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厦门腰腹部吸脂多少钱厦门上臂吸脂哪家医院好在厦门眉间纹去除 Eating sugar isn#39;t that great for you, it#39;s ageing for the skin and can lead to weight gain. But according to a new book, the sweet treat can actually have amazing anti-ageing effects if you apply it to skin!吃糖对人体并没有多大好处,它会老化皮肤,导致体重增加。但一本新书表明:如果用糖擦皮肤,那实则会有惊人的抗衰老效果。Author Imelda Burke suggests in her new book, The Nature Of Beauty, that using sugar topically helps draw moisture into the cells, plumping it up.“Sugar is also a natural source of glycolic acid, used to improve the skin’s appearance and texture, keeping it bright and radiant,” she writes.作者伊梅尔达#8226;伯克在她的新书《自然之美》中建议:局部用糖可帮助细胞吸收水分,使皮肤饱满。“糖也是乙醇酸的天然来源,可用来改善皮肤质地,使其透亮有光泽,”她写道。While eating a diet full if sugar can make skin look dull, lacklustre and spotty, using it as a moisturising agent can help keep skin hydrated and do away with dry skin in general. Read on for our tips on how to incorporate sugar into your beauty routine.虽然摄入含糖量满满的饮食会让皮肤看起来毫无光泽、满是斑点,但将糖视作保湿剂可帮助皮肤保持水分,还能整体解决皮肤干燥的问题。继续阅读下去,看看如何正确用糖,让自己美美哒。Soften facial skin软化面部皮肤Make a sugar mask at home by buying raw sugar then grinding it to a fine powder in a blender or coffee grinder. Mix with olive oil and 1 tsp raw honey, and apply to the face.购买粗糖,然后在搅拌机或咖啡研磨器中将其研磨成细粉,之后放入橄榄油和一茶匙的原蜜,这样自制糖面膜就形成了,最后将其抹到脸上即可。Get a smoother shave on your legs.刮腿毛,让腿更加光滑Before shaving, exfoliate dead skin cells by applying slightly wet granulated brown sugar in a circular motion. Rinse before shaving, and it will help razor to get a closer cut.在刮腿毛前,可以通过圆形运动在腿部轻微的涂抹湿润的颗粒状红糖以去除死皮。然后冲洗,这样刮腿毛就更顺畅啦!Pretty for a fake tan漂亮的假棕色皮肤Mix sugar with oil for an easy body scrub that works great on your back, legs, and shoulders, and will help you to get a patch-free glow.将糖与油混合在一起,轻轻的擦在皮肤上,这对你的后背、大腿和肩膀都有很好的效果,会让你的皮肤焕发活力。Luscious lips性感的嘴唇If your lips are dry or flaky, just dip your finger in a little water, then some granulated sugar and gently apply it in a circular motion to lips to exfoliate them.如果你的嘴唇干燥或有细纹,那就用手指蘸一点水、一点粒状糖,然后以圆形状轻柔的涂抹唇部,即可去除死皮。For youthful hands and feet手脚细嫩Mix a cup of brown sugar with 1/3 of a cup of olive oil plus a vitamin E capsule to give yourself an at-home manicure scrub. Tackle rough feet by mixing sugar and cooling peppermint oil, then rub the mixture onto the bottom of your feet while in the shower for an at-home pedicure scrub to remove dead cells and dryness.制作成分:一杯红糖、1/3杯橄榄油再加上维他命E胶囊,混在一起就可以在家手脚啦。如果你的双脚粗糙,那么将糖和冷却的薄荷油混合在一起,之后涂抹在脚面上,洗澡的时候就可以在家修脚,而且还可去除死皮、让皮肤保持水分。译文属 /201612/482847Monday mornings are rarely a time for celebration. We#39;re too rushed to put on a decent face of make-up, too tired to go to the gym, and very possibly nursing the effects of an excessive weekend.周一早晨很少被当成是节庆时光。我们匆匆出门、没时间打扮的漂漂亮亮的,工作疲乏得不想去健身房运动,而且很可能遭受周末过度带来的不适应感。And now there#39;s another reason to hate Mondays as a study reveals that not only do we feel ugliest on the first day of the working week - but that information is used by cynical beauty companies who cash in on our insecurities.现在我们又多了一个讨厌周一的理由——研究显示,不仅我们在一周的头一天觉得自己最难看,而且尖刻的美容公司正在利用我们的这种不安全感来赚钱。The study, by London-based global media agency PDA, was designed to discover when women felt at their most unattractive - and therefore at their most vulnerable to be marketed to by beauty firms.一所坐落在伦敦的全球传媒机构PDA进行了一项研究,旨在发现女性感觉自己最不具吸引力的时间点——也就是她们对美容公司的销售策略最无力抵制的时候。The company questioned women aged 18 and over to identify when they feel most vulnerable about their appearance in order to determine the best timing for beauty product messages and promotions.该公司向18岁及以上的女性发放问卷,以此辨明女性对自己的容貌感觉最脆弱的时间,从而确定投放美容产品信息和促销手段的最佳时间。The results showed that 46 per cent reported feeling at their worst on Mondays.研究结果表明,46%的女性称其感觉自己在周一最为糟糕。Reasons cited took in stress, lack of motivation to make an effort and visible and emotional effects of the weekend showing on the face.研究认为上述现象的原因有压力、缺乏努力工作的动力、以及显而易见的,从面部表情可以看出的周末活动留下的情绪影响。The report showed that women feel their best on Thursdays, when the working week is coming to an end and the weekend is in sight.研究显示,女性在周四感觉自己状态最佳,这时一周的工作日接近尾声,周末近在眼前。The information gleaned works both ways. While sometimes it suits a company to catch a customer when they#39;re feeling low, in other situations it might be best to engage with a customer feeling happy and confident.这项收集来的信息有两种运用方式。一些公司也许适合于在顾客自我感觉低落的时候抓住顾客的心,而另一些公司也许更适合于在顾客情绪良好,充满自信的时候跟顾客打交道。#39;Identifying the right time to engage with consumers with the right message is Marketing 101,#39; said a spokesman for PHD.#39;But when you are trying to connect with women on so personal an issue as appearance, it can be even more important to understand the wrong time as well.#39;“选择正确的时间,用正确的信息和顾客交流是销售的基本原则”,一位美国PHD公司的发言人说,“可是当你试图跟女性就外貌这样的私人话题进行交流的时候,除了要了解正确的时间,还要了解错误的时间,这也许是更加重要的。”Monday becomes the day to encourage the beauty product consumer to get going and feel beautiful again, so marketing messages should focus on feeling smart, instant beauty and fashion fixes, and getting things planned and done.周一成为了商家鼓励化妆品消费者们振作起来,重拾自信的日子,所以销售信息应围绕着树立潇洒气场,快速美容和时尚定型,为一周做好计划、诉诸实施等等展开。PDA say: #39;When it comes to engaging with women at any level, knowing where she is on her personal attractiveness index, and the appropriate messages relative to that information, can only make for a more productive exchange.#39;PDA的销售专家们说:“当你和任何层次的女性交流时,知道她的自我感受指数,以及与之相匹配的信息,这将使你获得更好的销售业绩。”For the consumer though, it undoubtedly means one thing: Less money in the bank.不过对于消费者,无疑这只意味着一件事:存款的减少。 /201704/502882厦门整鼻梁

厦门儿童医院概况It#39;s no new news that men are way more low maintenance than their female counterparts. Any side by side medicine cabinet comparison will tell you so. For some situations, it#39;s just a fact that guys need less in order to get by — and that makes for a more sparse selection of toiletries. But also, sometimes the basics of home living are just lost on dudes. Going without things like a box spring or throw pillows, or having separate bathroom towels for drying your hands vs. your body just seems kind of excessive, right?相同条件下的男性比女性保养自己的水平要低很多,这已不再是新闻。看看药物橱柜的陈列就可明白这个道理。在某些情况下,男性的低要求的确使得他们可选择的化妆品也少得可怜,而且有些家居必备在公子哥家更是难以找见。出门不带矿泉水、抱枕或者以便擦干手和身体的独立浴巾看起来有点过分,不是吗?But I#39;m going to let you in on a little secret — adding to your supply of basic home necessities (even if you don#39;t deem them as such) will make your woman want to spend more time at your place. Are you picking up what I#39;m putting down? In order to identify what those household items are, I asked a few women to tell me what they really wish their men had ily available in their home. Read on for a list of things you should keep at your place if you want your woman to stay over more often.我告诉你一个小秘密——增加家中必要家居用品(即使在你看来并不必要)会让女性愿意花更多的时间待在你这里。你明白我说的吗?为了确定这些日常条目是什么,我询问了几个女性关于她们真正希望她们的男朋友家里现有的东西是什么。如果你希望女朋友在你的家中逗留更久,那么你需要阅读并把下列物品都放置在家里。Conditioner护发素Most guys probably don#39;t understand what conditioner even does, no less own a bottle of the stuff. But Jillian, 28 says that being able to shampoo and condition your hair when you#39;re spending the night at your guy#39;s place is more than necessary. Not only does skipping conditioner create an instant bad hair day, but trying to get a comb through long hair without it is a serious ordeal. ;Before we lived together I could never wash my hair at his place,; she says, ;because he only had the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner.; And that formula does not get the job done, fellas.大多数男性可能不知道护发素到底有什么用,认为只是普通的一瓶东西。但是28岁的吉莉安说,当你在你的男朋友家中过夜时,至关重要的是它可以洗发并护发。如果没有护发素,不仅会让人一天的心情糟糕,而且也不方便梳理长头发。“在我们住在一起之前,我从来没有在他家洗过头,”她说,“因为他用的是洗护二合一。”这样的配方对我根本不起作用。A Full-Length Mirror全身镜Props to the men who can leave the house without consulting a mirror.But real talk, we ladies need a full length mirror. Especially if we#39;re spending the night at your place and then heading to work the next morning, and we packed clothes that could probably benefit from an iron (which you probably also don#39;t own).对男性来说可以不照镜子就出门。但是说实话,女性需要一个全身镜,尤其是在男友家过夜并需要在第二天早上继续上班的时候。此外,我们的衣可能用熨斗烫一下会更好(或许你也没有熨斗)。Tissues面巾纸Why would you pay for what#39;s essentially toilet paper in a box when you have toilet paper ily available in your bathroom for anyone who#39;s got the sniffles? Seems like a waste of money to the guys. But us women prefer to not wipe our noses with the same paper we wipe our butts with. Different strokes, you know? ;There are NEVER any tissues in the house!; says Maggie, 27. ;Tis#39; the season for colds and sniffles, so it would be nice.;当你在浴室里有现成的卫生纸提供给所有需要擤鼻涕的人时,为什么还要花钱买本质上就是放在盒子里的卫生纸一样的纸巾呢?对男性来说看起来好像很浪费钱。但是女性往往不想用与擦屁股相同的纸来擦鼻子。不同的效果,明白吗?“他的房子里从来没有面巾纸!”27岁的麦琪说,“已经到了感冒和流鼻涕的季节了,所以有面巾纸的话会感觉好些。”译文属 /201703/500202厦门隆鼻医院哪家比较好 厦门哪家医院有做绝缘微针

厦门疤痕软化针哪家医院好The Meaning of Printing and Dyeing in China中国印染的意义Printing and dyeing here refer to traditional folk handicraft of printing patterns on or dyeing various fabrics. In actual useweaverthe termprinting and dyeing may mean the folk technology of printing or the dyeing of fibrous fabrics in the broad sense,whereas in the narrow sense means a specific painting and dyeing approach, namely, a method of printing colored patterns on cloth by applying wax on the part that is not to be colored with hard paper printing plate. In China,folk printing and dyeing have a long history with diversified approaches and techniques. Having both practical and aesthetic value,printing and dyeing vividly reflect the simple,unaffected but profound cultural and artiste Skills.印染在这里指的是在传统民间手工艺或各种染色织物上印刷图案。在实际使用中织工术语印染在广义上的可能意味着印刷或纤维织物的民间工艺,而在狭义指特定绘画和染色的方法,即,印刷色图案的方法,通过在布上未将与硬纸印版着色的部分施加蜡。在中国,民间印染在方法和技术上有着悠久的历史与多元化。印染兼具实用和审美价值,生动地反映了朴实,不受影响,但是有着深厚的文化及艺人技能。 /201609/468103 A former employee has been detained by police on suspicion of disclosing the secret of China#39;s best-known hot sauce Laoganma to another producer in southwestern Guiyang, Southwest China#39;s Guizhou province.日前,中国著名辣酱品牌老干妈的一名前员工被警方逮捕,原因是其将老干妈的配方泄露给位于中国西南部贵州省贵阳市的另一生产商。The man surnamed Jia was seized after a three month police investigation and now faces criminal charges in a case that involves tens of millions of yuan.历经三个多月的侦查,警方一举将贾某抓获,他现在正面临一涉案金额高达千万人民币的刑事起诉。Laoganma Special Flavor Foodstuffs Co in Guiyang#39;s Nanming district produces a variety of popular sauces such as oil chili, beef soybean and flavored chili chicken.老干妈风味食品有限责任公司位于贵阳省南明区,主要生产如辣椒酱、牛肉豆瓣酱和风味鸡油辣椒等一系列广受欢迎的产品。In May 2016, it found another local food processing company made highly similar products. In November, it reported these concerns to police, suspecting its business secrets were being stolen.2016年5月,老干妈公司发现当地的另一家食品加工公司生产了与自己极其相似的产品。11月,老干妈公司向警方报案,怀疑其商业机密遭到窃取。A subsequent police investigation determined that Laoganma#39;s unique trade secrets were identified in the products of the competing food company, which had no history of making chili oil sauce.在警方随后的调查中,他们在其他食品公司的产品中检测出了老干妈的独家配方,而该公司并没有制作辣椒酱的历史。Later, police focused the investigation on Jia, who worked as quality technician and engineer among other posts at Laoganma from 2003 to April 2015. From November 2015, he used another name to work at the food processing company and was responsible for its quality management.随后,警方将注意力锁定到贾某身上,他曾于2003年至2015年在老干妈公司担任技术员和工程师。从2015年11月开始,贾某使用另一个名字,在本地另一家食品加工企业任职,从事质量技术管理相关的工作。A large amount of internal information about Laoganma#39;s trade secrets were found on Jia#39;s external hard-drive and computer.警方在贾某的移动硬盘和电脑中发现了大量涉及老干妈公司商业机密的内部资料。China#39;s criminal law stipulates a no less than three years and not more than seven years prison term and a fine for those who steal, disclose or use commercial secrets that causes significant loss to those holding related rights.根据《中华人民共和国刑法》,盗取、披露或使用商业机密的行为,并给商业机密的权利人造成重大损失,将判处三年以上七年以下有期徒刑,并处以罚金。 /201705/509704福州市中医院病房厦门面部吸脂一般多少钱



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