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I’ve just been to see Her Majesty the Queen, and I will now form a majority Conservative government.I’ve been proud to lead the first coalition government in 70 years, and I want to thank all those who worked so hard to make it a success; and in particular, on this day, Nick Clegg. Elections can be bruising clashes of ideas and arguments, and a lot of people who believe profoundly in public service have seen that service cut short. Ed Miliband rang me this morning to wish me luck with the new government; it was a typically generous gesture from someone who is clearly in public service for all the right reasons.The government I led did important work: it laid the foundations for a better future, and now we must build on them. I truly believe we’re on the brink of something special in our country; we can make Britain a place where a good life is in reach for everyone who is willing to work and do the right thing. Our manifesto is a manifesto for working people, and as a majority government we will be able to deliver all of it; indeed, it is the reason why I think majority government is more accountable.Three million apprenticeships; more help with childcare; helping 30 million people cope with the cost of living by cutting their taxes; building homes that people are able to buy and own; creating millions more jobs that give people the chance of a better future. And yes, we will deliver that in/out referendum on our future in Europe.As we conduct this vital work, we must ensure that we bring our country together. As I said in the small hours of this morning, we will govern as a party of one nation, one ed Kingdom. That means ensuring this recovery reaches all parts of our country: from north to south, from east to west. And indeed, it means rebalancing our economy, building that “Northern Powerhouse”. It means giving everyone in our country a chance, so no matter where you’re from you have the opportunity to make the most of your life. It means giving the poorest people the chance of training, a job, and hope for the future. It means that for children who don’t get the best start in life, there must be the nursery education and good schooling that can transform their life chances. And of course, it means bringing together the different nations of our ed Kingdom.I have always believed in governing with respect. That’s why in the last Parliament, we devolved power to Scotland and Wales, and gave the people of Scotland a referendum on whether to stay inside the ed Kingdom. In this Parliament I will stay true to my word and implement as fast as I can the devolution that all parties agreed for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.Governing with respect means recognising that the different nations of our ed Kingdom have their own governments, as well as the ed Kingdom government. Both are important, and indeed with our plans, the governments of these nations will become more powerful, with wider responsibilities. In Scotland, our plans are to create the strongest devolved government anywhere in the world with important powers over taxation. And no constitutional settlement will be complete, if it did not offer, also, fairness to England.When I stood here 5 years ago, our country was in the grip of an economic crisis. Five years on, Britain is so much stronger, but the real opportunities lie ahead. Everything I’ve seen over the last 5 years, and indeed, during this election campaign, has proved once again that this is a country with unrivalled skills and creativeness; a country with such good humour, and such great compassion, and I’m convinced that if we draw on all of this, then we can take these islands, with our proud history, and build an even prouder future.Together we can make Great Britain greater still. Thank you.201507/385773So heres two questions每当我思考这个问题that I have in my head when I think about this problem.两个疑问一直在我脑子里打转The first is:第一Are cities part of biology?城市是生物界的一部分吗Is London a great big whale?伦敦是一只大鲸鱼吗Is Edinburgh a horse?爱丁堡是一匹马吗Is Microsoft a great big anthill?微软是一座巨型蚁山吗What do we learn from that?我们从中能得到什么启发We use them metaphorically --我们可以使用比喻the DNA of a company, the metabolism of a city, and so on --一个公司的DNA,一个城市的新陈代谢,等等is that just bullshit, metaphorical bullshit,这些都是胡扯,乱七八糟的比喻or is there serious substance to it?还是有严谨的依据And if that is the case,如果确有依据how come that its very hard to kill a city?为什么城市总是生生不息呢You could drop an atom bomb on a city,你可以扔一个原子弹炸毁一个城市and 30 years later its surviving.而30年之后,它依然存在Very few cities fail.消亡的城市寥寥无几All companies die, all companies.而所有公司都会关门,无一例外And if you have a serious theory, you should be able to predict如果你掌握了缜密的原理,你就应该可以预测when Google is going to go bust.谷歌什么时候关门大吉So is that just another version这是不是of this?这个画面的翻版Well we understand this very well.我们对此非常清楚That is, you ask any generic question about this --如果你随便问一个常识问题how many trees of a given size,某已知体积的大树有多少棵how many branches of a given size does a tree have,一颗体积已知的大树有多少分枝how many leaves,多少树叶what is the energy flowing through each branch,每根树枝中流动的能量是什么what is the size of the canopy,树冠有多大what is its growth, what is its mortality?它长势如何,寿命多长We have a mathematical framework我们有一套数学体系based on generic universal principles建立在普遍原理的基础上that can answer those questions.它能够解答那些问题And the idea is can we do the same for this?问题是,它是否适用于城市So the route in is recognizing首先我们要认识到one of the most extraordinary things about life,生命最奇妙之处,其中之一is that it is scalable,就是它是会长大的it works over an extraordinary range.它能够长到非常之大This is just a tiny range actually:这只是很小的一个尺度Its us mammals;这是我们,哺乳动物were one of these.我们是其中之一The same principles, the same dynamics,相同的原理,相同的活动the same organization is at work相同的组织,在所有这些动物中in all of these, including us,发挥着作用,我们也包括在内and it can scale over a range of 100 million in size.它能够长大到一亿个单位And that is one of the main reasons生命如此周而复始,欣欣向荣life is so resilient and robust --这就是原因之一scalability.伸展性Were going to discuss that in a moment more.我们一会再讨论这个But you know, at a local level,从我们自身出发you scale; everybody in this room is scaled.你会长大,在座所有人的身体都长大了Thats called growth.这就是成长Heres how you grew.你就是这么成长的Rat, thats a rat -- could have been you.这是一只老鼠,也可以是你Were all pretty much the same.我们之间非常相似And you see, youre very familiar with this.你们可以看到,你的情况与之十分相似You grow very quickly and then you stop.你长得很快,接着停止生长And that line there上面的那条线is a prediction from the same theory,是同一理论推导出来的based on the same principles,所依据的原理that describes that forest.与描述森林的原理相同And here it is for the growth of a rat,这显示的是老鼠的生长情况and those points on there are data points.上面的点是数据点This is just the weight versus the age.即体重与年龄的比例And you see, it stops growing.你看,它停止生长了Very, very good for biology --这对生物界非常有益also one of the reasons for its great resilience.这也明了其强大的伸展性Very, very bad但对我们目前规划中的for economies and companies and cities经济,公司和城市而而言in our present paradigm.这是非常糟糕的This is what we believe.我们就是这么认为的This is what our whole economy这就是我们的经济is thrusting upon us,强加给我们的particularly illustrated in that left-hand corner:左上角的图表凸显了这一点hockey sticks.冰球棍This is a bunch of software companies --它显示的是众多软件公司and what it is is their revenue versus their age --收入与公司建立时间的比例all zooming away,它们都平步青云and everybody making millions and billions of dollars.每家公司都大把大把地捞钱Okay, so how do we understand this?那么,我们如何解读So lets first talk about biology.我们先来讨论一下生物学This is explicitly showing you这让你清清楚楚地看到how things scale,事物的规模是如何增大的and this is a truly remarkable graph.这幅图表意义非凡What is plotted here is metabolic rate --上面显示的是新陈代谢率how much energy you need per day to stay alive --为维持生命你每天需要摄入的能量versus your weight, your mass,比上你的体重for all of us bunch of organisms.这适用于人类以及许多其它生物And its plotted in this funny way by going up by factors of 10,它的结构很有意思,以10倍递进otherwise you couldnt get everything on the graph.否则你无法看到全局And what you see if you plot it在这样一个有意思的图标中in this slightly curious way你可以看到is that everybody lies on the same line.每个人都落在了同一条线上Despite the fact that this is the most complex and diverse system尽管这是宇宙中in the universe,最为纷繁复杂的系统theres an extraordinary simplicity但它显示了一个being expressed by this.极为简单现象Its particularly astonishing这令人震惊because each one of these organisms,这上面的每个物种each subsystem, each cell type, each gene,每个子系统,每个细胞种类,每个基因has evolved in its own unique environmental niche都在其独特的生态位和历史中with its own unique history.得到进化发展And yet, despite all of that Darwinian evolution然而,即使经过了达尔文派持的进化论and natural selection,和自然选择theyve been constrained to lie on a line.它们最终还是集中到了一条线上Something else is going on.还有其它力量在发挥作用201504/369691These people succeeded because they understood that you cant let your failures define you -- you have to let your failures teach you. You have to let them show you what to do differently the next time. So if you get into trouble, that doesnt mean youre a troublemaker, it means you need to try harder to act right. If you get a bad grade, that doesnt mean youre stupid, it just means you need to spend more time studying.这些人士获得成功,是因为他们懂得:你不能让失败来限制你——而必须让失败来教导你。你必须让失败向你展示下次如何以不同的方式去做这件事情。所以,如果你遇到麻烦,那并不意味着你就是麻烦的制造者,而意味着你需要更加努力去把它做对。如果你有一门课分数低,那并不表示你笨,而只表示你需要花更多的时间学习。No ones born being good at all things. You become good at things through hard work. Youre not a varsity athlete the first time you play a new sport. You dont hit every note the first time you sing a song. Youve got to practice. The same principle applies to your schoolwork. You might have to do a math problem a few times before you get it right. You might have to something a few times before you understand it. You definitely have to do a few drafts of a paper before its good enough to hand in.没有一个人天生擅长各种事情。你通过勤奋而变得擅长各种事情。第一次从事新的体育项目时,你不可能是一位主力队员。第一次唱一首歌时,你不可能唱准每一个音。你必须练习。同样的道理适用于你的学业。你可能要把一道数学题做几次才能做对。你可能要把一些材料阅读几遍才能理解。在交出一篇优秀作文之前,你肯定需要打几遍草稿。Dont be afraid to ask questions. Dont be afraid to ask for help when you need it. I do that every day. Asking for help isnt a sign of weakness, its a sign of strength because it shows you have the courage to admit when you dont know something, and that then allows you to learn something new. So find an adult that you trust -- a parent, a grandparent or teacher, a coach or a counselor—and ask them to help you stay on track to meet your goals.不要害怕提问。不要在需要帮助时害怕请求别人帮助。我天天那样做。请求帮助不是软弱的表现,它是力量的标志,因为它表明你有勇气承认自己对某些事情不懂,这样做回使你学到新的东西。因此,请确定一位你信任成年人——父母、祖父母或老师、教练或辅导员——请他们帮助你遵循既定计划实现你的目标。 /201304/236285

Pakistan is a peace loving, democratic country.巴基斯坦是个热爱和平民主的国家。Pashtuns want education for their daughters and sons.普什图人要他们的女儿与儿子接受教育。Islam is a religion of peace, humanity and brotherhood.伊斯兰教是个推崇和平、仁善与手足情谊的宗教。It is the duty and responsibility to get education for each child, that is what it says.让每位孩子上学是它的义务与责任,伊斯兰教是这么说的。Peace is a necessity for education.和平是教育之必要。In many parts of the world, especially Pakistan and Afghanistan, terrorism, war and conflicts stop children from going to schools.世界上许多地方,特别是巴基斯坦与阿富汗,恐怖主义、战争和冲突阻挠了孩子就学的机会。We are really tired of these wars.我们对这些战争感到疲倦不堪。Women and children are suffering in many ways in many parts of the world.女人与孩子在很多方面和世界上许多地方饱受受折磨。In India, innocent and poor children are victims of child labor.在印度,无辜与贫困的孩子是童工受害者。Many schools have been destroyed in Nigeria.在尼日利亚许多学校惨遭摧毁。People in Afghanistan have been affected by extremism.在阿富汗,阿富汗人遭受极端主义的影响。Young girls have to do domestic child labor and are forced to get married at an early age.年轻的女孩必须做家务童工并且在年幼时就被逼迫结婚。Poverty, ignorance, injustice, racism and the deprivation of basic rights are the main problems, faced by both men and women.贫穷、无知、不公、种族主义和基本权利的剥夺,是男女都得面对的最大问题。Today I am focusing on womens rights and girls education because they are suffering the most.今天,我关注女性权益和女童教育,因为她们承受的苦难最多。There was a time when women activists asked men to stand up for their rights.曾经,女性活动家要求男性为她们争取权益。But this time we will do it by ourselves.但这次我们会为自己争取权益。201412/348248

Now I have two points to make 我想说的有两点 First, this man who had lost nine of his ten children led me through that camp with a smile on his face, 第一 这个男人失去了自己十个孩子中的九个 带着我参观营地的时候面带笑容 and never talked about anything but what those other people needed and what he wanted me to do for them 除了大家需要什么 和他希望我能为大家做些什么之外 从未提起过其他任何事情 He honored his children by pouring himself into meeting the needs of the people left on earth, so we did the tour 为了纪念自己的孩子 他全身心地投入到 满足这世上其他人的需求当中 我们就这样继续参观 Second point, they ended it at the health clinic cause they knew Ive done a lot of work in this area 第二点 他们最后来到的是卫生所 因为他们知道我在这方面经验颇丰 And they were talking and all of a sudden, the mans wife shows up again, this time holding a threedayold baby 他们正在讲话的时候 忽然 他的妻子又过来了 这一次怀里抱着一个出生才三天的婴儿 She said this is our youngest resident, and we want you to name this child 她说这是我们最小的居民 我们想让你给这个孩子起个名字 And she was carrying the baby, not the mother, 是她抱着这个孩子 而不是孩子的母亲 I hate to have to tell you all this, but in their culture, when a mother gives birth to a new baby, she gets to go to bed for forty days and be waited on. 我真不想跟你们讲这个 不过在他们的文化里 一个母亲生下孩子之后 就得在床上呆四十天 被人伺候着 You should, here is Congressman Cummings, ask him to introduce that next week see how far that gets in this Congress 你们应该 下边坐着的有国会议员卡明斯 让他下周引进这种做法 我们看看国会能否通过这条提议 But anyway, so this woman, who had lost nine of her ten children, with a smile on her face is holding this baby 总之 这个女人 失去了十个孩子中的九个 面带笑容 抱着新生儿 And I said, do you really want me to name the child? It was a boy 我说 你真的想让我给这个孩子起名字 是个男孩 She said yes 她说是的 201508/390671Nick then brings kids to campus regularly so that they can so something special: see what its like to be on a college campus, and begin to dream.然后尼克会定期把孩子们带到大学校园,以便他们能够做一些特别的事情:看看在大学校园里是什么感觉,并开始塑造梦想。And then there is my friend and former law school professor, Charles Ogletree, a product of the Merced public schools. Now, he is an example of how you can bring your skills back. His ambition took him far away from home, but he has never forgotten where he came from.Each year, with his help, Merceds high schools are able to hand out scholarships, not just for the best and the brightest students,but also for many students who are just stuck in poverty and simply need a hand up to compete.还有我的朋友查理斯·奥格里特里,他以前是法学院的教授,他是赛德公立学校的“产品”。现在,他带着自己的技能回到社区,为他人树立了榜样。他的雄心壮志让他远离家乡,但是他从来没有忘记他来自哪里。在他的帮助下,赛德中学每年,不但向那些最优秀最有前途的学生提供奖学金,也向很多被贫穷所困、需要别人一臂之力助他们参加竞争的学生们提供。So the faculty,the students, local leaders, Merced alumni, everyone here is doing their part to help the children of Merced realize that access to a quality education is available to them as long as they work hard, study hard and apply themselves.因此,教职工们、学生们、本地领导者、赛德的校友们以及这里的每个人都在做自己力所能及的事,来帮助赛德的孩子们认识到,只要他们勤奋工作、努力学习,他们就能够接受优质教育。It is this kind of commitment that were going to need in this nation to put this country back on a path where every child expects to succeed and where every child had the tools that they need to achieve their dreams. Thats what were aiming for. And were going to need all of you,graduates, this generation, we need you to lead the way.我们国家需要的正是这种承诺,让国家再次步入正轨,让每个孩子都期盼成功,让每个孩子都有实现梦想所需要的工具。这就是我们的目标。我们需要你们中的每一位,需要所有毕业生,需要你们这一代人,我们需要你们引航带路。 /201303/227740By 2006, 40 percent of all the loans made that year, all the home loans made that year,were liars loans,40 percent.截至2006年,当年发放的所有贷款,当年的所有房屋贷款中四成是欺骗性贷款。高达四成啊,亲。And this is despite a warning from the industrys own antifraud experts that said that these loans were an open invitation to fraudsters, and that they had a fraud incidence of 90 percent,nine zero.行业自身的反欺诈专家曾经警告,这些贷款简直是引狼入室,诈骗率高达九成,百分之九十。尽管有这些警告,问题还是发生了。In response to that, the industry first started calling these loans liars loans, which lacks a certain subtlety, and second, massively increased them, and no government regulator ever required or encouraged any lender to make a liars loan or anyone to purchase a liars loan,and that explicitly includes Fannie and Freddie.作为回应,金融行业首先开始称呼这些贷款为欺骗性借贷,听上去不太悦耳。其次,大幅增加这种贷款。没有任何政府监管机构要求或者鼓励任何借方放出欺骗性贷款要求或鼓励任何人去购买欺骗性借贷,这当然也包括房利美和房地美。This came from the lenders because of the fraud recipe.由于欺诈的成因和模式,借方难辞其咎。What happened to appraisal fraud?估价欺诈行为又是怎样呢?It expanded remarkably as well.同样膨胀得非常了得。By 2007, when a survey of appraisers was done,90 percent of appraisers reported that they had been subject to coercion from the lenders trying to get them to inflate an appraisal.2007年,有份针对估价师的调查,9成受访的估价师表示,他们受到借方的胁迫,要求他们对估值进行灌水(夸大价值)。In other words, both forms of fraud became absolutely endemic and normal,and this is what drove the bubble.换言之,两种形式的欺诈行为成为常态,疯狂肆虐,泡沫于是成型。What happened in the governmental sector?政府部门的情况呢?Well, the government, as I told you,when we were the savings and loan regulators,we could only deal with our industry,and if people gave up their federal deposit insurance,we couldnt do anything to them.政府啊,不提也罢,说多了都是泪,我们监管储贷的时候,我们只能处理我们负责的行业,如果借方放弃他们的联邦存款保险,我们就将束手无策。Congress, it may strike you as impossible, but actually did something intelligent in 1994,and passed the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act that gave the Fed, and only the Federal Reserve,the explicit, statutory authority to ban liars loans by every lender,whether or not they had federal deposit insurance.国会,说起来你们可能不信,在1994年实际上倒是干了点实事,通过了《房屋所有权和股权保护法》,法案赋权美联储,仅限美联储明确的法律权力去取缔来自任何借方的欺骗性贷款业务,无论这些借方有无联邦存款保险。So what did Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan,as chairs of the Fed, do when they got these warnings that these were massively fraudulent loans and that they were being sold to the secondary market?在接到这些预警信号:这些大面积的欺诈性贷款这些要转售给次级市场的欺骗性贷款作为美联储主席到底做了些什么?Remember, theres no fraud exorcist.请记住,没有神人能将这些欺诈行为消失。Once it starts out a fraudulent loan, it can only be sold to the secondary market through more frauds, lying about the reps and warrantees,and then those people are going to produce mortgage-backed securities and exotic derivatives which are also going to be supposedly backed by those fraudulent loans.欺骗性贷款一旦出现,只能通过更多的欺诈行为,如编造合约声明和保条款把这一借款转售给次级市场。然后借方再推出抵押贷款券和衍生产品,而为这些产品进行担保的正是欺骗性借款。So the fraud is going to progress through the entire system,hyperinflate the bubble, produce a disaster.欺诈行为将贯穿整个系统的始终,使泡沫急剧膨胀,进而造成灾难。And remember, we had experience with this.想想看,这事我们之前经历过。We had seen significant losses,and we had experience of competent regulators in stopping it.我们遭受了巨大的损失,职能监管机构也有阻止危机出现的先例。Greenspan and Bernanke refused to use the authority under the statute to stop liars loans.但是格林斯潘和伯南克拒绝使用法律赋予他们的权力来取缔欺骗性借贷。201502/357500

His name is Lonnie Hodge, and hes a veteran of Vietnam.他的名字叫朗尼?何举, 他是越南战争回来的老兵。When he returned, he started working with survivors of genocide and a lot of people who had gone through war trauma.他回来后开始跟种族屠杀幸存者和其他有战争创伤的人一起工作。And he had PTSD and also a fear of heights, because in Vietnam, he had been rappelling backwards out of helicopters over the skids.他有战后创伤症候群并且他还恐高,因为在越南,他经常从直升机上反向绕绳下降。And he was givena service dog named Gander, a labradoodle,to help him with PTSD and his fear of heights.然后他就有了只务犬叫甘德,一只拉布拉多贵宾犬帮助他克创伤后遗症和恐高。This is them actually on the first day that they met,which is amazing, and since then,theyve spent a lot of time together visiting with other veterans suffering from similar issues.这是它们第一次碰面,非常愉快,从那以后他们会花很多时间拜访其他有相同问题的老兵。But whats so interesting to me about Lonnie and Ganders relationship is about a few months in,Gander actually developed a fear of heights,probably because he was watching Lonnie so closely.但引起我兴趣的是 朗尼和甘德的关系。在认识几个月后,甘德开始恐高,可能是因为他近距离观察了朗尼。Whats pretty great about this, though, is that hes still a fantastic service dog, because now, when theyre both at a great height, Lonnie is so concerned with Ganders well-being这很了不起,它还是只很赞的务犬,因为现在,如果他们同时站在高处朗尼因为过于担心甘德的安全。that he forgets to be scared of the heights himself.甚至忘记了自己恐高。Since Ive spent so much time with these stories,digging into archives,I literally spent years doing this research,and its changed me.自从我花这么多时间在这些故事上,钻研归档,我花了很多年来做这份研究,这真的改变了我。。I no longer look at animals at the species level.我再也不会从物种层面来看动物。I look at them as individuals, and I think about them as creatures with their own individual weather systems guiding their behavior and informing how they respond to the world.我把它们看成独立的个体然后待它们为有独立内在系统的生物引领着它们的行为,告知它们如何回应这世界。And I really believe that this has made me a more curious and a more empathetic person, both to the animals that share my bed我相信这让我变成了一个更好奇、更赋有同情心的人,不管是跟我睡一张床。And occasionally wind up on my plate,but also to the people that I know who are suffering from anxiety and from phobias and all manner of other things.偶尔还跟我抢饭的动物还是我认识的。有焦躁症、恐惧症、或者其他病症的人们。And I really do believe that even though you cant know exactly whats going on in the mind of a pig.我真的相信就算你不可能明确了解一只猪、哈巴或是你伴侣的。or your pug or your partner, that that shouldnt stop you from empathizing with them.脑子里到底在想什么,这也不应该阻止你理解他们。The best thing that we could do for our loved ones is, perhaps, to anthropomorphize them.我们给所爱对象最好的礼物也许就是拟人化他们。Charles Darwins father once told him that everybody could lose their mind at some point.查尔斯·达尔文的父亲曾告诉他所有人都可能在某一刻失去理智,。Thankfully, we can often find them again,but only with each others help. 值得感激的是,我们常常能找回理智,但需要彼此的帮助。201412/350504

And it was all because I wanted to do it by the time I got to speak to you all so thank you so much.这一切都是因为我想在来哈佛之前把事情做好,所以非常感谢你们!You dont know what motivation you were for me, thank you.你们不知道你们给了我多大的动力,谢谢!Im even prouder to share a fundamental truth that you might not have learned even as graduates of Harvard unless you studied the ancient Greek hero with Professor Nagy.我甚至能更骄傲地来和各位分享一个基本的真理。作为哈佛的毕业生你也未必知道,除非你上过Nagy教授的课程,知道古希腊英雄人物。Professor Nagy as we were coming in this morning said ;Please Ms. Winfrey, walk decisively.;在今天早上来的路上,Nagy教授说:“温福瑞女士,请坚决地向前走。”I shall walk decisively. This is what I want to share. It doesnt matter how far you might rise.我应该坚决地向前走。这就是我想分享的。无论你已经达到怎样的成就。At some points you are bound to stumble because if youre constantly doing what we do, raising the bar.在某个节点,你就是会跌倒,因为如果你一直不断的在做我们每个人做的事:不断设定更高的目标。If youre constantly pushing yourself higher, higher the law of averages not to mention the Myth of Icarus predicts that you will at some point fall.如果你一直不断把你自己推向更高的目标,你将在某一点上落下,不必说伊卡洛斯的神话,连概率都能预测到你会跌倒。And when you do I want you to know this, remember this: there is no such thing as failure.当你真的跌倒时,我想让你知道,并请记住:“世间并不存在失败。Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction. Now when youre down there in the hole, it looks like failure.那不过是生活想让我们换个方向走走罢了,现在当你在人生谷底时,那看起来像是失败。”So this past year I had to spoon feed those words to myself.在过去的一年里,这些话撑着我自己。And when youre down in the hole, when that moment comes, its really okay to feel bad for a little while.当你到了人生谷底,到那时候,你可以难过一段时间。Give yourself time to mourn what you think you may have lost but then heres the key, learn from every mistake because every experience, encounter, and particularly your mistakes are there to teach you and force you into being more who you are.给自己时间去哀悼你认为你可能失去的一切,但关键在于:从每个失败和遭遇中学习,特别是你的每个错误,因为这些都会教会并迫使你成为真正的自己。And then figure out what is the next right move.然后想想接下来怎么做。And the key to life is to develop an internal moral emotional G.P.S. that can tell you which way to go.生活的重点在于建立内在道德、情感的定位系统,它能为你指路。Because now and forever more when you Google yourself your search results will ;Harvard, 2013;.因为现在或将来当你在谷歌上搜索你自己,结果会是“哈佛2013毕业生”。201507/389016

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