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Like it or not, she#39;s one of the most important people in your spouse#39;s life, so do what it takes to get her on your side.无论喜欢不喜欢,她都是你的配偶生命中最重要的人之一,所以,尽量想办法得到她的持。You Will Need你将需要A respectful attitude尊重的态度Some of her recipes她的菜谱Shameless flattery不怕羞耻的奉承Selflessness无私Gratitude感激Steps步骤STEP 1 Be respectful to her child1.尊重她的孩子Be respectful to your spouse. Never, ever criticize, mock, nag, or otherwise abuse them in front of her.尊重你的配偶。千万不要在婆婆或岳母面前批评,嘲笑,抱怨或者指控你的配偶。If you really want to score points, thank her earnestly and often for raising such a special person.如果你真的想要得分,真诚并经常感谢她养育了如此特别的一个人。STEP 2 Ask her advice2.征求她的建议Ask her for advice occasionally. It doesn#39;t have to be stuff of tremendous importance; seek her counsel now and then on matters of less consequence to you.偶尔向她征求建议。不一定非要是特别重要的事情,不时就对你来说不怎么重要的事情向她征求一下建议。STEP 3 Request her recipes3.请教食谱Request her recipes for your spouse#39;s favorite foods. Even better, ask if you can watch her make them.向她咨询一下你的配偶最喜欢的食物的食谱。如果你请求她监督你的制作过程,那就更好了。Assure her that you#39;ll never be able to make her recipes as well as she does!一再向她说明,你做的永远都不如她做的那么好吃。STEP 4 Add special touches4.特别的接触Do little things to make her feel special, like serving her favorite dessert when she visits or occasionally buying her a little gift just because it was something you thought she might like.做一些让她感到特别的小事,比如当她来访的时候为她奉上她最喜欢的甜品,或者偶尔为她买点你认为她可能喜欢的小礼物。STEP 5 Flatter her5.奉承她Flatter her. The most effective way to do it is by passing on a sincere second-hand compliment, such as, ;So-and-so always says she wishes she had a mother-in-law like you.; She#39;ll bask in the glow of people speaking positively about her and love you for telling her.奉承她。最有效的方法就是传达别人对她的真诚的赞扬,比如,“某某人总是说她希望能有一位像你这样的婆婆。”她会沉湎于别人对她的赞美,而且非常高兴你能告诉她。STEP 6 Let them spend time together6.让他们母子相聚Give her time alone with your spouse. It#39;s the best present you can give any mom.给她一些和自己的孩子单独相处的时间。这是你能够给予一位母亲最好的礼物。Research shows that people begin to get along better with their mothers-in-law as they approach their late thirties, and their relationships continue to improve into their 40s and 50s.研究显示,人们三十多岁时能够与婆婆或岳母相处的更好,一直到40多岁50多岁,他们的关系会持续改善。 /201405/302504

With a few simple approaches, you can be the best wife you can be and the one your husband deserves.通过一些简单的方法,你可以成为最好的,丈夫最喜欢的妻子。Steps步骤Step 1 Do nice things1.做一些美好的事情Do something nice for your husband every day, using a smile, a kind word, or a soft touch. Be the best wife, supportive and kind, by listening to his problems.每天为丈夫做一点美好的事情,微笑,友好的言语,温柔的触摸。倾听他的问题,做最好的妻子,持他,体谅他。Step 2 Be a friend and confidant2.成为知己Support your husband and understand his needs like a best friend would. An open ear and an open mind work best.像最好的朋友那样持和理解他的需求。开放的耳朵和开明的思想是成为知己的必备因素。Love your husband, but earn and demand his respect and attention.热爱你的丈夫,但是要赢得他的尊重和关注。Step 3 Avoid insecurity3.避免不安全感Act confident by accepting his compliments and shows of appreciation. Disrespecting his love for you by diminishing the worth he feels for you is a turn-off.要自信,勇于接受他的赞美和欣赏。贬低他对你的感觉,无视他对你的爱是非常扫兴的事情。Step 4 Keep your friends4.维持自己的朋友圈Give him space, and take advantage of having time to yourself. Go out with your friends as well -- it#39;s too much pressure to expect him to supply all your needs for friendship and activities.给他足够的空间,拥有自己的自由时间。抽时间和你的朋友一起外出——期望他能满足你对友谊和活动的所有需求会让他面临太大压力。Step 5 Acknowledge his thoughtfulness5.接受他的体贴Acknowledge his thoughtfulness. If you want it to continue as part of the marriage, you have to let him know it#39;s appreciated.接受他的体贴。如果你想要这一点继续成为婚姻的一部分,你就要让他知道你很赞赏这一点。Step 6 React better6.更好的反应Find positive and respectful ways to react better to his shortcomings and habits. Nagging only irritates the situation.Women can sometimes expect men to know everything on their mind as a test of their attentiveness. Men want clarity. Drop the games and declare what you want.寻找一些积极,有礼貌的方法,更好地对他们的缺点和习惯做出反应。一味指责只会让情况更加糟糕。女人有时候希望男人脑海中自己意识到一切,以检验他们的殷勤程度。而男人希望一切都能明确。想要怎么样就直接说出来。Step 7 Be there for him7.持他,鼓励他Provide the counterpoints for his sometimes overwhelming sense of being defeated by the big cold competitive world. To know that the person he values most in the world believes in him when he can#39;t is huge. Be his rock.有时他会在这个竞争激烈的冰冷的世界遭遇重大的挫败感,这时候要鼓励他。要让他意识到,当他感到脆弱的时候,他最珍惜的这个人仍然相信他。一定要做让他信赖的人。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/229359

Visa joins Apple to make iWallet Jeremy Nicholds, Exec. Director of Mobile VISA Europe, discuses a new partnership between Apple amp; credit card companies.R: This is Jeremy Nicholds, the Exec. Director of Mobile VISA Europe. Jeremy, you are part of the Apple pay system, or you will be, I believe, part of the Apple pay system, correct?J: That#39;s right, Richard. Yes, we#39;ve been working with Apple to, urm, and with a counterpart in the States, and the VISA in the state, to bring this new solution into market. So we#39;re very excited about it. We see it a major step for mobile payment.R: Now if I lose my card, I mean except in the ed States which seems to be anybody can use it anywhere or anytime, but obviously in Europe and large part of the rest of the world, which is slightly more sensible with chip and pin. It#39;s pretty much useless for vast number of usages. How can we be sure, and I know you#39;ve put a lot of work into it. If I lose my phone and it#39;s locked, it can#39;t be used?J: Well, we#39;ve been working on the area of concept payment or mobile payment. Within some years, I will hear it from Europe. There are, you know, many millions of places that you can use those cards and devices in. So in terms of the security that can be built in. We#39;ve had it over the years, make sure that you know, it is entirely secure. And really you know, to leave any concern to the users or any customer may have.R: Are we talking here about buying a cup of coffee, a quick ride on the subway, a newspaper? Are you talking about buying a slice of item with a sort of Apple pay?J: So the technology allows for both. So we see these to be exciting to use your phone, to buy a coffee, to buy a newspaper and from next week actually when London chip goes live, to actually be able to pay, using your phone on the tube, but also it#39;s time for high value transactions as well. Then in the security this built into the device built in and put it into the payment system behind it. So the VISA payment system allows you to make those high value transactions as well.R: I#39;m looking at the tweets I#39;ve received over the last hour or so and people are, you know, talking about the concerns about this. So it may sound a naive question. But why bother, why do we want to put our credit card details in our phone when we can just pull out the card and pay?J: Well, it#39;s not just the credit card details. It#39;s not actually the credit card details for say that actually goes into the phone. It#39;s actually a token which, which is in the device. So your full card details are never in the phone. So that#39;s just one thing, just a momention. But the convenience, this mobile payment actually gives consumers around the world. They really do appreciate it, they like it. they don#39;t have to take one of their wallets out with them. They would just take out the device, their phone, with them. And use that for all manners of talking to people, food taste, for games, for all of things we#39;ve seen today, then also for payment. Then they really do like that.R: Good to see you, sir. Thank you. Thank you for putting this perspective.J: Thank you, Richard.R: As this goes forward, we#39;re gonna have you come back to help us understand how is all the ... /201409/330082

The first film Bruce Lee made with Raymond Chow was the Big Boss,about the struggle of the Chinese community in Bangkok.邹怀文出品的第一部由李小龙主演的电影;唐山大兄;,反映的是中国人在曼谷的斗争史。Remember your promise.You#39;re on your own from now on.You know, boy, a woman can be a blessing or a ruin to a man.记住你的诺言,现在你只有靠自己了,要知道 伙计 女人对于男人而言不是天使 就是魔鬼。The Big Boss was a classic example of the way a Hong Kong movie ran at the time,which was fast, cheap, and a little bit out of control.这是一部成本低廉 节奏明快,又有点略显混乱的香港古典式电影的代表作。Having left America to make his name in the East, it was an important film for Lee.离开美国 征亚洲 对于李小龙来说 这部片子尤为重要It was made on a shoestring budget,and he struggled to turn an incomplete script into a coherent and captivating story.是他把这部本来条理不清的小成本电影,塑造成了一部既条理清晰又人人爱看的电影。Knowing that the film could make or break him,Bruce Lee sat nervously with his wife, Linda, at the premiere.首映式上 对于这部能决定他成败的电影,李小龙和他的妻子琳达都显得格外紧张。When the film was over, it was perfectly quiet.You could hear a pin drop in that theater,and Bruce is like,;oh, my gosh, do I make for the excellent or not;and then all of a sudden, it started, the clapping, the cheering.电影结束时影院里出奇的静,静得你都可以听到针掉地上的声音,然后小龙想着,;噢 天哪 我是不是做到了;,接着 欢呼声 掌声突然雷鸣般响起。They loved it.They were... they were thrilled, and Bruce was thrilled.It was wonderful.They escorted him outside.人们太喜欢了,人们都激动得要死 小龙也是,太棒了,人们簇拥着李小龙到了外面。They raised him up on their shoulders,and he was their hero from then on.他们把他高高托起,因为他是他们的英雄。 Article/201402/276371

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