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Germany has accused Austria of sending people over their common border under the cover of darkness to escape detection.德国指责奥地利在黑暗的掩护下逃避侦查向公共边界放送难民。The flow is thought to have accelerated over recent days due to a backlog of migrants travelling further through the Balkans to avoid barriers on the border.最近几天难民流动加速,因积压的移民避开边境壁垒穿过巴尔干半岛。Sharpening his tone, Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere urged Vienna to play by the rules.德国内政部长汤姆斯义正严辞,敦促维也纳遵守游戏规则。Austria’s recent behaviour is out of line he says. They are wrong to dump migrants on the border between our two countries under the cover of darkness without any warning, preparation or precaution.他说奥地利最近举止不当。他们在黑暗的掩护下没有任何警告、准备或预防,错误的将移民扔在两国之间的边境上。Austria, meanwhile, says it plans to erect a fence at its busy border crossing with Slovenia.同时奥地利表示,计划在和斯洛文尼亚在繁忙的边境处架设一道围墙。The aim is to control the flow of refugees and migrants, which has shifted westwards since Hungary closed its border with Croatia.其目的是控制难民和移民的涌入,自匈牙利关闭与克罗地亚的边界他们已经西移。译文属。 /201510/406613TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201504/370336Germany’s foreign minister has slammed Russian air strikes in Syria, claiming they have created more suffering.德国外交部长抨击俄罗斯在叙利亚的空袭,称俄罗斯已经造成了更多的苦难。Frank-Walter Steinmeier says he hopes political and military issues were on the table during a surprise meeting between Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin earlier this week.施泰因迈尔称,本周早些时候巴沙尔·阿萨德和普京意外会见之期,他希望政治和军事问题能提到议程上。He spoke after meeting his Finnish counterpart.在会见芬兰外长后他讲道。We both say that if Russia is serious about participating in achieving the standards for stabilisation in Syria, then it cannot happen if, as a result of military offensives, thousands more people are forced to flee.我们都认为,俄罗斯是否认真参与叙利亚实现稳定标准,如果没能发生,由于其军事上的进攻将造成数千人被迫逃离。While Russia says its air campaign is aimed at defeating ISIL militants, analysis shows that 80 percent of its declared targets have been in areas not held by the group.而俄罗斯表示,空袭的目的是打击ISIL武装分子,分析表明其宣称的袭击目标中有百分之八十属于区域而不是组织。Saudi Arabia has added its criticism, saying Moscow’s actions are fueling Syria’s war.沙特阿拉伯批评莫斯科的行动助长了叙利亚战争。译文属。 /201510/405751

His newfound ability to concentrate他现在能够集中注意力is largely thanks to a drug called methylphenidate,多亏了这种叫哌醋甲酯的药best known to most of us by a brand name - Ritalin.大家更熟悉的是它的商品名 利他林It takes about 30-40 minutes for it to work,大概30到40分钟就能发挥药效and it#39;s not like Liam suddenly goes docile.当然也并非利亚姆突然就变温顺It just basically does have a calming effect on him.它只是有种镇定的功效He doesn#39;t seem to be as hyperactive他不再过度亢奋on the medication and he is able to sit quietly,药期间他可以安静地坐着be able to focus on things like his homework可以集中精力在他的作业上or just, just basically have或者 只是...a more normal life, really.只是过上正常一点的生活And, as for thousands of other children,如同对成千上万其他孩子一样Ritalin has had a remarkable effect on Liam.利他林对利亚姆非常有效I feel calm.我感觉很镇静I don#39;t feel like excited.没有觉得很激动I feel energy because I我以前觉得精力充沛can just run around all day if I wanted to如果我愿意我可以跑一天but I#39;m just calm now.但我现在只是觉得很镇静And I#39;m excited as well.也有点兴奋 Article/201501/355663

栏目简介:《英国节日简介》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目通过英式英语视频讲解的形式来介绍英国的节日,能够帮助英语学习爱好者更好地了解英国的节日文化传统,从而加深对英语中一些习惯用语的理解,是提高英语文化素养的好材料。 Article/201509/400257Hi, my name is Renske Suijver, and I work at the Van Gogh Museum as a researcher. We#39;re here at the Museum Square, and just behind me you can see the Van Gogh Museum. So let#39;s have a look!嗨,我的名字是Renske Suijver,我在梵高美术馆工作担任研究员。我们在美术馆广场这里,就在我身后你可以看到梵高美术馆。所以来瞧瞧吧!The Van Gogh Museum was open in 1973. And we house a very large collection of Van Gogh paintings, drawings, his correspondence with his brother and other friends, prints, and we also have a collection of non-Van Gogh.梵高美术馆于1973年开幕。我们藏有非常大量的梵高画作、素描、他与其兄弟及其他朋友的信件、版画,而我们也有非梵高的收藏品。The Van Gogh Museum houses a collection of the Vincent van Gogh Foundation. That#39;s the collection of the family. Some of the highlights in our collection are famous paintings like the The Potato Eaters, which he made in his Dutch period; one version of the Sunflowers; his own bedroom; and the Almond Blossom, a beautiful painting which he made for his little nephew that was named after him.梵高美术馆收藏梵高基金会的藏品。那是那家族的藏品。我们藏品中某些重头戏是知名画作,像是《吃马铃薯的人》,那是他在荷兰期间所画的;其中一个版本的《向日葵》;他自己的卧室;以及《盛开的杏树》,一幅他为了以他为名的小侄子所画的美丽画作。We think it#39;s very important to show Van Gogh#39;s work in the context of his own time, so we collect works by his contemporaries, like Monet, Gauguin, Pissarro, and many many others.我们认为在他自己那时代的背景下展示梵高的作品是非常重要的,所以我们收藏了和他同时代的画家的作品,像是莫内、高更、毕沙罗、还有许许多多其他人。We have the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world. I think the most important reason why Van Gogh is so famous now is the combination of his beautiful work with a lot of colors and expression, combined with that we know so much about and...there#39;s always the myth that Van Gogh cutting off his whole ear, but it was only a very small part. And he was probably not crazy but more like a genius.我们有世界上最大宗的梵高画作藏品。我认为为什么梵高现在会这么出名的原因是,他美丽的作品及许多色与意境的结合,加上我们都非常了解的...一直都有梵高切掉他整只耳朵的迷思,但那只是非常小的一块。他也许不是疯子,反而比较像个天才。But these are all things that people can experience when they go into the museum and see his works and his life story.但这些是当人们走进这美术馆,且看到他的作品及生平故事所能体验到的所有事情。Thanks for visiting the Van Gogh Museum online. Of course, I hope you#39;ll also visit in real life, so hope to see you soon!感谢在线上光临梵高美术馆。当然,我们希望您在现实生活中也会造访,希望能很快看见您! Article/201501/352641They#39;re thin, wispy clouds that can only be seen in the summer at high latitudes.它们是稀薄的纤细的云只有在高纬度地区的夏天才能看见Beginning at nearly 50 miles high,从50英里(85公里)处开始there#39;s the fourth layer, the thermosphere.是第四个气层:热气层Here, the atmosphere is so thin that beyond 50 miles这里的大气如此稀薄以至于50英里以外we approach the beginnings of space.就可以肯定地认为是宇宙的开始The space shuttle orbits the Earth in the thermosphere.正是在这个气层,航天飞机绕着地球飞行It#39;s also where nitrogen and oxygen也是在这里,氮气和氧气interact with the Sun#39;s lethal solar wind,被太阳风辐射creating the aurora around the Earth#39;s poles.创造了环绕地球磁极的极光There#39;s another way of looking at the atmosphere.但是这有另一种看待大气层的方式If you could unwrap the atmosphere from the surface of the Earth如果你把地球表面的大气层展开and put it all into a ball, this is what it would look like.并把它变成一个球,就像我们所看到的这样Its weight is equal to a layer of water 34 feet deep, covering the Earth.其重量只相当于覆盖地球34英尺深的水The layer that we spend our lives in, the troposphere, is just a narrow band.我们生命所依赖的平流层只是一个窄带It#39;s a finely balanced mixture of different gases essential for life它由生命必须的不同气体平衡混合而来but it also has a physical presence.但它也有实体存在 Article/201509/398182

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201508/395463In one study published in 2009 Asian American women一个2009年公布的研究采访了who had previously been diagnosed with breast cancer曾被诊断为乳腺癌的were interviewed and questioned on race,美国亚裔女性 问及的问题有种族residential history, menstrual and reproductive history住宅史 月经和生育史medical and family history, anthropometrics and病历及家庭历史 身体指标cultural and religious practices.文化及宗教信仰Researchers also collected information about研究者还收集每个受访者each participant#39;s dietary intake of soy during在儿童时期 青春期 和成年时期childhood, adolescence and adulthood.饮食中对豆类的摄入To gather the most accurate information about为了收集到每个受访者the participant#39;s childhood intake of soy mothers儿童时期豆类摄入的最准确信息of participants were also questioned.他们还采访了这些受访者的母亲们In many cases mothers could not be reached,很多情况下受访者的母亲们没法联系上refused participation or had aly passed away.拒绝参加 或者已经去世In these cases only the participant#39;s data was used.这些情况下只能使用受访者自己提供的资料This chart shows the levels of intake, low, medium这张表格显示了人们在不同的and high for each stage of life;生命阶段(童年 青春期和成年后)childhood, adolescence and adulthood.对豆类不同水平的摄入情况The second column describes the ratio of participants第二栏显示了参与调查的人群中who had breast cancer cases to the controls or women乳腺癌患者人数与未患who did not have breast cancer.乳腺癌人数(即对照组)的比例The relative risk or RR for the lowest intake at each生命中每个阶段最低摄入量的stage of life is set at 1.0 and相对风险值(RR)设在1.0used as the reference value.并被当做参考值Intakes of medium or high amounts of soy are then中等量或大量豆类的摄入会和compared to 1.0. A decrease from 1.0 represents1.0相比较 低于1.0表示患病几率降低a decreased risk so the smaller the decimal in所以第三栏里的小数越小the third column the lower the risk.患癌几率越低As the chart shows increasing amounts of soy如表格显示的 在所有生命阶段里at all stages of life resulted in a decreased risk.增加豆类摄入量会使患病几率降低But the most significant decrease is seen in medium to但患病几率降低最显著的是童年时期high intakes during childhood.中等量至大量的豆类摄入This suggests that the most important time to increase这表明为了降低乳腺癌患病几率intake of soy in order to reduce risk of breast cancer而增加豆类摄入量的最重要时期is during childhood years.是童年阶段In an article published by Dr. Helferich, an associate赫尔弗里希士是伊利诺伊大学professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois and营养学副教授 研究大豆和癌症who researches soy and cancer expressed his concern他在发表的一篇文章里 表达了他对about some negative impacts大豆异黄酮在患癌几率上of soy isoflavones on cancer risk负面作用的担忧His research suggests that他的研究表明women who have estrogen sensitive breast患有雌激素敏感性乳腺癌的女性cancer or breast cancer in which estrogen encourages在雌激素的作用下 她们growth may experience increased growth of their tumors.乳腺内的肿瘤可能继续增长This is thought to be due to the fact that the这是因为异黄酮染料木素isoflavones genistein mimics the effects of estrogen和雌激素的作用相似and high levels of estrogen are associated with而且高水平的雌激素increased cancer proliferation.与癌扩散的增加有关Dr. Helferich states ;over 90% of soy consumption is赫尔弗里希士说 ;90%以上的大豆摄入likely to be a health benefit to Americans.很可能对美国人的健康有益But I am concerned about the woman with但我担心的是雌激素依赖性an estrogen-dependent cancer.乳腺癌患者She needs to be very careful about the amount她需要对她摄入的大豆异黄酮of soy isoflavones she consumes.;的量非常小心;An important note is that this study was only performed重要的一点是这项研究仅仅in animals and not in humans so it can only raise在动物身上做过 而没在人身上做过awareness of the issue not provide proof of所以这只能提高对这一问题的意识 不能negative effects of soy on cancer risk.明大豆是否对癌症患病几率有负面影响 Article/201507/386881This one, Erta-Ale, is today the longest continually-erupting volcano on the planet.这座埃特阿雷火山是地球上现存持续喷发时间最长的火山A lake of lava that has been molten for over 1 00 years.岩浆湖在此沸腾了100多年These same volcanic forces also created Ethiopia#39;s highlands.这些相同的火山作用也造就了埃塞俄比亚高原Seventy million years ago, this land was just as flat and as deep as the Danakil Depression.7000万年前,这片土地像达纳吉尔凹地一样平坦深陷Molten lava, rising from the Earth#39;s core, forced up a huge dome of rock 500 miles wide.熔岩从地核中漫涌上来,形成了绵延500英里的巨大石丘The Roof of Africa.这就是非洲屋脊0ver millennia, rain and ice carved the rock into a landscape of spires and canyons.千万年后,雨水和冰川已将岩石雕琢成尖峰与峡谷These summits, nearly three miles up, are home to some very remarkable mountaineers.这些将近3英里高的山峰顶上,住着一些非常特别的山地居民Gelada baboons. They are unique to the highlands of Ethiopia.狮尾狒。它们是埃塞俄比亚高原的特有物种。 Article/201703/495183

英语非常道 第6期:钟会芝妙解之速记 Article/201507/385181It#39;s November, 2006.这是2006年11月。J.K.Rowling is working in secret on the final chapters of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in a hotel room in Edinburgh.J.K.罗琳正在爱丁堡的某家酒店秘密地写着《哈利·波特与死亡圣器》的最后章节。Yeah, I#39;ve helpfully made the note for myself:;This will need very serious planning.;是啊,我给自己写下了备忘:“要经过周密盘算才能落笔”。I don#39;t know when I wrote that.我不知道什么时候写的这个。And I was quite right in that.而我当时的那想法太对了。The Harry Potter series has taken 17 years to write.哈利·波特系列的书写跨过了17个年头。It#39;s an epic saga of childhood confusion, danger and adventure.这是一部关于童年迷惘、危险和冒险的史诗巨著。But it#39;s more than just a children#39;s story.但它不仅仅是一个儿童故事。Behind the witchcraft and the wizardry lies an intensely moral fable about good and evil, love and hatred, life and death.在魔法和奇幻的背后包藏着一个严肃的道德寓言,关于善良与邪恶,爱与恨,生与死。My name is James Runcie. I#39;m a writer and a filmmaker.我的名字叫做詹姆士·朗西。我是一位作家和制片人。And I want to find out the secret of J.K. Rowling#39;s success.我想找到J.K.罗琳成功的秘密。How has she done it? And where has it all come from?她是如何完成这部巨著的?而这一切的灵感又来自哪里?This is J.K. Rowling#39;s country house in Perthshire.这里是J.K.罗琳在佩斯郡的乡村别墅。Once inside, I decided to start the film by asking a few direct questions.在步入其中的那一刻,我就决定以一串问题直入而开始我们的影片。What#39;s your favorite virtue? Courage.你最欣赏的品德是什么?勇敢。What vice to do you most despise? Bigotry.你最鄙夷的恶习是什么? 偏执。What are you most willing to forgive? Gluttony.你最愿意宽恕的行为是什么? 饕餮。What#39;s your most marked characteristic? I#39;m a trier.你最显著的特点是什么? 我很努力。What are you most afraid of? Losing someone I love.你最惧怕的是什么? 失去所爱的人。What#39;s the quality you most like in a man? Morals.对于一个男人,你最喜欢的品质是什么?道德。What#39;s the quality you most like in a woman? Generosity.对于一个女人,你最喜欢的品质是什么?慷慨大度。What do you most value about your friends?Tolerance.你对朋友最看重的是什么?宽容。What#39;s your principal defect? Short fuse.你最主要的缺点是什么?急躁易怒。What#39;s your favorite occupation? Writing.你最喜爱的职业是什么?写作。What#39;s your dream of happiness? Happy family.最大的幸福是什么?幸福家庭。 Article/201510/403863

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