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7小时过境免签 西安3日游 --31 1:: 来源: 7小时过境免签 西安3日游宽松的签政策更加方便游客们过境参观中国古都西安了!陕西省会西安将于6月1日开始针对海外51个国家游客7小时过境免签那么这三天,怎样畅游西安呢?这里有些好的建议哦!A relaxed visa policy makes it easy tourists in transit to see China's ancient capital. Ma Lie reveals how to make the most of three days at the Silk Road's starting point.Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province and well-known as the hometown of the Qin Dynasty (1- ) Terracotta Warriors, can now be enjoyed by transit visitors. The city will enact a 7-hour visa-free policy beginning June 1 travelers from 51 countries. It is the first city in Northwest China, and the eighth in the country, approved to implement such a policy.Transit passengers holding valid visas and a flight ticket to the third country are allowed to stay visa-free in the administrative areas of Xi'an and Xianyang, a city neighboring Xi'an and the location of Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, three days, says Cui Guozheng, deputy director of the exit and entry administration bureau under the provincial public security department.The 51 countries include most of Europe, six countries from the Americas, two Oceania countries and six Asian countries.According to Cui, the landing day is not included in the 7 hours of the visa-free time: The clock starts at midnight at the end of the day they arrive at the airport.At present, there are international or regional air routes between Xi'an Xianyang International Airport and Helsinki (Finland); Seoul, Busan and Jeju (South Korea); Bangkok and Phuket (Thailand), Nagoya and Tokyo (Japan); Danang (Vietnam); and Siem Reap (Cambodia), as well as Hong Kong and Taipei. More routes will be added over the next 18 months.Xi'an, known in China as "the eternal city", reflects the great changes of the nation just like a living history book. Called Chang'an in ancient times, Xi'an is one of the birthplaces of the ancient civilization in the Yellow River basin. During the 3,0-year development, dynasties including Western Zhou (th century-771 ), Qin (1- ), Western Han ( - AD) and Tang (AD 618-9) placed their capitals here.Here's how transit visitors might enjoy three days in Xi'an:Day 1: Terracotta WarriorsMany consider the Terracotta Warriors and Horses to be the most significant archaeological excavations of the th century. Discovered in 197, work is ongoing at the site near Emperor Qin Shihuang's Mausoleum in Lintong district. It is a must-see any visitor to China.Since the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum opened to the public in October 1979, it has attracted more than 0 global dignitaries from abroad.The museum covers an area of ,300 square meters, divided into three excavation pits. Altogether over 7,000 pottery soldiers, horses, chariots and weapons have been unearthed from the three pits housed at the museum.The archaeological marvels put Xi'an on the map tourists from around the world, and it was listed by UNESCO in 1987 as a World Cultural Heritage Site.After seeing the ancient ceramic army, you can go to Mount Lishan, a scenic spot nearby. Wandering in the scenic royal garden at the foot of the mountain, you can wash away your travel fatigue in the Huaqing Hotspring, a royal bathhouse built 3,000 years ago.Day : High and low viewsFirst stop: the Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayan Ta), which is located in the southern suburb of the city, about kilometers from downtown. A symbol of old Xi'an, the pagoda is a well-preserved ancient building and a holy place Buddhists.After getting a bird's-eye view of the city from the top of this 6-meter-high structure, visit Shaanxi History Museum, about 1 km northwest of the pagoda. The museum is a grand complex of buildings imitating the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty and showcasing thousands of ancient exhibits.Day 3: City wall and delicious foodXi'an boasts the most complete city wall to survive in China - it's also one of the largest ancient military defense systems in the world.First built in the early Ming Dynasty (68-) and renovated in recent years, the wall now stands meters high, - meters wide at the top and -18 meters thick at the bottom. It stretches .7 km in length and is surrounded by a deep moat and a circular park.Try making the circuit on a bicycle: They can be rented by the hour.The est of Stone Steles Museum, inside the wall near the south gate, was the site of the Temple of Confucius during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-). It was established in when some precious stone steles were moved in safekeeping.With an area of 31,000 sq m and 900 years of history, this treasure house holds some 3,000 stone steles of different periods, from the Han Dynasty ( -AD ) to the Qing Dynasty.Also inside the wall, there are a number of traditional Shaanxi restaurants that offer distinctive delicacies, such as Xi'an dumpings, yangrou paomo (crumbled unleavened b simmered in mutton stew), hulu tou (broth with intestines and tripe), buckwheat and Qishan noodles. 西安3日游孔雀东南飞 五里一徘徊 --30 18::30 来源: Wanders every five miles 焦仲卿Johnny(J short)刘兰芝Lunch(L short) 焦母Johnny's mother(JM short)刘母Lunch’s mother(LM short) 太守之子Mayor’s son(MS short)强盗Burglars(ABandC) (J作被打状跑上台,内砸出一卷纸筒,J被打中,狼狈不堪) J:Every body says that I'm henpecked,but in fact,I’m as strong as a tiger,(小声)while my wife is Wu Song. (指着上台处的门大声道)I’m not afraid of you! (内砸出一脸盆,J接住当成盾牌护着头)Then,I’m afraid of whom? My wife Lunch is the most famous woman in the neighbor-hood.She is braver than me, smarter than me and stronger than me.All this I do not care.I only want her to be tender than me.But she is not!Having a wife like this is just like living in the hell! (内又砸出一卷纸筒,击中J) My God!Who can help me?(下) Act1 (序幕结束时,JM作窃听状) JM(拄拐棍上):I can! (对门内)Lunch!Lunch!Where are you? L(扎着围裙,拿着锅铲,从门内跳出来):I’m here!What’s up mum? JM:I’ve told you again and again that you should call me“my most beautiful graceful and dearest mother-in-law”. L:OK.My most beautiful graceful and dearest mother-in-law,what’s up? JM:Since you married my son you have be haved so badly.You have been so rude,so brusque,so lazy…… L:But…… JM:Never interrupt me! L:Never interrupt me!Since I married your son,that terrible Johnny,I have been working hard all day long,cooking and washing.I have raised tens of thousands of pigs and ducks and chicken and…… JM:But all those you have done a renotas valuable as a grandson! L(生气地挥动着锅铲):Oh,you want a grandson,don’t you?(开始解围裙)Goandas k your son.I’m leaving!(扯下围裙,扔在JM的脸上,下) Act (LM坐在台上打毛线,L拿着锅铲上) L:Mum,I’m back! LM:You are back?Why?What happened? L:I was kicked out by my most beautiful graceful and dearest mother–in-law. LM(惊讶,但随即露出幸灾乐祸的神情):See!I have aly told you!When you insisted on marrying that terrible Johnny,I told you that he is ugly stupid and poor,but you did not listen to me.Look at yourself…… L:But,mum…… LM:Never interrupt me! L:Mum,I’m no tinterrupting you.I just want to tell you that you are always right OK?And I’ll marry whom ever you want me to. LM(大喜):Nice girl!Just now,I met the mayor’s son in the market.He said:“If your daughter Haven’t been married,I really really want to marry her!”Now you are free again,I’ll go and tell him.(下) L(惊愕):What?The mayor’s son?The most famous playboy in the neighbor-hood?(手中的锅 铲掉在地上)What a silly thing I have done!(下) Act3(J睡眼惺忪上) J(边走边道):Lunch!Lunch!Where are my socks? (走了几步,在地上捡起袜子)Here they are!(闻一下) Er!How smelly!They are still dirty! (突然想起)Lunch has gone!I have to wash them myself. (他的肚子似乎咕咕叫了起来)Oh,I’m so hungry!But there’s no breakfast!(捡起地上的围 裙)This is what Lunch always wears!I miss her so much,and her excellent cooking skill!Now she has gone.I have to cook my mother and myself. JM(上):Where’s my breakfast?Where’s Lunch?Hasn’t she got up yet? J:Mum,can’t you remember?Lunch has gone! JM(沉吟片刻):Well,to tell you the truth Johnny,as on without a wife is useless.Lunch is a nice girl,go and take her back! J(立正敬礼):Yes madam! Act (J开心地走着,忽然跳出来三个强盗) A:Hey you!Stop and listent to us! The road is built by me!(抬脚重重地踩在一块大石头上) B:And I planted one tree!(亦抬脚踩在同一块石头上) C:If you want to go by this street---(欲踩石头,但踩到了A的脚) A:Give us all your money! J(搜遍了每一个口袋,掏出1角硬币):Is1 mao enough? (三强盗晕倒状,接着三人聚在一边商量) A:What bad luck!This guy is broken! B:If we cannot rob any money today,we will have nothing to eat tonight! C:I heard that the mayor’s son is going to marry Miss Liu Lan zhi next month.WE can go and rob the wedding! AB:Good idea! J(惊讶):What?What?Lunch is going to get married?It’s impossible! A:Why?A pretty girl and a rich man,what a good couple! J:But Lunch is my wife!We haven’t got divorced yet! (突然有了主意)I’ve got an idea!You are going to rob the wedding,don’t you?I’ll go with you.You take the money and I take the bride. B:Have you got any experience? J:No.But I’ve got this!(J脱下鞋子从里面摸出一张票,上书$1,000,000) Act5 (转眼已到了婚礼之期.MS意气风发用红绸牵着新娘上,J盖着红盖头极不情愿地被拉上台) (J和三强盗跃至台中) AJ:Hey you!Stop and listen to us! A:The road is built by me! B:And I planted one tree. C:If you want to go by this street--- J:Give us all your money! (L听到J的声音,掀起了盖头) L(惊喜万分):Johnny!(不顾一切地飞奔到J的身边并躲到了的身后) (MS大怒,挥拳向J打来.J矮身一躲,MS打中了J身后的L,L晕倒) J(火冒三丈):How dare you beat my wife!(挥拳向MS冲去) (J与MS混战,JM上,以拐杖击晕MS) (J将MS胸前的新郎标志扯下戴在自己胸前) J(扶起L,关切地问):Honey,how are you? L(哭状):I hurt a lot! J:Don’t cry baby.I’ll go and fetch the medicine. (下) L(起身去追):Wait me! (跑下) (音乐起 Can You Celebrate) 孔雀 东南飞 一步我的寒假计划(My winter vacation plan) -01- :9:19 来源: The final exam was held yesterday,hurray! The winter holiday begins today.This winter holiday i'm going to do two things.The first one is to finish ing the book Andersen's Fairy Tales. Andersen's Fairy Tales is my favorite book,among which I like The Ugly Duckling and The Little Mermaid best.The second one is to learn to skate.My friend Xiaohua is a good skater.He looks like a beautiful butterfly while skating.I want to learn from him,i like the feeling of flying.Of course,i will not stop studying,i will do my winter homework an hour a day.昨天期末考试了,万岁!寒假于今天开始这个寒假我将要做两件事第一件就是读完《安徒生童话故事《安徒生童话故事是我最喜欢的书,其中《丑小鸭和《海的女儿是我的最爱第二件就是学会溜冰我的朋友小华是一个溜冰能手他溜冰的时候就想一只漂亮的蝴蝶我想和他学溜冰,我喜欢这种飞翔的感觉当然,我不会停止学习,我将每天做一个小时的家庭作业

Our English Teacher 我们的英语老师 -- :56:01 来源: Our English teacher, Mrs Wang, is about ty years old. She always wears a pair of glasses. She is very strict with us. When we make a mistake, she often makes us stand up. But we hear that her home is far from our school. Every morning she has to walk to school ty minutes. And she is never late. Then we come to see that Mrs Wang loves us dearly. She teaches us so carefully. In fact, she is a good teacher.  我们的英语老师王老师大约四十岁,她总是带着一副眼镜她对我们很严格当我们出了错,她经常让我们站起来可是我们听说她家离学校很远每天早晨她步行0分钟到学校,从不迟到逐渐我们发现王老师很爱我们,她教课特别认真实际上,她真是一位好老师

I like australian -- ::9 来源: I like australian  This is the first time i go to australian. australian people all very kind. When i am in milgate primary school, the teacher just teach us very simple math questions.  So i am good at math in my grade. also i find hard to work at spelling or writing a story.so i am working hard now.i hope i can go to melbourne university.

小学生英语作文:Happy day -- ::01 来源: 小学生英语作文:Happy dayToday I'm very happy,after I have breakfast,I go to park.It's a sunny day ,the bird is singing,I'm singing too.When I get to park,I see some girls are playing games ,so I join them.We play very happy.then I have lunch with my friends.We both have a good time.what's a happy day!

The Coat of Einstein 爱因斯坦的衣 --6 :8:50 来源: The Coat of Einstein 爱因斯坦的衣  One day, Einstein was walking in a street in New Youk. His close friend met him and said,"Einstein, you should buy a new coat. Look, how old your coat is!" But Einstein answered, "It doesn't matter. Nobody knows me here."  After a few years, Einstein bacame a famous csientist in the world. But he still wore the old coat.  The friend met him again and told him to buy a new coat. But Einstein said,"I needn't buy a new one. Everyone knows me here."  有一天,爱因斯坦走在纽约的大街上他最好的朋友遇见了他并对他说:“爱因斯坦,你该买件新衣了看看你的衣多旧啊!”但是爱因斯坦却回答说:“没关系的,这里没有人认识我”  几年以后,爱因斯坦成为世界著名的科学家,但是他仍然穿着那件衣  那位朋友再次遇见他,告诉他去买件新衣但是爱因斯坦说:“我不需要买新衣了,这里每个人都认识我”

Tian'anmen Square天安 门广场 -- 1:55:6 来源: Tian'anmen Square天安 门广场  Tian'anmen Square is one of the largest squares in the world. It covers an area of 0,000 square meters. On the north is the red Tian'anmen Gate Tower. On the south is Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall. At the center stands the Monument to the People's Heroes. On one side of the square is the Great Hall of the People and on the other side is the Museum of Chinese History.  A lot of people from all over the world come to visit the square every day.  天安 门广场是世界上最大的广场之一它的面积是万平方米广场的北面是红色的天安 门城楼,南面是毛主席纪念堂广场中心矗立着人民英雄纪念碑广场的一侧是人民大会堂,另一侧是中国历史物馆  每天都有许多来自世界各地的人们到广场参观

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