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When it comes to household versatility, baking soda is king. Here are just some of the many cleaning uses for sodium bicarbonate.在家居用途方面,小苏打就是王者。下面是小苏打的几种清洁用途。You Will Need你需要Baking soda小苏打Water水A sponge海绵A vacuum吸尘器Salt盐White vinegar白醋Laundry detergent洗衣粉A cotton swab棉花棒A toothbrush牙刷A bowl碗Steps步骤STEP 1 Remove stains1.去污Get rid of stains on countertops, sinks, bathtubs, and any nonporous surface you can think of with a paste of three parts baking soda to one part water. Apply the paste to a damp sponge, scrub away, and rinse.三份小苏打和一份水混合制成膏体,清除厨房工作台面,水槽,浴缸和任何你能想到的无孔的表面的污渍。把膏体涂在湿润的海绵上,擦拭,清洗。Baking soda works well on metallic surfaces, like chrome or stainless steel. It won’t scratch the surface, but it’s abrasive enough to remove residue and leave the metal shining.小苏打用在金属表面效果也很好,比如铬合金和不锈钢。不会刮花表面,但是其研磨作用足以清除污垢残余,散发出金属的光。STEP 2 Reduce odors2.除异味An open box of baking soda in the refrigerator or a cupboard will absorb odors and excess moisture. A sprinkle in shoes and socks helps reduce foot odor. To combat a stinky carpet, drizzle with dry baking soda and vacuum it up after 15 minutes.在冰箱或衣柜中放一盒开盖的小苏打可以吸收异味和潮湿。在鞋袜里洒一点小苏打可以除脚臭。如果地毯有异味,可以先撒一些小苏打,15分钟后用吸尘器清洁。Using a bowl instead of an open container is more effective because more baking soda is exposed.用碗比用开口的容器更有效果,因为碗的开口比较大,容易使更多小苏打暴露在空气中。STEP 3 Deter ants3.防蚂蚁Ant infestation? Sprinkling equal parts baking soda and salt near high-traffic ant areas will keep them in their place.蚂蚁横行?在蚂蚁出没的通道上撒等量的小苏打和盐,会让他们不敢前来。STEP 4 Unclog drains4.疏通下水道Pour half a cup of baking soda into a clogged drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Let the solution bubble for a few minutes, and then flush it down with plenty of hot water. This method won’t clear heavy-duty clogs, but it works well for minor ones.向堵塞的下水道中倒入一杯小苏打,然后倒入一杯白醋。让溶液反应几分钟,然后用足够的热水冲洗。这种方法不能清理堵塞严重的下水道,但是对于轻微的堵塞非常有效。STEP 5 Keep laundry bright5.保持衣物鲜亮Add a half-cup of baking soda to a load of wash along with your regular detergent. It helps keep clothes brighter, longer.向衣中倒入半杯小苏打和普通洗衣粉。可以让衣物更长时间保持鲜亮。STEP 6 Wash brushes and combs6.清洗刷子和梳子To remove oil and dirt from hairbrushes and combs, first remove excess hair; then soak in a tall container of warm water with a teaspoon of baking soda.要清洁发刷和梳子上的油和污垢,首先除掉脱落的头发,然后浸泡在装有温水和一茶匙小苏打的较高的容器中。STEP 7 Reduce bug-bite itch7.缓解蚊虫叮咬瘙痒To reduce itching, mix baking soda with just enough water to make a paste, and apply it with a cotton swab to the bug bite. The paste can also help relieve a painful sunburn.要缓解瘙痒,将小苏打和足够的水混合制成膏体,然后用棉花棒涂在叮咬处。膏体还可以缓解阳光晒伤。STEP 8 Whiten your teeth8.美白牙齿Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda onto a wet toothbrush to clean and whiten your teeth naturally. Practice this method sparingly, as it will wear down your enamel if used too often.向湿润的牙刷上撒少量小苏打,可以天然清洁和美白牙齿。偶尔使用这种方法,经常使用会损坏牙釉质。In 2007, a company unveiled a process that converts harmful carbon dioxide emissions from smokestacks into consumer-grade baking soda.2007年,一家公司披露了一种程序,可以将烟窗中的有害二氧化碳转化为消费者使用级别的小苏打。 视频听力译文由。201503/366993。

  • Inside Tumblrs #NYFW Bloggers with Meagan Morrison of Travel, Write, Draw跟着正时尚插画家去工作When I draw live, I keep it really simple because the environment is so frantic. You cant move out of the way quick enough because theres just so much going on; you just wanna be able to get the right angles in everything. When Im onsite at Fashion Week, I just use my sketchbook and Micron markers.当我现场作画时,我将一切保持简单,因为四周是如此疯狂。你没办法够快地躲开人群,因为有太多事在发生;你只想要能够抓到每件事物的正确角度。我在时装周现场时,我就只用我的素描本和 Micron 牌麦克笔。Im Meagan Morrison. I am a New York-based fashion illustrator. The minute I looked up the phrase ;fashion illustration,; which I honestly had never heard of, it was like a world that just opened up to me. I was like, This is it. Theres no better-suited profession for me.我是 Meagan Morrison。我是个以纽约为据点的时尚插画家。在我查“时尚插画”一词那一刻时,老实说我从没听过那个词,一切就像是一个世界刚对我展开。我就像是“就是这个了。没有更适合我的职业了。”Fashion illustrator is really about, you know, taking you out of the literal plane and sort of continuing you into the imagination of fashion.时尚插画家其实是关于,你知道,把你从真实的平面带出来,并某种程度上让你延续在时尚的想像里。When Im home, working in my own space and doing sort of final pieces for clients, I kind of do a bit of mixed media, I...from inks, water color, acrylic, colored pencil—all of them combined to some degree. I love texture. I love color. I think those are sort of signature to my works, my final pieces. Um, and then I obviously scan and put it through Photoshop, and clean up the images to send to clients.当我在家时,在自己的空间工作,还有替客户们处理最终完成品,我有点用一些混合媒材,我...从墨水、水、压克力颜料、色铅笔--那所有材料稍微结合。我热爱质感;我热爱色。我认为那些有点是我的作品、我的最终完成品的特徵。嗯...然后我很显然扫描并把作品放到 Photoshop,将画面清理一下好寄给客户。I built my client base really through the multitude of channels that I had access to and could promote myself through, and Tumblr has been, you know, amazing this season. This is the first time that Ive done any sort of partnership with them—just incredible and so, so rare in New York.我实际上真的是透过我可以使用并宣传自己的多重管道来建立基础客群,而 Tumblr,你知道,它这季真的太棒了。这是我第一次和他们有任何形式的合作关系--就是太不可思议了,而且在纽约非常、非常稀有。Its a very interesting time now because illustrators are not the traditional illustrators that they once were. Its much more of a hybrid of... I have a...you know, a large social media following. The projects that Im being put on vary between, like, how much they wanna just use me for traditional art and how much they wanna use me for the social media part of it. You know, this struggling artist thing should not be what it was, I guess, in the past.这是一个很有趣的时代,因为插画家不再是他们曾是的传统插画家了。这比较像是种混合... 我有一个...嗯,一大群社群媒体追随者。给我的企划案随之变化,像是,他们只想用我在传统艺术的部分做多少,还有他们想要利用社群媒体那部分多少。你知道,我猜这种挣扎的艺术家玩意可能不是它过去的样子。Well, we have to start small. And be honest with yourself. Life can be so short. Your happiness and your life is up to you.嗯,我们必须要谦虚地起头。对自己诚实。人生可能如此短暂。你的幸福和你的人生取决于你。Anyone who wants to do art in general, and, also, Tootsie Rolls because you need to keep your blood sugar up when you are making artistic genius happen.总地来说,任何想要走艺术的人,还有,准备好 Tootsie Rolls 巧克力吧,因为在你让艺术才华发光时,你需要维持血糖。201507/385738。
  • X Prize创始人Peter Diamandis讲述如何帮助史蒂芬霍金先生进入大气层体验零重力来实现霍金先生进入宇宙空间的梦想。201502/359626。
  • This time, were in Chengdu,这一次 我们来到了成都it is one of the fastest growing cities in the world.成都是世界上发展最快的城市之一In the interior of the country,成都位于中国内陆it has always been an isolated place,一直都是个孤立的城市free from Western influence,不受西方影响and remains the most Chinese of Chinas megacities.最大限度地保持着中国城市特色Nearly 1,000 miles from Beijing,它距北京一千英里deep in the heartland位于四川省的in Sichuan province,心脏地带Chengdu is known as one of the culinary capitals of China.被称作中国烹饪之都The food here is the hottest in China and increasingly famous这里的食物是全中国最辣的all over the world for its distinctive fiery flavours.而且因它独特的火辣味道日渐名扬海外A real variety.Yes.真是品种繁多啊Weve come to Chengdus我们来到成都的香料市场spice market to explore the explosive tastes探索使四川美食如此独特的that make Sichuan food so unique.火爆滋味This place is like the core,这个地方像是the heart, the mother-ship of spicy Sichuan food.辛辣川菜的核心 心脏 母舰201507/385452。
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