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Even a hair of dog didnt make him feel better.  (误译)即使一根毛也不会使他觉得好些。(正译)即使是再喝解宿醉的一杯酒,也不会使他觉得好些。A Hair of Dog的来由  朋友喝得酩酊大醉,而且醉了一宿,有什么解酒妙方吗?有,解方就是the hair of the dog (that bit you)。乍听起来,这二者好象风马牛不相及。这个短语的本意是,如果被咬伤了,咬伤的部位必须得用从咬人的那条身上的毛来治疗。现在,The(A) hair of the dog (that bit you)已经成为一种幽默的用法,指用来解宿醉的酒(an alcoholic drink taken in the morning because it is said to cure illness caused by drinking too much alcohol the night before.)《底特律自由新闻》1888年里面一段引语中的用法那样,;dog;并非一定指烈酒(liquor):TRAVIS: ;Hello, De Smith! Youre looking better than expected. I understood that you were completely crushed by that love affair. How did you recover?;DE SMITH: ;Hair of the dog that bit me. Fell in love with another girl.;显然,这里的;dog;就是指;女孩;了。所以如果你喝错了什么,用错了什么,后来又要用同样的东西做解药,你都可以说The(A) hair of the dog (that bit you).酩酊大醉:He is dead drunk, and can not drive home. 他酩酊大醉,没法开车回家。The men who seek intoxicating cups are men who invite their fates. 那些想喝得酩酊大醉的人是向命运挑战的人。 /201202/171491张扬、幽默、自作主张,这就是今天的女人?还是只有在“Sex and the City”?看“Sexy and the City”,您自己就能给出!从今天开始,让我们一起“挖掘”欲望都市的角角落落。。。Ok, Let's find out more!Charlotte偶然间结识了一位小有名气的演员,两个人迅速产生好感,并马上在车里温存。。。忽然,他说:我想小便![翻译]我想小便! [] I wanna take a leak! /09/85768365天英语口语 第47讲:皮肤护理暂无文本 相关专题:新东方英语900句英语口语日常口语会话120分钟 /200810/51236资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句What’s the deal? 怎么回事?喷倒老美Bill约好和女朋友一起去影院看电影,可是电影开始放映了,Bill还没到,于是女友给他打电话,问道:“What’s the deal? Why are you late?” Bill心想:“我是迟到了,可我没做什么交易”。想聊就聊Daniel: You are late. What’s the deal?丹尼尔:你迟到了,怎么回事?Tom: Sorry,I was delayed by something and stuck in traffic.汤姆:抱歉,我有事延误了。又遇上了堵车。知识点津deal本义是“交易”的意思,在What’s the deal?中,deal表示“状况,事情”等,因此What’s the deal?句意是“怎么回事?”相当于What’s up?或What’s the matter? /201103/128828

国务院总理温家宝4日主持召开国务院常务会议,研究部署进一步推进财政预算公开工作。根据会议要求,政府要比照中央财政做法,公开“三公”经费(出国(境)费、车辆购置及运行费、公务接待费);中央财政预算部分重点出的公开要细化到“项”级科目。会议指出,财政预算公开对于发展社会主义民主政治,具有重要意义。我们来看相关英文报道:The State Council, or China's Cabinet, on Wednesday pledged to increase both the depth and scope of Party and government financial information that is released to the public in a bid to enhance transparency."The openness of financial budgets still falls short of people's expectations as some departments lag behind in making their budgets public and some information released is not detailed enough," a statement released after a regular meeting of the State Council.本周三,国务院要求扩大政府财政信息公开的深度和广度,以增加透明度。国务院常务会议后公布的声明显示,一些部门预算公开滞后,公开不够细化,财政预算公开与人民群众的期望还有一定差距。【讲解】文中的the openness of financial budgets即指“财政预算公开”,“公开财政预算”可以说成make financial budgets public。文中的“三公”经费指的是出国(境)费,车辆购置及运行费、公务接待费,我们可以说成funds for overseas trips, vehicle purchases and official reception,也有翻译成the budgets for travel abroad, the purchase and operating costs of motor vehicles, and official entertainment。 /201105/134860

部分内容改编自 《日常英语》Emma: I just joined a rock climbing club yesterday.Vic: Really? You rock climbing? I thought you were afraid of heights.Emma: No, my sister is.I get such a high from climbing.Vic: Good for you!How often do you go?Emma: Every Sunday but I’m thinking of going Saturday as well. Why don’t you join us?Vic:No,I think I’ll keep my feet on the ground.Emma:Chicken! /201009/114100

李华在帮彼得森教授看孩子。她急着打电话给Larry求助。李华今天要学两个常用语,pee and poo和handful. LH: Hi, Larry, this is Li Hua. 你能告诉我pee and poo是什么意思吗? LL: Sure, Li Hua, but first you have to tell me why you need to know what pee and poo means. LH: 我今天帮彼得森教授看孩子。他一直跟我说I need to pee and poo, 可我又不懂是什么意思。 LL: (Laughs) I remember Professor Jones' little boy - his name is Scottie, right? What Scottie is trying to tell you by saying he needs to pee and poo', Li Hua, is that he needs to go to the bathroom. LH: 哦,原来Scottie是要上厕所啊!你等一下,我马上带他去。 LL: It's no problem, Li Hua. Scottie is only two years old, and he may need some help going pee and poo. (Flushing sound) LH: 好了!原来pee是上小号,poo是上大号的意思啊。没想到,我今天跟个两岁的小孩学了个新词。 LL: Scottie is a very good teacher, isn't he? I have to tell you, Li Hua, dealing with pee and poo is one of the reasons I don't want to have children. LH: 就因为小孩要pee and poo, 你就不想要小孩?等你有了自己的孩子,可能就不会嫌小孩子pee and poo恶心了。 LL: That may be so, but I think I'll just settle for a dog instead. LH: 养?可是也要pee and poo啊。 LL: But a dog goes pee and poo outside. It seems a lot easier to deal with than changing diapers. LH: 即使是在户外,你不是也得把的poo收拾干净吗?否则邻居一定会对你有意见的。 LL: Then maybe I'll just have house plants. They don't pee or poo. ****** (Child's laughter and flushing sounds) LL: It sounds like Scottie might be playing with the toilet, Li Hua. Boy, little Scottie is a real handful, isn't he? LH: Scottie确实是在玩抽水马桶。不过,他可不是一只手就能抱起来的。他已经两岁多了。我两只手抱他都费劲。 LL: By saying Scottie is a handful, I wasn't talking about his size. I meant that he was behaving in a way that is wild and hard to handle and that he is keeping you very busy. LH: 噢,你是说Scottie调皮啊。哎,你再等一下,我得去制止Scottie. (To Scottie) Come on, Scottie, let go watch some cartoons. (To Larry) 好了,卡通片肯定能让他安静一会。 LL: So, has Scottie been a handful all day, Li Hua? It sounds like babysitting him has been a lot of work. LH: 确实挺累的。不过两岁的孩子可能都是handfuls, 他们刚学会走路,对什么都好奇,但是又分不清对错。 LL: So, you are saying you don't think Scottie is any more of a handful than any other two-year-old. LH: That's right, Larry. 我敢打赌,你小的时候一定也很淘气。 LL: Yeah, my mom tells all sorts of stories about how I was a real handful when I was little boy. LH: 我能想象你小时候调皮的样子。你都干过什么坏事啊? LL: Well, my mom tells me that once I got out a box of crayons and drew a rainbow on the wall of our kitchen. Then there was the time I brought a frog with me into bed. LH: 你用蜡笔在厨房的墙上画虹?还把青蛙带上床?You really were a handful, Larry. LL: Okay, I've admitted I was a handful when I was a kid. Now, what about you Li Hua? LH: 我?我妈说我小时候可乖了。I was never a handful. LL: I should have known! (More children's laughter) Hey, what is the little handful doing now? LH: Uh-oh! Scottie拿着厕所里的手纸在客厅里到处跑,现在满地都是手纸。我得赶紧去收拾,不能跟你讲电话了。 LL: Well, Li Hua, you better go and deal with Scottie. What a handful! Talk to you later! 天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是pee and poo, 指小孩子上厕所。另一个是handful, 是指小孩子很淘气。 /200810/54213

337. 他这么年轻就已经当上了英语系的副教授。 [误] Young as he is, he has become a vice-professor in English department. [正] Young as he is, he has become an associate professor in English department.注:许多人都知道“副总统”叫 vice-president,于是想当然地以为“副教授”就应该是 vice-professor,其实不对。“副”和 vice- 并不总是一一对应的,又如:副产品(by production),副业(side occupation),副作用(by-effect)等。 /02/61726

资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句I need to answer the call of nature. 我想去厕所。喷倒老美Bill和朋友在公园里散步,朋友忽然面露难色,小声对Bill说:“Excuse me. I need to answer the call of nature.” Bill很纳闷:也没人给他打电话啊?想聊就聊John:Sorry. I need to answer the call of nature.约翰:对不去,我想去厕所。Todd: No problem. Go ahead.托德:没问题,去吧。知识点津到现在,美国仍十分流行一种表示“上厕所”的说法,那就是to answer the call of nature,所以I need to answer the call of nature.就是“我想去厕所”的意思,我们还可以简短地说nature calls。nature这个单词用来隐喻不便直言的身体功能或部位。 /201104/130898

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