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This was an extraordinary effort.这是一次非凡的努力The Alaskan Road became mired in mud,vehicles couldnt move.阿拉斯加公路深陷泥潭 车辆动弹不得General Hoge has a radical idea:Ditch the bulldozers.霍格将军有一个激进的想法 把推土机开进泥沼Engineers become axe-men.工兵变成樵夫The only thing to do was to make a mat Of timber and branches.我们唯一要做的就是做一个 木材和树枝制成的垫子;Corporal Refines Sims leads a team Laying a solid foundation.瑞凡斯·西姆斯下士率领团队 奠定了坚实的基础Corduroying: an old Roman technique re-invented.筑木排路 这是古罗马技术的创新发明But progress plummets from 14 miles a day to just one.但进度从每天十四英里骤降到一英里For thousands of years,The key to mankinds ambition: engineering.几千年来 人类雄心壮志的关键就是工程No longer prisoners of geography,We re-write nature.不再受困于地理限制 我们重写了自然We overcome each new obstacle by force of will.我们用意志力克每个新的障碍This ability has shaped not just our existence这种能力不仅造就了我们的存在but the fact that we are the predominant life form on the planet.还成就了一个事实 我们是地球上占主导地位的生命形式With winter closing in,Two teams, one black, one white,随着冬日的逼近 两组团队 一组黑人 一组白人Battle the weather to complete the final stretch.与天气作斗争完成最后的路段Bitter cold, permafrost,Wild animals, completely untamed wilderness.严寒 冻土层 野生动物 环境恶劣的荒原Men sat on the side of the road and wept in pain.人们坐在路边 痛苦地流泪201605/445665

For any desert-island survivor,the priorities are protection,rescue, water, and food.对于荒岛求生者而言 必先找到栖身之处 寻求救援 寻找水源和实物But first, orientate yourself and work out your options.首先 要适应环境 明确逃生方案Here the way to do that is to get a birds-eye view of the island from its highest point.要做到这一点 我建议你 找到全岛的制高点 鸟瞰全岛But, look, there is a crack running straight up thats much narrower.快看 这有个垂直的狭窄裂缝 直通向山顶Might be able to chimney up that.爬它 就像爬烟囱一样Its about 100 feet to the top,and it looks like a challenging climb.山脚到山顶约100英尺高 想要攀登上去 极具挑战性From here, it does look pretty darn sheer.从这里看 这实在太陡了Just so sharp and crumbly and exposed.山体陡峭 容易松动 久经海风侵蚀Climbs like this are best broken into sections and tackled one step at a time.攀登这样的山壁最好分成几个步骤 一步一个脚印的走The rock is hard on the hands and unpredictable underfoot,用手抓住岩壁不容易 而且还得小心脚下的突发状况and its proving hard to find reliable holds.事实明 攀爬时很难找到手能抓稳的地方Here Ive got to stretch my limbs to the max to make any sort of progress.我得最大限度的伸展身体 才能一步一步向上爬But Ive made it up the first section.Okay, lets bring you up to this bit.我完成了第一步 好的 我们再爬高点Then were gonna face the real music top bit of this chimney. 终极的挑战来了 这根;烟囱;的顶端This is where the hard work really begins.艰巨任务 从此刻正是展开The climb here is sheer all the way to the top.这个极陡峭的崖壁 直通峰顶201703/499227

Markhor gather for their annual rut.捻角山羊正在举行年度聚会Males must fight for the right to breed,公羊必须为争夺生育权而战斗but on these sheer cliffs, any slip by either animal could be fatal.在如此峻峭的崖壁上,哪一方滑倒都有可能直接送命A snow leopard, the rarest of Himalayan animals.雪豹,喜马拉雅地区最稀有的动物Its a female returning to her lair.这是只母豹,正要返回巢穴These are the first intimate images of snow leopard ever filmed in the wild.这是在野外环境中第一次近距离拍摄雪豹She greets her one-year-old cub. Her den is well chosen.它在向自己一岁大的幼崽问好。它的巢穴选址不错It has exceptional views of the surrounding cliffs.非常适于观望周围崖壁的情况On these treacherous slopes,在这些变化莫测的悬崖上no hunter other than the snow leopard would have a chance of catching such agile prey.没有其它掠食者能和雪豹一样,有机会逮住这些羸弱的猎物A female with young makes an easier target.一只母羊和几只小羊羔是最容易下手的目标Her large paws give an excellent grip and that long tail helps her balance.它那宽大的脚爪具备很好的抓地力,长尾巴能保持身体平衡Silently she positions herself above her prey.它静悄悄地来到猎物上方。201704/501988

This area is teeming with grasshoppers.这附近有很多蚱蜢If you find yourself in need of a quick energy boost,these can be a welcome sight.如果你急需补充能量 它们就是首选You can eat these just like this.Grab the head, twist it,and pull, and the guts come out like that with the head.你可以这样吃 抓住头部 转一下 扯下来 内脏就和头一起出来了And then take the legs off as well.And the rest of its fine to eat.再把腿去掉 剩下的就能吃了To get a decent meal, youd need to eat around 30 of these,but three is better than nothing.如果想吃饱 至少要吃三十个 但吃三个总比不吃强Theres a lot of pine resin in here.这里有很多松木树脂Native americans would use this, mix it with charcoal美国的土著人 将它与木炭混在一起makes glue put it on wounds to seal them,even use it as an accelerant for the fire.做成胶水 用来保护伤口 或者用作生火时助燃剂Mix it in with their tinder,it will burn really, really hot.将它与火绒混合后 火就会烧得很旺Thats gonna be useful for me.估计会有用的As I descend through the forest,Im soon confronted with another challenge.走出森林后 另一项挑战又出现在我面前Just a massive lake.But also a massive obstacle.Okay, lets go this way.一个超大的湖 也是一个超大的障碍 好吧 这边走A vital key to survival is adapting things you find and using them to your advantage.生存的关键就是将你找到的东西 经过改造后 拿来为你所用201608/458981

Since diving headlong into the middle of the Sahara Desert it has been a wild ride.从头部向前 跳入撒哈拉大沙漠的中心地带开始 我进行了一次危险之旅From miles of baking sand and an abandoned well,to the fury of the Atlantic Ocean.从绵延数英里的荒漠 和废弃的水井 一路到波涛汹涌的大西洋And the truly indescribable breakfast.还有不可思议的早餐This place has tested me to the limits while showing you how to survive on one of the harshest environments on earth.这片土地挑战了我的极限 同时也向你展示如何 从地球上最荒芜的环境中逃出生天Its about 20 foot down there.大约有20英尺高Now I have reached the most precious thing any desert survivor can ever find-- water.现在我找到了对沙漠求生者来说 最珍贵的东西 水源Nearly smacked into the bottom.But that is so nice险些撞到池底 这真是太棒了You cannot underestimate the feeling for a survivor come across water like this.能找到水源 求生者的欣喜难以言表Just so nice.With your mouth parched, you dry.Just like liquid gold.太棒了 现在我是 口干舌燥 就如同液体黄金Theres nothing youd trade for it.In the desert, water really is the difference between life and death.任何东西都无法取代水 沙漠中 生与死的区别 在于是否能找到水源This water is fresh,but there is no guarantee its clean.水是淡水 但不保它很干净Look at all of this.Black, stinking goo.看看这些 又黑又粘But there is a way of improvising a filter if you just come up the slope of it,如果遇到这样的斜坡 就有办法 把池水进行过滤start digging down and dig whats called a gypsy well.要向下挖 挖出一种吉普赛式的水井Its just a very simple way of filtering the water.这种过滤水的方法 非常简单You see the water beginning to seep in.You see, pretty murky the water fills that way.水开始渗进去了 浑浊的水充满了这个坑洞Clear all of that out now and then let it fill up again.把浑浊的水清理出来 等坑洞再次充满水201611/480744

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