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Maria Rios玛丽亚里奥斯Company: Nation Waste, Inc.公司:垃圾处理公司Nation WasteAge: 46年龄:46Rios is no stranger to hard work. She moved to the U.S. from El Salvador when she was a child. She graduated at the top of her high school class and raised a family while putting herself through college. She was not intimidated when she started Nation Waste Inc. At just 22, months after graduating from the University of Houston, she took out loans and purchased two trucks, jumping into the male-dominated waste-removal industry. Today, her Houston-based company has 24 full-time employees. ;It is pretty amazing when I look back and see, I started as a little girl entering the ed States with my parents and now I am truly living the American dream,; says Rios.里奥斯工作非常努力。她很小的时候就从萨尔瓦多来到了美国。以优异成绩从高中毕业后,她一边养家,一边读完大学。成立Nation Waste Inc.公司的时候,她并没有感到害怕。22岁的时候,里奥斯刚刚从休斯敦大学(the University of Houston)毕业几个月就贷款购买了两辆卡车,毅然投身由男性主导的垃圾处理行业。目前,这家位于休斯敦的公司有24名全职员工。里奥斯说:“回头看看过去的经历,总是让我感到吃惊。我很小的时候就跟着父母来到美国,现在我正在实现我的美国梦。”Rose Wang萝丝王Company: Binary Group公司:技术务公司Binary GroupAge: 44年龄:44岁Wang studied computer programming while growing up in China. After college, she hoped to move to the U.S. to start her career. The next year, the Chinese Students Protection Act was passed and Wang got her master#39;s in computer science at University of Houston. She worked at several Silicon Valley startups (and launched her own, iBizWomen.com) until September 11, 2001. The attack inspired her to create Binary Group, a technology consulting company that works with the Federal Government. Over the past 16 years, Binary has helped its clients save piles of money -- like the Army 20th Support Command, which cut million over five years for its satellite communication bandwidth requirements.萝丝王在中国长大,在那里学会了计算机编程。大学毕业后,她希望到美国工作。第二年,《中国学生保护法案》(Chinese Students Protection Act)获得通过,萝丝王获得了休斯敦大学的计算机科学硕士学位。2001年9月11日之前,她曾在多家硅谷初创公司(包括成立自己的公司iBizWomen.com)工作。911事件让她产生了创办Binary Group的想法。Binary Group是一家与联邦政府合作的科技咨询公司。过去16年间,这家公司帮助客户节省的资金不计其数——比如美军第20援司令部(Army 20th Support Command)就在五年时间内共节省了6,000万美元卫星通信带宽开。Sarah Collins萨拉考林斯Company: (Wonderbag) Natural Balance公司:(Wonderbag)Natural Balance公司Age: 43年龄:43岁Collins grew up in rural, apartheid-era South Africa in the 1970s. Her childhood inspired her to focus on empowering women living below the poverty line through grassroots efforts. The Wonderbag, which was inspired by watching her grandmother cook with cushions, uses heat retention technology to cook food for 8-12 hours without the need for additional fuel. Collins witnessed the benefits African women received from using Wonderbags, reducing the amount of time they spent collecting firewood. For every bag sold, another is donated to a household in Africa, and in the past four years, the Wonderbags have found themselves in 600,000 African homes. Collins has launched the Wonderbag in the U.S. on Amazon, and hopes to sell the products via other retailers by 2014.上世纪70年代,考林斯出生在落后的、种族隔离时期的南非。她的童年经历让她更关注通过民间的努力改善贫困女性的生活。创办Wonderbag的灵感源自她观察祖母借助垫子做饭的经历。Wonderbag使用保暖技术在8至12个小时内烹饪食物,无需额外增加燃料。考林斯亲眼见了非洲女性使用Wonderbag所带来的好处——它减少了她们收集柴火的时间。每卖出一个Wonderbag,这家公司就会向非洲的家庭捐赠一个这样的袋子。过去四年,Wonderbag已经走进600,000个非洲家庭。考林斯还通过亚马逊(Amazon)在美国推出了Wonderbag,并希望到2014年的时候能够通过其他零售商出售自己的产品。Sari Davidson赛瑞戴维森Company: BooginHead公司:儿童用品公司BooginHeadAge: 39年龄:39岁In 2005, Davidson found herself constantly picking up sippy cups her one-year-old son Jake would toss to the ground. She went to Target, bought a sewing machine, and created the SippiGrip, a leash-like contraption for a sippy cup. Her entrepreneurial dreams were slowed, however -- she was recruited by Microsoft to join the HR team working with its X-Box Group. But in 2007, she launched the SippiGrip at a national trade show. Fortuitously, Target approached her to join its 2008 Parent Invented Products Program and today, Davidson#39;s BooginHead line is sold by retailers like Walmart, Babies ;R; Us, and Amazon.com.2005年,戴维森发现自己总是得跟在一岁大的儿子杰克后面,收拾他随处乱扔的儿童吸管杯。于是,她从塔吉特(Target)上买了一台缝纫机,为儿童吸管杯设计出一个类似皮带的奇妙装置——SippiGrip。但她并没有很快实现自己的创业梦想——她加入了微软人力资源团队,与X-Box部门合作。2007年,她在全国性贸易展上推出了SippiGrip。幸运的是,塔吉特邀请她参加2008年父母发明产品计划。目前,戴维森的产品已经在沃尔玛(Walmart)、婴儿反斗城(Babies ;R; Us)和亚马逊等零售商开卖。 /201311/263221。

  • Cotton prices have hit a 10-month low as expectations that China is gearing up to release a massive stockpile weigh on the market.棉花价格跌至10个月低点,市场预计中国准备向市场投放大量棉花储备,以平抑棉价。Beijing is expected by the end of the year to start selling bloated cotton reserves that have kept domestic and international prices artificially high, stimulated planting of cotton internationally and starved Chinese textile mills of raw material.中国政府预计将在年底之前开始出售膨胀的棉花储备,正是这些储备使国内和国际的棉价维持在不正常的高位,在国际范围内刺激了棉花种植,并使中国的纺织企业陷入原材料短缺的困境。China’s state reserves bureau is sitting on a stockpile estimated by the US Department of Agriculture this summer at 10m tonnes, or 60 per cent of world stocks, which it bought at relatively high prices. So far this year, it has bought 1.08m tonnes of cotton as of the end of October.据美国农业部(Department of Agriculture)今年夏季估计,中国国家物资储备局坐拥的棉花储备规模多达1000万吨,占全球棉花库存的60%,并且是该局以相对较高的价格收购的。今年截至10月底,中国国家物资储备局已经收购了108万吨棉花。China National Cotton Reserves Corp announced last week that it would comply with policy released in early October by the National Development and Reform Commission, the country’s top economic planning agency, calling for “improving regulation of the cotton market” and “preserving supply of funds for purchasing”.中国储备棉管理总公司(China National Cotton Reserves Corp)上周宣布,将执行中国最高经济规划部门——国家发改委(NDRC)今年10月初出台的政策,政策呼吁“加强棉花市场管理”以及“确保收购资金供应”。That led to speculation the bureau could start to unload inventory as early as this month, once its purchasing programme is done.这在市场中引发了猜测,即中国国家物资储备局最早可能在棉花收购计划完成后,于本月开始出售棉花库存。ICE December cotton is trading at 75.90 cents a pound, the lowest since January. Chinese traders have been closing out cotton positions on the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange on expectations a release from the reserves will send domestic futures tumbling.伦敦洲际交易所(ICE)的12月棉花价格为每磅75.9便士,创今年1月份以来的最低水平。中国国内的交易员们则一直忙于关闭在郑州商品交易所(Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange)的棉花头寸,因预计棉花储备入市将导致国内棉花期货价格大幅下跌。China’s state reserves bureau has sown disarray in domestic and international cotton markets by buying at above-market prices.中国国家物资储备局以高于市价水平买入棉花的行为,已经在国内和国际棉花市场上引起了混乱。Although the bureau in theory guarantees sufficient domestic cotton supply for China’s labour-intensive textile industry, its inventory has piled up as textile mills refused to pay high prices at its auctions, while the bureau refused lower prices for fear of incurring politically damaging losses.虽然该局理论上保了中国劳动力密集型的纺织行业能在国内获得充足的棉花供应,但由于纺织企业拒绝在该局的棉花拍卖会上付高价购棉,其棉花库存规模持续攀升,而该局因担心发生政治上具有破坏力的亏损,所以拒绝调低价格。Direct cotton imports by mills are limited by as, so many opted instead to buy imported cotton yarn.由于纺织企业的棉花直接进口规模受到配额限制,因此很多企业转而购买进口棉纱。In addition, the high prices have become one more factor pushing Chinese textile bosses to set up mills in lower cost markets such as southeast Asia.除此之外,棉价高企成为了推动中国纺织业主们在东南亚等成本较低的市场设立工厂的又一个因素。The Chinese finance ministry had to bail out the reserves bureau less than a decade ago when it bought international cotton at high prices and then sold at a loss, and is said to be impatient with the latest fiasco.不到十年前,中国财政部被迫对中国国家物资储备局施行救助,因其以较高的价格在国际市场上购入棉花,并低价出售引发亏损。据悉中国财政部对国家物资储备局再度陷入困境感到不耐烦。 /201311/263752。
  • SAVANNAH, Ga. — Behind the immaculate gray walls of the Customs and Border Protection’s laboratory here stands a cabinet containing three plastic vials filled with a sticky, yellowish substance. Honey, or so an importer has claimed.乔治亚州萨凡纳——在美国海关及边境保卫局(Customs and Border Protection,简称CBP)实验室一尘不染的灰墙后面,立着一个柜子,里面有三个塑料小瓶,装满了一种淡黄色的粘稠状物质。那是蜂蜜,或者说至少一家进口商说那是蜂蜜。The lab’s task: Determine whether the samples are adulterated with sweeteners or syrups, and, if they really are mostly honey, figure out where it originated. If the honey comes from China, often the case, the entire shipment from which the samples came may be subject to additional taxes.该实验室的任务是,确定这些样品中是否掺杂了甜味剂或糖浆,如果真的主要是蜂蜜,弄清楚它们的原产地。如果这些蜂蜜像通常的情况那样,来自中国,那么被抽样检查的整批货可能都要被额外征税。The chemists here regularly test a wide range of imported goods, but they specialize in analyzing agricultural imports. With remarkable precision, these scientists can tell you where the peanuts in your peanut butter came from and where the mangoes in your jam were grown.这里的化学工作者常常会检测品类广泛的进口商品,但他们的专长是分析进口的农产品。这些科学家能极其精确地告诉你,你花生酱中的花生来自哪里、果酱中的芒果是在哪里种植的。But honey, No. 0409 on the 2015 Harmonized Tariff Schedule, has been a focal point for the lab and the source of a long-running international food scam that has challenged even the existing forensic technology.但在2015年的美国海关关税编码(Harmonized Tariff Schedule)中编码为0409的蜂蜜,却是该实验室关注的重点,也是一场存在已久的国际食品骗局的根源。这场骗局挑战着现有的取技术。Americans consume an average of 1.4 pounds of honey a year, about three and a half six-ounce bottles. Some 70 percent of it is imported. In 2001, the Commerce Department enacted a stiff tariff on Chinese honey, nearly tripling the import duty, after American producers complained that Chinese competitors were dumping their products on the market.美国人平均每年食用1.4磅(约合0.6千克)蜂蜜,大致相当于六盎司容量的瓶装蜂蜜的三瓶半。美国大约70%的蜂蜜依赖进口。2001年,在美国厂商投诉中国竞争对手在向市场倾销产品后,美国商务部针对中国蜂蜜征收了严厉的关税,将进口关税几乎提高到了原来的三倍。Then, honey imports from other countries spiked, including from nations not known for large bee populations. According to the American Honey Producers Association, Malaysian beekeepers, for example, have the capacity to make about 45,000 pounds of honey annually, but the country has exported as much as 37 million pounds of honey to the ed States in a year.于是,从其他国家进口的蜂蜜数量飙升,包括一些并不以蜜蜂种群巨大而闻名的国家。比如,美国蜂蜜生产商协会(American Honey Producers Association)称,马来西亚养蜂人每年的蜂蜜产能大约为4.5万磅,但该国一年出口给美国的蜂蜜多达3700万磅。As it turned out, Chinese honey was being shipped through ports such as Shanghai, or Busan, South Korea, and slapped with labels from other nations to skirt American duties. The practice is known as transshipment, or “honey laundering.” Some of it was not even real honey, but a mix that included corn and rice sweeteners.事实是,中国蜂蜜经由上海或韩国釜山等港口运走,再被贴上显示其来自其他国家的标签,从而逃避美国关税。这种做法被称作转运,或者“洗蜂蜜”。其中一些甚至不是真正的蜂蜜,而是一种掺了玉米和大米甜味剂的混合物。In an effort to stanch the flow of illicit honey, chemists at the lab here have tested thousands of samples pulled from barrels and containers at ports across the Southeast. In 2008, the lab demonstrated with about 90 percent accuracy that honey imported from Thailand, the Philippines and Russia had originated in China.为了阻止违法蜂蜜的流入,该实验室的化学工作人员在东南亚各港口,从桶中和集装箱里抽取了数千份样本,并进行了检验。2008年,该实验室以90%的精确度断定,从泰国、菲律宾和俄罗斯进口的蜂蜜,原产地其实是中国。The evidence helped federal prosecutors build a case against two large American importers who were suspected of buying illegal Chinese honey to avoid more than 0 million in duties.相关据为联邦检察官准备起诉两家美国大型进口商的行动提供了帮助。这两家进口商涉嫌采购非法的中国蜂蜜,从而规避超过1.8亿美元(约合11亿元人民币)的关税。But this kind of detective work is daunting. At the C.B.P. lab, the analytic work takes place inside what’s known as the “country of origin” room. Inside are standing metal shelves filled with bags and plastic totes of imported honey, along with peanuts, shrimp, garlic, mangoes and other foods.但这种侦查工作颇为艰巨。在CBP的实验室里,分析工作要在名为“原产国”的房间里进行。房间里摆放着金属架,上面放满了袋子和塑料提包,里面装着进口的蜂蜜,以及花生、小虾、大蒜、芒果等食品。On a recent Tuesday, Robert Redmond and Christopher Kana, two of the lab’s analytic chemists, took a small honey sample and added an acid to digest it. The result looked like muddy water.前不久的一个周二,该实验室的两名分析化学家罗伯特·雷德蒙(Robert Redmond)和克里斯托弗·卡纳(Christopher Kana)拿了一小份蜂蜜样品,并在其中加入了一种酸。结果,那份样品看上去就像泥水一样。In recent years, scientists have demonstrated that subtle chemical variations in many foods, including honey — undetectable to the tongue or the naked eye — can give a strong indication of where it originated. The C.B.P.’s analytic work depends, in part, on these naturally occurring geographic “tracers.”近年来,科学家已明,在包括蜂蜜在内的许多食物中,通过舌头和肉眼均无法察觉的细微化学变化,可以充分表明其原产地是哪儿。CBP的分析工作,在一定程度上靠的就是这些自然出现的地理“标记”。Once a sample is diluted, the liquid is pumped into a device called a mass spectrometer that is about the size of an office copier. Inside, a nebulizer turns the sample into a fine mist over heated argon, a process that yields a distinct signature of trace elements.样品稀释得到的液体会被注入一台叫做质谱仪的设备,该设备和办公室里的打印机差不多大。质谱仪内部有一个喷雾器,可以将样本变成的细小喷雾,这些喷雾经过加热的氩气,就可以检测出用于追踪来源的元素成分。The spectrometer can measure chromium, iron, copper and other elements to several parts per quadrillion. Each combination of trace metals reflects the composition of certain soils: The elements were taken up by flowering plants and then foraged by bees.质谱仪对铬、铁、铜等元素的检测精度可以达到千万亿分之一的数量级。微量元素的构成反映了土壤的成分:这些元素被开花的植物吸收,然后被蜜蜂采集。Soils vary from region to region, and by statistically comparing the presence of some 40 different elements to a reference database collected by C.B.P. attachés and employees, the scientists can ascertain the probable origins of many samples.各地的土壤并不相同,通过将约40种不同元素的含量,与CBP的一个参照性数据库进行数据上的比较,科学家们得以检验出许多样本可能的来源。这个数据库中的信息都是该机构的员工收集来的。In late 2012, Mr. Redmond traveled to Taiwan and India to collect and test honey. His findings were then added to the database, and now lab chemists can compare honey arriving in the ed States and said to be from those countries.2012年末,雷德蒙曾到台湾和印度收集和检测蜂蜜样本,他的发现后来被纳入这个数据库中。这样一来,实验室的化学家就可以检验那些进入美国,并且自称来自这两个地区的蜂蜜了。But it’s only the latest maneuver in a scientific cat-and-mouse game that has stretched on for years.但这只是科学界一场旷日持久的猫鼠游戏中最新的发展。At first, the detection of transshipped honey relied on a simple test for an unapproved antibiotic, chloramphenicol, discovered in Chinese honey. Carson Watts, former director of the C.B.P. lab in Savannah, said, “Very shortly after word got out that we were using chloramphenicol to identify Chinese honey, they stopped using it.”起初,要查出转运蜂蜜,只能靠一个简单的检测,确定蜂蜜中是否含有违规抗生素成分氯霉素,因为在中国的蜂蜜中曾经发现过这种成分。萨凡纳的CBP实验室的前主任卡森·沃茨(Carson Watts)说,“我们用氯霉素来辨别中国蜂蜜的消息传出后不久,他们就不再使用氯霉素了。”Around 2006, unscrupulous importers appeared to be cutting honey with high-fructose rice syrup or disguising cheap, pure honey as an artificial blend. (At the time, the import duty applied to artificial blends that were more than 50 percent honey by weight.)2006年前后,一些不法进口商似乎在蜂蜜中掺入了高果糖大米糖浆,或者用廉价的纯蜂蜜来冒充人工混合的蜂蜜。(当时,进口关税只适用于蜂蜜含量超过50%重量的人工混合蜂蜜。)The problem? Reliably determining the ratio of rice syrup to honey is nearly impossible.但问题在于,想要确定大米糖浆和蜂蜜的可靠比例几乎是不可能的。“An importer could present goods to Customs and say, ‘This is 90 percent rice syrup, 10 percent honey,’ and Customs really has no way of knowing,” said Michael J. Coursey, a lawyer in Washington who has represented American honey producers.“进口商可以把货物交给海关,然后说,‘这里面有90%的大米糖浆,10%的蜂蜜,’海关真的没有办法查,”代理过美国蜂蜜制造商的华盛顿律师迈克尔·J·库西(Michael J. Coursey)说。He added, “For two or three years, C.B.P. was pretty much the Dutch boy with its finger in the dike.”他接着说,“在两三年的时间里,CBP的检验能力实际上力不从心。”In 2011, the government accused three companies of importing millions of dollars’ worth of rice fructose blend that in fact was mostly taxable honey. The importers said the product was less than 50 percent honey.2011年,美国政府指控称,三家公司进口的价值数百万美元的大米果糖混合蜂蜜,实际上都是应该征税的蜂蜜。这些进口商声称,产品的蜂蜜含量不到50%。The scientists at the Savannah lab swung into action, producing evidence that pollen abundance in the blends showed the substance to be mostly honey. But defense lawyers challenged the research on scientific grounds.萨凡纳实验室的科学家迅速采取行动,拿出了据,用混合蜂蜜中的花粉含量表明,其主要成分是蜂蜜。但被告律师们却用科学上的理由,对研究结果提起了反驳。“It’s all well and good to say you need to enforce these regulations,” said Dana Krueger, who owns an independent laboratory in Chelmsford, Mass., and testified as a defense witness. “But if there’s no technology, it puts Customs in a difficult position.”“我们需要执行这些规定,这说起来容易,”辩方人达纳·克鲁格(Dana Krueger)说。“但如果没有技术,海关的处境就十分艰难。”克鲁格在马萨诸塞州切尔姆斯福德拥有一家独立实验室。The judge dismissed the case, and the government dropped the charges.法官驳回了案件,政府也撤销了指控。The most sophisticated chemical analysis may have its limits. But for the moment, the food detectives are undeterred.即使是最先进的化学分析可能也有着种种局限。但到目前为止,这些食品检测人员并没有气馁。“If it’s honey from Malaysia, then we’re testing for China,” Mr. Redmond said.“如果蜂蜜标称来自马来西亚,我们会检测它是不是中国蜂蜜,”雷德蒙德说。 /201501/355722。
  • As a terrifying outbreak of Ebola virus sps across west Africa, the world is beginning to wake up to the threat of a public health disaster in the region – and possibly more widely – but efforts to contain the epidemic require much more local co-ordination and global support. With more than 1,100 cases and 660 deaths reported so far, this is not only the largest Ebola epidemic to date but also the first to threaten urban west Africa, where populations are larger and more mobile than in the relatively isolated central parts of the continent affected previously.随着可怕的埃拉病毒在西非各地不断蔓延,世界开始对西非(抑或更广泛地区)爆发一场公共健康灾难的威胁警觉起来,但遏制疫情需要当地更多的合作和全球的持。迄今报道的感染人数超过1100人,死亡人数为660人,这不仅是历史上最严重的埃拉疫情,而且还是该病毒首次威胁城镇化率更高的西非地区——与此前爆发疫情的相对封闭的中非地区相比,西非人口更多,而且流动性也更强。Ebola’s scary reputation is based on its lethality – the virus kills about 60 per cent of those it infects – and the lack of any effective treatment beyond making sure that patients are kept fully hydrated. But it is not as contagious as some other germs such as influenza that can sp considerable distances through the air. People catch Ebola by physical contact with an infected person or animal; scientists believe fruit bats, often eaten as bushmeat in Africa, are a reservoir of infection.埃拉病毒的可怕名声源于其致死率(约为60%),而且除了确保病人充分补水以外,目前还无其他有效的治疗方案。但它的传染性不如流感等其他病毒,后者可以通过空气传播至相当远的地方。埃拉病毒通过与受感染患者或动物的物理接触传染。科学家相信,在非洲常被当作野生动物食用的果蝠是埃拉病毒的宿主。Sophisticated healthcare, with quick diagnosis of suspected cases followed by barrier nursing and medical care, could halt the epidemic. The challenge is to provide that – or something closer to it than exists in much of west Africa today – in a region where the public health infrastructure is generally poor.成熟的医疗卫生,加上对疑似病例的快速诊断,再加上隔离看护和治疗,可能阻止疫情的传播。挑战在于,一个公共卫生基础设施普遍匮乏的地区很难提供这些务。西非大部分地区的医疗水平与之相距太大。The World Health Organisation is aly co-ordinating regional action with west African governments, and the medical assistance body Médecins Sans Frontières is active in the fight against Ebola, alongside some smaller western health charities. But they need more help from governments and agencies in the developed world, such as the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.世界卫生组织(WHO)已在与西非各国政府协调地区行动,医疗援助机构“无国界医生组织”(Medecins Sans Frontieres)与一些较小的西方医疗慈善机构一起,也积极参与到抗击埃拉病毒的行动中。但它们需要来自发达世界的政府和机构——比如美国疾病控制与预防中心(US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention)——的更多帮助。The first requirement is for better and faster diagnosis so that doctors can tell as quickly as possible whether someone is infected with Ebola, which resembles many other illnesses in its early symptoms. Because samples from suspected Ebola patients are an extreme biohazard risk, they must be handled in high-containment testing facilities, which are in short supply in west Africa.第一个需求是更快更好的诊断,让医生可以尽快确诊某人是否感染埃拉病毒。感染该病毒的初期症状与其他许多疾病类似。由于从疑似感染埃拉病毒患者提取的样本的生物危害风险极大,因此必须在高防护的检测中心检测这些样本,但这些设施在西非供应不足。Then patients must be treated in complete isolation by staff wearing full protective clothing (masks, gloves, gowns and goggles), with all equipment sterilised and patients kept away from friends and family. The World Medical Association warned yesterday that serious shortages of protective equipment were putting the lives of doctors and nurses at risk in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone; indeed several health workers, including two Americans, have aly been infected. Health workers fighting bravely in the front line against Ebola deserve all the technical help they can get.接下来病人必须接受完全隔离治疗,由穿着全套防护(面罩、手套、长袍和护目镜)的医疗人员护理,对所有设备消毒,禁止病人与朋友和家人接触。世界医学会(World Medical Association)昨日警告称,防护装备严重短缺正让几内亚、利比里亚和塞拉利昂的医生和护士的生命处于危险当中;实际上,包括两名美国人在内的多名医护人员已经受到感染。勇敢地战斗在抗击埃拉病毒第一线的医护人员,理应获得他们能够获得的所有技术援助。While equipping and protecting staff properly is a matter of money and logistics, unhelpful social and cultural attitudes in west Africa will be harder to tackle – and will need assistance from local religious and political leaders.为医护人员提供合适的装备和保护是资金和后勤的问题,而更大的问题在于西非的社会和文化态度,它们对于抗击疫情毫无帮助,这将需要当地宗教和政治领导人出手干预。Many people in the region are suspicious of western healthcare and would rather take care of infected family members in the community than send them to an isolation hospital which they see as a place to die. Traditional death rituals, such as washing the body before a funeral, must also be suspended for Ebola victims.该地区的许多人不相信西方的医疗保健,宁愿在社区里照顾受感染的家人,也不愿送到被他们视为死亡之地的隔离医院。因感染埃拉病毒而死亡的患者也不应举行传统的死亡仪式,比如在葬礼前清洗尸体。While Ebola is primarily a health issue, it could quickly become an economic crisis, too, for the region. Travel restrictions are appearing; yesterday Liberia closed most of its border crossings in an effort to halve the sp of the disease and Arik Air, a leading Nigerian airline, stopped flying from Liberia and Sierra Leone. The threat to international business and investment in west Africa should add weight to the humanitarian arguments for more decisive action against Ebola.尽管埃拉病毒主要是一个健康问题,但它可能很快演变为该地区的经济危机。已经出现了一些旅游禁令;昨日利比里亚关闭了大多数边界通道,以努力阻止埃拉病毒的传播,尼日利亚主要航空公司Arik Air停飞了从利比里亚和塞拉利昂出发的航班。不论是出于人道主义,还是考虑到埃拉对西非国际企业和投资造成的威胁,各方都应对埃拉病毒采取更果断的行动。 /201407/316554。
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