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栏目简介:Video of a 26-year-old Chinese doctor treating an American tourist at a local public hospital has gone viral on the Internet. It has been viewed more than 2 million times over the past week. Reporter Song Wenjing talks to some local doctor about their experiences treating foreigners.201701/487355

On January 30th, 1649,the English killed their king.1649年1月30日 英格兰人弑杀了其君主It had happened before of course,all those Edwards and Richards violently done in by their subjects.当然 这并非史无前例 早有数名爱德华或理查德王 横死于臣民之手But this was different.但与众不同的是Now the British monarchy itself had been exterminated.这次 英国的君主制也被推翻了Now there was just the people and its parliament,the keepers of the liberties of England.人民与议会得以长存 他们正是英格兰自由的守护者What use was the point of freedom when you were frightened?但若心存恐惧 自由又有何意义What the people really wanted to know was who would keep them safe?人们真正关心的是 谁能保他们的安全Whod stop the soldiers from burning and pillaging,allow people to sleep quietly in their beds?谁能让士兵不再烧杀掠抢 谁能让人民从此高枕无忧Whod protect them from the wars of religion and politics which seemed to go on and on and on?谁能让这片土地免于无休无止的 宗教与政治斗争Would it be parliament or would it be a great general like Oliver Cromwell?是议会 还是伟大的将军奥利弗·克伦威尔It doesnt matter,said hard-headed philosopher Thomas Hobbes,a royalist whod come back to Cromwells England.这无关紧要 精明实际的哲学家托马斯·霍布斯如是说 身为保皇党 他仍愿回到克伦威尔治下的英格兰What the country needs is a strong ruler who embodies ALL the people.国家需要的是一位的强大统治者 一位能代表全体国民的统治者Whatever or whoever can save the country from anarchy,whatever can save you from yourselves.任何能使国家摆脱无政府状态的 任何能救你们脱离苦海的Never mind about whats right or wrong.无需计较对错Put yourself in the hands of the power that protects,the all-powerful Leviathan.将自己交给有能力庇佑你们 并无所不能的利维坦吧If thats Oliver Cromwell, then so be it.Its the reasonable thing to do.如果奥利弗·克伦威尔能做到 就让他做吧 这才是理性的选择But the Scots, the English and the Irish were not about to be reasonable.但苏格兰 英格兰和爱尔兰人 并没有打算做什么理性选择They were much too busy being righteous.因为他们太忙于追逐绝对的公道Over the next half century,righteousness would kill a lot of the British.在接下来的半个世纪中 所谓的公道使众多不列颠人命丧黄泉At the end of it all, reason would appear,but not before a lot of tears had been shed.到头来 理性自当显现 但在此之前 必先经历涟涟泪水Tears of rapture and tears of grief.或喜极而泣 或悲泣不已 /201703/500705

Listen. One day youre going to be stopped by the police.听着。有一天你会被警察拦下来。When that happens, always make sure they can see your hands.到时候呢,手一定要放在他们看得见的地方。OK. Never move suddenly.好的,不要轻举妄动。And always be extra respectful even if theyre not.一定要特别有礼貌,即时他们很不礼貌。Your job is to get home safe. Understand?你要做得就是安全回家。懂了吗?And hey, if you ever feel like youre in trouble, just reach out for the police.还有,如果遇到了什么问题,你就联络警察就可以了。Theyre there to help.他们会帮你的。201702/493169

When rivers finally reach the sea,当江河最终汇入大海时they slow down, release their sediment and build deltas.水流减缓,留下大量泥沙,堆成了三角洲In Bangladesh, the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers join to form the worlds biggest.在孟加拉国,恒河与雅鲁藏布江的交汇处形成了世界上最大的三角洲Every year, almost 2,000 million tonnes of sediment eroded from the Himalayas is delivered to the ocean.每年大约有20亿吨泥沙在此沉淀,从喜马拉雅山脉上崩塌下来的土石最终归于大海At the deltas mouth, the largest mangrove forest in the world, the Sunderbans.三角洲河口地带有一片世界上最大的红树林,孙德尔本斯红树林。These extraordinary forests spring up throughout the tropics in these tidal zones where rivers meet the sea.这些特殊的树林遍及整个热带地区的潮间带,那里正是河流的入海口Crab-eating macaques are mangrove specialists.食蟹猴是红树林的特有物种In Indonesia, these monkeys have adopted a unique amphibious lifestyle.在印度尼西亚,这些猴子过着一种独特的双栖式生活They fish out fallen food.它们拣食落在水中的食物。The troop also uses the waters to cool off during the heat of the day.在白天酷热难耐之时,猴群会利用水来给身体降温。201706/514176

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