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When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, no major U.S. corporation did more to finance his campaign than Goldman Sachs Group Inc. 2008年奥巴马(Barack Obama)竞选总统时,高盛集团(Goldman Sachs Group Inc.)对其竞选活动的资助为美国大公司之最This election, none has done more to help defeat him. 而在本次总统选举中,在帮助击败奥巴马方面则没有谁比高盛更卖力了Prompted by what they call regulatory attacks on their business and personal attacks on their character, executives and employees of Goldman Sachs have largely abandoned Mr. Obama and are now the top sources of money to presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the Republican Party. 高盛的高管和员工们说,奥巴马对高盛的业务发动了监管攻击、对他们的人格发动了人身攻击。受此推动,他们在本次大选中已基本上抛弃了奥巴马,现在成了共和党总统候选人罗姆Mitt Romney)和共和党的最主要资金来源In the four decades since Congress created the campaign-finance system, no companys employees have switched sides so abruptly, moving from top supporters of one camp to the top of its rival, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of campaign-finance data compiled by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. 《华尔街日报》对无党派机构响应性政治中Center for Responsive Politics)所汇编的竞选活动资助数据进行分析后发现,在美国国会建立竞选活动资助体系以来的40年中,还没有哪家公司的员工曾经如此突然地改变过自己的持对象,从一个阵营的最大资金持者转变为了其敌对阵营的最大资金持者。Employees at Goldman donated more than million to Mr. Obama when he first ran for president. This election, they have given the presidents campaign 6,000伟less than Mr. Obama has collected from employees of the State Department. The employees have contributed nothing to the leading Democratic super PAC supporting his re-election. 奥巴马第一次竞选美国总统时,高盛的员工向他捐助了100多万美元。而在此次大选中,高盛员工对奥巴马竞选活动的捐助只有13.6万美元,比奥巴马从美国国务院(State Department)工作人员中募集的捐款还要少。高盛员工没向牵头持奥巴马连任的民主党超级政治行动委员PAC)捐助过一分钱By contrast, Goldman employees have given Mr. Romneys campaign 0,000, plus another 0,000 to the super PAC founded to help him. 与此形成鲜明对比的是,高盛员工捐助给罗姆尼竞选活动的资金已经达到90万美元,此外还向为帮助罗姆尼当选而成立的超级政治行动委员会捐0万美元Underscoring the magnitude of the reversal, Goldman has been the No. 1 source of campaign cash to Democrats among companies during the 23 years the Center for Responsive Politics has been collecting such data. 在响应性政治中心收集竞选活动资助数据的23年中,高盛曾一直是美国企业中向民主党人竞选捐资最多的公司,这彰显了高盛此次政治立场的转变是多么巨大In interviews with more than a dozen past and current Goldman executives, many said they felt betrayed by Democratic lawmakers and the White House, for years considered friendly allies. Several Goldman executives said they didnt want to speak out publicly against the president, and that their donations speak for themselves. 在记者采访的十几位高盛前任和现任高管中,许多人都说他们觉得被民主党国会议员们和白宫出卖了,而他们多年来一直认为后者是自己的盟友。高盛的几位高管说,他们不想公开表态反对奥巴马,他们的捐资行为可以代表他们的态度Jim Donovan, a banker formerly in charge of Goldmans relations with Bain amp; Co., the private-equity firm run by Mr. Romney, helped draw his colleagues attention to the GOP candidate. As a longtime friend to Mitt and Ann, I can attest that his conviction and strength on fixing the U.S. economy is compelling as are his values, said Mr. Donovan, who handles Mr. Romneys personal investments. That is why there has been such a strong outpouring of support for Mitt from all sectors. 曾负责高盛与贝恩公司(Bain amp; Co.)关系的家多诺Jim Donovan)帮了罗姆尼一把,将高盛员工的注意力转移到了罗姆尼身上。多诺万当时与之打交道的贝恩公司由罗姆尼运营。他说,作为罗姆尼夫妇的老朋友,我敢保,就像罗姆尼的价值观一样,他在解决美国经济问题方面的坚定性和力量也是非常令人信的;正因为这样,罗姆尼才会从方方面面得到如此强大的持。多诺万负责为罗姆尼打理个人投资A Goldman spokesman said, Donations are made by individual employees according to their own views. Goldman is prohibited by law from making corporate donations to political candidates; the firm also has a rule against donating to super PACs and other independent entities. 高盛的一位发言人说,该公司的捐资是由公司员工依据自己本人的观点采取的个人行为,高盛依据美国法律不得以公司名义向政治候选人提供捐款;高盛还有一条禁止公司向超级政治行动委员会和其他独立实体捐款的内部规定Resentments against the White House began, said senior Goldman executives, because the firm thought it would be consulted when the Obama administration began crafting regulations in response to the financial crisis. They werent. Instead, they were surprised by a measure dubbed the Volcker rule, which would damage one of Goldmans lucrative businesses. 高盛的一些高管说,该公司原本认为,奥巴马政府开始起草本次金融危机后亡羊补牢的监管法规时会咨询它的意见,而实际上却没有,这时候高盛方面对白宫的不满情绪开始出现。高盛吃惊地发现,白宫方面反而出台了一项被称作“沃尔克法规Volcker rule)的措施,它会使高盛一项有利可图的业务受到损害Goldman executives, especially those who had raised millions of dollars for Mr. Obamas election, said they were offended by the presidents populist rhetoric, including his famous quip about fat cat bankers. 高盛的高管们(特别是那些当年曾为奥巴马的竞选活动募集了数百万美元资金的人)说,他们反感奥巴马的民粹主义言论,包括那句有关“肥猫家”的著名俏皮话Both the White House and the Obama campaign declined to comment on the Goldman contributions. 白宫和奥巴马的竞选团队都拒绝对高盛的捐资行为发表Goldmans changing allegiance reflects a broader turnabout in the financial-services industry, once a top source of campaign cash for the Democratic Party. 高盛改变持对象的举动反映出,金融务业正在更大范围内发生一场改变所持阵营的行动,金融业曾经是民主党最主要的竞选资金来源Employees of J.P. Morgan Chase amp; Co., Citigroup Inc., Bank of America Corp., Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs - five politically active banks - donated .5 million to Mr. Obama in 2008. They have given Mr. Obama 0,000 for the 2012 race, while sending .3 million to Mr. Romney. 根大J.P. Morgan Chase amp; Co.)、花旗集Citigroup Inc.)、美国银Bank of America Corp.)、根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)和高盛是美国五家在政治上很活跃的,其员工008年总共向奥巴马捐资350万美元。而在2012年的总统选举中,他们给予奥巴马的捐款只有65万美元,给予罗姆尼的捐款则达330万美元 /201210/203078导读:过去人们常常认为做梦会影响睡眠质量,从而使减弱。而最新研究却显示,做梦可使人的增强,并帮助人们更好地解决问题。科学家发现,人如果睡觉时梦境连连(dream-filled),那么醒后的记事能力和关联事物的能力都会显著增强People who enjoy a dream-filled sleep are significantly better at recalling information and making links between facts when they wake, scientists found.科学家发现,那些睡觉时梦境连连的人们,醒来时和关联事物的能力都会显著增强。But recharging with a shallow nap offers no such mental boost, the research suggests.但同时该研究显示,如果仅仅是打个小盹,不会对脑力产生如此奇效。The results of the study add to the growing body of evidence that Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is crucial to the brain’s ability to lay down and consolidate memories.此前不断有据表明,快速眼动睡眠对大脑巩固记忆的能力至关重要,而这一研究结果再次印了该说法 /201008/112137Clearing House Associations票据交换所Bill Hobson is asking his banker about the local Clearing House Association in their city.比尔·霍布森正向他的从业者打听有关他们城里的地方票据交换所的情况Hobson:What is meant by the term Clearing House Association ?霍布森:票据交换是什么意思?Banker:It a voluntary association of the banks in the city which settles interbank debts .职员:它是城市中各自愿结合的组织,用来清理之间互相欠款的问题During a business day we accept checks drawn on other banks and other banks accept checks drawn on us.在营业期间,我们接受从其他开来的票,而其他的也接受我的开出的票,We balance these interbank obligations through the clearing house .我们通过票据交换所来平衡这些之间的债务H:What about the actual checks that you get which are drawn on other banks?霍布森:你们接受从其他开出的票的实际意义是什么呢?B:Of course ,we must give these checks to drawee bank to collect the funds they owe us .职员:当然,我们必须把这些票交给票据付款行,并且收回他们欠我们的资金And they give us checks drawn ourselves to collect the funds we owe them .同样,他们把我们开出的票交还给我们,也收回我们欠他们的资金H:So the clearing house handles all this ?职员:,票据交换所就是办理这些事情的B:Yes,they separate all the checks according to drawee bank ,职员:是的,他们照票据付款行区分开所有的票,add the total each bank owes and deduct that from the balance maintained at the clearing house .把每个对其他行的欠款额加总,再从各保留在标据交换所的余额中减去其欠款总额And ,of course,they add to the balance the amount each bank is owed.当然,还要把其他对这个的欠款加到余额中去Then they deliver the actual checks to each drawee bank .然后,票据交换所把这些实际的票交给每个标据付款行H:What about checks drawn on banks outside the city ?霍布森:那么,从外地开出的票又如何处理呢?B:The clearing house sends those checks to the Federal Reserve Bank collection and clearing service .职员:票据交换所把这些票寄给联邦储蓄的托收和票据交换业务部门,That operates just like a local clearing house ,but deals with out-of-town or out-of-state banks .这个部门的业务与地方票据交换所的业务性质是一样的,但是它是与处地或外州的进行业务往来So between the local and Federal Reserve clearing houses,checks drawn on any bank in the country can be easily processed .,在地方和联邦票据交换所之间,国内任何开出的票都能很容易地得到处理

Talking about Films讨论电影How about going to a movie?去看电影怎么样?When does the movie begin?电影什么时候开始?What kind of movie is it?那部电影是属于哪类的?Who is in the movie?这部电影里都有谁啊?The film has been shown in many countries.这部影片在许多国家都上映过The box office took in over million in the first two weeks.票房在头两周就破了两千万元I dont feel like seeing a horror film.我不想看恐怖片I cant wait to see the film.我迫不及待地想看这部电影Who is the director?谁是导演?Is that film famous?这部电影很有名吗? 36988

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