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Dont be Stupid不要做傻事Why do people do stupid things? Some people try to walk across freeways. They get run over. Some people stand on the edge of cliffs. They slip and fall to their death. Some people think a gun is not loaded. They point the gun at a friend. They pull the trigger. They kill their friend. Some people want to watch a storm up close. They go to the ocean. They feel the wind. They see the big waves. They are excited. Then a big wave takes them out to sea. They drown. Many people drop out of school. They say that school is boring. They want to have fun. School is not fun. They hate homework. They get a job at McDonald’s. All day long they ask the customers, “Do you want fries with that?” Is that fun? No, but it is stupid. Some people cheat on their wives or husbands. They get caught. Their marriage ends. They are alone. Many people smoke cigarettes. They get cancer. Many people drink and drive. Drinking and driving is against the law. It’s dangerous. It’s stupid. But people do it every day.人为什么要做蠢事?许多试图穿越高速路但遭到汽车碾压许多人站在悬崖边上不幸坠落悬崖许多人误以为没有子弹他们将指向朋友并扣动了扳机他们杀死了朋友许多人想近距离观察暴风雨他们靠近了海洋他们感受到了海风和声势浩荡的巨浪他们非常兴奋一个大浪将他们卷入了大海他们淹死了许多人辍学他们认为学校很无聊他们希望过有趣的生活学校没意思他们讨厌做作业他们在麦当劳得到了一份工作每天向顾客询问,想搭配薯条吗?这有趣吗?当然不,这样做很傻许多人被判妻子或丈夫他们被揭穿了婚姻破灭他们单身了许多人抽烟最终患上了癌症许多人醉酒驾车醉酒驾车触犯法律且非常危险这样做很蠢但每天都在上演译文属原创,,不得转载 5578泉州治疗卵巢性不孕哪家好John Stuart Mill约翰·斯图尔特·穆勒John Stuart Mill was born on May, 18 in London. His father was the influential radical thinker James Mill. In his Autobiography, Mill gives one of the most famous s of a childhood, certainly of a philosopher’s childhood. Interpretations have differed radically but everyone, including Mill, agrees that he had an extraordinary childhood, and that it shaped his later life as a thinker. Essentially, Mill tells us how his father educated him at home from an extremely early age until he went off to work in his father’s office at the age of 18. John Stuart Mill did not go to school or university. Instead his father established him a unique experiment in education. At age three, Mill was learning ancient Greek and arithmetic. Soon he was being taken by his father on walks across the fields and reciting the evidence of his day’s ing.约翰·斯图尔特·穆勒于18年5月日出生于伦敦他的父亲是当时非常有影响的激进主义思想家詹姆斯·穆勒在穆勒《自传一书中,有一段非常著名的、对童年生活的描述,当然,那是一个哲学家的童年尽管对这本书的和解释有着一些截然不同的版本,但包括穆勒在内,所有的人都认为他有一个与众不同的童年,这也对他日后成为一个思想家有很大影响很重要的一点是,穆勒给我们讲述了他父亲是如何教育他的,从很小的时候在家中受教育直到18岁他到父亲的办公室上班约翰·斯图尔特·穆勒从来没上过中学或大学,都是在父亲独特的教育方式下学习三岁时他就学习了古希腊语和算术不久后,父亲带他到田野上散步,并且要求他背诵他一天当中所阅读的文章At the age of eight, Mill began Latin, and this part of his life story is a long list of books in different languages. Several of these childhood texts are directly relevant to On Liberty, particularly ancient works of political theory by Plato, Aristotle and Cicero. From the age of twelve, Mill was taught logic, on which, in adult life, he became a leading authority.八岁时穆勒开始学习拉丁语他的这段生活就是一长串各种不同语言所写的书籍的清单童年时期阅读的这些书籍对后期《论自由的完成有直接影响,尤其是柏拉图、亚里士多德、西塞罗等所写的关于政治理论的古代著作对他影响较大从岁起穆勒开始学习逻辑学,长大之后,他成了这方面的权威Mill also draws our attention to missing elements in his education, notably the absence of religion, which he remains grateful. On the other hand, he does look back on a more damaging absence, the lack of affection. some ers, notably Mill’s friend Carlyle, this is the of a nightmare childhood. others, such as the contemporary philosopher Jonathan Riley, the verdict is more mixed, as it seems to have been Mill himself. Many of his father’s political ideas continue to find expression within On Liberty, but in other ways, as Isaiah Berlin observes, the book can be seen as a reaction against an upbringing— given its emphasis upon the well-being of the individual and upon the need people to find their own way of living and thinking.穆勒也将人们的注意力集中到他在教育上缺失的那部分,尤其是宗教部分的缺失,为此穆勒很庆幸从另一方面讲,他也确实回忆过他童年一种更加有害的缺乏——缺乏爱对于许多读者,特别是穆勒的朋友凯雷来说,那简直是噩梦般的童年而对于其他一些人,就像当时的哲学家乔纳森·莱里,他的评价就有点复杂,就像他是穆勒一样而父亲的政治观点也持续影响着他的写作,在《论自由中都有所体现但以赛亚·伯林从另一角度出发,他认为我们可以把这本书看成是穆勒反抗其成长方式的体现——强调个人的幸福生活,强调人们对于寻找自己的生活和思考方式的需要 6353泉州打胎要花多少钱Part . All you need is love?A. Keywords. social backgrounds, race, ethnic, religion.Vocabulary. pre-industrial, propose, criterion.You are going to hear a report on how people in different parts of the world choose their mates.A1. Bee listening, think about some of the qualities you would look in a mate,A. As you listen, try to write down the three main criteria people usually maintain choosing a mate.Many people in western cultures choose their own wives and husbands.In many other cultures, spouses are often chosen by the parents.In China and Japan bee this century, upper-class marriages were arranged by the older males.In many cultures in the Middle east, Asia and pre-industrial Europe, the man family negotiated a ;bride price; with woman family.The man family was expected to pay it.In Hindu India, the bride family paid a ;groom price; to the family of the man.These customs are weakening. instance, only 9.% of Japanese marriages are now arranged.What are the criteria choosing mates?Most marriages whether arranged by families or occuring from personal attraction or love, are based on similar social backgrounds.In other word, the man and the woman come from the same social class, or else a class that is only slightly higher or slightly lower.Among many people in Egypt, key members of the man family must go to the family of the woman and propose marriage.These family members must be able to show that the man family is at least of the same social class as the woman and that a certain amount of money exists to allow the marriage to go ward.Having the same race or the same ethnic background is the second main criterion marriage throught the world.In the U.S where there are many different races, only 3% of all marriages are between blacks and whites, meaning the races are still largely separate in marriage.In many countries, marriages is also based on the woman and man having the same religion.This is a third common criterion choosing a mate.In cultures in which religions is a very strong value, marriages would often not take place if their religions differences.A3. Listen again, answer the questions.B. Keywords. physical appearance, fall in love, loving somebody.Vocabulary. sustain, differentiate, Barbara Cartland.Listen to a dialogue that discusses personal and family relationships, complete the following main ideas expressed by the second speaker.What do you think it is that attracts people to each other, that makes people want to be together?I think that perhaps untunately in the initial stages, it the physical appearance that attracts.I think unless you find somebody attractive, unless there something about them,it could only perhaps be the way they smile or they laugh, or a twinkle in their eyes or the way a curl falls over their ehead.But something like that has to make you interested enough to find out more about that person unless that there I think you just dont bother.So initially, physical attraction I think is all important.So why do you say untunately?Because in fact, it shouldnt be what somebody looks like that is important.You should be able to look beyond the physical appearance and see what sort of a person he or she is, whether theyre selfish or selfless, whether they are kind, caring.But I think initially youre not bothered with that, that comes perhaps later.In pop songs and magazines and newspapers and so on, the idea of falling in love is always emphasized, so people have this idea that you have to fall in love.Do you think this is misleading people? Do you think people expect is something that in fact doesnt exist?Yes, I do. In fact we can probably lay the blame the high percentage of divorces.it a third I think now, isnt it? I think one in three people get divorced.Probably as far as I can see it, the reason is that they go into marriage or into a relationship with a very romantic view of love which I think has been created by the pop songs, by all the love stories, by the Barbara Cartland novels, etc that young people .Really, you meet someone, you fall in love, and that it. it the beginning, they live happily ever after.And I think that the problem, because people just expect that, and it not like that.So what is it, do you think, that really sustains a relationship, that keeps a relationship going?Well, I think you have to differentiate between falling in love with somebody, which I see as more superficial, and loving somebody, which I see is a deeper emotion and one that perhaps lasts.Falling in love is superficial attraction, being attracted to somebody physically, having fun together.Whereas loving somebody I think is an emotion that grows,it comes with shared experiences, perhaps enjoying doing the same thing together, shared hobbies, shared interests, suffering together as well, going through the bad times, helping each other, supporting each other.I think all that needs time to grow, and Id call that love , and I think that what makes a relationship last.C. Keywords. ;just right; wife, physical qualities, athletic, sports qualities, nationalities.Vocabulary. vow, upper portion, designer clothing.Now you are going to hear some views on men ;just right; wives, listen carefully, complete the summary. years, men and women have been getting married.They say their wedding vows which bring them together as one.They promise to love and cherish each other until death do them part.When a man and a woman get married, it one of the biggest decisions theyll make in their life.A man may select a woman because he, in his own eyes, sees her as the ;just right; wife him.Every man has his own definition of what the ;just right; wife is. instance, the millionaire man and the poor man both may define their ;just right; wife according to have physical qualities.A millionaire may describe his ;just right; wife as charming, beautiful, sexy, intelligent and well-developed.On the other hand, a poor man define his ;just right; wife as pleasing, attractive, desirable, knowledgeable and shapely.Both men describe their ;just right; wife by the same physical qualities, but use different words.Although some men define the ;just right; wife by her physical qualities, other men describe their ;just right; wife by her athletic qualities. example, the outdoors man may define his ;just right; wife as a woman who loves to fish, to camp, to hunt and to water-ski.Whereas the inside sportsman may define his ;just right; wife as a woman who enjoys watching football, basketball, baseball and wrestling.Both of these men define their ;just right; wife by her sports qualities but in two different atmospheres.Men from all nationalities also have their definition of the ;just right; wife. example, the Italian man describes his woman as a woman who stands six feet one itch tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes, and who is well-developed in the upper portion of her body.On the other hand, the French man may describe his ideal woman as a woman who stands only five feet three itches, with brown hair and green eyes and who is moderately built.Other nationalities, such as the German man and the Spanish man, may define their ;just right; wife as a woman with style.The German man may describe his ;just right; wife as a woman who likes to drive expensive sports cars,a woman who visits a different eign country every month and wears only the most expensive designer clothing.But the Spanish man may define his ;just right; wife as a woman who enjoys giving dinner parities every weekend, wearing a lot of jewelry, and drinking expensive wines.泉州微创无痛引产哪家好

泉州阳光妇产医院泉州新阳光妇科医院Andersonville Prison; garbage versus litter versus trash versus rubbish; downtime; pronouncing eight, height, and weightWords:ConfederacyUnionslaveryto captureprisoner of warstarvationdiseaseskeletonwar crimesto be hangedto executeNational Historic Siteveterangarbagelittertrashrubbishdowntime 9558But that aint an insult and that is the biggest compliment you can pay a woman. Respect.但那不是侮辱,那是你可以对一个女人表示的最大恭维尊重No, but seriously, does you take it up the butt?没有,但是说真的,你真的如他们所唱的那样吗?No, of course I dont.不,我当然不是Beckham, you telling me you aint never been caught offside?贝克汉姆,你告诉我,你永远都不会被抓到越位吗?No.But me heard you was well good at getting round the back and swinging your balls in, yeah?没有但我听说你很善于处于越位位置拿球?They do say it the way he bends it, I have to say.他们确实这么说,但这都是无稽之谈,我不得不这样说Yes.Respect, respect, little bit of a different via from Parkinson, well, eh?是的,尊重,尊重,和帕金森有一点不同,是不是呢,嗯?Now Beckham...Do you reckon the better the footballer you is, the fitter the girl you go out with?是的贝克汉姆现在…你认为现在越是出色的球员,出去就越能带走最合适的女孩吗?Obviously.So you are the best at football, you know, so you gets Posh.很明显所以你是最好的足球运动员,你知道的,而且你也很时髦So does Sporty Spice go out with someone from Scunthorpe ed?那么辣出去会和垒斯肯索普联队的球员出去吗?That my friend and she lovely.那是我的一位朋友,她很可爱注:听力文本来源于普特 766泉州市人民医院引产需要多少钱She’s So Hungry她很饿She likes magazines. She likes to look at the pretty photos. Magazines have photos of people. They have photos of animals. They have photos of clothes. They have photos of food. She sees a photo of a hamburger. It looks so delicious. The photo of the hamburger makes her hungry. She goes to the refrigerator. She opens it. She wants a hamburger. But there is no hamburger in the refrigerator. The hamburger is at McDonald’s. But she is a little kid. She can’t drive to McDonald’s. She can’t call McDonald’s, because they don’t deliver. A hamburger place is not like a pizza parlor. A pizza parlor delivers. Her mom was at work. She would have to wait until mom came home. Mom would drive her to McDonald’s. She sat down again. She turned the page. There was a photo of chocolate ice cream. The ice cream was in a cone. Oh, what a beautiful photo. She licked her lips. It looked so delicious. Mom, please come home soon, she thought.她喜欢看杂志她喜欢看绚丽的照片杂志上有人物照片动物照装照食物照她看到了一副关于汉堡的照片看起来很美味这张照片让她感到饥饿她走到冰箱前面打开冰箱她想吃一个汉堡但冰箱里没有汉堡在麦当劳有但她还是个孩子她没法开车去麦当劳她也没法叫外卖,因为不提供外卖汉堡店不像披萨店披萨店有外卖妈妈在工作她要等妈妈下班妈妈会开车带她去麦当劳她又坐了下去翻了一页杂志她看到了一张巧克力冰激凌图片这是一个蛋筒冰淇淋这张照片真美啊她舔了舔嘴唇看起来很美味她想让妈妈早点回来译文属原创,,不得转载 6泉州妇科哪家医院好

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