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Well, good morning, everyone. 嗯,大家早上好。And for those who are joining us for the first time, welcome to Chicago.那些第一次参加到我们当中的人,欢迎你们来到芝加哥。I was just hearing from a few folks who are not NATO members that they had fun on the town last night. 我刚听到一些人不是来自北约成员国,而他们昨晚在这个城市中过的很愉快。Hopefully, no stories in the press. 但愿没有他们的相关新闻故事发生。We come together as 50 nations -- NATO allies and partners -- that make up the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. 我们走到一起,作为50个国家——北约盟国和伙伴——组成在阿富汗的国际安全援助部队。I want to welcome the presence of President Karzai, as well as officials from central Asia and Russia -- nations that have an important perspective and that continue to provide critical transit for ISAF supplies.我想欢迎卡尔扎伊总统出席,同时也欢迎中亚和俄罗斯的官员们——这些国家有一个重要的观点,而且将继续为国际安全援助部队的物资提供关键的交通运输。The presence of so many leaders and nations illustrates once again that this is a truly international mission, and that’s because the region and the world have a profound interest in an Afghanistan that is stable, that is secure, and that is not a source of attacks on other nations. 如此多的国家,如此多的领导人的到来再次显示出,这是一个真正的国际使命,这是因为该地区和世界对于阿富汗的稳定,安全,成为不遭受其他国家袭击的源头有着十分深远的关注。And today, as always, our thoughts are with our brave forces who are serving in this vital mission.今天,如同往常一样,我们勇敢的部队带着我们的想法在执行着这一至关重要的任务。Two years ago, in Lisbon, our nations agreed on a framework for transition in Afghanistan that would allow us to responsibly wind down the war.两年前,在里斯本,我们的国家为阿富汗的过渡达成一项协议,而这将允许我们负责任地结束战争。We agreed that this transition to Afghan lead for security would begin in 2011 and that it would conclude in 2014. 我们同意从2011年开始过渡给阿富汗并由其自主负责安全,它将在2014年结束。At the same time, we said that we would seek a long-term partnership with Afghanistan and the Afghan people.同时,我们说,我们表示寻求与阿富汗和阿富汗人民的的长期伙伴关系。Over the past two years, we’ve made important progress.在过去的两年里,我们已经取得了重要进展。Our forces broke the Taliban’s momentum. 我们的军队瓦解了塔利班的势头。More Afghans are reclaiming their communities. 更多的阿富汗人正在恢复自己的社区。Afghan security forces have grown stronger. 阿富汗安全部队已经变得更加强大。And the transition that we agreed to in Lisbon is well underway.而我们在里斯本达成一致的过渡正在有条不紊地进行中。This past week we saw more progress. 过去的这个星期我们看到更多进展。We very much welcomed President Karzai’s announcement to the third group of areas to begin transition. 我们非常欢迎卡尔扎伊总统对于第三组地区开始转变的声明。This means that 75 percent of the Afghan people live in areas where Afghan forces will be moving into the lead.这意味着居住在这个地方75%的阿富汗人将受到阿富汗部队的领导。Today, we’ll decide the next phase of the transition -- the next milestone. 今天,我们将决定下一阶段的过渡——下一个里程碑。We’ll set a goal for Afghan forces to take the lead for combat operations across the country in 2013 -- next year -- so that ISAF can move to a supporting role. 我们会为阿富汗军队设定一个目标,为于明年—2013年在全国作战行动领先—因此国际安全援助部队将进入到援助的角色。This will be another step toward Afghans taking full lead for their security as agreed to by 2014 when the ISAF combat mission will end.这将成为富汗人所同意的到2014年为他们的安全充分领先的另一步,而那时国际安全援助部队的作战使命也将结束。Today is also an opportunity to ensure our hard-won progress is preserved. 今天也是一个机会,来确保我们来之不易的进步已经受到保护。The Strategic Partnership Agreement that President Karzai and I signed in Kabul ensures that as Afghans stand up they will not stand alone. 卡尔扎伊总统和我在喀布尔签署的战略合作协议确保随着阿富汗人民已经站起来,而他们并不会独自一人。Today, we can agree on NATO’s long-term relationship with Afghanistan beyond 2014, including our support of Afghan security forces.今天,我们可以同意北约与阿富汗的的长期关系超越2014年,包括我们对于阿富汗安全部队的持。So we have a lot of work to do. 因此,我们有很多工作要做。Again, I want to thank all of my fellow leaders and our partners for being here.再一次,我要感谢所有的其他领导人与来到这里的我们的合作伙伴们。Our nations and the world have a vital interest in the success of this mission. 我们的国家和世界对这个任务的成功有着重要非常大的关注。And I am confident, because of the leadership represented here as well as the leadership of our outstanding armed forces, that we can advance that goal today and responsibly bring this war to an end.而且我有信心,因为凭借在这里的领导以及我们出色的武装力量的领导,我们可以达到这一目标,今天我们会提前达到目标并结束这场战争。201205/183406President Bush Discusses Administration's Plan to Assist AutomakersTHE PRESIDENT: Good morning. For years, America's automakers have faced serious challenges -- burdensome costs, a shrinking share of the market, and declining profits. In recent months, the global financial crisis has made these challenges even more severe. Now some U.S. auto executives say that their companies are nearing collapse -- and that the only way they can buy time to restructure is with help from the federal government. This is a difficult situation that involves fundamental questions about the proper role of government. On the one hand, government has a responsibility not to undermine the private enterprise system. On the other hand, government has a responsibility to safeguard the broader health and stability of our economy. Addressing the challenges in the auto industry requires us to balance these two responsibilities. If we were to allow the free market to take its course now, it would almost certainly lead to disorderly bankruptcy and liquidation for the automakers. Under ordinary economic circumstances, I would say this is the price that failed companies must pay -- and I would not favor intervening to prevent the automakers from going out of business. But these are not ordinary circumstances. In the midst of a financial crisis and a recession, allowing the U.S. auto industry to collapse is not a responsible course of action. The question is how we can best give it a chance to succeed. Some argue the wisest path is to allow the auto companies to reorganize through 11 provisions of our bankruptcy laws -- and provide federal loans to keep them operating while they try to restructure under the supervision of a bankruptcy court. But given the current state of the auto industry and the economy, 11 is unlikely to work for American automakers at this time. American consumers understand why: If you hear that a car company is suddenly going into bankruptcy, you worry that parts and servicing will not be available, and you question the value of your warranty. And with consumers hesitant to buy new cars from struggling automakers, it would be more difficult for auto companies to recover. Additionally, the financial crisis brought the auto companies to the brink of bankruptcy much faster than they could have anticipated -- and they have not made the legal and financial preparations necessary to carry out an orderly bankruptcy proceeding that could lead to a successful restructuring. The convergence of these factors means there's too great a risk that bankruptcy now would lead to a disorderly liquidation of American auto companies. My economic advisors believe that such a collapse would deal an unacceptably painful blow to hardworking Americans far beyond the auto industry. It would worsen a weak job market and exacerbate the financial crisis. It could send our suffering economy into a deeper and longer recession. And it would leave the next President to confront the demise of a major American industry in his first days of office. A more responsible option is to give the auto companies an incentive to restructure outside of bankruptcy -- and a brief window in which to do it. And that is why my administration worked with Congress on a bill to provide automakers with loans to stave off bankruptcy while they develop plans for viability. This legislation earned bipartisan support from majorities in both houses of Congress. Unfortunately, despite extensive debate and agreement that we should prevent disorderly bankruptcies in the American auto industry, Congress was unable to get a bill to my desk before adjourning this year. This means the only way to avoid a collapse of the U.S. auto industry is for the executive branch to step in. The American people want the auto companies to succeed, and so do I. So today, I'm announcing that the federal government will grant loans to auto companies under conditions similar to those Congress considered last week. These loans will provide help in two ways. First, they will give automakers three months to put in place plans to restructure into viable companies -- which we believe they are capable of doing. Second, if restructuring cannot be accomplished outside of bankruptcy, the loans will provide time for companies to make the legal and financial preparations necessary for an orderly 11 process that offers a better prospect of long-term success -- and gives consumers confidence that they can continue to buy American cars. Because Congress failed to make funds available for these loans, the plan I'm announcing today will be drawn from the financial rescue package Congress approved earlier this fall. The terms of the loans will require auto companies to demonstrate how they would become viable. They must pay back all their loans to the government, and show that their firms can earn a profit and achieve a positive net worth. This restructuring will require meaningful concessions from all involved in the auto industry -- management, labor unions, creditors, bondholders, dealers, and suppliers. In particular, automakers must meet conditions that experts agree are necessary for long-term viability -- including putting their retirement plans on a sustainable footing, persuading bondholders to convert their debt into capital the companies need to address immediate financial shortfalls, and making their compensation competitive with foreign automakers who have major operations in the ed States. If a company fails to come up with a viable plan by March 31st, it will be required to repay its federal loans. The automakers and unions must understand what is at stake, and make hard decisions necessary to reform, These conditions send a clear message to everyone involved in the future of American automakers: The time to make the hard decisions to become viable is now -- or the only option will be bankruptcy. The actions I'm announcing today represent a step that we wish were not necessary. But given the situation, it is the most effective and responsible way to address this challenge facing our nation. By giving the auto companies a chance to restructure, we will shield the American people from a harsh economic blow at a vulnerable time. And we will give American workers an opportunity to show the world once again they can meet challenges with ingenuity and determination, and bounce back from tough times, and emerge stronger than before. Thank you. 200812/59270President Bush Welcomes 2007 WNBA Champion Phoenix Mercury to White HouseTHE PRESIDENT: Thanks for coming. Please be seated. Welcome to the White House. And it is fitting that we use the East Garden because, one, this is rarely used; and two, it is an opportunity for me to welcome a lot of people to the -- that are here to see the WNBA champs, Phoenix Mercury. And we're glad you came. (Applause.)People who follow sport in America will know that the Phoenix Mercury played together as a great team, and they brought new glory to women's athletics and the sport of basketball. As they like to say, "Mighty Mercury, we are number one!" (Laughter.) And these women proved it. I want to thank Jay Parry, President and COO of the Phoenix Mercury, for joining us. Ann Meyers Drysdale, the General Manager of Phoenix Mercury. Where is your son? There he is. Kind of looks like the big right-hander. You're right. (Laughter.)Corey Gaines, the head coach -- Coach, thanks for coming, proud you're here. I particularly want to pay my respects to the co-captains of the team, Cappie Pondexter and Diana Taurasi.Now, this is not the first time that Diana has been here to the White House. She came with the mighty UConn Huskies. And she told me she was going to amount to something in life when I saw her. (Laughter.) She said, "I will be back," and she is, as the champion. Welcome. Glad you're here.And I wish these two -- these two great athletes all the best at the Olympics in Beijing. They're going to be carrying on the great tradition of women's basketball here in the ed States. And even though it's going to be tough, a lot of teams are getting y for them, they're going to come back with the Gold and America will be proud. (Applause.)I welcome the other athletes on the stage and the newly -- the new athletes who have joined the Phoenix Mercury. Must be pretty cool to be playing with champs. I bet it's wearing off on you, what it means to make the sacrifices necessary to win the title and be invited here in the White House.I want to welcome Congressman Trent Franks -- Congressman, thanks for coming. Thanks for taking an interest in the Phoenix Mercury. I know they're proud to have your support.I welcome members of the Junior WNBA that have joined us. Thanks for coming, thanks for taking an interest in women's basketball. (Applause.) I want to -- do thank -- do want to thank the WNBA representatives and personnel who've joined us; appreciate you promoting women's athletics. As the father of twin girls, there's nothing better than having good role models for girls to look at, and there are no better role models than women basketball players. They're great athletes. They're well-conditioned people. They're disciplined.I want to welcome the Phoenix fans here, professionally known as the "X-factor." I know these women really love the fact that they play in a city that supports them. And I hope the fans that, you know, aren't here recognize that even here in Washington D.C. we've heard of the Phoenix Mercury, and proud to -- proud to have them come. The team's playoff slogan was, "One team, one city, one goal." And they've fulfilled the goal. You became the first WNBA team in history to win the championship on the road. For the second year in a row, you set the record for the highest scoring average in WNBA history.You were led ably by Coach Paul Westhead. I know he is proud of the women. And Corey Gaines was the assistant coach, so he had the pleasure of being part of a championship program, and he knows what it takes to get you in a position where you can win this year, as well. Of course, I'm not going to be around to welcome you -- but play hard anyway. (Laughter.)The thing I love about this team and a lot of champions that I get to recognize here at the White House is the fact that they understand you're a champ on the courts, and you're a champ off the courts. The -- this team spent weekends on a Habitat for Humanity program called, "Women Build." They served meals at homeless shelters. They honored breast cancer survivors. They helped sign up runners for Race for the Cure. They collected water bottles from fans and donated them to the Salvation Army's Extreme Heat Emergency Project. They participated in Read to Achieve. They helped stuff backpacks with supplies for underprivileged children.They support the junior WNBA program, fully understanding that promoting healthy lifestyles is good for America, and there's no better way to have a healthy lifestyle than to participate in athletics. They've done their duty as citizens of the ed States. I'm honored to welcome you. I'm proud of your championship trophy. I thank you for what you do for the country. May God bless you all. (Applause.)MS. MEYERS DRYSDALE: Mr. President, on behalf of the 2007 WNBA Champion Phoenix Mercury, we'd like to thank you for your invitation to the White House. The Phoenix Mercury and the WNBA is all about leadership, being a strong role model, teamwork, and making a difference in other's lives.This team accomplished a lot last year and had a lot of firsts. The coaches, fans and players never stopped believing in themselves. Mr. President, we know your support for the Phoenix Mercury is genuine, because of the influence of the women in your life.THE PRESIDENT: Yes.MS. MEYERS DRYSDALE: All first ladies -- your graceful mother, your classy wife -- THE PRESIDENT: Thank you.MS. MEYERS DRYSDALE: -- your very strong-willed daughters -- (laughter.) You think?THE PRESIDENT: Yes, that's why my hair is white. (Laughter.)MS. MEYERS DRYSDALE: We are very proud of this team. And on behalf of the Phoenix Mercury, we'd like our two Olympians, Diana Taurasi and Cappie Pondexter, to present you with a Phoenix Mercury jersey and a replica banner of our championship. (Applause.)200806/42644D5;dP]j-O7iIPYesterday, the Japanese government also launched an attack against Malaya.!;m8,u3_u0Last night, Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong.aMxdHdzJTxGpU6Last night, Japanese forces attacked Guam.-I1r_@_3H8%hG|IRh(Last night, Japanese forces attacked the Philippine Islands.u8rf.ZUJC+u@n,vd8Last night, the Japanese attacked Wake Island.3q+-kl*xY9rAnd this morning, the Japanese attacked Midway Island.s37*^nJ_mUhJapan has, therefore, undertaken a surprise offensive extending throughout the Pacific area. The facts of yesterday and today speak for themselves. The people of the ed States have aly formed their opinions and well understand the implications to the very life and safety of our nation.SFt3Kc~CBM4l(%(6Mw)dAs commander in chief of the Army and Navy, I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense. But always will our whole nation remember the character of the onslaught against us.x(OuCwYrJ2BgRBKhQ[51*vQ(2aC~vq.2)1SUT#!HS37JOPTP201111/162218

You might never fail on the scale I did, but some failure in life is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all–in which case, you fail by default.Failure gave me an inner security that I had never attained by passing examinations. Failure taught me things about myself that I could have learned no other way. I discovered that I had a strong will, and more discipline than I had suspected; I also found out that I had friends whose value was truly above rubies.The knowledge that you have emerged wiser and stronger from setbacks means that you are, ever after, secure in your ability to survive. You will never truly know yourself, or the strength of your relationships, until both have been tested by adversity. Such knowledge is a true gift, for all that it is painfully won, and it has been worth more to me than any qualification I ever earned.Given a time machine or a Time Turner, I would tell my 21-year-old self that personal happiness lies in knowing that life is not a check-list of acquisition or achievement. Your qualifications, your CV, are not your life, though you will meet many people of my age and older who confuse the two. Life is difficult, and complicated, and beyond anyone's total control, and the humility to know that will enable you to survive its vicissitudes.You might think that I chose my second theme, the importance of imagination, because of the part it played in rebuilding my life, but that is not wholly so. Though I will defend the value of bedtime stories to my last gasp, I have learned to value imagination in a much broader sense. Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation. In its arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity, it is the power that enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared.One of the greatest formative experiences of my life preceded Harry Potter, though it informed much of what I subsequently wrote in those books. This revelation came in the form of one of my earliest day jobs. Though I was sloping off to write stories during my lunch hours, I paid the rent in my early 20s by working in the research department at Amnesty International's headquarters in London.There in my little office I hastily scribbled letters smuggled out of totalitarian regimes by men and women who were risking imprisonment to inform the outside world of what was happening to them. I saw photographs of those who had disappeared without trace, sent to Amnesty by their desperate families and friends. I the testimony of torture victims and saw pictures of their injuries. I opened handwritten, eye-witness accounts of summary trials and executions, of kidnappings and rapes.07/79497

President Bush Honors Colombian Independence DayTHE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Siéntese. Gracias. Buenos dias. Bienvenidos a la Casa Blanca. (Applause.) I am pleased to welcome you to the gathering of the 198th anniversary of Colombias independence, which was celebrated last Sunday in grand style. Colombia and the ed States have a long history of close ties. As many of you may know, Colombia supports [sic] Americas primary source of energy -- a resource that many Americans use, and we thank you for your coffee. (Laughter.) Im proud that the Secretary of Agriculture is with us, Eddie Schafer, Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, Chief of Staff Bolten, Director John Walters, the Office of Drug -- of National Drug Control Policy; other members of my administration who are concerned about making sure our relationship with Colombia is strong and vibrant.I appreciate very much the members of the Congress who have come today: Dreier, Herger, Diaz-Balart. Thank you all for coming. Thank you for showing your solidarity with the people of Colombia.I appreciate very much the Embajadora de Colombia. Ambassador Barco, thanks for coming. Carolina Rentería is with us, of the cabinet, the Presidents cabinet. Welcome. Hector Morales, the Ambassador of the ed States to the Organization of American States. Camilo Ospina, Ambassador of Colombia to the Organization of American States. Luis Moreno, proud Colombian citizen, President of the Inter-Amercian Development Bank -- hola, Luis. Representatives of LULAC, I am so proud of the resolution you recently passed, thank you for your -- (applause.)And after this brief discurso, Ill be welcoming Jorge Celedón y Jimmy Zambrano to entertain us with some songs.Before we do, though, I want to -- got some comments Id like to make.The anniversary of Colombias independence falls only a couple weeks after Americas Independence Day celebration. And thats appropriate, because our two nations have much in common. Like the ed States, Colombia gained its independence when a band of patriots rallied together against a distant monarchy. Like the ed States, Colombia was unified in its earliest days by a daring general who became the countrys first President. And like the ed States, Colombia built a new government around the rule of law and the notion that liberty was an unalienable right.Our countries have shared a strong bond from the very beginning. In 1822, President James Monroe was one of the first heads of state to recognize Colombias independence. And that same year, America became one of the first countries to establish a new diplomatic mission with that republic. From those strong foundations we built a lasting friendship on a mutual respect for liberty and a commitment to a more peaceful world.This friendship has endured through good times and bad. Less than a decade ago, it looked as if peace and freedom were on retreat in Colombia. The country was in the grip of drug cartels and kidnappers. The Marxist terrorist network known as the FARC threatened to overthrow the democratically elected government. These were tough times for our friend. Our two nations launched an ambitious program that helped rescue Colombia from the brink of becoming a failed state. Plan Colombia, which started under my predecessor, made it clear that the ed States would support the Colombian governments efforts to modernize its military, to fight terrorists and drug kingpins, to expand educational opportunities, and provide Colombians with alternatives to a life of terror and narco-trafficking. The Colombian government has taken the lead on this bold plan, and the ed States has been proud to help. And today, Plan Colombia is working. (Applause.)One of the main reasons for Plan Colombias success is the courage of Colombias President, President Uribe. (Applause.) President Uribe has taken bold stands to defend our shared democratic values. He has been a strong and capable partner in fighting drugs and crime and terror. Hes demonstrated that he is deeply committed to providing a better future for the people of his country.Since President Uribe took office, the Colombian government reports that homicides have dropped by 40 percent, kidnappings have dropped by more than 80 percent, terrorist attacks have dropped by more than 70 percent. Reforms to Colombias criminal justice system have dramatically increased conviction rates. And last year, Colombias economy saw its largest growth in nearly three decades. These are impressive achievements -- and theyre a testament to the determination of the Colombian people and their outstanding President.Earlier this month, President Uribes administration scored another impressive triumph. In a daring covert operation, members of the Colombian military infiltrated the FARC, and convinced the terrorists to transfer 15 hostages -- including three Americans -- to a new location. Disguised Colombian agents arrived in a helicopter to carry out the transfer. And when the hostages lifted off, they were astonished to hear an army officer say nine words they thought they would never hear: "We are the Colombia Army, and you are free." (Applause.)Today, three Americans are back with their families because of the heroism of the Colombian allies. On behalf of our entire nation, I welcome home Marc Gonsalves, Thomas Howes, and Keith Stansell -- and I thank the brave members of the Colombian military who rescued them. The success of this rescue mission underscores the progress the Colombian government has made. This progress is also evident in the hearts and minds of the Colombian people. On Sunday, more than a million Colombians marched in their nations streets, and called on FARC to release its remaining hostages and to stop practicing terror. They chanted a simple, but powerful message -- "Libertad" -- that means freedom. (Laughter.) America should support this noble stand by the Colombian people. And the single most important step we can do so is for the ed States Congress to approve the Colombia free trade agreement that our countries signed more than a year and a half ago. (Applause.)Approving this agreement would strengthen our nations economy. Because of legislation that the Congress has passed -- particularly the Andean Trade Preference Act -- today, almost all Colombian exports enter the ed States duty free. The Congress made that decision. Yet our products exported to Colombia face tariffs of up to 35 percent, with rates even higher for some agricultural products. In other words, the current situation is one-sided. And the failure to approve the free trade agreement is hurting our businesses who want to sell their products into Colombia.Tariffs imposed on U.S. exports to Colombia are estimated to have exceeded .1 billion while the trade agreement has awaited congressional approval. Every day that passes without the agreements approval, that number only gets bigger. Congress has aly voted to allow duty free access to American markets for Colombian products. Now Congress should create a level playing field -- they ought to give American workers and farmers the same access to Colombias markets. And the way for them to do that is to approve the free trade agreement. (Applause.)Opening markets is especially important during this time of economic uncertainty. Last year, exports accounted for more than 40 percent of Americas total economic growth. Doesnt it make sense to continue that kind of growth during these economic uncertain times? I think it does. We ought to be working to open up new opportunities and new markets. More than 8,000 small and mid-sized American businesses export to Colombia. Approving this agreement will help these small businesses and middle-sized businesses grow their businesses and create high-paying jobs.Approving this agreement is also an urgent national security priority. It makes good economic sense, but its important for our national security that the Congress approve this agreement. While the FARC has seen its power reduced, the terrorists are still actively plotting against the Colombian government. Colombia also faces a hostile and anti-American neighbor in Venezuela, where the regime has forged an alliance with Cuba, collaborated with FARC terrorist leaders, and provided sanctuary to FARC units. It is in Americas interests to stand by Colombia in the face of this threat -- and the best way to do so is for Congress to allow a vote on the Colombia free trade agreement.President Uribe has stood strong against tyranny and terror. Hes done everything we have asked him to do and more. Hes told members of Congress that approving this agreement is one of the most important steps that America can take to show its support for Colombia. Now the Colombian people are waiting to see what our Congress will do. To demonstrate Americas good faith, to stand by our strong friend, to send a clear signal that we appreciate our ally, the ed States Congress must approve this free trade agreement. (Applause.)And once they do so, Congress should quickly approve our free trade agreements with Panama and South Korea. By doing so, they can reassure these countries that America will stand by its word -- and that we will not abandon our friends.Its been nearly two centuries since the ed States of America and the nation of Colombia forged a friendship in the earliest days of our independence. In the years since, both of our nations have learned that the cost of maintaining a free society is remaining vigilant against the enemies of freedom. We believe that freedom is the birthright of all. We believe that it is the responsibility of free nations to support one another against those who would undermine our freedom.The ed States is committed to the security of Colombia -- were committed to defeating the forces of terror. Our countries can meet this challenge together. And through our partnership we can usher in a new era of enhanced prosperity and peace in our neighborhood.I want to thank you for coming. Que Dios le bendiga. (Applause.)200807/44595

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