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惯用口语句子:I feel very depressed.我感到非常沮丧。depressed a. 沮丧的,情绪低落的Im downhearted.我感到灰心丧气。downhearted a. 垂头丧气的,闷闷不乐的I dont feel like doing anything. I dont have enthusiasm for anything.我提不起精神做任何事。enthusiasm n. 热情,热心Im dismayed at the bad result.我对这个坏结果感到沮丧。Im discouraged by the setbacks.我因挫折而灰心了。dismay v. 使沮丧,使气馁discourage v. 使泄气,使沮丧setback n. 挫折,失败Im feeling blue.我感到很郁闷。Im in the doldrums.我现在无精打采。Im down in the dumps.我觉得很消沉。doldrums n. 郁闷,意志消沉dumps n. 情绪低落I was gloomy all day yesterday.昨天我一整天都闷闷不乐的。Im out of sorts lately.我最近心情不佳。gloomy a. 闷闷不乐的,感到沮丧的,忧郁的Im feeling low. Im feeling down.我的情绪很低落。Today just isnt my day.今天不是我的幸运日。Today is my bad hair day.今天是我的倒霉日。Ive got a lot on my mind. My heart is heavy.我的心情有些沉重。 /201504/372756。

  • Inviting邀请Hungry?饿吗?Are you hungry?你饿了吗?Have you eaten?吃了吗?Shall we go get something to eat?我们去吃点东西?Would you like to have dinner/lunch/breakfast?你想吃饭/午餐/早餐?Would you like dinner/lunch/breakfast/a snack?你想吃饭/午餐/早餐/点心?Would you like something to eat?你想吃些什么?Wed like to invite you to dinner.我们想请你吃饭。Wed like to invite you to have dinner with us.我们想邀请您和我们一起吃饭。Wed be very happy if youd have dinner with us.我们会很高兴,如果你必须和我们一起吃饭。Accepting接受Sure, why not?当然,为什么不呢?Thatd be great, thanks那简直太好了,谢谢That would be lovely. Thank you.这太好了, 谢谢。Thats very kind of you. Thank you.谢谢您的好意,谢谢。Rejecting拒绝Another time perhaps? Ive got to dash.还有一次吧?我得冲啦。Could we do it another time?我们能做到这一点其他时间?Thatd be great, thanks, but unfortunately+clause…那简直太好了,谢谢,但是可惜+从句...That would be lovely, but unfortunately+clause…这将是极好的,但不幸的是+从句... /201603/431503。
  • Joel: Hey, Michele.乔尔:嗨,米歇尔。Michele: Hi.米歇尔:嗨。Joel: You dont look very happy. What happened?乔尔:你看起来不太高兴。发生什么事了?Michele: Oh, well, Im a little bit frustrated.米歇尔:哦,我有些沮丧?Joel: Why?乔尔:为什么?Michele: Well, I went to the bank today and I couldnt communicate well because my Japanese wasnt good enough and the bank teller didnt speak English.米歇尔:我今天去了,可是我的日语不太好,职员又不会说英语,所以我们的沟通不好。Joel: What were you trying to do?乔尔:你去做什么?Michele: Well, Ive ordered a ticket to go to Australia and I have to send the money to the travel agency and they only accept one form of payment. They want me to send a bank transfer.米歇尔:我订了张飞澳大利亚的机票,我要把钱汇给旅行社,那家旅行社只接受一种付款方式。他们让我通过转账。Joel: OK.乔尔:好。Michele: So, I have a post office account and I cant do it through the post office, so I went to the bank and I started to explain that I want to send.... do a bank transfer.米歇尔:我有邮局账户,可是不能通过邮局汇款,所以我去了,试图和职员说明我要转账。Joel: Right.乔尔:嗯。Michele: And because Im a foreigner, I think she thought I wanted to send money abroad and she was saying, ;Oh, Im sorry, you cant do that here; but I had to explain, ;No, no. I just want to send it within Japan,; but I dont know, because I dont have an account at that bank there was some sort of problem and she wanted me to fill out a form and I didnt really understand it.米歇尔:因为我是外国人,我想她可能认为我要往外国汇款,所以她说:“抱歉,在这里你不能这么做”,然后我解释说,“不是,我只是想在日本境内转账”,可能因为我没有在那家开设账户,所以有一些问题,她想让我先填表,可是我看不懂那张表。Joel: Right, and then the form is in Japanese.乔尔:好,那张表上是日语。Michele: Yes, so now I have the form. I guess Ill have to go find a friend to help me with...米歇尔:对,我把那张表拿回来了。我想我要去找个朋友帮我……Joel: You never solved the problem.乔尔:你没有解决问题。Michele: No, no. I just took the form and said, ;OK, Ill take it and come back.;米歇尔:不是。我拿了表以后,跟她说:“表我拿走了,我很快回来。”Joel: How long were you there?乔尔:你在待了多长时间?Michele: Not too long, maybe five or ten minutes. There werent many people in the bank but I still felt like, oh Im taking up too much time here or something.米歇尔:时间并不长,可能也就五到十分钟。当时里人不多,不过我还是觉得我占用了太多时间。Joel: So, you just gave up and...乔尔:所以你就放弃了……Michele: Yes.米歇尔:对。Joel: Well, Ill have to take you over to my landlord here. This Japanese woman is really nice and shell... Im sure shell help you fill out the form.乔尔:我带你去找我的房东吧。我的房东是名日本女性,她人非常好,我确定她会帮你填表。Michele: Oh, really.米歇尔:哦,真的吗?Joel: And take care of you. Yeah.乔尔:她会帮你处理。对。Michele: Oh, thats great.米歇尔:哦,那真是太好了。 译文属 /201602/425679。
  • Todd: So, now Terry when you finish your bicycle ride at the end of the day, you go to a campground, so what do you do, I mean, you set up camp, I mean, and how to you take a shower, or brush your teeth, or?托德:泰瑞,在结束一天的自行车骑行后,你在露营地会做什么?我是问你把帐篷好后,你要怎么洗澡刷牙?Terry: Oh, in this, as an example on this trip, I was staying mostly in state park in Washington, Oregon, and California. Almost all of the state parks that I stayed in had showers, so of course they have restrooms and all your basic facilities, as far as that goes, and as far as what I did, what we do in camp, or what I do in camp is, I usually pick up a newspaper during the day and I usually carry a novel with me so, part of what I do in the afternoon is just to relax and the paper, or a book, and then also in the afternoon, I work on my bike if I need to, just try and get y for the next day, or unwind from that day.泰瑞:哦,以这次旅行为例,我大部分时间都待在华盛顿州、俄勒冈州和加利福尼亚州的国家公园。几乎我停留的所有国家公园都有淋浴间,所以里面有卫生间和所有基本设施,基本上我在帐篷里做的事是……白天的时候我会买份报纸,而且我旅行的时候会带本小说,所以下午我基本上就是放松、看报纸或看书,如果有必要的话我会检查一下自行车的状况,为第二天的行程做准备,基本上就是放松。Todd: Ah, what time do you normally make dinner?托德:你一般什么时间做晚饭?Terry: Ah, it just depends on, usually 5 oclock, 6 oclock, something like that. I, when Im on the road I tend to be the proverbial ;early to bed, early to rise.;泰瑞:这要视情况而定,基本上是五六点左右。我在旅行的时候会遵照那句谚语:早睡早起。Todd: Sure. Like what things do you cook? Cause you probably dont want to carry a lot of food. Like what would be a typical meal that you would have?托德:好。那你一般做什么东西吃?因为你不会带很多食物。一般情况下你做什么吃?Terry: Um, youre absolutely right. You dont really want to carry a lot of access food because youre carrying a lot of weight anyways. My, when Im on the road, my bike probably weighs 45 kilos, so its, thats a fair amount of weight to push up over a mountain range. Um, cook pasta for dinner, so some soup or something fairly simple. In groups you tend to buy more elaborate food, buy salad material and what not.泰瑞:嗯,你说的完全正确。在旅行时不可能带太多食物,因为这样会增加重量。我在旅行时,我的自行车有45公斤重,在登山的时候这已经是相当重的重量了。我晚上会做意大利面、汤等简单的食物。和团队一起旅行时可能会买像色拉材料这样精致的食物。Todd: Now, what do you actually prefer, doing the bicycle trip alone, or in a group?托德:你是喜欢独自骑自行车旅行,还是喜欢跟团队一起进行自行车旅行?Terry: Well, they both have their good points. I think the main thing was just that, it just depends if youre interested in doing a trip when a trip is available. In this case, there was a trip that was available, going down the West Coast but it was in the month of September and I had to return to Japan and so, the timing just didnt work out out for me, and then I think lately, doing these trips solo has, is working out for me because Im not training for the trips. Typically when youre going with a group, you have to be in shape when the trip starts so that you can keep up with the group, so this, this is working out for me, to do solo trips.泰瑞:两种都有各自的优点。我认为最重要的是要取决于你是否对这趟旅行感兴趣。就像这次沿西海岸的自行车旅行,时间是在9月份,可是我要回日本,时间不合适,现在我认为,独自旅行对我来说是种锻炼,因为我并没有为旅行进行过训练。尤其是你在和团队一起旅行时,你必须要保持良好的状态,这样你才能跟上队伍,所以独自旅行对我来说是种锻炼。Todd: Oh, so you prefer the solo?托德:所以你更喜欢独自旅行?Terry: Well, it kind of depends.泰瑞:嗯,这要视情况而定。Todd: OK. Well, thanks a lot. Thanks a lot for talking about your trips.托德:好,非常谢谢你。谢谢你和我们谈论你的旅行。Terry: Thanks I enjoyed it a lot.泰瑞:谢谢,我很享受。 译文属 /201503/364650。
  • 1. Could you give us some idea about your price?请介绍贵方的价格好吗?还能这样说:Can you give me an indication of price?Please let us know your prices.应用:beyond price 宝贵的,无价的;at any price 无论花多大代价;无论如何;at the price of 以……的代价;以高于正常的价格;fetch a good price 可卖好价钱2. We cannot take care of your enquiry at present.我们现在无力顾及你方的询盘。还能这样说:We cannot reply your enquiry at present.We cannot make a reply for you now.应用:answer sb.s enquires 回答某人的问题;bear enquiry 经得起追查;make enquires about sth. 询问某事;by enquiry 通过调查;letter of enquiry 询问函3. We are desirous of your lowest ations for the computer.我们想要贵公司电脑的最低报价。还能这样说:We are anxious about the lowest ations of the computer.We are eager to know the lowest price of the computer.应用:come low 低廉,便宜,跌价;feel low 情绪低落4. We would like to make an inquiry about this product.我们想对该产品进行询价。还能这样说:Wed rather have you tell us the price of the product.We want to know the price you ed.谚语:With a frog in the well you dont talk about the ocean.井底之蛙。 /201502/358783。
  • 6. Getting a Passport 6.拿到护照A: Good afternoon. I want to get a U.S. Passport.A:下午好。我想获得美国护照。B: Is this your first passport?B:这是你的第一个护照吗?A: It is my first U.S. Passport.A:这是我的第一个美国护照。B: Did you fill out the application form?B:你填好申请表了吗?A: I downloaded the form at home and have it here.A:我在家里下载下来,现在在这。B: Did you bring proof of U.S. citizenship?B:你带了能明你美国居民身份的明了吗?A: What kind of proof do I need?A:我需要什么样的明?B: A birth certificate if you were born in the U.S. or naturalization papers.B:如果你出生在美国,你需要一份出生明或入籍文件。A: Im a new citizen so I have naturalization papers.A:我是新居民所以我有一份入籍文件。B: This is good because it also serves as your identification.B:这很好,因为它也提供了你的身份明。A: What else do I need to provide?A:我还需要提供什么?B: You just need 5 and two photographs. B:你只需要165美元和两张照片。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/429909。
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