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郴州市中心医院治疗阳痿多少钱郴州治疗前列腺好的医院郴州包皮过长哪家 UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See, if you can I.D me. 看你能否鉴别出我。Im a type of microscopic organism. 我是一种微生物。I only have one cell, and I dont have a nucleus. 我只有一个细胞,我没有细胞核。Im found almost everywhere on earth, including inside people, plants and animals. 我存在在在地球上所有的地方,在人体内、植物内和动物体内。Im mostly harmless, but sometimes I can cause diseases.我几乎没有伤害,但是有时候我会造成疾病。Im bacteria, and I come in different shapes and sizes.我是细菌,我有不同的形状和大小。AZUZ: Chance are youve seen a product like soap that claims to get rid of bacteria. 你有可能看到过像香皂一样能去除细菌的产品。The antibacterial industry sells more than a billion dollars in products every year. 抗菌工业的产品每年销售额达到超过十亿美元。But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says the companies that make those products might need to make some changes.但是美国食品与药物表示,生产这些产品的公司需要做出一些调整。 /201312/269389He said, I think that well succeed in this marketplace他说 ;我相信我们可以征这个市场because were a software company,因为我们是一家软件公司;and everyone were going to compete with are hardware companies.;而我们的竞争对手都是硬件公司;I didnt realise at the time just how profound that was.我当时并没意识到这句话的意义是多么深远Apples iPhone became the fastest selling handset on the market.苹果的iPhone成为了销售速度最快的手机People werent buying them just to make phone calls.人们买iPhone的目的不仅是为了打电话Steve, I love you!史蒂夫 我爱你!What made the iPhone different was apps.iPhone的出之处在于它的应用程序The iPhone was the gateway to a world of downloadable software人们可以用iPhone下载各式各样的软件for anything from shopping to finding love, or lust, nearby.从购物到猎艳交友 一切应有尽有He came into the marketplace and absolutely demonstrated to people他一进入市场 就向人们展示了应用软件的奇妙之处how you could package up bits of the internet and present it to people因为它们能够将互联网的各式信息打包放进手机里in a way that was really simple and fast and digestible in the form of apps.这个过程简单 迅速并且易懂With apps, Apple had worked out how to open up its closed system通过应用软件 苹果为自己封闭的系统找到了一个合适的开放度just enough to keep earning money from its latest iPods, iPhones and iPads,第三方应用让iPod, iPhone和iPad的盈利方式even after youve bought them. The money keeps rolling in.不再局限于销售本身 钱财就这么滚滚而来For the first time ever,史无前例地Apple briefly topped Exxon Mobil as the worlds most valuable company.苹果暂时超越了埃克森美孚 成为世界上最有价值的公司All the more amazing as android phones and Dell and HP computers outsell Apple.事实上 安卓手机 戴尔和惠普电脑都比苹果的同类产品更畅销Oddly enough, the market share of Apple is very low.说来也奇怪 苹果的市场份额很低Its incredibly low in computers but they make enormous profit out of it.尤其是在电脑市场 但他们却能从中获取巨额利润Its actually low in smartphones. Its not the leader in the world同样 它也不是智能手机领域的世界领军品牌by any means, yet the money they make make them the largest company on Earth.尽管如此 它的盈利却让它成为了全球最大的公司 /201308/253779郴州治疗早泄最好的医院在哪

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郴州哪里治生殖感染好Lunch here at the British Museum staff canteen has always been a pretty international affair. Its not just the scholars and the curators who come from all round the world; its also of course the food.在大英物馆职工餐厅里吃午餐,堪称是一件相当国际化的事情。一则物馆里的学者与管理员都是来自全球世界,二则当然大家所吃的食物也是。As today is one of my healthy days, Im at the salad bar, looking in among the greens at a fairly standard run of potato salad, rice, sweetcorn and kidney beans. What I find interesting about these vegetables is not just that they come originally from all over the world, but that none of them would exist in the form they do today if the plants they come from hadnt been carefully chosen, cherished and modified in a long process that began about ten thousand years ago with some intrepid and ingenious Ice Age cooks.今天恰好是我的“健康日”之一,所以我站在沙拉吧前边,在一大堆形形式式的蔬菜前面左看看,右瞧瞧。菜式挺标准的,有土豆沙拉、米饭、甜主米、腰豆等等。让我对这些蔬菜颇感兴趣的倒不是它们源产地本来是遍及世界各地,而是假如不是当年经过一代又一代的人类精心选择,仔细培育,品种改良,这些植物也不可能会长得现代这样子了。而那漫长的过程,早在距今约一万年前,就由冰河时代那些勇敢而天才的厨师们开始了。Everyone did these things, and the families existed as families because you did it not for yourself but for the family. “大家都在做这些日常琐事,而家庭之所以存在恰恰是因为你不仅仅是为了自己,还为了家庭。”We need some new evolutionary tricks in order to sp out into increasingly hostile environments. “为了能在日趋恶劣的环境里开枝散叶、生息繁衍,我们需要拥有更新、更加进化的技能。”Bird-shaped pestle ,made of stone 4 - 8,000 years old , discovered in Papua New Guinea 鸟形杵,石制,距今约4000至8000年,巴布亚新几内亚。In previous programmes, we have looked at how our ancestors moved around the world; in this weeks programmes Im going to be focussing on what happened when they settled down. This is a week full of ancient animals, powerful gods, dangerous weather, good sex and even better food.在之前的节目里,我们观察我们的祖先们是如何全世界迁徙;在本周的节目里,我将聚集于当人类开始定居生活后所产生的变化。本周节目将充满各种古老动物、强大神灵、恶劣气候、美好性爱与美食佳肴。Around 11,000 years ago, the world underwent a violent and rapid period of climate change, leading to the end of the last Ice Age. 大约一万年前,这世界经历了剧烈而快速的气候巨变期,导致了最后一次冰河时代的终结。201403/281931 As the Germans pushed forward in desperation,正当绝望的德国队全线压上之时,Gilardino found space on the left,吉拉迪诺在左侧找到空档,rolled the ball to Del Piero, and the game was over.将球拨给皮耶罗,终结了比赛的悬念。重点词汇: push forward 推进例:Zambrotta can push forward when needed.赞布罗塔在需要的时候可以向前推进. 视频介绍:意大利队在加时赛临结束前由格罗索打入一球,德国队不得不全线压上进行背水一战,却被意大利队抓住机会再打入一球,最终遗憾出局。郴州男科医院最好的郴州早泄手术多少钱



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