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I can tell you what I thought about China before I came here and what I think about it now after I got a bit more familiar with the country and the people.我可以告诉你来这之前我对中国的看法,以及在我对这个国家和人民更熟悉之后的看法。The perspective of a Jew in the most populated country in the world :)一个身处世界上人口最多国家的犹太人的观点,:-DChina for an Israeli以色列人看中国Growing up in Israel you don#39;t really regard too much attention to China and the Chinese people. The Israeli Culture is not really affected by China. We do have a lot of Chinese restaurants (They are not at ALL Chinese but we#39;ll get to that later).在以色列长大的人不会真正过多地关注中国和中国人。以色列文化并没怎么受中国影响。我们确实有很多中国餐馆(但它们并非全是中国的,后面会提及)。I knew that the vast majority of the items I buy are made in China clothes toys etc. China has bought some Israeli companies in the past few years one of them is Tnuva - one of the biggest cooperatives in Israel.我知道我买的东西中绝大多数都是中国制造,衣啦,玩具啦,等等。在过去的几年中,中国收购了一些以色列企业。其中一个是TNUVA(译者注:TNUVA是以色列一家乳品公司,被我国光明乳业收购),以色列最大的合作社之一。When traveling abroad I did stumble across Chinese people always traveling in large groups out of nowhere taking thousands of photos everywhere they go. I think that they#39;re the better type of tourists compared tourists from to the rest of the world and they do seem to be nice people.我出国旅行时也碰到过不少中国人,他们总是成群结队地到处逛,拍摄成千上万张照片。我认为与世界其他地方的游客相比,他们还算不错的,看起来都像好人。Meeting Chinese People认识中国人My first encounter with Chinese people was when I started working for an Israeli Internet company (which is also the reason I live in Beijing right now). We had a very small Chinese office and I was speaking to the Chinese co-workers business partners and clients pretty much on a daily basis. As is turns out there#39;s a lot of business to be done in China and I was spending more and more time with Chinese clients. At some point the company decided to bring the founders of a small company I was working with to Israel (This is not unusual). When they arrived I spent a few days with them in Tel Aviv 4 guys ages 25-30.我与中国人的第一次接触是从我在一家以色列互联网公司工作开始的(这也是我此刻住在北京的原因)。我们有一间很小的中国办公室,每天我和中国同事、商业伙伴与客户们在那商谈。后来发现中国有很多业务,所以我在中国客户身上花的时间也越来越多。直到有一天,公司决定将与我合作的一家小公司的创始人带到以色列(这并不奇怪)。当他们到达特拉维夫时,我花了几天时间陪他们,一共来了4个人,年龄为25~30岁之间。I#39;ll leave business aside but we were doing a lot of money together so it was all very fun :)我们在一起挣了很多钱,所以我把业务扔到一边,所有人都很开心,:-DWhen we went out to eat it was quite funny seeing them trying to use a knife and fork it seemed like it was their first time and they did improve in time. I did note that they are not on the strong side when it comes to Alcohol and drinking.当我们出去吃饭的时候,看着他们努力使用刀叉的样子非常有趣,看起来是初次使用,但他们进步很快。我还注意到他们不怎么擅长喝酒。So outside some of the club areas in Tel Aviv there are usually some business cards lying on the ground with girl pictures and a phone number you can assume for what. I never thought about even picking one of those so I was pretty shocked when one of them brought it to me and asked if he should call it tonight. (I said that he shouldn#39;t {he was married})在特拉维夫某些夜总会地区的外面,地上经常躺着一些名片,上面有漂亮女孩的照片和电话号码,你可以猜到那是什么。我从没想过捡它们,所以当他们中有一位捡起来并拿给我,问我今晚他能否打电话(叫名片上的女孩)时,我很震惊。(我说他不应该这么做,因为他已经结婚了。)At some point one of them said that he that Jewish people more than 40 books a month and that Jewish people are the smartest in the world stuff like that not sure where he got the 40 books stuff but I nodded in agreement.后来,其中一人说,他听说犹太人每个月会读40多本书,犹太人是世界上最聪明的人,我不确定他是从哪儿听来的40本书这个梗,但我还是装逼地点头以示赞同。We also spoke about the fact that Israel and China are one of the few countries where our history goes a long way back dating back over 3000 thousand years ago they are very proud of their culture.我们还谈到了一个事实,以色列和中国是目前极少数的历史可以追溯到300万多年前的国家之一(译者注:怀疑是笔误,应该是3000年才对。不过也不排除两人互吹的可能性),他们为自己的文化感到自豪。Summing up my first encounter - nice people pretty shy intelligent and very very curious.总结我与中国人的初次相遇 - 人很好,相当害羞,聪明,以及非常非常重的好奇心。In my opinion China is a great example that Democracy isn#39;t the best way to run a country. The little person might be disregarded and not everyone has a voice but it seems like the greater good of the people is on the government#39;s priority. Hypothetically - If there#39;s a ;small; town with 50000 people and there#39;s a train track that#39;s meant to go through that town commuting over a billion people a year. Well the town will be relocated.在我看来,中国是一个很好的例子说明民主不是运行一个国家的最好方式。小部分人可能被忽视,并不是每个人都能发声,但是政府的优先权似乎对人民来说更好。假设 - 如果有一个“小”城镇有50000人,有一条火车轨道经过,这意味着通过该镇的流量每年超过十亿人次。好吧该镇将被迁走。The Chinese government has done impossible things in a span of 20-30 years no other country could do especially compared to a democratic state where someone will oppose whatever you try to accomplish.中国政府在过去20-30年的时间里做了许多不可能的事情,没有任何其他国家可以做到,特别是相比起民主国家,不论你想做什么事情都有人反对。 /201702/491490。

Gone are the days when you had to make a trip to the local library to borrow and then return a book.必须去当地的图书馆借阅归还书籍的日子一去不复返了。A joint effort made by five libraries in China have uploaded a large bunch of ancient books onto the internet. Now by clicking a mouse, you can as much as 24,000 time-honored books of various categories.中国五家图书馆共同努力,将大量的古籍上传到互联网上。现在你只需点点鼠标,就可以阅读多达24000本历史悠久的各类书籍。The National Library of China, Shanghai Library, Tianjin Library, Zhejiang Library and Yunnan Library unveiled their latest batch of ancient books available on their websites.中国国家图书馆,上海图书馆,天津图书馆,浙江图书馆和云南图书馆近日在其网站上公布了最新一批古书。Their move offers ers greater access to treasured historical books - and further immortalizes these written relics by exposing them to a greater audience.这些图书馆的这一举动为读者提供了更珍贵的历史书籍,并向更多的读者展示这些不朽的文物。;The latest addition is more than 10 thousand ancient books. There are now altogether up to 24 thousand available on line, if you count last September#39;s release. This total volume adds up to more than six times of what is in #39;Four Branches of Literature#39;,; said Zhang Zhiqing, deputy curator of National Library of China.中国国家图书馆副馆长张志清表示:“最新我们增加了10000多本古籍,加上去年九月份发布的,现在总的数量已经达到了24000本,比四库全书的六倍还要多。”Among the online books, about 17 thousand are from the National Digital Library of China, which accounts for 60 percent of the ancient books housed in the National Library.在这24000本珍贵古籍中,国家图书馆所占比重最大,约占国家图书馆所藏善本古籍总数的60%。Shanghai Library has provided on its website over 6,000 genealogy books. Tianjin Library put roughly 1,000 block-printed books online that date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties.上海图书馆在其网站上提供了6000多部家谱。天津图书馆发布了1000多本以明清刻本为主的古籍。Zhejiang Library selected 25 valuable books from its ancient collection for release on its website. And finally Yunnan Library has uploaded 157 pieces of historical literature into its digital database.浙江图书馆发布的25本古籍全部是入选国家古籍名录的珍藏。而云南图书馆则将157本历史文献上传到其数字数据库。 /201703/497845。

Jade Maintenance玉的保存Having purchased a jade article is just half the process of collecting. Jade is like a child that needs constant care. Enthusiasts need to work more to maintain this artwork, or blemishes may appear.购买玉器是收集的一半过程。玉像孩子一样,需要不断的照顾。爱好者需要做更多的工作来维持这个艺术品,否则污点可能会出现。First, avoid bumping on hard surfaces as jade is delicate. Although sometimes a crack cannot be seen by the naked eye, the interior structure may have been damaged. As time goes on, it will appear and reduce the#8195;value of the piece.首先,避免碰撞坚硬的表面,因为如玉易碎。虽然有时裂纹不能用肉眼看到,内部结构可能已被损坏。随着时间的推移,它会出现,降低这块玉的价值。Second, protect jade articles from dust or greasy dirt. If tainted, they must be scrubbed with a soft brush and light suds and washed with clean water.其次,防止灰尘或油污粘在玉器上。如果被粘染,一定要用软刷和轻型泡沫擦洗,并用干净的水洗。Third, when left unused it is best to store the jade in a case or box to protect it from being bumped. Fourth, jade should be kept away from perfume, perspiration or chemicals. The brightness of jade risks corrosion, especially emerald and other high quality jade, so it is better to dean it with a soft cloth after wearing it.第三,放在容器或箱里存放玉石是最好的,保护它不被碰撞。第四,玉应远离香水,汗水或化学物质。玉亮度有被腐蚀的风险,特别是和其他高质量的玉,所以最好用软布包着它。Fifth, do not expose jade to sunlight for a long time, or it may expand and the quality will change slightly.第五,不要把玉长时间暴露在阳光下,否则可能扩大和质量将略有改变。Finally,jade has certain water content so keep it in an area of humidity to protect it from over-drying.最后,玉具有一定含水量,把它在放在有一定湿度的区域,防止它过度干燥。 /201610/472996。