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  • Traveling is a priority for many people during the National Day holiday, and college students are no exception. But with landmarks swamped with tourists, and transportation and accommodation costs even higher during Golden Week, how to travel on a budget is a tricky question.对于许多人而言,在过去的国庆假期里,旅行是头等大事,而大学生们自然也不例外。但是鉴于黄金周各大景点人山人海,交通、住宿费用水涨船高,如何“穷游”成为一个棘手的问题。Earn on the trip边旅行边赚钱For some, asking their parents for travel money is outdated. Saving up on your own is the trend now. But what about earning money on the trip?对于一些人而言,“啃老旅行”已经OUT了。时下最IN的是自助游。但边旅行边赚钱这种方式,你觉得如何?Chen Yirong, 22, a senior majoring in journalism at Shantou University, had a great idea to solve her budgeting problem.22岁的陈一荣(音译)是汕头大学新闻系的大四学生。她想到了一个解决经费问题的好主意。Chen traveled from Shantou to Nanjing during the holiday. Before her departure, she offered to write an article about her trip for the school newspaper when she came back.国庆假期,陈一荣离开汕头,到南京旅行。出发前,她主动要求回来后为校报撰写一篇游记。“I was paid for the story and the photos I submitted. Even if it’s just a small sum of money, it eases part of the pressure of financing the trip,” says Chen.陈一荣说:“我有偿提供文章和图片。尽管稿费不多,但这笔钱可以缓解一下出行的经济压力。”Another option is providing news stories to local newspapers. “One of my classmates took a bus from Shantou to Xiamen. After being stuck in traffic for several hours, she called a local newspaper to inform them of the situation and got 50 yuan as a reward,” says Chen.还有一个方法是为当地报纸提供新闻素材。陈一荣说:“我有一个同学乘汽车从汕头到厦门。她在路上被堵了好几个小时,后来打电话将该情况告知了当地一家报纸,得到了50元报酬。”Couchsurfing or camping沙发客或帐篷客Instead of paying for an expensive hotel, you can try to score a free nights on someone’s couch. There are a number of websites to help pave the way, and you can offer couchsurfing opportunities in your dormitory as you travel and meet people on the way.不必为酒店一掷千金,你可以免费留宿在别人的沙发上。很多网站可以助你一臂之力,你也可以在外出旅行、结交朋友时,向“沙发客”们提供免费留宿你寝室的机会。Zheng Xiao, 22, a senior majoring in law at Fudan University, found a couch in Wuhan, where he stayed for one night.22岁的郑晓(音译)就读于复旦大学法律系大四年级。在武汉时,他便做了一晚的“沙发客”。“I found the opportunity on cnsfk.com. It’s free and, more importantly, I can contact and stay with local hosts in their home. I chatted with them and got great advice on where to find traditional local food,” Zheng says.郑晓说:“我在沙发客网上找到了这个机会。这是免费的,更重要的是,我可以接触到当地人并住在他们家里。我和他们聊天,也因此收获了当地传统美食地图。As it’s still summer in southern China, students traveling there can bring a tent and ask farmers if they can camp on their land, or just camp on a beach in costal cities.由于华南地区还是夏季,去南方旅行的同学可以带上一顶帐篷,询问当地老乡是否可以在他们的土地上宿营,或者干脆在海滨城市的沙滩上做“帐篷客”。Jin Ji, 18, a freshman majoring in Chinese literature at Guangxi University, traveled to Beihai with two friends. “We rented a tent. It was really fun to sleep on the beach at night. You can listen to the waves and see the sunrise. It’s much cheaper than a hotel,” says Jin.28岁的金吉(音译)今年是广西大学中文系的一名大一新生,他刚刚与两个朋友结束了北海之行。金吉说:“我们租了一顶帐篷,晚上就睡在沙滩上,有趣极了。你可以听到海浪声,还可以看日出。这比住酒店要便宜多了。”Cycling骑行者With train tickets not easily available and flights too expensive, bicycles are a popular method of transportation for many budget travelers.由于火车票一票难求而飞机票又太贵了,骑单车成为许多“穷游族”的热门出行方式。“The bicycle is a tremendously efficient means of transportation. It’s small, light and maneuverable. In fact, cycling is more efficient than any other method of travel in such a popular season. You can avoid traffic jams in cities and reach rural areas without the noise and pollution from cars,” says Wu Xinxin, 20, a sophomore majoring in ideological and political education at Sichuan Normal University.20岁的吴欣欣(音译)是来自四川师范大学思想政治教育专业的一名大二学生。她说:“单车是十分高效的出行方式。它小巧,轻便,机动灵活。事实上,在这样的旅游旺季,相对于其他出行方式,骑行的效率更高。你不必忍受城市塞车之苦,而可以去往那些远离汽车噪音与尾气的郊外。”Wu rode from Chengdu to Mount Emei with five classmates. They started at 7 am and arrived at 4 pm. “We enjoyed the scenery along the way, took some photos and rested at noon. It wasn’t so tiring as we selected a route that we could finish in one day,” says Wu.吴欣欣和五位同学从成都一路骑行到峨眉山。他们早上7点出发,下午4点到达。吴欣欣说:“我们欣赏了沿途的风景,拍了些照片,顺带还午休了一下。这并不累,因为我们选择了一条可以当日走完的线路。” /201311/262965。
  • The following guest post is by Amy Morin, a licensed clinical social worker in Lincoln, Maine. In addition to working as a psychotherapist, she is also an adjunct college psychology instructor and she serves as About.com’s Parenting Teens expert.以下这篇客座文章的作者是艾米·莫兰(Amy Morin),她是缅因州林肯市一位持有执照的临床社会工作者。除了作为一名心理治疗师外,她还是兼职大学心理学讲师,此外她也担任About.com网站的青少年养育专家。Psychology often discusses mental health — but what’s not often discussed is a clear definition of mental strength. To me, mental strength means that you regulate your emotions, manage your thoughts, and behave in a positive manner, despite your circumstances. Developing mental strength is about finding the courage to live according to your values and being bold enough to create your own definition of success.心理学常常讨论精神健康问题——但如何清晰地定义精神力量却不常被拿来讨论。在我看来,精神力量意味着:无论处于何种环境中,都能够调节自己的情绪,管理自己的思想,并且表现出积极的态度。培养精神力量就是根据自己的价值观找到生活的勇气,并勇敢地创造符合自己定义的成功。Mental strength involves more than just willpower; it requires hard work and commitment. It’s about establishing healthy habits and choosing to devote your time and energy to self-improvement. (Check out Cheryl Snapp Connor’s post, based on my list of the 13 things mentally strong people avoid.)精神力量不仅仅包含意志力;还要求勤奋努力和全力以赴。这其实是关于培养健康的习惯并选择将时间和精力用于自我提高。Although it’s easier to feel mentally strong when life seems simple — often, true mental strength becomes most apparent in the midst of tragedy. Choosing to develop skills that increase your mental strength is the best way to prepare for life’s inevitable obstacles.尽管当生活平顺时很容易感到精神强大,但真正的精神力量常常是在逆境中才最得以彰显。掌握一些能够增强精神力量的技能,是为生命中不可避免的挫折做好准备的最佳方式。Many exercises exist that can help you develop mental strength. But here are five that can get you started:有许多练习能够帮助培养精神力量,但你可以从以下五个方面做起:1. Evaluate Your Core Beliefs1.评估你的核心信念We’ve all developed core beliefs about ourselves, our lives and the world in general. Core beliefs develop over time and largely depend upon our past experiences. Whether you’re aware of your core beliefs or not, they influence your thoughts, your behavior and emotions.我们都已经形成了关于我们自己、我们的生活以及世界的核心信念。核心信念随着时间的推移而发展,并且主要取决于我们过去的经历。无论你意识到与否,自己的核心信念都影响着你的思想、行为和情感。Sometimes, core beliefs are inaccurate and unproductive. For example, if you believe that you’ll never succeed in life, you may be less apt to apply for new jobs — and inadvertently, you may not present yourself well on job interviews. Therefore, your core beliefs may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.有时,你的核心价值观是不正确的和徒劳的。例如,如果你认为自己此生都不会成功,你可能不大易于申请新的职位——而且无意间,你可能不会在工作面试中好好表现。于是,你的核心价值观可能就成为了一种自我应验的预言。Identify and evaluate your core beliefs. Look for beliefs that are black and white, and then find exceptions to the rule. Very few things in life are “always” or “never” true. Modifying core beliefs requires purposeful intention and hard work, but it can change the entire course of your life.识别并评估你的核心价值观。寻找那些好的和不好的信念,然后找找例外。在生命中很少有什么是“一直”或“从不”正确的。修正核心价值观需要下定决心并付出努力,但这能改变你的整个生命历程。2. Expend Your Mental Energy Wisely2.明智地投放你的精力Wasting brain power ruminating about things you can’t control drains mental energy quickly. The more you think about negative problems that you can’t solve, the less energy you’ll have leftover for creative endeavors. For example, sitting and worrying about the weather forecast isn’t helpful. If a major storm is headed your way, worrying about it won’t prevent it. You can, however, choose to prepare for it. Focus on what is only within your control.浪费脑力反复琢磨你所不能控制的事情会很快耗尽精力。在你无力解决的负面问题上想得越多,留给创造性活动的精力就越少。例如,坐在那里担忧天气预报无助于事。如果一场大风暴正向你袭来,再怎么担心也阻止不了。然而,你可以选择做好相应的准备。只关注那些在你掌控范围内的事吧。Save your mental energy for productive tasks, such as solving problems or setting goals. When your thoughts aren’t productive, make a conscious effort to shift your mental energy to more helpful topics. The more you practice expending your mental energy wisely, the more it will become a habit.省下精力留给一些有产出的任务吧,如解决问题或设定目标。当你的想法不会产生什么成果时,有意地将精力转移到一些更有帮助的话题上。在如何明智地投放精力方面练习得越多,就越能习惯成自然。3. Replace Negative Thoughts with Productive Thoughts3.用有用的想法代替消极想法Although most of us don’t spend time thinking about our thoughts, increasing your awareness of your thinking habits proves useful in building resilience. Exaggerated, negative thoughts, such as, “I can’t ever do anything right, ” hold you back from reaching your full potential. Catch your negative thoughts before they spiral out of control and influence your behavior.尽管我们大多都不会花时间反思我们的想法,但事实明,提高你对自己思考习惯的意识对培养韧性而言很有帮助。夸大的负面想法,如“我总是做不对事情”,会限制你充分发挥自己的潜力。在负面想法开始疯长并影响你的行为之前把它们揪出来吧。Identify and replace overly negative thoughts with thoughts that are more productive. Productive thoughts don’t need to be extremely positive, but should be realistic. A more balanced thought may be, “I have some weaknesses, but I also have plenty of strengths.” Changing your thoughts requires constant monitoring, but the process can be instrumental in helping you become your best self.找出过于消极的想法,并用更有用的想法取而代之。有用的想法不必非常积极,但应该讲求实际。一个更加平衡的想法可能是,“我有一些弱点,但我也有许多长处。”改变自己的想法需要不断地自我监测,但这一过程有助于实现最好的自我。4. Practice Tolerating Discomfort4.练习对不适的忍耐度Being mentally strong doesn’t mean you don’t experience emotions. In fact, mental strength requires you to become acutely aware of your emotions so you can make the best choice about how to respond. Mental strength is about accepting your feelings without being controlled by them.精神强大并不意味着不会经历情绪波动。事实上,精神强大要求你能够敏锐地意识到自己的情绪,这样你就能在如何应对方面做出最好的决定。精神强大是接受自己的情绪,并不被它们所控制。Mental strength also involves an understanding of when it makes sense to behave contrary to your emotions. For example, if you experience anxiety that prevents you from trying new things or accepting new opportunities, try stepping out of your comfort zone if you want to continue to challenge yourself. Tolerating uncomfortable emotions takes practice, but it becomes easier as your confidence grows.精神力量还包括知道何时应与自己的情绪反着来。例如,如果你很忧虑以至于不能尝试新的事物或者接受新的机会,想要继续挑战自己的话就试着勇敢地走出自己的舒适区。容忍令人难受的情绪需要练习,但随着你的自信心不断增长,这会变得越来越容易。Practice behaving like the person you’d like to become. Instead of saying, “I wish I could be more outgoing, ” choose to behave in a more outgoing manner, whether you feel like it or not. Some discomfort is often necessary for greater gain, and tolerating that discomfort will help make your vision a reality, one small step at a time.你想成为什么样的人,就练习着像他们一样行事。不要只在嘴上说:“我希望我能变得更加外向。”而是选择以一种更加外向的方式行事,无论自己是否喜欢这样做。为了有更大的收获,经历些许不适常常是必要的。忍耐这种不适将有助于你愿望成真,不积跬步无以至千里。5. Reflect on Your Progress Daily5.每日反思你的进展Today’s busy world doesn’t lend itself to making much time available for quiet reflection. Create time to reflect upon your progress toward developing mental strength. At the end of each day, ask yourself what you’ve learned about your thoughts, emotions and behavior. Consider what you hope to improve upon or accomplish tomorrow.当今忙碌的世界使人们没有很多时间可以静静地思考。创造一些时间,反思你在培养精神力量方面的进展。每天结束之时,问问自己在思想、情绪和行为方面学到了什么。思考一下明天你希望提高哪些方面或者完成哪些目标。Developing mental strength is a work in progress. There is always room for improvement, and at times this will seem more difficult than at other times. Reflecting upon your progress can reinforce your ability to reach your definition of success while living according to your values.培养精神力量是一个循序渐进的过程。总有提高的余地,而且有时这似乎会格外困难。反观你的进展能够强化你的能力,实现你所定义的成功,同时按照你的价值观生活。 /201312/270395。
  • North America has its first cat cafe.北美第一家猫咪咖啡馆开业了!City-dwellers and tourists alike flocked to the Purina ONE Cat Café in the Bowery on Thursday morning for their chance to spend some quality time with some furry friends, while caffeining up on the pop-up#39;s signature Cat#39;achino, a cappuccino with a foam feline on top.周四上午纽约包厘街,城市居民和游客都蜂拥进这家普瑞纳猫咪咖啡馆,希望能有机会跟边这些毛茸茸的喵星人度过休闲时光,边来杯特别的卡布奇诺——Cat#39;achino,咖啡上还有泡沫的喵星人图案。Feline fanatic Dennis Cote, 30, pounced at the opportunity to spend the morning with cats, commuting in two hours from his home in Farmington, Conn., to play with the shop#39;s 16 fuzzy felines.30岁的丹尼斯是爱猫人士,他没有错过这个机会,跟猫咪们度过了一个上午。他从法明顿市的家里坐了两个小时的车,来店里和16只喵星人一起玩耍。;I have three cats at home aly,; said Cote, who works as a Starbucks barista. ;My parents said don#39;t come back with a fourth.;丹尼斯在一家星巴克工作,他说:“我家里已经有三只猫了,我爸妈说不能再把第四只猫带回去了。”All of the kittens were provided by North Shore Animal League, the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption shelter in the country.所有的猫咪由美国最大禁止杀戮动物救援和收养收容所“北岸动物联盟” 提供。Purina One and the North Shore Animal League teamed to create the pop-up cafe. They hope New York soon will be home to permanent cat cafes.普瑞纳宠物食品公司和北岸动物联盟合作打造了这个临时的猫咪咖啡馆。他们希望纽约很快能有永久性的猫咪咖啡馆。The space, which is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day until Sunday, is ;designed to create a conversation on cat health,; said Purina ONE spokeswoman Niky Roberts.普瑞纳猫咪咖啡馆将从周四到周日每天早上10点至晚上7点开放营业。发言人尼基-罗伯茨表示,猫咪咖啡馆的设计也是“为了引起关于猫咪健康的讨论”。London got its first one, Lady Dinah#39;s Cat Emporium, in March. Japan has had them for years.伦敦的首家猫咪咖啡馆——戴娜女士猫咪商城在三月开业,日本的猫咪咖啡馆则存在好多年了。KitTea is expected to open in San Francisco this summer, becoming this country#39;s first full-time cat cafe.美国的第一个全职猫咪咖啡馆KitTea 有望于今年夏天在旧金山开业。 /201404/292966。
  • WE ALL DREAM of flying first class. Admit it, when the plane pushes back from the gate and begins its taxi to the runway, those of us not quite as close to the cockpit as we had hoped begin to entertain envious thoughts about those up front, sipping vintage Champagne and nibbling their smoked salmon and Osetra caviar.我们都向往乘坐头等舱。承认吧,当飞机驶离登机门、开始滑向跑道时,我们这些觉得自己座位距离驾驶舱不顾近的人,就会开始对那些坐在前面的人各种嫉妒嫉妒恨:他们可以啜着陈年香槟,细细品味烟熏三文鱼和奥斯特拉鲟(Osetra)鱼子酱。I#39;m one of those who still experience a little pang of excitement as the catering trolley makes its way down the aisle. But such has been the downgrading of air travel in recent years that food is no longer a given, let alone wine. To compound matters, modern aviation regulations mean the oenophile hasn#39;t a hope of bringing his favorite bottle on board.我属于那种见到餐车推上过道心里依然会稍稍激动的人。不过,近些年航空旅行体验开始逐渐降格,机上食物不再免费,酒就更别提了。让事情变得更复杂的是,受到现代航运规定的限制,爱酒之人不可能把自己最喜欢的美酒带上飞机了。I#39;m always reminded of the final scene of #39;Hannibal#39; (2001) when Anthony Hopkins, flying in economy, takes delivery of a Dean amp; Deluca hamper complete with a half-bottle of 1996 Ch#226;teau Phélan Ségur from Saint-Estèphe, an assortment of fruits, caviar and cheese and, infamously, a tiny pot of brain.互动图:头等舱美酒我总是回想起电影《汉尼拔》(Hannibal,2001年)的最后一幕,搭乘经济舱的安东尼·霍普金斯(Anthony Hopkins)提着高档食品杂货店Dean amp; Deluca的食品包,外加半瓶源自 埃斯泰夫(Saint-Estephe)产区的飞龙世家酒庄(Chateau Phelan Segur) 1996年的美酒,以及水果、鱼子酱和奶酪等各式食品——不甚光的是,他还带了一小罐人脑。Not that I would recommend drinking such a delicate wine in such a small glass at 35,000 feet. Wines taste very different in the air; a combination of altitude and low humidity tends to accentuate a wine#39;s acidity and alcohol. Meanwhile, the cabin#39;s dry atmosphere will make the tannins--the bitter-tasting compounds found in red wine--more pronounced. And it#39;s not just the wines that are affected. The way we taste things also changes at altitude. As the recycled cabin air dries the mucus in our nasal passages, our sense of smell diminishes, wreaking havoc with our olfactory appreciation.我并不是要推荐在35,000英尺(约合10,668米)的高空用那么小的杯子享用如此精美的葡萄酒。葡萄酒在高空品起来味道非常不同,高空环境及低湿度会凸显出葡萄酒的酸度和酒精度。同时,机舱内干燥的环境会让单宁——红酒中那种味道涩口的物质——的味道变得更为浓烈。此外,受影响的不只是酒本身。我们品尝东西的方式在高空也会发生变化。由于机舱内的循环空气让我们鼻道中的黏液变干,我们的嗅觉会随之变弱,对气味的辨识会因此遭到破坏。Saint-Estèphe is known for producing wines with plenty of tannins and acidity in their youth--Dr. Lecter would be advised to plump for something a little riper and softer to pair with his brain; maybe an Australian Shiraz.埃斯泰夫以出产在年轻期就单宁丰富和酸度高的葡萄酒而闻名——所以这里要建议莱克特士(Dr. Lecter)选择成熟一些、更柔和的葡萄酒来搭配他的人脑餐。澳大利亚的设拉子(Shiraz)葡萄酒或许是一个选择。Which brings me to Australia and its flagship carrier, Qantas, which has, for the second year running, picked up a string of prizes in the annual #39;Cellars in the Sky#39; awards. The airline was judged to have the best overall wine cellar, above Emirates, which won silver, and El-Al and Cathay Pacific, which shared bronze.这让我想到了澳大利亚及其旗舰航空公司——澳洲航空(Qantas)。该公司连续第二年在一年一度的“空中窖藏奖”(Cellars in the Sky)评选中摘得了一系列奖项。它被评为最佳的葡萄酒整体窖藏,位列获得银奖的阿联酋航空(Emirates)及共享铜奖的以色列航空(El-Al)与国泰航空(Cathay Pacific)之上。Qantas says its success lies in its wine panel, created in 2003 and comprising three Australian winemakers: Vanya Cullen, Stephen Pannell and Tom Carson. They meet several times a year and assess hundreds of wines, asking questions such as, does it represent a premium wine? Is it a benchmark of its style? Is it drinking well and will it show well under flying conditions?澳洲航空称,其成功得益于它的葡萄酒专门小组。该小组成立于2003年,由三名澳大利亚葡萄酒生产商组成:万尼亚·库伦(Vanya Cullen)、斯蒂芬·潘内尔(Stephen Pannell)和汤姆·卡森(Tom Carson)。他们一年会面几次,对数百种葡萄酒进行评估,并且提出一系列问题如:它是否是优质葡萄酒?是否是该类葡萄酒的标杆?口感是否上乘?以及它在飞行条件下的表现是否出色?。A spokesman for the panel says altitude dulls a wine#39;s aroma, potentially ruining a good bottle of wine. Soft fruit and citrus flavors are reduced, whereas wines with riper, red-berried fruit tend not to be so badly affected. Meanwhile, a young wine can seem hard whereas older wines tend to taste better.该小组的一名发言人称,高空环境会减淡葡萄酒的芳香,可能会毁掉一瓶好酒。柔和的水果及柑橘味会减淡,而更成熟、红色浆果味的葡萄酒受到的影响则没那么严重。与此同时,较年轻的葡萄酒可能会显得苦烈,而较成熟的葡萄酒的味道往往会更好。With its mainly Australian wine list, Qantas has got it right. My advice to fliers has always been to opt for those wines that are bigger, riper and more expressive, with low acidity. Something like a Merlot, Pinotage or Shiraz for reds or Chardonnay, Semillon and Viognier for whites.在这个方面,主要配备本国葡萄酒的澳洲航空公司做对了。我对航空旅客的建议一直是选择那些更浓香、更成熟、更具特色且酸度更低的葡萄酒。红酒的话可选择梅洛(Merlot)、品诺塔吉(Pinotage)或设拉子,白葡萄酒则可选择霞多丽(Chardonnay)、赛美蓉(Semillon)和维欧尼(Viognier)。It does seem a shame, though, that some of the finest wines in the world are consumed under such poor conditions. Having said that, if I were traveling first class and were handed a cool glass of effervescent vintage Krug after takeoff, I#39;d take it.然而,一些世界最好的葡萄酒却要在如此糟糕的条件下品饮,这着实可惜。话虽如此,假如我坐上了头等舱,空乘在飞机起飞后递给我一杯沁凉的陈年Krug起泡酒,我还是会接受的。WILL LYONSWILL LYONS /201404/290976。
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