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Although it is hard to tell how cats feel, as a matter of fact, their tails tell you how they feel. We summarize 14 patterns with illustrations and comments. Once you know these patterns, it will help you when you live with a cat.猫的内心是难以捉摸的,不过我们可以从它们的尾巴看出它们的心情。这里总结出了14种猫摇尾巴的方式,还附有图片解释说明。了解了这些动作之后,你跟猫相处就会更加容易。1. Put their tail straight up in the air.1. 直直地竖起尾巴They show this sign when they feel good at a safe place or happy. Also, they raise their tail to show themselves off. They are masters of their territories. It is as if they are saying, “I’m nice, ain’t I?”当它们在一个地方有安全感,或者是心情好的时候就会这样竖起尾巴。另外,这也是它们炫耀自己的方式,显示它们就是自己地盘的主人,就好像是在说“瞧我挺不错的吧?”2. Stand hairs on end2. 把毛都竖起来They do this sign when they stand are apprehensive or aggressive. They do this to intimidate an opponent or prey. They make themselves look bigger by standing their hairs on end. Their size is important to help avoid conflict. Sometimes the cause is fear, but most of the time, they do this for attacking.这表示它们内心极度不安,或者是准备要攻击了。这么做是为了吓唬敌人或猎物。它们把身上的毛都竖起来,这样自己的块头就会显得更大。体型对避免打斗十分重要。有时候它们是因为恐惧才这么做的,不过大部分情况下是为了攻击。3. Make their tail into a mountain shape3. 把尾巴弯成小山的形状They do this when they are in tension or before fighting. When there is an opportunity, they make pattern 2 and 3 in combination, which means fighting. The sign means “Do not come any closer.”它们在紧张或者准备打架的时候就会这么做。有机会的话,它们会第二种和第三种姿势一起做,那样就表示要打架了,这也是在说“不要再靠近我了”。4. Sandwich their tail between their legs4. 把尾巴夹在两腿之间This is a sign when they feel helpless fear. Sometimes they do this pose as a sign of “submission” to an opponent, whom they cannot win against at all. In addition, they make this sign when they feel sad, or when they feel extreme anxiety when they go to a new place or an animal hospital. It is one step before a panic situation. So avoid giving them stimulus.这是它们感到害怕无助的表现。有时候这个姿势表示对敌人的屈从,因为它们没有办法打赢。在伤心的时候,或者在新地方、宠物医院里极度焦虑的时候,它们也会有这样的表现。它们已经临近恐慌边缘了,所以这时候不要再刺激它们了。5. Lower their tail5. 尾巴下垂When they are disappointed because they got yelled at by their master, they are down, or they feel ill, they do this sign. You can tell their health condition with this sign.主人对它们大声吆喝的时候,它们感到失望、沮丧的时候,或者生病的时候,它们就会有这样的表现。这个动作可以体现它们的健康状况。6. Long tail waving6. 大摇尾巴They do this sign when they find something interesting. When they feel “What#39;s this?”, they have a question, or they watch something, they often do this sign. Sometimes they wave their tails when they are relaxed or when they are not thinking anything.这代表它们发现了有趣的东西,在想“这是什么东西?”,或者是在看着什么东西、感到疑惑。有时候心情放松或者什么都没想的时候它们也会这样摇尾巴。7. Short tail wave7. 摆动小半截尾巴This is when they are annoyed or feel bad. It can also show they are restless. It is like people shaking their leg.当心烦或者心情不好的时候它们就会这样摆尾巴。也有可能是不耐烦,就像人抖大腿一样。 /201705/507964

The Summer Palace in Beijing recently opened its official online store, ;Royal Business Street,; on e-commerce platform Taobao.北京颐和园于日前在电商网站淘宝网上开了一家官方网店--“皇家买卖街”。According to Summer Palace authorities, a total of 53 items are currently available for purchase.据颐和园管理部门表示,目前该网店里共有53种商品可供购买。The items are largely cultural and creative souvenirs, including ornaments, books, clothes, bags, stationary, souvenirs and birthday gifts.这些商品主要是文化和创意纪念品,包括饰品、书籍、衣、袋子、文具、纪念品和生日礼物。The cheapest item is paper towels, selling for 3 RMB per pack; the most expensive item is an APEC silk shawl, priced at 9,980 RMB.最便宜的商品是纸巾,每包只卖3块钱;而最贵的商品则是亚太经合组织丝绸披肩,标价为9980元人民币。Sales of the products from Aug. 16 to Oct. 8 of this year reached 830,000 RMB.从今年8月16日到10月8日期间,颐和园的销售收入达到了83万元人民币。In addition to online sales, the Summer Palace has also opened two brick-and-mortar stores in the Renshou Hall area.除了网上销售之外,颐和园还在仁寿殿开了两家实体店。Since 2015, the Summer Palace has successively launched its official app, free Wi-Fi, an e-ticket system and official online store.自2015年以来,颐和园先后推出了自己的官方APP、免费wifi、电子票务系统和官方网店。It is expected to implement mobile phone and ID card entry, along with mobile payment, in 2017.此外,颐和园还希望在2017年实现手机付、刷手机和身份进园。 /201612/483522

People dressed in superhero costumes have attended the funeral of a six-year-old boy who was shot to death at his primary school last week.日前,人们身着超级英雄的饰,参加了一位6岁男孩儿的葬礼,该男孩儿上周在美国一所小学被击身亡。Jacob Hall was shot by a teenage gunman who killed his own father before the rampage in Townville, South Carolina.这名名叫雅各布·霍尔的男孩儿是被一名未成年持歹徒射杀的。该歹徒先是打死了自己的父亲,然后再在南卡罗来纳州汤维尔镇上到处开。Another child and a teacher were also wounded in the attack.在此次袭击中,还有一名儿童和一名教师也受了伤。Jacob#39;s family asked mourners to dress as the superheroes Jacob loved and he is being laid to rest dressed as Batman.雅各布的家人请求前来吊唁的人们打扮成雅各布喜爱的超级英雄的模样,而雅各布自己也被打扮成了蝙蝠侠,安静地躺在那里。His blue casket was decorated with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stickers and figurines of Ninja turtles and Captain America.他蓝色的棺材上贴着忍者神龟贴纸,还装饰着美国队长和忍者神龟的塑料模型。Six-year-old Lily Gunby, who attended the funeral dressed in a pink and black superman shirt, said Jacob ;was really sweet; and ;knew a lot about Jesus;.6岁大的莉莉·甘比穿着粉黑超人T恤出席了雅各布的葬礼,她称雅各布“真的很可爱”、“了解很多关于耶稣的事情”。Her uncle, Derek Gunby, said Jacob was ;the cutest thing ever; at the church#39;s Bible school.莉莉的叔叔德里克·甘比表示,雅各布是教会圣经学校“有史以来最可爱的人”。Police in South Carolina have been showing support by dressing as superheroes such as Captain America, the Punisher and Spider-Man.南卡罗来纳州警方也表示了持,他们把自己打扮成了美国队长、惩罚者和蜘蛛侠等超级英雄的模样。Townville Elementary teachers also attended the funeral, with some wearing handmade blue capes and Ninja Turtle masks.汤维尔小学的教师们也出席了雅各布的葬礼,一些人穿着手工制作的蓝色斗篷,戴上了忍者神龟的面具。Jacob died several days after a gunshot wound pierced an artery in his leg. The 14-year-old gunman was subdued by a volunteer firefighter before he could enter the school and harm more students.据悉,雅各布大腿上的一条动脉被打穿,几天之后他便撒手人寰。一名义务消防员制了14岁的持凶手,避免了他闯进学校伤害更多的学生。The attack happened just as students were being let outside for recess break on 29 September.这起袭击事件发生在9月29日,当时学生们正走出教室课间休息。 /201610/470388

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