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郑州市第二人民医院激光祛斑手术价钱费用郑州/医院狐臭手术Thank you.Thank you very much.I live in new york.I got gresh haircut.New york.谢谢 非常感谢 我住在纽约 刚剪了个头发 纽约Fresh haircut before the show,before I left.上节目前剪了个头发 我离开之前I said to the barber,somewhere between a new jersey wedding D.J and department of homeland security.我跟理发师说 介于新泽西州婚礼DJ 和国土安全部官员的发型Ill be honest with you.He nailed it.He did a great job.我说实话 他搞定了他做得很好So I want you to be entertained but I want you to feel safe.我想让你们开心 也想让你们安全Safety is my priority up here.安全是我的第一要务As a volunteer firefighter,I see a lot of things that are unsafe in society.作为一个志愿消防队员 我在社会上看到了很多不安全的事I see this father walking around with a baby in pouch attached to the front of his body,我看着一位父亲走来走去 他的身前挂着一个育儿袋which is so cocky.which says,look,I get women pregnant,I make them have the baby,then I wear the women as jewelry.这太炫耀了 意思是 瞧 我让女人怀了 我让她生下孩子 我把孩子当首饰一样戴I say sir,please remove the baby.Thats not safe.Im a volunteer firefighter.我说先生 请放下孩子 这不安全 我是志愿消防队员You know,he said to me,Im an actual firefighter.why dont you get out of my face?他对我说 我是个真正的消防队员 你别烦我了行吗I said maybe you dont hear what I said,bro.volunteer firefighter.我说也许你没听到我说的话 哥们 志愿消防队员That means I could do your entire job in my spare time.Thank you.那就是说我业余时间里 能做你的所有工作 谢谢Then I stopped,dropped and rolled my way out of the conversation.然后我停了下来 不再跟他继续交谈Proving that Im a volunteer firefighter.明我是个志愿消防队员I fly a lot.I dont mind if its first class on the plane.我经常坐飞机 我不介意坐的是不是头等舱I dont want to have to walk through it to get to my seat.I sit in zone three.我不想走过头等舱 才能到达我的位置 因为我坐在第三区And when I walk through first class,I see a lot of things that make me angry.我走过头等舱时 我看到了很多 让我愤怒的事情They have a lot of extra leg room.eating a five course meal.他们的腿部空间大得多 吃着五道菜的正餐Drinking mimosas.Im not on the plane yet.Thats disrespect.喝着含羞草酒 我还没上飞机呢 这很不尊重201607/456103濮阳市治疗疤痕多少钱 Russian pensions俄罗斯养老金An unaffordable system付不起的制度Russia’s prime minister signs a disastrous pension reform俄罗斯总理签署了一项灾难性的养老金改革计划Vladimir Putin is facing a dilemma: how can Russia’s president fulfil his campaign promises to increase social spending, especially when they were directed toward his political base, while also ensuring that the country’s deficit does not become unsustainable? He is keen to prolong the past decade’s economic stability, which was his biggest electoral asset.弗拉基米尔·普京面临着困境:作为俄罗斯总统,他怎么才能在实现竞选中做出的增加社会出的承诺的同时,特别是这些承诺都是维护为了他的政治基础做出的,但是同时又要保俄罗斯的赤字不会变得不可承受。普京热衷于延续过去十年经济稳定的状态,这是他竞选中的最大优势。If the direction of the country’s pension system is any indication, Mr Putin and his advisers are choosing short-term social and political stability at the expense of long-term growth and investment. On October 1st Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister and former president, signed a long-expected strategy for reforming the pension system that would, among other things, nearly eliminate the funded component, in which workers pay into a personal investment account they claim upon retirement. The money freed up from this plan is supposed to plug the billion hole in the pay-as-you-go system.如果俄罗斯养老金体系的方向有所暗示的话,普京和他的顾问都是选择短期的社会政治稳定,牺牲长期的发展和投资。10月1日,现任总理,即前任总统德米特里·梅德韦杰夫(Dmitry Medvedev)签署了人们期盼已久的一项策略,改革养老金制度。工人向个人投资账户中存钱,在退休之后便可以拥有这一账户的所有权。但是在新的养老金制度下,除了其他方面以外,这种资金成分几乎被完全取消。这项计划的腾出来的钱应该能够堵上现收现付制度造成的100亿美元的缺口。The strategy signed by Mr Medvedev calls for the funded component to decrease from 6% to 2% of the overall pension system. (The plan is still preliminary.) At the moment, those funds are just 1.8 trillion roubles (.8 billion), but they act as a catalyst for domestic investment and support a growing industry of fund managers. The funded pillar could also go a long way towards filling the gap in the Russian market for long-term financing, which is necessary for infrastructure development. With those funds gone, any notion of turning Moscow into a global financial centre—a favourite talking point of Mr Medvedev’s presidency—would probably be finished.梅德韦杰夫签署的这项策略要求资金成分占整个养老金体系的比重从6%下降到2%。(这仍是初步计划。)目前,这些资金大约只有1.8万亿卢布(58亿美元),但是能够刺激国内投资,持资金管理者行业的发展。资金柱也可以经过长期发展,填补俄罗斯市场长期资金筹措的空白,着对于基础设施发展来说十分必要。梅德韦杰夫任总统期间,最喜欢说的就是把莫斯科变成国际金融中心。但如果没有这些资金的话,任何这种想法都可以停止了。Virtually all Russia’s best economists, as well as the technocrats inside the finance ministry, have warned against cutting the funded pillar. Alexei Kudrin, a former finance minister, has waged a campaign in the pages of Vedomosti, a newspaper, against the idea. Vladimir Nazarov of the Gaidar Institute calls it a “real disaster” that will only finance the pension fund’s current deficit for six years, after which the deficit will begin to grow again—and this time without the money in the funded portion as a stopgap.几乎俄罗斯最好的经济学家以及财政部的技术官僚都提出警告,反对减少资金柱。前财政部长阿列克谢·库德林在俄罗斯商业日报上发起一场运动反对这种想法。盖达尔研究所的弗拉基米尔.纳扎罗夫将它称为一场“真正的灾难”,只会为如今的养老基金赤字提供六年的资金,六年之后,赤字将会再次开始增长,这次就没有资助部分的资金来临时替补了。The only way forward, argue nearly all experts, is to raise Russia’s low pension age of 55 for women and 60 for men. Both the IMF and the members of Strategy 2020, an expert group formed by the Russian government, call for a gradual increase of the pension age to 63.几乎所有的专家都说未来唯一的方法就是提高如今较低的领取养老金的年龄。女性55岁就可以领取养老金,男性则为60岁。国际货币基金组织和由俄罗斯政府组成的专家组“2020战略”的成员都要求逐渐将退休年龄提高到63岁。The move is thought to be politically dangerous, if not impossible. Mr Putin has increasingly relied on the support of the rural population and industrial workers, as well as the 40% or so of the electorate who are elderly. One of Mr Putin’s many pre-election promises, now turned into official directives, was to keep the pension age intact. That order left the government with few options.人们认为,这一举动在政治上是危险的,也许也是不可能的。普京越来越依赖于农村人口,工业工人,以及大约40%的老年选民的持。普京在选举之前做出的一个承诺就是保持退休年龄不变,如今这已经变成了官方指令。这一命令让政府没有什么选择。Mr Medvedev and his team were thus handed an unenviable task. No one disputes that today’s pension system, created in 2002, needs some kind of reform. Part of the problem is demography. Declining birth rates in the 1980s and 1990s have left Russia with too few workers to support those in retirement; birth rates have stabilised in recent years but too late to affect the looming pension crisis. Today there are 100 workers for every 87 pensioners, says Evsey Gurvich of the Economic Expert Group, who led the Strategy 2020 pension task-force; by 2020, that figure will be 100 workers for 100 pensioners.梅德韦杰夫以及他的团队就收到了一项棘手的任务。如今的养老金制度始建于2002年,它需要一些改革,这点大家都同意。一部分问题在人口分布。二十世纪八九十年代生育率下降使得俄罗斯的劳动力极为缺乏,不足以持那些退休人员。近几年来生育率保持稳定,但是要想影响即将到来的养老金危机已经为时已晚。2020策略养老金特别小组的领导者,经济专家小组的Evsey Gurvich说,如今,每100个工人要负担87个养老金领取者的费用,到2020年,每100个工人将要负担100个养老金领取者的费用。Mr Gurvich warns of a creeping “gerontocracy”. He predicts a deepening of “paternalistic thinking”, in which citizens regard the state, and not themselves, as the source of their pensions. Perhaps that’s exactly what the Kremlin has in mind.Gurvich警告人们小心悄悄出现的“老人政府”。他预测,“家长式思考”会更为严重,公民会将国家而不是自己视为养老金的来源。或者这正是俄罗斯政府所想的。翻译:孙齐圣译文属译生译世 /201607/456416郑州第三人民医院整形科

郑州双眼皮医院哪家好河南省煤炭总医院点痣多少钱 郑州华山整形医院美容整形科

河南省中医院祛眼袋多少钱Its that time of year in the Southwest when dust storms take shape and raise health and safety risks. 西南地区每年的那个时候,沙尘暴形成并引发健康和安全风险。This year, due to a dry winter, the Southwest is seeing a greater number of dust storms. 今年,由于干燥的冬天,西南正遭遇更多的沙尘暴。Experts say the infamous haboobs, as theyre known in the Phoenix area, will likely be active this summer when monsoon season begins. 专家称菲尼克斯地区知道的臭名昭著的哈布沙暴,今夏当季风季节开始时可能活跃起来。In southern Arizona, a series of dust blasts on Interstate 10 near the New Mexico border have shut down the highway at least seven times in the past few weeks. 在亚利桑那州南部,新墨西哥州边界附近州际公路10号的系列尘爆在过去几周至少七次关闭公路。The dust is reportedly coming from a farm near the town of San Simon, Arizona, that was ied for planting but never seeded, leaving loose soil that is easily picked up by winds.据称灰尘来自亚利桑那州圣西蒙附近的一个农场,准备种植但没有播种,使松散的土壤易被风刮起。译文属。201605/444820 Just like that.If you see a news report that you think I should see.就像那样 如果你看到一则新闻 觉得我应该看看Please send it to me.I love these things.Here is something you should see.请把它发给我 我好这口 下面的视频你也应该看看Ah, last weekend we sent one of our assistant Jason to a restaurant with a birthday cake for his grandma.嗯 上周末我们派了一位助理杰森 去一家餐厅 带上给他奶奶做的蛋糕And he asked people to hold it.But the cake was rigged.然后他让别人帮他拿着 但是蛋糕被做过手脚So that it would immediately fell off the tray.But the cake was rigged.端着会立刻从托盘上滑下来 于是他又做了一个And he brought his grandma with him to Chilis.My grandmas.Beautiful.他还带上了奶奶去Chilis 这是给我奶奶的 真漂亮Actually I am looking to take a quick picture.Can you hold it quickly for me?Beautiful.事实上我正想给它拍一张照 你能帮我端一下吗 当然If you just lower so I can get it over.And 3, 2... Oh... Oh.Hi, grandma.你能放低点吗 我可以拍下整个蛋糕 准备 3 2 噢 噢 你好 奶奶Oh, my birthday cake?My grandma comes, its her birthday.No.啊 我的生日蛋糕 我奶奶要来了 今天是她的生日 不Jason, what did you do to my cake?We dropped it. I am sorry.杰森 你对我的蛋糕做了什么 我们弄掉了 抱歉Its all right. It looks okay.Oh, man.Do you have an interview?Yeah?没事的 它看上去还好 天哪 老兄 你有一个面试吗 什么Do you have an interview?Yeah. - Good luck in.Yeah. - Good luck in.你在等面试吗 是的 -祝你好运 谢啦老兄 -你能帮个小忙吗Just hold it quick.My grandmas birthday.Here it is.Oh...Grandma.只是端着它而已 (今天是)我奶奶的生日 拿好了 噢 奶奶Jason, what did you do to my cake?We just got a little messy, gradma.杰森 你对我的蛋糕做了什么 我们只是出了点小意外 奶奶Well get this Here.Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday dear grandma.Happy Birthday to you.这个我们还是可以用 给你 祝你生日快乐 祝你生日快乐 祝你生日快乐 亲爱的奶奶 祝你生日快乐I dont think so.Can I say something? - Yeah.Youre on the Ellen Degeneres show right now.Thanks, buddy.我并不如此认为 听我说 哥们 -怎么了 你上了艾伦秀 谢谢你 老兄Elbow high five, thanks for being a good support.You want some cake? Oh, Im fine, thank you.- Good luck on your interview. Thank you.用肘击个掌 谢谢你的持 你想尝一点蛋糕吗 哦 不用了 谢谢 祝你面试顺利 谢谢Oh he clapped in everything. So sweet!Well be right back.哦 他什么都可以拍得精 真贴心 我们马上回来 /201602/425333郑州双眼皮那里做的比较好郑州大学第五附属医院激光去痘多少钱

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