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青岛哪家妇科医院看得好还便宜青岛人流的手术费用This, I propose to offer, we are going to larger purposes, bind upon us, bind upon us all, as a sacred obligation with a unity of duty, hitherto evoked only in times of armed strife.我倡议,为了更伟大的目标,我们所有的人,以一致的职责紧紧团结起来。这是神圣的义务,非战乱,不停止。With this pledge taken, I assume unhesitatingly, the leadership of this great army of our people dedicated to a disciplined attack upon our common problems. Action in this image, action to this end, is feasible under the form of government which we have inherited from my ancestors. Our constitution is so simple, so practical, that it is possible always, to meet extraordinary needs, by changes in emphasis and arrangements without loss of a central form, that is why our constitutional system has proved itself the most superbly enduring political mechanism the modern world has ever seen. It has met every stress of vast expansion of territory, of foreign wars, of bitter internal strife, of world relations.有了这样的誓言,我将毫不犹豫地承担领导伟大人民大军的任务,致力于对我们普遍问题的强攻。这样的行动,这样的目标,在我们从祖先手中接过的政府中是可行的。我们的宪法如此简单,实在。它随时可以应付特殊情况,只需对重点和安排加以修改而不丧失中心思想,正因为如此,我们的宪法体制已自为是最有适应性的政治体制。它已应付过巨大的国土扩张、外战、内乱及国际关系所带来的压力。And it is to be hoped that the normal balance of executive and legislative authority will be fully equal, fully adequate to meet the unprecedented task before us.而我们还希望行使法律的人士做到充分的平等,能充分地担负前所未有的任务。 /201305/239820青岛市山大医院预约挂号平台 We think this approach is well aligned with the needs of customers like the Xiamen Post and Telecommunication Authority. The comprehensive solution we implemented for its Internet Service Provider required both UNIX and NT systems, and our ability to manage and support both environments was critical to the success of the project. Furthermore, weve been working very hard to build bridges between these two worlds. In fact, HP has been the only company with an explicit strategy of bringing these two worlds together. Were working on all levels shown here. We dont have time to go into detail on each, but let me give you some examples in each area. In the area of services and support, HP now provides consulting services in Windows 95, NT and Desktop Exchange. Weve created a joint Enterprise Solution Center with Microsoft. And we at HP have created a strong support offering for NT. Were collaborating in the area of high availability. Ill have more to say about that later, when I talk about our PC strategy. In the area of security, Microsoft has endorsed Ver Secure, the cryptography technology developed by HP that the ed States government has just approved for export. HP OpenView is the only management platform that is certified for Microsoft BackOffice, and parts of OpenView are being bundled with the next release of Microsofts Systems Management Server.我们认为,这一方式可以很好地满足客户的不同需求,具体的实例如厦门邮电局。我们为其因特网务供应商提供的综合性解决方案既需要UNIX系统,也需要NT系统,而我们可以管理和持这两个环境。这是该项目取得成功的关键。此外,我们一直努力在这两者之间架起一座桥梁。实际上,惠普是唯一一家将这两者融为一体并制定了明确的战略的公司。所以正如大家所见,我公司致力于所有这些层面的业务。因时间的关系,我今天的发言没办法做到面面俱到,但我可以在每一领域举例说明。在务和持方面,惠普现提供有关 Windows 95、NT 和 Desktop Exchange方面的咨询务。我们与微软公司共同建立了一个企业解决方案中心。惠普公司在NT系统方面提供强有力的持。我们两公司在高度可用性方面进行了紧密合作。稍后等我谈到我们的PC战略时将对此详细论述。在安全方面,微软公司已表示持惠普公司开发的安全加密技术VerSecure。这一技术最近刚获得美国政府允许出口的准许。惠普的OpenView是目前唯一针对 Microsoft BackOffice 开发的管理平台,其中的一部分与微软的系统管理务器捆绑在一起,拟在近期推出。201410/333891Thank you very much非常感谢First of all, thank you首先 谢谢你们I thank you and Dr. Paula WhetselRibeau谢谢你们 还有宝拉?威索尔里士Thank you for meeting me outside with your daughter谢谢你带着你女儿在外面接我As a father of a grown daughter,作为一个成年女儿的父亲I wonder if you had shared my experience我不知道你是否也有过我这样的经历Its humbling, rewarding and occasionally frustrating to have a child who knows more than you do about everything有一个比自己知道得更多的孩子既让人感到谦卑 欣慰 偶尔也会感到沮丧I think she thought she did when she was in high school, but eventually it was true我觉得她在上高中的时候是这么想的但最终确实成真了Im honored to be here非常荣幸来到这儿I thank you for the degree感谢你们授予的学位I thank Governor Wilder for his introduction我要谢谢怀尔德州长所做的介绍Weve been friends for a long time我们是多年的朋友了We served together我们曾共同为国尽职I was impressed by his leadership as Governor of Virginia, and impressed by his servanthood when he went back to serve as mayor他当弗吉尼亚州长时的领导力令我印象深刻他回到工作岗位上做起市长的奉献精神也给我留下了深刻印象And I asked him, Doug, do you enjoy being the mayor?我问他 道格 你喜欢当市长吗He said, yeah I really like it他说 嗯 我很喜欢But he said, the good news is youre closer to the people不过他还说 好消息是你可以更加接近百姓The bad news is that youre just close enough for them to strangle if you mess up坏消息是接近到足够他们在你把事情搞砸的时候把你掐死I wanna say, how great it is for me to be here at Howard我想谈谈能来到霍华德大学对我来说有多么重要First, because in I was inducted as an honorary member of Phi Beta Sigma which was founded here 99 years ago首先 是因为年我被接纳为99年前在此成立的Phi Beta Sigma兄弟会的荣誉成员201506/382900威海月经不调多少钱

青岛市第一人民医院贵吗Now once we mate, we click on the egg.我们一旦交配之后,就可以点这个蛋。And this is where the game starts getting interesting,这样游戏就变得很有趣了,because one of the things we really focused on here was giving the players very high-leverage tools,因为我们的重点工作致意就是让玩家利用事半功倍的工具,so that for a very small amount of effort the player can make something very cool.简单而巧妙地做出很酷的事情。And it involves a lot of intelligence on the tool side.工具栏中包含了很多的智慧。But basically, this is the editor基本上,这就是编辑工具,where were going to design the next generation of our creature.我们可以用它设计我们的生物的下一代。So it has a little spine.它有一个小脊柱,I can move around here. I can extend.它可以移动,可以延伸。I can also inflate or deflate it with the mouse wheel, so you sculpt it like clay.我也可以用这个鼠标操纵的转盘来使它膨胀或者紧缩,这样你就可以塑造它的形状,We have parts here that I can put on or pull off.就像捏橡皮泥一样。这儿我们有零件,你可以添加或者拆减。The idea is that the player can basically design我们的理念是,玩家可以用这个编辑工具设计anything they can think of in this editor, and well basically bring it to life.任何他们想设计的东西,然后让它有了生命。So, for instance, I might put some limbs on the character here.比如,我可以在这个家伙身上装一些肢体。Ill inflate them kind of large.我要把它们胀大。And in this case I might decide Im going to put --这儿我打算——Ill put mouths on the limbs.我打算在它的肢体上加几个嘴巴。So pretty much players are encouraged to be very creative in the game.所以这个游戏鼓励玩家尽可能地发挥他们的创意。Here, Ill give it one eye in the middle, maybe scale it up a bit. Point it down.这里,我要在中间安一只眼睛,放大,视线向下一点。And Ill also give it a few legs.我还要给它装几条腿。So in some sense we want this to feel like an amplifier for the players imagination,所以我们想要这个游戏,能够放飞玩家的想象,so that with a very small number of clicks a player can create something这样玩家只要轻点鼠标,就能创造that they didnt really think was possible before.他们以前想也不敢想的东西。You know, this is almost like designing something like Maya that an eight-year-old can use.你瞧,这就像是一款八岁的小孩都能使用的玛雅设计软件。But really the goal here was, within about a minute,我们真实的意图是,让玩家可以在一分钟之内,I wanted somebody to replicate what typically takes a pictorial artist several weeks to create.制作出一个平面设计师一般需要几周来创作的东西。OK, now Ill put some hands on it.好,现在我要为它加上几只手。OK, so here Ive basically thrown together a little creature.嗯,这样我就拼装好了一个小生物。Let me give it a little weapon on the tail here, so it can fight.我接着在它的尾巴上添一个小武器,这样它就能战斗了。OK, so thats the complete model. Now we can actually go to the painting phase.好啦,大功告成。然后我们就可以为它涂色了。Now, at this phase, the program actually has some understanding of the topology of this creature.在这个阶段,程序实际上对这个生物的拓扑有自己的理解。It kind of knows where the backbone is,它知道哪里是后背,where the spine, the limbs are.哪里是脊柱,哪里是肢体。It kind of knows how stripes should run, how it should be shaded.它知道条纹应该如何分布,如何造型,And so were procedurally generating the texture map,于是我们就顺理成章地得到了这个纹理图。and this is something a texture artist would take many, many days to work on.这样的作品交给一个纹理艺术家来做可能需要很多天。201512/418913四方区妇女儿童医院医生咨询 This year we strengthened our position by acquiring the networking business unit of a company called Symantec. This provided HP OpenView with new capabilities for software distribution, inventory, configuration, trouble-shooting, licensing for desktop systems as well as real-time server management for Windows NT. This allows us to offer a single-vendor management solution that combines hardware, software management and services. A third investment last year was aimed at helping customers manage NT-based systems.今年,我们通过收购一家名为Symantec公司的网络部门,进而加强了我们的地位。这为惠普OpenView提供了新的功能,如软件分配、库存、配置、查找故障、注册桌面系统,以及Windows NT的实时务器管理。这可使我们提供单一厂商管理解决方案,将硬件管理、软件管理和务结合起来。去年第三笔投资是帮助客户管理基于NT的系统。We evaluated a variety of different approaches to this challenge. A small company called NewView had the best product available, something called ManageX, and we acquired that company late last year. We think ManageX is the best for a couple of reasons. First, its very scalable — able to handle everything from the workgroup to a full enterprise. We think thats very important, because we see many customers starting out by deploying NT in a workgroup area, and then more broadly across their enterprise. So its critical to have a tool that can grow. Second, ManageX is based on all of Microsofts technologies. Thats really critical if you want to have a leading product in the NT environment. Most of OpenViews competitors today are trying to take software that was developed for managing mainframes or Unix and then retrofitting it to NT. And thats no trivial task.我们评估了解决这一问题的各类方式。当时,有一家叫NewView的小公司拥有名为ManageX的最佳产品,去年下半年我们收购了该公司。我们认为ManageX极具优势的原因如下:第一,它具有极强的可扩展性——可处理从工作组到整个企业的任何事项。我们认为这一点非常重要,因为我们看到许多客户初期在工作组用的是NT,然后逐渐在企业内扩大。所以,最关键的是真有可发展的工具。第二, ManageX是基于微软的技术。 如果你想在NT环境拥有领先的产品,这一点甚为重要。目前,OpenView的大多数竞争者均力图获取可用于管理主机或UNIX的软件然后将其改型,以便更加适应NT。而这项工作极为繁杂。201410/337193青岛市公立三甲医院人流多钱

山东省青岛儿童医院打胎流产好吗 Then, we go one step further.然后, 我们更进一步。We add our values when it comes to womens health,LGBT health, alternative medicine,preventive health, and end-of-life decisions.我们带来了更多的好处:比如女性健康,同性双性恋及跨性者的健康问题, 替代疗法,卫生预防, 以及临终决定。We pledge to our patients that we are here to serve you,so you have a right to know who we are. 我们向我们的患者 保我们在这里是为你务。所以你有权利知道我们是谁,We believe that transparency can be the cure for fear.我们相信这种透明可以治疗恐惧。I thought some doctors would sign on and others wouldnt,but I had no idea of the huge backlash that would ensue.我当时认为一些医生 会签下这份协议, 一些不会,但是我不知道接下来 会产生这么大的反对意见。Within one week of starting Whos My Doctor?在这项活动开始的一周内Medscapes public forum and several online doctors communities had thousands of posts about this topic.知名医学网站医景的公共论坛和一些网上医生社区有了上千个关于这个话题的帖子。Here are a few.这里有一些From a gastroenterologist in Portland:来自于波特兰的一个胃肠病专家:I devoted 12 years of my life to being a slave.我奉献了我生命中的12年去成为一个奴隶,I have loans and mortgages.我有贷款和抵押贷款,I depend on lunches from drug companies to serve patients.我依靠制药公司给的饭碗去给患者务。Well, times may be hard for everyone,这个时代对于每一个人都是困难的,but try telling your patient making 35,000 dollars a year to serve a family of four that you need the free lunch.但是尝试去告诉你的患者一年赚35,000美金去养活一家四口使你需要这个免费午餐。From an orthopedic surgeon in Charlotte:这个是来自夏洛特的一名矫形外科医生:I find it an invasion of my privacy to disclose where my income comes from.我认为公开我的收入来源 是一种对我隐私的侵犯,My patients dont disclose their incomes to me.我的病人也不向我公开他们的收入情况。But your patients sources of income dont affect your health.但是你病人的收入来源不影响你的健康。From a psychiatrist in New York City:这个是来自一名纽约的精神科的医生:Pretty soon we will have to disclose whether we prefer cats to dogs,what model of car we drive,and what toilet paper we use. 不久之后我们将不得不公开 我们是否喜欢喜欢猫比多一点,我们开什么类型的车,我们用什么厕纸。Well, how you feel about Toyotas or Cottonelle wont affect your patients health,but your views on a womans right to choose and preventive medicine and end-of-life decisions just might. 你的丰田汽车和斯科特纸的看法不会影响你的病人的健康,但是你对女性权利的选择,预防医学和临终决定的看法是可能的。And my favorite, from a Kansas City cardiologist:还有我最喜欢的一条, 来自于堪萨斯城的心脏科医生:More government-mandated stuff?更多国家指定的医生?Dr. Wen needs to move back to her own country.文医生需要搬回自己的国家。Well, two pieces of good news.这有两条好消息,First of all, this is meant to be voluntary and not mandatory,and second of all, Im American and Im aly here.第一, 这应该是自愿的而不是强制的,第二, 我是美国人, 而且我已经在这了。Within a month, my employers were getting calls asking for me to be fired.一个月之内, 我的雇主接到过几通电话要求解雇我。I received mail at my undisclosed home address with threats to contact the medical board to sanction me.在我的一个私人的居所里, 收到了一封邮件威胁说要去联系医委会制裁我,My friends and family urged me to quit this campaign.我的朋友和家庭强烈要求我从这个活动里退出,After the bomb threat, I was done.在收到炸弹威胁后, 我受够了。But then I heard from patients.但是然后我从患者那里听说,Over social media, a TweetChat,which Id learned what that was by then,generated 4.3 million impressions,and thousands of people wrote to encourage me to continue. 基于大众评价, Tweetchat,是我在当时用的社交工具,已经产生了430万的留言,上千人留言鼓励我继续。They wrote with things like,if doctors are doing something theyre that ashamed of,they shouldnt be doing it.他们写下一些如,如果医生做了一些让他们感到羞愧的事情,他们就不应该那样做。Elected officials have to disclose campaign contributions.当选官员在公开他们的竞选资金来源,Lawyers have to disclose conflicts of interests.律师在公开他们的经济利益冲突的情况下,Why shouldnt doctors?医生怎么就不能公开了?And finally, many people wrote and said,let us patients decide whats important when were choosing a doctor.最后, 许多人留言说,让我们患者决定当我们选一个医生的时候,什么才是重要的。In our initial trial,over 300 doctors have taken the total transparency pledge.在我们初期的实验里,超过300个医生参与了这个透明承诺。What a crazy new idea, right?多么疯狂的想法, 对吗?But actually, this is not that new of a concept at all.但是事实上, 这一点都不算是新的概念。Remember Dr. Sam, my doctor in China,with the goofy jokes and the wild hair?记得山姆医生,那个会讲傻傻的笑话和 狂野的头发的中国医生吗?Well, she was my doctor,but she was also our neighbor who lived in the building across the street. 她曾是我的医生,但是她同时也是住在街对面的邻居。I went to the same school as her daughter.我和她的女儿去的同一所学校,My parents and I trusted her because we knew who she was and what she stood for,and she had no need to hide from us. 我的父母和我相信她因为我们知道她是怎样的一个人 和她的信仰是什么,她不需要向我们隐藏什么。Just one generation ago, this was the norm in the U.S. as well.仅仅这一代之前, 这在美国也是常态。You knew that your family doctor was the father of two teenage boys,that he quit smoking a few years ago,that he says hes a regular churchgoer,but you see him twice a year: once at Easter and once when his mother-in-law comes to town. 你知道你的家庭医生 是两个十几岁男孩的父亲,他几年前把烟戒掉了,经常去做礼拜,但是你见他一年两次: 要么是在复活节要么就是他的岳母到访的时候。You knew what he was about,and he had no need to hide from you. 你知道关于他的事情,他不需要向你隐藏什么。But the sickness of fear has taken over,and patients suffer the consequences. 但是现在已经恐惧占据了,患者为其承担后果。I know this firsthand.我亲身经历过的。201503/366094荣成治疗妇科费用莱西市人流贵不贵



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