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福清做无痛人流手术的价格福清人流医院价格福清妇科病医生 1.惯用口语句子:Cant you be serious?你就不能严肃点儿吗?You cant be serious!你不是当真的吧!Why didnt you tell me?你为什么不告诉我?Why did you do it?你为什么要这么做呢?You are wrong.你错了。Youve got it all wrong.你全搞错了.You are making mistakes.你正在犯错误。You are too naughty.你太顽皮了。You naughty boy!你这个调皮鬼!naughty a. 顽皮的,淘气的How absurd of you to do that!你这样做是多么荒谬啊!absurd a. 荒谬的,可笑的Youre to blame.都怪你。Its your fault.是你的错。blame v. amp; n. 谴责,责备Put yourself in my shoes. Try to see it from my point of view.你也站在我的立场上想想。in ones shoes“处于某人的位置”point of view“观点,见地”Do you know what youre doing?你知道自己在千什么吗?Look at what youve done!瞧你都干了些什么呀!You are very unkind and so selfish.你这个人真不怎么样,而且还那么自私。All you think about is yourself.你所想的都是你自己。You should have done that.你本应该那么做的。You shouldnt have done that.你本不该那么做的。“should(not)have+过去分词”表示“本(不)该做某事”。You should be more careful.你应该再仔细点儿。How can you be so careless?你怎么能这么不细心呢?You ought to be ashamed of yourself.你应该为自己感到羞愧。What a shame!真羞耻啊!Dont you feel ashamed?你不觉得羞愧吗?ashamed a. 惭愧的,羞耻的shame n. 羞耻,羞愧,可耻的人或事物ought to do sth.“应该做某事”Youre really good for nothing. You are useless.你真是一点儿用都没有。good for nothing“毫无价值” /201503/364958小咖实用英语口语 第66期:方便面instant noodles /201506/360540福清宫外孕保守治疗价格嘛

福清妇幼医院在线医生咨询Finn arrives late for the studio recording. When he finally arrives, why does Li say that a woman from the marketing department fancies him?芬恩在录制节目时迟到了。他到了以后,为什么莉说市场部的一位女性喜欢他?Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:音频与文本并不完全对应。Li: Welcome to The English We Speak, Im Li. Ive got a word connected to love to teach you today... But wheres Finn? Ill call his mobile.莉:欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是莉。今天我要跟大家讲解一个与爱情有关的词汇……可是芬恩去哪里了?我打他手机看看。(Phone ringing as Finn comes in breathless)(芬恩上气不接下气的走进演播室时,手机响了)Finn: Hi Li. Sorry Im late. I just couldnt get away.芬恩:嗨,莉。抱歉我迟到了。我刚才无法脱身。Li: Oh! Finn, there you are. You couldnt get away, from what?莉:哦!芬恩,你终于来了。你因为什么无法脱身?Finn: You know I gave a presentation at lunch time about our new Shakespeare series?芬恩:我在午饭时间就B推出的莎士比亚新剧集进行了介绍,你知道吧?Li: Yeah, but that finished over an hour ago.莉:知道,不过那在一个小时前就应该结束了。Finn: Yeah, yeah I know. But this woman from the marketing department kept asking me questions. You know, she said she loves Shakespeare.芬恩:对,是这样。可是市场部的一名女性一直在问我问题。她说她非常喜欢莎士比亚。Li: Was anyone else there?莉:那儿还有其他人吗?Finn: No, it was just the two of us. I tried to get away but she kept asking more and more questions.芬恩:没有,就我们两个人。我一直尝试脱身,可是她问的问题越来越多。Li: Oh dear Finn, I think it might be you that she fancies, not Shakespeare.莉:哦天哪,芬恩,我想她喜欢的不是莎士比亚,她喜欢的是你。Finn: Oh, you think so? Oh, and actually, that is a good word to learn. If you fancy someone, you find them physically attractive.芬恩:哦,你是这么想的?这是要学习一下的词。如果你喜欢某人,意思是你认为他们的外表很有吸引力。Li: Yes, thats a good definition. Lets hear some examples:莉:对,这个解释不错。我们来听些例句:Examples例句Look at the figure-hugging clothes youre wearing, Betty. Is there someone you fancy at the party?贝蒂,看看你穿的这件紧身衣。派对上有没有人迷上你?Hes a lovely guy. Were really good friends. Actually, I fancy him a little…他很可爱。我们是很好的朋友。其实我有点喜欢他……Li: So if you fancy someone, you want to go out with them, dont you?莉:如果你喜欢某人,那你就会想和那个人出去约会,是不是?Finn: Yes, you do. Actually, that woman at the Shakespeare presentation was very nice… You know, interesting, pretty…芬恩:是这样的。实际上,我在莎士比亚新剧介绍会上见到的那名女性人很好……她风趣又漂亮……Li: It sounds like you fancy her as well, dont you, Finn?莉:听起来你也喜欢她,是不是,芬恩?Finn: Well, I think she fancies me more. Look at this!芬恩:嗯,我想她喜欢我更多一些。看看这个!Li: Wow! Did she give you this box of chocolates?莉:哇!她送了你这盒巧克力吗?Finn: Yes, nice isn’t it? Do you fancy one?芬恩:对,她很好,是不是?你想吃一颗吗?Li: Of course! But lets say goodbye before we go.莉:当然想!不过我们先和听众说再见吧。Finn and Li: Bye!芬恩和莉:再见! 译文属 /201512/416384福清阳光妇科医院收费标准 第一章 练习15:重音的运用 Exercise1-15 Application of StressExercise 1 -15: Application of Stress CD 1 Track 23Mark every word or syllable with where you think that the sound is stressed.Use the first sentence as your example.Check Answer Key, beginning on page 193.Pause the CD.Listen and re-mark the stressed words with your marker.After youve put in the accent marks where you think they belong, take one of the colored translucent markers and as I very slowly, mark the words that I stress.I am going to exaggerate the words far more than youd normally hear in a normal ing of the paragraph.You can mark either the whole word or just the strong syllable, whichever you prefer, so that you have a bright spot of color for where the stress should fall.Note If you do the exercise only in pencil, your eye and mind will tend to skip over the accent marks.The spots of color, however, will register as ;different; and thereby encourage your pitch change.This may strike you as unusual, but trust me, it works.Hello, my name is.Im taking American Accent Training.Theres a lot to learn, but I hope to make it as enjoyable as possible.I should pick up on the American intonation pattern pretty easily, although the only way to get it is to practice all of the time.I use the up and down, or peaks and valleys, intonation more than I used to.Ive been paying attention to pitch, too.Its like walking down a staircase.Ive been talking to a lot of Americans lately, and they tell me that Im easier to understand.Anyway, I could go on and on, but the important thing is to listen well and sound good.Well, what do you think?Do I?Pause the CD and practice ing the paragraph out loud three times on your own. /201506/380159福建省东张镇药流好还是人流好

渔溪镇妇女儿童医院体检收费标准Language Points1.Switch off anything that uses electricity when not in use.2.Unplug devices when possible.3.Trade in your dryer for a good old-fashioned clothesline. /201707/516321 福清做人流那个便宜东瀚镇人民医院引产多少钱



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