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抚顺中山医院前列腺炎多少钱抚顺男性医院割包皮多少钱辽宁抚顺人民医院网上挂号 Forget flip flops and sun tan lotion, it’s coffee and ketchup that holidaymakers consider their packing essentials, according to a study.一项研究显示:别提什么人字拖和防晒霜了,对于那些度假的人来说——咖啡和番茄酱才是他们出行必备的东西。A survey of travellers from 29 countries has revealed the top unexpected items each nationality takes abroad, ensuring that wherever they go they have a taste of home with them.一项针对于来自29个国家旅行者的调查显示:最让人意想不到的、各国人民出国旅行携带的几样东西——就为确保他们不论走到哪里,都能尝到家乡的味道!The study by lowcostholidays surveyed 7,500 people from around the world ensuring that a minimum of 250 locals had been interviewed for each country.lowcostholidays (低价出游)发起的调查有来自全球7500个人参与,每个国家至少有采访250个人。Illustrated in an infographic, the study found that 56 per cent of respondents from Japan packed Miso soup while 64 per cent of Italians couldn’t travel without coffee.在图中可以详细的看出,56%来自日本的受访者会打包味增汤,而64%的意大利人会在出行时不带咖啡不能活。Perhaps fearing that food overseas might need seasoning, ketchup was the essential item for 38 per cent of New Zealanders, while 41 per cent of Indonesians packed hot sauce and 38 per cent of Mexicans carried canned chillies.或许是担心国外的食物需要佐料,番茄酱对于38%的新西兰人来说是旅行必备,而41%的印尼人会带辣椒酱,38%的墨西哥人会带罐装辣椒。Australians couldn’t bear to be without vegemite (41 per cent packed it) while 55 % of South Koreans can be found carrying Kimchi and 39 per cent of Chinese travellers pack instant noodles.澳大利亚人没咸味酱就不行不行了(41%的人会打包),55%的韩国人会带泡菜,39%的中国人会带方便面。For Germans with a sweet tooth, 43 per cent packed treats in the form of Haribo while 43 per cent of Irish tourists squirrel away Silvermints in their suitcase.喜好甜食的德国人,43%会带哈瑞宝的食品,43%的爱尔兰人会带银薄荷。Interestingly, those from the USA, Hong Kong and Belgium were more pre-occupied with packing essentials that related to grooming and hygiene. The study found 32 per cent of Americans take toilet paper with them on their travels, a staggering 66 per cent of Belgians pack Washandjes (wash cloths) and 60 per cent of people from Hong Kong carry pocket tissues with them.有趣的是,来自美国、香港和比利时的人会打包一些和美容以及卫生用品相关的东西到行李箱。研究还发现32%的美国人会在旅行时携带厕纸,令人吃惊的是66%的比利时人会带洗衣剂,60%来自香港的人会带面巾纸。 /201705/509949We all know about high blood pressure – for some of us it is a bit of a joke – that thing that happens to cranky, unpleasant, angry old men.高血压,可谓众所周知——但有些人并不在意——他们觉得只有脾气暴躁、不好相处、易怒的老人才会得高血压。If you close your eyes you can just see the cartoon of the office slave being chastised by the angry big boss with the red nose, bulging eyes and fist banging on the desk.如果你闭上眼,可能会想到这样的卡通画面:“办公室奴隶”被生气的大老板责备,大老板红鼻子,鼓眼镜,攥拳砸桌子。Of course someone that unpleasant deserves high blood pressure – his blood probably boils on a regular basis!有些讨厌的人就该得高血压——他的血可能定期沸腾。The thing is that you don#39;t have to be angry (or a wealthy, impatient, bullying capitalist) to suffer from high blood pressure.其实,不是生气(或富有、无耐心、为富不仁)就该得高血压。The disease can be asymptomatic for years, that is you won#39;t even know that you have it but, little by little, year by year the higher than normal pressure of the blood in your body will cause stress and damage to your blood vessels.高血压可能潜伏多年,你可能根本不知情,但年复一年,你体内的高血压会对血管造成压力和损害。For many people the condition develops slowly, over the course of years but for others it can come on suddenly as a complication of another disease such as sleep apnea or thyroid problems.很多人的高血压都是历久经年慢慢发展,但也有些人是伴随睡眠窒息症或甲状腺类疾病等迅速爆发。Left untreated high blood pressure can lead to heart problems, strokes, vision and memory problems and a whole host of other nasty things that you don#39;t want to have to deal with.高血压如不治疗,会引发心脏疾病、中风、视觉或记忆障碍等疾病。It is for this reason that doctors monitor blood pressure regularly; it means that at the slightest sign that pressure is getting too high, you can start treatment for it and prevent potentially more serious issues from cropping up.正因如此,医生才会定期测量血压;这样的话,只要有血压升高的迹象,你就可以开始治疗,防止其他潜在疾病突然爆发。If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure it is important that you follow your doctor#39;s advice and take the medications that he or she recommends.如果你被诊断出患有高血压,遵从医嘱用药非常重要。There are, however, several other things you can do to control your blood pressure naturally and we have set out 10 of the most effective of these in the article below.但也有其他办法让血压值恢复正常,本篇文章将列出10条最有效的方法。If you follow these 10 methods you may find that you manage to bring your blood pressure under control enough that your doctor will reduce or end your prescription (while monitoring your pressure carefully of course).如果你听取这10条建议,你可能会发现你的血压恢复正常,医生用药也会减量,甚至终止用药(当然要仔细测血压)。These 10 suggestions are simple and easy to follow and are worth doing so even if you do not have high blood pressure as they can help to promote a healthy lifestyle – what have you got to lose?这10条建议简单易行,值得一试;即使你血压不高,也可以按着做,养成健康的生活方式——反正又没损失。10.Get Moving. Exercise!10.多锻炼It can be so tempting to sit down and relax, particularly if you are not feeling well, are unfit or suffering from a condition which has caused your blood pressure to rise.坐着放松,这种诱惑不易抵抗。这种诱惑,在身体不舒或血压升高时更难推拒。Sadly while this might feel good in the short term (who doesn#39;t love relaxing on the couch) it can do you irrevocable harm in the long term.尽管这会让人在短期内感觉良好(谁不爱在沙发上放松呢),但长期来看,造成的伤害难以修复。Regular exercise has been shown to help to moderate blood pressure ings by 4-9 mmHg (millimeters of mercury).定期锻炼能使血压值缓解4-9毫米汞柱。This may not sound like much but it can be enough to help you keep your condition manageable and under control because the risk factors for high blood pressure double for every 20/10mmHg increase in ing.所降值听起来不多,但会让你的身体状况不致出现难治危险,因为目标值每上升20/10毫米汞柱,高血压风险因素都会加倍。In order to benefit from exercise you need to make it a regular part of your daily regime – it is not something that you can just stop and start and hope to feel benefits from.为了能使身体从锻炼中受益,得让锻炼成为生活的一部分——这不是心血来潮做做就能获益的事。As such you should aim to include at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise into your schedule most days.所以,你得每天做30分钟左右的有氧运动。If you are not fit and have not done much exercise you should start gently and work up. Studies have shown that resistance training appears to be the most efficient exercise method for blood pressure management.如果你身体不健康,且运动量小,你要慢慢来。有研究显示,阻力训练是控制血压最有效的方法。9.Cut the Salt9.减少摄盐量The typical western diet (and the American diet in particular) contains a huge amount of sodium, sadly far in excess of the recommended daily allowance of 2,300mg a day (less if you have high blood pressure).典型的西方饮食(尤其是美国饮食)钠含量很高,远超每日建议的摄盐量2300毫克(如果有高血压,摄入量应更少)。If you cook your own food at home think about how much salt you add to it while cooking? So many recipes call for a pinch of salt when it is not really necessary.如果你自己在家煮饭,想想该放多少盐?很多食谱即使不需要盐也会标注“放一小撮盐”。If you eat processed foods the numbers are even worse as salt is added during processing in order to replace the flavor that has been lost through the processing.如果你吃的是加工食品,情况更糟,因为为了恢复加工时丧失的味道,往往会再加入些盐。As if all this was not enough many of us like to add a dash of salt to our meals, irrespective of whether it has been added during cooking or not, it is a bit of a reflex action for many people.很多人不管食物加工时有没有放盐,都会条件反射似得在食物中加少许盐。However, it is also a dangerous habit because just one teaspoon of salt can put you over your recommended daily allowance.但这个习惯也不好,因为只要一勺盐就会使摄盐量超过建议量。Recent research may suggest that salt is not the bogeyman we thought it was with regard to high blood pressure but that does not mean that we all have a free pass to eat as much salt as we want.最近有研究显示,盐对高血压的危害并不如我们想得大,但也不是说我们有了“吃盐许可”,想吃多少就吃多少。The fact remains that an excessive salt habit is linked to high blood pressure and the medical advice is to eat a low sodium diet if possible and, at the very least to restrict your salt intake to the moderate, recommended levels in order to help reduce your blood pressure.事实上,摄入盐超量确实和高血压有关,而医生建议,如果可以,要保持较低的钠摄入量,至少要控制在医生推荐值左右,这样才能降血压。8.Drop Some LBs8.减肥Weight is a big problem in the US and in the developed world as a whole. CDC studies for 2011-12 showed that over 35% of US adults aged over 20 were obese and a staggering 69% of Americans over the age of 20 were overweight (this includes the 35% obesity statistic).体重在美国是个大问题,在其他发达国家也是大问题。2011-12年,美国疾病控制中心的研究表明,美国20岁以上的成年人有35%过于肥胖,而体重超标的占69%(包含过于肥胖的35%)。These are frightening statistics but obesity and being overweight are more than just image issues, they are conditions that have negative health ramifications as well.这些数据令人震惊,但肥胖和体重超标不仅仅是形象问题,还会对身体健康产生负面影响。In addition to the many other health problems that excess weight can cause it has been linked as a contributory cause of high blood pressure – waist measurements of 40 inches and over for men and 35 inches and over for women put the person at risk for high blood pressure.体重超标除引发健康问题外,还会导致高血压——男性腰围超过40英寸,女性腰围超过35英寸,都有高血压风险。Every excess 10 pounds of weight you carry equates to approximately 4mmHg of blood pressure. With that in mind one of the best things you can do for the health of your blood vessels is to cut the pounds and lose weight.体重每增加10磅,血压会增加4毫米汞柱。知道这些后,为了血管健康,我们能做的就是减肥。This may seem daunting, particularly if you have struggled with your weight for much of your life only to be hit with a diagnosis of high blood pressure but it is an achievable goal.这听起来有些吓人,尤其是已为体重挣扎良久,却遭高血压诊断打击的人,但这个目标是完全可以实现的。If you follow the advice on many of the other points in this article you will be half way there.只要你遵从这篇文章中的其他建议,你便成功在望。 /201611/476606抚顺市抚顺县妇幼保健院不孕不育医院

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抚顺铝厂职工医院耳鼻喉怎么样 China Machado, the first non-Caucasian to appear on the cover of a glossy fashion magazine and a model who broke not only the race barrier but also the age barrier, died Sunday in Brookhaven, New York, on Long Island. 登上时尚杂志封面的第一位非白人,打破种族和年龄双重障碍的模特希纳#8226;马沙多(China Machado),于周日在纽约州长岛布鲁克黑文去世,She was 86.享年86岁。Her family said the cause was cardiac arrest.家人说她死于心脏骤停。Many reports have come out about her highly colorful life: She was born Noelie de Souza Machado on Christmas Day 1929, in Shanghai; fled the country with her parents in 1946 after the Japanese occupation; had an affair with Luis Dominguín, the Spanish bullfighter, who left her for Ava Gardner; and socialized with Fran#231;ois Truffaut.很多媒体报道了她的多人生:她于1929年的圣诞日出生在上海,本名诺艾莉#8226;德索萨#8226;马沙多(Noelie de Souza Machado);在中国被日本人占领后随父母于1946年逃离;跟西班牙斗牛士路易斯#8226;多明圭因(Luis Dominguín)有过一段情事,后者为了艾娃#8226;加德纳(Ava Gardner)离开了她;和弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)有过交往。But at a time when the fashion industry is still struggling with diversity, it is worth pausing to consider what colorful really meant when it came to Machado, what her career represented and how far we still have to go.但在时尚产业仍然缺乏多样性的今天,有必要停下来思考:多在马沙多身上究竟是何含义,她的职业生涯代表着什么,我们还有多长的路要走。Her legacy extends far beyond the pictures she created, and the poses she struck, to make us rethink our assumptions about what is considered beautiful, and why. 她留下的遗产远远超出她拍过的照片、摆过的姿势,她会让我们重新思考关于什么被视为美以及为什么被视为美的种种假设。And it is as relevant today as when she first stepped on a runway, in the 1950s.这种思考在今天的重要性,并不亚于她在上世纪50年代初次登上伸展台之时。China Machado was one of the first great pioneers in the firmament of haute couture, André Leon Talley, the fashion and style director of i.am+, the tech firm founded by Will.i.am, and the former Vogue editor at large, wrote in an email. 希纳#8226;马沙多是高级定制时装的伟大先驱者之一,目前在威廉(Will.I.Am)创办的科技企业i.am+担任时尚和造型总监的《时尚》(Vogue)杂志前自由编辑安德烈#8226;莱昂#8226;塔利(André Leon Talley)在一封电子邮件中写道。He added that she made of her ethnicity something powerful. 他还表示,她把自身的种族性变成了某种强大的东西。Internationally, she paved the way for diversity and other races, as well as paving the way for the rise of the black model in print and on the runway.在国际上,她为多样性以及其他种族铺平了道路,也为黑人模特在出版物和伸展台上的崛起铺平了道路。Stefano Tonchi, the editor of W, said: She was the first to put in front of the audience the idea of the otherness, bringing out memories of different cultures and fragments of other imagery. 《W》杂志主编斯蒂法诺#8226;汤奇( Stefano Tonchi)说:她是第一个把‘他者性’的概念摆在读者面前的人,唤起了关于不同文化的记忆,让人看到他者意象的碎片。She always did it with irony, without posing, modeling or vogueing. 她总是以讽刺的方式这样做,而不是通过摆姿势、当模特儿或者模仿模特儿的姿势跳舞。Somehow she showed it all while dancing.不知怎的,她在举手投足之间就将其全部展现了出来。And though she did not do it consciously in the beginning, by the time she was aware of her historic place in the fashion world, her daughter Emmanuelle LaSalle-Hill said, she was proud to wear that mantle. 起初她并非刻意为之,但她女儿艾玛努埃尔#8226;拉萨尔-希尔(Emmanuelle LaSalle-Hill)说,等到她意识到自己在时尚界的位置具有历史意义的时候,她非常自豪地扮演起了那个角色。She thought so much of fashion looked the same, and she wanted to celebrate the idea that everyone could be who they were. 她认为时尚界看上去太千篇一律,她想要赞美的理念是人人都可以活出真我。Machado certainly was.其中当然包括马沙多。It began in 1959, 事情是从1959年开始的。when Machado became the first nonwhite model featured in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar. 当时,马沙多成为了第一个出现在《时尚芭莎》(Harper#39;s Bazaar)上的非白人模特。She had started modeling in Paris, most notably for Hubert de Givenchy and Balenciaga (so successfully that she was the highest-paid runway model in Europe), 她此前在巴黎做过模特,最引人注目的经历是务于休伯特#8226;德#8226;纪梵希(Hubert de Givenchy)和Balenciaga(她做得非常成功,是欧洲酬劳最高的伸展台模特儿)。and Oleg Cassini brought her to New York for his runway show in 1958.奥莱格#8226;卡西尼(Oleg Cassini)在1958年把她带到纽约,为自己的新系列走秀。She caught the eye of Diana Vreeland, who sent her to Richard Avedon, 她得到戴安娜#8226;弗里兰(Diana Vreeland)的青睐,被送到理查德#8226;埃夫登(Richard Avedon)面前。then Harper’s Bazaar’s star photographer and a crucial player in forming the magazine’s identity. 后者当时是《时尚芭莎》的明星摄影师,在该杂志形成自身特色的过程中起到了至关重要的作用。He christened her his muse and began photographing her exclusively — in looks that, Talley pointed out, had previously been worn only by white models.他把她称为自己的谬斯,开始专门拍她——塔利指出,她拍照时脸上挂着以前只属于白人模特儿的表情。Avedon wanted his photos of Machado in Bazaar’s February issue. 埃夫登想要把为马沙多拍的照片发表在《时尚芭莎》的2月号上。But according to an interview Machado did with CNN in 2011, Robert F. 但马沙多于2011年接受CNN采访时表示,杂志的时任出版人罗伯特#8226;F#8226;麦克里奥德(Robert F. MacLeod, the magazine’s publisher at the time, said: Listen, we can’t publish these pictures. MacLeod)说:听着,我们不能刊发这些照片,The girl is not white.这个女孩不是白人。I knew I was considered kind of ‘exotic,’ if you want to use that word, in Europe, but it wasn’t any kind of a slur, Machado told New York magazine this year.在欧洲,我知道别人觉得我有点儿‘奇特’——如果你想用这个词的话,但它不绝不是某种耻辱,马沙多今年曾这样告诉《纽约》(New York)杂志。Avedon’s contract with Bazaar was up for renewal at the time, however, and, according to Machado, 那时候,埃夫登与《时尚芭莎》的合同该续签了。he threatened not to re-sign unless his photos of Machado appeared in the magazine, 然而,根据马沙多的说法,他放话说,如果该杂志不刊发他为马沙多拍的照片,他就拒绝续约。and such was his power that the editors finally agreed. 由于他极具影响力,编辑们最终同意了这个条件。He sort of blackmailed them into putting these pictures into the magazine, she said.他有点儿像是敲诈勒索,迫使他们在杂志上登了这些照片,她说。It wasn’t the only boundary she and Avedon pushed for the magazine. 这并不是她和埃夫登帮助《时尚芭莎》突破的唯一一道界线。She was also its first nude, in 1961. 1961年,该杂志为她打破禁忌,首次刊登裸体照片。And it wasn’t the only racism she encountered.而这也不是她唯一一次遭遇种族主义。After she appeared on Cassini’s runway in 1958, she said in New York magazine, he spoke to a group of Southern buyers because they were ignoring all the dresses Machado had worn in the show. 马沙多在《纽约》杂志上说,她于1958年在卡西尼的秀场亮相后,卡西尼和一群南方买手做过沟通,因为他们忽略了她在时装秀上穿的所有衣。He asked why, and they said, Machado reported, Oh, she’s black. 马沙多称,卡西尼问原因何在,他们则回答,哦,她是黑人。(Actually, she was mixed race, with Portuguese, Chinese and Indian roots.)(事实上她是混血儿,有葡萄牙、中国和印度血统。)And even later, when she was at the height of her fame, she told CNN: Every advert that came out, it would say stupidly: ‘The Great China’ on it. 她告诉CNN,甚至是后来自己名气最盛的时候:出来的每一个广告上面都傻乎乎地写着:‘伟大的希纳’。I felt like ... 我感觉像是……a circus!一个马戏团!With the notable exceptions of a Bazaar cover in 1971, when she became the first nonwhite woman on the cover of the magazine, and the Battle of Versailles in 1973, when she walked in the American contingent, Machado had, by 1962, segued from her role in front of the camera to one behind it. 到了1962年,马沙多已经完成了从镜头前到幕后的转变,但也有引人注目的例外——她曾于1971年出现在《时尚芭莎》封面上,成为登上该杂志封面的第一个非白人女性;也曾于1973年代表美国参与凡尔赛宫之战(Battle of Versailles)时装秀。She became fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar, thus clearing yet another professional pathway (one later followed by such models turned editors as Grace Coddington and Tonne Goodman), and helped introduce Lear’s magazine, aimed at the over-50 set. 她当上了《时尚芭莎》的时尚总监,由此开拓出另一条专业道路(模特出身的编辑格蕾丝#8226;柯丁顿[Grace Coddington]、托恩#8226;古德曼[Tonne Goodman]等人都是循着她的脚步),还帮助推出了面向50岁以上人群的《Lear’s》杂志。Then, at age 81, she signed with IMG Models, becoming an effective octogenarian supermodel.后来,她在81岁那年和IMG模特公司(IMG Models)签约,成为了一名真正的八旬超模。She starred in ad campaigns for Barneys and Cole Haan, and was once again in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar. 她在巴尼斯(Barneys)和科尔哈恩(Cole Haan)的广告宣传活动中当上了主角,并重新登上了《时尚芭莎》杂志。Only last month, she was modeling for a new Ray-Ban shoot by the photographer Steven Klein. 就在上个月,她还在摄影师史蒂芬#8226;克雷恩(Steven Klein)为雷朋(Ray-Ban)新拍的大片中做了模特。All without ever having plastic surgery.她从来没有整过容。You can’t worry about aging because that’s the worst thing, she once said. 你不能担心变老,因为那是最糟糕的,她曾经表示。If you start, then you just keep finding more things you don’t like, and then you’re finished. 如果你开始担心,就会不断发现更多你不喜欢的东西,然后你就完蛋了。There are a lot of things I could have done to my face, but it would never stop.我本可以对自己的脸做很多事情,但那样一来就会没完没了。According to Ivan Bart, the president of IMG Models, China was instrumental in teaching younger models, IMG模特公司总裁伊万#8226;巴特(Ivan Bart)说,希纳在教导年轻模特方面发挥了重要作用,‘把握你自己,把握你的美。‘Own yourself, own your beauty.#39; Her life showed them how.’他们可以从她的人生中看到如何这样做。Machado was always an exception. 马沙多一直是一个特例。But if fashion learns anything from her example, someday, perhaps, she will be the rule.但如果时尚界能从她身上学到点儿什么,有朝一日她会许会变成一个平平常常的存在。 /201612/485426新宾县人民医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱抚顺市顺城妇幼保健院看男科医院



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