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昨天是;三八;国际妇女节,女同胞们是不是都放假出去庆祝啦?如果你还坚守在工作岗位,也请你不要沮丧,因为这说明女性的力量越来越强大,没有了女性,男同胞们是玩不转这个世界的。女同胞们散发出的;她力量;(she-power),你感觉到了吗?图为;she-power;的典型代表;The Iron Lady;铁娘子。She-power is the power of females that should not be neglected in any field of society, which may include the basic power of females, the integrated power of females and males, and the incidental power that males get from females. She-power is having a greater influence on the economy, culture and society as the social status, education background and consuming capacity of females have grown in recent years.;她力量(she-power);是指女性群体在社会各个领域产生的不可忽视的力量,包括女性本身的力量、女性和男性融合的力量、女性对男性激励的力量。随着女性的社会地位、文化素质和消费能力的不断提高,;她力量;正影响着经济、文化、生活等各个领域。According to statistics from a survey in 2006, one in three mid- to high-level enterprise managers is female, and one in four women holds a college diploma. Women are also playing an increasingly important role in the decision-making process concerning house purchasing. In addition, more women are joining hi-tech and auto industries, where men are considered the dominant power, and displaying outstanding competence.据2006年的一份调查数据显示,大约每3位企业中高层管理者中就有一位是女性,每4位女性当中就有一位具有大专以上学历。女性也在家庭置业决策中扮演着越来越重要的角色。在科技和汽车等传统的男性工作领域,也有越来越多的女性加入并大放异。 /201203/173863

I travel a lot. Each month, I pack up my suitcase to hit the road, whether it be (quite literally) by plane, train, or automobile.我常常旅行。每个月我都会收拾行囊踏上旅途,不管是乘飞机、火车或者汽车。Whether it be for work, for family, or for a holiday/vacation, I always find myself with the same quandry--how to stay healthy and fit while on the road?不论是去出差、探亲还是度假,我总是面临同样一个难题——如何在旅途中保持健康呢?I used to use traveling as an excuse to get out of my healthy habits, but learned the hard way that damage like that is hard to undo. I have since learned, that with little effort, I can stay in shape, not get sick, and enjoy traveling, as well as be happy when I get back to the reality of every day life.我曾经把旅行当成摆脱健康习惯的一个借口,但随后发现这样对健康造成的损害是很难恢复的。后来我逐渐明白,其实只需要一点小小的努力,我就可以在享受旅行的同时保持体形而且不生病,而且当我结束旅行回到正常生活时依然感到很快乐。1. Move around!1.到处走走!Though only about 1 in 4,500 airplane passengers develop a blood clot (npr.com) you should still make every effort to move around on the plane, whether it be just standing in the aisle (once you’ve reached the proper flying altitude) or by taking a walk to the lavatory. Have a layover? Instead of sitting (you’ll be doing plenty of that on the plane), make sure to walk around the airport. Taking a road trip? Make plenty of stops to move around. This is also a great opportunity to check out an attraction on the way! Once you get to your location, don’t forget to factor in exercise. Whether it be working out at your hotel, taking hikes, or forgoing public transport to walk, you’ll feel much better if you get in some activity.虽然搭乘飞机的旅客患上血凝块的几率只有1/4500,你还是应该尽可能多的在飞机上走动,哪怕只是在走道上站一会儿(不过要等飞机到达合适的高度时),或者走去洗手间也好。如果你要转机,别坐着(在飞机上已经坐得够久了),一定要在机场到处走走。如果你是自驾游,那就多停几站多走走。这也是在路上发现美景的绝好机会!到达目的地后,别忘了要锻炼。不管是在酒店内溜达、远足,还是放弃公共交通改用步行,只要你动起来,就会感觉好很多。2. Snack Smart.2.自备健康零食。While at the airport and on road trips you’ll roll past countless fast food restaurants. Though these seem like a convenient option, they’re not the healthiest. I like to pack snacks that are within my calorie budget for the day and 100 calories or under each. When traveling and purchasing food, I try to opt for fresh fruit and veggies (not only healthy, but also packed with vitamins!). Fast food the only option and you’re famished? Stick to something simple (like a kids meal) and whatever you do, don’t supersize.无论是在机场还是路途中,你都会路过无数快餐店。虽然它们可以为你提供便利,但却不够健康。我喜欢自己带零食,并且把它们控制在每日卡路里摄入量范围内,每样不超过100卡。在旅途中购买食品时,我尽量选择新鲜水果和蔬菜(它们不仅健康,还富含维生素)。如果你饿坏了,而除了快餐别无选择怎么办?那就选一些简单的东西(比如儿童套餐),而且不论吃什么,别撑着。3. Stay Germ Free.3.远离细菌。It’s hard to avoid germs completely, but the last thing you want to do is come home from a trip sick or worse, get sick on your trip. Bring disinfecting wipes with you. They come in so handy from wiping down your seat on the airplane to even cleaning up messes at hotels. Carry antibacterial gel or paper soap for occasions when a public restroom is out of soap. Most importantly, stick to your vitamin regimen and make sure to get plenty of vitamin c!想要完全避免细菌是很困难的,但你绝对不想结束旅行回到家就生病,甚至在旅途中就病倒了。自带消毒湿巾。它的用处可大了,可以用来在飞机上清洁座椅,也可以帮你在酒店里收拾烂摊子。随身携带抗菌免洗洗手液或纸质肥皂,以免公共卫生间的肥皂用完了。最重要的一点是,坚持你的维生素养生法则,保摄入足量的维生素C!4.Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.4.喝水,喝水,喝水。Due to low humidity on planes, many of us can find ourselves feeling thirstier than ever. Don’t want to pay for water at the airport? Bring an empty bottle in your carry on to fill at a water fountain and carry on the plane. Lucky enough to be flying an airline with complimentary beverage services? Opt for water. Make sure when traveling on day trips, etc. to carry water with you at all times. Water will also help you to be able to stay full between meals so that you will eat healthier throughout the day.由于飞机上湿度较低,我们大多数人都会感觉特别口渴。不想在机场花钱买水?那就随身带一个空瓶子,在饮水机上灌满水再带上飞机。运气好乘坐的航班提供免费饮料?那就选择饮用水吧。在白天旅行时一定要记得带上水。水还可以帮助你在三餐的间隙不至于感到饥饿,这样有助于你一天饮食健康。Though you will be out of your normal comfort zone, it’s important to stick to your regular regime as much as possible. Happy traveling!虽然在旅途中你不得不脱离自己通常的舒适地带,但尽量保持自己平时的健康法则依然很重要。祝你旅途愉快! /201210/203593

The study#39;s authors said there was a plausible biological explanation for their finding. The preterm brain is particularly vulnerable to injury, and functional M.R.I. imaging of young adults born very preterm has found disruptions in brain networks similar to those found in psychiatric patients. In addition, genetic factors that would not by themselves lead to illness could be activated by preterm birth.该研究的研究者们还指出他们的调查结果有合理的生物学解释。早产儿的大脑易受到伤害,并且他们在那些过早出生的早产儿的功能性核磁共振成像中发现了脑网络的紊乱,这些紊乱与精神病人的脑紊乱相似。除此之外,那些独自不会导致疾病的基因可能会被早产激活。Dr. Peterson agreed that the study offered strong evidence ;for a causative relationship rather than simply an association.;彼得森士也认为这份研究提供了非常有力的据来明;早产与精神疾病之间的关系是因果关系,而不是简单的联系。;The study, published online last month in Archives of General Psychiatry, used obstetric data from the Swedish Medical Birth Register, which includes information on more than 99 percent of all hospital births in the country since 1973 and contains prospectively collected information on the 95 percent of Swedish women who attend antenatal clinics.这份研究报告上个月在《普通精神病学文献》的网上发布,该研究使用了瑞典出生登记的产科数据。这些数据包括了瑞典1973年以来99%以上医院出生个体的信息以及95%的做过产前诊断的瑞典产妇的相关信息。The data on hospitalization came from the National Hospital Discharge Register, which contains records on all hospital diagnoses. The researchers connected the birth records to hospitalization data using the personal identification numbers assigned to all Swedish citizens.有关住院治疗的数据来自于国立医院出院登记处,包括所有医院诊断的记录。研究人员通过每个瑞典公民都有的个人身份识别号码将出生记录和住院治疗数据连接起来。The scientists considered two other pregnancy outcomes in addition to preterm birth: birth weight and Apgar score - a general measure of a newborn#39;s health - at five minutes. Being small for gestational age was significantly associated only with hospitalization for drug or alcohol dependency, and Apgar score only with depressive disorder.科学家们还分析了除早产之外的其它两种妊娠结果:出生体重和新生儿阿普加评分得分。阿普加评分是评估新生儿健康的一般性测量手段,在出生后五分钟进行检测。新生儿体重很轻只与住院治疗毒品和酒精的依赖有关联,而阿普加得分仅仅与抑郁症有关联。The association of hospitalization for psychiatric illness with preterm birth persisted after controlling for Apgar score, poor fetal growth, maternal sociodemographics and maternal psychiatric history.患精神疾病与早产之间的关联在人们对阿普加得分,胎儿成长不足,妇社会人口生活与妇精神病历史有一定的了解情况下一直存在。 /201207/190169

The inspiration for a line of great-fitting (and looking) coordinates came in 2001 when Gayla Bentley went looking for elegant clothes for her curvy figure that would also travel well. Russell Bentley, Gayla's husband who co-founded the company, says "she's her own best customer." Instead of baggy, shapeless clothing to hide in, Gayla looks for what she calls "an illusion of fit." 这种看似非常得体的灵感来自在2001年,当时Gayla·Bentley正在旅行的同时也为她的优美身材寻找优雅的衣。Russell·Bentley是Gayla的丈夫,同样也是公司的创始人,称“Gayla是她自己最好的顾客。” 不主张隐藏在衣里的宽松,无形,Gayla称其为“得体的幻觉。” /201111/159978

sweeping the dust扫尘每年从农历腊月二十三日起到除夕止,我国民间把这段时间叫做;迎春日;,也叫;扫尘日;。扫尘就是年终大扫除,北方称;扫房;,南方叫;掸尘;。在春节前扫尘,是我国人民素有的传统习惯。大江南北,到处洋溢着欢欢喜喜搞卫生、干干净净迎新春的气氛。;Dust; is homophonic with ;chen;(尘)in Chinese, which means old and past. In this way, ;sweeping the dust; before the Spring Festival means a thorough cleaning of houses to sweep away bad luck in the past year. This custom shows a good wish of putting away old things to welcome a new life. In a word, just before the Spring Festival comes, every household will give a thorough cleaning to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new.;Dust;与;尘;是谐音(尘在汉语中的意思是旧的和过去的)。这样,;在春节前扫尘;是指彻底清洁房屋扫除过去一年的厄运。此习俗表达了收拾旧事物,欢迎新生活的美好愿望。总之,就在春节到来之前,为了告别旧年迎接新年,家家户户都会彻底打扫一下房屋。Staying Up Late on New Year#39;s Eve守岁The tradition of staying up late to see New Year in originated from an interesting folk tale. In ancient China there lived a monster named Year, who was very ferocious. Year always went out from its burrow on New Year#39;s Eve to devour people. Therefore, on every New Year#39;s Eve, every household would have supper together. After dinner, no one dared go to sleep and all the family members would sit together, chatting and emboldening each other. Gradually the habit of staying up late on New Year#39;s Eve is formed. Thus in China, ;celebrating the Spring Festival; is also called ;passing over the year (guo nian);. However, now there are less and less people in cities who will stay up late to see New Year in.守岁的传统源自于一个有趣的民间故事。在中国古代有一个叫作;年;的凶猛怪物,在除夕夜;年;会从地洞里出来吃人。因此在除夕夜,每家每户都会一起吃晚饭,晚饭以后没人敢睡觉,所有的家庭成员会坐在一起聊天互相壮胆。逐渐在除夕夜守岁的习惯形成了,因此在中国,庆祝春节也被叫作过年。然而在城市里很少有人以守岁来欢迎新年。 /201201/168919All I do is pay我要做的一切就是付钱;My family is just like a nation,; Mr. Brown told his colleague. ;My wife is the minister of finance, my mother-in-law is the minister of war, and my daughter is foreign secretary.;布朗先生告诉同事说:“我的家简直就象一个国家一样。我妻子是财政部长。我岳母是作战部长,我女儿是外交秘书。”;Sounds interesting, ; his colleague replied. ;And what is yourposition?;“听上去挺有意思的,”他的同事说,“那你的职务是什么呢?”;I’m the people. All I do is pay.;“我就是老百姓。我要做的一切就是付钱。”内容来自: /201212/212996

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