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German Car Manufacturer Audi Creates Fuel From Air And Water奥迪用“空气和水”合成新燃料Creating an alternative green or carbon neutral fuel to replace gasoline has been the holy grail for scientists for many years. However, while there has been some progress with inventions like electric batteries and biofuel, most options are either too expensive or not commercially viable to compete effectively with the fossil fuel. Now automobile manufacturer Audi is stepping up to the challenge with a fuel made from carbon dioxide and water.研究出环保且碳中性的燃料来代替汽油,一直被看做是科学界的圣杯。然而,虽然最近在蓄电池和生物燃料领域有些许进步,有些原材料还是因为过于昂贵或者不具商业价值,难敌化石燃料。奥迪公司现在正加快脚步,挑战一种由二氧化碳和水合成的新燃料。Called e-diesel, the fuel developed in collaboration with Dresden-based Sunfire, was created in a lab using a simple but innovative technique. The scientists began by boiling water to temperatures exceeding 800°C (1,472°) using a renewable source of energy like solar, wind or hydropower. The resulting steam was decomposed into its two constituents, hydrogen and oxygen with the help of electrolysis. The researchers then transformed the carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide. The hydrogen and carbon monoxide were piped into a reactor and subjected to extreme pressure and temperatures, to produce what scientists call long-chain hydrocarbons. This liquid that Audi refers to as ;blue crude; was then refined in a similar way to standard crude oil to produce e-diesel.这种叫e-diesel的燃料是奥迪公司与德国Dresden工厂的Sunfire公司联合开发的,用的是一种简单但是先进的技术。科学家们先要利用太阳能或风能等绿色能源把水加热至800°C (1,472°),而后把产生的蒸汽电解为氢气和氧气。然后,在把二氧化碳转化为一氧化碳。接下来,他们把氢气与二氧化碳在高压和高温下混合,生成一种名为“blue crude”的燃料。最后再提炼这种燃料,方法类似于把化石燃料炼成汽油。 While most of the CO2 used in the production of e-diesel comes from a biogas facility, it also absorbs some from the surroundings, helping remove the harmful greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. 虽然生产e-diesel所需的二氧化碳来自沼气生产设施,有些也可以来自环境,这样就可以帮助减少温室气体。E- diesel is certainly not the first attempt at making carbon neutral fuel, and it will by no means be the last. However, the development is certainly a step in the right direction for clean energy. As Johanna Wanka, Germany#39;s minister of education and research states, ;If we can make widesp use of CO2 as a raw material, we will make a crucial contribution to climate protection and the efficient use of resources, and put the fundamentals of the #39;green economy#39; in place.;E-diesel绝不是人们对制造碳中性燃料的第一次尝试,也绝不会是最后一次。然而,这绝对是洁净能源探索历程中对的一步。德国联邦教育及研究部部长Johanna Wanka称,如果可以广泛使用二氧化碳作为原料,就会对环保和节能做出重要贡献,为打造绿色经济奠定基础。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/381892。

Not content with posting your selfies on Facebook or Twitter? Well, now you can wear them for everyone to see.将自拍发布到脸书和推特上还不过瘾吗?现在你可以将它印在皮肤上,让每个人都看到。Picatoo has launched a service which transforms Instagram photos into temporary inkings that can be worn wherever you like on your body.Picatoo发布了一项新务,该务可将Instagram图片转化成临时墨迹,这样Instagram图片就可以印在身体任何地方。The Netherlands-based service ships what it has dubbed #39;Insta-tats#39; worldwide for free.这项技术由荷兰开发,现在它在世界各地以Insta-tats为名免费推广。It was launched by photography products company Ink361, which monetizes Instagram usage by offering a web viewer and print-your-photos service, among other products.这项务由Ink361摄影产品公司发布,该公司提供付费务:Instagram的网页版务(即用户可以在网页浏览器中在线查看和分享Instagram的照片)、打印Instagram照片务及其他产品。For .99, Picatoo offers 12 temporary tattoos created from a dozen Instagram photos of your choice.只需14.99美元(约合人民币93.20元),Picatoo就可以帮你打印12张临时纹身,纹身图案可由你在Instagram中任意选择。According to its website, each tattoo lasts around seven days, providing it isn#39;t scrubbed or picked at.Picatoo的网站指出,如果没有用力刮擦,每个纹身都可以保持7天左右。Bringing your Instagram snaps from the screen into the real world is nothing new, however.不过,将屏幕上的Instagram照片打印成真实的纹身并不新奇。Last year Boomf launched its marshmallow service that saw confectionery printed with people#39;s favourite shots.去年,Boomf发布了棉花糖务,通过该务,人们可以将喜欢的照片印在甜食上。For , Instagram users can upload pictures from their desktop or login with Instagram or Facebook.只需25美元(约合人民币139.95元),Instagram用户就可以从桌面上传图片或者登录Instagram或脸书。Customers then choose nine photos you like and go to the checkout. Since its launch one man has even proposed to his girlfriend using the service.客户可以选择9张喜欢的照片然后付费打印。务发布后,一个男子已经利用它向女友求婚。 /201507/388539。

In an age of contactless cards and paying with your smartphone, the idea of getting cash out of an ATM machine may seem a little dated.在这个非接触式智能卡和智能手机付款盛行的时代,去ATM机取钱显得有点过时。But now a bank in Poland is trying to bring the cash machine into the 21st century by creating an app which lets you order one of the devices straight to your door.然而,波兰一家正力争让ATM机融入21世纪。他们推出了一款应用程序,你可以直接预约一台ATM机开到家门口。Customers choose a location and a time they want to use the ATM, and an electric-powered BMW pulls up with one of the machines fitted into a hole where one of the rear windows usually goes.顾客只需选择想要使用ATM机的时间和地点。随后,一辆后窗玻璃位置装有取款机的电动宝马车便会停在你预约的地点。The Idea Bank, which is running the fleet of cars, says the service is currently limited to business customers who want to deposit large amounts of money at the end of a working day.这ATM机车队由Idea运营。他们表示,这种务目前仅限于想在当天营业结束后把大笔现金存入账户的商业客户。Rather than walking with the cash to a machine, often at night, customers will now be able to make a deposit from outside their home or office.如此,这些客户就可以在家或办公室门口存钱,而无需在晚上带着现金去找ATM机。Dominik Fajbusiewicz, a board member of Idea Bank, said: #39;Entrepreneurs who personally deliver their income to the bank or a stationary CDM waste both their time and money.Idea董事会成员多米尼克#8226;法步兹维克兹说:“企业家亲自把钱存到或固定的自动存款机,是在浪费他们的时间和金钱。#39;Our service aims at lifting that weight off their shoulders.#39;“我们的务志在减轻他们的负担。”The bank said a survey of its members found that up to 80 per cent of them made bank deposits at the end of the day, many of them after dark.该称,他们的调查发现,高达80%的商业客户会在下班后存钱,而且大多是在天黑以后。On average, including walking times, these deposits took a little over an hour, so in order to make life simpler for them, the bank developed its new service.一般而言,包括走路时间在内,整个存款过程需花费一个小时多一点的时间。因此,为了让商业客户的生活更加便利,需要开发新的务。While the fleet of cars is currently only available in Warsaw, the company is taking suggestions for the next city they should offer it in.虽然这车队目前只在首都华沙务,但正在考虑把这一模式引入下一个城市。 /201505/376234。

翻译仅供参考 中文在上 英文对照在下苹果(Apple)正求助于合作方的应用来说消费者付成百乃至上千美元购买该公司的新产品Apple Watch。自蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)接替史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)出任首席执行官以来,这是苹果推出的第一款全新类型的产品。Apple is turning to partners’ applications to persuade consumers to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for its new Watch, as it launched its first new category of device since Tim Cooksucceeded Steve Jobs as chief executive.昨天的发布会聚焦于信息发送和健康,库克在会上预演了撑迄今最高调可穿戴技术产品的第三方应用。Yesterday’s event focused on messaging and health as Mr Cook previewed third-party apps to back up the most high-profile piece of wearable technology to date.“它是一种与他人交流的具有革命意义的新方式,是一款综合性的健身伴侣,”他表示,“将会有一些很棒的第三方应用……”“It’s a revolutionary new way to communicate with others and it’s a comprehensive fitness companion,” he said. “There will be some great third party apps#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;”在乔纳森#8226;艾夫爵士(Sir Jonathan Ive)的领导下,苹果为Apple Watch设计了一系列表壳材质和表带,试图以此来赢得时尚行业的追捧。各式Apple Watch的定价从349美元至上千美元不等。Under the design leadership of Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple has wooed the fashion industry with an array of finishes and bands, with pricing from 9 to thousands of dollars.然而,一些分析师质疑,该产品紧凑的色触屏以及“数字表冠”能否赢得那些并未受到三星(Samsung)、托罗拉(Motorola)或Pebble类似产品吸引而购买智能手表的消费者的青睐。However, some analysts have questioned whether its compact colour touchscreen and “digital crown” controller can win over consumers who have not been tempted to buy smartwatches from the likes of Samsung, Motorola or Pebble.华尔街预计该设备上市头一整年的销量将在2000万到3000万块之间。只有2012年以来发布的iPhone能与这款将于下月上市的智能手表兼容,这意味着潜在用户大约超过3亿。Wall Street forecasts for the device’s sales in its first full year on the market range between 20m and 30m. Only owners with iPhones launched since 2012 — estimated to be more than 300m people — will find their smartphone is compatible with the Watch when it goes on sale next month.除健康追踪、信息发送、付、计时这几项功能以外,库克还加入了Facebook、Instagram、微信(WeChat)和Twitter的应用,以及叫车软件优步(Uber)和美国航空(American Airlines)订票软件等交通务应用。Alongside the smartwatch’s health-tracking, messaging, payment and timekeeping functions Mr Cook introduced apps from Facebook, Instagram, WeChat and Twitter, and transport services such as car-hailing app Uber and American Airlines ticketing [APP NAMES T]持者表示,智能手机用户每天大约查看150次手机,这款产品能让他们不再那么频繁地查看手机。Advocates say it can reduce the estimated 150 times a day that smartphone owners check their mobile devices. /201503/363493。