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一位父亲为庆祝宝贝女儿出生!要把“克莱尔”译为中文,献给自己的小仙女!伴随她成长… 另外,小宝宝中文名还没有确定,但是英文名只有一个:Claire... 这就是天意吧… 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:把心思分一些给充实自己的思想,而不是充实自己的衣柜和肚子!译者:koogle内容来自: /201304/235057

Preparing for Dieting and Exercise ProgramIf you are a typical mother of a young child or children you likely find yourself very busy. No matter how much time you spend taking care of the business of being a mother, you likely still want to maintain good health and a nice appearance. You may be interested in losing weight.In this regard there are some tips and pointers that you will want to keep in mind so that you can enjoy healthy weight loss and weight maintenance today and into the future. These are tips that pertain to helping you lay the foundation for a weight loss and companion exercise program. You need to understand that you need to develop a comprehensive program that incorporates both diet and exercise.Stop smoking.If you are a smoker, the first step that you will want to take before you begin a weight loss campaign is to stop smoking. You should break this habit as a prelude to losing weight. Losing weight is difficult enough and you should prepare for the process by eliminating this habit first. Moreover, yous imply will not be able to get the most out of any exercise or fitness program if you remain a smoker.If you drink a lot of alcohol, cut back.A glass of red wine per night is healthy. Any more than that is a buzz and you don’t need it. Never, ever, drink before a workout or exercise session.Increase your water intake.Even though you really don’t need to get 8 glasses per day, increasing you water will help you feel full. Also, if you are beginning a workout program it is essential.Avoid sports drinks.You likely don’t need them unless you are sweating profusely for hours, like a pro athlete. Leave the Gatorade for the pro locker room.Always eat before and after a workout.A half hour before and a half hour to an hour after. And remember your water, too.Only cut out necessary caloriesRemember that eating itself is thermogenic, so you have to eat to lose weight. The key is to consume the appropriate amount of calories on a daily basis.Eat fiber at every opportunity.This helps prevent bowel trouble; it also builds bulk in the stomach whichhelps make you feel full.Fiber is a very important and sometimes overlooked element of a diet and wellness regimen. 如果你是一位带着幼童或一群幼童的典型妈妈,你肯定会觉得自己很忙吧。但是不管你有多忙要尽自己的职责当好一位好母亲,你还是要关注身体,注意形象。可能你对减肥饶有兴趣。在此,为了让你现在以及以后的日子里享受到减肥以及保持身材的乐趣,你需要把这些贴士铭记于心。这些贴士是能帮助你打好减肥的基础加以锻炼计划。你必须明白你需要作出一份节食与锻炼齐头并进的综合计划。如果你是一位烟者,那么你开始减肥前必须要做到的就是戒烟。你必须摒弃这个坏习惯作为你开始减肥的序幕。减肥实在太难所以你必须首先抛弃这个习惯来进入到这个过程。进一步来说,如果你执迷不悟继续抽烟的话,那你节食,锻炼计划的效果就不会显著。如果你大量喝酒,马上戒掉。每晚一杯红酒能让你身体健康。略多一点就会成为浪费因为你根本不用。永远不要在健身或运动课程前喝酒。多喝水即使你不用一天喝8杯水,多喝水会让你有饱胀感。当你开始健身运动前,喝水也是必须的。避免运动功能性饮料除非你长时间过多流汗,否则你根本不需要喝它。例如pro athelete。把佳得乐还是留在个人存储室吧。运动前后都要进食在运动前半小时以及运动后半小时至一小时进食并且记住喝水。仅消耗必要的卡路里记住饮食本身就是产生热量,所以你必须靠吃来减肥。关键在于你要靠吃饭来消耗必须的卡路里。适当吃一些纤维质食物它能够帮助你通便,同时由于它在肚子里囤积,让你觉得有饱胀感。纤维质食物是饮食以及健康养身很重要的元素,但是它却常常被忽视。 /200803/29694

There are a lot of skills you don’t need. You can be happy and successful without knowing how to rebuild a car’s engine, program a web application, or replace drywall. Sure, these are useful skills to have, but they aren’t absolutely necessary.很多技能其实没必要去掌握。不知道如何修理汽车发动机,不会编写网页应用程序或更换石膏板,你可能照样很快乐。当然,这些技能虽不是必不可少,但的确很实用。There are other skills, however, that can’t be avoided – skills that tie into various aspects of everyday life, that are not only useful, but totally indispensable. For instance, you can’t get far in today’s world without being able to or write. And today the ability use a computer proficiently is simply assumed.可是,你必须学会另外一些技能——一些与我们日常生活息息相关的技能。它们不仅有用,而且不可或缺。例如:读写技能,如果不能读写,身处当今世界的你,势必四处碰壁。现在,精通电脑也被看作当然之事。In this article we’re going to skip the super basic skills like ing, driving, and using a computer, and discuss twelve slightly more advanced skills that are woefully under-taught, and universally applicable. Let’s take a look…这里,我们不打算讨论读、写、驾驶和操作电脑等超基本技能,而是讨论12个略微高级一些的技能。不幸地是,没人教你这些技能,而它们却具有普遍适用性。让我们来看看吧……1. Prioritizing and time management.目标优选和时间管理If success depends on effective action, effective action depends on the ability to focus your attention where it is needed most, when it is needed most. This is the ability to separate the important from the unimportant, which is a much needed skill in all walks of life, especially where there are ever increasing opportunities and distractions.如果成功取决于有效行动,那么有效行动取决于在最需要的地方和最需要的时候集中精力的能力。这是区分主次的能力,无论什么行业都非常需要的技能,尤其在众多机会与干扰面前。2. Keeping a clean, organized space.保持空间清洁有序Successful people have systems in place to help them find what they need when they need it – they can quickly locate the information required to support their activities. When you’re disorganized, that extra time spent looking for a phone number, email address or a certain file forces you to drop your focus. Once it’s gone, it takes a while to get it back – and that’s where the real time is wasted. Keeping both your living and working spaces organized is crucial.成功人士的空间安排有条不紊,有助于他们及时找到所需要的东西。他们能迅速定位持他们活动所需要的信息。如果你的空间很凌乱,搜寻电话号码、查找邮箱地址或某个文件用去的额外时间将会转移你的注意力。一旦注意力分散了,再集中注意力还要花些时间——时间就这样溜走了。所以一定要保持生活和工作空间有序。3. Critical thinking and information analysis.批判性思维和信息分析We are living in the information age where, on a daily basis, we are constantly exposed to an ever growing and rapidly changing pool of information. Being able to evaluate this information, sort the valuable from the trivial, analyze its relevance and meaning, and relate it to other information is a priceless skill with universal applicability.我们生活在信息时代,每天被滚雪球般增多并且迅速变化的信息所包围。评估信息、筛选有价值信息、分析关联性和意图、并将所选信息与其他信息联系起来的技能十分重要,并具有通用性。4. Logical, informed decision making.作出合理明智的决定Decision making is simply knowing what to do based on the information available. Being able to respond quickly and effectively with the information you have in your head is essential to accomplishing anything.作出决定是在可利用信息的基础上明确做什么。利用已知信息作出快速有效的反应是成功的先决条件。5. Using Google proficiently for online research.熟练使用谷歌进行在线研究You don’t have to know everything, but you should be able to quickly and painlessly find out what you need to know. Google is a gateway to nearly infinite knowledge; it has indexed websites containing information on just about everything and everyone. If you’re having trouble finding something using Google, it’s time to learn a few new tricks.你不必了解所有天下事,但应具有快速直达所需知识的能力。谷歌是通往广知识海洋的大门;它几乎将所有人和事的相关网页都编入了索引。如果在使用谷歌搜索时有困难,那你该学几样新招数了。6. Basic accounting and money management.基础会计和理财It’s a simple fact that our modern society is governed by the constant exchange of money. Money allows you to maintain a roof over your head and put food on the table each night. Knowing how to properly manage your money – tracking and recording your expenses and income, saving and investing – is not only an important skill for thriving, it’s an important skill that helps you survive.现代社会由不断的金钱交易所配,这是不争的事实。有钱才能有房住,有钱才能让你衣食无忧。学会理财之道——跟踪记录出与收入、储蓄和投资,这不仅是帮你发达的重要技能,也是帮你生存的重要技能。7. Effective communication and negotiating.有效沟通和磋商Give the people in your life the information they need rather than expecting them to know the unknowable. Don’t try to other people’s minds, and don’t make other people try to yours. Most problems, big and small, within a family, friendship, or business relationship, start with bad communication. Speak honestly, and then give others a voice and show them that their words matter. And remember that compromise and effective negotiating are vital parts of effective communication.给身边的人他们需要的信息,不要期望他们了解不可知的东西。不要费力气猜别人的心思,也不要让别人猜你的心思。家庭中、朋友间或商业关系中出现的大多数问题,不论大小, 都始于没有良好的沟通。坦诚地交流,就意味你在表示——他们的话对你很重要。记住让步和有效磋商是有效交流的关键。8. Relaxation.放松Stress leads to poor health, poor decision-making, poor thinking, and poor socialization. So be attentive to your stress level and take short breaks when you need to. Slow down. Breathe. Give yourself permission to pause, regroup and move forward with clarity and purpose. When you’re at your busiest, a brief recess can rejuvenate your mind and increase your productivity. These short breaks will help you regain your sanity, and allow you to reflect on your recent actions so you can be sure they’re in line with your goals.压力导致连锁反应——健康出问题、作出不明智的决定、产生歪曲的想法和引发不良的社会关系。所以留意压力水平,需要放松时就放松。放慢节奏、深呼吸。允许自己缓口气、重新振作,思路清晰目的明确地回到工作中。忙碌时,短暂休息帮助你恢复活力,提高工作效率。短暂休息帮助你恢复心智,有时间对近期行为进行反思,以确保工作进展顺利。9. Proficient writing and note-taking.善于写作、做笔记The written word isn’t going away; it is used in every walk of life. Learning to write proficiently so that others can understand you is critical. Also, using your writing skills to take useful notes is one of the most productive things you can do, regardless of the task at hand. Writing things down – taking notes – helps us remember what we hear, see, or when we’re learning something new, or trying to remember something specific.记录下的文字随时可供参考,作记录适用于生活的方方面面。在写作时能让他人充分理解自己观点,这一技能至关重要。另外,不管你现在做什么工作,利用你的写作技能记录下有用的信息,是你能做的最高效的事情之一。记录信息、做笔记帮助我们记忆所见、所闻,帮助我们记忆学习新事物时读到的东西或努力想记住的特殊信息。10. Relationship networking.关系网In a world dominated by constant innovation and information exchange, relationship networking creates the channel through which ideas and information flow, and in which new ideas are shared, discussed and perfected. A large relationship network, carefully cultivated, can be leveraged to meet the right people, find jobs, build businesses, learn about new trends, sp ideas, etc.在一个被持续创新和信息交流所统治的世界里,关系网构建出思想与信息流通、分享和完善的平台。一个精心培植的大关系网是一种投资,在寻找你需要的人脉和工作机会、建立生意网、了解新动态、传播思想等方面提供机遇。11. Positivity.积极向上Research shows that although we think that we act because of the way we feel, in fact, we often feel because of the way we act. A great attitude always leads to great experiences. People who think optimistically see the world as a place packed with endless opportunities, especially in trying times. Be positive, smile, and make it count. Pretend today is going to be great. Do so, and it will be.研究显示,尽管我们认为感觉决定行为,事实上,我们做事的方式常常影响我们感受。积极的态度总是带给你良好体验。思想乐观的人认为这是一个机会无处不在的世界,尤其在艰难时期。保持乐观,面带微笑,使这种乐观态度发挥作用。假定今天是个好日子。如果你这样做了,今天就会是好日子。12. Self-discipline.自律Self-discipline is a skill. It is the ability to focus and overcome distractions. It involves acting according to what you think instead of how you feel in the moment. It often requires sacrificing the pleasure and thrill for what matters most in life. Therefore it is self-discipline that drives you to succeed in the long-term.自律是一种技能,是一种集中注意力、克干扰的技能。这种技能教你理性做事,而非感性做事。它常常要求你为生活中最重要的事情而放弃快乐和兴奋。所以自律能带你走向成功。 /201307/248735

Stick a bunch of smart engineers in a room to build a product and you#39;re bound to get a few funny ideas.让一帮聪明的工程师呆在一间屋子里研发一件产品,你一定能收获些有趣的想法。April Fool#39;s is typically the time when tech-heavy companies decide to unleash those ideas -- for better or worse -- onto the Web.愚人节这天通常是科技公司决定将这些想法发布到互联网上的日子,至于后果如何,那就没人操心了。Below are a few of the best from the Web. Find any others? Let us know about them in the comments.以下是从互联网上收集的其中最有意思的一些想法。你还找到了其他有意思奇思妙想吗?请在文章的页面里告诉我们吧。Bing is Google? -- We#39;re feeling confused. Go to the Bing homepage and search #39;Google.#39; You#39;ll see what we mean in a second.必应(Bing)是谷歌(Google)?──我们感觉被搞糊涂了。登录必应的主页,搜索Google,你立即就能明白我们是什么意思。Twttr fnd wys t gt mny -- Twitter said it was #39;shifting#39; to a two-tiered service, in which it would charge users a month for a premium service to use both consonants and vowels in tweets. The free version won#39;t include vowels:推特(Twitter)找到了赚钱的方法──推特说,它即将“转型”,采取一种两级务制,它将向享受其高级务的用户每月收取5美元,这类用户在推特发帖时可既用元音字母也用辅音字母拼写单词。而使用推特免费务的用户在发帖时不能用元音字母拼写单词。Hand-written results from Wolfram Alpha -- The math-juiced search engine now promises its results will come hand-written.来自Wolfram Alpha的手写搜索结果──精于数学计算的搜索引擎Wolfram Alpha现在承诺,它将以手写方式将搜索结果展现出来。Treasure hunting -- Like last year, Google has a special mod for Google Maps today, turning it into a giant treasure map like the ones you would see in pirate movies. Swapping to street view is the equivalent of looking through a spyglass. Give it a whirl.搜寻宝藏──像去年一样,谷歌周一这天也将对谷歌地图(Google Maps)进行特殊处理,将其转变成一张巨大的藏宝图,就像你在海盗电影中看到的那种。观看谷歌街景能得到相当于从一架小望远镜里向外看的视觉效果。来试试吧。YouTube shutting down -- Apparently YouTube as we know it was an eight year-long contest to find the greatest on the Internet. Having received enough #39;submissions,#39; YouTube will #39;shut down#39; tonight as judges determine which was the best on the Internet. This one actually fooled quite a bit of people on Twitter.YouTube关闭──众所周知,YouTube是一场历时八年的竞赛,竞赛的内容是在互联网上找到最伟大的视频内容。在收到了足够多的“参赛作品”后,YouTube将于周一晚间关闭,届时评审们将评出互联网上的最佳视频。这则假消息还真的在推特上骗了不少人。Google Nose -- #39;Sometimes, they#39;re not looking at all.#39; There#39;s a new #39;service#39; from Google that will let users #39;search#39; for smells.谷歌鼻子(Google Nose)──有时候,你根本不用眼睛。谷歌推出一项新“务”,通过这项务用户可以“搜索”气味。Nokia reinvents the microwave -- The Finnish company isn#39;t stopping with mobile phones to jump-start itself. Its newest product is a touch-screen microwave oven that, like its phones, appears to be based on Microsoft#39;s Windows software.诺基亚(Nokia)重新发明微波──这家芬兰公司并不仅限于依靠手机来使自己获得业务增长的动力。其最新产品是一款触控屏微波炉,这一产品像该公司的手机一样,似乎也使用微软(Microsoft)的Windows软件。A 3-D printer for kids -- We wish these products were real. ThinkGeek is offering fun products for the whole family, including a Play-Doh 3-D Printer, and for #39;Lord of the Rings#39; fans, an Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp, complete with a #39;roving eye that will watch you while you work.#39;儿童专用3D打印机──我们希望这些产品是真实存在的。网上零售商ThinkGeek将推出家用乐趣产品,其中包括培乐多缤纷泥(Play-Doh)3D打印机, 还将推出为电影《指环王》(Lord of the Rings)的影迷准备的乐趣产品,“黑暗之君“索伦之眼台灯,它包括一个“在你工作时观察你的顾盼之眼”。Upload Imgur images by snail mail -- Instead of directly uploading a photo through the Web to image hosting site Imgur, you can now #39;mail#39; it to the site.用平邮方式向图片分享网站Imgur上传照片──你现在可以不再通过互联网向图片分享网站Imgur上传照片,而是将照片真正地“邮寄”给这家网站。Chatting with emoticons -- Words are so 2012. Hipchat has a new service called Emotichat that translates your messages entirely into emoticons, complete with a passive-aggressive detector.用表情符号聊天──用语言聊天已经过时了。私聊和即时通讯应用程序提供商Hipchat将推出一项名为“表情聊天”(Emotichat)的新务,它能把你的文字信息直接翻译成表情符号,这项务还配有一个用户“消极进攻型”人格探测程序。 /201304/233235

1.“嫁给我吧”(追随者合唱团);Marry Me,; by Train 2.“你和我”(大卫马修合唱团);You amp; Me,; Dave Matthews Band 3.“天使”杰克·杰克逊;Angel,; by Jack Johnson 4.“尽在不言中”(艾莉森·克劳斯);When You Say Nothing at All,#39; by Allison Krauss 5.“比阳光更耀眼”(水中呼吸器乐队) “BrighterThan Sunshine,; by Aqualung 6.“咖啡馆遇到爱” (蓝登·皮格) ;Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop,; by Landon Pigg 7.“我全部的爱”(齐柏林飞艇乐队) ;All of My Love,; Led Zeppelin 8.“你今晚的样子”(弗兰克·辛纳屈);The Way You Look Tonight,; by Frank Sinatra 9. “让你感受到我的爱”(阿黛尔);Make You Feel My Love,; by Adele 10.“直到有了你”(甲壳虫乐队);#39;Til there Was You,; The Beatles /201309/255353

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