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Diners have the stomach for the fight to save leftovers, report Cecily Liu in London, Caroline Berg in New York and He Na in Beijing.每隔几周在北京朝阳区居住的卢锦华一家就要去家附近的餐馆来次小型的家庭聚餐,一家人有说有笑,其乐融融的气氛羡煞旁人。但是卢大妈却不太喜欢参加,因为每次愉快的聚餐总是以令她不太高兴的情景结束。Every few weeks, Lu Jinhua#39;s family meets for dinner at a restaurant close to her home in Beijing#39;s Chaoyang district. But the happy mealtime almost always ends with an unhappy scene: Her children will insist that Lu leaves the table before she can embarrass them by asking to take the leftover food home in takeaway bags.买完单后,每当节俭了半辈子的卢大妈招呼务员要把所有的剩菜都打包的时候,孩子们就会拿起衣快步的把她拖到餐厅外。每次大妈进家门的时候嘴里都叼念着“太可惜了。”不过,上周末的聚餐细心的卢大妈发现了些小的变化让老人家感到非常高兴。But on Sunday, the 63-year-old Beijing resident was delighted to discover that the restaurant had implemented a number of changes. A poster on the table clearly stated, ;Save food, don#39;t waste it;. Instead of persuading customers to order a wide range of expensive dishes, the waitress suggested a small order that could be supplemented later if people were still hungry. At the end of the dinner, Lu#39;s daughter even volunteered to ask the waitress for doggy boxes.63岁的卢大妈发现每个餐桌的桌牌上都清楚的写着八个字“节约粮食,浪费可耻”。同时跟每次务员拼命让多点菜又推荐价格高的菜不同,这次在她们点了七菜一汤之后,务员说量差不多了,建议她们如果不够可以再点。最让老人高兴的还是吃完饭后老人的女儿主动要求务员拿打包盒把剩下的菜打包。;This is the happiest dinner I had in that restaurant so far, and I am so glad to see these changes. I used to live in a rural area and I#39;m well aware of the hardships farmers endure,; Lu said.卢大妈说:“我过去在农村生活过,知道这种粮食种菜多辛苦。看见孩子们都知道节省了我真的很高兴, 这是我在这个饭店吃的最高兴的一次。”A campaign against food wastage is sweeping China, a country where 128 million people live below the poverty line.卢大妈平常忙着看小孙子,很少看报纸很新闻,她不知道不仅是在她去的饭店,而是一场反对铺张浪费,提倡节俭的运动正在全国范围内展开。Every year, food valued at 200 billion yuan ( billion) is thrown away in China. The volume is equivalent to the amount consumed by more than 200 million people during a 12-month period.中国农业大学的统计数据显示,2012年中国人的餐桌浪费高达2400亿元,我国餐饮业一年浪费的脂肪和蛋白质相当于两亿人一年的口粮。另一组数据更明了反对浪费的必要性那就是目前我国还有1280万人口生活在贫困线以下。A proposal published in January, opposing waste, is part of a drive by China#39;s new leaders to fight extravagance and advocate thrift.1月20日,中共中央办公厅印发《习近平同志关于厉行勤俭节约,反对铺张浪费重要批示的通知》, 表明了中央新一届领导人厉行勤俭节约,反对铺张浪费的鲜明态度和坚定决心。Following suit, many provinces have launched their own, more-detailed versions. Central China#39;s Henan province has ordered that business meals for cadres should feature no more than four dishes, and alcohol is prohibited. Meanwhile, the southwestern province of Guizhou has set a time limit of 45 minutes on meals paid for by the public purse.为了贯彻落实好这一精神,全国个省区市也都积极行动起来,制定了当地自己的反对铺张浪费的举措。比如河南省就规定公务用餐仅限于四菜一汤并且不许上酒;贵州省规定对外接待就餐时间不超过45分钟。The public has also adopted the idea, resulting in a surge in anti-waste rhetoric. For example, the Beijing Catering Trade Association, Beijing Cuisine Association and Beijing Western Food Association launched a joint anti-waste initiative in late January, which garnered a rapid response from many catering enterprises.这一倡议也得到了社会的广泛响应,很多商家也纷纷行动起来。1月24日北京市商务委、市餐饮行业协会、北京烹饪协会、北京西餐协会对外发布《餐饮业厉行节约反对浪费倡议书》,推出多项反浪费措施。首批10家大型餐饮企业的749家门店响应,逐步向消费者提供“半份菜”、“小份菜”、“热菜拼盘”、免费打包,鼓励把没吃完的剩菜打包带走。 /201302/225675

  Jiroemon Kimura, the world#39;s oldest person, and the oldest man to have ever lived, has died at the age of 116.Kimura – who was born on 19 April 1897, when Queen Victoria was on the British throne – died of natural causes early on Wednesday, Japanese media said.The Kyoto prefecture resident became the oldest man in recorded history in late December 2012 at the age of 115 years and 253 days, following the death of Dina Manfredini, an Italian-American who lived in Iowa. The longest-living person in history was Jeanne Calment, a French woman who died in 1997 at the age of 122.Kimura died in hospital in his hometown of Kyotango, local government officials said. He had been receiving treatment for pneumonia since late last month.In a sign of Japan#39;s extraordinary longevity, his successor as the world#39;s oldest person is compatriot Misao Okawa, a 115-year-old Osaka woman who aly holds the title of the world#39;s oldest woman.Until his death Kimura was one of only a dozen people alive who were born in the 1890s. He lived through the reign of four Japanese emperors and the administrations of 61 prime ministers.Kimura conceded that he spent a lot of time in bed at the home he shared with his grandson#39;s widow, Eiko Kimura, who served him his favourite breakfast of rice porridge and miso soup.He put his longevity down to waking early, eating small amounts, ing the newspaper and watching parliamentary debates on television.Genetics may have also played a part: four of his siblings lived beyond the age of 90 and his youngest brother died aged 100. Kimura had seven grandchildren, 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great grandchildren.After leaving school at 14 Kimura spent 45 years working for the post office. He was retired more than half a century but helped on his son#39;s farm until he was 90.Okawa, who was born in 1898 during the Spanish-American war, has said that she is not fussy about what she eats, although she#39;s fond of pickled mackerel. Her new status has yet to be confirmed by Guinness World Records.Japan#39;s average life expectancy when Kimura was born was around 44 years; it now stands at 83. The country is home to more than 51,000 centenarians and around 20 supercentenarians, or people aged 110 or older.木村次郎右卫门是世上最年长的人,也是世上在世时间最长的人,他已去世,享年116岁。木村生于1897年4月19日。据日本媒体报导,2013年6月12日,木村自然死亡。2012年12月,美国爱荷华州的意大利裔美国人狄娜·曼佛瑞迪尼(Dina Manfredini)去世后,日本京都的木村以115岁253天的年龄成为了历史记录上最年长的人。历史上在世时间最长的是一名叫做珍妮·卡尔门(Jeanne Calment)的法国女性,她以122岁的高龄于1997年去世。木村家乡京丹后市的政府官员表示,木村在京丹后市的医院中去世。上月末起,木村就一直在接受肺炎的治疗。继他之后,世上最年长的老人也是一名日本人,叫做大川贞绪(Misao Okawa),115岁。她已享有世上最年长女性的称号。由此可见,日本人享有惊人的长寿。死前,木村是为数不多出生于19世纪90年代的人之一。他在世期间,日本经历了四位皇帝和61任首相的统治。木村承认,他的大部分时间都躺在家中,由孙子的遗孀木村瑛子(Eiko Kimura)照料,瑛子会他做他最喜欢的稀饭和味增汤当作早餐。他将自己的长寿归因为起得早、吃得少、读新闻以及看电视上的议会辩论。遗传基因也许也帮了不少忙:他的兄弟中有四人活过了90岁,他最小的弟弟活到了100岁。木村有7个子女,14个孙子女,25个曾孙子女以及13个曾曾孙子女。木村14岁时离开学校,之后在邮局干了45年。他已经退休了半余个世纪,但直到90岁前,他还在儿子的农场帮忙。大川出生于1898年美西战争之时,她说自己虽然喜欢腌青花鱼,但并不在意每顿吃什么。她最年长的身份还未被吉尼斯世界记录确认。木村出生时,日本的平均寿命预期值约为44岁;现已达到83岁。日本国内现有5.1万余名百岁老人,以及约20名年龄在110岁或以上的超级人瑞。


  Pop quiz: Which of these statements is false?突击测试:下面这些表述中哪一个是错的?1. We use only 10% of our brain.1. 我们只使用了大脑的10%。2. Environments rich in stimuli improve the brains of preschool children.2. 刺激物丰富的环境可以促进学龄前儿童的大脑发育。3. Individuals learn better when they receive information in their preferred learning style, whether auditory, visual or kinesthetic.3. 个人以自己喜欢的学习方式接收信息时,学习效果更好,无论他们使用的是听觉、视觉还是动觉。If you picked the first one, congratulations. The idea that we use only 10% of our brain is patently false. Yet it so permeates popular culture that, among psychologists and neuroscientists, it is known as the #39;10% myth.#39; Contrary to popular belief, the entire brain is put to use─unused neurons die and unused circuits atrophy. Reports of neuroimaging research might perpetuate the myth by showing only a small number of areas #39;lighting up#39; in a brain scan, but those are just areas that have more than a base line level of activity; the dark regions aren#39;t dormant or unused.Mark Nerys10%误区如果你选择的是1,恭喜你答对了。我们只使用了大脑的10%这种想法肯定是错误的。然而这种观点在大众文化中太深入人心了,心理学家和神经学家将其称为“10%误区”。事实与普遍的看法正好相反,我们的整个大脑都派上了用场──未使用的神经元会死去,未使用的神经回路会萎缩。神经影像研究报告可能会让这个谜团永远不得其解,因为在大脑扫描中,只有一小部分区域是“亮部”,但其实那只是活动高于基线水平的区域,阴影部分并未休眠或未被使用。Did you agree with the other two statements? If so, you fell into our trap. All three statements are false─or at least not substantiated by scientific evidence. Unfortunately, if you got any of them wrong, you#39;re hardly alone.另两个表述你赞同吗?如果赞同,那你就落入我们的圈套了。三个表述全都是错的──至少没有科学据持。不幸的是,不管你赞同哪个错误的表述,与你犯同样错误的都是大有人在。These #39;neuromyths,#39; along with others, were presented to 242 primary and secondary school teachers in the Netherlands and the U.K. as part of a study by Sanne Dekker and colleagues at VU University Amsterdam and Bristol University, and just published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology. They found that 47% of the teachers believed the 10% myth. Even more, 76%, believed that enriching children#39;s environments will strengthen their brains.Mark Nerys刺激物丰富误区桑内#8226;德克尔(Sanne Dekker)和他在阿姆斯特丹自由大学(VU University Amsterdam)及英国布里斯托大学(Bristol University)的同事开展了一项研究,研究结果刚刚发表在《心理学前沿》(Frontiers in Psychology)杂志上。作为研究工作的一部分,他们将这三道“神经科学谜题”与其它问题一道拿给荷兰和英国的242名中小学教师进行测试。他们发现,47%的老师相信那个10%误区,甚至更多的老师(76%)相信丰富孩子们身处的环境可以强化他们的大脑。This belief might have emerged from evidence that rats raised in cages with amenities like exercise wheels, tunnels and other rats showed better cognitive abilities and improvements in brain structure compared with rats that grew up isolated in bare cages. But such experiments show only that a truly impoverished and unnatural environment leads to poorer developmental outcomes than a more natural environment with opportunities to play and interact. It follows that growing up locked in a closet or otherwise cut off from human contact will impair a child#39;s brain development. It does not follow that #39;enriching#39; a child#39;s environment beyond what is aly typical─for example, by constant exposure to #39;Baby Einstein#39;-type s─will boost cognitive development.这种看法可能源自于下面的据:关在有运动跑轮、隧道等设施的笼子里并有其它同类作伴的老鼠比孤零零关在空空荡荡的笼子里成长起来的老鼠表现出更强的认知能力和更优的大脑结构。但是这种实验只能明,确实缺乏刺激物和不自然的环境比有机会玩耍和互动的更自然的环境更容易造成不良的发育后果。由此可以得出结论:将人锁在小屋子里或以其它方式切断人际交往会妨碍儿童的大脑发育。但却不能由此推断:在儿童所处的已经很典型的环境之外继续对环境加以丰富──比如,不停在孩子面前播放“幼儿爱因斯坦”之类的视频──会促进认知能力的发展。The myth about learning styles was the most popular: 94% of the teachers believed that students perform better when lessons are delivered in their preferred learning style. Indeed, students do have preferences about how they learn; the problem is that these preferences have little to do with how effectively they learn.Mark Nerys学习方式误区学习方式问题的错误之见是最普遍的:94%的老师认为,当课程以学生喜爱的学习方式传授时,学生表现会更好一些。事实上,学生的确有自己偏好的学习方式。问题是这些偏好与他们的学习效果并没有多大关系。Cognitive psychologist Daniel Willingham explained this conundrum in his 2009 book #39;Why Don#39;t Students Like School?#39; In the best tests of the learning-styles theory, researchers first ascertain students#39; preferred styles and then randomly assign them to a form of instruction that either matches their preferences or doesn#39;t. For example, in one study, students were randomly assigned to memorize a set of objects presented either verbally (as names) or visually (as pictures). Overall, visual presentation led to better memory, but there was no relationship between the learners#39; preferences and the instruction style. A study comparing #39;sensing#39; to #39;intuitive#39; learners among medical residents being taught new procedures reached a similar conclusion.认知心理学家丹尼尔#8226;威林厄姆(Daniel Willingham)在他2009年的《学生缘何不喜欢学校》(Why Don#39;t Students Like School?)一书里解答了这个难题。在学习方式理论方面的一些最佳测试中,研究人员首先查明了学生喜欢的学习方式,然后随机分配他们接受一种或对其胃口或不迎合其喜好的教学形式。比如,在一项研究中,学生们被随机分配去记忆一组物体,这组物体要么是通过口头的方式(以名字的形式)或视觉形象的方式(以图片形式)呈现给学生。总体上看,视觉呈现可以产生更好的记忆效果,但是学习者的偏好与教学方式之间并没有关系。一项在正接受新规程学习的住院医生中对“感知型”学习者和“直觉型”学习者进行比较的研究也得出了类似的结论。Of course, good teachers sense when students are struggling or progressing, and they adjust accordingly. Students with disabilities have individual needs that should be addressed. But a comprehensive review commissioned by the Association for Psychological Science concluded that there#39;s essentially no evidence that customizing instruction formats to match students#39; preferred learning styles leads to better achievement. This is a knock not on teachers─we are teachers ourselves─but on human intuition, which finds the claim about learning styles so self-evident that it is hard to see how it could be wrong.当然,对于正在努力或者正取得进步的学生,优秀的教师是能够感知到的,他们会对教学做出相应的调整。对于学习有障碍的学生,他们的需求应该单独处理。不过一项受托于美国心理科学协会(Association for Psychological Science)所做的全面审查结果显示,没有实质的据表明为适应学生喜欢的学习方式而制定个性化的教学方式可以让学生取得更好的学习成绩。这不是对老师的一个打击──我们自己就是老师──而是对人类直觉的叫板。我们的直觉认为有关学习方式的主张都是不言自明的,很难看得出它有什么不对的地方。Our own surveys of the U.S. population have found even more widesp belief in myths about the brain. About two-thirds of the public agreed with the 10% myth. Many also believed that memory works like a recording or that they can tell when someone is staring at the back of their head.我们自己在美国人中所做的调查发现,人们对大脑的错误认识甚至更加普遍。2/3的公众都赞同那个10%误区。很多人还认为记忆的工作原理与录制视频相仿,还有人相信当有人在盯着自己的后脑勺时,他们能够感觉得到。Ironically, in the Dekker group#39;s study, the teachers who knew the most about neuroscience also believed in the most myths. Apparently, teachers who are (admirably) enthusiastic about expanding their knowledge of the mind and brain have trouble separating fact from fiction as they learn. Neuromyths have so much intuitive appeal, and they sp so rapidly in fields like business and self-help, that eradicating them from popular consciousness might be a Sisyphean task. But reducing their influence in the classroom would be a good start.具有讽刺意味的是,在德克尔团队的研究中,那些对神经科学了解最多的老师对大多数的错误看法同样持相信的态度。显然,(以令人钦佩的精神)积极扩展自己在大脑和思维方面的知识的老师们在学习的过程中没能把事实跟错误的假想区分开来。有关神经科学的错误之见有很大的直观吸引力,而且在商业和互助团体等领域传播非常之快,要从大众意识中清除这些错误看法也许会成为一件永无止境的任务。不过不妨先从课堂着手减少它们的影响,这会是一个良好的开端。 /201212/214603

  A four-month-old girl received surgery to remove her 6-centimeter tail at a hospital in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, earlier this month.本月初,在广东省广州市的一家医院,一个4个月大的小女婴通过手术成功切除了她的六厘米的尾巴。The girl, who was diagnosed with spina bifida at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of the Sun Yat-sen University, was born with the hairless, soft, pink tail, the Guangzhou Daily reported.据广州日报报道,这个女婴在中山大学孙逸仙纪念医院南院被诊断为先天性隐性脊柱裂合并脊髓栓系,出生的时候携带着一根尾巴,尾巴光滑无毛,柔软,呈粉红色。Spina bifida, a birth defect affecting the spinal column, can result from genetic or environmental factors. The tail may be related to the disease, although no previous clinical cases have been reported, Deng Xiaogeng, director of the pediatric surgery department of the hospital, was ed by the newspaper as saying.先天性隐性脊柱裂合并脊髓栓系,是影响脊柱的先天缺陷,是遗传因素和环境因素共同作用的结果。医院小儿外科的主任邓小耿表示,虽然没有临床病例报告实,但是女孩长出的尾巴很可能与某种疾病有关。 /201211/209922The U.S.-Afghan strategic partnership agreement signed Tuesday by U.S. President Barack Obama and his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai is being greeted with mixed feelings in and outside of Afghanistan.美国总统奥巴马和阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊星期二签署的美阿战略夥伴关系协议在阿富汗内外引发各种不同的反应。While the strategic partnership deal could pose new challenges to Afghanistan, many believe it helps end any prevailing confusion about the nature of U.S.-Afghan relations once all foreign combat troops leave the country in 2014.尽管这项战略夥伴协议可能对阿富汗构成新的挑战,但是许多人认为,一旦所有外国作战部队在2014年撤离阿富汗,这项协议就有助于结束阿富汗人对美阿关系性质普遍存在的困惑。Afghan lawmaker Shukria Barekzai says it is early to comment on the fate of the deal once it is presented to parliament.阿富汗律师巴雷克扎伊说,现在对该协议提交议会后会出现的结果发表为时尚早。;It is very early to say that the parliament may pass [it] or not, but for my point of view as long as it is good for the country and good for the Afghan people we would like to vote for it,; said Barekzai. ;We would like to accept that partnership with a very clear stand, the stand which gives us and assures the Afghans that Afghanistan will be a prosper[ous] country, which Afghans deserve. And of course, it is a very long way for us to walk, but we have to achieve, what we should.;巴雷克扎伊说:“现在说议会将要通过或否决这项决议还为时太早。可是,据我看,只要协议对我们国家以及阿富汗人有好处,我们就会投持票。我们想带着十分明确的立场接受这个夥伴关系。这个立场就是要让阿富汗人确信,阿富汗将成为一个繁荣的国家,阿富汗也应该享有这样的国力。显然,要想实现这一目标我们还有很长的路要走,可是我们必须实现这一目标,我们应当实现这一目标。”Kabul-based independent researcher Omar Sharifi says that the strategic bilateral agreement also sends a strong message to the Taliban and other insurgent groups that they will not be allowed to return Afghanistan to the civil war of the 1990s.喀布尔的一位独立研究人员沙里菲说,这项双边协议还向塔利班和其他叛乱组织发出一个强烈的信息,那就是不允许他们让阿富汗回到1990年代的那场内战。;But the main question remains with almost every single Afghan right now, especially in the decision-making circles, will we have enough capacity to implement this agreement and to show that we are capable both structurally and in terms of politically thinking to be a good partner in this agreement,; said Sharifi.沙里菲说:“可是,几乎所有的阿富汗人,尤其是在决策圈,仍然有一个主要疑问。那就是我们有足够的能力来落实这项协议吗?我们能否表现出我们在结构上和政治思考上有能力成为这项协议中的一个好夥伴呢?”President Obama signed the agreement with his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai during Tuesday#39;s unannounced visit to Kabul. The document defines the role of the remaining American forces in Afghanistan after 2014, with troops staying on to support counterterrorism and training efforts.奥巴马总统在星期二对喀布尔进行的事先未作宣布的访问中与阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊签署了这项协议。这项文件明确规定了2014年之后留在阿富汗的美军的角色,一些部队要继续驻扎在阿富汗持反恐努力,并且还要做培训工作。Analysts in neighboring Pakistan, including former ambassador to the U.S. Maliha Lodhi, believe winding down the Afghan war can have a far-reaching effect on regional stability.邻国巴基斯坦的分析人士,包括前巴基斯坦驻美大使罗德尼在内,认为逐渐结束阿富汗战争可以对地区稳定产生深远的影响。;For 11 years Pakistan has wanted to hear these kinds of words from an American president that the war is ending, and the first time, I have heard an American president talk about a negotiated peace with the Taliban,; said Lodhi. ;President Obama, it was very significant, said in his speech that his administration was in direct discussions with the Taliban. So overall, I think, the president#39;s speech would be welcomed by Pakistan.;罗德尼说:“11年来,巴基斯坦一直想听到一位美国总统说出将要结束阿富汗战争这些话。我第一次听到一位美国总统谈到与塔利班进行和谈。奥巴马总统在讲话中说,美国政府与塔利班进行直接谈判。这一点极为重要。因此,总的来说,我认为奥巴马总统的讲话会受到巴基斯坦的欢迎。”Lodhi says Pakistan has been unable to successfully crack down on Islamist insurgents along its border with Afghanistan partly because the presence of foreign troops next door has helped fuel militancy in the region.罗德尼说,巴基斯坦一直不能对巴阿边境线上的伊斯兰叛乱分子实施成功的打击,部份原因是邻国的外国驻军激发了该地区的战斗状态。 /201205/180483



  Racetrack Playa is a dry lake bed located 3,608 feet above sea level in Death Valley National Park, California. The playa is named after the ;racetracks; left by stones that mysteriously skid across its surface.跑道干湖是坐落在加利福尼亚国家公园死亡之谷中的一个干涸的湖床,海拔3608米。之所以被命名为“跑道”,跟在湖床中的石头有关,这些石头从湖床表面划过,并留下一道道让人匪夷所思的滑行“轨迹”。The Racetrack is primarily covered with hexagonal saucers of dry mud, left after a very short season when the lake bed is covered with a shallow layer of water after rains wash down from the surrounding mountains and into the playa. But marring this surface is the creepy evidence of stones that move on their own.湖床表面覆盖着一层龟裂的干泥,这是由于每年有一段时间雨水从周围的山上流下来,在湖汇聚成浅浅的一层,湖水蒸发之后,就剩下了龟裂的湖泥。但是这些能自行移动的石头在此显得极不协调。Sliding slowly without any intervention for distances as long as 1,500 feet, the sailing stones have never been filmed in motion, yet they#39;re definitely on the move. The strange phenomenon only happens every few years, and the tracks are left for several years for visitors to ponder. One hypothesis is that winds -- which can howl at up to 90 mph -- push the stones across the slick mud left as the lake bed dries up after a downpour. A second similar hypothesis poses that after a thin sheet of rain falls over the playa and night temperatures drop to below freezing, a layer of ice forms across the surface of the lake bed and the stones slide across the ice with the wind.如果没有任何干预,这些石头能慢慢地移动长达1500英尺的距离。虽然没有用仪器记录下来,但是这些石头绝对是在运动着。这个奇怪的现象每隔几年发生一次,留下一道道痕迹给游客们去思考。有人认为是风的作用——这里的风速最高可以达到90英里每小时,干涸的湖床在一场大雨之后湖底因为积水而变的很滑,就有可能产生这种结果。第二个类似的说法认为,如果下一场小雨,加上夜间零度以下的温度,湖床表面就有可能结冰,这样风吹着石头移动起来就比较合理了。The only way to find out for sure would be to set up cameras and environmental sensor tools to understand just what makes these rocks move. Until then, they will remain a mind-blowing mystery!找到真相唯一的方法就是在此处设立摄像机,进行环境监控。在真正找到之前,这些石头仍然让人百思不得其解。 /201209/201408。

  There is one law for the rich and another for the poor. What else can one conclude from the decision by the City of London police not to investigate the former UK chief executive of JC Flowers for fraud? This week Britain#39;s Financial Services Authority hit Ravi Shankar Sinha with a pound;2.8m financial penalty, the biggest ever imposed on an individual for an infringement not related to market abuse. In its findings, the FSA said Mr Sinha had acted ;without honesty or integrity; in fraudulently obtaining pound;1.3m in fees from one of the private equity group#39;s portfolio companies and abusing his position of trust with his employer. In the legal lexicon, this translates as grounds for fraud investigation.这个世上适用于富人的法律是一套,适用于穷人的则是另一套。当伦敦金融城警方决定不对JC Flowers前英国首席执行官拉维bull;尚卡尔bull;辛哈(Ravi Shankar Sinha)进行相关欺诈调查时,你还能得出什么别的结论呢?上周,英国金融务(Financial Services Authority)对辛哈处以280万英镑的罚款,这是其有史以来就不涉及市场舞弊的违规行为对个人开出的最大罚单。该局在调查结果中表示,辛哈以欺诈手段从一家公司(该公司是私人股本集团JC Flowers投资组合中的公司之一)获得了130万英镑的费用,滥用了雇主对他的信任,其行为;缺乏诚信;。用法律语言来说,这就等于是为展开相关欺诈调查提供了理由。Dishonesty against an employer is taken particularly seriously in the UK. A gross breach of trust is rarely dealt with in the magistrates#39; courts, but goes immediately to the crown court, where a prison sentence is a near certainty on conviction. That is how Joyti De-Laurey, a secretary who stole pound;4.4m from Goldman Sachs in 2004, was sent down for seven years. But heavy jail terms are normal even for far smaller breaches. Which is why the decision not to push ahead with a full criminal inquiry into Mr Sinha#39;s conduct smacks of double standards. 在英国,失信于雇主是一件特别严重的事。性质严重的失信案件很少会交由地方法院审理,而是直接移交刑事法庭,一旦定罪,则难逃牢狱之灾。曾在高盛(Goldman Sachs)担任秘书的乔伊蒂bull;德-劳雷(Joyti De-Laurey)就是这样被判入狱7年的;;2004年时,她从高盛偷走了440万英镑。即便涉案金额比这小很多,量刑力度通常还是会很大。这就是为什么当警方决定不对辛哈的行为展开全面刑事调查时,人们仿佛嗅到了双重标准的味道。The City of London Police were clearly in a difficult position, given JC Flowers#39; reported lack of enthusiasm to pursue charges. It is regrettable that the UK has historically been more reluctant to convict and impose long sentences in cases of white-collar crime than in Hong Kong or the US. Without the determined support of the putative victim, the chances of securing a conviction quickly dwindle.伦敦金融城警方显然处在一个尴尬的境地,因为据说JC Flowers对提出指控的兴趣不大。从历史上看,英国在涉及白领犯罪的案件时,对罪犯判以长期徒刑的意愿不如香港或美国那么强烈,这一点令人遗憾。没有公认受害者的坚定持,明不法之徒有罪的可能性便迅速降低。 But there is good reason why an investigation ; no matter how difficult ; would still be in the public interest. Apart from the fact that a crime appears to have been committed, it is important that those engaged in relationships of trust ; such as JC Flowers, which manages millions for investors ; co-operate with authorities and that such episodes are not swept under the carpet. Mr Sinha#39;s defence that he would have been given permission by head office to charge what were, in effect, fees for nothing had he asked beforehand may be self-serving nonsense. But equally, it raises questions about private equity#39;s arbitrary fee structure that many in the industry might be uncomfortable answering. Britain#39;s financial sector should employ practices that stand up to scrutiny. By opting to abandon an inquiry, neither justice nor transparency has been served. 但我们有充分理由认为,推进相关调查;;无论调查过程会多么艰难;;仍是符合公众利益的。除了犯罪似乎已经发生这一点之外,涉及信任关系的相关方;;例如为投资者管理着海量资金的JC Flowers;;应与有关部门合作,让这类事情无处隐藏,这一点很重要。辛哈辩解说,如果他事先请示,总部应该也会同意他收取这笔实际上可谓是无缘由的费用。这话或许是他为自身开脱的无稽之谈,但它另一方面也引发了人们对于私人股本公司这种随意式收费结构的疑问。面对此疑问,该行业的许多从业者或许都难以坦然地给出。英国金融业的各种做法要经得起外界的审视。若选择放弃调查,沦为牺牲品的便是公正与透明。译者:薛磊 /201202/170591



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