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While it may appear to be a completely chaotic place,虽然它看上去好像是一个很混乱的地方,when you see it from above, there seems to be a whole grid of waterways and canals connecting each and every home.但当你从上往下看,那里好像存在一个由水路和运河形成的格子网连接着每家每户。From the main dock, people board long wooden canoes which carry them out to their various homes and shops located in the expansive area.从主码头,人们坐上长木做的小木舟带他们前往在很大一片区域里的各种房屋和商店。When out on the water, its clear that life has been completely adapted to this very specific way of living.当进入水域时,很明显生活已经完全融入这种特殊条件下的生活方式。Even the canoes become variety stores where ladies paddle from house to house,甚至木筏子也变成各种各样的小店女人们划着木舟从一家到另一家,selling anything from toothpaste to fresh fruits.卖着从牙膏到新鲜水果的各种东西。Behind every window and door frame,在每一扇窗户和门框背后,youll see a small child peering back at you,你都会看到有小孩子在背后盯着你,and while Makoko seems to be packed with people,虽然马卡卡看上去到处都是人,whats more shocking is actually the amount of children pouring out of every building.但更让人吃惊的是实际上每座房屋里面拥有的孩子的数量。The population growth in Nigeria,尼日利亚的人口增长,and especially in these areas like Makoko,尤其是在像马卡卡这样的区域,are painful reminders of how out of control things really are.痛苦地提醒着人们 生育失控后带来的结果。In Makoko, very few systems and infrastructures exist.在马卡卡,只有非常少的生活系统和基础设施存在。Electricity is rigged and freshest water comes from self-built wells throughout the area.电是被垄断的,且干净的水来自于这片区域里自己建造的井。This entire economic model is designed to meet a specific way of living on the water, so fishing and boat-making are common professions.整个经济模式是为了应对特殊的水上生活方式而设计的,所以和造船是普遍的职业。Youll have a set of entrepreneurs who have set up businesses throughout the area,这里还有一系列的商户在这片区域建立经营着自己的生意,like barbershops, CD and DVD stores,比如理发店,CD和DVD商店,movie theaters, tailors, everything is there.电影院,裁缝铺,和其它的一切。201601/423321。

  • And what Ive found is that difficulties come when you dont pay attention to lifes whisper, because life always whispers to you first. And if you ignore the whisper, sooner or later youll get a scream. Whatever you resist persists. But, if you ask the right question--not why is this happening, but what is this here to teach me. What is this here to teach me?--it puts you in the place and space to get the lesson you need.我发现,如果你没有仔细聆听生活的细语,困难就会出现,因为生活总会提前低声提醒你。如果你分手礼它的提醒,生活迟早会对你发出警告。此时无论你怎样抵抗都无济于事。但是如果你对此作出正确的回应——不是去纠缠困难出现的原因,而是反思从这次挫折中学以了什么教训,我从这学到了什么?——那么生活就会引领你找到位置,收获成功。My friend Eckhart Tolle, whos written this wonderful book called A New Earth thats all about letting the awareness of who you are stimulate everything that you do, he puts it like this: He says, ;Dont react against a bad situation; merge with that situation instead. And the solution will arise from the chalenge. Because surrendering yourself doesnt mean giving up; it means acting with responsibility.我的朋友埃克哈特·托拉写了一本叫做《新世界》的书,这本书非常棒。是关于让意识激励行动的。他在书里这样写道,“不要去反抗困境,要融入其中。那样,解决问题的办法就会随挑战而来。因为暂时的屈并不意味着放弃,它意味着一种责任感。”Okay, many of you know that, as President Hennessy said, I started this school in Africa. And I founded the school, where Im trying to give South African girls a shot at a future like yours-- Stanford. And I spent five years making sure that school would be as beautiful as the students. I wanted every girl to feel her worth reflected in her surroundings. So I checked every blueprint, I picked every pillow. I was looking at the grout in between the bricks. I knew every th count of the sheets. I chose every girl from the villages, from nine provinces. And yet, last fall, I was faced with a crisis I had never anticipated. I was told that one of the dorm matrons was supected of sexual abuse.你们当中很多人都知道,正如汉尼斯校长所说,我在非洲创办了一所学样。我希望给南非的女孩们一个像你们一样的未来。我花了5年时间来确保学样会像学生们一样美丽。我想让每一个女孩感觉到自身的价值,这在她周围的每件事物上都可以映射出来。所以我检查了每一张设计图,亲自挑选每一个枕头,甚至检查砖块间的水泥。我了解每一个细节。每一个学生都是我从9个省的飘落里亲自选出来的。然而,去年秋天我遇到了一个我从未预料到的危机。我被告知有一名宿舍管理员涉嫌性虐待。 /201311/266049。
  • So there is a lot of inequality in this world所以说这个世界有太多的不平等There is a lot of instability in this world这个世界有太多的不稳定Manifested by the financial crisis that had quickly sp across the world, but also in how all these wonderful open borders could lead to what happened to a Boston Marathon这体现在了金融危机能够在世界范围内快速扩散 也体现在那些美妙的开放边境政策 最后会导致波士顿马拉松爆炸案的发生Two boys come here, looking for a college education, seem to be doing well,那两个年轻人来到美国 寻求高等教育 好像过得还不错and this or that or the other thing goes wrong and they decided that the only way their lives can have meaning is to take some other peoples lives away不晓得被什么刺激了 他俩决定 只有夺取别人的生命 他们的生命才有意义There were not empowered, as you are他们没有被赋予那种能力 不像你们Just about a year before, you remember that another young man try to blow off a car bomb in Time Square in New York你们应该还记得大概一年前 有个小伙子试图在纽约时报广场引爆汽车炸弹He and his wife got college degrees in America他和他的妻子都在美国获得了大学文凭He had a job and a home and a home mortgage and then like a lot Americans, he lost it他有工作 还贷款买了房子 但跟很多美国人一样 他搞砸了Most of us who are raised to face failure in the face and fix ourselves up, go back to work and make some good happen我们大部分人都被教育 要敢于直面失败 重整旗鼓 重新努力 重回正轨And I hope you would do that我希望你们也会这么做But somehow he thought this isolated him from the rest of the world the only way his life could matter is that he took away the lives of people he didnt even know但不知为何 他觉得失败让他与世界隔绝 唯一能实现他生命价值的方式 就是夺取陌生人的生命So the first decision we have to make, before we can get all the policies and all the things that would change the world for the better, is to share the future.所以我们要做的第一个决定 在我们制定出所有可能将世界 变得更好的政策和其他事情之前 就是我们需要共享未来To try to create a world of shared prosperity, where theres shared responsibility, where everybody can be a part of a community as long as they believe in certain values,要努力创造一个共享繁荣 共担责任的世界 在那里每个人都能成为社会的一份子 只要他们共持一定的价值观including equal treatment and the absence of violence and the opportunity to begin again.包括一视同仁和杜绝暴力 还有重新开始的机会 201507/384878。
  • If you test men and women,如果你测试男性和女性,and you ask them questions on totally objective criteria like GPAs,你问他们问题,按完全客观的标准平均成绩来算,men get it wrong slightly high,男性会错误的高估一些,and women get it wrong slightly low.女性则会错误地低估一些。Women do not negotiate for themselves in the workforce.女性在职场不会为自身利益去谈判。A study in the last two years在过去两年,of people entering the workforce out of college关于人们从学校进入职场的一个调查showed that 57 percent of boys entering,表明57%的男生or men, I guess,或男性进入职场,我猜are negotiating their first salary,会协商他们的第一份薪水,and only seven percent of women.只有7%的女性会去协商。And most importantly,更重要的是,men attribute their success to themselves,男性把他们的成功归功于他们自身,and women attribute it to other external factors.而女性则归功于其他外部因素。If you ask men why they did a good job,如果你问男性为什么他们能把工作做好,theyll say, ;Im awesome.他们会说,“我棒极了。Obviously. Why are you even asking?;这是显而易见的。这还用问吗?”If you ask women why they did a good job,如果你问女性是什么使她们在工作中出色,what theyll say is someone helped them,她们会说有人帮助她们,they got lucky, they worked really hard.她们很幸运,她们工作异常努力。Why does this matter?这个问题很重要吗?Boy, it matters a lot大家,这关系很大because no one gets to the corner office因为没人得到角落办公室的职位by sitting on the side, not at the table,要是只坐在旁边,而不是桌边。and no one gets the promotion没人得到提升if they dont think they deserve their success,如果他们认为他们不应享有这成功,or they dont even understand their own success.或者他们甚至不明白他们自己的成功。I wish the answer were easy.我但愿这是容易的。I wish I could just go tell all the young women I work for,我希望我尽可能告诉我所共事过的所有年轻女性,all these fabulous women,所有这些非常棒的女性,;Believe in yourself and negotiate for yourself.“相信你们自己,为自身利益要讨价还价。Own your own success.;把握住你的成功。”I wish I could tell that to my daughter.我希望我也能告诉我的女儿。But its not that simple.但这不是很简单。Because what the data shows, above all else, is one thing,因为首先是数据表明的是一件事which is that success and likeability它表明成功和人缘亲切性are positively correlated for men对于男性来说是积极影响的and negatively correlated for women.而对于女性来说是负面影响的。And everyones nodding,每个人都点头,because we all know this to be true.因为我们大家都知道这是真的。Theres a really good study that shows this really well.一个非常棒的研究也很好地表明了这一观点。Theres a famous Harvard Business School study哈佛商学院的一个著名研究on a woman named Heidi Roizen.是有关于一位叫海蒂·罗森的女性。And shes an operator in a company她是硅谷一家公司的in Silicon Valley,负责人,and she uses her contacts她使用她的关系to become a very successful venture capitalist.成为一名非常成功的风险资本家。In 2002 -- not so long ago --在2002年,不久前a professor who was then at Columbia University当时在哥伦比亚大学的一位教授took that case and made it Howard Roizen.做这个例子和把它改成霍华德·罗森。And he gave the case out, both of them,他把这个案例,他们两人to two groups of students.向两组学生展示。He changed exactly one word:他只改变了一个词:;Heidi; to ;Howard.;海蒂到霍华德。But that one word made a really big difference.但这个词就造成了非常大的差异。He then surveyed the students,然后他调查学生。and the good news was the students, both men and women,好消息是学生们,男生和女生thought Heidi and Howard were equally competent,认为海蒂和霍华德都是能力相当的,and thats good.这很好。The bad news was that everyone liked Howard.但坏消息是每个人都喜欢霍华德。Hes a great guy. You want to work for him.他是个了不起的人,大家都想和他共事,You want to spend the day fishing with him.大家都想和他去钓鱼。But Heidi? Not so sure.但海蒂呢?不好说。Shes a little out for herself. Shes a little political.她有点只为自己着想,对政治有点热衷。Youre not sure youd want to work for her.大家不太想和她共事。This is the complication.这是复杂的。We have to tell our daughters and our colleagues,我们得告诉我们的女儿和我们的同事,we have to tell ourselves to believe we got the A,我们得告诉我们自己相信我们能获得A,to reach for the promotion,得到提升,to sit at the table,坐在桌边。and we have to do it in a world我们在这世上得做到这点where, for them, there are sacrifices they will make for that,在世上,女性要争取这些就得做出牺牲,even though for their brothers, there are not.尽管她们的兄弟不用为此而付出牺牲。The saddest thing about all of this is that its really hard to remember this.所有关于这的最可悲的事是很难记住这个。And Im about to tell a story which is truly embarrassing for me,我将讲个对我来说是个真正尴尬的故事,but I think important.但我认为它很重要。201509/397496。
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