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  要无所畏惧而不是听天由命因为你明白,我相信当我满怀诚意,静静等待事情发生时,它们便会发生这并不是一种消极的状态,而是对自己真正处境的了解 The Art of Bouncing Back by Joyce Grenfell I think the center of my faith is an absolute certainty of good. Like everyone else, I get low and there are times when I feel as if I have my fins backwards and am swimming upstream in heavy boots. But even in these dark times, even though I feel cut off, perhaps, and alone, I am aware - even if distantly - that I am part of a whole and that the whole is true and real and good. I have never had any difficultly in believing in God. I don't believe in a personal God and I don't quite see how it is possible to believe in a God who knows both good and evil and yet to trust in Him. I believe in God, Good, in One Mind, and I believe we are all subject to and part of this oneness. It's taken me time to understand words like "tolerance" and "understandind." I have given lip service to "tolerance" and to "understanding" years but only now do I think I begin to understand a little what they mean. If we are all one of another, and this, though uncomtably, is probably the case, then sooner or later we have got to come to terms with each other. I believe in the individuality of man, and it is only by individual experience that we can, any of us, make a contribution to understanding. I've always been a bit confused about self and egotism because I instinctively felt both were barriers to understanding. And so in a sense they are. I used to worry a lot about personality and that sort of egotism. I noticed that certain artists - musicians, instance - would allow their personalities to get between the music and the listener. But others, greater and theree humbler, became clear channels through which the music was heard unimpeded. And it occurred to me, not very originally, that the good we know in man is from God so it is a good thing to try to keep oneself as clear as possible from the wrong sort of self. And it's not very easy, particularly if you are on the stage! I am one of those naturally happy people even when they get low soon bounce back. In minor things like housekeeping and keeping in sight of letters to be answered I am a Planny-Annie. That is to say I get through the chores in order to enjoy the space beyond. But I do find that, believing in the operation of good as I do, I cannot make plans - important ones, I mean - but I must prepare the ground and then leave the way free as far as possible. This, of course, means being fearless and isn't fatalistic, because you see I believe that when I am faithful enough to be still and to allow things to happen serenely, they do. And this being still isn't a negative state but an awareness of one's true position. Friends are the most important things in my life - that and the wonder of being necessary to someone. But these things pass and in end one is alone with God. I'm not nearly y that yet, but I do see it with my heart's eye. I don't understand it entirely, but I believe there is only now and our job is to recognize and rejoice in this now. Now... Not, of course, the man-measured now of Monday, Friday, or whenever, but the now of certain truth. That doesn't change. Surely everything has been done - is done. Our little problem is to reveal and enjoy. 989To my Friends Who Are Single Love is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But if you just let it fly, it will come to you when you least expect it. Love can make you happy but often it hurts, but love’s only special when you give it to someone who is really worth it. So take your time and choose the best.给我单身的朋友爱像蝴蝶你越追它, 它越躲闪你但是如果你让它自由飞舞, 它会在你最意想不到时翩然而至爱能让你感到幸福, 但它又经常伤害你, 只有当你把爱献给真正值得爱的人时, 爱才会显得特别所以不要着急, 去选择最好的 88659

英语怎么草根才舒 -01-7 18:5:51 来源: 1、 面面相觑,互相看着互相,带着疑惑Everyone looks at each other in surprise.、 门哐啷啷地打开了The door clunks open.3、这水真清澈,清澈得可以看见底了How limpid it is,It’s so limpid that I can see through to the bottom、那也点头表示同意The dog also nods in agreement.5、你们仔细看,缸底有三个字啊!Look carefully,and you will find three characters on the bottom.6、睁大你们的眼!Open your damn eyes wide7、那直起身子,把他的前腿搭拉在我的肩膀上The dog stands up and rests his front legs on my shoulders8、有人提起地上的一大口袋米,“把米袋搁在大缸上,那大口袋就骑在了大缸的边上,然后开始往大缸里倒米”,就这场景,英语怎么说英语? He picked the bag up and placed it on the rim of the vat,with the bag over the edge,and poured rice from the bag.都是既草根又好记的,共同学习了!! 舒 怎么 英语 nbsp

口语小词学到位:避免不必要的麻烦() -01-7 :: 来源: J: Losing my mind有一天早晨,我到公司的办公室去影印一迭文件.影印完毕之后,正要步出办公室的时候,忽然想起来最后那一张原件还在复印机内未取出来.我转身回去取那张文件时,口中念念有词地说" I am losing my mind."不料办公室内的三位秘书都笑了起来.因为在一起工作多年了,我知道她们绝不是在嘲笑我.我马上向她们请教是什么地方出了毛病.其中一位告诉我说" Your are not losing your mind. Losing your mind means being crazy(丧失理智,发疯)."这时,我才明白,我的自以为是的"创造欲"又出了洋相了.原本我是想说"我的是越来越差了."却变成了"我要发疯了!"于是,我也情不自禁地哈哈大笑起来了.J: She is out在忙了一天快要下班时,突然想起中午新收的病人不知如何了,正欲前往查看,忽见清洁工从房间出来,便顺口问了一声" How is she doing(她现在怎样了)?""She is out"清洁工答道. "Out?" 我想我当时的神情一定紧张又恐惧,对着困惑的清洁工结巴地道"Out, I mean......". "Sleeping?"同我一起值班的护士追问. "Yes!"清洁工说道" She is totally out, I mean she was sleeping that she didn't know I was there." 对清洁工的解释我心里直骂:你可不可以不用"out"这个字眼!在临床与生活中,常用"pass out"来形容昏睡或昏过去,但由于当时我处于工作压力,快要下班及当班责任等综合因素,以至发生这种糗事,真是尴尬.J: Green Card来美国一个月左右,听说附近一家家具店的家具降价,我就和朋友去看看.选好一张办公桌后,我们就告诉收银台的一位黑人我们选定的办公桌号码,然后问她降价多少.她说" Is there any Green Card?我以为她问我们有没有"绿卡",就说没有.她说那就是原价.我感到奇怪,卖东西还要看绿卡.我说"我们才来美国一个月,哪里来的 GreenCard?"这下可乐坏了那黑人,碉见她笑得前俯后仰,露出了满口的大白牙.我们在旁边纳闷,不解其故.等她笑够了,这才说"我问的是那张桌子上有没有挂一张绿色的卡片,挂绿色卡片的才降价."J: Help me out help me我在美国念高中时,有一次,我因为转社团的事需要一位老师的帮忙,所以去找他谈话.那时我才来美国一年,英文不是很好,我正和老师面对面对话,我说"I need you to help me up."结果,老师当场捧腹大笑.原来,help me up这词组是当一个人摔倒的时候,需要别人拉他一把时才用的. help me out是请人帮忙的时候说的.help me out跟help me其实是一样的.J: Make a toast ( slang, 祝愿 )在学期结束的晚会上,我们的老师首先发言.她说"Let me make a toast to the class" 我很好奇问旁边的同学,"怎么没有见到吐司",那位美国同学解释道,老师说的"make a toast"是美国俚语,意思是祝愿同学们.接着其它同学也发音,也都说了"make a toast",为同学们祝愿.J: Talk Turkey [说话别兜圈子]我刚移民到西雅图,随后便被家人送到爱达荷州的Meridian去读高中,与一家美国朋友同住.一天这家的男主人提出带我去看一场美足比赛.我对美足几乎一窍不通,但我又不想给他的热情浇冷水,于是我拐弯抹角地向他解释我的想法.或许是我的话太多,可能是我的英语水准那时还不够高,他显得一脸茫然,最后两手一摊说"Ok, John that's enough. It's time we started talking turkey." 火鸡?刚才还在谈美足,怎么一下就变成了火鸡?难道他要带我去吃火鸡大餐吗? 我知道火鸡是感恩节的食品,可是当时才九月阿!我结结巴巴地开口道"well, thank you . But I don't think now we should eat turkey,it's not Thanksgiving yet......."我话音未落,他立即笑的前俯后仰,我更胡涂了.他哈哈大笑好一阵子,这才向我解释道,"talk turkey"的意思是指[不要拐弯抹角,有话直说],[说话别兜圈子],[坦白交代],和火鸡一点关系都没有.J: Do you want the pitcher?刚来美国念书时,第一年暑假至纽约水牛城拜访同学.当然,在水牛城一定要吃当地具有传统的鸡翅(Buffalo wing). 当我们进到其中一家具有历史的餐厅点菜时,务生问我们要喝什么饮料?我们答要可乐,务生又接着问"Do you want the pitcher?"我一时愣在那里,心想"怎么他会问我们要不要照片(picture)?大概是顺便卖这家老店的风景明信片吧!"就随口答说"Yes!" 过一会儿,务生拿了一大壶的可乐给我们,赶紧查随身携带的翻译机,原本务生是问我们可乐要不要来一个大壶(pitcher)? pitcher除了有投手之解释外,还有水壶,大壶之意思!还好,当时我们有五个人要不然,只有我一个人,怎么喝得完?岂不是出洋相.pitcher 'pit∫э(r); `pit∫э n (a) (esp Brit) large (usu earthenware) container liquids, with one or two handles and a lip pouring (单柄或双柄, 带嘴的, 通常为陶制的)大罐, 大壶. (b) (US) jug 罐.J18: Did you burn the midnight oil?临考之前,教授问一个学生"Did you burn the midnight oil last night?"学生听后非常吃惊,不思其解地回答"Why should I burn oil? It is dangerous and against dorm regulation. I have the table-light(lamp)"(为何我要烧油,这样既危险又违反学校的规定,我有桌灯). 教授解释道"(burn midnight oil) is an idiom, means staying up late to go over the lessons"(即熬夜苦读)J19: Burned herself out [筋疲力尽]拥有自己的房子是一件快乐的事,是实现美国梦的一部份,但是买房子的整体过程却非常折磨人,弄得人疲惫不堪,大伤元气.一天遇到一位熟人,谈起她刚买新房子以及买房子的经历,她说,这是一桩非常高兴,又十分痛苦的事,并说她,"She burned herself out".我一听瞪大了眼睛,吃惊的说"真的?"心想,她肯定是属于那种非常脆弱的人,禁不起折腾,房子买好了,结果自己却自焚自灭了.当我还在为她惋惜时,只听她继续在滔滔不绝,说她如何布置新居,我大为讶异,不过终于明白自己的理解有误,幸好方才没有多嘴多舌,否则定出洋相无疑.原来 burned oneself out是[筋疲力尽]的意思.J: Unisex 男女通用的初抵美国,在郡政府办的成人英语班念英文.全班都是来自世界各地的新移民老学生.唯一的共通点,就是英文不灵光,在课堂上经常因为"鸡同鸭讲"而闹笑话,几乎到"每日一笑"的地步,以下这个笑话是至今仍传诵的一个,特与大家分享.某日,班上一个文质彬彬的绅士 Pual背了一个类似女用的皮包来上课,我开玩笑问他是不是太太的皮包?他说"No, this is unisex."我当时不懂这个字,就说"what?"他便重复一遍"unisex"我却听成"You need sex."不觉一阵脸红, 想这个人真大胆,竟敢如此说我,而他看到我的表情也急了,只好一个字一个字的说"U-N-I sex"这回我又听成"You and I sex"差点当场翻脸骂人,幸而在旁边的老师笑着插嘴解释unisex是男女通用的意思,Pual是我那个皮包市不分男女都可以使用的.结果,那天全班同学都笑翻天了,从此我也学了一个新单字. 麻烦 必要 避免 到位

  Handicaed: 残疾的 -01-7 00:: 来源: 在Handicapped身上,我们可以认出两张熟悉的面孔:hand(手)和cap(帽子)然而,让人纳闷的是,手和帽子组合到一起,怎么就残疾了呢? 原来handicap(handicapped的名词形式)有着一段传奇的身世在世纪的英国,一种以物易物的游戏非常流行在这种两人游戏中,一个人可以要求另一个人与他交换一件大概等值的东西,为了公平起见,游戏中会有一位裁判游戏开始,他们三个人把手放在一顶帽子里,每个人手里都捏着赌注“Hand in the Cap”由此得名,简称为“Hand I' Cap”裁判会衡量玩家手中的赌注价值,并要求低的一方增加赌注 这种裁判机制在世纪被引入赛马运动为使得胜机会均等,裁判给那些速度快、体力强的马加载重量后来handicap渐渐指代赛马中的各种处罚,如增加载重、罚分、时间以及距离等等 经过几个世纪的演变,到19世纪时,handicap拥有了“障碍、不利条件”的意思,它既可以用作动词,又可以作名词例如: Lack of money handicapped him in his business badly.(资金短缺严重影响了他的企业发展) They told me that my lack of experience was a handicap.(他们说我缺乏经验是个很不利的因素)Handicap的形容词形式handicapped也很常见,例如: The success of the handicapped man incites us to pursue our dreams.(这位残疾人的成功激励我们追求自己的梦想)另外,高尔夫球术语中也有handicap的一席之地哦!Handicap就是“差点”,简而言之就是“球手的平均成绩(杆数)和标准杆数的差距” 残疾 世纪 裁判 handicap

  Work and PleasureTo be really happy and really safe, one ought to have at least two or three hobbies, and they must all be real. It is no use starting late in life to say “I will take an interest in this or that.” Such an attempt only aggravates the strain of mental eft. A man may acquire great knowledge of topics unconnected with his daily work, and yet hardly get any benefit or relief. It is no use doing what you like; you have got to like what you do. Broadly speaking, human being may be divided into three classes those who are toiled to death, those who are worried to death, and those who are bored to death. It is no use offering the manual laborer, tired out with a hard week’s sweat and eft, the chance of playing a game of football or baseball on Saturday afternoon. It is no use inviting the politician or the professional or business man, who has been working or worrying about serious things six days, to work or worry about trifling things at the weekend.It may also be said that rational, industrious, useful human beings are divided into two classes first, those whose work is work and whose pleasure is pleasure; and secondly, those whose work and pleasure are one. Of these the mer are the majority. They have their compensations. The long hours in the office or the factory bring with them as their reward, not only the means of sustenance, but a keen appetite pleasure even in its simplest and most modest ms. But tune’s favored children belong to the second class. Their life is a natural harmony. them the working hours are never long enough. Each day is a holiday, and ordinary holidays when they come are grudged as enced interruptions in an absorbing vacation. Yet to both classes the need of an alternative outlook, of a change of atmosphere, of a diversion of eft, is essential. Indeed, it may well be that those whose work is their pleasure are those who most need the means of banishing it at intervals from their minds. 678。

  An American Professor’s Advice to Chinese Students美国教授对欲赴美留学者的忠告Try a little to stretch yourself and integrate into1 the greater society around you. It’s definitely a challenge. It can be difficult and unpleasant. But it can also be fun and enriching, rewarding and of the utmost benefit in the long run3.试着扩展你的生活范围,参与到身边更广阔的社会中去这肯定是个挑战,会是困难和不愉快的,但这也是有趣和充实的、有价值并从长远来看有最大收益的Chinese TOEFL scores are averaging a little above 600, an amazing standard. But U.S. admissions officers are keenly aware that elevated TOEFL scores do not necessarily indicate truly superior command of the language.中国人的平均成绩在600出头,这是一个惊人的高水准但是美国的招生官员非常清楚,成绩高并不一定表明真正很好地掌握了这门语言The phenomenon of the Chinese graduate student who can’t speak English is quite common and widesp among U.S. universities. When they arrive with stunted5 verbal skills, this brings into serious question their competence and, in many cases, the continuation of their scholarships. 在美国大学,中国研究生不能说英语的现象非常普遍,司空见惯他们来到美国时口语技能很差,这就使他们的语言能力成了严重问题,而且在很多情况下,这还会影响到他们的奖学金延续Some U.S. universities now conduct phone interviews of prospective Chinese graduate students. All this to insure that students culled6 from the highly reputed Chinese talent pool have the linguistic7 skills to bring their talents to bear on those tasks with which the university needs help.现在美国一些大学对预期的中国研究生实行电话谈话这是为了保从非常有名的中国人才库中挑选出的学生,具备使其才能得以施展的语言能力,以胜任学校需要帮手的工作 most Chinese graduate students the language problem soon begins to resolve itself after arrival in the U.S. Be that as it may, a large number of Chinese graduate students continue to struggle with English years after arrival and even years into their professional lives here, which does have a negative impact on employment especially in times like these when market downturns dictate8 massive layoffs9 across many industrial sectors.大多数中国研究生的语言问题,会在他们抵达美国后很快就得到解决但是还有一种可能的情况就是,有大量的中国研究生在来到美国后仍需努力学习英语,甚至在美国从事专业工作数年后仍要刻苦学习英语,以克这个障碍这对他们的就业,确实有着不利的影响,特别是在市场衰退导致许多行业大量裁员的那些时期尤为不利The crux of the problem lies in the Chinese student commy. Not surprisingly, most Chinese graduate students begin their U.S. experience in a shared apartment or house exclusively with other Chinese. If they happen to work in a lab where there are other Chinese graduate students then there is often hardly any need to interact with Americans.这个问题的症结在于中国学生的群体观念大多数中国研究生开始他们在美国的生活时毫无例外地都是与其他的中国学生合租公寓或合租住房这是不会令人感到意外的如果他们工作的实验室里恰好有其他中国研究生,那么通常就几乎没有必要和美国人打交道了The long and short of this is that it is well worth a Chinese student’s trouble to learn English well. Spoken English. Not just test--taking, TOEFL--blasting English. U.S. university admissions officers are less and less to be fooled by only a poor to middling command of the spoken language. And those with little or no opporty of improving this aspect of their eign language skill while still in China, if you are lucky enough to get a chance to come to the U.S. study, take full advantage of opporties here. Take an English as a second language class. Most universities have them. City governments and commy colleges offer them. Join some university clubs to begin to get to know some American students. Get to know your American classmates and office mates. Do Not Be Shy. ce yourself to join conversations. Find an American roommate. This last can be such a big boost in so many ways if you find the right match.无论从长远还是短期来看,中国学生费点力气学好英语都是十分值得的要学口语,不只是应试或式的短期英语美国大学的招生官员越来越不会受骗了,只有蹩脚的口语和一般的口语水平是通不过的对于那些仍在中国、很难有机会提高外语口语能力的人来说,如果你有幸能有机会来美国学习,那就要充分利用机会参加一个英语为第二语言的学习班, 大多数学校都开设此类课程市政府和社区大学也提供这些课程参加一些大学俱乐部来结识美国学生,去认识你的美国同学和同事别怕难为情,强迫自己进行交谈找一个美国室友如果你找到了合适的对象,最后这个方法会在许多方面使你有很大提高注解1.integrate into 使成一体,使结合.enrich [In5rItF] vt. 充实,使丰富3.run [rQn] n. 一段时间.elevated [5elIveItId] adj. 提高的,升高的5.stunted [5stQntId] adj. 发展不良的,受阻的6.cull [kQl] vt. 挑出,选出7.linguistic [lIN5gwIstIk] adj. 语言的,语言学的8.dictate [dIk5teIt] vt. 发号施令地规定,命令9.layoff [5leIBf] n. 临时解雇(期),失业期.crux [krQks] n. 关键,症结.boost [bust] n. 推动,促进,激励 835

  幸福是个人的一种感知我们本能地受限于外界,找寻着生活的瑕疵,出于人的天性,我们从有能力自由思考的那刻起,就开始对生活吹毛求疵也就在那时,我们失去了对自我价值的认知,也失去了生命的活力,陷于幸福的矛盾中,找不到幸福的方向The Paradox of HappinessWhat is the definition of "happiness?"Is it material wealth filled with fancy cars, a dream house,exteravagant furs and jewelry? Or is happiness simply having a roof over your head? Food in the fridge?Having a child? A pet?A swimming pool?A designer Gucci bag?Parents?Grandchildren?Love?Money?The perfct job?Winning the Lottery?According to the American Heritage Dictionary,"happiness"is derived from the Middle English word hap—meaning"Luck."But does happiness really have anything to do with"luck?"Based on this description,one could assume that if you avoide* * **tal traffic accident but got fired by coming late to work,you would be filled with"happiness?"Is it luck or what you make of it?Maybe,"happiness"is exactly defined by its indirect aliashappiness-perhaps,happiness is in fact defined by the tune thatwe permit to happen.Do you recall a time—let's say when you were about 5 years old—what defined happiness back then?Was it getting a puppy Christmas? Or maybe,you were a child of divorce;and all you wanted was Mom and Dad to get back together again?Then as you got older,you were hoping that someone would ask you to the prom that would've made your day,maybe your life the moment.During college,good grades made you happy,but it was short-lived.Becaust in the real world,you had to look a job,and competition was stark.It's an employer's world you thought.But then, you got the perfect job—now you could be happy—or could you?Life requires more than just what we want. Inevitably,one must understand to truly find"happiness,"he must make his own happiness "happen".Sounds a bit redundant,but truthfully,there is no set guidelines that will bring one happiness.There is no "magic wand"we can wave to bring joy into our lives.Human nature thrives on the thrill of the chase.We dream and we hope the next big brea—it is the grand adventure of licing.We are hopeless creatures of comt.We like having and accumulating things.Whether one admits to it or not,to a certain degree,we all try to keep up with"the Jones".We work so we can pay our rents,mortgages, credit card debts,school loans,car payments...the list goes on and on.And at some point,we realize,that aside from having most of what we want,we still arem't happy.Now since we've learned to adapt to new standards which we've created ourselves,we find that we have less time,less patience,less sleep,which equates to more stress,more worry and more aggravation.So,is happiness honestly juest comprised of"things"?Sometimes,we virtually e our lives not only basic necessities,but excessive items and services as well.We become so obsessed with finding happiness,that we lose sight of the fact that happiness is within—always.Certainly you've heard of individuals trying to "find themselves",or"rediscover themselves".The reason they are attempting these innovantive approaches is because they are seeking inner happiness.But the point has been missedHappiness is aly there.Disappointments and reagedies in life will come and go,but happiness never leaves you.The human's capacity to be resilient to reials is unfathomable.We can lose our jobs,but be grateful our spouses.We can lose our homes to nature,but be thankful to alive.Happiness is a perception of each indivdual.We are instincively compelled to find fault in our lives.By human nature,we begin our "fault-find-ing"mission the moment we're capable of free-thinking.It is then,that we lose sense of self-worth and the bigger picture of vitality altogether.Stuck in the patterns of the happiness paradox,we simply cannot find where our happiness has gone.It's not a matter of bargaining,it's not an issue of money or fame—instead,happiness is what you resolve to accept.If we live through optimis-tic hope;if we dare to dream;if we empower ourselves to fully live;then we have regained our sense of happiness,There is no in berween.There is no other replacement.We only have one physical life to live—we have no choice but to make the most of it. 39英语口语中级训练():他们怎么了? -01-7 19::6 来源: What's Wrong with Them?Text AI'm ty and married with two children. My trouble is that I haven't got enough to do. The kids are at school all day and the house is empty. So I eat chocolates, mostly. I've put on a lot of weight , but I can't give them up. I try as hard as I can but I just can't stop eating. Doctor Bruce writes : I think Mrs Allen would be happier if she found a job, or if she got out of the house more and made some interesting friends. If she did that, I think the weight problem would be solved. I'm sixteen. My trouble is my spotty skin. I've used all the creams on the market, but none of them do any good. And now I've met a marvellous girl. But I'm afraid to ask her to go out with me.Doctor Bruce writes: Most teenagers suffer from this, of course, at some time or other. And it makes them very shy and self-conscious. 'What will other people think of me, if they see me like this?' they wonder. And it's a pity, because if they didn't worry so much, the skin trouble would soon disappear. Tom should learn a relaxation technique, yoga example. Then I think he'd solve the problem very quickly.My problem is time. I haven't enough of it. I sleep badly, and I wake up tired. I get indigestion every day and now I'm beginning to get bad headaches and pains in my chest. And don't tell me to take a holiday, doctor. I haven't got time.Doctor Bruce writes ; If Mr Tyler had more common sense ,he'd find the time to have a holiday, or change his job. If he thought a minute, he'd see that he can't go on like this. He should rest more. Then he'd work better. But that's the silly thing about men like him. They only believe they're ill when they're almost dead.Text BDear Doctor :I am ty-seven years old, male, and of average height and weight. My health generally seems quite good except one problem. I wake up every morning feeling tired-so tired that I can hardly get out of bed.All day at work I fight this tired feeling, just dragging myself around. When I get home from work around 5. 30, I have a good dinner with my family and then sit dow n to the newspaper. But bee I have finished ing the front page, I fall asleep in my chair and often sleep until 8. 30 or 9. 00 p.m. When I wake up from this nap, I feel wonderful. I'm full of energy and y to do a day's work. But at that hour there is nothing to do but watch television, which I do until after midnight.Even at midnight I still do not feel sleepy, but I know I ought to get a good night's rest, so I take a sleeping pill and go to bed. It's often two o'clock in the morning bee the pill puts me to sleep. Just a few hours after that I have to drag myself out of bed again to go to work. All day I feel too tired to work. I just drag myself around until it's time to go home. Do you think there might be something wrong with my blood?J. T. L. When this letter appeared in the DEAR DOCTOR column of a newspaper, the doctor's reply zeras printed belozo it. Here is mhat the doctor answered :Dear Mr L. :I don't think there is anything wrong with your blood. The key to your problem is that long nap after dinner. If you didn't sleep hours during the early part of the evening, you would be more y to sleep at bedtime. If you didn't nap after dinner, you would not want to stay up so late, and you would not feel the need to take a sleeping pill. The pill is still working in your system when you get up in the morning. This helps the fact that you feel tired all day.You should get out of the habit of sleeping during the evening. Right after your evening meal, engage in some sort of physical activity-a sport such as bowling, perhaps. Or get. together with friends an evening of cards and conversation. Then go to bed at `your usual time or a little earlier, and you should be able to get a good night's rest without taking a pill.If you can get into the habit of spending your evenings this way, I am sure you will feel less tired during the day. At first it may be hard you to go to sleep without taking a pill. If so,get up and watch television or do some jobs around your house until you feel sleepy. If you fall asleep and then wake up a few hours later, get up but do not take a leeping pill.Read a while or listen to the radio, and make yourself a warm drink. Eat a sandwich or a cookie. Then go back to bed. Even if you get only a few hour's sleep that night, you will feel better, in the morning than you usually feel after taking a pill. The next night you will be y to sleep at an earlier hour. The most important thing is to avoid taking that nap right after dinner and to avoid taking pills.Additional InmationYesterday's drizzle did not dampen Beijingers' enthusiasm in events marking the first national dental care day. People of all ages crowded around medical experts who answered questions about dental care, and about toothbrushes and toothpaste.A girl in her 's approached the consulting desk set by the Oral Medical College of the Beijing University of Medical Sciences at the Xidan crossroad. She wanted to know if there was anything wrong with her teeth. The girl dreamed about losing all her teeth , and , worse yet , her teeth ached when she awoke every morning.After examining her mouth, a consultant said her teeth looked all right. Sometimes,however, tension makes peoples' teeth ache. Relax, she was told. And if that does not help, get a thorough dental examination. Young parents wanted to know how to keep their children's teeth healthy. One by one , the doctors answered their questions and outlined the best solutions them.More than 500 medical specialists from 18 districts and suburban counties across the municipality as well as over 0 teachers and students from the Oral Medical College of the beijing University of Medical Sciences took part in the sidewalk consultations.And about 7 consulting stations were set up in major streets and the four big department stores at downtown Xidan, Wangfujing, Dongsi and the Dong'an Market. In addition to offering suggestions, the medical workers also brought with them some simple medical equipment fast dental checks and toothpaste and toothbrushes sale. Posters and propaganda blackboards were also set up in most primary and middle schools in beijing.“I never thought there would be so much scientific knowledge on tooth brushing,” said a middle-aged man. “National Dental Care day has taught me how important it is to take care of my teeth and how to do it,” he said. According to inmation from the National Dental Diseases Prevention Group , similar activities were conducted yesterday in most of the country's provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.“A massive campaign to teach people how to care their own teeth is the best way China to deal with dental diseases in the face of a shortage of dental medical workers,” Chen Minzhang, Minister of Public Health said on Tuesday at a symposium on dental care in beijing Stomatological Hospital.At present, almost half of the population is suffering from dental caries (cavities)While the figure is even higher among children, 80 per cent of urban children have dental caries and 60 per cent are so afflicted in rural areas. In some cities, the rate with children may reach as high as more than 90 per cent. The minister also pointed out that dental care should be taught in primary and middle schools and the vast rural areas in order to raise the whole nation's dental care standards. 怎么 他们 训练 中级经典:(55) 从起床到出门 -01-7 18:5:51 来源: 提醒我得提醒一句Let me give you a piece of advice.I want to buy this car. (我真想买这辆汽车)Let me give you a piece of advice. (我得提醒你一句)Let me tell you something.I think you should know...小心!Watch out! *用于有险情时,“危险!”、“留神!”、“小心!”Watch out! (小心!)Thanks! You saved my life. (谢谢你救了我一条命)Look out!Be careful!Heads up!You'd better be careful!Please be careful! (请多加小心!)You should be careful! (你得多加小心!)You should watch out! (你得留神!)注意脚下Watch your step! *用于提醒地滑,看不清楚楼梯等场合常用于公共告示Watch your step! (注意脚下)Oh, yeah? Why? (噢?是吗?为什么?)Mind your step.Be careful where you walk.Look where you're going.抓紧我Hold on to me tight.Don't let go! (别松手!)Hold me tightly.要提防着点儿他!Watch out him!Watch out him! (要提防着点儿他!)Why? (为什么?)Be careful of him.Keep your eye on him.这里有点儿蹊跷There's a little catch. *“小心有陷阱,圈套”That sounds easy. (好像很简单)Well, there's a little catch. (可是,有点蹊跷)There's something to it.It's not as easy as it sounds. (并不像听起来的那么容易)三思而后行Think twice bee you do it.轻拿轻放动作轻点儿Easy does it. *表示“要小心谨慎地处理”易碎品或贵重物Easy does it, doesn't drop the TV. (动作轻点儿,小心别把电视掉下来)Don't worry. I won't. (放心吧,掉不下来)Gently.Be careful. (小心啊!)手下留情Please go easy on me. *出自于新手和没有实力的人的口中 也可用于体育运动go easy on... 常用于命令句, 表示“对……要手软”、 “对人或东西要珍惜”、 “对……要留有余地”It's my first time, please go easy on me. (我这是第一次,请手下留情)Alright, I'll try. (知道了,我会的)别操之过急Let's not jump the gun. *gun为“手”,而jump the gun是固定词组,表示比赛响前就跑出去的意思即“抢跑”、“抢先……”之意I think I've got the job. Let's celebrate! (我想我已经找到了工作我们来庆祝一下吧!)Let's not jump the gun. (为之过早了吧)Let's not be too hasty.Let's not rush into things.Don't count your chickens bee they are hatched. *“别在小鸡孵出之前就数鸡”,常用于口语中不要做得太过火Let's not go overboard. *go overboard “做过了”、“超限度”I bought four dozen eggs. (我买了四打鸡蛋)Let's not go overboard. (别太离谱呀!)Let's not go too far.Let's not be extreme.我们看情况再说Let's wait and see how things go. *用于各种情况Let's wait and see.别这么快下结论Don't jump to conclusions! *jump to conclusions直译是“随便下结论”,即“过早地下结论”、“贸然断定”So, I think she's pregnant. (所以,我想她已经怀了)Don't jump to conclusions! (别这么快地下结论)Don't prejudge it! (别凭想像判断)Don't make assumptions! (不能主观臆断)Don't get the wrong idea. (不要抱有那种错误想法)别那么自私Don't be selfish. *selfish “任性的,自私的,利己的”Don't be self-centered.Don't be egotistical.你的工作表现总是不稳定Your work is always inconsistent. *inconsistent “不一致的”、“不稳定的”、“反复无常的”Your work is always erratic.Your work is always patchy.Your work is always uneven.你不该随便乱花钱You shouldn't spend money foolishly.You should try to be thriftier. (你该试着再节约些)You shouldn't spend your money like water.You shouldn't waste your money. (你不该那么浪费钱)你的态度太恶劣了You have an attitude problem.You have an attitude problem. (你的态度太恶劣了)Who are you to say that? (你不是在说你自己吧)I don't like your attitude.You have a bad attitude.You need to just your attitude.别那么没有礼貌Don't be so naughty. *naughty “不听话,顽皮的,淘气的”Don't do such naughty things.Don't be so bad.Behave yourself! (有点礼貌!)请安静!Hold it down!Be quiet! *用于一般情况下Keep it down!Keep it quiet!Silence! *用于学校老师对学生Turn it down! *对看电视或听收音机的人说的turn down是“关小电视、收音机等的声音”嘘!(安静!)Hush!Shh.太吵了It's too noisy.It's too loud.别丢人现眼了!Don't make a fool of yourself.I'm going to dance. (我想去跳舞)Don't make a fool of yourself. (别丢人现眼了!)Don't play the fool.Don't make an ass out of yourself.Stop acting like a fool.分清场合Think about where you are.You should consider where you are.你也不看看你多大了Act your age. *一般用在父母等上年纪的人教育年轻人时“做和自己年龄相符的举止、行为”How do you like my new red skirt? (你觉得我这条新的红裙子怎么样?)Act your age. (你也不看看你多大了)You should act your age. *比较温和的说法Behave in accordance with what is expected of your age!You should behave more maturely. (你该表现得更成熟些)You shouldn't act like a child. (别像个孩子似的)你想得也太天真了Your view is too optimistic. *optimistic “乐观的”,“乐天派的”你的想法太不现实了You should get your head out of the clouds. *直译是“你应该把你的脑袋从云中伸出来”,即“你的想法太不实际了,回到现实中吧”You should get your head out of the clouds. (你的想法太离谱了)Maybe you're right. I should try to be more down-to-earth. (也许你是对的我该更现实点儿)You aren't being realistic.You should be more logical. *logical “符合逻辑的”、“道理上讲得通的”别再重复这种愚蠢的错误了Don't make such stupid mistakes again! *make a mistake 惯用语, “出错”Don't make such stupid mistakes again! (不要重复这种愚蠢的错误)I won't, I won't. (不会了,不会了)You should be more careful! (你应该多加小心)Don't make dumb mistakes again!别那么自命不凡Don't be stuck-up. *stuck-up “骄傲自满”、“自高自大”Don't be so pompous. *pompous “装模作样的”、“自负的”、“华而不实的”Don't be such a snob. *snob “势利小人”、“看人行事的俗人”Don't act like you're better than I am.Don't flatter yourself so much. (别那么自以为是) *flatter oneself “骄傲自满”、“得意洋洋”人不可貌相Don't judge a book by its cover. *谚语,直译“不要根据书皮来判断书的内容”He's so short. (他的个儿多矮呀)Listen, don't judge a book by its cover. He was the best basketball player in Calinia last year. (喂!你可不能以貌取人,他是去年加利福尼亚最棒的篮球运动员)Never judge something by its looks.Appearances are deceiving. (不能以貌取人)Don't m an opinion about something based on appearance alone. (人不可貌相)说话要留神Watch your tongue. *直译是“看看你的舌头”,即“说话要小心”Hey, you, asshole! (你这个混蛋!)Watch your tongue. (嘿,说话留点神儿)Watch your language.Watch your mouth.Be careful of what you say.Don't use bad language. (不要说脏话)要遵守规则Follow the rules. *follow “遵守,从(规则、命令、劝说等等)”Follow the rules. (要遵守规则)You're the one not following the rules. (你就没有遵守规则)Don't violate rules. (不许违反规则)Don't violate regulations. (不许违反章程)Don't break the rules. (不许破坏规则)别偷懒!Stop goofing off! *这是一句俚语,用于针对在工作、学习或练习中偷懒、耍滑的人 goof off是口语表达方式,意为“懒惰”、“偷懒”Get a life!You should make something out of yourself!Don't be a bum!Get a job! (去找个工作)Grow up! (该长大成人了!你什么时候才能长大!)照我说的做!Do as I said!Do what I said.Do what I tell you to do!不要说别人的坏话Don't say bad things about others.Don't speak ill of others.Don't speak bad about other people.别食言Don't go back on your word!I'm sorry, I can't do that. (对不起,我做不了)Don't go back on your word! (别食言)Don't break your promise. (不能说话不算数)You should keep your word.做你能做的Don't take on more than you can. *“不要承担自己处理不了的工作,不要承担超过自己能力的事情”Don't take on more than you can handle.别那么粗鲁!Don't be rude!Don't be impolite!你被开除了You're fired!Man, you're out of here. *严厉的说法I have to sack you. *温和的说法I have to let you go. *温和的说法你得像个男子汉!Be a man!I don't want to be a leader. (我不想当头儿)Be a man! (你得像个男子汉!)Be strong! (坚强些!)Don't be a wimp! (别那么窝囊!)Don't be a chicken! (别当胆小鬼)别自吹自擂Don't talk boastfully. *boastfully “夸耀的”、“自吹自擂的”Japan is a very rich country. (日本是一个富裕的国家)Don't talk boastfully. (别自吹自擂)Don't brag.Don't boast.You should be more modest. (你该谦虚一些)请别让我失望Please don't disappoint me. *disappoint “让……失望”、 “辜负……期望”Please don't let me down.别挑逗女孩男孩!Don't flirt with girlsboys! *flirt with “对异性半开玩笑的引诱”、“男女之间的调情”Don't flirt with girls! (别挑逗女孩!)I was just being friendly. (我只是表示友好)Don't make eyes at herhim! (别跟她他眉来眼去的) *make eyes at... “向……送秋波”别抱怨,叫你怎么做,就怎么做Don't complain and do as you are told.Do what I tell you to do without complaining.干脆点!(赶快!)Make it snappy! *这是一个惯用句, “快!”、“干脆点儿!”Hurry it up!Look snappy. *英式英语麻利点!利索点!Step on it! *step on it 原意是“坐火车飞跑”现在常表示“赶紧”的意思Be quick!Get a move on!Move it!Snap to it. 英语口语 经典 your should

  九句搭讪用语 -01-7 00::1 来源: 看到美女帅哥,是不是有想要上去搭讪的冲动?下面就教你几句"搭讪"用语似曾相识:拉近和对方的距离You look like someone I know.你跟我一个朋友长得好像Haven't we met bee?我们之前见过吧?借题发挥:只要有心,总是有借口That's a great haircut.你的发型很棒(To the bartender) I'll have what the handsome gentleman (beautiful lady) is having.(对酒保说)我要跟这位帅哥(美女)点一样的东西略施小惠 :说这话可是有目的Can I buy you a drink?我可以请你喝一杯吗?You have a great smile.你的笑容很美趁虚而入:此句可以列入防狼手册,单身MM注意了Are you here alone?你一个人在这儿吗?What's a handsome guy (pretty girl) like you doing here alone?像你这样的帅哥(美女)怎么会落单?单刀直入:太直接了吧?What do you say we go somewhere quiet...我们另外找个安静的地方如何……(来源:旺旺英语学习网 英语点津 Annabel 编辑) 用语 美女 帅哥 一个To Fanny Keats, th December 1819 Wentworth Place My dear Fanny; When I saw you last, you asked me whether you should see me again bee Christmas—You would have seen me if I had been quite well. I have not, though not unwell enough to have prevented me—not indeed at all—but fearful lest the weather should affect my throat which on exertion or cold continually threatens me—by the advise of my doctor I have had a warm great coat made and have ordered some thick shoes—so furnished I shall be with you if it holds a little fine bee Christmas day. I am, ever, my dear Sister Yours affectionately John Keats


  幸福地生活下去吧,我心爱的孩子们请你们永远记住:在上帝为人们揭示未来情景之前,人类的全部智慧就包含在这几个字里:等待和希望A Farewell Letter From the Count of Monte CristoMy Dear Maximilian,There is a felucca1) you at anchor).Jacopo will conduct you to Leghorn,where M.Noirtier waits his granddaughter,whom he wished to bless bee you lead her to the altar.All that is in this grotto3),my friend,my house in the Champs Elysées,and my chteau at Tréport,are the marriage gift bestowed by Edmond Dantes upon the son of his old master,Morrel.Mademoiselle de Villet will share them with you; I entreat) her to give to the poor the immense tune reverting5) to her from her father,now a madman,and her brother,who died last September with his mother.Tell the angel who will watch over your future destiny,Morrel,to pray sometimes a man who,like Satan,thought himself, an instant,equal to God;but who now acknowledges,with Christian humility,that God alone possesses supreme power and in finite wisdom.Perhaps those prayers may soften the remorse6) he feels in his heart.As you,Morrel,this is the secret of my conduct towards you.There is neither happiness nor misery in the world;there is only the comparison of one state with another,nothing more.He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness.We must have felt what it is to die,Morrel,that we may appreciate the enjoyments of life.Live,then,and be happy,beloved children of my heart,and never get,that until the day when God will deign to reveal the future to man,all human wisdom is contained in these two words,――“wait and hope”.Your friend,Edmond Dantes,Count of Monte Cristo 5。

  那一刻,我突然体会到及时说出“我爱你”有多么重要,与那些我们深爱的人分享他们应得的时光是多么美好......昨天是票,已经付讫明天是本票,还未到期今天是现金......用心去花The Other Woman in My LifeAfter 1 years of marriage, I discovered a new way of keeping alive the spark of love. A little while ago I had started to go out with another woman. It was really my wife's idea."I know that you love her," she said one day, taking me by surprise.The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my mother.She had been a widow 19 years, but the demands of my work and my three children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally.That night I called to invite her to go out dinner and a movie."What's wrong, are you well?" she asked. My mother is the type of woman who suspects that a late night call or a surprise invitation is a sign of bad news."I thought that it would be pleasant to pass some time with you,"I responded, "just the two of us."She thought about it a moment then said, "I would like that very much."That Friday after work as I drove over to pick her up I was a bit nervous. When I arrived at her house, I noticed that she, too, seemed to be nervous about our date.She waited in the door with her coat on. She had curled her hair and was wearing the dress that she had worn to celebrate her last wedding anniversary.She smiled from a face that was as radiant as an angel's."I told my friends that I was going to go out with my son, and they were impressed," she said, as she got into the car. "They can't wait to hear about our meeting."We went to a restaurant that, although not elegant, was very nice and cozy. My mother took my arm as if she were the First Lady.After we sat down, I had to the . Her eyes could only large print. Half way through the entree, I lifted my eyes and saw Mom sitting there staring at me. A nostalgic smile was on her lips."It was I who used to have to the when you were small," she said."Then it's time that you relax and let me return the favor," I responded.During the dinner we had an agreeable conversation, nothing extraordinary, but catching up on recent events of each other's lives. We talked so much that we missed the movie.As we arrived at her house later she said, "I'll go out with you again, but only if you let me invite you."I agreed."How was your dinner date?" my wife asked when I got home."Very nice. Much more so than I could have imagined," I answered.A few days later my mother died of a massive heart attack. It happened so suddenly that I didn't have a chance to do anything her.Some time later I received an envelope with a copy of a restaurant receipt from the same place mother and I had dined.An attached note said "I paid this bill in advance. I was almost sure that I couldn't be there, but nevertheless I paid two plates--one you and the other your wife. You will never know what that night meant me. I love you."At that moment I understood the importance of saying, in time "I LOVE YOU" and giving our loved ones the time that they deserve ...Yesterday is a canceled check.Tomorrow is a promissory note.Today is cash … Spend it wisely. 90


  口语小词误用大总结:Follow () -- :58:19 来源: 这个词已Followed by...(后面跟着)结构最为特别另外还有“遵循”的意思例句:1、您说怎么办,我就怎么办I'll follow your arrangement.、校长走进了教室,后面跟了名警察Chinglish: The headmaster entered the classroom, with policemen after them. (可以看懂,但是老外不这么说)Revision: The headmaster entered the classroom, followed by policemen.3、我不会照搬你的模式的I won't follow your way.总评:使用频率:造句功能:西方思维: 总结 口语 your follow

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