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  • The world says the U.S. is doing pretty well when it comes to its leadership for now.世界各国称,当谈到现在的领导力,美国做得相当不错。According to a Gallup poll released Friday, the 132 countries surveyed landed on a 45 percent median approval rating of U.S. leadership. Thats the same as it was the year before.周五,据盖洛普民意调查公布,132个调查国家中百分之45持美国的领导。这和去年一样。The U.S. global image has been fairly strong since President Barack Obama first took office in .自从奥巴马总统上任以来,美国的全球形象相当强劲。When he was first elected, a whopping 49 percent of those surveyed worldwide approved of American leadership.当奥巴马首次当选,世界上高达百分之49的调查国赞成美国的领导。But the upcoming U.S. presidential election could change that.但即将到来的美国总统大选可能会带来改变。I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall.我将在我们南部边境建造一座伟大的城墙。我要墨西哥为那堵墙付钱。New research from Brand Finance says a Trump presidency would threaten the U.S. global image because of his views on foreign policy.《金融品牌》的新研究称,特朗普竞选总统将威胁美国的全球形象,因为他对外交政策的看法。A survey from the Pew Research Center in June had similar results. But it also found while international confidence in Hillary Clintons ability to lead the country was significantly greater than Trumps, it was still lower than Obamas.六月 皮尤研究中心的一项调查也有类似的结果。它发现国际对希拉里领导美国的信心明显大于特朗普,但仍然低于奥巴马。According to the Gallup poll, the U.S. leadership approval rating only narrowly beat Germanys 43 percent. Leadership in Russia scored the lowest of the top five global powers at 24 percent.根据盖洛普民意调查,美国领导的持率仅以微弱优势击败德国的百分之43。俄罗斯的领导持率为百分之24,全球五强中得分最低。译文属。201610/472900。
  • TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441494。
  • Im gonna give you a great recipe. Were gonna make the most amazing hollandaise sauce,我们今天要做荷兰酱,绝对美味至极。but its gonna be easy and Im gonna show you how you can keep it without splitting it.制作方法很简单,我会教你如何保蛋黄不分离。Okay, it starts with two very good eggs and were gonna remove just the yolks okay.好的,第一步磕两个鸡蛋,只要蛋黄部分。Now the egg whites you can use for a lovely meringue.蛋清可以制作美味的低糖马林。So the egg yolks go to a heat-proof glass bowl, then here Ive got a pan about an inch of water,之后我们将蛋黄放入一个隔热的玻璃碗中,旁边放一个平底锅,加入一英寸水。and I put the bowl on top and I do not want the water to touch the eggs,之后将碗放入平底锅上,不要让水触碰到鸡蛋,because it will overheat and youll get scrambled eggs and we dont want that.否则会变成炒鸡蛋。Add a little swig of lemon juice or white wine vinegar, just a little tablespoon.之后放一点柠檬水和白醋,一勺量即可。And whisk that up to make it fluffy and pale. It just takes a couple of minutes.搅拌它让它变蓬松变白,几分钟即可。Then I wanna use some butter. I want to put a pack of butter in here guys,之后拿些黄油,放一些在这里,because Im gonna make enough hollandaise for about six people.因为这个荷兰酱要供六个人食用。Im gonna put it on a heat and were just gonna melt it okay. So as you whisk the egg yolks,将黄油放在炉灶上融化,在搅拌蛋黄的同时,is gonna start to double inside, youre sort of par-cooking the eggs蛋黄开始变双层了,现在只做蛋黄备用,and now the eggs are kind of y to hold and emulsify fat.鸡蛋开始凝固了,开始乳化脂肪。In this case,were using the melted butter,slowly adding the butter.那么好了,之后使用已经融化的奶酪,慢慢倒入蛋黄中。If you dont whisk constantly, youll have too much fat and it will split.一定要不停搅拌,否则脂肪太多就会分离。You can see its thickening up nicely. As youre doing it,have a little taste. Yum.开始凝固了,我来尝一口,美味。Im gonna add a little bit of salt,a little pepper,just get a good old-fashioned thermos flask之后加入盐,一点胡椒,然后用一个老式热水瓶,Right, and preheat it and then pour that away and this is the best place to put a fantastic hollandaise sauce.先用热水加热,再倒掉水,拿热水瓶放美味的荷兰酱再适合不过了。Get your sauce and just pour in. Its gonna stay warm for two hours and its the best tip that you could get.之后将酱放在里面,热水瓶能保温2小时,这个主意真是太棒了。Oh, look Ive just gone over the rim and in kitchens,哦,弄到外面来了,we use thermos flasks to keep these fantastic sauces like bearnaise, hollandaise that are held together by egg and heat and fat.一般我们会用热水瓶装一些蛋黄酱或是荷兰酱,装一些有鸡蛋脂肪的东西。The thing about these sources is its so delicate, so silky.这种酱口感细腻,丝滑柔顺。Its so good with things like asparagus,new potatoes, you know steamed fish even grilled chicken.再配上芦笋,新鲜的土豆,蒸鱼甚至烤鸡肉。Amazing!So there you go guys, classic hollandaise sauce made with love and care.简直太棒了!这是道用心制作的经典荷兰酱。Theres so many things you can do with even the eggs benedict.就算是班尼迪克蛋你都能给它做出花样。And if you want to see a recipe for that, just click the link up there but there go,如果你想了解制作方法,请点击上面的链接,thermos flask, brilliant tip. Happys days.还有就是暖水瓶,这主意绝了! 生活愉快! 201707/516690。
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