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How do I decide my wedding gowns color?怎样确定我的新娘礼的颜色呢?Its very important when youre looking at the color of wedding gowns to have somebody expert to explain the possibilities to you. A pure white gown typically looks better on a bride who has olive skin and dark hair. For most Caucasian skin, a pure white gown washes us out too much. Therefore, ivory is a much better choice of color. Ivory is typically just one shade off white. Unless you put it directly next to something white, it just looks like white to most people. There are other color options in bridal gowns, and you may find that youd prefer to have a little bit of something perhaps more unusual, or you have a set color in your wedding plans that this gown would complement very well. Many of the new gowns have been coming in with color accents of cafe, blue, pink and many other colors. It is possible to find whole gowns made in cafe, pearl and various other shades just off white.当你考虑新娘礼颜色的时候,让专业人士向你解释一下各种可能性,这非常重要。如果新娘的皮肤是橄榄色,头发是黑色,纯白色的新娘礼效果更好。对于大部分白种人来说,纯白色礼让我们看上去白得太过分了。因此,象牙色是更好的选择。象牙色仅仅比白色多了一层阴影。除非放在纯白色旁边,对于大部分人来说,象牙色就是白色。新娘礼还有其他颜色选择,你或许发现自己喜欢有点不同寻常的颜色,或者你的婚礼已经策划好了某个颜色体系,你的礼颜色能与整个颜色体系相辅相成。许多新出的礼添加了咖啡色,蓝色,粉红色和其他颜色点缀。也有可能找到整个白色礼都添加咖啡色,珍珠色和其他颜色阴影的礼。Thanks for watching How To Decide Your Wedding Gowns Color.感谢收看“如何选择新娘礼”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201308/252693Our little beer-rationing tablet is divided into three rows of four boxes each, and in each box the signs-typically for this date-are from top to bottom, moving right to left-before you move onto the next box.我们这块记录啤酒配给的小黏土板分为三行,每行四格,每格里的符号都是从上往下,从右往左阅读的。The signs are pictographs, drawings of items which stand just for that item or something closely related to it.这些符号在当时很有代表性,都是象形的,直接画出物品的样子或与其十分接近的图案。So the symbol for beer is an upright jar with a pointed base-a picture of the vessel that was actually used to store the beer rations.代表啤酒的是一个直立的尖底罐,描绘的就是通常用于储存配给啤酒的容器。The word for ration itself is conveyed graphically by a human head, juxtaposed with a porridge bowl, from which it appears to be drinking, and the signs in each one of the boxes are accompanied by circular and semi-circular marks-which represent the rationing numbers.代表“配给”的则是一个人头旁边放一个用来喝啤酒的碗。每一格的文字旁都有 圆形或半圆形的记号,记录配给的数量。You could say that this isnt writing in the strict sense, its more a kind of mnemonic, a repertoire of signs that can be used to carry quite complex messages.你可以说这样的书写并不算是严格意义上的文字,而更像是一种,一种可以用来承载极复杂信息的符号集合。The crucial breakthrough to real writing came when it was first understood that a graphic symbol, like the one for beer on our tablet, could be used to mean not just the thing it showed, but what the word for the thing sounded like.真正的文字上的重大突破,是人们第一次了解到一个象形符号,如写字板上的啤酒,不仅可以用来表示物品本身,也能表示与这一物品同音的别的物品。At this point writing became phonetic, and then all kinds of new communication became possible.这样,文字变成了表音符号,所有的全新交流方式都变成可能。When writing in this full sense was taking off, life as a pioneer scribe must have been very exciting.当文字进入全面发展,表音符号逐渐代替了象形文字,书记员的生活一定十分快乐。 201406/307668ANNOUNCER: Its time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!What is the worlds most spoken language? If you think you know it, then shout it out! 世界上说什么语言的人最多?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it English, Arabic, Spanish or Mandarin? Youve got three seconds, go! 是英语、阿拉伯语、西班牙语还是普通话?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Mandarin Chinese is the first language of over 845 million people, which makes it the worlds most spoken language. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;普通话是大约八亿四千五百万人的母语,这让普通话成为世界上说的人最多的语言。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Help wanted, when is the last time you saw that sign for a job whose median salary was ,000 a year that could pay upwards of 100,000 and wasnt in medicine or computer engineering?招聘员工,你最后一次看到这样的招聘广告,该工作的平均薪水是四万三千美元一年,而且最高可达十万美元,而且还不是药物或电脑工程? Recruiters from police departments to the State Department, from Apple to the Army are looking for a few good translators. 从警察局到国务院,从苹果公司到军队的招聘人员都在寻找好的翻译。Well, translators and interpreters. 对了,是笔译员和口译员。Theres a difference. 这是有区别的。Interpreters specialize in spoken language, translators focus on whats written. 口译员着重口语,而笔译员着重写出来的东西。

音乐家与社会活动家诺获颁2005TEDPrize时的精演说。 诺认为援助非洲不是另一个明星标榜的事业,而是一个世界级的危机。201409/325305

The Third Plenum is likely to cover the countrys ambitious urbanization drive. But that would come with challenges.三中全会将启动全面城市化进程。但是,这也将带来新的挑战。As we can see, urbanization brings both opportunities and challenges to China. Lets get back to Prof. Fu Jun for more.正如我们所看到的的,中国城市化进程是机会与挑战并存的过程。让我们与付军教授一同分享更多相关信息。Q1. How do you see the dangers of overbuilding? As Junfengs story shows, there are ghost towns, but the 70 major cities are super crowded.您怎样看待过度开发带来的危害呢?比如峻峰为我们带来的思考,那里有很多鬼城,但是70个大城市都超级拥挤。Q2. Who pays for urbanization? HS estimates total fiscal cost on 260 million migrant workers in cities (public housing and childrens education) is 6.24 trillion yuan. Local government finances are strained as they are.谁将为城市化带来的后果埋单?据汇丰估计,用于260百万外来务工人员(公共住房和子女教育)的固定总出为6.24万亿元。地方政府财政已出现吃紧状态。Q3. A large part of the urbanisation process depends on Hukou reform, what will we see on this (household registration system) reform from the Third Plenum meetings?城市化进程在很大程度上取决于户籍制度改革,那么在三中全会上就户籍制度改革,我们会看到哪些进展?201311/263834

For many women high-heeled shoes can make them both happy and rather painful. For anyone whos ever worn them, youll know that even walking a long distance can be a struggle. So its hard to imagine running a race in them. Well thats exactly what happened on Saturday in Ukraine.对大多数女人来讲,高跟鞋可以让她们感到快乐,也可以让她们感到痛苦。而对于那些曾经尝试过高跟鞋的女人来说,穿着高跟鞋即使长距离步行都会是一场痛苦的体验,对已这一点她们都是心知肚明。所以,真的是很难想象让她们穿着高跟鞋赛跑是怎样一种情景。然而,这正是周六发生在乌克兰的一幕。A 100-meter sprint with competitors in their finest heels. Close to 100 women braved sweltering temperatures to take part in the special race.选手们脚蹬她们最爱的高跟鞋进行100米短跑。近100名选手冒着高温天气参加了这场独具特色的比赛。The rules stipulated that heels had to be no less than 9-centimeter tall for the sprint, with some competitors even stretching it to 15 cm. Pre-match tactics included using sticky tape on their shoes, along with the usual stretches.比赛规定所有参赛选手的高跟鞋高度不低于9厘米,有些参赛者的鞋跟甚至高达15厘米。赛前准备工作包括用胶带将鞋与脚粘在一起。Although most are first-timers to this unique race, many seemed adept at running in high-heeled shoes.尽管,大多数人是第一次参加该比赛,但很多人似乎对于穿着高跟鞋赛跑已然驾轻就熟。The competition has been held in Kiev for many years, and the winner was rewarded with a car.该比赛已经在基辅举行了很多年,获胜者将获得汽车作为奖励。201308/252257

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