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Samsung Electronics Co. likes to bring the fight to its rivals: after launching its latest smartphone in iPhone country, the South Korean giant is making space for itself in Finland Nokia Corp.#39;s NOK1V.HE -0.86% home market.三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)喜欢主动出击:在iPhone的母国发布其最新款智能手机之后,这家韩国巨头正在诺基亚(Nokia Corp.)的本土市场开疆拓土。Samsung, the world’s top smartphone maker by shipments, said it will open a new research and development center in Finland on June 13.发货量位居世界智能手机厂商前列的三星说,将于6月13日在芬兰新开一个研发中心。“This decision to establish our Ramp;D presence in Northern Europe reflects the importance we place on the European market,” the company said in a statement. The center will be a branch of the Samsung Electronics Ramp;D Institute UK.三星在一份声明中说,在北欧建立研发机构的这一决定反映出我们对于欧洲市场的重视。该中心将是三星电子英国研究院(Samsung Electronics Ramp;D Institute UK)的分。Samsung didn’t say whether the new center will focus on smartphones, but its inroads into Finland could signal stiffer competition for Nokia. Just on Tuesday, research firm IDC said that Nokia had ceded the top spot in its home market to Samsung in the first quarter, with the Korean company grabbing a 36.1% share compared with Nokia’s 33.6%.三星没有说新的中心是否将专注于智能手机,但其入侵芬兰可能意味着诺基亚将面临更严峻的竞争。就在周二,研究公司IDC说,诺基亚今年一季度已经将其本土市场的榜首位置拱手让给了三星,三星占据了36.1%的市场份额,诺基亚为33.6%。Samsung has over 30 Ramp;D centers globally, and it has been seeking to maintain its market lead by spending billions on research and marketing. In the first quarter alone, Samsung spent 3.33 trillion won (.94 billion) on Ramp;D, more than double the .12 billion that Apple Inc. AAPL +0.80% spent in the same period.三星在全球拥有超过30个研发中心,也一直试图通过数十亿美元的研发开保持市场领先地位。仅今年一季度,三星就在研发方面花费了3.33万亿韩圆(合29.4亿美元),比苹果(Apple Inc.)同期的11.2亿美元高出一倍以上。Though Ramp;D spending doesn’t necessarily result in market success, Samsung can put its sizable cash pile to good use against competitors.虽然研发开不一定会带来市场上的成功,但三星可以针对竞争对手,充分利用其规模可观的现金储备。As Nokia struggles to regain its bearings, sales of the Galaxy S4 put Samsung on track to remain No. 1 in the smartphone market. The company said earlier this month it has shipped more than 10 million units of the Galaxy S4 since the phone hit markets in late April, outpacing sales of previous Galaxy models.在诺基亚苦苦挣扎、试图恢复往日地位的同时,三星凭Galaxy S4的销售继续稳居智能手机市场龙头位置。该公司本月早些时候说,其Galaxy S4自4月底上市以来发货量已经超过1,000万台,超过了此前的Galaxy机型的销售。 /201306/242406The cognitive challenges of walking while texting are well known, both to scientists and to those of us who have ambled into a light pole or a fellow pedestrian or have been on the receiving end of someone else#39;s distracted movements. Strolling while talking on the phone — or, more particular, texting — ties up the brain#39;s relatively limited working attentional resources, most researchers would agree, much as those activities do when you are driving.边走边发短信会带来认知挑战,这一点不仅仅为科学家,也为那些曾经一头撞上电线杆或者别的路人,或者曾被走神的人撞上的人来说所熟知。边走边使用电话——或者更具体地说,发短信——涉及到的工作记忆资源相对有限,至少不会超过你开车时发短信涉及的大脑资源,对此大部分研究人员都认同。But walking is not driving. In some ways, it#39;s more demanding. You sit while you drive. Walking requires a multitude of orchestrated actions and reactions. But whether and how using a phone affects the physical process of walking and whether those impacts might have health costs have been little explored.但走路跟开车不同。在某种角度来说,它提出的要求更高。开车时你是坐着的,而走路需要多种行为和反应协调一致。不过,用手机是否或如何影响走路这种生理过程,以及这种影响是否会产生健康损害,这些还甚少得到研究。So researchers at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, rounded up 26 healthy adults for a study, published last month in PLOS One, and sent them strolling repeatedly along a 28-foot stretch of hallway while cameras captured their steps. In one setup, the volunteers walked without a phone; in another, they a long text on a phone#39;s screen; and in a third, they texted ;The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.; The volunteers were told to hold the phone and type as they usually would. They were also asked to try to walk as normally as possible.澳大利亚布里斯班的昆士兰大学(University of Queensland)研究人员因此做了一项试验,征集了26名健康成人,并请他们在一条长为28英尺的走廊上反复行走,用摄像机记录下他们的脚步。一次安排这些志愿者在走路时不拿手机;另一次边走边在手机上看一条长长的短信;第三次则是边走边发短信,内容为:敏捷的褐色狐狸跳过了懒。志愿者需要手持手机,用习惯的方式来编辑短信内容,同时需要走起路来尽量跟平常一样。这份研究上月发表在《公共科学图书馆·综合》(PLOS One)上。As it turned out, texting significantly distorted their gait and walking form, whether they intended to contort themselves or not. Most noticeable, the volunteers began to walk with a more upright and rigid body position. Their heads froze into cocked and largely unchanging positions, eyes on the screen, chins bent toward their chests. Their necks and lower back joints had significantly less range of motion. They displayed ;tighter mechanical constraint; in their upper bodies and midsections, according to the researchers; arms stopped swinging loosely and were bent and locked into place. The pelvic joints likewise stiffened, making leg motion jerkier. In general, the texters moved ;like robots,; said Siobhan Schabrun, an honorary senior fellow at the University of Queensland, who led the study.研究发现,不管人们是否会有意识地加以控制,发短信都会显著扭曲人们的姿势和步态。最值得注意的是,这些志愿者走起路来时,身体的姿势变得更为挺直、僵硬。他们的头歪了起来,而且角度没怎么变化,眼睛盯着屏幕,下巴垂到胸前。他们的脖子和后腰关节活动范围显著变小。据研究人员说,这些参试人员的上半身和腰腹部出现了“更紧张的力学约束”,上臂不再松弛摆动,而是弯了起来,固定在身体两侧。骨盆关节同样僵硬,这令双腿动作变得不再稳定。这项研究的领导者、昆士兰大学荣誉资深研究员西沃恩·斯格布兰(Siobhan Schabrun)介绍说,总的来看,发短信的人走起路来“像是机器人”。Simultaneously, their gait patterns changed. Texters took significantly shorter steps, and their pace slowed. They also ;deviated more from a straight line,; the study#39;s authors wrote, meaning that with almost every step, they set their feet farther to the side.与此同时,他们的步态模式也改变了。发短信的人走的步伐明显变小,速度放慢。研究的作者在论文中指出,他们同时“常常偏离直线”,这指的是参试人员每走一步,步子都会往路边凑近一点。These adjustments, although relatively slight, could result in both immediate and longer-term physical consequences, Dr. Schabrun said. In the short term, they increase the likelihood that you will trip, and not merely because you neglect to look where you are going while texting. ;Previous studies, many in elderly populations, have shown that a more rigid posture, such as this, can put you at greater risk of falling,; Dr. Schabrun said.斯格布兰士说,这些调整尽管较为微妙,但可能会产生即时和远期的生理后果。短期来说,这会加剧人们绊倒的可能性,而且这不仅仅是因为你在走路时没看路。“此前很多在年长人群中进行的研究已经显示,出现这一类僵硬体态,更容易加大你摔跤的危险,”斯格布兰说。Frequent peripatetic texting also may cause or worsen neck and shoulder pain, Dr. Schabrun suggested, by reducing the neck joint#39;s natural range of motion. If you walk and text, occasionally move out of pedestrian traffic and gently tilt your head forward and back, an easy exercise to combat neck stiffness.斯格布兰士还认为,频繁在走路时发短信会限制脖子的自然活动范围,引发或加剧脖子和肩膀疼痛。如果你非得走路时发短信,那么最好是能不时离开人行道,轻轻地前后扭动头部,这种简单运动可以应对脖子僵硬。This brief intermission from texting may also reorient your body#39;s relationship with space, Dr. Schabrun said. Normally, the body prioritizes maintaining balance over almost all other demands, she pointed out. But in perhaps the most significant implication of her study, her volunteers#39; bodies and brains appeared to be ;prioritizing texting.;斯格布兰说,发短信时短暂休息下,还有可能让你的身体调整与空间的关系。她指出,我们的身体通常把保持平衡放在其他所有需求之上,但在她的研究中,一个最重要的发现也许在于,参试者的身体和大脑似乎把“发短信视为重中之重”。 /201409/331471

WHAT#39;S THE MOST rewarding way to navigate a city: paging through a guidebook, thrusting your high-school Spanish at passersby or talking to your eyeglasses?玩转一个城市最好方式是什么?翻阅出行指南,用你高中水平的西班牙语询问路人,还是和你的眼镜对话?It#39;s not a joke question--not in the era of Google Glass. Technology has changed almost everything about how we travel. But Google seems to be hoping that Glass will be one of the biggest breakthroughs.不,这不是开玩笑――在有谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)的年代。科技改变了关于旅行方式的几乎一切。但是谷歌似乎在指望谷歌眼镜将成为最大突破之一。When I first tried Glass, in Google#39;s loft-like showroom in New York, I was both fascinated and freaked out. Smartphones are distracting enough, and I wondered what we would lose by further integrating such gadgets into our lives. As a travel editor, I worried that people would sacrifice the human contact that makes travel experiences richer. Would we all end up staring an inch in front of our faces, consumed by virtual worlds instead of interacting with the real one?我首次试戴谷歌眼镜时,是在谷歌位于纽约的LOFT式展示厅,我既着迷又害怕。智能手机就够分心的了,我想知道,把这种设备进一步整合到我们的生活中去的话,我们会失去什么。作为一名旅行编辑,我担心人们会牺牲掉与别人的接触,而与人接触是能丰富旅行经历的。我们会不会最后都盯着我们面前的一英寸天地,被虚拟世界耗尽,而不是与真实世界互动?I decided to take a three-day trip, not to put Glass to the test, but to explore the upsides and downsides of different ways of navigating the world. With my husband, Drew, and our 21-month-old son, Jack, I#39;d spend one day finding my way using Glass, another relying on a guidebook and a third taking tips from locals. I chose to go to San Juan, Puerto Rico. My goals for each day were simple--to find a fun cultural activity, a great place to eat and a shop where I could buy something interesting and tasteful. Simple, but not necessarily easy.我决定去旅行三天,不是测试谷歌眼镜,而是探索不同游世界方式的优点和缺点。和我的丈夫德鲁(Drew)、21个月大的儿子杰克(Jack)一起,三天用了三种方法来找路:一天是用谷歌眼镜、一天是靠出行指南,一天则是向当地人求助。我选择波多黎各的圣胡安作为此行的目的地。我每一天的目标都很简单:找到一项有趣的文化活动,一个好吃的地方和一个可以买到有意思和有品位东西的商店。简单,但是未必容易。The first morning, we stepped out of our rental apartment in Old San Juan, a walled, centuries-old neighborhood on the Atlantic coast. I tapped the side of Glass--half-hidden under my hat--to wake it up, and shifted my focus up to the screen, feeling slightly cross-eyed. I wanted to show off to my tech-savvy husband, but wasn#39;t sure where to start. #39;OK Glass,#39; I said tentatively, using the introduction to most of Glass#39;s voice commands. I settled on #39;explore nearby.#39; Google#39;s Field Trip app began to display attractions in a slideshow of #39;cards#39; I could swipe through by touching the side of Glass. El Yunque National Forest, a spectacular rain forest, was first--and an hour#39;s drive away.第一天早晨,我们从在圣胡安老城(Old San Juan)租住的公寓出发。圣胡安老城是大西洋海岸一个带有城 的区域,已经有几个世纪的历史。我点击了一下半掩在我的帽子下面的镜架上的触摸板开启了眼镜功能,然后将我的注意力集中在屏幕上,有点像对眼时的感觉。我想在我的“科技通”丈夫面前炫耀一番,但不太确定从哪里开始。于是我试探性地说道:“OK Glass”,这是谷歌眼镜包含多数语音指令菜单的启动语。我选定了“探索附近”一项。这时,谷歌的Field Trip应用开始以幻灯片的形势展示一系列景点的“卡片”,我可以通过轻触镜架上的触摸板来翻看。第一个出现的是埃尔云克国家森林(El Yunque National Forest),这是一片令人叹为观止的雨林,一小时车程便可抵达。#39;How about we just go into this one?#39; Drew said, indicating Castillo San Cristóbal, a Spanish-built fortification across the street. Standing on its plaza overlooking the ocean, I asked Glass for details about the site. That took a few minutes, thanks to my inexperience and some stuttering on Glass#39;s part (it#39;s still technically in #39;advanced beta#39;). But finally I aloud some history: #39;Construction...finished in 1790, though modifications were made well into the--#39;德鲁说:“我们去这里怎么样?”他说的是圣克里斯多巴城堡(Castillo San Cristóbal),这是街对面的一座由西班牙人修建的堡垒。我站在俯瞰大海的城堡广场向谷歌眼镜询问这一景点的详情。由于操作不够熟练,再加上眼镜有些“结巴”(从技术上说谷歌眼镜仍处在测试版),这一过程多花了几分钟。但最后我还是能够大声读出这个城堡的部分历史:“完工于1790年,但修葺工程一直持续到……”#39;18th century,#39; Drew interrupted.德鲁打断我抢着说:“18世纪。”#39;How did you know that?#39;“你怎么知道的?”#39;It#39;s on the plaque over here. Humans 1, Glass 0!#39; he crowed.他欢呼着说:“这边的说明板上写着呢,人类得1分,眼镜0分!”The view of the water beyond the fort was gorgeous, especially framed by its stone walls. #39;OK Glass,#39; I commanded. #39;Take a picture.#39; After a pause and a tone, I had a shot of the Atlantic through the tiny window of a guard turret. Wowza.城堡远处的海景美极了,尤其是在石 的包围下。我又发出指令:“OK Glass,拍照”眼镜在停顿了一下并发出了一声响后,拍摄了一张警卫队炮塔狭小窗户外大西洋的照片。The picture was a little crooked, and wider than I#39;d expected. In fact, with no way to preview or focus, the results with Glass were always a bit of a surprise. But the ability to take a photo or in an instant was thrilling. No scrambling for a camera, no missing the moment. Jack, who has a frustrating habit of stopping whatever cute thing he#39;s doing when a camera appears, was oblivious to Glass. (My husband, however, started posing whenever I glanced his way.)照片有点歪,而且比我预想的更宽。事实上,因为没有办法预览或对焦,用谷歌眼镜拍出来的东西往往会有出人意料之处。但瞬间就能拍摄一幅照片或一段视频的能力仍然让人感到兴奋。不用手忙脚乱地去找相机,也不会错过拍摄时机。杰克有一个让人不爽的习惯,那就是一旦相机出现,不管他在干什么好玩的事都会停下来,但他对谷歌眼镜却完全没有察觉。(不过,我丈夫却开始每次我朝他看过去的时候就开始摆造型。)Are guidebooks dead? I hope not, since I rely heavily on them--as well as newspaper and magazine articles, websites and tips from friends and others--to plan my travels. Guidebooks pack a lot of useful information into a small (or smallish) package. You can learn about history, hotels, outdoor activities and more without visiting a dozen websites. Plus, a guidebook doesn#39;t flinch if the Wi-Fi fails.导游书完蛋了吗?我希望没有,因为我在做旅行计划时,严重依赖这类书,以及报纸和杂志文章、网站、以及朋友和其他人的指点。导游书里面有很多有用的信息,而且开本比较小,你不必上网就可以通过它了解历史、旅店、户外活动等种种信息。况且,在Wi-Fi连不上的时候,导游书是不会让你手足无措的。I started getting personal advice before we reached San Juan. Seeking affordable and comfortable lodging in Old San Juan, I used Airbnb to book an apartment whose bedrooms and kitchen opened onto an elegant open-air living room. The owner, Jorge, emailed me a list of local tips, including Café El Punto, a simple restaurant in Old San Juan that we probably wouldn#39;t have found on our own--especially since it#39;s at the back of a souvenir shop. It would have been a shame to miss El Punto, since it serves authentic Puerto Rican food, includingmofongo, a mashed plantain dish that we ordered with chicken stew piled on top.在我们到达圣胡安之前,我就开始收到个人建议了。因为需要在圣胡安老城找既便宜又舒适的居住之地,我利用Airbnb定了一个公寓,公寓的卧室和厨房都开向优雅通风的客厅。房主豪尔赫(Jorge)通过电子邮件给我发过来一个清单,全都是当地的一些旅行提示,包括Cafe El Punto。这是圣胡安老城一个简 的餐厅,光靠我们自己的话很可能找不到,更何况这家店的位置比较隐秘,是在一家纪念品商店的后面。错过El Punto的话会很可惜,因为这里提供正宗的波多黎各美食,包括mofongo,这是一种把香蕉打碎后做成的菜品,我们在点这道菜的时候又在上面加了炖鸡。The most memorable experience did not come thanks to Glass, books or advice. One night I wandered quiet old streets until they became less quiet. In the alley between two bars, a group of older men with a few instruments performed #39;My Way,#39; to a Latin beat as a crowd of locals swayed and sang along. Sometimes, serendipity is the best guide.最令人难忘的体验倒是和谷歌眼镜无关,也不是因为导游书或各种提示。一天晚上,我在老旧的街道上安静地闲逛,后来街上就不那么安静了。在两家酒吧之间的巷子里,一群上了年纪的人手里拿着乐器和着某种拉丁音乐的节拍演奏“My Way”,一群当地人一边摇摆一边跟唱。有时候,意外发现就是最好的导游。 /201407/308998

It#39;s either the most exciting technology product of recent years, or the 21st Century equivalent of the Sinclair C5.它或许是近年来最让人兴奋的科技产品,也可能是21世纪的Sinclair C5(一种电池电车)。It promises to reshape our relationship with the online world - or turn us all into cyborgs, invading each other#39;s privacy with careless abandon. Say what you like about Google Glass, it#39;s certainly proved a talking point.它承诺将重塑人类与网络世界的关系,或者把我们都变成赛格,由于无心的放任而侵犯彼此的隐私。说一说你对谷歌眼镜的看法,这无疑是一个讨论的热点。I#39;ve spent the last 24 hours trying out Google#39;s wearable computing device, talking to people who are developing apps for it, and gauging the reaction of onlookers.我在过去的24小时里试用谷歌这一可穿戴计算装置,与为其设计应用程序的人们交谈,并观测周围旁观者的反应。The product - which is still a long way from being y for consumers - has been in the hands of developers for a few weeks now, and many of them have converged on San Francisco for the Google I/O conference.尽管谷歌眼镜距离投放市场还有一段很长的路要走,但是它现在已经在设计者手上把玩了几个星期了。而且他们中的许多人还齐聚旧金山,参加谷歌输入/输出大会。When I had a couple of hours to try it out I found that, like any new interface, Glass had some rough edges. The screen looks rather bigger and more useful than I#39;d expected, like a reasonable-sized TV seen across a room. But you need to learn a series of touch commands on the arm of the glasses, and often I found myself stuck halfway down a long series of s, swiping back and forth and getting nowhere.当我试戴了几个小时后,我发现正如任何其它的新触面,谷歌眼镜也有一些毛边。它的显示屏比我预想得还要大,还要有用,就像是观看房间另一侧一部尺寸合理的电视机一样。但是你需要学习镜架上一系列的触摸指令。我经常会发现自己被卡在一长串菜单之中,来回猛击指令,但却毫无进展。At the moment, there is a limited amount you can do with Glass - it#39;s like a smartphone without any apps - and for many of the functions you may be constrained by the quality of the 3G connection on the phone to which it is paired. You may also feel a bit daft walking down the street and shouting to yourself, ;Do I need an umbrella tomorrow?;目前,我们对谷歌眼镜的使用还十分有限。它就像一部没有任何应用程序的智能手机,而且你可能会受到与之匹配的3G网络的情况的制约而无法使用部分功能。你可能会觉得走在路上对自己大喊:“我明天需要一把雨伞吗?”有一点疯狂。The voice recognition in the device is very smart - and even seems to understand my English accent - but again, once you leave a strong wi-fi connection, everything seems to become a little harder. And what about those privacy worries inherent in a device which can be recording without your subject knowing?该装置的声音识别系统非常灵敏,甚至好像可以理解我的英国口音。但是,一旦你离开超强的无线网络,所有事情都变得困难许多。而且对于那些在无意中录入装置的隐私隐患,我们又该怎么办呢?When I took Glass for a stroll on the beach overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, the elderly dog walkers there were more amused about a strange Brit talking to himself than anxious about their privacy, although the majority felt the whole idea was rather more creepy than cool.当我戴着谷歌眼镜在海滩上漫步,并眺望金门大桥的时候,那里一些遛的老人家比起对他们的隐私的担忧更感兴趣的,是看一个正在跟自己说话的奇怪的英国人,尽管他们中大部分人认为这一想法与其说是“炫酷的”不如说是“恐怖的”。Where Google#39;s big idea impresses most is as a camera. Because it captures exactly what you see, you get the kind of pictures you often miss with a camera you have to y for action. And when it comes to , the footage is much steadier than what you often see from a shaky camera phone.谷歌眼镜最棒的地方是它也可以被当作一个照相机使用。因为它可以精确地捕捉到你所能看到的一切,还可以获得你在使用普通照相机拍照时,按下快门那一瞬间所错过的照片。而当它被用作录像机时,连续镜头将比你在一部摇晃的手机照相机中看到的更加平稳。We began our filming by visiting the world#39;s most enthusiastic early adopter, the blogger Robert Scoble. He#39;s certainly mastered the art of Glass photography - as you can see from his picture of us filming him.我们去采访世界上最热情的前期使用者——客撰写人罗伯特·斯考(Robert Scoble)——以开启我们的拍摄之旅。他已经掌握了眼镜摄影的技巧,正如你从他的照片中所看到的我们正在拍摄他的情景。Despite his promise never to go a day without the product - or something similar - he has a few words of caution. The price needs to be right, he says, and the product has to be able to do a lot more if it is to appeal to a wide audience.将“每一天都离不开这个产品”或类似的豪言壮语放在一边,他也提出了一些忠告。他说,产品的价格必须合理;而且如果想要吸引更广泛的客户,这一产品要做的还有很多。By the sound of it, there will soon be plenty more apps. Developers big and small are in San Francisco, showing off their projects. Rajiv Makhijani and two friends who won a Glass hackathon, are now developing a social gaming idea, which sounds to me like Foursquare meets match.com. Bigger players, including Twitter, Facebook and Evernote are also thought to be working on apps.听起来,在不久之后将会有大量的应用程序出现。大大小小的开发商在旧金山纷纷展示他们的计划。拉吉夫·玛吉詹尼(Rajiv Makhijani)和他两个赢得Glass编程马拉松比赛的朋友正在完善一个社交游戏类的想法,在我听来,这跟Foursquare地理定位网站很相似。而包括推特,脸谱和印象笔记在内的大的开发商也正在应用程序上下工夫。What strikes me in San Francisco is the sheer fascination and excitement of many people when they see Glass for the first time. It feels to me that we are y for a new way of interacting with the web.在旧金山给我留下印象最深的是当人们第一次看到谷歌眼镜时所表现出来的喜爱和兴奋。我感到我们正准备迎接一种与网络互动的新路径。Google Glass may be clunky, and it certainly isn#39;t going to win any fashion awards. There are serious debates to be had about its legal and social implications. But we may look back 10 years from now, and say this was the moment when wearable computing stepped out of the sci-fi films and into real life.谷歌眼镜可能会带来恶果,而且它也并不时尚。对于谷歌眼镜的合法性以及社会影响,人们将会展开激烈的辩论。但是以现在为坐标原点,回顾过去十年,我们可以说这是可穿戴计算装置走出科幻电影进入现实生活的一个重要时刻。 /201306/242395

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