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福州市第八医院做宫腔镜好不好费用多少福州哪间医院输卵管通水比较好Home Inns and Hotels Management Inc, China#39;s leading budget hotel chain group, said it will launch a new sub-brand, with hotel rooms composed of containers, tents, touring cars and log cabins.国内顶尖经济型酒店连锁集团如家快捷酒店近日表示将推出全新子品牌,该品牌的酒店客房由集装箱、帐篷、房车及小木屋组成。The first such hotel complex will be built in suburban Shanghai, and the company is currently in the process of site selection.首个这种酒店建筑将建在上海郊区,而该公司目前正在进行选址工作。Next spring, the first hotel under the new sub-brand is expected to start operation, said the firm, adding that it costs 150,000 yuan and 45 days to build a container hotel.如家表示,全新子品牌下的首家酒店预计将于明年春天开始运营。该公司还称,建造一家集装箱酒店的成本为15万元,周期为45天。The concept of container hotels is not new abroad, but in China it is still in its infancy. These low-cost hotels are expected to be produced on modular batch assembly lines.集装箱酒店的概念在国外并不是新事物,但在中国仍然处于起步阶段。这些低成本的酒店预计将在模块化批量生产线生产。The new complexes will cover accommodation, catering, convenience stores, parking and other comprehensive services such as electronic car rentals, to fulfill the needs of self-driving tourists, Home Inns said.如家称,新建筑将覆盖住宿、餐饮、便利店、泊车和电动汽车租赁等其他综合务,以满足自驾游游客的需求。Dai Bin, director of the China Tourism Academy, said such a hotel business model is expected to be popular with the rapid growth of traveling in rural China.中国旅游研究院院长戴斌表示,这类酒店经营模式将会随着中国乡村旅游的迅速发展而得到推广。;The development of rural traveling has driven a huge demand in the rural village home stay markets. But the business is still immature and cannot adequately fulfill demand,; he said.戴斌说道:“乡村旅游的发展给乡村民宿市场带来了巨大的需求空间。但该业务依然发展不成熟,不能充分满足需求。” /201612/481488福州去那家医院检查激素六项比较好 福州哪里有输卵管接通好

福州治不孕最好的医院New data from the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry finds the population shrank by 170,000 kids from this time last year, to a new low of 15.71 million, The Japan Times reports.据《日本时报》报道,根据来自内政通讯部的资料显示,从去年至今,日本的儿童人口缩减了17万,达到1571万的历史新低。This is the 36th consecutive year the population has dropped.这是日本儿童人口连续第36年减少了。Japan#39;s fertility crisis has been many years in the making. As older generations start to die off without younger generations starting families behind them, economists say Japan shows all the signs of a ;demographic time bomb.;日本的生育危机已经持续了许多年。经济学家称,日本显现出了“人口定时炸弹”的迹象,因为儿童的出生率要低于人口的死亡率。Without any intervention, Japan#39;s economy will only continue to shrink.如果不加以干预,日本的经济只会继续下滑。;We will continue to put efforts into support for child-rearing,; welfare minister Yasuhisa Shiozaki told The Japan Times in December of last year.去年年底,社会福利部部长塩崎恭久向《日本时报》透露:“我们会大力促进儿童出生率的提高。”Japan#39;s fertility rate is among the lowest in the world, at just 1.4 births per woman.日本的生育率在世界范围内可谓是最低的,一名日本妇女平均只生育1.4个婴儿。Sociologists have found populations stay steady when a country has at least 2.1 births per woman. Beneath that threshold, and countries are likely to see their populations start to decline, which Japan has.据社会学家称,当一个国家的平均生育率保持在2.1时,人口就会保持不变。而日本却在这一门槛之下,因此日本的人口很有可能会开始缩减。 /201705/508674福州那些医院输卵管复通 Neither leukemia nor lymphoma is diagnosed by imaging. Initial diagnosis typically requires biopsy and a number of laboratory tests that are performed on the blood and tissue samples. Imaging tests for leukemia, in particular, may not be as helpful as in other types of cancer that form tumors.白血病和淋巴瘤都不能用影像学确诊。最初的诊断通常需要在血液和组织样本中进行活检和实验室测试。尤其是白血病的成像检测,在其他类型的癌症形成的肿瘤中可能没有用。That said, even in leukemia, and often in lymphoma, plain x-ray images can offer clues that, taken together with other bits of information, may be part of the workup that ultimately leads to a biopsy and a diagnosis.那就是说即使在白血病和淋巴瘤检测中,普通X射线图像结合其他信息可以提供一些线索, 通过这部分检查,最终可能得到活组织检查和诊断结果。With respect to lymphoma, the patterns of lymph node involvement, which may be revealed even by chest x-rays, can be very important initially to help narrow down the possibilities. Not all swollen lymph nodes in the chest are lymphoma. Other cancers, infection, and nonmalignant diseases like sarcoidosis may be to blame. Sometimes swollen lymph nodes are in easily accessible locations for biopsy, such as the neck; however, in other cases—in Hodgkin lymphoma, for instance—the only cancerous lymph nodes might be located deep within the chest.关于淋巴瘤,胸部的X光检查可能揭示淋巴结的转移类型, 最初可以帮助减小病情发生的可能性。在胸部,并非所有的淋巴结肿大都是淋巴瘤。其他癌症、感染和良性疾病像肉状瘤病可能是罪魁祸首。有时淋巴结肿大对活检来说,应该在容易检测的位置如颈部;然而,在其他情况下-例如霍奇金淋巴瘤-仅有的位于胸腔深处的淋巴结癌。X-rays, or plain films, are not used to diagnose leukemia. However, a chest x-ray might be done to check for a lung infection or for some other reason, and the x-ray might also show swollen lymph nodes and other areas of disease. Some forms of leukemia may sp to the lymph nodes as the disease progresses.X射线或腹部平片不用于诊断白血病。然而,肺部感染或一些其他原因可能会用到胸部X光。X射线也可显示淋巴结肿大和其他领域的疾病。随着淋巴结疾病的进展,某些形式的白血病可能扩散。In addition, radiologists, or doctors who interpret radiographic imaging, look at the patterns of disease involvement, or lesions, in the bone.此外, 解释射线成像的放射科医生或某些医生,会观察骨头里疾病的类型或病变。Leukemia and many non-cancerous diseases that interfere with bone metabolism, such as hyperparathyroidism and osteoporosis, may have a symmetrical distribution in the skeleton. In contrast, a haphazard, asymmetric appearance of bone lesions may suggest a different cause, such as Paget’s disease of the bone or metastatic sp of some other kind of cancer.白血病和许多非肿瘤疾病都影响骨代谢,像甲状旁腺机能亢进和骨质疏松症在骨架中可能有一个对称分布。相比之下,一个偶然的、不对称的骨骼病变可能表明不同的原因,比如佩吉特氏骨病或其他类型癌症的转移扩散等。译文属 /201611/476497福州看卵巢多囊那家最好

福州博爱中医院做试管怎么样 The Palace Museum launched its first themed smartphone in its latest effort to revitalize traditional culture with the help of modern technology.故宫于日前推出其首款主题智能手机,这是故宫借助现代科技振兴传统文化的最新努力。The smartphone, released by the museum and high-end brand 8848 Ti Mobile Phone just in time for the New Year, was designed to showcase traditional Chinese culture and craftsmanship.这款智能手机由故宫和高端品牌8848钛金手机刚好赶元旦前发布,设计宗旨是展现中国传统文化和手工艺。Renowned designer Laurence Xu worked on the new phone that comes with special Palace Museum apps and wallpapers, including a tour guide app, collection introduction app and scenery wallpapers of 24 solar terms.新款手机由著名设计师劳伦斯·许打造,内置故宫专属应用和壁纸,包括一个导游应用、藏品介绍应用和二十四节气景色壁纸。At 19,999 yuan each, there are only 999 of the limited edition phones.该款限量手机仅有999部,每部售价19999元。The back of the phone is made from calfskin leather and it comes in four colors - black, blue, red and yellow.手机背面的材质是小牛皮,有玄黑、石青、朱红、明黄4种颜色。It#39;s not the museum#39;s first effort to enrich people#39;s knowledge about traditional culture using the internet.这不是该物院第一次尝试使用互联网来丰富人们对传统文化的知识。Early in July, the museum launched a mobile game with the internet giant Tencent, which was based on the Forbidden City and became a Chinese hit similar to Candy Crush.七月初,故宫物院与互联网巨头腾讯推出了一款手机游戏,该游戏是以故宫为背景,成为了中国版的《糖果粉碎传奇》。 /201612/485523龙岩精液检查大概多少钱福州检查无精去哪最好



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