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What could be more natural than running in bare feet? Ease into this age-old practice that#39;s making a big comeback with this three-month plan.有什么比赤脚跑步更加自然的呢?缓慢地进行这项古老的运动,制定三个月的计划,你将获益良多。You Will Need你需要Smooth, debris-free running surface光滑的,没有碎片的跑道Minimalist shoes (optional)简便的鞋子(可选)Steps步骤Always consult a physician before attempting any exercise plan.在进行任何锻炼计划之前一定要先向医生咨询。Step 1 Walk barefoot1.赤脚行走Walk around barefoot as much as possible for 2 weeks. This will condition your feet for more vigorous activity.尽可能多的赤脚步行,练习两周的时间。这样可以让你的双脚适应强度更高的运动。Step 2 Run in place2.原地跑Run in place in bare feet for 30 seconds at a time, two to three times daily. Then add 15 seconds per day to each session, building up to three minutes over the course of two weeks.赤脚原地跑动,每次30秒钟,每天两到三次。然后每天每个时段增加15秒钟,在两周的时间内逐渐累积到三分钟。Wait a day after your first 3-minute session. If you don#39;t experience pain or soreness, you can proceed with the plan.第一阶段三分钟的锻炼结束后修整一天的时间。如果没有任何疼痛或痛苦,可以继续执行计划。Step 3 Choose your spot3.选择地点Choose a smooth, debris-free surface, such as a running track, smooth sidewalk, or new asphalt. Run barefoot for 1/8 of a mile, and then continue your usual run while wearing shoes. Limit barefoot runs to three times a week with one rest day in between for 4 weeks.选择光滑的,没有碎片的路面,例如跑道,光滑的人行道或者新的柏油路面上。赤脚跑步1/8英里,然后继续像往常一样穿着鞋子跑。将赤脚跑步控制在每周三次以内,每次间隔一天,坚持四周的时间。Step 4 Watch form4.注意姿势Watch your form. Relax and stand upright with a slight lean forward. Your foot should lightly touch the ground in the mid-foot area underneath your body, as opposed to in front of it like it does when you#39;re wearing shoes. Strides will be shorter and faster, averaging about 180 steps a minute.注意姿势。放松,站直,稍微向前倾。脚掌中心轻轻着地,而不是像穿鞋跑步时一样脚前部着地。步伐应该更短更快,大约每分钟180步。Focus on raising your knees to pick up your feet rather than pushing off with each step.提起膝盖追上脚掌,而不是脚蹬地。Step 5 Build up distance5.累积距离Increase by 1/8 of a mile each session over the course of four weeks until you can run for 1.5 miles without pain the day or two after the run.在四周的时间内每一阶段增加1/8英里,直到你可以一直跑1.5英里,而跑动一两天之后不会感到疼痛。It#39;s best to begin barefoot but you may wear minimalist shoes in extreme temperatures.最好赤脚跑步,但是在极端天气条件下,可以穿比较轻便的鞋子。Step 6 Be aware of pain6.注意疼痛Stop if you feel pain at any time in the process. Give yourself an additional rest day and try again until you are pain-free. The biggest mistake in barefoot running is doing too much too soon.在此过程中,任何时候感到疼痛都要立即停下来。让自己多休息一天,然后等到没有任何疼痛的时候再次尝试。赤脚跑步最大的错误就是做的太多太快。Step 7 Add new terrain7.增加新的地形Run on hills or other new terrain slowly and gradually over the next four weeks, building up 1/8 of a mile each session until you#39;re running 3 miles in bare feet.未来四周之内循序渐进地在山坡或其他新的地形上跑步,每个阶段增加1/8英里,直到能够赤脚跑3英里。Famous barefoot prodigy Zola Budd set a track world record at age 16 in South Africa in 1984. She ran the women#39;s 5,000 meters in just over 15 minutes, 1 second.1984年,著名的赤脚跑奇才佐拉·巴德(Zola Budd)16岁时在南非创造了田径世界纪录。她仅用15分钟1秒就跑完了女子5,000米的赛程。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201305/237813She had an accident with a boat. It was a hit from behind.她遭遇了意外 一艘船撞上了她的背She lost three ribs and her spine was damaged.她断了三根肋骨 脊柱重伤It#39;s now in the process of healing back together.现在我们正全面治疗她的背伤Shella#39;s injuries have affected her buoyancy.希娜的伤影响了她的浮性She#39;s healed well她恢复良好 and to encourage her to exercise her flippers properly,为鼓励她正确使用鳍she has, every day, a little trip to the seaside.她每天都会被带到海边We usually take Shella for a sea bath on a daily basis,我们通常每天都带希娜洗海水浴and the reason for doing that那样做的原因在于is to give her enough room to get exercises.给她足够的锻炼空间She gets an opportunity to eat her natural food.她可以吃原来的食物We believe it keeps her fit and the other thing is,我们认为那能让她保持健康 而且she gets to use her rear flippers quite often.她可以经常使用后鳍了For Kahindi, it#39;s one of the rewards for all his hard work.对卡辛迪来说 这是他努力的回报之一 Article/201408/320842

Making small life changes can have a positive impact on your family’s life.生活中做出小小的改变,就可以对全家人的生活产生积极的影响。You Will Need你需要Healthy diet健康饮食Exercise锻炼Planned meals有计划的用餐Steps步骤Step 1 Involve your family1.动员全家Involve your family in planning, selecting, and cooking meals. Cooking together can be a fun way to bond.动员全体家庭成员计划,选择,烹饪。一起煮饭也是增强家人感情的有趣的方式。Step 2 Prepare a healthy diet2.准备健康的饮食Prepare healthy meals at home that include whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.在家准备包括全麦,水果和蔬菜在内的健康食物。Step 3 Eat meals together3.一起吃饭Eat meals together at the table. Take this time to talk and share events from your day.一起在饭桌前吃饭。利用这个时间来聊天,分享一下一天的见闻。Overeating can occur if you eat in front of the TV.如果一边看电视一边吃饭,很可能会吃的太多。Step 4 Avoid fast food4.避免快餐Avoid eating fast food. These foods are typically high in saturated fats, trans-fats, and calories.不要吃快餐。这些食品含有大量饱和脂肪酸,反式脂肪酸和热量。Step 5 Spend time getting active5.生活更积极Spend more time getting active. Go for walks, bike rides, or other physical activities you can do as a family.花费一点时间参加更积极的活动。散步,骑自行车或者家人可以一起进行的其他活动。Studies have shown that a child#39;s risk of obesity greatly increases if one or more parent is overweight or obese.研究表明,如果父母中的一人或两人肥胖,儿童肥胖的风险会大大增加。 /201303/227936


  统计学家尼克·马科斯质疑为什么我们要以一个国家的生产力,而不是人民的快乐和幸福感,来衡量其是否成功。他向我们介绍全球幸福指数, 这个指数测量一个国家的国民幸福感和资源使用率的比例(因为你可以不靠牺牲地球来换取幸福的生活)。 哪个国家的幸福指数最高呢? 你会大吃一惊的。 Article/201303/230426。

  We#39;re going to Homebrew.No... Abs...I am not presenting anything at Homebrew.I#39;m... No.我们要去Home Brew电脑俱乐部。靠 绝对不去,我不会在Home Brew做展示的,坚决不要。Why do people drive so slow? Get out! Move!这些人为毛开的这么慢? 闪开 让路!I#39;m telling you right now, I#39;ve been to Homebrew.我现在告诉你 我曾去过Home Brew俱乐部I understand the caliber of people who speak there.I#39;m not one of those people.那些人口才不错,我可不是那样的人。I#39;m telling you this thing is amazing. I#39;m not...You#39;re gonna be great, Woz.我跟你说这东西很好 我不是说...你会很了不起的 沃兹Steve, could you do me a favor, could you just please slow down a little bit so that I feel like史蒂夫 请你帮个忙 你能...开慢一点吗? 这样的话there#39;s a chance we might actually get there alive.我还有机会活着到那里I want to get there first so we can present first.我希望我们第一个到达 第一个展示产品You know if we#39;re gonna do this thing,we need to come up with a name.你知道的 如果我们要开公司,我们得想个好名字Yeah, I know. Something catchy. Something...是的 我知道 这名字得好记 吸引人 像...I#39;ve been thinking about it....electric.It needs to feel like... I don#39;t know.我觉得名字里...应该要有;电子;,它得有点像... 我不知道。What about Enterprise Computers?;No.No Star Trek names.企业号;计算机公司怎么样?不,别给我来;星舰迷航;那套What about Kirk Enterprises? I swear.;柯克企业;怎么样 我发誓...I will drive this car right off this road. Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine!I will run the car right off the road.Jesus! Calm down! Seriously.我要开车撞树了 好吧 好吧。我真的会撞上去哦,喔 天啊! 冷静 严肃一点。Okay. Nothing Trekkie. Jesus.好 不要;星舰迷航;那种 上帝啊It just needs to be, like, something that people will relate to, you know?它需要像...与人相关的东西 你知道的?Like, it needs to be something that you see,and you#39;re just, like, ;Man, I just gotta have it.;一些常见又好记的,而且是人们喜欢的 ;哥们 我想拥有它 ;。Apple苹果 /201404/285718

  发现希格斯玻色子最大的惊喜是什么?那便是没有惊喜。吉安·吉乌迪西告诉了我们一个理论物理界的问题:假使超密度状态下的希格斯粒子让所有的原子物质坍塌,那宇宙会变得怎样?吉乌迪西勾勒出一幅暗淡的前景——以及我们无需现在开始担心的理由。(摄于欧洲核子研究中心) Article/201406/304583Mount Everest Brawl Pits Climbers vs. SherpasOfficials in Nepal investigate reports of fighting between foreign climbers and their guides.Climbing Mount Everest is challenging enough, battling elements, battling terrains, but what about when the conflict turned from men versus nature to men versus men. Well, that’s apparently exactly what happened yesterday on the world’s highest mountain, more than 24,000 feet up, a fight broke out between a group of famous climbers and sherpas while approaching a base camp. Simone Moro of Italy, Ueli Steck of Switzerland and Jonathan Griffith of Britain angered the sherpas by ignoring their orders not to touch ropes they were securing. The Trio continued to climb, then some ice fell, hitting the sherpas, prompting them to storm the climbers heads, punching and kicking them. Both sides accused the other of starting the fight, but have since apparently apologized to each other. /201305/238091

  TED同仁、城市规划师托马斯(Thomas Heatherwick)向大家展现他对可持续的、有机的建筑的构想:从植物--等等,还有肉---中成长起来的生态友好的住所。 Article/201305/240476Chinese rescue ship, Donghaijiu-101, has arrived at the search site about 2,200 kilometers northwest of Australia#39;s Perth.中国救援船Donghaijiu-101已经抵达澳大利亚珀斯西北方向的2200千米处。It has now started a search mission in the area with high-tech equipment such as night-vision goggles, radars, and an electro-optical tracking system.目前救援船已经开始搜索区域运用高科技设备进行搜索任务。采用的高科技设备有夜视镜,雷达和光电追踪系统。The search site was designated by Australia and it covers an area of 200,000 square kilometers.该搜索区域由澳大利亚指定,且占地200000平方公里。 Article/201403/283046


  If you single-handedly are keeping the belated birthday card industry alive, you need a system.如果你想独力保持生日贺卡行业蒸蒸日上,你需要做好规划。You Will Need你需要A large calendar一份大的日历Brightly-colored markers颜色鲜明的记号笔A birthday or accordion file生日或折叠文件夹Steps步骤Step 1 Put it in your face1.放在面前Hang a calendar in a place you see every day, like on the fridge—and write down birthdays in bright, unusual ink, so they stand out.在你每天都可以看到的地方悬挂一份日历,比如冰箱上——用颜色鲜明的墨水写下熟人的生日,这样比较醒目。Step 2 Use a birthday file2.使用生日文件夹Buy a birthday file, available at card shops, or a plain accordion file. Then purchase a bunch of birthday cards for everyone you know, address them, and file them according to the appropriate month. Keep your file where you pay your bills.购买一个生日文件夹或普通的折叠文件夹,许多卡片商店有售。然后为你认识的每一个人购买一些生日卡片,写上他们的地址,然后根据相应的月份分类存放。把文件夹放在付账单的地方。Use a virtual calendar to track birthdays on your computer or phone. Set it up once, and it will send you birthday reminders year after year.也可以在电脑或电话上使用虚拟日历来记录生日。设置一次,就会年复一年地提醒你。Step 3 Set up alerts3.设置提醒Sign up for one of the many websites that offer birthday alerts, like hallmark.com or birthdayalarm.com, which will send you an email or text reminder when birthdays come up.有许多网站提供生日提醒务,注册其中的一个,例如hallmark.com或birthdayalarm.com,当朋友的生日即将来临时,这个网站会发送电子邮件或短信提醒你。Step 4 Send automatic greetings4.发送自动问候Sign up for a service that automatically sends out birthday cards for you, like cardsremembered.com.注册一项可以自动为你发送生日卡片的务,例如cardsremembered.com。For those really special people in your life—you know, the ones who will kill you if you forget their birthday—consider signing up for a service that sends flowers automatically.对于你生命中非常特别的一些人——你知道,如果你忘记他们的生日他们可能会把你杀了——考虑注册自动送花务。Step 5 Make them remind you5.让他们提醒你Ask friends and family members to put their birthday on your MySpace or Facebook page. Why should you do all the work?要求家人和朋友在你的MySpace或Facebook page网页上说明他们的生日即将来临。为何不尝试所有可能有效的方法呢?The most common birthday in the U.S. is October 5th—which means January 5th is the most popular day to get busy!美国最常见的生日是10月5日,也就是说,1月5日是人们最繁忙的时候。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201305/239348。

  ANNOUNCER: It#39;s time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!In what city was the U.S. Constitution signed? If you think you know it, then shout it out!美国宪法在哪个城市签署?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Was it in Washington, New York Boston or Philadelphia? You#39;ve got three seconds, go.是在华盛顿、纽约、波士顿还是费城?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The Constitution was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.; 美国宪法在宾夕法尼亚州费城签署。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。Now, as for win that happened, check this out.现在,你答对了的话,继续看看吧。AZUZ: It#39;s Constitution Day. 这是行宪纪念日。On this day in 1787, 39 delegates to the Constitutional convention signed the document that today is the oldest written Constitution, still in use by any government. 在1787年的这一天,39名出席宪法会议的代表签署了这项文件,那是仍然被政府使用的最古老的书写的宪法。We#39;re finding out how much you know about the U.S. Constitution. 我们想要看看你对美国宪法的了解有多少。Starting with some fun, true or false questions. 让我们从一些有趣的真假问题开始。 /201309/257430



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