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SITTARIUS (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21)Adventurous and enthusiastic, Sagittarius will satisfy their appetite not only for food but also for excitement by dining on foreign cuisine. The more exotic the cuisine, the better;射手:热情勇敢的射手座不但会为美食折,而且更会为能在充满异域风情的饭店里就餐而兴奋不已。烹饪手法越独特,你就会越满意。 /201210/203448

As a modern culture, we tend to put our faith wholeheartedly in doctors. They#39;re the experts, and more often than not we take their advice without question. But what we don#39;t take into account is that many of these doctors either don#39;t have a clue or actively withhold information that could be putting your life in jeopardy. And if you think that sounds sensationalist, take a look at these facts—facts that doctors know about but which they conveniently forget to mention as you sign the bill.处于现代文明中的我们总是倾向于毫无保留地信任医生。他们是权威般的存在,我们通常会毫无异议地采纳他们的意见。但没被我们纳入考虑的是,很多医生要么对一些可能会威胁我们生命的重要信息毫无头绪,要么就竭力隐瞒这些信息。如果你觉得我说的这些话有点耸人听闻,那就看看下面的这些事实——这是医生都知道但却在你签单时忘了提的一些事实。10.Cancer Isn#39;t Always Cancer10.癌症并不总是癌症The worst possible outcome of a trip to the doctor is a diagnosis of the Big C. We#39;re so terrified of it that even the word is taboo in some places, and the medical community lives by one maxim: early diagnosis. The earlier you find the cancer, the more easily you can treat it. But such enthusiasm can easily lead to false positives, and treating something that isn#39;t there can be dangerous.一个医生可能犯过的最大错误就是对癌症的误诊。癌症总是令人恐惧的,有些地方甚至忌讳提到这个词,而医疗团队却以一个信条赖以为生:早期诊断。癌症发现得越早,治疗起来就越容易。但这样的热忱却极易导致假阳性错误(false positives),而且对根本不存在的疾病加以治疗是极危险的。We#39;re not just making that up. Mammograms are famous for misdiagnosing breast cancer, since every little anomaly in the breast can look like a tumor. The most common misdiagnosis is with DCIS, or Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. Despite the ;carcinoma; in there, DCIS isn#39;t really cancerous ; only rarely does it turn into cancer, and practically everyone with DCIS survives, no matter what kind of treatment they get.But when doctors e cancer statistics, they usually lump in DCIS, which now accounts for about 30 percent of breast cancer ;cases; in the US. And when faced with that option, most people choose to undergo ;needless and sometimes disfiguring and harmful treatments; to get rid of something that, statistically, will do less harm than the treatments themselves.那并不是我们瞎编的。乳房X光检查就容易误诊出乳腺癌,因为乳房的任何一点小异常就可能会被视为肿瘤。最常见的要数对乳腺导管原位癌(DCIS)的误诊。尽管有;恶性肿瘤;的存在,乳腺导管原位癌也不会真正癌变;只有在极少的情况下,它才会病变成癌症,而且不管这些患有乳腺导管原位癌的人接受的是什么样的治疗,他们几乎都活了下来。但当医生统计癌症事例时,他们通常会将乳腺导管原位癌纳入其中,目前美国就有30%的乳腺癌;病例;。此外,当被诊断出患有此病,多数人都会选择;不必要甚至有害健康的治疗;,而据相关统计数据显示,这种治疗对人体造成的伤害远大于;癌症;本身。9.Some Vaccines Fail9.一些疫苗接种失败In 2012, the US saw the worst outbreak of whooping cough since 1955. And that#39;s strange, considering that we#39;ve been vaccinating against it for over 50 years. Whooping cough is caused by two types of bacteria, Bordatella pertussis and Bortatella parapertussis, but the vaccine—the DTaP—is only designed to fight the first one, B. Pertussis. Which doesn#39;t seem too bad. Getting rid of half the problem is better than doing nothing, right?2012年,美国出现自1955年以来最严重的百日咳疫情。考虑到我们已经使用百日咳疫苗长达50年,因此这次百日咳疫情的爆发相当奇怪。百日咳有两种病原菌,即百日咳多氏杆菌和副百日咳多氏杆菌,但百日咳疫苗——DTaP 疫苗——却只针对百日咳多氏杆菌这一种病原菌。这似乎也并不坏。能对抗一种病原菌总比什么都不做要好,是这样吗?Not quite. In all these years of exclusively pounding away at one of the causes, the second type of bacteria has been flourishing, to the point that receiving the vaccine causes B. parapertussis lung infections to grow 40 times as large as they would normally. And recently, the vaccine has also been less effective on the things it#39;s actually supposed to treat. In 2011, the CDC nearly doubled their recommendations for the vaccine, saying you need three initial shots of DTaP followed by three additional shots if you expect it to work. That#39;s because vaccines can actually strengthen viruses. They can#39;t rewire the human genome (and you can dismiss links to autism as alarmist nonsense) but vaccines can stimulate mutations in the viruses they fight. China found that out in the worst possible way when their Hepatitis B vaccines caused the virus to begin mutating twice as fast as it normally would. We#39;ve been seeing the same thing happen with the flu virus—vaccines basically just fuel the virus#39;s instinct to survive.这样的看法不完全正确。这些年来,我们总是专门致力于对抗其中一种病菌,而另一种病菌则伺机活跃起来,以致接种疫苗会促使副百日咳多氏杆菌的肺部感染率上升到正常情况下的40倍。并且最近,此种疫苗的效果远没有所预想的那般好。2011年,美国疾病控制中心(CDC)建议接种两倍剂量的百日咳疫苗,他们声称如果想要接种的疫苗奏效的话,那么起初注射过三次疫苗的人还要再注射三次。那是因为这些疫苗实际上会强化体内病菌。它们虽然并不能重建人类基因组(你也许对疫苗可能导致孤独症的看法嗤之以鼻,认为其是危言耸听的胡扯),但却能刺激病菌突变。中国以一种糟糕的方式明白了这点,他们发现他们的乙肝疫苗会促使病菌以正常情况下的两倍速度发生突变。我们在流感病毒上也见过同样的情形——疫苗基本上是为病菌的繁衍提供燃料的。8.Prescription Drugs Can Cause Diabetes8.处方药会导致糖尿病Type 2 diabetes is caused when your body either doesn#39;t make enough insulin or can#39;t effectively use all the insulin it makes. The result is a buildup of glucose, or sugar, in the bloodstream, which starts damaging nerves and blood vessels over time. About 2.3 million Americans have type 2 diabetes, and the numbers rise every year.2型糖尿病是由患者体内所产生的胰岛素相对缺乏,或是由体内胰岛素不能得到有效分泌所导致的。这样就会造成血流中葡萄糖或是糖分的增多,随着时间的推移,这些增加的糖分将会破坏神经和血管。在美国,约有230万2型糖尿病患者,并且这个数字还在逐年上升。It turns out that some of the most commonly prescribed drugs, like antidepressants, might be causing it. In 2011, there were 46.7 million prescriptions given out to treat depression in the UK alone. When researchers at the University of Southampton looked at the numbers, they found that people who took two of the most common types of antidepressants, SSRIs and tricyclic antidepressants, were twice as likely to develop diabetes. And sure, those findings were released in 2013, but we#39;ve known about the link since 2008 and yet millions more are prescribed on a monthly basis.And it gets worse—some of the most common drugs used to treat ADHD in children can triple the risk of type 2 diabetes. More often than not, that#39;s a lifelong condition, and kids don#39;t even get the choice to refuse.有结果表明,不少常见的处方药,比如抗抑郁药物,就有可能会导致糖尿病。2011年,仅英国这一个国家就给出了4670万张治疗抑郁症的药方。基于这串数字,南安普敦大学的研究者发现,用了选择性血清再吸收抑制剂(SSRIs)和三环抗抑郁药(tricyclic)这两种较普遍的抗抑郁处方药的人患上糖尿病的可能性是没有用这两种药物的人的两倍。当然,那些发现在2013年才被公布出来,但从2008年开始,我们就已经知道处方药与糖尿病之间的关联,可数百万乃至更多的人仍会每月定期地用处方药。更糟糕的是——一些被用于治疗少儿多动症(ADHD)的常见处方药会使用者患上糖尿病的几率增加三倍。而且那又多半是不可根治的终身病症,可孩子对此却连拒绝的选择都没有。7.Some Medications Increase Cancer Risk7.一些药物会增大致癌几率Now that we#39;ve assuaged some of your worries about cancer, let#39;s go ahead and kick everything back up again.既然我们在之前纾缓了你对癌症的担忧,那现在就让我继续讲下去,让所有忧虑都回复原位吧。Blood pressure medications can almost triple your risk of aggressive breast cancer. In the US alone, about 58.6 million people take medication for high blood pressure, so you#39;d think the cancer link would be more well-known. The study that discovered this relationship looked at 1,763 women with breast cancer. Those who used a particular type of blood pressure medicine—calcium channel blockers—were 2.5 times more likely to develop cancer. The risk is greater in elderly women over the age of 55, and it likely happens because calcium channel blockers prevent cells from dying. If cells can#39;t complete their normal life cycle, they go rogue and become cancerous.But even that wouldn#39;t be a problem if the medication weren#39;t so grossly over-prescribed. In a review of one hospital, 150 out of 161 doctors prescribed calcium channel blockers to their patients. But how many of those doctors told their patients about the risks? Only eight. That#39;s a potentially deadly lapse in duty.降压药几乎会使罹患侵袭性乳腺癌的风险增加三倍。单在美国,就约有5860万人用降压药,因此你可能会以为降压药与癌症的关联应该更为人所熟知。发现降压药与癌症之间关联的研究小组调查了1763个患有乳腺癌的女性。研究表明,那些用一种特别降压药——钙通道阻滞剂(calcium channel blockers)的女性患上乳腺癌的几率是普通人的2.5倍。55岁以上的老年妇女患上乳腺癌的风险更大,因为钙通道阻滞剂会阻止细胞死亡。而如果细胞不能完成它们正常的生命周期循环,那么这些细胞的活动就会失控,并最终发生癌变。但如果处方药的剂量并非过大的话,那还算不上一个什么大问题。在对一家医院的审查中,我们发现161名医生中就有150名医生为他们的病人开的处方药中含有钙通道阻滞剂。但又有多少医生告诉他们的病人关于此药的风险?仅仅只有八人。那是他们工作中的潜在致命失误。6.Aspirin Can Cause Internal Bleeding6.阿司匹林会导致内出血One of the more common pieces of advice from doctors is that you should take a low dose of aspirin every day. The idea is that it serves as a maintenance treatment to prevent blood clots, which can cause heart attacks and strokes. But what they don#39;t tell you is the small fact that doing so can trigger massive internal bleeding.我们经常从医生那里得到的建议就是,每天用一小剂阿司匹林。因为这种维持治疗能够预防血栓的形成,而血栓则会导致心脏病发作和中风。但医生不会告诉你的是,这样做同样也会引起严重的内出血。Researchers found that, out of 10,000 people, a daily dose of aspirin prevented 46 people from dying over the course of 10 years. But they also found that 49 people out of the same 10,000 experienced major internal bleeding, and another 117 started bleeding in their gastrointestinal tract. So there may be some benefits, but there may be an even higher chance that something will go horribly wrong. On top of that, aspirin doesn#39;t actually work for everyone. Some people have aspirin-resistant platelets, which negates any positive effect you might get from the aspirin. But since we have no way to test for that, doctors never know if they#39;re recommending a dud treatment or not.研究者发现,每天定期用一剂阿司匹林的10000人中,有46人能在10年内相安无事。但同时他们也发现,这10000人中有49人患有胃出血,另外还有117人的胃肠道有出血征兆。因此我们不可否认阿司匹林的好处,但同时它也许会使情况变得非常糟糕。除此之外,阿司匹林并不适用于每个人。阿司匹林的抗血小板作用存在个体性差异,一些患者存在阿司匹林抵抗(aspirin resistance),这便使阿司匹林的所有积极效果全被否定。但由于我们没办法对那进行测试,因此就连医生自己也不知道他们正在为患者推荐的治疗药物是否有用。翻译:李念 来源:前十网 /201509/396724The perfect woman should have Taylor Swift#39;s hair, Natalie Portman#39;s nose and the body of curvy star Penelope Cruz, according to a survey by Hollywood plastic surgeons。好莱坞整容医师进行的一项调查发现,完美的女人应该拥有泰勒#8226;斯威夫特的头发、娜塔莉#8226;波特曼的鼻子和佩内洛普#8226;克鲁兹的身体曲线。She should also have Scarlett Johansson#39;s lips, the cheeks of January Jones and the jaw line of Halle Berry。她还应该拥有斯嘉丽#8226;约翰逊的嘴唇、詹纽瑞#8226;琼斯的脸颊和哈莉#8226;贝瑞的下巴曲线。Add in the perfect complexion of Amy Adams and the mixture of body parts equals the ultimate woman。再加上艾米#8226;亚当斯的完美肤色,一个极品女人就这么诞生了。The combination of features of the Hollywood stars makes up what people seeking plastic surgery believe would be the perfect look. The most sought after body parts of the rich and famous were revealed by two Hollywood plastic surgeons。人们认为,如果通过整容手术集合了好莱坞明星的种种面貌和身体特征,就会拥有完美的外表。好莱坞的两位整容医师透露了这些富有的明星们最让人渴望的身体部位。Dr Richard Fleming and Dr Toby Mayer carried out a survey among their patients to build up the picture of what the perfect woman would look like。理查德#8226;弗莱明医生和托比#8226;梅尔医生在求医者当中展开了一项调查,以构建出完美女人的风貌。The doctors said the trend for plump, luscious lips as sported by Angelina Jolie were no longer popular. Instead the pair said women preferred the lips of actress Scarlett Johansson。这两名医生说,安吉丽娜#8226;朱莉引以为傲的丰满性感嘴唇已经不再流行了。他们说现在女人们更想拥有女演员斯嘉丽#8226;约翰逊的那种嘴唇。In the category of the most sought after body shape, former supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Aniston were in the top three。至于人们最向往的身材,前超模吉赛尔#8226;邦辰和珍妮弗#8226;安妮斯顿都位列前三。But Penelope Cruz, who has just given birth to her first son, was voted as having the top body. The Spanish born star is known for her voluptuous figure。佩内洛普#8226;克鲁兹尽管刚刚产下了她的第一个儿子,但仍然被认为拥有最完美的身体。这位西班牙出生的明星以其丰满性感的身材而闻名。Natalie Portman, who received an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of a ballet dancer driven over the edge in ;Black Swan;, has the nose most cosmetic surgery patients want. Emma Stone and Nicole Kidman were also named as having the perfect nose。凭借在电影《黑天鹅》中的表演而获得奥斯卡奖提名的娜塔莉#8226;波特曼拥有整容者们最向往的鼻子。娜塔莉在《黑天鹅》中扮演一位精神分裂的芭蕾舞者。艾玛#8226;斯通和妮可#8226;基德曼也被认为拥有最完美的鼻子。The Beverly Hills surgeons also compiled a list of the most desirable male features。贝佛利山庄的这两位整容医师还列出了最令人向往的男性面貌和身体特征。Mad Men star Jon Hamm has the most desired jaw line, while others liked Jude Law#39;s nose and George Clooney#39;s hair. Mark Wahlberg, who showed off his toned physique in ;The Fighter;, was said to have the most sought after body。出演《广告狂人》的明星乔#8226;哈姆拥有最令人向往的下巴曲线,也有不少人喜欢裘德#8226;洛的鼻子和乔治#8226;克鲁尼的头发。在电影《斗士》中展现健美体格的马克#8226;沃尔伯格被认为拥有最令人向往的身体。  Dr Fleming and his partner produce a list every year based on a survey carried out among their current and former patients。弗莱明医生和他的合作伙伴每年都会根据对现在和以往的整容病人的调查,列出一份“最令人向往的明星身体部位”清单。;There are common features you find year to year,; said Dr Fleming. ;But these names are more a commentary about pop culture – whose face is in your face this year.;弗莱明医生说:“每年你都能发现一些共同的特征。不过清单上的这些名字更像是流行文化的一个评注,你可以从中看到今年又有哪几张脸进入了你的视线。” /201212/213094

How to Fall in Love With Yourself如何爱上你自己?We are constantly bombarded with visions of how we are not good enough or how we need to improve ourselves. And it’s not only external things that cause us to have such low self-esteems and feel bad about ourselves either. Maybe you think all the negative-self talk is your way of being real with yourself. Little things like: I’ll never get it done, I don’t deserve that, why would they want to help me? oh I could never wear that, and I’m not smart enough. Instead of focusing on and telling yourself what you can’t do try focusing on what you can do.我们总是被这些想法狂轰滥炸:觉得自己不够好,需要完善自我。不只是外在的因素让我们自尊心不够或者觉得自己不好,也许你会觉得,这样自我否定的消极对话是你内心对自己的真正看法,那些都是生活中的琐事:我永远办不好这件事;我不值得;他们为什么想帮我?唉,我真不该穿那件衣;我不够聪明......现在,我们需要转变注意力:试着去关注那些我们能做到的,而不是那些我们做不到的。Here are a few ideas you can try to build yourself up and fall in love with yourself all over again.下面这些小贴士,会让你变得更强大,重新爱上你自己:Focus on your strengths. We all have strengths and luckily they are not all the same. Do things you are naturally good at and enjoy and you will build self confidence, efficiency and pride.聚焦自己的强项。我们都有强项,很幸运,大家的强项各有不同。做一些你天生擅长的事情,享受过程,你会建立自信、效率和骄傲。Be proud of your accomplishments. No matter how big or seemingly small your accomplishments are you should be very proud of each and every one of them. Whether it’s completing high school, university, starting your own company, having kids and raising a family, completing a project that’s hanging around for far too long, be proud. Celebrate the small and large accomplishments and everything in between.为自己的成功感到骄傲。为自己的每一次成功感到骄傲,不论大小。也许是完成高中学业,可能是从大学顺利毕业,也许是开了自己的公司,有了孩子,开始养家糊口,也可能是完成了一个拖了很久的项目,这些都值得骄傲。为自己这些大大小小的成功的一切喝。Get excited about who you are. Celebrate your uniqueness. Maybe you’re a very caring individual, efficient, or adept to solving problems. Embrace it. Be proud that you’re not like everyone else in your social circle. People love you for being you.很开心,我是这样的人。庆祝你的独一无二。也许你富有爱心,也许你办事很有效率,又或者你解决问题很老道。拥抱你的特别。你应该感到骄傲,因为你跟你的社交圈里的其他人都不一样。正因为你是你,所以大家才会爱。Share your talent. If you’ve got a talent share it with the world. If you can write – write, if you can dance – dance, if you can organize …well you get the picture. Believe it or not there are people out there who could benefit greatly from you sharing your talents. Ever notice how giving to others makes you feel so incredible about yourself?分享你的才华。如果你天赋异禀,记得跟全世界分享。如果你文笔很好,那就写作吧;如果你舞跳得很棒,那就跳给大家看;如果你组织能力强,呃,你懂的。不管你相信与否,这世界上总会有人会因为你分享的才华而获益匪浅。你更应该注意的是,这样的分享过程,会让你觉得自己很棒。Forgive yourself. Guilt is a weird thing. All guilt does is hold us in the past reliving something we wish we could change. Not going to happen I’m afraid. Forgiveness is a choice. Forgive yourself. The past is the past (I know you’ve heard this before but the more you hear it the more you may start to believe it). Forgive yourself, apologize and move on.原谅你自己。内疚是件很奇怪的事情。内疚感只能让我们纠结着过去不放手,老是想着要是重来一遍一切会不一样。不过我想应该什么都不会发生。宽恕其实是种选择,原谅自己,过去的就让它过去吧(我知道你以前肯定也老是听到这句话,不过听到次数越多,你就越应该相信)。原谅,道歉,然后继续向前。Do something just for you. Take time for yourself and just relax. Rest both your mind and your body. Rejuvenate by sitting quietly listen to soft soothing music or watch the wonders of nature from your own backyard, balcony or window. Treat yourself to a massage or spa day. Whatever it is that makes you feel special and relaxed … do it.为自己做点什么。给自己留点时间,放松下。让你的身心都能好好休息下。静静地坐着,听着抚慰心灵的轻音乐,或者从后院、阳台或窗户看出去,欣赏大自然的奥妙奇景,这些都会让你变年轻。去做做或者泡泡温泉,犒劳一下自己。不论是什么让你觉得很特别很放松,去做就好。Love yourself. Take pride in all your unique glory. Maybe you’re quirky and have a very different talent. Embrace it. Flaunt it and share it with the world!爱自己,为自己所有独一无二的魅力感到骄傲。也许你有点奇怪,有点不同常人的才华,拥抱你的特别。要炫耀,然后跟全世界分享。 /201301/218171Shanghai police said they are investigating reports of six foreign tourists drunkenly urinating on a low barrier on an elevated road in full view of traffic on Saturday afternoon. The driver of the bus carrying them told police the men forced him to stop and nearly caused an accident. Police started investigation after a picture of the men urinating on the North-South Elevated Road was posted online yesterday morning, causing indignation on the Internet. ;They were urinating on the road and laughing, and all of them are foreigners,; said a witness surnamed Huang, who took the picture and posted it.近日,一则关于老外在高架上集体小便的微引发网友热议。上海警方3月25日回应称,目前市公安局交警总队高架队已经查找到这辆大巴车,并将依法定程序对此事开展调查。网友公布的照片显示,一辆大巴车停靠在高架上,大巴车旁正在小便的共有6人,均为年轻男性,而从体貌特征看很容易辨别是外国人。记者发现,大巴车开着双跳灯停靠在右边的隔离墩旁。微发布后,立即引发网友热议。新民网记者了解到,事发路段为于南北高架共和新路立交附近。上海警方今天回应称,目前市公安局交警总队高架队已经找到这辆大巴车,并将依法定程序对此事开展调查。 /201303/232080

He has won tens of thousands of admirers – but just how many of them would be brave enough to try to stroke him is anyone#39;s guess.它有成千上万的粉丝,但有多少人敢抚摸它就不一定了。This is Colonel Meow, the furious-looking feline whose sourpuss expression has made him an internet sensation.这就是;喵上校;,它的愤怒表情使它在网上走红。Despite a rather fluffy coat, the black smoke Persian cat appears anything but cuddly thanks to his evil stare and a face that seems to be fixed in a permanent frown.这只;黑脸;波斯猫长着蓬松的绒毛,但看起来一点都不乖巧可爱,这都是拜它那令人不寒而栗的眼神和似乎永远紧锁的眉头所赐。Fans have nicknamed him the ‘world#39;s angriest cat#39;. But while even the most ardent cat lover might be reluctant to get too close to Colonel Meow in real life, his Facebook page has attracted more than 32,000 ‘likes#39; from around the world.粉丝们给它取外号称作;世界上最愤怒的猫;。即便是最热心的爱猫人士可能也不愿意接近它,不过,它的主人为它建立的Facebook主页却已经吸引到了超过3.2万名来自全球的粉丝。Photographs uploaded to the page by his owner Anne Marie Avey carry tongue-in-cheek captions on Colonel Meow#39;s behalf, such as: ‘Behold, minions! I have learned to touch my nose with my tongue. Now honour my great achievement#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201; with treaties and scotch.#39;;喵上校;的主人安妮#8226;梅尔#8226;埃维在Facebook的网页上传了一些它的照片,并以它自己的口吻配上搞笑解说词,比如:;看,手下们!我已经学会用舌头舔鼻子了。现在用糖果和苏格兰威士忌来庆祝我的伟大成就吧。;Another s: ‘I WANT to plan my world domination#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;but I also wanna get drunk and eat treaties.#39;另一句说道:;我打算统治世界……不过我也想喝得大醉,吃糖果。;Colonel Meow had a troubled upbringing – the profile discloses that he was found by the roadside after being abandoned in Seattle, Washington.;喵上校;的成长历程很坎坷。从资料可以看到,它最初被遗弃在华盛顿西雅图的街头,后来被人在路边捡到。But his softer side is also revealed in a brief biography where he admits that he has a fear of birds which might hamper his ambitions to conquer the world.但在简短的经历介绍中,人们也可以看出它温柔的一面。它承认自己怕鸟,而且这会阻碍它实现占领世界的雄心。Miss Avey, who adopted Colonel Meow from an animal shelter, now hopes to take him to Los Angeles and make him a star.主人埃维从一家动物收容所收养了它,打算把它带到洛杉矶,使它成为明星。And perhaps world domination isn#39;t too far away, as Facebook users have posted dozens of pictures of themselves pulling sour expressions in tribute to the grumpy pet.也许;喵上校;统治世界的梦想不久就能实现了。很多Facebook用户模仿梅奥愤怒的样子并将照片上传到网上分享。 /201210/202919

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