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Professor Travis Pickering is travelling to northern Namibia特拉维斯·皮克林教授 远赴纳米比亚北部to meet some of the world#39;s most expert hunters.去拜访世界上最为专精的猎人By watching them in action, he hopes to get an insight通过观察他们的活动 特拉维斯·皮克林希望into how it is possible to carry out能够因此了解是否可能the complex business of hunting仅凭简单基本的器具using only basic weapons.就能完成复杂的狩猎活动I can#39;t wait to watch these people hunt tomorrow -我迫不及待的想见识他们明天怎么狩猎了it#39;s going to be a lot of fun.一定会十分有趣These are the Jut#39;want, which means ;Real people;.他们便是Jut#39;want ;真人;的意思Their remote position他们地处偏远means they have been relatively untouched by the 21st century.说明他们受现代社会影响较小In this society, there is no farming.这个社会里 没有农业Everything they eat comes from hunting and gathering.他们的食物都来自捕猎和采集Travis is meeting N#39;lao and his friends特拉维斯在劳和他的战友as they set out to catch an evening meal for their families.为准备全家的晚餐出发前相见 Article/201504/370804Headaches are not only painful; they can affect your work performance and zap your energy. Instead of reaching for pain pills, try these natural cures.头痛不仅痛苦,还会影响你的工作表现,消耗你的能量。不要选择止痛片,尝试下面这些天然疗法。You Will Need你需要A washcloth一条毛巾A hot water bottle一个热水瓶A calming environment平静的环境The ability to relax放松的能力Steps步骤STEP 1 Use a cold compress1.使用冷敷法Wet a washcloth in very cold water or place a damp washcloth in the freezer for 10 minutes. Place over your forehead.用非常冷的水把毛巾浸湿,或者把湿润的毛巾放在冰箱中10分钟。把毛巾敷在额头上。Use a few drops of peppermint oil on the cold cloth to speed relief.在湿毛巾上滴几滴薄荷油可以更快起到舒缓效果。STEP 2 Use heat2.热敷Place a very warm washcloth or hot water bottle across your forehead. Place a heating pad across your neck and shoulders to relax tight muscles.在额头上放一条非常暖的毛巾或热水瓶。在脖子和肩膀周围围一条取暖电热毯,放松紧张的肌肉。STEP 3 Massage3.Rub the painful area of your head with gentle, circular pressure for seven to 15 seconds.以轻柔,打圈的动作揉搓头部疼痛的部位,坚持7至15秒钟的时间。STEP 4 Lie quietly4.静静地躺下Lie down in a dark, quiet room and release tension by focusing on relaxing your back, neck, and shoulders.躺在黑暗安静的房间里,集中精力放松背部,脖子和肩膀,缓解紧张情绪。STEP 5 Nap5.小睡Nap for an hour to ;sleep off; the pain.小睡一小时,把疼痛睡走。STEP 6 Eat and drink6.吃喝Eat regular meals and drink lots of water. Hunger and dehydration can cause headaches; getting proper nutrition and fluids can put the odds back in your favor.吃普通的饭菜,大量饮水。饥饿和脱水会导致头痛;补充适当的营养和液体可以让你赶走头痛。Tension, stress, sinus congestion, lack of sleep, caffeine withdrawal, and spinal problems can all cause headaches.紧张,压力,鼻窦充血,缺乏睡眠,咖啡因效果下降和脊髓问题都会导致头痛。 /201501/355219今天我们要讲讲国人最老土的英语自我介绍法。什么My name is...、I work in...company...I am studying at...全部中!最纯正、最自然的英语自我介绍,快看节目学起来!更多精英语学习内容,欢迎下载OpenLanguage app或前往openlanguage.com了解。 Article/201507/384438Tsinghua Univ. President Chen Jining appointed party chief of Environment Ministry清华大学校长陈吉宁任环保部党组书记Tsinghua University President Chen Jining has been appointed party chief of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.清华大学校长陈吉宁被任命为中共环保部党组书记。He is also widely tipped to replace Zhou Shengxian as the Minister of Environmental Protection.据悉他将取代周生贤出任环境保护部部长。The 51-year old Chen Jining, an expert in environmental sciences was appointed to his new position on Wednesday.周3接到任命的陈吉宁现年51岁,是环境领域方面的权威专家。He has directed several plans on controlling water pollution for the ministry and has a good reputation.他曾指导过环保部关于控制水污染的计划并且有着良好的口碑。He received his bachelors and masters degree from Tsinghua University and then went to Imperial College London for his doctorate.获得清华大学学士和硕士学位后,他远赴伦敦帝国学院取得士学位。In 1998, Chen returned to Tsinghua University and taught there.1998年他回到清华大学任教。In January 2013, Chen was appointed president of Tsinghua University.2013年1月他被任命为清华大学校长。 Article/201502/357493

The rainbow,as we know it,is Red,Organge,Yellow,Green,Blue,Violet.ROYGBV,I#39;m ignoring Indigo because,let#39;s be honest,Indigo?But where exactly is violet? Is it at the end here?This dark blue? And what#39;s this brighter light blue-green ?Cyan,perhaps?Why don#39;t we say the rainbow is Red Orange Yellow Green Cyan Blue?虹的颜色嘛,当然是红橙黄绿蓝紫 ROYGBV 我把靛省掉了,靛色,逗我呢?那么紫色哪去了呢?是在这深蓝色最末端吗?这个浅蓝绿色是啥,青色嘛?为啥我们不说虹是红橙黄绿青蓝(木有紫)的呢?ROYGCB Well,we actually do,and we#39;ve just forgotten.When Isaac Newton originally observed a rainbow of light split by a prism and made his labeling of the colors as RedOrangeYellowGreenBlueIndigoViolet,the thing he called ;blue;was indeed what we would now call blue-green,teal or cyan-reminiscent of the color of the blue sky.ROYGCB其实,我们曾经的确这么说,当牛顿最初通过棱镜观察散射的虹光并为颜色标上“红橙黄绿蓝靛紫”时,他们所说的“蓝”是我们今天所指的蓝绿色,或说青色,让人思绪无穷的天空的颜色。And what we now tend to call blue,Newton called violet as in,roses are red,violets are blue,Dark blue.He only included indigo in his fundamental;seven colors of the rainbow;so that they would match the number of notes of the western musical scale:Do re mi fa so la ti...yeah.我们今天所说的蓝在牛顿口中是“紫”就是,红玫瑰,紫罗兰,也就是深蓝色。他在“七色虹”中引入靛色,只是为了和西方的音乐音阶数量相配:哆来咪发嗦啦啼,就酱紫。Purple and magenta,as we know,don#39;t occur in the rainbow from a prism because they can only be made as a combination of red and blue light,and those are on opposite sides of the rainbow,nowhere near overlapping.So there#39;s no purple or hot pink in the rainbow from a prism.Violet is there in the ;roses are red,violets are BLUE;sense,but purple is not.正如我们所知,紫色和品红并不在棱镜折射出的虹里,因为它们只能通过红蓝光叠加产生,而这两者在虹的两端,完全不可能叠加嘛。因此,棱镜折射出的虹中没有紫色或亮粉色。“红玫瑰,紫罗兰”中有蓝紫色,但没有紫色。So then why do rainbows in the sky often look like they have pruple in them? I suspect sometimes it#39;s an optical illusion whereby nice deep blues in small amounts surrounded by a lighter color appear purplish to our eyes.However,sometimes purple and pink really are there,because a rainbow is really a rain-disk:each color of sunlight reflects back in a bright rimmed disc,all of different sizes,which together add up to make a white disk with a colorful rim.那么,为啥天上的虹看上去有紫色呢?我认为,这可能是一种视错觉,小面积的深蓝被亮色环绕时看碟上去像是紫色。不过,有时紫色和粉色真的出现过,因为虹终究还是“蝶”,日光中的每一种颜色反射在光边盘上,环大小各不相同,它们叠加在一起,形成有着色边缘的白碟。But because light is a wave,interference from the raindrops themselves actually gives each disk multiple rings:the familiar outer ring is just the brightest.The others are called;supernumerary rings;and are the source of supernumerary rainbows.The smaller the raindrops,the stronger the supernumerary bows.And if the drops are the right size,the first red supernumerary ring can overlap significantly with the main dark blue ring,and what do red and blue give?Purple!由于光的波动性,两滴产生的干涉使碟出现多个环,我们所熟悉的外环是最亮的一个,其他的被称为“多余环”是多余虹的起源。雨滴越小,多余虹越明显。如果雨滴大小恰到好处,第一个红色多余环会叠加在主环的深蓝环上 ,红加蓝等于,紫色!So as the saying goes,roses are red,violets are blue,and purple in a rainbow is a supernumerary hue.所以,正如俗话说,红玫瑰,紫罗兰,蓝紫的虹,就是多余环。 Article/201504/365631

A zoo in France is mourning the death of its rhinoceros after he was killed by poachers.一头犀牛在法国动物园被偷猎者杀,园内正在为犀牛之死哀悼。Vince the white rhino was found shot to death in his enclosure at a zoo west of Paris. Authorities say poachers broke into the zoo, shot Vince and sawed off one of his horns with a chainsaw. 在巴黎西部的一个动物园内,这头名为文斯(Vince)的白犀牛被发现死于围栏中。当局称,偷猎者闯入动物园,向文斯开,并用电锯锯掉它的一只角。A former zoo official said, It#39;s not easy to kill a rhino weighing several tons just like that. It#39;s a job for professionals.Other zoos around Europe were warned to take extra precautions.一位前动物园官员表示,杀死一只重达数吨的犀牛并不容易。这是行家的行为。其它欧洲动物园被警告要采取额外的预防措施。In 2016, the ivory and horn trade was banned in France, but poaching can still be very profitable. A pound of rhino horn is worth tens of thousands of dollars on the black market.2016年,象牙和犀牛角贸易在法国被禁止,但偷猎仍是非常有利可图的。一磅犀牛角在黑市上价值数万美元。White rhino poaching is increasing worldwide. More than a thousand of them are killed annually for their horns, which are sometimes used in traditional Asian medicine.在全球,白犀牛的偷猎越来越多。每年有超过一千头白犀牛被杀取角,这些角有时被用于亚洲传统医学。译文属。 Article/201703/496483

We seek power.We build empires.We connect.我们追求权力 我们建立帝国 我们相互联结But one man#39;s life and death但有一个人的生死Will touch the lives of millions.将会改变千万人的命运It will transform the destiny of an empire将会改变一个帝国的命运And change the story of all of us.改变我们所有人的故事Amidst the chaos of an unforgiving planet,这颗星球残酷无情 在无数混乱中Most species will fail.大多数物种将会在劫难逃But for one, all the pieces will fall into place,但是有一个物种 却有条不紊地进化着And a set of keys will unlock a path for mankind to triumph.一串钥匙将开启人类通往胜利的道路This is our story, the story of all of us.这就是我们的故事 我们所有人的故事Jerusalem, 33 A.D.A provincial city under Roman rule.耶路撒冷 公元33年 犹太省的首府 已受罗马统治Occupied for 100 years.A man has been sentenced to death.一百年了 一名男子被判处死刑Today he#39;ll be executed.But his death will launch a global religion.今天 他将被处决 但他的死将成就世界一大宗教Today, a third of mankind worships in his name...Jesus of Nazareth.如今 世界上三分之一的人视之为神明 他就是拿撒勒(巴勒斯坦北部古城)的耶稣 Article/201510/401799

Now we will discuss vitamin K.现在我们来说说维生素KCan you think of the main roles你能想到维生素Kfor vitamin K in the human body?在人体内的主要作用吗?The K is derived from the German word coagulation这个K是从德语词;coagulation;而来which refers to the process of blood clot formation指的是血块形成的过程called coagulation.称为凝固This is the main role for vitamin K in humans这是维生素K对人的主要作用and it is part of the proteins它是伤口愈合而形成的血块that forms clots to close off a wound.所需的蛋白质的一部分When vitamin K is deficient clotting is impaired.缺乏维生素K时,血液就难以凝固This is measured as clotting time.维生素K的含量是通过测量血液凝固时间来衡量的Some people, especially the elderly,有些人,尤其是老年人may take medications that prevent clotting.可能需要用防止血液凝固的药物Coumadin is the most common.香豆素就是最常见的一种People taking blood thinners注射血液稀释剂的人should be cautious about using supplements应该谨慎使用含containing vitamin K维生素K的补品because these may interfere with the medication.因为这些补品可能影响药效Vitamin K is involved in bone metabolism维生素K参与骨骼新陈代谢and calcium absorption because和钙的吸收it aids in the re-mineralization of bones因为它有助于骨骼的再矿化resulting in increased bone density.从而提高骨质密度Vitamin K may be important通过防止血管硬化for prevention of heart disease维生素K对于by preventing the hardening of arteries.预防心脏疾病也很重要And furthermore vitamin K而且维生素K能can act like an antioxidant像抗氧化剂那样to prevent oxidative damage to cells预防细胞氧化which may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.从而降低某些癌症的患病几率There are two main forms of vitamin K:维生素K有两个主要形态:phylloquinone and menaquinones.叶绿醌,和甲基萘醌Phylloquinones are the most biologically active form叶绿醌来源于植物of vitamin K and is found in plant sources.是维生素K中生物活性最高的一个形态Menaquinones account for about 10% of total vitamin K甲基萘醌来源于动物and are found in animal food sources.在维生素K中约占10%Both are used by the body.两种都为人体所用Adult men should consume成年男性每天需要摄入approximately 120 micrograms of vitamin K per day,约为120微克的维生素Kwhile the recommendation for adult women而成年女性的每日推荐摄入量is 90 micrograms per day.为90微克Pregnant and lactating women under the age of 1818岁以下妇和哺乳期女性should consume 15 micrograms每天应摄入15微克while those older than 19大于19岁的who are pregnant or breast feeding妇或哺乳期女性should intake approximating 90 micrograms per day.每天应摄入90微克It is very rare to see deficiencies of vitamin K即使在营养不良人群中even in malnourished populations.缺乏维生素K也很罕见Here#39;s some sources of vitamin K in foods.这里列出了含有维生素K的食物来源Green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of vitamin K绿叶蔬菜是维生素K的绝佳食物来源so you can get both vitamin K and vitamin A in one food.所以你能吃一种食物同时补充维生素K和维生素AIn one cup of cooked spinach一杯熟菠菜there is 1027 micrograms of vitamin K.含有1027微克维生素Kone cup of broccoli has 220 micrograms一杯西兰花含有220微克and a fourth cup of raw parsley四分之一杯欧芹has 246 micrograms of vitamin K.含246微克维生素KOther sources of vitamin k include其他维生素K的食物来源有liver, soy protein, egg yolks, cow#39;s milk肝脏,大豆蛋白,蛋黄,牛奶and soybean, olive and canola oil.和大豆,橄榄和菜籽油 Article/201507/384969

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