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Michael Dell has sealed the biggest deal in tech history, after his privately run PC maker agreed to acquire data storage maker EMC for about bn.迈克尔戴尔(Michael Dell)已经敲定了了科技界史上最大的一笔交易,其私人经营的个人电脑制造商同意以630亿美元左右的价格收购数据存储制造商EMC。Dealmaking in the sector has reached the highest level since the dotcom bubble of the late 1990s, hitting about 0bn in value. A wider boom in mergers and acquisitions also saw Anheuser-Busch InBev, the Brazilian-backed brewer, yesterday sweeten its offer for London-listed SABMiller to 67bn.美国科技行业的交易已经触及自上世纪90年代末网络股泡沫以来的最高水平,总值达到约3700亿美元。合并和收购的整体繁荣也见了巴西人控股的啤酒酿造商百威英(Anheuser-Busch InBev)昨天把对伦敦上市的SABMiller提出的报价提高至670亿英镑。EMC shareholders will receive .05 in cash plus new shares tied to the value of VMware, a maker of data centre software that EMC aly controls.EMC的股东将得到每股24.05美元的现金外加与威睿(VMware)价值关联的新股。威睿是EMC已经控股的数据中心软件提供商。That was worth about .15 per share at last Wednesday’s intraday price — or bn for the whole company — before news of the Dell-EMC talks emerged. But VMware shares fell 11 per cent to .02 by lunchtime in New York, lowering the headline value of the deal. Shares in EMC were trading up 1.1 per cent at .17.按上周三的盘中价格计算,这笔交易价值约每股33.15美元,相当于整个公司670亿美元——那是在戴尔与EMC谈判的消息传出之前。但是,截至昨日纽约午盘,VMware股价下跌11%,拉低了该交易的整体价值。EMC股价上涨1.1%,至28.17美元。The unusual structure will enable Mr Dell, who owns about 70 per cent of the company he founded at the age of 19, to pull off an audacious buyout while retaining majority control of VMware, which will keep its listing. It comes just two years after he took Dell private in a controversial bn buyout.这种不同寻常的结构将使迈克尔戴尔得以在保留对VMware多数控股(使其保持上市)的情况下完成这笔大胆的收购。戴尔在19岁时创立戴尔公司(Dell),现在拥有该公司大约70%股份。两年前,他通过一笔有争议的250亿美元收购交易将戴尔公司收归私有。 /201510/403549Lenovo, the largest seller of personal computers, is spurning what Yang Yuanqing, chairman and chief executive, has described as the “so-called new business model” of content-subsidised hardware that has taken China by storm, and will stick with devices.全球最大的个人计算机销售商联想(Lenovo),正在摒弃被其董事长兼首席执行官杨元庆称为用内容补贴设备的“所谓的新业务模式”,将专注于设备。Speaking yesterday, Mr Yang said Lenovo — which has made the jump into smartphones — would focus on developing devices with voice recognition.杨元庆昨日在发表讲话时表示,已大举进军智能手机业务的联想,将致力于研发具有语音识别功能的设备。The strategy, designed to carry the company into the post-smartphone era, is a test of Lenovo’s ability to evolve from its roots as the grandfather of China tech — it was founded in 1984 — to a landscape ruled by nimbler, rapidly developing rivals.该战略旨在将联想带入后智能手机时代,它将考验创建于1984年的联想作为中国科技行业一家元老级公司,能否适应由更灵活和快速发展的竞争对手主导的环境?Upstart Xiaomi, for example, last year became the largest seller of smartphones in China, based on a savvy internet-first marketing strategy and using content to sell phones.例如,借助精明的互联网优先营销策略,并利用内容来销售手机,手机新贵小米去年成为中国智能手机销量最高的公司。Lenovo executives privately chafe at the comparison, but the numbers illustrate the new order. Based on its last funding round, Xiaomi is worth bn — roughly three times Lenovo’s market capitalisation — despite the fact that it has less than one-third of the PC maker’s sales.联想高管私下里对这种对比感到不满,但数据揭示了新秩序。按照最近一轮的融资,小米的估值达到450亿美元,差不多是联想市值的3倍,尽管其销售额不足联想的三分之一。“We’re going to show the world that innovation still matters,” Mr Yang said in an interview with the Financial Times at Lenovo’s inaugural Tech World expo in Beijing, where it unveiled a new logo.联想在北京举行了首届“联想科技创新大会”(Lenovo Tech World),并在会上发布了新的标识。杨元庆在会上接受英国《金融时报》采访时表示:“我们将向全世界表明,创新仍至关重要。”“This is particularly important in China, where all the players are just focusing on the so-called new business model, to use the content and services to subsidise hardware.“它在中国尤其重要。在中国,所有公司只是聚焦于所谓的新业务模式,使用内容和务来补贴硬件。”“We will tell the market and the world that this is not the only thing you should be focusing on. We should still focus on innovation, we should still focus on technology.”“我们将告诉市场乃至世界,这不是你应该聚焦的唯一事情。我们仍应该聚焦于创新,我们仍应该聚焦于技术”。Lenovo, which announced results last week, missed fiscal-year profit targets on the back of softening smartphone sales, and took its first tentative steps into the new era when it launched its first “wearable” internet device, a fitness band, in January.联想上周发布了财报,由于智能手机销售不佳,该公司未能实现本财年的利润目标。联想在今年1月发布了一款智能腕带,这是其首款“可穿戴”互联网设备,从而向这个新时代试探性地迈出了第一步。However, Mr Yang is candid regarding the fact that the company is still considering how best to tackle the new era following the smartphone boom of the past few years.然而,杨元庆坦承,经过过去几年的智能手机蓬勃发展,该公司仍在考虑如何最好地应对这个新时代。He was also short on specifics about timing and nature of devices, but cited a five-pronged “smart connectivity” strategy focusing on voice-activated devices, services and access to personal data.他也没有透露推出新款设备的时机和性质,但指出了致力于语音操作设备、务以及个人数据获取的5点“智能互联”战略。Many smartphone makers have begun to emulate the Xiaomi model, as have content producers. Lenovo’s -streaming company LeTV launched smartphones based on the principle of hardware being a content “gateway”.许多智能手机制造商开始效仿小米模式,内容制作商同样如此。联想旗下的视频流公司乐视(LeTV)基于硬件是内容“门户”的原则推出智能手机。Mr Yang cited Amazon’s foray into the device business, as well as Google Nexus phones, to support his scepticism.杨元庆以亚马逊(Amazon)进军设备业务以及谷歌(Google)推出Nexus手机来表明自己的怀疑是合理的。“I don’t think that by now that model [Xiaomi’s] is a proven model,” he said. “They’re still a smartphone company. They’re not a content company.”他说:“我认为到现在为止(小米的)那种模式还不是经过验的模式。它们仍是一家智能手机公司,它们不是内容公司。”He added that Lenovo had learned some lessons.他补充称,联想已汲取了一些教训。“When the internet becomes more and more popular, we must pay attention to how to leverage the internet to transform our business model. Lenovo is definitely also working on that.“当互联网越来越流行的时候,我们必须重视如何利用互联网转变我们的业务模式。联想肯定也在这方面努力。”“Obviously we think the people need both the device and the content, but different companies have different expertise and should focus on different things.#8201;“显然,我们认为人们既需要设备,也需要内容,但不同的公司有不同的专长,理应致力于不同的事情。”“We should definitely focus on the devices and co-operate with content and service providers to ensure that our customers have the best experience.”“我们当然应该致力于设备,并与内容和务提供商合作,以确保我们的客户有最佳的体验。” /201506/378121

Microsoft is taking its biggest step beyond the Windows operating system since chief executive Satya Nadella started a rethink of its core software strategy two years ago. 微软(Microsoft)正在非Windows操作系统领域展开大的动作,这是自该公司首席执行官萨蒂亚#8226;纳德拉(Satya Nadella,上图)两年前开始反思其核心软件战略以来,它在这一领域采取的最重大举措。 The company announced on Monday that it would put one of its main products on Linux for the first time, selling a version of its database software to run on the open source operating system. 周一微软宣布,将把自己的一款主要产品首次放置到开源操作系统Linux上,也就是说,将销售其数据库软件的Linux版。 Until now it has only sold the product, called SQL Server, to run on Windows, reflecting the tight integration Microsoft has traditionally used to protect revenues from its own operating system. 到目前为止,微软销售的这款名为SQL Server的产品还只运行在Windows系统上,反映出该公司一直在运用紧密集成来保护来自其自身操作系统的营收。 Mr Nadella said the change in strategy would give Microsoft a shot at the much bigger part of the database market that does not run on Windows, and denied that it would lead to a “cannibalisation” of Microsoft’s operating system as customers opted for Linux instead. 纳德拉表示,这一战略调整将令微软能够进军数据库市场的一块大得多的领域,即非Windows系统数据库领域。此外,他还否认这么做会导致客户选择Linux、进而蚕食微软操作系统的市场份额。 “I want us to be aggressive in going after all opportunities,” he said. Asked if this was a direct attack on Oracle, the leading database software company, he added: “They are the incumbents, absolutely.” The new software is not scheduled for release until mid-2017. 他说:“我希望我们积极地追逐所有机遇。”在被问到此举是否是对头号数据库软件公司甲骨文(Oracle)发动的直接攻击时,他补充说:“他们无疑是现在的老大。”微软的这款新软件要到2017年年中以后才会发布。 Microsoft overtook IBM to move into second place in the bn a year database market between 2011-14, according to Gartner, the research group, although its 21 per cent market share was still only half that of Oracle. 根据研究集团高德纳(Gartner)的数据,2011年到2014年间,微软超越了IBM,在年价值320亿美元的数据库市场占据了第二把交椅,但它的市场份额只有21%,是甲骨文的一半。 Scott Guthrie, the executive in charge of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise group, indicated that it would price the software in line with what it charges on Windows, a level he said would be “disruptive” to other database companies. 微软负责云计算和企业业务的高管斯科特#8226;格思里(Scott Guthrie)指出,微软对这款软件的定价将与Windows版一致。他表示,这一定价对其他数据库公司来说将是“颠覆性的”。 Microsoft es a price of ,000 for running its database software on the most basic servers, compared to a list price of more than 0,000 for a similar Oracle licence once various add-on features are included, according to Donald Feinberg, a Gartner analyst. Oracle discounts often mean its customers pay significantly less than the list price, though Microsoft’s software was still likely to be much cheaper, he added. 根据高德纳分析师唐纳德#8226;范伯格(Donald Feinberg)的说法,微软对其运行在最基本务器上的数据库软件的报价是1.3万美元,而与之类似的Oracle许可的目录价格超过10万美元(含各种附加功能)。他补充说,Oracle提供的折扣往往意味着客户付的钱要显著低于目录价格,但微软的新软件仍有可能会便宜得多。 /201603/430772

HONG KONG — The most important market for Chinese smartphone makers may no longer be China.香港——对中国智能手机制造商而言,中国或许已经不是其最重要的市场了。For years, hundreds of millions of Chinese have purchased new smartphones. In the process they lifted the fortunes of local handset makers, from the well known like Huawei and Lenovo to the obscure like Coolpad and Gionee.多年来,数亿中国人购买了新的智能手机。在此过程中,本土的手机制造商的业绩大幅增长,无论是知名的华为和联想,还是像酷派和金立等相对不知名的品牌。But the era of fast growth is coming to an end in China, where the research group IDC said on Monday that phone sales fell 4 percent in the first quarter from a year earlier, the first contraction in six years. IDC expects no growth in China’s smartphone market in 2015.然而在中国,智能手机快速增长的时代已经终结。IDC研究公司周一表示,中国一季度手机销量比去年同期下降了4%,这是六年来首次萎缩。IDC预计,2015年中国的智能手机市场将不会增长。The saturated Chinese market — more than 800 million people there use smartphones, according to IDC — means fewer new buyers, and a slowing economy means less spending. So Chinese companies are turning to India, trying to catch a .5 billion market on the way up.据IDC的数据显示,超过8亿中国人使用智能手机。已经饱和的中国市场意味着更少的新买家,而经济放缓又意味着消费出下降。因此,中国企业正将目光转向印度,试图抓住这个规模达14.5亿美元并且仍在持续增长的市场。“It is India first for us,” said Varun Sharma, Coolpad’s chief executive of Indian operations. He said Coolpad, a Shenzhen-based company, planned to use its patents and manufacturing infrastructure to sell devices “at 0 price points for the Indian market and not at 0 or ,000 price points that global brands are doing.”“对我们而言,印度市场是摆在第一位的,”酷派印度首席执行官瓦伦·沙尔玛(Varun Sharma)说,酷派是一家总部位于深圳的公司,计划利用其专利和生产设施,“在印度市场销售处于100美元价位的手机,而不是像其他国际品牌在800美元或1000美元的价位。”India’s smartphone sales are just a fraction of China’s. But as one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets in the world, with hundreds of millions of potential new customers, India may indicate whether a new generation of Chinese hardware companies can grow beyond their country’s borders.印度市场的智能手机销售量只相当于中国市场销量的一小部分,但作为一个增长最快的智能手机市场,拥有数以亿计的潜在消费者。印度或许会显示出,中国新一代的硬件制造商是否具有向中国以外的国家和地区扩张的能力。It is intensely competitive, with more than 150 brands. Among the best-selling brands are several indigenous companies with an inside track on local phone habits. Another top seller is a multinational, Samsung, which has deep experience selling across different cultures.150多个手机品牌在此激烈竞争,在畅销品牌中有几家是本土企业,它们更善于追踪本土手机使用习惯。另一个畅销品牌是跨国公司三星,该公司在不同文化的市场上销售手机的经验非常丰富。Xiaomi, the most successful Chinese company in India, owned only 4 percent of the market in the fourth quarter.小米是在印度最成功的中国手机公司,在去年第四季度也只占有4%的市场份额。But India is also the only place that has a scale like China’s. Indians are expected to buy 111 million smartphones this year, and 149 million in 2016. And China’s smartphone makers say Chinese and Indian customers have a lot in common: Both tend to obsess over arcane features and specs, and both are highly sensitive to cost.但是印度是唯一一个拥有与中国相当的市场规模的国家。今年,印度人预计将购买1.11亿部智能手机,到2016年这个数字会增加到1.49亿部。而且中国智能手机制造商声称中国和印度的消费者有很多共同之处:两者都着迷于手机的一些古怪特性和规格,而且都对价格非常敏感。At a bustling Sangeetha Mobiles shop in Bangalore’s Koramangala neighborhood, the 20-year-old store attendant, Murthy Lakshmipathy, took careful aim at those expectations.在班加罗尔市科尔芒加拉街区繁忙的Sangeetha Mobiles手机店里,20岁的店员穆尔提·拉克什米帕提(Murthy Lakshmipathy)仔细地利用着这种思维。“See the display and the camera,” he said to customers, holding up a new handset made by the Chinese vendor Oppo. “And here, it’s all unbreakable plastic and Gorilla Glass. You won’t get any other stylish phone with these features at this price.”“看这个显示屏和摄像头,”他对客户说,手里拿着中国厂商OPPO刚推出的一款智能手机,“这些地方都是由坚不可摧的塑料和钢化玻璃制成的。在这个价位,你找不到任何其他具有这些功能的时尚手机。”Many Chinese companies are trying to make their case directly to potential Indian buyers online. It is a technique pioneered by Xiaomi, which used e-commerce to overcome difficult-to-manage and expensive storefronts and distribution deals in China and now India.许多中国公司正试图在网上直接与潜在的印度消费者进行接触。小米在中国是率先采用这一模式的公司,利用电子商务来克各种问题,从难以管理的昂贵店面到分销协议。而现在,小米在印度也采取了这一模式。So-called flash sales, which offer limited batches of phones to drive up demand and build brand cachet, have rattled the current top sellers in India, the local company Micromax and the South Korean giant Samsung, according to analysts.所谓的闪购,就是提供限量的手机以哄抬需求,以此来打造品牌的影响力。据分析师透露,这种做法已经让印度本土的手机企业Micromax和韩国巨头三星感到紧张。目前,这两家公司是印度市场上销售量最大的企业。The tactic is cheap and effective, said Mr. Sharma of Coolpad: “We don’t need to spend tens of millions of dollars on marketing or building distribution networks.”这一策略是廉价而有效的,酷派公司的沙尔玛说,“我们并不需要花费数千万美元的营销费用或构建分销网络。”Analysts said companies like his were arriving in their new market at the right time.分析人士称,与酷派公司类似的公司在正确的时间进入了这个新市场。“Chinese manufacturers can find a lot of play in India, which is in the early phase of growth, and they can fight for meaningful revenues and profits,” said Anshul Gupta, a research director at Gartner.“中国制造商在处于早期增长阶段的印度市场上可以大有作为,他们可以努力奋斗,以求得到一定的利润和收入,”高德纳(Gartner)公司的研究主管安舒尔·古普塔(Anshul Gupta)说。Even so, many Chinese companies have set ambitious targets for themselves. Coolpad, which will introduce its inexpensive Dazen phone online in coming weeks, said it aims to sell three million to four million smartphones in one year, and 15 million to 20 million in three years.许多中国公司都给自己设定了宏伟目标。酷派将于未来三周在网上推出平价的大神手机(Dazen)。该公司说,他们的目标是在一年内卖出300万到400万部智能手机,三年内卖出1500万到2000万部。Xiaomi, now worth billion, moved into the top five sellers in India in the fourth quarter of 2014. Underscoring the company’s focus there, the international vice president and former Google executive Hugo Barra recently presided over an Apple-like blowout introductory event in New Delhi for its Mi 4i phone, designed specifically for India. The company says it aims to be the top handset brand in India by 2020.小米公司现在的估值为450亿美元。2014年第四季度时,小米跻身印度最畅销的5个手机品牌之列。小米科技全球副总裁、前谷歌高管雨果#8226;巴拉(Hugo Barra)近期在新德里(New Delhi)主持了一场和苹果类似的新产品发布会,突出了小米对印度市场的重视。在发布会上,雨果#8226;巴拉推出了小米4i(Mi 4i),这是专为印度市场打造的手机。该公司表示,它的目标是到2020年时,小米能问鼎手机销售冠军。The smaller Chinese start-up OnePlus, which puts equal emphasis on selling in China and abroad, began selling its flagship One phone in December, and has sold 200,000 phones aly. It is shooting to sell a million devices by the end of this year.规模更小的中国初创公司一加科技(OnePlus)把中国和海外的销售看得同样重要。去年12月,一加科技开始销售其旗舰手机一加手机(One phone),目前为止已经卖出20万部。其目标是到今年年底卖出100万部。In the path of those ambitions are a host of Indian rivals, each hoping to use local knowledge to repeat the success of Chinese phone makers in China. Micromax, which owns the second-largest share of the Indian market after Samsung, is aly adapting to the Chinese invasion, holding online-only sales and making some phone models Internet exclusive.在实现这些目标的过程中有许多来自印度本土的竞争者,它们都想利用对当地的了解来复制中国手机制造商在本国的成功。Micromax占据了印度手机市场第二大市场份额,仅排在三星(Samsung)之后,它已经开始针对中国品牌的入侵做出改变。Micromax现在也会只在线上销售一些手机,并且还在制造更多仅限互联网销售的手机。“We have always been the first to identify the gaps in India and have worked toward addressing them,” said Micromax’s chief executive, Vineet Taneja.“一直以来,都是我们最先发现印度市场的缺口,并且努力填补它们,”Micromax的首席执行官温内特#8226;塔内加(Vineet Taneja)说。Skirmishes have aly erupted. Micromax briefly won a sales injunction against OnePlus over a contract with the company Cyanogen, the creator of a popular operating system for phones that run Android by Google. The case has since been withdrawn. In December, Xiaomi was temporarily blocked from India because of a patent complaint by the Swedish telecommunications manufacturer Ericsson. And the Indian government’s “Make in India” policy began levying hefty duties on imports in April.一些小冲突已经爆发。Micromax与一加科技因与Cyanogen的合同而产生了纠纷,Cyanogen公司是谷歌开发的安卓平台上一个很受欢迎的手机操作系统的开发者。Micromax在该纠纷案中一度获得胜利,法庭对一加科技发出了禁售令。目前,该案已被撤销。去年12月,小米也因瑞典移动通讯设备制造商爱立信(Ericsson)提出的专利诉讼而在印度暂时遭禁。与此同时,印度政府推行的“印度制造”(Make in India)政策于4月开始对进口产品实行高额关税。No strangers to intrusive government industrial policies, Chinese companies are aly expanding operations within India. Xiaomi, OnePlus and the early market entrant Gionee all plan to set up research and development centers there. OnePlus, Xiaomi and Coolpad also want to produce phones in Indian factories.中国公司对于颇具侵入性的政府工业政策并不陌生,它们已经开始扩大在印度的业务。小米、一加以及早期进军印度市场的金立公司都计划要在印度设立研发中心。一加、小米和酷派还想要在印度生产手机。One of the most successful Chinese brands in India so far, Xiaomi has gone to great lengths to create products catering to customers there. Its new Mi 4i phone costs more than many rivals at about 0, but supports six Indian languages, with local engineers working to increase that number.作为目前在印度最成功的中国品牌之一,小米竭尽全力地为印度顾客打造适合他们的产品。小米的新产品小米4i比大多数竞品要贵,价格约为200美元。但是它持6种印度语言,其本土设计师团队还在继续增加这个数量。The company has also built an online store that focuses on India’s passions of cricket and Bollywood, and has plans to open 100 stores around the country before the end of the year.小米还开了一家网上商店,以迎合印度人对板球和宝莱坞的喜爱。小米计划在今年年底之前在印度开设100家新店。“We want to become an Indian company,” Xiaomi’s chief executive, Lei Jun, told a local newspaper after the introduction of the Mi 4i.“我们希望能成为一家印度公司,”小米的首席执行官雷军(Lei Jun)在发布小米4i手机时对一家当地报纸这样说道。One recent convert to a Chinese brand is Anusheel Nahar, a longtime BlackBerry user, who bought a Lenovo smartphone for 8,500 rupees, or about 0. Mr. Nahar had never owned a touch-screen phone before, but said the Lenovo device’s specs and cost stood out.中国品牌的最新粉丝安努什尔#8226;纳哈儿(Anusheel Nahar)曾是黑莓(BlackBerry)的忠实用户,他花了8500卢比(约合822人民币)买了一部联想的智能手机。纳哈儿此前从未买过触屏手机,但是他说联想的规格和成本令它脱颖而出。“It was priced right and seemed hardy enough to carry around in my back pocket,” he said.“它的定价很合理,似乎也很坚固,能让我放在后裤兜里走来走去。”他说。 /201505/374906

By this time next year, we may have become disillusioned with the internet of things. The idea that every object — from toasters to street lights — could be connected to the internet and be communicating with us has been hyped for several years.等到明年这个时候,我们或许就会对物联网彻底幻灭。一切物品——从烤面包机到路灯——都可以连接到互联网与我们沟通的概念已经炒作了数年。It reached a peak this month at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where more than 900 companies exhibited connected products. Samsung, makers of products from fridges to phones, said that within five years all of its appliances would be able to connect to the internet.今年1月在举行的国际消费类电子产品展(CES)上,物联网的概念更是被渲染到极致,900多家公司展示了联网产品。制造商三星(Samsung)表示5年内旗下所有电器都将能联网,其产品涵盖了从电冰箱到手机等多种类别。The predictions for the number of objects that will be connected are big — from technology research company Gartner’s forecast of 25bn connected physical objects by 2020 to tech company Cisco’s more bullish 50bn forecast.据预测可联网物品的数量将非常庞大,技术研究公司高德纳(Gartner)预测至2020年将有250亿种联网物品,高科技公司思科(Cisco)更加乐观,给出了500亿的预测值。Cue the ennui. Just as the internet hype of 2000 led to disillusionment, the internet of things will struggle to live up to expectations in the short term.这开始令人觉得有点厌烦了。正如2000年对互联网的炒作导致了幻灭,物联网也难在短期内达到人们的期望。Companies, certainly, remain unconvinced by the business case. A survey by Gartner of 1,500 chief information officers last August found that only 22 per cent had deployed or were experimenting with the internet of things.当然,企业对物联网的商业应用前景仍表怀疑。去年8月高德纳对1500名首席信息官进行调查后发现,仅22%的人表示所在企业已经涉足或正在尝试涉足物联网。The remaining 78 per cent either thought it irrelevant or at the too-early stage.其余78%的人或认为物联网并不重要,或认为它还处于过早阶段。One problem is that the technology is still a little expensive, says Maurizio Pilu, partnerships director at Digital Catapult, a UK government organisation that helps support new projects.Digital Catapult主管合作事宜的毛里齐奥#8226;皮卢(Maurizio Pilu)表示,问题之一在于物联网技术还是有点贵。Digital Catapult是一家为新项目提供持的英国政府机构。The price of a simple wireless sensor will soon be as low as #163;1, a price point at which this could become a mass-market proposition. But other parts of the kit, including communications and battery modules, might still come in at #163;20 to #163;40, which, Mr Pilu says, is too high.一个简单的无线传感器的价格可能很快就会降至1英镑左右,在这一价位上该商品有可能进入大众市场。但包括通讯和电池模块在内的其余配套产品可能仍将维持在20英镑至40英镑的价位,皮卢表示这一价格仍然过高。“It needs to become closer to #163;3 to #163;4, [then] the business case begins to make sense,” he says.他说:“它的价位要接近3英镑到4英镑,(那时)应用到商业上才开始具有合理性。”Telecoms networks have to change to meet the requirements of billions of low-power devices that need to connect constantly to the internet to transmit small amounts of data. The cost of sending such data over the network will have to come down.电信网络必须作出改变,以满足数十亿个低功率设备的需求,它们需要持续联网发送少量数据。因此在网上发送这类数据的费用必须降下来。“It is not scalable for a low-cost device to pay several dollars a month just to have connectivity,” says Zach Shelby, director of technical marketing for the internet of things at Arm, the chip designer.芯片设计公司Arm的物联网技术营销总监扎克#8226;谢尔比(Zach Shelby)说:“每月光为了让一个低成本设备联网就要付好几美元,这是无法推广的。”Security will need to be improved to ensure that internet-connected objects cannot be hacked and hijacked. Physical attacks over the internet are happening. At the end of last year the German federal office of information security revealed thatmachinery at a German steelworks was severely damaged when hackers gained access to control systems via the internet.电信网络还需要提高安全性,确保联网设备不能被黑客攻击和劫持。现在已经发生了通过互联网发动物理攻击的事件。去年年底德国联邦信息安全办公室透露,黑客通过网络进入德国一家钢厂的控制系统,使该厂机器遭到严重破坏。When everything from traffic lights and cars to home heating systems are linked online, the potential for harmful hacks increases further. However, the simple, low-power devices used for the internet of things might not be able to handle heavy encryption, or may not be patched and updated if a security flaw is discovered.等到从交通指示灯、汽车到家庭供暖系统的一切都连接上网,遭到破坏性攻击的可能性将进一步增加。然而,用于物联网的简单、低功率设备或许无法处理高度加密,或当发现安全漏洞时,可能无法打补丁或更新。“There are big security holes and quite a lot of work needs to be done to fix them,” says Jim Tully, analyst at Gartner.高德纳的分析师吉姆#8226;塔利(Jim Tully)说:“电信网络存在很大安全漏洞,还需要做大量工作来解决这些问题。”Interconnectivity of devices is an issue that needs resolving. If your toaster cannot talk to your TV, or if the street lights are not on the same system as the rubbish bins, the networks will be less useful. Persuading all manufacturers to agree looks tricky, as a number of competing industry groups are each pushing their own standard.还有一个要解决的问题是设备之间的互联。如果烤面包机不能跟电视交流,或者路灯跟垃圾箱不在同一个系统里,物联网的用处就没那么大了。说所有制造商都同意互联似乎是个棘手难题,因为许多相互竞争的行业团体都在各自力推自己的标准。“Everyone says ‘yes, lets ensure interoperability — as long as it is my version of interoperability’,” says Mr Pilu.皮卢说:“人人都说‘好啊,让我们确保产品可以协同工作——只要按我的互操作标准来。’”The internet of things will raise privacy concerns, as it makes a fresh level of tracking and data collection possible. In the same way that companies and governments can follow what people do online — the websites they visit, what links they click — it will become possible to track almost everything an individual does in the physical world.物联网将引发隐私问题,因为它可能将跟踪和数据收集推上新的高度。同样地,企业和政府可以密切注意人们在网上做什么,比如他们浏览的网站,他们点击的链接,届时人们在现实世界中的所有行踪几乎都可以被掌握。Companies are interested in the marketing possibilities this presents. Yet public opinion will have to decide whether there should be limits on what can be monitored.企业对物联网呈现的营销前景很有兴趣。然而公众舆论将决定是否该对可监控对象设限。While these issues are being resolved, large-scale internet of things projects are rolling out slowly. The projects with the clearest business case have to do with saving money on municipal street lighting and bin collection. General Electric says San Diego will save 4,000 a year by replacing some 3,000 street lamps with an intelligent lighting grid where each individual lamp can be remotely monitored and adjusted. The system makes it easy to pinpoint lamps that need changing and switch off those not in use.随着这些问题一步一步得到解决,大规模物联网项目也在慢慢推出。具有清晰商业意义的项目涉及城市街道照明和垃圾收集的成本节约。通用电气(General Electric)表示圣迭戈通过将大约3000盏路灯换成智能照明网,每年将节省25.4万美元。智能照明网里的每盏路灯可以远程监控和调节。该系统方便准确找出需要换灯泡的路灯,以及关闭不使用的路灯。Philadelphia, meanwhile, was able to reduce its rubbish collection costs from .3m to 0,000 in part by fitting rubbish bins with sensors that were triggered when the container was full, eliminating unnecessary collection trips to half-empty bins.费城则可以将收集垃圾的成本从230万美元减少到72万美元,方案之一是给垃圾桶安装传感器,垃圾箱装满时即触发传感器,这样可以不用在垃圾箱半满时去收垃圾,减少不必要的往返。More complex projects are still in a development phase. Milton Keynes in the UK will this year fit parking spots with sensors that tell drivers when the space is free. Mr Pilu, who is helping to launch the project, admits that it will be difficult to measure the return on an investment like this.更复杂的项目仍处于开发阶段。英国的米尔顿凯恩斯(Milton Keynes)今年将在停车场安装传感器,当停车场有空位时传感器会通知驾驶员。皮卢正在协助开展这项计划,他承认像这样的投资很难衡量回报。Medical and research uses are being explored. Research from ATamp;T, the US telecoms multinational, for example, has partnered with 24eight, which makes pressure sensors that can be embedded into shoe inner soles. They have distributed slippers with an internet-connected chip to elderly people at a care centre in Texas, and are using the foot movement data they receive to diagnose health problems, such as the initial stages of Alzheimer’s disease.物联网的医疗和科研用途正在探索中。比如美国跨国电信公司ATamp;T的研发部门与压力传感器(可嵌入鞋内底)制造商24eight达成合作。他们将内置联网芯片的拖鞋发放给德克萨斯州一家护理中心的老年人,利用所收到的足部运动数据诊断健康问题,比如阿尔茨海默氏病的初期阶段。“In the early stages of Alzheimer’s you might get up to make a cup of tea but for a moment forget where you were going. That small wandering pattern, which others might not initially notice, could be an early warning sign,” says Mr Tully.塔利说:“在阿尔茨海默氏症早期阶段,你可能起身泡了杯茶,但过一会儿就忘了自己要干什么。这种轻微的精神恍惚状态有可能是早期预警信号,但其他人可能一开始注意不到。”He believes some of the “wacky” personal items on display at CES may evolve into industrial-scale applications. Vessyl, a cup that identifies any liquid poured into it, might sound like a toy for those wanting to keep tabs on their drinks intake. But what about applying the concept to a car and monitoring that the right fuel is in the tank?他认为CES展上一些“稀奇古怪”的个人物品有可能发展成工业级的应用。Vessyl是一款能识别出倒入液体的杯子,听起来像是适合那些想监督自己饮料摄入情况的人使用的玩意儿。但假设将这一概念应用到汽车上,检测油箱里的汽油加得对不对呢?“We will see hundreds of little applications that will be eventually woven together to make a smart city,” says Mr Pilu. “I believe this will develop in an evolutionary way.”皮卢说:“我们将看到成百上千个小应用,它们最终将交织在一起,编织出一座智能城市。我相信这将以循序渐进的方式发展。”But do not expect the internet of things to do spectacular things just yet. For the time being, expect more internet-connected bins and street lighting, while businesses work out just what else these ecosystems can do.但是不要指望物联网马上就大放异。目前只能期待更多联网垃圾箱和路灯,然后等着企业想出这些生态系统还能做到什么。 /201504/369443Less than one day after proclaiming a billion annual revenue milestone for cloud services, IBM’s newly formed Cloud division disclosed two fresh contracts.就在IBM宣布云务年收入达到70亿美元的里程碑式业绩之后不到一天,其新组建的云部门又公布了两份新签的合同。One, a 0 million services agreement with healthcare benefits company Anthem, adds to the string of existing services customers switching to IBM cloud data centers or software as a service applications. It’s a theme the company has sounded often over the past year.其中一份是与医保福利公司Anthem签订的5亿美元务协议,这也是现有云务用户转向IBM云数据中心或“软件即务”应用的最新一例。在过去一年中,这样的情况一直在IBM持续上演。The other establishes IBM IBM 0.31% as the cloud host for a new service from Clarient Global, backed by a consortium of financial services companies including Barclays, BNY Mellon, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and State Street. (Clarient is related to The Depository Trust amp; Clearing Corp.) This agreement is potentially more intriguing, because it represents a net new account for IBM’s cloud business rather than the renegotiation of an existing outsourcing relationship.另一份合同则是,IBM将为Clarient Global的一种新业务提供云主机,包括巴克莱、纽约梅隆、瑞士信贷、高盛、根大通、道富等一大批金融巨头都在采用Clarient Global的务。这项协议可能更为引人关注,因为它意味着IBM云业务拉到了一位新客户,而非只是与现有客户重新协商合作关系。Under the pact, IBM will host a centralized, secure hub for client reference data and documents on its SoftLayer technology. Here’s the rationale fromClarient CEO Matthew Stauffer: “IBM’s cloud platform, coupled with its deep security expertise, plays a vital role in enabling this new service to help increase efficiency and control over client data while reducing risk and costs.”依据协议,IBM将通过其SoftLayer技术,为客户机数据文档提供安全中枢。Clarient首席执行官马修o斯托弗称,之所以选择IBM的理由是:“IBM云平台加上其专业的深度安全防护技术,对这项新务来说至关重要,从而能在降低风险和成本同时,帮助提高效率,更好地管理客户数据。”Last year, IBM pulled in billion in revenue last year related to cloud services—a level it was hoping to hit by the end of 2015.去年,IBM在云务领域获得了70亿美元收入,这一业绩原本是公司计划在2015年底达成的目标。In recent weeks, the company restructured to accelerate that momentum, naming veteran IBM Software manager Robert LeBlanc as the senior vice president. “We took all the pieces that were sitting in various places throughout IBM, some of them in services, some of them in software, and pulled them together,” LeBlanc said in a brief interview Wednesday. “It gives us the opportunity to innovate at speed.”为了加快这一发展势头,公司在近几周进行了改组,任命经验丰富的IBM软件部门经理罗伯特o勒布朗作为高级副总裁。勒布朗在与《财富》的一次简短采访中表示:“我们在IBM的各个部门寻找所有的云业务碎片,有些在务部门,有些在软件部门,然后把它们整合起来。这给了我们迅速创新的机会。”He isn’t committing—publicly at least—to a new goal. His team also has a lot of hiring to do before it can rev up: there are at least 1,000 open positions in a unit that as a whole employs “thousands” of people.他并未公开自己的新业绩目标。同时,云计算团队还需要大量招聘人手才能加速运转起来:这个团队目前已有数千名员工,但至少还有1,000个职位空缺急需填补。(财富中文网) /201502/358735

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