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福州那间医院解扎比较好福州人民医院输卵管检查怎么样Joice: Look! Theyre going to do the first drawing! It a DVD player!Tim: Hmm. That must be the DVD player that another one of my friends donated. He owns one of the largest electronics stores in Taipei!Joice: Theyre picking a name...It...Darryl from marketing! Rats!Tim: Dont worry! There are a lot more prizes! I know, because the prizes are all from companies that I work with!Joice: Hmm...Darryl doesnt look like the red underwear type...参考译文:乔伊丝:看!他们要抽第一个奖了!奖品是一台DVD!提 姆:呣这台DVD一定是我另外一个朋友送的他的电器商场是台北最大的!乔伊丝:他们在抽名字了!得主是……行销部的戴洛!可恶!提 姆:别担心!奖品还多的是!我很清楚,因为提供奖品的公司全都跟我有合作!乔伊丝:呣……戴洛看来不像会穿红内裤那一型的啊……重点词汇:DVD player  DVD是digital versatile disc 的缩写marketing (n.)  市场行销,此指「行销部」marketing depatmentdrawing (n.)  抽奖electronics (n.)  电器用品 139590福州博爱医院妇科医生 The next morningLily:Morning, Mom. [coughs and sniffles]Mom:I made1 a doctor appointment you.Lily:No, Im fine. I dont need to see a doctor.Mom:Then I guess youre healthy enough to clean your room bee school.Lily:OK. Ill go see the doctor.Mom:Bundle3 up. It wet and rainy out there. Here some soup.Lily:Chicken soup again?Mom:Soup does the body good, sweetie. It what you need when youre under the weather.参考译文:隔天早上莉莉:妈,早安(咳嗽、吸鼻涕)妈妈:我帮你跟医生挂号了莉莉:不要,我很好我不需要看医生妈妈:那我想你已经健康到可以先清一清房间再去上学莉莉:好啦我会去看医生妈妈:多穿一点衣外面很潮湿,又在下雨这里有些汤莉莉:又是鸡汤?妈妈:亲爱的,汤对身体很好身体不舒时,最需要这个重点词汇:sniffle (v.)吸鼻子A: You sound so sick!你听起来病恹恹的!B: I have been sniffling all day.我一整天都在擤鼻子make a doctor appointment跟医生挂号Id like to make a doctors appointment.我想跟医生挂号Bundle up.穿多一点穿暖和一点Let bundle up, go out, and play in the snow!咱们穿暖和点,到外面去玩雪!something does the body good(某样东西)对身体好Stinky tofu really does the body good!臭豆腐对身体很好!under the weather身体不适A: You must really be under the weather.你一定是生病了B: I feel terrible5.我觉得很不舒 3650Three wishes三个愿望A federal office worker finds a lamp in an old file drawer, and as he examines it a genie pops out. his first of three traditional wishes, he wants to be on a beautiful deserted Island. Poof! There he is. Next, of course, he wants the gorgeous babes, and Poof! There they are. Finally, he realizes he must sustain this great life and wishes he would never have to work. Poof! He's back at the office.一名政府工作人员在一个放文件的旧抽屉里发现了盏油灯,在他检查这盏油灯的时候,砰的一声一个妖怪冒了出来他的第一个愿望是要去一个美丽的荒岛砰!他就在那了第二个愿望,他想要几个漂亮的女郎砰!她们出现了最后,他想永远过着无忧无虑的生活不用工作砰!他回到了办公室 8939福州市看弱精哪里比较好

南平二院精液常规检查多少钱Part . Listen and Relax.Keywordsstreet violence, help, walked past.Vocabularypush off, horrific, stitch.Youre going to hear an interview on how people respond to street violence. Listen and enjoy. And now the third program in our series;What would you do?;.Today we look at the way people respond to street violence.Would you go to help someone in trouble in the street? of course most people would say yes, but it isnt as easy as that as Stephen Marriott, a 3-year-old football coach, found out one cold night in Gateshead.Stephen, you were the victim of an attack in the street once, werent you? That right, yeah, a couple of years ago now.What happened exactly? Well, I was walking home one evening, it was about :30, I suppose, when I heard someone screaming and I saw these two teenage lads kicking an old man on the ground.So you went to help? That right. In fact, there were two other men walking past at the same time, but they didnt do anything. Just walked past, I couldnt believe it.Anyway, I shouted at the two lads to stop, but they just said ;Push off; or words to that effect.So I went to help the old man and one of them hit me over the head with a brick.Didnt that knock you out? Well, nearly, I think I was only half-conscious.And they grabbed my arms and cut my face with a piece of broken glass. Then they run away.It all sounds absolutely horrific. Wasnt there anyone around to help you?No, it all happened so fast. So anyway, I lay there, I didnt feel a thing at the time, I remember that.Then I told the old man to get away. He was still there, was he?Yes, but he could walk so he went off and then I went into a pub to ask help to get to the police station.I only realized later that I was covered in blood.Several people ignored me but in the end a woman gave me a lift to the police station, which was very good of her.How badly were you hurt? Well, I had to have several stitches in my head and on my face.I was in a pretty bad state, you know, mentally quite a time. Couldnt sleep, had nightmares and all that.And of course Ill always have a scar on my face.Did the police catch the boys in the end? Yes, one got two years in prison and the other got fifteen months.But they only served part of their sentences. I see them on the streets occasionally and, well, it makes me very bitter. 55莆田查精子医院 fussy挑剔的, pick on挑选,dismay灰心Buying A HatA lady went to a hat shop to buy a hat. As she was very fussy, it took her a long time to pick on one. Aly at the end of his patience the salesman was afraid that she might change her mind again so he tried to flatter her: "An excellent choice, madam. You look at least ten years younger with this hat on!" To his dismay, the lady took off her hat at once and said: "I don't want a hat that makes me look ten years older as soon as I take it off. Show me some more hats!"买帽子一位妇女到一家帽子店买帽子她很挑剔,用了很长时间才选好了一顶已经忍耐到极限的售货员害怕她再改变主意,便恭维她:"你做了极好的选择,夫人你戴上这顶帽子看上去起码年轻十岁!"但令他沮丧的是,这位女士马上摘下了她的帽子说:"我不想要一顶摘下来便使我立刻显得老十岁的帽子多拿一些帽子给我看看!"1.fussy挑剔的也可以指”瞎忙的, 大惊小怪的“:The little girl dislikes her fussy parents.小女孩讨厌她那过分操心的父母 .pick on挑选也可以指“招惹,找茬”:The older boys always picked on the younger ones.大孩子总是招惹小的孩子3.flatter阿谀也有“给以愉快的感觉”的意思:The music flattered his ears.这音乐使他听得很愉快 .excellent优秀的,杰出的 It's excellent that you are here.你在这儿太好了5.dismay灰心也有“诧异”的意思: To their dismay, the door was locked.使他们惊慌的是, 门已被锁上了6.take off取下也有“离开”的意思: I'll take off now, and see you later.我现在就要走了, 回头见福州打胎哪家医院好

福州福马路博爱医院看不孕收费很贵吗听笑话学英语:It worked 真的有效Tom had this problem of getting up late in the morning and was always late work. His boss was mad at him and threatened to fire him if he didn't do something about it. So Tom went to his doctor, the doctor gave him a pill and told him to take it bee he went to bed. Tom slept well, and in fact, beat the alarm in the morning. He had a leisurely breakfast and drove cheerfully to work. "Boss", he said, "The pill actually worked!" "That's all fine" said the boss, "But where were you yesterday?" Tom早上老起不来,所以上班总是迟到他的老板非常生气,警告他如果他不能有所改善的话就炒他的鱿鱼于是,Tom去看医生,医生给了他一颗药丸并告诉他要在睡觉前下这颗药Tom照医生的话做了,睡得非常之好,事实上,他在早上闹钟响之前就起来了Tom从容不迫地吃完早餐,然后兴高采烈地开车上班去了“老板”,Tom说,“那药真管用,我的睡眠好极了!”“是够管用的,”老板说,“问题是,昨天你人哪去了”? 福州市查激素最好的三甲医院福建精子检测费用



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