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福建省镜洋镇无痛人流哪家技术好新厝镇治疗月经不调多少钱Want to try your luck online? It seems that lady luck could soon be smiling as the government mulls lifting the ban on online lottery sales, said the business newspaper The Economic Observer ing a source.想要在网上试试你的运气?经济观察报援引一来源的消息称,随着政府考虑解除对互联网销售的禁令,幸运女神似乎马上就会露出微笑。According to the report, officials plan to launch new pilot programs this year to restart the sale of online lottery and held a seminar in January to discuss regulations. The paper ed a source as saying authorities have a supportive attitude toward restarting online lottery sales.根据该报道指出,官员计划今年推出重启互联网销售的新试点项目,并已于今月举行研讨会讨论管理办法。消息人士称,相关部门对重启互联网销售持持态度。Companies will not have to get approvals from authorities, the source said, but they must come through the qualifications checks from lottery issuers - the National Welfare Lottery Center and the National Sports Lottery Center.消息人士还透露,企业将不必经过相关部门审批,但须通过发行机构--国家福中心和体中心的资质审核。China has two State-run lotteries: Welfare lottery from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and sports lottery from the General Administration of Sport. The two authorities and the Ministry of Finance approve lottery sales across the country.中国共有两种国营:民政部发行的福利和体育总局发行的体育。这两个部门和财政部共同批准在全国范围内销售。In April last year, eight central government agencies banned online lottery sales, citing risks to lottery players interests.在去月份,中央八部门联合发布公告,严禁网上违规销售,并列举了玩家的利益风险。Chinese internet giants are also expected to re-activate the online lottery sales business. In March, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd took a controlling stake in Hong Kong-listed lottery operator Tech Holdings Ltd.中国互联网巨头也有望重新激活在线销售业务月份,阿里巴巴集团控股有限公司刚刚收购了香港行业的亚科技控股有限公司。No matter how many companies will be approved this year to sell lotteries online, they are only in pilot programs, the source added, and authorities should announce regulations on online lottery sales as soon as possible.消息人士补充说道,不管有多少公司将于今年被批准在线销售,他们都只是试点方案。有关部门应尽快公布关于网上销售的规定。来 /201604/438842福清市妇幼保健医院有四维彩超吗 U.S. President Barack Obama will discuss his new initiatives to curb gun violence in remarks Tuesday at the White House, as he works to detail to Americans the executive orders he says will not step on Constitutional rights.美国总统奥巴马星期二将在白宫讨论有关遏制暴力的新计划,努力向美国民众详细阐述他将颁布的控行政令。他表示,控令不会侵犯宪法所赋予的权利。Some of the measures, first announced by the White House on Monday, include expanded background checks, more effective enforcement of gun laws, increased mental health treatment and more research into gun safety technology.白宫星期一宣布的一些措施包括扩大对购者的背景调查,提高管理法规的有效执行,加强精神疾病治疗,以及扩大对安全技术的研究。Obama presented the recommendations, discussed during a White House meeting Monday, with top officials including U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey.奥巴马星期一在白宫召开的会议上,与美国司法部长林奇和联邦调查局局长科米等政府高层官员提出了相关建议;Although we have to be very clear that this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country. Its not going to prevent every mass shooting. Its not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal. It will potentially save lives in this country, and spare families the pain and the extraordinary loss that theyve suffered as a consequence of a firearm being in the hands of the wrong people.;他说:“尽管我们必须明确,这些举措不会解决这个国家的所有暴力犯罪问题,不会阻止一切大规模杀事件,也不会阻止任何落入罪犯的手中,但是这些措施有可能拯救美国人的生命,使很多家庭免遭因为落入坏人之手而带来的痛苦及巨大损失。”One key element of the plan includes requiring any business selling firearms, including at gun shows, to get a license and conduct background checks.这个计划中的一个关键部分是要求任何销售的商主,包括展销会,都必须获得执照并对购者进行背景调查。Recent polls show an increase in the number of Americans who support background checks on those seeking to purchase a firearm. But many gun owners in the country feel that any attempt to regulate firearms violates their constitutional right to own guns.最新民调显示,持对购者进行背景调查的美国人有所增加。但是,许多有的人却觉得,任何对的管控都违反宪法赋予他们拥有的权利。The Republican-led Congress opposes more restrictions on gun ownership, and any actions planned by the president likely will face legal challenges.共和党控制的国会反对加强限制拥有权,奥巴马总统计划采取的任何行动都可能面临法律挑战。Each year, tens of thousands of people are killed by guns in the ed States, including in mass shootings and suicides, committed at far greater rates than in other countries around the world, said the president.奥巴马总统表示,美国每年都有数以万计的人死于击,包括大规模击事件和自杀,这个比率远远超过世界其他国家。来 /201601/422189福清阳光医院人流怎么样

福清好点的无痛人流手术医院When engineers talk about asset integrity, what they usually refer to is the good practice of servicing and repairing equipment before it breaks. 当工程师谈到资产完整性的时候,他们通常指的是在设备损坏前维护和修理设备的良好做法。Companies that use a lot of machinery take this very seriously; companies that mostly just use people rarely do.使用大量机器的企业非常重视这一点;而主要只使用人力的公司则鲜少重视此事。Although to my knowledge no other nation than Japan has a word for death by overwork karoshi we probably need one. 尽管据我所知,除日本以外,没有哪个国家有专门指代工作过度劳累所致死亡的词语——Karoshi(过劳死),我们很可能需要一个这样的词。For while it is tempting to imagine the phenomenon is unique to Japan, it may simply be that it is the first country to look deeply enough to identify it. 因为尽管人们很容易以为这种现象是日本独有的,实情可能是日本是第一个看得足够深入从而认识到这个问题的国家。Coined in the 1970s, the word returned to Japanese newspapers last month when the Tokyo Labour bureau ruled that the suicide of Matsuri Takahashi, a young employee of the advertising agency Dentsu, had been caused by overwork. 这个在上世纪70年代发明的词语上个月重现于日本报端,东京劳动局(Tokyo Labour bureau)裁定,广告公司电Dentsu)的年轻雇员Matsuri Takahashi自杀是因工作过度劳累导致。She had worked 105 hours of overtime in a single month.她生前曾在一个月里加班了105个小时。Most of the chief executives I know predominantly in the US and UK routinely work a 12 or 15-hour day, six or seven days a week. 我认识的大多数首席执行官——主要是在美国和英国——通常每天工作12或5个小时,每周工作6天或天。Few of them are familiar with studies that routinely show that productivity is not linear. 其中很少有人熟悉通常表明工作效率并非线性的研究。After about 40 hours a week fatigue sets in, provoking mistakes. 在一周工作约40个小时以后,人就会开始感到疲劳,导致人出错,然后又需要花时间来收拾烂摊子:Any extra hours spent are needed to clear up the mess: reversing poor decisions, soothing ruffled feathers. 修正错误的决定,平复愤怒的情绪——到头来是白忙活一场。The classic, but comic, expression of this was produced by the efficiency expert, Frank Gilbreth. 有关这一点,效率专家弗兰吉尔布雷Frank Gilbreth)有一个经典又好笑的描述。He found he could shave faster if he used two razors but then wasted all the time he saved covering the cuts with plasters.他发现如果他同时使用两片刀片刮胡子,刮得会更快,但之后他不得不把节省出来的全部时间,浪费在用创口贴处理刀片留下的小伤口上。While a few chief executives love to boast of their powers of endurance, many insist their jobs simply require long days, weeks and months. 尽管有少数首席执行官喜欢吹嘘自己的忍耐力,很多首席官都坚称,他们的岗位就是需要长时间工作。They acknowledge it sets a poor example and a few have learnt to keep weekend emails stored in their outbox. 他们承认,这树立了一个糟糕的榜样,有少数首席执行官已经学会把在周末拟好的电子邮件储存在发件箱里。But the speed with which the death, in 2013, of a Bank of America intern working in the City of London was interpreted as death by overwork showed how fully everyone knew that the economic crisis and relative scarcity of good jobs was taking its toll on those at the bottom of the heap.013年在伦敦金融City of London)工作的那名美国银Bank of America)实习生的死,如此快地被理解为过劳死,表明每个人都完全清楚,经济危机和好工作的相对稀缺正在摧残那些处于金字塔底层的人。This mirrors what Professor Michael Marmot, the British epidemiologist, discovered when he conducted a longitudinal study of 10,000 Whitehall civil servants: that stress tended to concentrate at the top and the bottom of the pyramid. 这与英国流行病学家迈克尔.马尔Michael Marmot)教授万名白厅公务员进行的纵向研究的发现一致:压力似乎集中于金字塔的顶端和底层。But when Marianna Virtanen continued the study to look at the long-term consequences of that stress, she found working 11 or more hours a day doubled the risk of a major depressive episode. 但当玛丽安娜.弗塔Marianna Virtanen)继续研究这种压力的长期后果时,她发现每天工作11个小时或者更久,会使人出现重度抑郁期的风险加倍。A lifetime of long hours was also associated with cognitive loss in middle years: reasoning, problem solving, creativity were all poorer.一辈子长时间工作也与中年时期认知能力下降(推理能力、解决的问题能力和创造力都出现退化)存在相关性。All of this damage is invisible. 这些损害都是看不见的。If it were not if some of the wear and tear resulted in visible injury perhaps companies would take more care. 如果并非如此,也就是说,如果一些损害会导致可见的伤害,也许企业会更加注意。But it is very hard for most people to accept that thinking is a physical activity, performed by the brain which, like every organ, has limits to its capacity. 但大多数人很难接受这一观点,即思维活动是由大脑完成的一种生理活动,而大脑,就像每一个器官一样,它的能力是有限度的。We can see machinery break down, we notice broken arms and legs. 我们可以看到机械损坏,我们可以注意到断胳膊断腿。We do not see broken minds until it is too late. 我们看不到破碎的心灵——直到已经为时太晚。A proliferation of supposed antidotes to overwork mindfulness, resilience training may promise some respite but few of these programmes are any kind of a cure. 正念、韧性训练等人们以为可以消除过劳的项目的流行,或许能带来一些暂时的缓解,但这些项目很少能称得上治本的对策。Designed to increase endurance, they perpetuate the problem. 这些项目旨在提高人的忍耐力,反而会让问题持续得更久。We know machines have limits; we like to imagine that we do not.我们知道机器有极限;但我们却喜欢想象我们自身没有极限。Tough corporate cultures that measure performance by the hour inevitably lead to fatigue and tunnel vision, and adversely affect problem-solving. 靠工作时间来衡量员工表现的严酷企业文化不可避免地会导致疲劳和视野狭窄,不利于解决问题。They are efficient in the sense that they reduce costs but dangerous in spheres where reputation and judgment count. 从减少成本的角度来看,这样的企业文化是有效的,但在声誉和判断很重要的领域,这样的企业文化很危险。If we want creativity, originality and mastery of complex problems, we must accept the physical limitations of the human brain. 如果我们想要创造性、原创性以及掌握复杂问题,我们必须接受人脑存在生理极限。As long as we ignore more than 100 years of research into human productivity and manage people as though they were robots with faulty batteries, we waste talent and sacrifice our own integrity.如果我们无视100多年来对人类工作效率的研究,把人当做配备着有缺陷的电池的机器人一样去管理,我们就浪费了人的才能,牺牲了我们自身的健康。来 /201611/476260平潭人民医院人流价格 江阴镇儿童医院的qq号

三山镇不孕不育多少钱China will increase military expenditure by about 7 to 8 percent this year, according to Fu Ying, spokeswoman for the fourth session of the 12th National Peoples Congress. No wonder it has drawn worldwide attention as usual despite it will be a slower growth than that in the past years.第十二届全国人大第四次会议发言人傅莹近日表示,今年中国的军费出将维持7%~8%的增长。这一增长速度虽然与前几年相比有所放缓,但也仍像以往一样引起了国际的极大关注。In recent years, foreign critics have been most concerned about the modernization of Chinas military, which is basically supported and guaranteed by the increase in its defense budget. But what these critics dont understand is that Chinas growing military capacity will not pose a threat to regional peace and security.近些年来,国外的专家们最关心的就是中国军队的现代化建设。而为了提供有力持和保障,中国的国防预算一直呈增长趋势。但是这些专家一直不理解的是,中国军事实力的增强不会对地区的和平和安全构成威胁。First, the increase in Chinas defense budget is justified, especially because its militarys modernization has always been at an appropriate level.首先,中国国防预算的增长是合理的,这主要由于中国军队的现代化进程一直处于适度的水平。China needs its armed forces to protect its peaceful development. This is important for maintaining peace and managing crises. China has to safeguard its sovereignty, security and development interests, and to deal with both traditional and non-traditional security threats. Given these facts, China has every reason to develop its militarys capabilities.中国需要军队来保自身的和平发展,同时军队对于保卫和平和处理危机也十分重要。中国必须要捍卫国家主权、安全和自身发展利益,同时也要应对现有以及突发的安全威胁。考虑到这些实际问题,中国有充分的理由加强自身的军事力量建设。Militaries of all countries need to develop, for that is the global trend, and the Chinese military is no exception. Since Chinas military is in the semi-mechanized/mechanized stage of development, it still lags behind others in terms of capacity. And it will take a long time to become a fully modernized force.如今各国都在加强军事实力建设,这已然成为全球趋势,中国也不例外。况且中国军队正处于半自动化向自动化的过渡期,在规模方面还落后于其它国家,所以中国军队实现完全现代化还需要很长的时间。Second, to determine whether a countrys military poses a threat to other countries, the key factor is not defense expenditure or the size and capability of its armed forces; instead, it is its defense policy and military strategy. A country with an aggressive policy could invade another country despite having a weaker military.其次,看一个国家的军力是否对别国构成威胁,关键不在于军费开,也不在于军队的规模和实力,而要看这个国家的国防政策和军事战略。一个奉行侵略性政策的国家即使军事实力不强也可能会侵犯别国。Another typical misconception about Chinas military is that, since its missiles can strike a certain country, it is capable of destroying that countrys satellites and thus poses a threat to it. But the fact is, many countries have developed long-range strategic missiles, and the ed States has the greatest capability of destroying other countries space assets, and its weapon systems can attack any country. So, is the US the greatest threat to the world?还有一个关于中国军力的传统误区。舆论认为中国拥有的导弹规模可以打击某一国家,而且还掌握了摧毁他国卫星的军事技术,因此对有些国家构成了威胁。然而事实是,当今许多国家都具备战略远程打击能力,同时美国摧毁别国卫星系统的能力最强,其武器实力可以打击任何国家,按此逻辑,美国是不是应该成为全世界的威胁呢?Also, let us not forget that the US has 11 aircraft carriers while China has just one, which is not fully operational. It is, therefore, clear that it is a countrys defense policy that matters most whether it poses a threat to other countries. And Chinas national defense policy has always been defensive in nature and its military strategy is to strike only when it is struck.另外,不要忘了美国拥1艘航母,而中国只艘,而且还未完全投入使用。因此,判断一个国家是否对别国具有威胁关键是要看其国防政策。中国多年来一直奉行防御型的国防政策以及不针对任何国家的军事策略。Third, since China has developed at an unprecedented pace because of a peaceful environment, it is committed to maintaining peace. China plans to double the average income of its people by 2020 compared with 2010 and become a mid-level developed country by 2050. All this can be achieved only in a peaceful environment a conflict or war will disrupt the process. China has a chapter of history of being bullied, invaded and semi-colonized. As a result, it will never pursue expansionism or hegemonism.第三,得益于和平的外部环境,中国实现了飞速的发展,所以中国一直在致力于维护和平。到2020年前,中国计划实现人均收入较2010年翻番以及在2050年前成为中等发达国家。这些目标的实现都需要和平的外部环境,哪怕一次冲突或者战争都会打乱这个进程。中国曾经有一段半殖民地化的屈辱历史,因此中国绝不会寻求扩张和霸权主义。And fourth, with a reasonable increase in its budget, the Chinese military will develop steadily to fulfill its domestic and international obligations and responsibilities. Besides, Chinas military will continue to participate in UN peacekeeping missions, keep conducting escort and anti-piracy missions in the Gulf of Aden and other seas, as required, and work with other countries to maintain world peace.第四点,合理的军费开增长有助于中国军队更好的履行国内及国际的义务和使命,中国军队将继续按照规定参与联合国维和、亚丁湾及其他海域护航等任务,与其他国家一道维护世界的和平。The Chinese military is also committed to reducing risks, managing crises and controlling conflicts, so as to prevent untoward incidents that could disrupt peace and stability. With the growth in Chinas national strength, its military will be better prepared to shoulder more international responsibilities, provide more public security services to the international community and contribute more to world peace and common development.中国军队也将继续加强危机处理,处理冲突以杜绝一切可能破坏和平稳定的突发事件。随着国力的不断增强,中国军队也准备肩负更多的国际使命,为国际社会提供更多公共安全务,为世界和平和共同发展贡献更多力量。来 /201603/430253 南岭镇妇女儿童医院咨询渔溪镇人民医院好不



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