meet that perfect guy on campus? Or the girl of your dreams? Be careful what you wish . Beneath that outward perfection may lie a creepy personality that you can’t bring yourself to like.多少次你心心念念希望在校园里碰到自己的白马王子或者梦中的公主?如果你真的这么巴望过,那你就要当心了因为完美的外表下可能隐藏着一个你怎么都爱不起来的黑暗人格That is the lesson taught by Cheese in the Trap, a South Korean series that upends all K-drama conventions.这是韩国电视剧《奶酪陷阱给我们的一个教训,这部校园剧简直颠覆了所有韩剧的老梗The show, adapted from a Web cartoon of the same title, centers on Hong Seol (Kim Go-eun), a plain-looking college girl, and an handsome upperclassman named Yoo Jung (Park Hae-jin).该剧改编自同名网络漫画,讲诉了样貌平平的大学生洪雪(金高银饰)和高富帅刘正(朴海镇饰)之间的故事If it were another typical South Korean drama, the story would go like this: Yoo becomes attracted to Hong, despite her ordinariness, because she’s innocent and virtuous. They fall in love with each other, but neither one of them dares to say so aloud.如果照典型的韩剧套路,故事的走向应该是这样的:尽管洪雪很平凡,刘正还是深深地爱上了她,因为她的天真和善良他们相爱了,但是两人都不愿捅破这层纸That’s when the supporting character comes in. He’ll also desire Hong and comt her whenever she needs it. But everyone knows the truth: No matter how good he is, he’s the fallback guy.就在这时,男二登场了他也想得到洪雪的芳心,只要她需要,他就会出来安慰她但是大家都知道:无论男二多好,他只是个备胎Stop there, and get about these clichés. Cheese in the Trap rebels against almost every one of them. Yoo’s romantic rival, Baek In-ho (Seo Kang-joon), is too bothered by his own problems to help Hong out.赶快打住,忘了这些陈词滥调《奶酪陷阱和这些完全不沾边刘正的情敌白仁浩(徐康俊饰)自己都一头包,根本顾不上洪雪Yoo, similarly, deviates from the archetype male leads in K-dramas. While these characters are often “dangerous men... safe to like, love and obsess about”, Yoo is scarier and sexier, according to The Straits Times.同样刘正也偏离了典型的韩剧男主角轨道《海峡时报说:以往类似的角色都是“危险……但是可以放心去喜欢、爱恋和沉迷的”,而刘正则更加可怕和性感He put the audience on a roller coaster of emotions. As the story progresses, both Hong and the show’s viewers start to realize that Yoo achieves his goals at the expense of others’ happiness.他让观众的情绪大起大落随着剧情的发展,洪雪和观众开始发现刘正为了达到自己的目的不惜牺牲他人的幸福The darker Yoo’s nature turns out to be, the more ambivalent the audience feels. Viewers end up glued to the couch, squeezing the pillows and whimpering out loud, “Which side of him is the real Yoo?” This dilemma is the “cheese in the trap” the series’ audience.刘正越是腹黑,观众的感觉越是矛盾看到最后,观众瘫软在沙发上,拍打枕头,呜咽道:“哪个才是真的刘正啊?”这就是电视剧为观众准备的“奶酪陷阱”Watching Cheese in the Trap can be addictive, but it’s educational too, thanks to its realistic depiction of campus life. Hong has to deal with academic problems, like when she’s partnered with a team of slackers a class presentation. No matter how hard she tries to motivate them, she fails until she realizes that communication matters most in teamwork. That’s just one of the many practical lessons the drama offers.看《奶酪陷阱会让人上瘾,而且由于对大学生活的真实描写,它也有一定的教育意义当和一群废柴一起合作准备课堂展示时,洪雪不得不解决一些学术问题无论她多么努力地激励他们,她还是失败了,直到最后发现沟通才是团队合作中最重要的一环这只是剧集中很多现实问题中的一个“This show will have you constantly wondering what will happen next, surprising you at every turn, in a good way,” commented The Michigan Journal.《密歇根日报道:“这部剧会让你不停地想象接下来会发生什么,又在每一个拐点给你一个大大的惊喜“。

  装腔指南:个地道习语带你飞! -- ::30 来源:chinadaily 这个地道的英语习语你都知道是啥意思吗? 1 three sheets to the wind三条风中凌乱的帆绳 如果你喝得酩酊大醉,也许你就成了“三条风中凌乱的帆绳”(three sheets to the wind)这一习语来自于适度拉紧的船帆!sheets指的是固定船帆的绳索,一旦一条绳索没有绑紧,船便会变得难以控制,随风行驶,或者飘摇不定 fly by the seats of your pants让屁股蛋引领飞行方向 fly by the seats of your pants,指没有清晰计划只凭感觉做事1938年道格拉斯?科里根从布鲁克林飞行了9个小时到都柏林,随后这一短语便流行起来科里根提交了飞越大西洋的申请,但是被拒绝了,因为他的飞机被认为不适宜进行这样的任务,到了都柏林一着陆,他就说他的指南针坏了一位机械师说科里根“fly by the seats of your pants”,这是一个古老的飞行用语,用来指代不凭借任何仪器或无线电的飞行1938年,《爱德华兹维尔讯报的头条标题使用的就是这个短语,来形容科里根这次计划外的飞行 3 bite the bullet咬子弹 bite the bullet,即做令人不愉快的事这一习语来源于过去士兵们做手术不打麻药,只能咬子弹忍痛这一短语从96年就开始使用了,用来指在做不愿做的事情时咬紧牙关(have a stiff upper lip),也许来自于一种信仰,认为人们能从咬子弹中获得勇气 point blank白点 point blank:白点,一个闭合的或正中央的靶心 来自于法语 point blanc,指代用来射击或射箭练习的靶子的中心这个短语最初的意思“正中靶心”(right on target),就演变成某种闭合的圆圈的意思,这样的圆圈可使打中靶心变得更容易 5 separating the wheat from the chaff 去其槽粕,取其精华 如果你在“把糠从小麦里筛出来”(separating the wheat from the chaff),那么你就在甄别精华和糟粕 这个习语其实来源于《圣经糠是保护谷物种子的外壳,人不能吃,但牲畜可以它只是没有小麦等谷物那么重要而已在《马太福音第三章第节中,施洗约翰说道:“His winnowing k is in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor, gathering his wheat into the barn and burning up the chaff with unquenchable fire. 他手里拿着簸箕,要扬净麦场,把麦子收进仓里,却用不灭的火将糠秕烧尽 扬谷的画面也出现在《旧约里《诗篇的第一章第四节:“…the wicked! They are like chaff that the wind blows away. …恶人!他们就像糠秕被风吹散 6 carry your heart on your sleeve把心戴在袖子上 来源于莎士比亚,《奥赛罗中伊阿古的名言因为是他将 carry your heart on your sleeve 写在纸上,意思是轻易表露感情 《奥赛罗第一幕第一场,伊阿古说:“But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve… 但是我会把心戴在袖子上 意味着他会敞开心扉除了天才的莎士比亚,这句话还有可能来源于中世纪马上长矛比武中贵妇赠与骑士令牌,或婚礼场合 7skin of your teeth牙齿的皮肤 如果你通过“牙齿的皮肤”(skin of your teeth)来做某件事,这说明你勉强有能力做这件事 这个短语最早出现在《圣经中在《约伯记第19章第节中,约伯说:“My bone clings to my skin and to my flesh. And I have escaped by the skin of my teeth. 我的皮肉紧贴骨头,我只剩牙皮逃脱了 然而牙齿并没有皮肤,所以这一说法可能代指小、纤薄而不重要的东西 8 Bob's your uncle鲍勃是你叔叔 Bob's your uncle 是一句英国习语,意为轻而易举地做成某事 讲的是索尔兹伯里勋爵的裙带关系,在1886年,英国首相?加斯科?塞西尔(索尔兹伯里勋爵)任命亚瑟?贝尔福为爱尔兰布政司;而贝尔福是鲍勃最喜爱的侄子 9 kangaroo court袋鼠法庭 “袋鼠法庭”(kangaroo court)指的是美国潦草而不公正的审判程序 尽管袋鼠是澳大利亚独有的动物,但这句话始见于19世纪美国淘金热时期人们在法庭上会经常见到快速潦草的审判,而袋鼠是蹦跳着走路的,人们把袋鼠的蹦跳比作法庭省略程序的做法 win hands down垂着双手取胜 如果你“垂着双手取胜”(win hands down),说明你轻而易举地赢得了胜利在赛马中,如果一名骑手觉得自己胜券在握,就不需快马加鞭,而是可以“垂着双手”就赢得胜利这句习语迅速在体育圈之外流行了起来 eating humble pie吃了低级的派 该短语的意思是吃了一餐穷人的食物,如果你eating humble pie,这说明你为了低下的事而屈尊,或承认错误过去numbles(内脏)在英国指动物腰部的肉,内脏派是用动物腰肉做的肉馅饼久而久之a numble pie就演变成了an umble pie因为内脏馅饼是社会等级低的人或卑微的人吃的食物,而且单词umble和humble听起来很像,所以才演变为eating humble pie through the eye of the needle穿过针眼 如果你做不可能的事,那就是through the eye of the needle 在《圣经中耶稣说:“It is easier a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich person to get to heaven. 富人上天堂比骆驼穿过针眼还难 这句话记载在《马太福音第19章第节、《马可福音第章第5节,和《路加福音第18章第5节中 raining cats and dogs倾盆大雨 如果外面在“下猫和”(raining cats and dogs),说明雨下得很大 据历史记载,此短语是个押韵俗语,来形容: “an instance of rhyming slang after frogs were whipped into the air during a storm and came back down again with the rain. 青蛙在起风暴时被卷到天上,下雨时又随雨水摔到地面 另外一个出处可能是最早出现于9年的一句话(收录在《牛津英语词典中):“Instead of thunderboltes shooteth nothing but dogboltesor catboltes. 这下的哪里是雷雨,分明是在下铁钉 Dog bolts是铁螺钉,通常用来固定房门或院门,而cat bolts则通常被用来将几块木头固定在一起换句话说,这两个词将暴风雨比作从天上掉下来的重重的金属钉在某些情况下,省略bolt也许是因为玩笑,也许是因为说起来顺口

  研究表明:失恋33天不科学?周走出阴影 -01-3 :5:37 来源: A new study, aimed at discovering the positive effects of break-ups, has suggested it takes three months to get over arelationship falling apart.  一项致力于寻找分手积极作用的新研究发现,三个月的时间可以使人从一段破裂的感情中走出来  Research published in US magazine, The Journal of PositivePsychology, found that it takes weeks to feel the beneficialeffects of a relationship split.  这项研究刊登于美国杂志《积极心理学学刊,发现分手后周人们会感受到积极效果  This follows previous findings that it could take up to six months to be able to move on.  此前有研究称人们分手六个月后才能恢复正常生活  Gary Lewandowski and Nicole Bizzoco of Monmouth University, New Jersey, questioned 5 peoplewho had been through a break-up in the last six months.  新泽西州蒙莫斯大学的盖里?莱万多夫斯基(Gary Lewandowski)和尼克尔?比佐科(NicoleBizzoco)询问了5个在过去六个月内分手的人  They found that 71 per cent of people began to see the positives in the split in just a short periodof time.  他们发现71%的人在短时间内就已经开始看到分手的积极影响  Those who've made it through the initial three months after a break are described as having left'the recovery zone', a period of painful adjustment and healing.  三个月内走出阴影的被认为是摆脱了“恢复期”,这是一段充满痛苦和治愈的时期  Lewandowski and Bizzoco found that people started to feel better about themselves anddeveloped strong coping strategies beyond the week mark.  莱万多夫斯基和比佐科发现周后人们开始感觉良好并且变积极应对  However, this research may only apply to short term relationships. A different study thatquestioned how long it would take couples to get over a divorce found the time frame wassignificantly longer.  然而,这一研究只适用于短期关系另一项夫妻需多久走出离婚阴影的研究发现,这需要比周长很多的时间  Dating site Fifties.com found that it takes an average of 18 months to get over a marriagebreakdown, which is six times longer than Lewandowski and Bizzoco's estimate.  交友网站Fifties.com发现,婚姻破裂后人们平均需要18个月来恢复,是莱万多夫斯基和比佐科预计的六倍  This may be because a marriage is considered a more serious commitment. Of those questionedby the website one in six said they found it hard to deal with the feelings of failure.  这也许是因为婚姻更为严肃,该网站调查的人中,有六分之一表示他们难以面对失败的感觉  And while 3 per cent of people said that they felt a sense of relief when their divorce camethrough 31 per cent said that they still felt a sense of sadness.  3%的人表示自己离婚后感觉到了解脱,31%的人会感到沮丧  HOW TO GET OVER A SHOCK BREAK-UP  如何走出分手阴影  If you find yourself suddenly alone, don't despair. Relationship expert and self help guru Dr PamSpurr gives her tips healing the heartache...  如果你突然觉得孤独,不要失望,恋爱专家和自助专家帕姆?斯普尔(Pam Spurr)士给出了治疗心痛的意见:  1. Don't blame yourself  不要自责  Remind yourself regularly that the relationship ended because your partner had the problem withcommunicating, which was nothing to do with you. You were willing and able to talk about yourproblems but your partner couldn't deal with that... which is their loss.  经常提醒自己,你们关系的终结是由于对方不善于沟通,与你无关你愿意与对方探讨自己的问题,但他无力解决,这是他的损失  . Take up something new  找些新乐子  It's important that it's completely unrelated to your ex, and even better if it's something theydidn't want you to do! So many people who've had these sort of break-ups keep doing the samethings they did with their ex, which just increases their pain. Leave those things until much later,when the pain of the break-up has faded.  这些事必须与你的前任毫无关系,最好是他不愿让你做的事!很多人分手后做着和从前一样的事,这只会徒增痛苦,把那些事留到以后做吧,直到分手的痛苦消失  3. Date fun  为了开心去约会  Now's not the time to look another meaningful relationship. Enjoy your friends, go out withinteresting people, but put all thoughts of a replacement relationship out of your mind.  现在不是找新伴侣的时候,享受友谊,和有趣的人外出,但是不考虑寻找新的另一半  . Don't be a relationship bore  不要不停诉苦  Spend more time with your friends and family by all means, but try not to keep going over thebreak-up with them again and again. Much as they love you and want you to be happy, eventhey can't be expected to stick around if you're constantly going over the same ground. Youneed your friends, so don't scare them away!  多花些时间陪伴家人和朋友,不要一再诉说分手的痛苦他们爱你,希望你开心,不想听到你不停诉苦你需要朋友,所以不要吓走他们  5. Work on your 'I don't care' attitude  保持“我不在乎”的态度  Even if you do still deeply care about your ex, with practise this will really help speed up yourrecovery. Focus on all the annoying things they used to do; try and decide what used to irritateyou the most. Soon you'll be amazed to find you really don't care any more.  即使你很在意你的前任,“我不在乎”的态度也可以帮助你快速恢复关注他们所做的一切惹人烦的事情,选择一件最能激怒你的,很快你就会发现你不在乎(中国日报)世界末日:人类只有一年时间来应对超级火山喷发 -- 18::5 来源: 美国科学家通过对加州史前超级火山的研究,发现超级火山一旦要喷发时,人类可能只有一年的时间来逃命 If a super-eruption were to occur, the blast would launch enough ash into the atmosphere to disrupt weather years to follow, potentially causing famine, health crisis, and global civil unrest.如果一座超级火山即将喷发,那么爆炸将喷射出足够多的火山灰到大气之中,从而扰乱接下来多年的天气,有可能会造成饥荒、健康危机和全球动乱And leading up to the catastrophic event, the world would have just one year to prepare.而在迎来这一悲惨事件之前,人类仅仅只有一年的时间来准备应对Researchers have determined this based on a microscopic analysis of quartz crystals in pumice from the Bishop Tuff in Calinia, the site of a super-eruption 760,000 years ago.通过对加利福尼亚主教凝灰岩(76万年前此地曾发生过一场超级火山喷发)浮石中的石英晶体进行显微分析,研究者们确定了这一结论The ancient super-eruption in eastern Calinia med the Long Valley Caldera – a feature that is nearly miles long and miles wide.古代东加尼福利亚这场超级火山喷发形成了长谷火山口--约英里长,英里宽In the study, the researchers from Vanderbilt University and the University of Chicago analyzed dozens of small quartz crystals, remnants from the original underground magma, from the Bishop Tuff.在这项研究中,来自范德堡大学和芝加哥大学的研究者们分析了几十块小石英晶体,这些石英晶体采自主教凝灰岩,是地下岩浆喷射而出后的残余物质Quartz crystals have distinctive rims, they explain in a paper published to the journal Plos One, and are rich in titanium.研究者们在《Plos One期刊上发表了一篇论文,解释说这些石英晶体有不同的轮辋,并且富含钛Along with this, they are bright in cathodoluminescence, which allowed them to make high-resolution measurements of variation in the titanium, providing detailed insight on the transition from pre-eruptive crystallization to the decompression and crystallization at the time of the blast.除此之外,这些石英晶体还被置于阴极射线的照射下,从而使得研究者们可以得到钛物质变动的高精确测量,进而可以详细地观察到喷发前的晶体减压、在爆炸时结晶的转化过程This analysis helped to determine rim growth times and growth rates – revealing that these processes largely occurred in a span of less than a year.这项分析能够帮助确定轮辋的生长时间和生长率--而分析结果显示,这些过程大部分都发送在不到一年的时间里‘Maximum rim growth times span from approximately 1 minute to 35 years, with a median of approximately days,’ the authors wrote.作者们写道:“大部分轮辋的生长时间都在约1分钟到35年之间,其中中位数大约是天”‘More than 70 percent of rim growth times are less than 1 year, showing that quartz rims have mostly grown in the days to months prior to eruption...“超过70%轮辋的生长时间不足1年,这表明石英轮辋生长的时间大多截止到超级火山喷发前几个月…’Growth took place under conditions of high supersaturation suggesting that rim growth marks the onset of decompression and the transition from pre-eruptive to syn-eruptive conditions.’“轮辋生长只会发生在高度饱和的情况下,这表明轮辋的生长记录下了减压的开始时间,以及从爆发前到爆发时的情况变化”It takes tens of thousands of years the crust to generate enough eruptible magma, but once med, these unstable magma bodies only last centuries to a few millennia.地壳聚集足够喷发的岩浆需要数万年的时间,但是一旦准备完毕,这些不稳定的岩浆体就只会在地壳内存在几百年到几千年的时间As the decompression occurs, the magma body would likely be expanding as well, having detectable effects at the surface.一旦减压作用发生,岩浆体就有可能膨胀,并在地表产生明显的影响中国是否介意英国离开欧盟? --18 :3: 来源: 从中国在英国的财政投资和政治投入上来看,中国领导人和商界人士希望英国留在欧盟内 And the UK has become the second most popular destination Chinese investment in Europe, second only to Italy.而英国已成为中国在欧洲的投资,仅次于意大利的第二大热门的目的地Many investors worry that those economic ties will be damaged if Brexit occurs.许多投资者担心,如果英国退欧,这些经济联系将被损坏John Zai is one of them. Originally from Shanghai, he heads Cocoon Networks, a venture capital group that plans to invest in tech companies in Europe, primarily in the UK.约翰-翟就是其中之一来自上海,他是一家风险投资集团“茧网络”的带头人,计划在欧洲,主要是英国,投资高科技公司It’s just signed a -year lease on the mer London Stock Exchange and aims to transm it into Europe’s largest tech innovation centre.这家公司刚刚在前伦敦券交易所签署了一项年的租赁合同,计划要改造成欧洲最大的科技创新中心"If we can combine the European technology and the ideas with the Chinese money, the Chinese capital, it’s going to be crazy," he enthuses.“如果我们能够结合欧洲技术、创意和中国的钱,中国的资本,这就疯了,”他兴奋地说But those plans could all change if the UK votes to leave the EU.但如果英国投票离开欧盟,这些计划都可能改变"It’s going to probably cause a lot of problems, because Cocoon is a platm bridge between China and Europe.“这将很可能导致很多问题,因为茧网络是中国和欧洲之间的天桥”"It’s China and Europe, not China and the UK or China and London.“它是关乎中国和欧洲之间的,而不是中国和英国,或者中国和伦敦之间的”"Tech companies are really dependent on talent," he says. "If the UK leaves the EU, all this different talent from the EU, from all these different countries, they’re going to be gone.“高科技公司确实依赖于人才,”他说 “如果英国离开欧盟,这些来自欧盟,来自不同国家拥有不同天赋的人,将会离开”"People are always talking about how London is going to become a Silicon Valley but without all this talent, it’s not going to happen."“人们总是在谈论伦敦将如何成为一个硅谷,但没有这一切的天赋,这是不会发生的”Many hope the UK’s economy will flourish because of the close relationship between London and Beijing.许多人希望英国的经济因为伦敦和北京之间的密切关系将蓬勃发展Deals worth more than ?0bn (bn) were signed when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the UK last October.当中国国家主席习近平去年十月访问英国,签署了超过00亿英镑的交易During that visit, Mr Xi made his views clear: China supports a "ed EU".在那次访问期间,习近平明确地提出了自己的观点:中国持一个“团结的欧盟”"China definitely wants to sell more Chinese products into the European market, but they’d better do it from the eurozone really," says Philippe Le Corre, a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington.“中国肯定想要向欧洲市场卖出更多的中国产品,但他们真的最好在欧元区来做,” 华盛顿布鲁金斯学会客座研究员菲利普-乐-科尔说London would be less attractive to investors if it could offer only the UK market of 65 million people, rather than the 500 million across the EU, he says.伦敦对投资者的吸引力不会那么大,如果它只能提供650万人口的英国市场,而不是5000万的整个欧盟,他说"London would not lose its role as trader of renminbi but in terms of consumer products, big industries, even tourism, I believe London would be affected."“伦敦不会失去其作为人民币交易者的角色,但在消费产品,大产业,甚至是旅游方面,我相信伦敦会受到影响”But it’s not all about money.但这不是只和钱有关 Mr Xi, the EU referendum also carries political concerns.对于习近平,欧盟公投也有其政治考虑During his time in power, over almost four years, he’s fostered closerties with London - a counterbalance, perhaps, to China’s rockier relations elsewhere.在他执政的近四年来,他促进了与伦敦更紧密的关系——像是中国在别处关系坎坷的平衡点If the UK leaves the EU, Mr Xi’s judgement could be called into question.如果英国离开欧盟,习近平的判断可能受到质疑"There has been some criticism that he has been spending too much attention on ceremonial matters and diplomacy without concern the slowing Chinese economy at home," says Yu Jie, the China programme manager at the LSE Ideas think tank in London.“已经有一些批评说他在礼仪事项和外交方面花了太多的精力而不关心国内经济放缓的问题”,伦敦经济学院的构想智库的中国项目经理余杰说"So, if the UK leaves the EU, it won’t only undermine the Chinese relationship with the UK. It will also undermine Xi Jinping’s image as a steady leader because he’s betting on the wrong horse."“所以,如果英国离开欧盟,它不仅会损害中国同英国的关系,也将削弱习近平作为稳定的领导者的形象,因为他押错马了”Chinese entrepreneurs might also come to feel that they’ve bet on the wrong horse. Over tea at his private members’ club, Mr Zai admits to worries.中国的企业家也可能觉得自己在这场堵注上看走了眼在他的私人会员俱乐部的茶谈中,翟先生承认他的后顾之忧"I’m just afraid if we leave the EU, it’s going to be like an earthquake, like a huge earthquake. To be honest, I have no idea what’s going to happen. Personally, I’m quite nervous."“我只是害怕,如果我们离开欧盟,就像地震一样,像一场大地震说实话,我不知道会发生什么就个人而言,我很紧张”Nerves in London stretching all the way to the halls of power in Beijing.伦敦的神经一路延伸到中国的权力上面Some might argue that Chinese concerns shouldn’t matter and British voters will make their own decisions on EU membership.有些人可能会争辩说,中国的关注不重要,英国选民将在欧盟成员国问题上作出自己的决定But those who have invested financial and political capital in a closer relationship between China and the UK might be heading a few sleepless nights.但对于那些在中国和英国之间投资了财政和政治资本的人来说,可能要经历几个不眠之夜

  吃货的世界宝宝不懂 丽水一个夏天要吃掉十亿只知了 -- :3: 来源: 池塘边的榕树上,知了在声声叫着夏天……不由得哼起了这首歌的你,不知道还记不记得那烦人的知了?然而,现在,知了在丽水特别“危险”,一天要被吃掉上万斤 It may sounds like yet another "out-there" diet, but cicadas are actually one of the most popular summertime dishes in eastern China’s Zhejiang province, especially in the city of Lishui.知了,听起来像是又一道“黑暗料理”,然而,这可是中国东部浙江省夏季最流行的小吃,尤其是在丽水市“Cicadas are high in protein and low in fat; eating cicadas in appropriate quantities is also good plants and other flora. The only problem is that most of the cicadas people eat now are wild, so it is important to ensure that the cicadas are fully cooked in case of parasites,” said professor Mo Jianchu from Zhejiang University.浙江大学教授莫建初表示,“知了含高蛋白低脂肪,吃掉适量的知了对植物生长也有一定好处唯一的问题是,人们吃的大多数知了都是野生的,携带一些寄生虫,所以烹饪的时候一定要烧熟、烧透”Jiang Yongchun, a manager from a local food company, explained that people in rural Lishui have been eating cicadas many years. Around the end of 1980s, cicadas become a common dish in restaurants. Usually it is a seasonal dish, served from June to September.当地食品公司总经理蒋永春表示,丽水农村很早就有人吃蝉,从上世纪80年代末开始,蝉出现在了酒店的菜谱上吃蝉的季节性很强,基本在6月到9月During busy times, Jiang said he can sell over 1 ton of cicadas in one day. There are at least six to seven cicada dealers in Lishui, and their daily sales total is between 6 and 7.5 tons. According to these statistics, people in Lishui consume billions of cicadas in the roughly 80 days of "cicada season."蒋永春说,旺季时知了每天的批发量达1千多公斤在丽水,专门从事知了批发生意的有6到7家,每天的批发量共1.万至1.5万斤初步估算,6月到9月80天的“知了季”里,丽水人会吃掉上亿只知了Because of this extensive consumption, the cicadas people eat in Lishui come also from Quzhou, and even some places in Jiangxi province.随着消费量增大,丽水了这几年还转向浙江衢州甚至江西等地收购“Capturing cicadas in appropriate amounts is actually good the growth of vegetation, though overconsumption does have an impact on the ecological chain. But so far the population has not been influenced, since the cicadas are not only from Lishui but also other places,” professor Mo explained.莫教授解释说,“适量的捕食知了对蔬菜的生长还是有利的,尽管过量消费确实会对生态链产生影响不过,由于知了不仅来自丽水,还来自其他地方,迄今为止,未受到影响”荐片:七月不容错过的国外大片(上) -- :: 来源:chinadaily No. 1: Ghostbusters 《捉鬼敢死队 This female-led reboot attracted criticism well bee the film was even made–with its co-writer Kate Dippold telling The Telegraph that “They said it was the worst movie ever bee I’d written a word.”When the original film came out 3 years ago, it too was poorly received and only became a cult hit over time. As B Culture’s critic Nicholas Barber argues, “the fans who insist that the Ghostbusters should be male have misunderstood the classic comedy they claim to revere”. The characters “were a different breed of hero…out-of-shape academics in crumpled, slime-smeared jumpsuits”. 这部以女性为主导的翻拍电影在开拍前就饱受诟病,联合编剧凯特?迪波尔特对《每日电讯报透露道,“在我还没开始写之前,人们就说这是一部最糟糕的电影”3年前,《捉鬼敢死队第一部问世,当时影片反响冷淡,多年来也仅受到非主流一族的追捧英国广播公司文化家尼古拉斯?巴伯说道,“有粉丝坚持认为捉鬼敢死队成员应为男性,这本身就是对他们宣称自己推崇的这部经典喜剧电影的一种误解”这些人物“是一种另类英雄……这些学者体型走样,穿着皱巴巴,黏糊糊,脏兮兮的连体裤” This time around, the academics in jumpsuits are played by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones; there are cameos from original cast members including Sigourney Weaver, Dan Ackroyd and Bill Murray. Director Paul Feig once again teams up with McCarthy and Wiig after his hit Bridesmaids, and addressing the backlash, he has said:“I think the cast is so good, and they can stand in the footsteps of who came bee.” On general release from July. 这一次,梅丽莎?麦卡西,克里斯汀?韦格,凯特?迈克金农和莱斯利?琼斯扮演穿着连体裤的学者;有一些配角来自于原班人马,包括西格妮?韦弗,丹?艾克洛伊德和比尔?默里保罗?费格导演了年风靡一时的电影《最爆伴娘团,在这以后他再次和麦卡西和韦格联手,他对质疑声作出了反击,说道:“我认为演员阵容极佳,她们能够追上前辈们的脚步”七月十二号全面上映 No. : Cafeacute; Society 《咖啡公社 Woody Allen’s latest feature opened the Cannes Film Festival to mixed reviews–but drew praise its permances. Set in the 1930s, it stars Jesse Eisenberg as a New Yorker who moves to LA and falls his uncle’s secretary (Kristen Stewart). According to B Culture’s critic Nicholas Barber,“ Stewart has the glow of a bona fide 1930s bombshell while retaining her characteristically sheepish, down-to-earth persona”, while“Eisenberg is one of the most natural of Woody proxies”. 伍迪?艾伦的新作作为开幕片为年戛纳电影节揭幕,收到的褒贬不一,但其表演却大受好评故事背景是在上世纪30年代的纽约,主演杰西?艾森伯格饰演一个搬到洛杉矶的纽约人,他爱上了叔叔的秘书(克里斯汀?斯图尔特饰)英国广播公司文化家尼古拉斯?巴伯说道,“斯图尔特浑身上下都散发着上世纪30年代性感尤物的光辉,从她身上可以看出那个年代羞怯和朴实的人物形象”,而“艾森伯格是伍迪镜头下最自然的角色之一” The Times calls him “an Allen mini-me, an Allen avatar. From his hunched, put-upon shoulders to his nervous, rapid-fire delivery, Eisenberg gives us vintage Woody”. Despite being criticised not matching the director’s best works, the film was described as “gentle, whimsical and sumptuously shot” by The Independent, which claims that “even if Allen’s energy levels may be dipping, he still knows just how to mix the comedy and the pathos.”Released July in Thailand, July in the US and 1 July in Russia. 《泰晤士报称他为“迷你版的艾伦,艾伦的化身从他蜷缩的,饱受摧残的肩膀到他紧张的,快速的演讲,艾森伯格带给我们一个最棒的伍迪”尽管有批评说道,这部影片比不上导演最佳的作品,它仍被《独立报评价是一部“文雅,异想天开,奢华的影片”,宣称“尽管伍迪随着年龄增大,身体状况可能不如从前,但他仍然懂得如何将悲痛穿插在喜剧之中”本片七月十四日在泰国上映,七月十五日在美国上映,七月二十一日在俄罗斯上映 No. 3: Tale of Tales 《故事的故事 “Once upon a time there were three neighbouring kingdoms each with a magnificent castle, from which ruled kings and queens, princes and princesses. One king was a nicating libertine, another captivated by a strange animal, while one of the queens was obsessed by her wish a child.”The billing Tale of Tales gives a clue as to the timbre of a film populated by “sorcerers and fairies, fearsome monsters, ogres and old washerwomen, acrobats and courtesans” –played by a strong ensemble cast that includes Salma Hayek, John C Reilly, Toby Jones and Vincent Cassel. “从前,有三个邻国,每一个王国都有一座富丽堂皇的城堡,受国王王后,王子公主的统治一位国王是与人私通的浪荡子,另一位国王被一种奇怪的动物所迷惑,还有一位王后迫切地想要个孩子”《故事的故事演员表给我们提供了线索,从影片的音色中可以判断出人物众多,包括萨尔玛?海耶克,约翰?瑞里,托比?琼斯和文森特?卡塞尔在内的强大的演员阵容饰演了“巫师和仙女,可怕的怪物,食人魔和年老的洗衣女工,杂技演员和交际花” A loose interpretation of the tales of the Italian poet Giambattista Basile, it’s a worthy addition to the recent glut of fairy tale films: B Culture’s Rebecca Laurence believes it presents a fresh angle. According to The Times, “The adult fairytale is a freakish, hybrid, disturbing creature, mostly gotten in these days of Disney sanitisation, but Tale of Tales resurrects the genre with surreal humour and gothic horror.” Released 3 July in Germany, 6 July in Switzerland and July in New Zealand. 意大利诗人吉姆巴地斯达?巴西耳对此发表了极具包容性的见解,尽管最近童话类电影市场饱和、供过于求,但这部影片的仍有上映价值:英国广播公司文化部的丽贝卡?劳伦斯认为这部影片代表了一种全新的角度据英国《泰晤士报报道,“成人童话是异想天开的,混合多种因素的,令人烦扰的,对童话的多数记忆都停留在迪士尼时期,但《故事的故事运用超现实主义的幽默和哥特式的恐怖使这种艺术类型得以复兴”本片七月三日在德国上映,七月六日在瑞士上映,七月二十八在新西兰上映 No. : Toni Erdmann 《托尼?厄德曼 “Based on a really brilliant , you have a comedy of manners and of family life at the same time–and then it is brilliantly acted,” Verena Leuken of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung told B Culture’s editor Matthew Anderson at the Cannes Film Festival, where Toni Erdmann was one of the favourites to win the Palme d’Or. At its first press screening in Cannes, the film was greeted by critics with laughter and spontaneous applause, and it’s since been showered with five-star reviews. 《法兰克福汇报的维丽娜?露文肯在戛纳电影节上向英国广播公司文化部的编辑马修?安德森说道,“电影的剧本很棒,这既是一部风尚喜剧,也涉及家庭生活——这也就成就了一部优秀的影片”,《托尼?厄德曼作为最受欢迎的影片之一赢得了金棕榈奖这部影片在戛纳初登荧屏之时,批评家就对其报以欢快的笑声和自发的掌声,从此以后这部影片一直沐浴着五星级影评的光辉 Telling the story of a father (Peter Simonischek) who disguises himself as a‘life coach’to get closer to his daughter (Sandra Huuml;ller), a busy corporate strategist, it’s the third feature in years from German writer-director Maren Ade. 故事讲述的是一位父亲(皮特?西蒙尼谢克饰)伪装成一位人生导师去接近他的女儿(桑德拉?乌勒饰),他的女儿是一位忙碌的企业战略家,这是德国编导马伦?艾达十三年中拍摄的第三部故事片 Time Out praised it a“sly evocation of the absurdities and banalities of modern life”, whileThe Telegraph said that“The film’s sweetness and bitterness are held so perfectly in balance, and realised with such sinew-stiffening intensity, that watching it feels like a three-hour sports massage your heart and soul.”There is plenty to provoke thoughts among the laughs, too.“It has some serious things to say about family dynamics, about the pressures that professional women face, and how working too much can hollow us out,” says Anderson. Released July in Germany, July in Austria and 1 July in Switzerland. Time Out称其“淘气得唤起了现代生活中的谬论和陈腐”,而《每日电讯报“这部影片很好地平衡了甜蜜与苦涩,实现了环环相扣的紧张情节,看这部电影给你带来的精神上的冲击与看一场三小时的体育运动别无二致”在欢笑声中也引起来许多思考安德森说:“这部影片有其严肃之处,讲述了如何维持家庭活力,职业女性承担的压力以及过量的工作是如何将我们压垮”七月十四日在德国上映,七月十五日在奥地利上映,七月二十一日在瑞士上映 No. 5: Absolutely Fabulous 《荒唐阿姨 One of the first comedies to skewer our current celebrity culture, Absolutely Fabulous emerged as a sketch on the show French amp; Saunders bee becoming one of the most successful sitcoms of the 1990s. Some have argued it was best left in that decade–and writer and actor Jennifer Saunders, who stars as Edina alongside Joanna Lumley as Patsy, admits the media landscape has changed.“It is a different beast”, Saunders told The Independent.“The idea of PR now is that anyone can do it. Anyone can review a film, anyone can get their stuff online, so it is a very different world.” 《荒唐阿姨是首批讽刺时下名流文化的喜剧之一,最初出现在电视剧《弗兰奇和桑德斯中,当时只是一部滑稽短剧,之后《荒唐阿姨便成为上世纪九十年代最成功的情景喜剧之一一些人说这是那个年代最成功的影片——作者兼演员詹妮弗?桑德斯饰演埃迪娜,而乔安娜?拉姆利则饰演帕琪桑德斯承认媒体格局已经发生了变化“这和以前不同了”,桑德斯告诉《独立报“现在任何人都可以做公关任何人都可以电影,任何人都可以从网上得到他们想要的东西,这是一个非常不同的世界” Yet despite that, she believes they have created a story that is relevant today.“I think the film reflects the fact that Patsy and Eddy don’t survive so well in that world because they're not in control of it anymore.” The film has more than 60 cameos, including Rebel Wilson, Jon Hamm, Joan Collins, Barry Humphries, and Kate Moss–according to Saunders, the only person to turn down a role was Barack Obama. On general release from 1 July. (Credit: David Appleby) 但是尽管如此,她仍相信他们创作了一个与现今密切相关的故事“我认为这部影片反映了一个事实,帕齐和艾迪不能在那个世界中生活的很好,因为她们不再能够控制自己的命运”这部电影有60多个配角,包括瑞贝尔?威尔森,乔?汉姆,琼?考林斯,巴里?汉弗莱斯和凯特?丝——据桑德斯所说,贝拉克?奥巴马是唯一拒绝出演的人七月一日全面上映

  财富500强 京东打败阿里上榜(双语) --30 18::1 来源:sohu 最近发布的《财富世界500强名单,1家中国企业上榜,其中家黑马企业首次上榜,包括制造业大头中国中车股份有限公司、电子商务巨头京东、家电制造商美的集团和房地产开发商万达集团 A record 1 Chinese companies have squeezed onto the latest tune Global 500 list, of which made their debut, including manufacturing powerhouse China Railway Rolling Stock Corp, e-commerce juggernaut JD.com, home appliance maker Midea and property developer Wanda. 专家分析,更多的中国企业能够上榜实属情理之中我国在制造业改造升级、大力促进创新和驱动消费方面做出了不懈努力随着中国在电子商务、和房地产领域的巨大市场潜力的提升,从中受益的更多相关企业会进入《财富世界500强名单 Experts said that it is not surprising more Chinese companies to be listed, because of the country's relentless efts to upgrade manufacturing, boost innovation and drive consumption. As more technology and commerce companies and benefit from China's tremendous market potential in e-commerce, entertainment and real estate segments, they will make the tune Global 500 list. 在首次上榜《财富世界500强的中国企业中,京东以8 亿 5000 万的年度收入排在第366位 专家解释,;京东的上榜明了中国电子移动商务产业的飞速成长京东本身就是电子商务运营的巨头,而阿里巴巴更像是为众多网店务的务提供商,这就是为什么阿里巴巴的年收入没有京东那么多的原因中国未来将成为最大的电子商务消费市场,并逐渐形成一个以消费者为导向的新型商业模式” Among the debut tune Global 500 companies from China, JD.com ranks at 366, with revenue reaching $.85 billion last year. ;It is not a surprise, given how quickly China e-commerce has been growing ,; Xu said. JD.com positions itself as a self-managing e-commerce giant. Alibaba acts more like a service provider to numerous online shops, which is why Alibaba's revenue is not as huge as JD.com's. China will become the largest e-commerce and consumption market and will nurture a new consumer-centric ecosystem, expert said. 名单中还有其他几个引人注目的企业,万科以93 亿 3000 万的年收入排在第356名,房地产巨头大连万达集团排在第385名,恒大地产集团排在第96名 China Vanke debuted on the list at 356, with annual revenue of .33 billion, followed by real estate giants Dalian Wanda Group at 385 and Evergrande Real Estate Group at 96. 首次上榜全球财富500强的十二家中国企业名单: Twelve Chinese companies have appeared on the tune Global 500 list the first time 66 中国中车股份有限公司CRRC 9 中国船舶工业集团公司 China State Shipbuilding 356 中国万科China Vanke 366 京东 JD.com 381 中国航天科技集团公司China Aerospace Science and Industry 385 大连万达集团 Dalian Wanda Group 中国电子科技集团公司 China Electronics Technology Group 7 新中国人寿保险 New China Life Insurance 73 长江和记实业有限公司 CK Hutchison Holdings 81 美的集团 Midea Group 95 万洲国际集团 WH Group 96 恒大地产集团Evergrande Real Estate Group English Source: China Daily

  美国史上最惨击案——佛罗里达同志酒吧遭袭 -- ::7 来源: 据警方消息,这起发生在佛罗里达州奥兰多市一同志酒吧的击案,截至发稿时已造成至少人死亡,约人受伤 At least people have been killed and some injured in a shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, police say.据警方消息,这起发生在佛罗里达州奥兰多市一同志酒吧的击案,已造成至少人死亡,约人受伤Orlando Police said officers entered the Pulse Club about three hours after the shooting unfolded - and killed the gunman, who had taken hostages.奥兰多市警方称,击发生约3小时后警方进入Pulse酒吧,杀死了劫持人质的手They called it an act of terrorism, but said they did not yet know if it was domestic or international.警方称这场行动是恐怖主义袭击,但他们目前并不清楚这是国内组织还是国际组织所为Relatives have been gathering at local hospitals desperate news.伤者家属们正聚集在医院焦急地等待消息Many had received calls and texts from loved ones inside the club as the siege began, and some have heard nothing since.在袭击开始的时候,许多人收到了爱人的电话和短信,有些人至今没有收到任何消息Live updates实时更新Orlando Police Chief John Mina said the attack began at :00 (:00 GMT) and a police officer on duty at the club exchanged gunfire with the gunman.奥兰多市警察局长John Mina称袭击发生在凌晨两点(:00 GMT),当时有一名警察正在值班,在俱乐部与手交火The attacker then entered the club and a "hostage situation" unfolded, he said.他说,袭击者随后进入俱乐部,并挟持了人质Chief Mina said a decision was taken at :00 to send a police assault team into the club after receiving texts and phone calls from some of the hostages.警察局长Mina在收到一些人质发来的短信和打来的电话后,决定:00派警察突击进入俱乐部"Our SWAT officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect, the suspect is dead," he said.他说,“我们的突击队员与嫌犯交火,射杀了嫌犯”"He appeared to be carrying an assault-type rifle and a handgun, and had some type of device on him."“嫌犯携带有一把突击式步和一把手,在他身上还有一些其他类型的设备”An FBI spokesman said they were investigating whether the attacker was a "lone wolf". He said the attacker appeared to "have leanings towards" radical Islamist ideology but it was not yet clear whether this was a case of domestic or international terrorism.联邦调查局发言人说,他们正在调查袭击者是否是匹“独狼”他说,袭击者似乎“倾向于”激进的伊斯兰思想,但这是不是一个国内国际恐怖主义案件尚未明确At least bodies have been found in the club itself, and some people have been taken to hospital to be treated their injuries, Chief Mina said.警察局长Mina说,在俱乐部已经发现具尸体,约名伤员已被送至医院进行治疗A clubber earlier described a situation of chaos outside as the number of casualties became apparent.据一个在俱乐部的人描述,从外面的混乱情况就可以看出伤亡惨重"There were just bodies everywhere," Christopher Hansen said. "In the parking lot, they were tagging them - red, yellow - so they knew who to help first and who not help first. Pants down, shirts cut off, they had to find the bullets. Just blood everywhere."“到处都是尸体,” Christopher Hansen说“在停车场里,他们把伤亡者标记成红色,黄色,以便知道先对谁进行救助脱下裤子,剪开衬衫,他们必须找到子弹到处都是血”Some of the injured were reportedly brought to the Orlando Regional Medical Center in police pick-ups.据报道,一些伤者被警察的皮卡车送到了奥兰多地区医疗中心More than 0 people were reported to have been enjoying the end of a Latin-themed night in the club, which calls itself the hottest gay bar in the city, when the attack began.据报道, 当袭击开始时,0多人正在这家该市最火爆的同性恋酒吧里享受拉丁舞主题夜的终场部分"We heard rapid fire go off. In the room I was in, people went down to the floor. I wasn’t able to see the shooter or people get hurt," Ricardo Negron Almodovar told B News.Ricardo Negron Almodovar 对B的记者说,“我们听到声后就迅速离开了我所在的房间里,人们四处逃窜我没能够看到手和是受伤的人”"At some point, there was a brief pause, and a group of us got up and went to the exit that leads to the patio area outside. We found an exit and after that... I just ran."“在某个时刻,出现了短暂的停顿,然后我们一群人站了起来,跑向通往外面天井区域的出口我们在找到一个出口以后,我就光顾着跑”According to the Mass Shooting Tracker, the US last year suffered 37 mass shootings, defined as a single incident that kills or injures four or more people. Some 75 people were killed and 1,870 wounded.根据大型击案的记录,将一起事故中伤亡人数超过人定义为大型击案的话,去年在美国发声了37起造成约75人死亡和1870人受伤The latest incident came as Orlando was still reeling from the fatal shooting on Friday night of -year-old singer Christina Grimmie following a concert in the city.奥兰多最近一起击案发生在周五晚上,岁的歌手Christina Grimmie在举办一场演唱会后遭击身亡She had been signing autographs when she was shot by 6-year-old Kevin James Loibl, who then killed himself. It is not clear what Loibl’s motive was.当她被6岁的Kevin James Loibl杀时,她正在为歌迷签名,Kevin James Loibl随后自杀身亡,他的杀人动机还在调查中。

  热到飞起的相关表达 --30 18::33 来源:chinadaily 为了不辜负这美好的天气(呵呵哒),今天给大家整一整:除了it’s so hot以外,还有哪些英语可以形容热得飞起?! It’s ridiculously hot. 简直热得离谱 ridiculously adv.可笑地,荒谬地,离谱地 用ridiculously来形容hot,热得不正常、热得离谱!用这句话来形容这两天的天气,简直太符合我的心情了! It’s scorching. 都要被烤焦了 scorch,把……烧焦;scorching,灼热的用scorching形容三伏天正午的毒太阳,太贴切了! Trees and grass are parched. 树和草都被烤干了 parch,焦干、烤干 友情提示:容易脱水的小动物,和人类,这几天请乖乖待在空调房里不要出门 This damn weather is totally a torture. 这鬼天气完全就是个折磨! 当然,这一句用在冷天也行 It’s hot as hell. 真的热到要死了! hell, 地狱,外国人常用hell来表示十分讨厌的东西,或愤怒的情绪 如:What the hell are you doing?你到底在干嘛? 在这里的as hell 表示“很、非常、极其” It’s hot as the inferno. 这简直就是炼狱的温度! inferno,地狱、地狱之火、炼狱——地狱的升级版 It’s hot as the apocalypse. 简直热得像末日 apocalypse n.天启,大灾难 说到“天启”,你有没有想起前段时间大火的电影《X战警:天启呢?它的英译名就是《X-Men: APOCALYPES电影中的大反派boss天启,带来的就是一种毁灭现世的末日力量apocalypse,这下记住了吧? Damn it! It's hot as the apocalypse! It’s smotheringly hot. 热得令人窒息 smother,使窒息 smotheringly,令人窒息地 The temperature is too high. 温度实在太高了 The heat and humidity are record-breaking. 热度和湿度都破纪录了 这句话简直太适合上海(南方)了!又热又湿,浑身流汗不蒸发黏糊糊的好难受! The heat wave is unbearable. 这种热浪真是没法忍 说到热浪,友情提示: 出门在外远离汽车:车内空调开的爽,车外热浪受不鸟! The sun blazes down from a cloudless sky. 太阳从没有云的天空中直射下来 Blaze作名词讲的时候是“火焰”、“强烈的光”,作动词的时候指光芒的“照射”,它比shine要强烈得多 One could fry eggs on the sidewalk. 人行道上都能煎鸡蛋了 It is like being put into a hot oven. 就像是被扔进了火炉 出空调房时的感受 The sun is so violent. 太阳太猛了 太阳如此毒辣,简直就是赤果果的暴力! The sun is blazing today. 今天阳光太强了 blaze一词前文有讲过,还记得吗? It’s so hot that steam rises up from the tarred streets. 太热了,柏油马路都起热霾了 对你没看错,是热!霾! The black top is almost smoking. 柏油路面简直都要冒烟了 友情提示——沥青熔点:68deg;C 咳咳,顺便学个表达——black top表示沥青路面 I feel like my skin is on fire from the sun. 我觉得我的皮肤被太阳照得都着火了 No one could bear to be outside in such a hot day. 这么热的天,没人能受得了呆在外面 说得好,出门就是作死…… The sun’s rays feel like a million hot needles. 阳光感觉就像数以万计灼热的针 Even the breeze is hot. 就连吹来的风都是热的 这句话我表示感同身受!今天比昨天好多了,有风! 然而并没有什么用,因为风!是!热!的! It’s as if it’s on fire. 热得就像着火了一样 The day is burning. 这一天热得都要烧起来了 Things are wavy. 热得整个世界都花了 wavy,多浪的,波动起伏的…… 热得我眼冒金星意识模糊……整个世界都花了……

  朝鲜代表抵京,六方会谈有望重启 -- :: 来源: 朝鲜六方会谈副代表崔善姬日抵达中国,参加日至3日在北京举行的“东北亚合作对话会” A North Korean diplomat who was part of the so-called six-party talks aimed at ending the country’s nuclear program arrived on Monday in China, where she is expected to attend a um in which the U.S. nuclear envoy will take part, Japan’s Kyodo news agency said.一位旨在结束朝鲜核试验的六方会谈的朝鲜外交官周一抵达中国,将参加美国特使也会参加的论坛,日本共同社称If the diplomat does take part, it would be a rare gathering of experts from the six countries, coming weeks after Chinese President Xi Jinping said he would like to see the six-party talks resume.如果该官员参加会谈,将会是六国的罕见相聚,几周前,习近平主席说希望看到六方会谈再次启动Isolated North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test in January and a long-range rocket launch the following month in defiance of U.N. resolutions, prompting the U.N. Security Council to impose new sanctions.特立独行的朝鲜在一月份展开了第四次核试验,并无视联合国的决议,在接下来的月份发射了长射程火箭,引起联合国安理会实施新制裁China, reclusive North Korea’s only major ally, has been angered by its nuclear and missile programs. Xi said in April China wanted to see a resumption of the six-party talks, which have been stalled since .中国作为受到孤立的朝鲜的唯一盟友,被其核计划和导弹计划激怒习近平在四月份表示,中国希望恢复六方会谈,该会谈自年陷入僵局The North Korean diplomat, Choe Son Hui, is deputy director-general of the North Korean eign Ministry’s U.S. affairs bureau, according to South Korea. She was a delegate to the stop-start six-party nuclear talks, hosted by China.朝鲜官员崔善姬是朝鲜外交部美国事务局的副局长,据韩国消息她是由中国主持的走走停停的六方会谈的代表Choe was expected to attend the closed-door Northeast Asia Cooperation Dialogue in Beijing, hosted by the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation at the University of Calinia, San Diego, Kyodo said.崔善姬将参加北京举行的“东北亚合作对话会”,该会议由圣地亚哥加利福尼亚大学的全球矛盾与合作中心主持,共同社报道The annual dialogue is an inmal multilateral conference attended by government officials and scholars from the ed States, South Korea, Japan, Russia and China, the five countries involved in the six-party talks along with North Korea.这个一年一度的对话是非正式多边会议,来自美国,韩国,日本,俄罗斯和中国的政府官员和学者都有参加,这五个国家与朝鲜一起是六方会谈的国家"We hope that this conference can make a meaningful inquiry into the relevant cooperation issues in northeast Asia," Chinese eign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters in Beijing.“我们希望该会议是东北亚的相关合作问题作有意义的探索,”中国外交部发言人华春莹告诉北京记者The U.S. State Department said last week that Sung Kim, the U.S. special representative North Korea policy, would attend the um in Beijing.美国国务院上周表示,美国在朝鲜政策的特别代表Sung Kim将参加北京的论坛Kyodo said Japan may also send its top nuclear negotiator.共同社称日本也可能派遣其高级核问题谈判者参加State Department spokesman John Kirby said on Monday that Kim has no plans to meet with his North Korean counterparts during the session.美国国务院发言人John Kirby周一称,Kim在这次会议上没有与韩国与会者见面的计划It was unclear if Choe would hold separate meetings with officials from other countries.崔善姬是否会与其他国家的官员分别会面仍不清楚Choe attended a security conference in in China, but no representatives from North Korea have taken part since, according to the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation.崔善姬于年参加了中国的安全会议,但之后没有朝鲜代表参与过会议,据全球矛盾和合作中心介绍The visit comes after career diplomat Ri Su Yong, one of North Korea’s highest-profile officials, visited China and held a rare meeting with Xi.该访问是继朝鲜最高级别的官员之一朝鲜外相李洙墉访问中国并与习近平进行罕见会面之后的又一访问

  陈妍希陈晓婚礼大揭秘 阿娇陈乔恩抢眼 -- 18::35 来源:sohu 小笼包女神结婚啦! 7月19日,台湾女演员陈妍希和中国内地男演员陈晓在北京怀柔雁栖湖畔某五星级大酒店举行了婚礼,现场明星云集,有超过300名宾客前来道贺曾经陪伴我们走过“青春”的小笼包女神陈妍希穿着唯美白色婚纱,乘船入场,美若仙子婚礼现场温馨浪漫,新人现场甜蜜热吻,新娘几度感动落泪画面真挚感人,就连小编都想嫁了! Taiwan actress Michelle Chen has tied the knot with her actor boyfriend Chen Xiao in a lavish wedding in Beijing on July 19th. The couple met while shooting the period television drama, ;The Romance of the Condor Heroes.; Their on-screen romance continued off-screen and they went public with their relationship last year. They also recently revealed that Chen is pregnant with their first child. The happy couple wore traditional Chinese costumes during the tea ceremony, where they knelt down in front of their parents to serve tea. A fairy-tale wedding ceremony followed at a five star hotel. 婚礼现场,新人含情脉脉的交换戒指,平时被网友们调侃为“小笼包”的陈妍希穿上婚纱也是美不胜收 陈晓告白新娘,神情略显紧张呢 陈妍希、陈晓与双方父母合照,场面十分温馨 陈晓的伴郎团,是不是很有型呢? 伴娘团伴郎团阵容强大,个个都是美女帅哥,阿娇和陈乔恩很抢镜 还记得这身金色的中式礼吗? 来自郭培的定制款新郎这么用心,估计新娘陈妍希一定美得不要不要的 近日,这对夫妻的婚纱照也甜蜜曝光啦简约优雅的礼也传递了两人对爱情真诚而坚定的态度 Just prior to the wedding, the couple released their wedding photos. 恭喜天下有情人终成眷属,杨过和小龙女在一起果然是最好的故事结局 图片来自网络 实习 张亦冰

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