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青岛市南区吸脂哪家医院好青岛哪里治狐臭比较好Setting up a staff meetingA: We’re going to need everybody’s input on this project. So I’d like to fix a time to meet next week and hear what you all have to say.B: I’d prefer to meet in the morning. I’m going to be out of the office most afternoons next week.A: I don’t have any problem with that. Let’s set it up for 9:30 Wednesday morning. We can carry it over to Thursday if we need to.B: That’s fine. What do the rest of you think?员工会议A:我们需要大家同心协力投入到这个项目上来,因此我想和大伙定时间在下星期开个会,听取各位的建议。B:我倾向于定在上午。下周大部分的下午我都得外出。A:我没问题。咱们就定在星期三上午的9:30吧。如有必要星期四可以继续。B:好的。你们大家看怎么样? /200704/12407青岛治疗丘疹型痤疮好不好 to drift off to sleep 渐渐入睡英文释义To slowly and gently fall asleep. (NOTE: also ;to drift off;)例句When our boring company president gives a particularly long and tedious speech, some audience members will drift off to sleep.我们公司乏味的总裁发表了特别冗长沉闷的演讲,部分听众慢慢睡着了。 /201310/262076青岛双眼皮整形价格

青岛瘦小腿The day that the Queen dies will see a nation in mourning. But the plan for what will happen afterwards has aly been meticulously laid out.女王驾崩之日,英国必将举国哀悼。而有关随后的程序的计划,早已进行过了精心的安排。In fact, there is a code word that will be used to deliver the sad and tragic news to the upper echelons of the Government that will signify her passing and the starting of what happens next London Bridge is down.实际上,政府高层届时会听到一句内容为“伦敦桥已倒”的暗语,这句暗语表明女王驾崩,后续程序将正式启动。According to the Guardian the Prime Minister of the time will be woken if they are asleep, and will be told by civil servants: ;London Bridge is down.;据《卫报》报道,届时公务员会唤醒可能仍处于睡梦之中的首相,并将暗语的内容告知后者。This message will signify to the PM that Queen Elizabeth II has passed away, kicking off a highly-organised series of events that will eventually lead up to the monarchs funeral.听到这条消息,首相会意识到伊丽莎白二世已然驾崩,并立刻启动一系列仪式,举办女王的葬礼。Once the Prime Minister has been told, the Foreign Office, from an undisclosed location in London, will inform 15 governments outside of the UK where the Queen is also the head of state.一旦首相得知消息,英国外交部将在伦敦一处不对外公开的地点通知其他奉女王为国家元首5个国家的政府。The Global Response Centre will also pass on the news to the 36 other nations of the Commonwealth for whom the Queen has served as a symbolic figurehead.英国全球响应中心也将通知英联邦其余的36个国家,上述国家奉女王为名义上的元首。As for the general public, the media has aly planned the details in how to break the news and start a period of mourning.至于公众方面,各大媒体就如何宣布消息并开启哀悼期的细节早已进行了一番筹划。Where previously the B was the first to reveal the death of a monarch, modern technology and social media has effectively destroyed that monopoly.往常首家曝出君王去世消息的都是英国广播公司(B),现代技术和社交媒体的发展则有效地打破了这种垄断。Instead, a newsflash will be sent to the Press Association, as well as the rest of the worlds media at exactly the same time.英国国家通讯社和世界其他媒体反而会同时接收到一则则简明新闻。A footman in mourning clothes will be sent out of a door at Buckingham Palace at the same time to pin a notice of the tragic news to the gates, while the official palace website will feature just one page, displaying the news on a dark background.一位身着丧的男仆将离开白金汉宫,在大门上张贴讣告,王宫的官方网站会在一个以黑色为背景的界面上宣布消息。Newspapers and their respective websites will aly have several stories y to run, written in advance so that they can go up as soon as the news breaks.各大报刊及其相应网站早已备好相关报道,并将文章内容提前写好,消息宣布的瞬间便可见诸报端和网站。Television news, including Sky and ITN, have aly signed up various royalty experts to chat to them exclusively, while rehearsals on delivering the news that have taken place for years will finally be put into action.天空电视台和独立电视新闻公司等电视新闻媒体则早已与英国皇室方面的专家签约,以展开独家对话,为发布此条新闻的演练也会正式排上用场。Unsurprisingly, newsers will be wearing black suits and outfits, while regular television coverage will be cancelled to switch to the news that will dominate channels for weeks, if not months.届时新闻广播员将身着黑衣,常规的电视报道也将为女王去世的新闻让路,后者占据电视屏幕的时间即便没有数月也会有几周之久。A former B head of news told the Guardian that the organisation and planned mourning period will be needed so people can grieve for ;the only monarch that most of us have ever known;.一位英国广播公司新闻部门的前负责人告诉《卫报》,组织工作和哀悼期筹划十分必要,如此人们才能缅怀“一位几乎人尽皆知的君王”。来 /201703/500132青岛市第三人民医院网上挂号 在青岛打玻尿酸隆鼻哪家医院好

青岛市妇女儿童医院做整形美容要多少钱 【Trancript】Please come for the next roundA: Hello. This is Lucy from A Company. Is this Monica?B: Yes.A: I am calling to inform you that you have passed the first two rounds of interview. Could you please come for the final round? It is scheduled on the morning of next Monday 10AM in the HR manager office.B: Thank you for calling me. I will be there on time.A: Ok, see you then, bye.B: Bye. /201006/105287青岛哪家医院打瘦脸针便宜青岛中心医院费用



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