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Hi, everybody. The story of America is a story of progress. Its written by ordinary people who put their shoulders to the wheel of history to make sure that the promise of our founding applies not just to some of us – but to all of us. Farmers and blacksmiths who chose revolution over tyranny. Immigrants who crossed oceans and the Rio Grande. Women who reached for the ballot, and scientists who shot for the moon. The preachers, and porters, and seamstresses who guided us towards the mountaintop of freedom. Sometimes, we can mark that progress in special places – hallowed ground where history was written – places like Independence Hall. Gettysburg. Seneca Falls. Kitty Hawk and Cape Canaveral. Well, one of these special places is the Stonewall Inn. Back in 1969, as a turbulent decade was winding down, the Stonewall Inn was a popular gathering place for New York Citys LGBT community. At the time, being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender was considered obscene, illegal – even a mental illness. One night, police raided the bar, and started arresting folks. Raids like these were nothing new – but this time, the patrons had had enough. So they stood up, and spoke out, and over the course of the next several days, they refused to be silenced. The riots became protests; the protests became a movement; the movement ultimately became an integral part of America. Over the past seven years, weve seen achievements that would have been unimaginable to the folks who, knowingly or not, started the modern LGBT movement at Stonewall. Today, all Americans are protected by a hate crimes law that includes sexual orientation and gender identity. “Dont Ask, Dont Tell” is history. Insurance companies can no longer turn you away because of who you are. Transgender Americans are more visible than ever, helping to make our nation more inclusive and welcoming for all. And one year ago this weekend, we lit the White House in every color – because in every state in America, youre now free to marry the person you love. Theres still work to do. As we saw two weeks ago in Orlando, the LGBT community still faces real discrimination, real violence, real hate. So we cant rest. Weve got to keep pushing for equality and acceptance and tolerance. But the arc of our history is clear – its an arc of progress. And a lot of that progress can be traced back to Stonewall. So this week, Im designating the Stonewall National Monument as the newest addition to Americas national parks system. Stonewall will be our first national monument to tell the story of the struggle for LGBT rights. I believe our national parks should reflect the full story of our country – the richness and diversity and uniquely American spirit that has always defined us; that we are stronger together; that out of many, we are one. Thats what makes us the greatest nation on earth. And its what we celebrate at Stonewall – for our generation and for all those who come after us.201607/454608

I am a working mother, and I also go to school full-time.我是个母亲,但我同时要上班,还要全日制上学And, you know, its like -- its so important to have like role models out there.要知道,能找到榜样是非常重要的I mean, I know sometimes our lifestyles are very different, whatever.我知道我们的生活方式很不一样But like even at my job -- like, I just got promoted.即使在工作上(也不一样),我刚刚获得了晋升Right now its very exciting actually for me目前我的工作让我很兴奋because Im the Junior Assistant to the Associate Director因为我是业务发展高级副总裁领导的under the Senior Vice President for Business Development -- thats my new title.副总监的初级助理,这是我的新头衔So, but I think whether you own your own company or youre just starting out like me,但我觉得是不是有自己的公司(并不重要)像我们这样刚刚开始like something like this is so vital for people to just continue expanding their minds and learning.做一个如此重要的项目,可以帮助那些想继续学习拓展他们的思想的人And if everybody, like all people really had access to that,如果每个人都有途径获得这类机会it would be a very different world out there, as I know you know.这个世界就会大不相同,你我都知道So, I think all people, we need that, but especially, I look at people like me, you know like,所以我觉得我们所有人都有这个需要,但我特别关注跟我一样的人I mean, Latinos -- were about to be the majority, in like two weeks.我是说拉丁裔的人们,我们即将成为多数民族,大概就在两周以后So, we deserve just as much to be part of the exchange of ideas as everybody else.所以我们应当获得跟其他人一样多的交流思想的机会So, Im very happy that youre, you know, doing this kind of thing, making the talks available online.因此我非常高兴你们举办了这样的活动,而且还把演讲放到互联网上Thats very good. I love that. And I just -- I love you guys. I love TED.这太棒了,我爱这里。我爱你们所有的人,我爱TEDAnd if you dont mind, privately now, in the future, Im going to think of TED as an acronym for Technology, Entertainment and Dominicans.如果你们不介意的话,从今往后我个人会把TED的缩写解释成科技,和多米尼加人Thank you very much.谢谢你们201611/477920

  电影学口语 Lesson 6:[美女与野兽]A Famous Inventor【精片断】剪辑自 美女与野兽Belle: Papa?Father: How on earth did that happen? Doggone(他妈的) it!Belle: Are you all right, papa?Father: I am about y to give up on this hunk(大块) of junk(垃圾).Belle: You always say that.Father: I mean it this time. I’ll never get this boneheaded(笨重的) contraption(装置) to work.Belle: Yes, you will and you’ll win the first prize at the fair tomorrow.Father: Humph!Belle: And become a world-famous inventor.Father: You really believe that?Belle: I always have.Father: Well, what are we waiting for? I’ll have this thing fixed in no time. Hand me that, uh…dog-legged clincher(紧钳), there. So did you have a good time in town today?Belle: I got a new book. Papa, do you think I am odd(奇怪的)?Father: My daughter? Odd? Where would you get an idea like that?Belle: Oh, I don’t know. It’s just that I am not sure I fit in here. There is no one I can really talk to.Father: What about that Gaston? He is a handsome fellow.Belle: He is handsome, all right, and rude, and conceited(自以为是的), and… oh, papa, he is not for me.Father: Well, don’t you worry. ’cause this invention’s going to be the start of a new life for us. I think that’s done it. Now let’s give it a try.【口语财富】1. I am y to give up. 我想放弃。2. I mean it this time. 这次我是认真的。3. Do you think I am odd? 你认为我有些怪吗?4. Where would you get an idea like that? 怎么会这样想呢?5. I fit in here. 我适应这里。6. Let’s give it a try. 让我们试一试! /200604/6482

  What this is telling us, really,这告诉我们,is that we might be thinking of ourselves and of other people in terms of two selves.我们在思考自己和别人时,用了两种自我。There is an experiencing self,第一种则为经验自我,who lives in the present and knows the present, is capable of re-living the past,这种自我活在当下,洞察当下,同时也能回味过往,but basically it has only the present.但基本上他只属于当下。Its the experiencing self that the doctor approaches --一般医生接触的皆是经验自我--you know, when the doctor asks, ;Does it hurt now when I touch you here?;正如,当医生问你,“我碰你这里时会疼么?”And then there is a remembering self,另一个自我则是记忆自我,and the remembering self is the one that keeps score, and maintains the story of our life,他负责记录生活,抒写生活故事,and its the one that the doctor approaches in asking the question,医生要找他时会这么问,;How have you been feeling lately?; or ;How was your trip to Albania?; or something like that.“最近感觉如何?”或“去阿尔巴尼亚好玩么?”等类似的问题。Those are two very different entities, the experiencing self and the remembering self,经验自我和记忆自我是截然不同的,and getting confused between them is part of the mess about the notion of happiness.两者的混淆是导致我们不懂快乐的部分原因。Now, the remembering self is a storyteller.记忆自我负责讲述故事。And that really starts with a basic response of our memories -- it starts immediately.故事从记忆中直接撷取--即时上传。We dont only tell stories when we set out to tell stories.并不是我们在讲我们要讲的故事。Our memory tells us stories, that is, what we get to keep from our experiences is a story.是我们的记忆在讲故事,它是我们从经验中储存下来的故事。And let me begin with one example.让我用一个例子开始。201610/472181。


  In the simple act of saying ;his partner, Mark,; not ;his friend,; or not ;his roommate.;她的话非常简单:;他的爱人马克;,她没有说;他的朋友;或者;他的室友;。I mean you could hear the e marks around the words. This is Johns ;roommate.; His partner.你甚至能从这话里听出言不由衷的引号来:这是约翰的;室友;。;他的爱人;。That simple act of calling things by their right names, it shattered a taboo, and that was beautiful and that was important.仅仅几个简单的真实字眼,就打碎了惯常的禁忌。它如此美妙,如此重要。But, it wasnt just important because of what it did for us at the table that day or what they did for us at the table.但是,这话的重要性不仅仅针对席间的我们。Its also important for those come after us.它对我们的后辈同样重要。You know, one of the interesting things about gay and lesbian people, as a minority group is that, in a sense, our children are not born unto us.同性恋人群的一个很有趣的事实是,同样作为一个少数群体,我的孩子并不生来如我。What I mean is this: black people generally have black children, Jewish people generally have Jewish children, any kind of people can have gay or lesbian children.我想说的是:黑人的孩子是黑人,犹太人的孩子是犹太人,而任何人都可能有同性恋孩子。Sometimes rabidly anti-gay people have gay and lesbian children.有时候连激进的反同性恋族群也会生出同性恋子女来。We cant protect them from a hostile world the way other minority groups can.我们没法用和其他少数族群相同的方法,来保护自己的孩子免于面对外部世界的敌意。We cant necessarily give them the benefit of our experiences the way other groups can.和其他族群不同,我们无法人我们的孩子从我们自身成长的经历中获益。And I feel for these kids, partly because I was there and I know what its like, and partly because they are, in a sense, theyre our kids.我真心关切那些同性恋孩子,一半因为我也曾经是他们中的一员,身历同感;另一半是因为某种程度上,他们也是我的孩子。So, what do we do for them?我们能为他们做些什么?Well, one thing we can do is we can educate their parents.我们可以交给他们父母相关的知识。And you know, that day when my mother said, ;My son John and his partner, Mark,;我妈妈几年前那天说出;我儿子约翰,和他的爱人马克;。Some day that waitress may have a lesbian daughter or a gay son, and she may remember back and say,而或许几年后那位拿女务员会有个同性恋子女,也许她会回忆起那天的事,然后对自己说:;Hey you know what? The Corvinos had a gay son, and they went out to dinner with him and partner, and they seemed to be okay with that.;科尔维诺一家也有个同性恋儿子,他们带着他儿子的同性爱人一起吃饭,看上去他们都很自在。;And that may seem so simple, but its powerful.这事情看起来简单,但非常有力量。Sometimes it can make all the difference, but were only going to have things like that if we have moral courage.有时,小小的事情能改变一切。但是,如果我们缺少道德上的勇气的时候,这一切都不会发生。And I mean it when I say moral courage.当我说道德上的勇气的时候,我发自肺腑地想要强调它。And this is a very important point.它如此重要。One of the biggest misconceptions about the work that I do is that people think that Im out to attack morality, that Im out to espouse some moral relativism where I just say do whatever you feel, it doesnt matter, or that Im telling people morality is a private matter-keep it to yourself, dont judge other people, Im not about the moral judgments.对我工作最大的误解之一是有人会认为我是道德上的破坏者,或者他们会认为我拥护的是道德相对主义,我让人们随心所欲,不计后果,又或者认为我给人们灌输;道德是私人的,在乎内心,莫论是非;这种观念。People think this about me. Nothing could be further from the truth.但上面的这几种观点,和真实的我南辕北辙。201606/445655My fellow Americans, One week ago, our administration assumed the enormous responsibilities that you, the American People, have placed in us. There is much work to do in the days ahead, but I wanted to give you an update on what we have accomplished aly. In my first few days as your President, Ive met with the leaders of some of our nations top manufacturing companies and labor unions. My message was clear: we want to make things in America, and we want to use American workers. Since my election, many companies have announced they are no longer moving jobs out of our country but are instead keeping and creating jobs right here in America. Every day, we are fulfilling the promise we made to the American People. Here are just a few of the executive actions that I have taken in the last few days. An order to prepare for repealing and replacing Obamacare, its about time. The withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership so that we can negotiate one-on-one deals that protect American workers. That would have been a disastrous deal for our workers. An order to begin construction of the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines, following a renegotiation of terms, with a requirement that pipelines installed in America be built with American steel and manufactured here. A directive to expedite permits for new infrastructure and new manufacturing plants.An order to immediately begin the border wall and to crack down on sanctuary cities. They are not safe, we have to take care of that horrible situation. This administration has hit the ground running at a record pace, everybody is talking about it. We are doing it with speed and we are doing it with intelligence and we will never, ever stop fighting on behalf of the American People. God bless you, and God Bless America.201702/492099

  英语日常口语 10:Choosing a film本单元是关于看电影的对话Alice: Oh, what do you fancy seeing? There's Must Love Dogs - a rom-com. Oh I love romantic comedies, don't you? Pride and Prejudice is on - I adore period dramas. You know all those fine ladies and gents from ages ago, long dresses and grand houses. What kind of films do you like - action, adventure, musicals? Michal: Films about people living in the future, on other planets.Alice: Oh, sci-fi - not really my thing. Michal: Well, what about Nightmare on Elm Street? They're showing that again here.Alice: No thanks, horror films don't do it for me. Michal: Well, why don't you choose?Alice: No, you invited me out, you choose.Michal: No, I insist.Vocabulary:(That's/It's) not really my thing (informal): I don't like it. (Someone or something) doesn't do it for me (informal): I don't like him/her/it. Lots of people think Tom Cruise is fantastic but he doesn't really do it for me. 本单元的语言点是有关电影方面的说法,下面是一些不同电影的说法和电影相关人的说法Cinema vocabulary Here is some vocabulary to describe different types of film and some people connected with the cinema. Types of film, using the word 'film':A horror film: A film that scares youA science fiction film (a sci-fi film): A film set in the future, or an imaginary world and timeAn action film: A film with lots of chases, violence and strong heroes Types of film that don't need the word 'film' in the name:A comedy: A film that makes you laugh.A drama: A film about human relationships and lifeA thriller: A film that keeps you excited Detailed description of films using compound words:A period drama: A drama set in a definite historical periodA romantic comedy (A rom com): A comedy that is also a love storyA psychological thriller: A thriller that has a lot of suspense and fearCompound words with 'film'A film review: A report about a film, usually with opinionA film critic: A person who writes film reviewsA film premiere: The first time a film is shown in a countryA film star: A famous actor from films A film-maker: A person who makes films: a film directorA film festival: A special event when many different films are shownA film buff: Someone with a very detailed knowledge of filmsA film-goer: Someone who regularly goes to the cinema /200707/1590285. Just because... 只是因为······ 用法透视 有时为了加以强调,可以在"because"前加"just",使语气更强烈。 持范例 1. We didn't stay just because the weather was bad. 我们没留下只是因为天气不好。 2. I bought the book just because I wanted to learn English. 我买这本书只不过是因为我想学英语。 3. Just because I was a little bit late, I was severely punished. 就因为我迟到了一小会儿,就受到了严厉的惩罚。 会话记忆 A: Hey, Mary, nice to see you again. I heard you're going back home to the U.S.. 嘿,玛丽,又见到你真好。我听说你要回美国的家了。 B: Yes. I'm leaving tomorrow. I came here just because I want to say good-bye to you. 是,我明天就动身。我来这儿是跟你们道别的。 A: You're so thoughtful. Wish you a good trip home. And we'll miss you. 你想得太周到了。祝你旅途愉快。我们会想你的。 B: I'll miss you too, my friends. 我也会想念你们这些朋友的 /200705/13545

  Another moon, very similar, is Europa.另一个非常相似的卫星,木卫二。Galileo visited Jupiters system in 1996 and made fabulous observations of Europa.伽利略号在1996年时探访了木星系统,对木卫二进行了详细的观察。Europa, we also know, has an under-the-ice crust ocean.我们知道木卫二拥有存在于冰层下的海洋。Galileo mission told us that, but we never saw any plumes.伽利略号告诉了我们这些,但我们从未看到过任何的片状水。But we didnt look for them.因为我们从未找寻过它们。Hubble, just a couple years ago, observing Europa,哈勃望远镜,就在几年前观察木卫二时,saw plumes of water spraying from the cracks in the southern hemisphere, just exactly like Enceladus.看到了片状水,它们从南半球的裂缝中喷洒出来,就跟土卫二一模一样。These moons, which are not in what we call a traditional habitable zone,这些卫星不在我们称作传统宜居地的区域,that are out in the solar system, have liquid water.而在太阳系更远的地方却拥有着液态水。And if there are organics there, there may be life.如果那里有有机物的话,那里就可能有生命。This is a fabulous set of discoveries这是一系列绝佳的发现,because these moons have been in this environment like that for billions of years.因为这些卫星已经在这样的环境中存在了数十亿年。Life started here on Earth, we believe, after about the first 500 million, and look where we are.我们相信地球上的生命开始于地球形成5亿年之后,看看现在的我们(进化的程度)。These moons are fabulous moons.这些卫星让人难以置信。201702/492523


  Mrs. Reagan. Thank you. As a mother, Ive always thought of September as a special month, a time when we bundled our children off to school, to the warmth of an environment in which they could fulfill the promise and hope in those restless minds. But so much has happened over these last years, so much to shake the foundations of all that we know and all that we believe in. Today theres a drug and alcohol abuse epidemic in this country, and no one is safe from it – not you, not me, and certainly not our children, because this epidemic has their names written on it. Many of you may be thinking: ;Well, drugs dont concern me.; But it does concern you. It concerns us all because of the way it tears at our lives and because its aimed at destroying the brightness and life of the sons and daughters of the ed States. For five years, Ive been traveling across the country – learning and listening. And one of the most hopeful signs Ive seen is the building of an essential, new awareness of how terrible and threatening drug abuse is to our society. This was one of the main purposes when I started, so of course, it makes me happy that thats been accomplished. But each time I meet with someone new or receive another letter from a troubled person on drugs, I yearn to find a way to help share the message that cries out from them. As a parent, Im especially concerned about what drugs are doing to young mothers and their newborn children. Listen to this news account from a hospital in Florida of a child born to a mother with a cocaine habit: ;Nearby, a baby named Paul lies motionless in an incubator, feeding tubes riddling his tiny body. He needs a respirator to breathe and a daily spinal tap to relieve fluid buildup on his brain. Only one month old, hes aly suffered two strokes.;Now, you can see why drug abuse concerns every one of us – all the American family. Drugs steal away so much. They take and take, until finally every time a drug goes into a child, something else is forced out – like love and hope and trust and confidence. Drugs take away the dream from every childs heart and replace it with a nightmare, and its time we in America stand up and replace those dreams. Each of us has to put our principles and consciences on the line, whether in social settings or in the workplace, to set forth solid standards and stick to them. Theres no moral middle ground. Indifference is not an option. We want you to help us create an outspoken intolerance for drug use. For the sake of our children, I implore each of you to be unyielding and inflexible in your opposition to drugs. Our young people are helping us lead the way. Not long ago, in Oakland, California, I was asked by a group of children what to do if they were offered drugs, and I answered, ;Just say no.; Soon after that, those children in Oakland formed a Just Say No club, and now there are over 10,000 such clubs all over the country. Well, their participation and their courage in saying no needs our encouragement. We can help by using every opportunity to force the issue of not using drugs to the point of making others uncomfortable, even if it means making ourselves unpopular. Our job is never easy because drug criminals are ingenious. They work every day to plot a new and better way to steal our childrens lives, just as theyve done by developing this new drug, crack. For every door that we close, they open a new door to death. They prosper on our unwillingness to act. So, we must be smarter and stronger and tougher than they are. Its up to us to change attitudes and just simply dry up their markets. And finally, to young people watching or listening, I have a very personal message for you: Theres a big, wonderful world out there for you. It belongs to you. Its exciting and stimulating and rewarding. Dont cheat yourselves out of this promise. Our country needs you, but it needs you to be clear-eyed and clear-minded. I recently one teenagers story. Shes now determined to stay clean, but was once strung out on several drugs. What she remembered most clearly about her recovery was that during the time she was on drugs, everything appeared to her in shades of black and gray and after her treatment, she was able to see colors again. So, to my young friends out there: Life can be great, but not when you cant see it. So, open your eyes to life: to see it in the vivid colors that God gave us as a precious gift to His children, to enjoy life to the fullest, and to make it count. Say yes to your life. And when it comes to drugs and alcohol, just say no.201603/431069

  And the Oscar goes to...Leonardo DiCaprio.最佳男主角奖得主是......Leonardo DiCaprio。This is the first Oscar at six nomination for Leonardo DiCaprio.这是Leonardo DiCaprio在获得六次奥斯卡提名后第一次得奖。Thank you. Thank you all so very much. Thank you to The Academy. Thank you to all of you in this room.谢谢。非常感谢大家。谢谢奥斯卡。感谢在场的各位。I have to congratulate the other incredible nominees this year for their unbelievable performances.也恭喜今年所有优秀的提名者,他们的表演震惊四座。The Revenant was a product of the tireless efforts of an unbelievable cast and crew I got to work alongside.《荒野猎人》凝聚了无数心血,拥有强大的演员阵容和优秀的工作人员。First off, to my brother in this endeavor, Mr. Tom Hardy.首先,要感谢我的兄弟,Tom Hardy先生。Tom, your fierce talent on screen can only be surpassed by your friendship off screen.Tom,你在银幕上无与伦比的天赋只能被你银幕下的友情所超越。To Mr. Alejandro Inarritu, as the history of cinema unfolds, you have forged your way into history these past two years.谢谢Alejandro Inarritu先生,翻开电影历史,你在过去两年开辟了自己的轨迹。What an unbelievable talent you are. Thank you, to you and Chivo, for, for creating a transcendent cinematic experience for all of us.你真是个不可思议的天才。谢谢你,谢谢你和Chivo,为我们大家创造了卓越的电影体验。Thank you to everybody at Fox and New Regency. In particular, Ana Melching, you were the champion of this endeavor. My entire team.感谢21世纪福克斯的每个人。尤其是Ana Melching,你是这场战斗的勇士。谢谢我的整个团队。I have to thank everyone from the very onset of my career — Mr. Caton Jones for casting me in my first film.我要谢谢从我电影生涯开始遇到的每一个人,Caton Jones先生,谢谢你让我参演我的第一部电影。Mr. Scorsese for teaching me so much about the cinematic art form.Scorsese先生,谢谢你教授我那么多的电影艺术形式。To Mr. Rick Yorn, thank you for helping me navigate my way through this industry.Rick Yorn先生,谢谢你在电影业为我保驾护航。And, to my parents, none of this would be possible without you, and, to my friends, I love you dearly, you know who you are.还要谢谢我的父母,没有你们什么都不会发生,还有我的朋友们,我爱你们,你们对我来说极其重要。Lastly, I just want to say this, making The Revenant was about mans relationship to the natural world最后,我想说的是,《荒野猎人》讲述的是人类与自然的关系the world that we collectively felt in 2015 as the hottest year in recorded history.我们切身地感觉到2015年是历史记录上最热的一年。Our production needed to move to the southern tip of this planet just to be able to find snow.为了找到雪,我们的制作团队远赴南极。Climate change is real, and it is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species,气候变化切实存在,它正在发生着,是所有物种正在面临的最紧迫的威胁,and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinated, procrastinating.我们需要一起努力,停止拖延,立即行动。We need to support leaders around the world who do not speak for the big polluters or the big corporations,我们要持这样的倡导者,他们不为污染者和大企业发声,but who speak for all of humanity, for the indigenous people of the world,而为全人类、为全世界勤劳的人们,for the billions and billions of underprivileged people who will be most affected by this,为成千上万受污染影响最大而没有特权的人们,for our childrens children, and for those people out there whose voices have been drowned out by the politics of greed.为我们孩子的孩子,为那些呼声被贪婪的政治淹没的人们发声。I thank you all for this amazing award tonight. Let us not take this planet for granted;感谢今晚赋予我这个绝佳奖项的所有人。不要认为地球赋予我们的东西是理所当然的;I do not take tonight for granted. Thank you so very much.就如我不会把今晚的荣誉看做理所当然一样。非常感谢大家。201605/445230

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