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So psychology is telling us心理学告诉我们that how we age is a lot more open than we thought.年龄比想象中坦诚As for the future of other scientific interventions,有未来的其他科学的介入how soon should we realistically expect help from them?得到他们切实的帮助还要多久呢The fountain of youth, anti-ageing medicine...青春之泉 抗衰老药this has been around for这些是100%的as long as humanity with 100% failure rate.永恒失败的产品So you might ask why this is new?你可能问为什么这是新产品呢This is real science. This is cutting-edge.这是真正的尖端科学Now its a matter of turning that into medicine.现在是把它制成药物的时候了I dont know if well be the ones我不知道是我们or someone else behind us will do that,还是我们的后人会实现but its going to happen. Its not if but when now.但这个药物会出现 只是时间问题而已We would like to develop drugs我们会发明出药物that maybe will take once a day, beginning when were 40 or 50,也许一天一片 从40岁或50岁时开始吃and it will prevent those age-related diseases.它可以防止老年疾病We have learnt a tremendous amount about some of these mechanisms.我们已经做了大量关于身体机能的研究So that obviously now provides targets to develop drugs.所以现在已经有了发明药物的目标So in that sense, were a lot closer.在这种程度上 我们已经很接近了But still, I think its going to be a long way.但我仍认为还有很长的路要走I think ageing is going to be我认为衰老将是probably one of the most complex things weve studied,我们研究过的最为复杂的一个问题because it affects all tissues因为它影响了所有的组织and it affects all tissues a little bit differently.并且对每个组织的影响都略有不同But, in my mind, the excitement但是我一想到in the next century is were going to be下个世纪我们将会在人类历史里首次understanding ageing for the first time in human history.揭秘衰老的原因 这让人激动201304/235501

Monday is the first working day after the week-long National Holiday in China. Traffic jams across the country have eased.今天星期一,是国庆长假后的首个工作日,国内的交通拥堵现象有所缓解。Beijing and seven provinces resumed toll charges on drivers 6 hours before midnight Sunday, while Shanghai decided to prolong the toll-free time by 2 hours.北京及七个省份提前6小时恢复正常收费,而上海将免费时段延后2小时。During the holidays, in order to speed up traffic, cars were allowed to pass toll booths without stopping or paying. Meanwhile, some large and medium sized cities are expected to see light traffic jams on Monday.国庆期间,为了加快交通流量的速度,小车免费通行。长假后首个周一一些大中城市仍有可能出现轻微拥堵现象。201210/202992




  It rains here for up to 250 days a year,这里一年之中有250天在降雨and standing water is everywhere.到处都是积水In a floodplain of the Yangtse River,在扬子江的涝原black-tailed godwits probe the mud in search of worms.黑尾鹬在泥泞中寻索着虫子But it isnt just wildlife that thrive in this environment,并非只有野生动物在这样的环境下茁壮成长the swampy ground provides ideal conditions for the remarkable member of the grass family,沼泽般湿润肥沃的土地为作物家族最显著的成员提供了最理想的环境rice.这就是稻米The Chinese have been cultivating rice for at least 8 thousand years.中国有着至少8000年的稻米种植史It has transformed the landscape.他们改变了这块土地Late winter in southern Yunnan is a busy time for local farmers,对云南南部的农民而言 冬末是个繁忙的季节as they prepare the age-old paddy field y for the coming spring.因为他们要为即将来临的春天整顿这片古老的稻田 /201207/190259First up tonight, gold has been losing its lustre in recent days. Prices of the precious metal suffered their sharpest fall since the 1980s on Monday, as a selling frenzy that began on Friday picked up speed. Thats now triggered worries that the extended bull run in the gold market may have come to an end. Quan Xiangqin looks at whats making the precious metal lose its shine.这是1974年期货黄金在美国开始交易以来价格下滑幅度最深的一次。自去年10月起,国际金价持续下行,黄金市场由牛市转熊市已经酝酿数月。201306/243034

  Beer lovers may soon be feeling the blues in Germany. The worlds largest beer festival, Oktoberfest, has drawn to a close after some 6.4 million visitors downed an estimated 6.9 million liter mugs of Bavarian brew in the city of Munich. It was also estimated that visitors ate a total of 116 oxen.爱喝啤酒的朋友们可能很快便会在德国慕尼黑啤酒节上喝个痛快。慕尼黑啤酒节是世界上最盛大的啤酒节,今年的慕尼黑啤酒节在吸引来640万游客并喝光约690万升巴伐利亚啤酒后已经接近尾声。据估计,游客们在啤酒节上共吃光116头牛。The 179th annual festival ended with a traditional gun salute. Organizers said they were satisfied with this years event, which opened Sept. 22 and ended Sunday, although visitor numbers were lower than last year. Festival director Dieter Reiter says thats because the festival grounds were reduced to accommodate an agricultural fair which takes place every four years.第179届慕尼黑啤酒节以传统方式-鸣响炮宣告结束。今年的啤酒节于9月22日开始并于上周日结束,尽管游客数量低于去年,但主办方表示他们对今年的啤酒节很满意。啤酒节董事Dieter Reiter 说今年游客数量比去年低是因为之前该场地被用于开展每四年一次的农业展览会。In 2011, the Oktoberfest drew some 6.9 million visitors, who downed well over 7 million liters. The beer festival draws visitors from across the world, many of whom join the party in traditional Bavarian dress.2011年,慕尼黑啤酒节共吸引来690万游客,消耗啤酒超过700万升。前来参加啤酒节的游客来自世界各地,其中许多身穿巴伐利亚传统饰。201210/203164

  At the home of the giant panda, in southwest Chinas Sichuan province, the 2012 Pambassador contest has come to a conclusion. One of the winners is Chen Yinrong from China. Shes joined by American Melissa Rose and Frenchman Jerome Pouille.在大熊猫的家乡——中国四川,2012年熊猫守护天使全球招募比赛已近尾声。三位胜出者中,其中一位胜出者是来自中国的陈银蓉,另两位是来自美国的 Melissa Rose与来自法国的Jerome PouilleThe panda ambassadors will visit a dozen countries to promote the protection of the endangered animal. Sixteen panda lovers competed for the three spots at todays finals in Chengdu. The global search for the panda ambassador has drawn thousands of fans since Chengdu started the campaign in September.熊猫守护天使们将出访十几个国家以宣扬对濒危动物的保护意识。最终,共有16位熊猫爱好者有资格参加今天在成都举行的决赛,并对三个天使席位展开角逐。这场熊猫守护天使全球招募由成都市于今年9月发起,自开办以来共吸引了来自全球的上千名熊猫喜爱者。201211/209841



  为传播上海绿色世理念,推进生态文明,借世会之机向来自世界各地的人们展示中国国宝大熊猫的风采,国家林业局将安排10只大熊猫去上海进行为期一年的展示。目前,从四川卧龙国家级自然保护区精心挑选出的10只亚成体大熊猫已经确定,最快将于1月上旬抵达上海,1月下旬正式与公众见面。 视频文本:Ten giant panda cubs will be displayed in conjunction with the Shanghai World Expo next year. This will provide millions of Chinese and foreign visitors an opportunity to view the highly endangered species. The six females and four males will arrive in January and spend six months at the Shanghai Zoo. Following that, they will spend half a year at the Wild Zoo of Shanghai. The Expo, which begins May 1st and runs for six months, is expected to draw 70 million visitors. The Shanghai Zoo, which aly has three older giant pandas, refurbished its panda house to accommodate the new arrivals.12/92419

  7 The Body of the Queen(1558——1603) 这是关于两位女皇的故事——务实的精明谨慎的伊丽莎白和苏格兰的玛丽。伊丽莎白清楚身为一个女子要统治一个国家十分困难,并且要控制宗教世界,更加困难。当玛丽离开英格兰,她发现她自己已经被囚禁,唯一的自由就是听从伊丽莎白女王的命令。伊丽莎白完全掌握了英国的命运,在英国呼风唤雨,经过了宗教的改革和,战胜西班牙无敌舰队之后,她成就了伟大的大不列颠。06/75865

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