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厦门去疤的店集美区祛疤手术多少钱Are you y for 2013?为2013年做好准备了吗?Most financial-planning advice, like most New Year#39;s resolutions, is too complex or too banal.大多数财务规划建议就像大多数新年许愿一样,不是太复杂就是太平庸。Half of it is designed for Type-A drill sergeants who aly alphabetize their refrigerators. The other half you#39;ve heard before.一半的建议是专为具有A型人格的军事操练教官设计的,这些人已经按字母顺序给冰箱里的食物排好了序。另一半你已经听说过了。Let#39;s assume you are aly paying off your credit cards, contributing to your 401(k) at work and flossing after every meal.让我们假设你已经还清了信用卡债务,缴纳了养老保险,每次用餐后都用牙线清洁了牙缝。Here are six unusual, and doable, smart money moves for the new year.以下是为来年准备的六条虽不寻常但却可行的聪明理财建议。1 Work out your biggest savings goal.1. 弄清你的最大储蓄目标Many people working today are likely to live for three decades after they become eligible for Social Security, but few of them have a clue what that means financially.目前还在工作的人在他们有资格领取社会保障金之后还有可能再活30年,但他们中很少有人明白这在经济上意味着什么。Just 42% of working-age Americans have even tried to calculate what they will need in retirement, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank.华盛顿智库员工福利研究所(Employee Benefit Research Institute)说,处于工作年龄的美国人仅有42%曾经尝试过计算退休后需要多少钱。The grim reality: 60% of them have less than ,000 saved up, excluding the value of their home, and 30% have less than ,000. Good luck with that.严峻的现实是:其中60%的人储蓄不到2.5万美元(不含房屋价值),30%的人储蓄不到1,000美元。祝你好运。How much will you need? To replace your current income for 30 years, you would need -- assuming an investment return of three percentage points above inflation -- about 20 times one year#39;s income. Social Security aims to replace about 40% of your annual income: By that yardstick you would need to save about 12 times your annual income before you retire.你需要多少钱养老?按照你目前的收入水平,退休后再活30年,你需要的资金大概是一年收入的20倍(假设投资收益率比通胀率高三个百分点)。社会保障金大致相当于你年收入的40%。按照这一标准衡量,你在退休前的储蓄量应该约为你年收入的12倍。For a more precise number, use the Social Security Administration#39;s retirement estimator. Subtract your expected annual benefit from your current yearly pay, and multiply by 20.想要知道一个更精确的数字,可以使用社会安全局(Social Security Administration)提供的退休评估器。从你目前的年薪中减去你预期能领取的年度福利金,将差值乘以20就是退休后需要的资金。2 Ramp up your investments.2. 增加投资Open a Roth individual retirement account, if you don#39;t have one aly. You can invest up to ,000 for 2012 and ,500 for 2013 and a nonworking spouse can invest the same. If you are older than 50, add ,000.开设一个罗斯(Roth)个人退休帐户(如果你还没有的话)。2012年你最多可投资5,000美元,2013年最多可投5,500美元。没有工作的配偶也能投资相同数额。如果你年龄大于50岁,再增加1,000美元投资。Then invest some money in a fund, such as the WisdomTree Emerging Markets Small Cap Dividend exchange-traded fund (DGS), specializing in smaller-company stocks in emerging markets. It shouldn#39;t be the whole of your portfolio, but it should be in there. This is likely to be a volatile growth investment.然后将部分资金投资一只基金,如专注投资新兴市场小型股的交易所买卖基金WisdomTree Emerging Markets Small Cap Dividend ETF。这虽然不该是你投资组合的全部,但应该成为其中的一个部分。这可能是一项波动性较大的增长投资。Emerging markets offer the best overall returns of any investment at the moment, according to two groups of experts who successfully predicted the last two financial crises: Research Affiliates, the investment advisory firm founded by Robert Arnott, and GMO, the fund company co-founded by Jeremy Grantham. GMO estimates that emerging markets offer an investment return over seven years of 50% plus inflation, handsomely beating any rival asset class.据两组成功预测过去两次金融危机的专家介绍,眼下新兴市场所能提供的整体回报是所有投资中最高的。这两组专家所供职的机构分别是Research Affiliates和GMO。前者是罗伯特·阿诺特(Robert Arnott)成立的一家投资咨询公司。后者是杰瑞米·格雷森(Jeremy Grantham)与他人共同创立的基金公司。GMO估计,如果算上通胀率,新兴市场在七年内提供的投资回报率可以达到50%,轻松击败任何与之竞争的资产类别。3 Try homemade month.3. 试着在家做饭一个月Say goodbye to the soy chai lattes, burritos, pastas primavera and Overflowing Bucket O#39; Fries (a genuine bar food item spotted in Boston). Pick a month -- any month -- and try not eating out at all, for breakfast, lunch or dinner.向豆奶印度拿铁、卷饼、蔬菜意大利面和Overflowing Bucket O的炸薯条(波士顿常见的一种酒吧食品)说再见吧。试着挑一个月(随便哪个月)完全在家用餐,早午晚三餐均是如此。It#39;s not easy. But these meals add up.要做到这点并不容易,但省下的餐费可不少。It costs you to get a sandwich at work for lunch. It would cost you in ingredients, and five minutes of time, to make that sandwich at home. Do you earn an hour, after tax? If so, you can ignore the rest of this article. If not, try making the sandwich.工作日买一个三明治当午餐要花10美元。然而在家做一个三明治的话,购买食材只需要两美元,制作三明治仅需五分钟。你的工资能达到每小时96美元吗,而且还是税后?如果能,这部分你就不用看了。如果不能,尝试自己做三明治吧。Financial planners say that when new clients audit their household spending for the first time, the biggest shock is usually how much they spend in restaurants -- 70% of which goes to paying the restaurant#39;s rent and labor costs.理财顾问们常说,新客户在第一次审计自己的家庭出时,最让他们感到震惊的通常是在餐馆的花费。这些花费中有70%都替餐馆付了店面租金和员工工资。Why do we go out to restaurants that promise #39;homemade#39; food?我们为什么要到餐馆吃家常菜?4 Stop the bleeding.4. 止血If you#39;re like a lot of families, you spend 0 or even 0 a month on cellphones, cable or satellite TV and Internet.如果你和许多家庭一样,那么你每个月得花200美元甚至300美元付手机、有线电视或卫星电视以及互联网费用。Take a scalpel -- or an axe -- to that budget and see what you can cut. Call your cellular provider and your TV company -- cable or satellite -- and haggle. Chances are, they will cut you a deal.分析一下这部分预算,看看哪些可以避免。打电话给你的手机务商和你的有线电视和卫星电视务商,和他们砍价。你很有可能因此减少很大一部分出。Try dumping pay TV altogether and watching movies and TV instead using an online service like Netflix, Amazon or Hulu Plus (partly owned by News Corp., owner of The Wall Street Journal), for less than a month.尝试放弃付费电视,用Netflix、亚马逊(Amazon)或是Hulu Plus等在线务看电影或电视节目,这些务每个月的花费还不到10美元。Hulu Plus部分属于新闻集团(News Corp.)所有。《华尔街日报》属新闻集团所有。If your family spends 0 a month on cellphones and pay TV, that#39;s ,400 a year. Over the course of 20 years, if you invested that money instead at 4%, you#39;d have an extra ,000.如果你家每月为手机和付费电视付200美元,一年就要花掉2,400美元。如果你把这笔钱以4%的利息投资20年,可以净赚70,000美元。Haggle. Cut.砍价,消减不必要出。5 Hold a two-week auction.5. 进行一场为期两周的拍卖Turn your house into Sotheby#39;s for two weeks. Go on eBay.com and Craigslist.com and auction off everything you don#39;t need.把自己的房子变成苏富比拍卖公司(Sotheby#39;s),为期两周。上eBay.com和Craigslist.com网站,拍卖掉一切你不需要的东西。The spare cellphone(s) in the kitchen drawer. The second, unused lawn mower. The designer vase you never use.厨房抽屉里多余的手机。没有用过的备用割草机。你从来不用的设计师花瓶。Everything.一切东西。Set yourself a target. Double it. Then see how close you get. Get the entire family involved.给自己设定一个目标。然后将目标翻一倍。然后看看你最终能实现多少。动员全家人参与进来。Removing clutter is a great stress-buster, as psychologists since Ralph Waldo Emerson have noticed.正如爱默生(Ralph Waldo Emerson)以来的心理学家所指出的那样,去繁存简是一个很棒的减压方法。This project will raise some free money. A process like this also has a remarkable way of focusing everyone in the family on the true value of a dollar.这个计划会筹到一些钱。像这样一个过程是使所有家庭成员关注钱的真正价值的绝妙方法。6 Imagine you#39;re dead.6. 想像自己已经死了Cheerful, isn#39;t it?你是高兴呢,还是不高兴?This is why so few people think about dying. Yet from a financial perspective, they need to. Chances are you haven#39;t prepared in case it happens.正因为如此,很少有人想象自己马上就要死了。然而从理财角度说,人们需要设想一下这种可能。有很大的可能是死亡来临时,你还没有准备好。This is not just about the elderly. About one in eight people currently aged 40 will die before they reach 65, according to government statistics.并不是只有老年人应该这样做。据政府的统计数据显示,目前年龄在40岁的人中有八分之一都将在65岁前去世。This means two things.这意味着两件事。First: Get life insurance, and disability insurance, if you have dependents.首先,这意味着如果有人需要你供养的话,你要去投保人寿保险和伤残保险。Most people have some kind of coverage through work. It is usually desperately inadequate. Both one- and two-income households probably need more. It costs about 0,000 to raise a child for 18 years, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Four years of private college is another 0,000, according to the College Board. Could your surviving spouse cope on his or her own?大部分人都通过工作多多少少地有些保险。但通常极度不够。单职工和双职工家庭都可能需要更多的保险。据美国农业部的数据显示,将一个孩子养到18岁需要约25万美元。美国大学理事会(College Board)的数据显示,四年私立大学又需要16万美元。如果你去世了,你的配偶一个人能应付得来吗?Second: It means make a will. If you aly have one, make sure it is up to date.其次,这意味着你要立份遗嘱。如果你已经立过遗嘱,要确保遗嘱是最新的。Dying intestate -- without a will -- can be catastrophic for the family left behind. And few disasters can be so easily and cheaply prevented.对于一个家庭来说,未留遗嘱就去世可能带来灾难性的后果。几乎没有哪种灾难能够立一份遗嘱就可以轻松便宜地防止。 /201301/223287厦门自体脂肪隆鼻大概需要多少钱The latest wheeze最新潮的吞云吐雾方式BETTING against an industry with addicts for customers carries obvious risks. But these are uncertain times for Big Tobacco. Electronic cigarettes, once dismissed as a novelty, now pose a serious threat. E-cigarettes work by turning nicotine-infused liquid into vapour, which is then inhaled. A user is therefore said to be “vaping”, not smoking. More important, he or she is not inhaling all the noxious substances found in ordinary smokes.和一个拥有忠诚客户群的行业打赌,显而易见这是在冒险。但对于烟草巨头而言,现在确实是一个不确定的时期。曾经被视为另类的电子香烟,如今却对其构成了巨大的威胁。电子烟的工作原理是将含有尼古丁的烟液雾化成可吸入人体的烟雾,因此吸电子烟的人通常被形容成“吸雾”,而不是吸烟。更重要的是,Ta们并不会吸入普通香烟中的全部有害物质。In 2012 sales of e-cigarettes in America were between 0m and 0m, say analysts. That is paltry compared with the billion-plus market for conventional cigarettes in the country. But e-cigarette sales doubled last year, and are expected to double again in 2013. Bonnie Herzog of Wells Fargo, a bank, believes sales of e-cigarettes could overtake sales of the normal sort within a decade.有分析师称,2012年美国电子烟的销售额在3亿美元到5亿美元之间。与该国超过800亿美元的传统香烟市场相比,这个数字是微不足道的。但是,电子烟的销售额却比去年翻了一番,预计2013年将再次翻番。富国的 Bonnie Herzog认为,电子烟的销售额可能会在未来十年间超过传统香烟的销售额。That may depend on how governments react. E-cigarettes are probably not good for you. One study showed that vaping decreased lung capacity. Yet a switch from smoking to vaping could improve public health, some say. E-cigarettes may help smokers quit more efficiently than nicotine patches or gum. This notion has not been thoroughly tested, however, so governments are wary.这可能取决于政府将作何反应。电子烟可能不利于你的健康。一项研究表明,“吸雾”会减少肺活量。但有人认为,从吸烟转变到吸雾,可以改善公共卫生环境。电子烟可能会比尼古丁贴片或口香糖更快地帮助吸烟者戒掉烟瘾。不过,这一观点还没有经过全面验,因此政府对此态度谨慎。America has warned e-cigarette manufacturers not to make health claims. New tobacco guidelines in Europe would either tightly limit the nicotine content of e-cigarettes or force them to undergo clinical trials, as pharmaceutical products do. Elsewhere a patchwork of regulation exists, including outright bans in some countries.美国已经警告电子烟制造商不要做出健康声明。欧洲新烟草准则将严格限制电子烟的尼古丁含量,或强迫制造商参照制药行业的做法进行临床测试。其他地区也有不同的监管规定,包括某些国家实施的完全禁令。None of this has stopped companies from pitching to consumers. In America and Britain advertisements for e-cigarettes have appeared on television—forbidden territory for standard cigarettes. Craig Weiss, the head of NJOY, America’s top-selling brand of e-cigarettes, vows to make traditional ones obsolete. His ads crow: “Cigarettes, you’ve met your match.”这一切都没能停止生产企业向消费者推销产品。美国和英国的电子烟广告已经在电视(传统香烟广告的禁区)上播出。NJOY是美国最畅销的电子烟品牌,该公司负责人Craig Weiss发誓要让传统香烟成为过去。他的广告词是“传统香烟,你遇上对手了。”America’s tobacco giants do not think he is blowing smoke. Last year Lorillard (the maker of brands such as Newport and Kent) bought Blu, an e-cigarette maker, for 5m. NJOY is rumoured to be facing a takeover, perhaps by Altria (the maker of Marlboro). Foreign cigarette makers, such as British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco International, also have stakes in the industry, while other firms are working on their own vaporous offerings.美国的烟草巨头并不认为他是在说空话。去年,纽宝 (Newport)和箭牌(Kent)等品牌的制造商罗瑞拉德烟草公司以1.35亿美元价格收购了电子烟制造商Blu。据传,NJOY也即将面临被万宝路品牌的制造商奥驰亚收购的命运。还有一些公司也在竭尽全力生产自己的电子香烟,同时,英美烟草、日本烟草国际等国外香烟制造商也加入到这一行业的竞争中。E-cigarette executives dream of relegating traditional cigarettes to the ashtray of history. But as they struggle with taxes, patents and red tape, they may come to envy Big Tobacco’s deep pockets. More deals are likely, thrashed out no doubt in vapour-filled rooms.电子烟企业的高管梦想着把传统香烟尘封在历史的“烟灰缸”中。但是当他们为纳税、专利以及繁琐的手续疲于奔命时,可能猛然会为烟草巨头们的雄厚财力而慨叹。更多的交易可能正在紧锣密鼓地进行着,那里必将烟雾缭绕。 /201303/232639同安区隆胸手术一般多少钱

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